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									THE JOURNAL
 FALL 2007 •TISHREI 5768
                                                                      of The      Jewish Home
                                                                                     of Eastern Pennsylvania
                    Jewish Home Residents Take Center Stage
  A guitar player and theatre buff, two pianists, a fiber artist, missing out on the theatrical excitement.
a comedian and a restaurant owner. What do they all have             “The caliber of the TNT shows is equal to anything you
in common?                                                         find in New York,” he says, “and I try to make it to all of the
  They are all residents of the Jewish Home who have brought premieres.”
their talents and hobbies with them to the Home, enriching           Phil’s hidden talent, though, is playing both the guitar
not just their own lives, but those of other residents as well. and banjo. He recently entertained residents at the Home’s
Although the Home has a full schedule of regular activities, version of American Idol and was a huge hit. He continu-
these particular residents are continuing to enjoy activities that ally shares his love of music and never lacks for an eager
are very special to them – and they are just a few examples audience at the Home.
of the variety of interests and projects we see at the Home          Another Idol hit is Arthur Horowitz, who entertains
everyday.                                                          residents on a daily basis with his comedy routines. The
  The Home’s activity and                                                                        jokes flow endlessly when he
therapy departments work                                                                         gets going, and he keeps his
closely with residents to de-                                                                    friends in stitches. The Yiddish
velop a program that suits their                                                                 comedians who plied the
individual interests, and to help                                                                Catskills circuit have noth-
them if they need to find new                                                                     ing on Arthur when he gets
methods to continue a favorite                                                                   going! (Unfortunately, Arthur
craft or hobby. It may be as                                                                     passed away as this article
simple as using larger needles                                                                   was in preparation. We dedi-
to crochet, or finding a new                                                                      cate it to his memory.)
way to hold an instrument. The                                                                      Helen Lax crochets up a
following residents are perfect                                                                  storm – and she can also knit,
examples of the Home’s staff                                                                     spin and weave. Her niece
working with them as a team                                                                      had a famous fiber studio in
to ensure they are able to keep                                                                  New York City, and it is clear
doing the activities that mean                                                                   from looking at Helen’s work
so much to them.                                                                                 that talent definitely runs in
  Phil Graff, who was instru-                                                                    the family. She has made
mental in the founding of the                                                                    everything from sweaters to
Northeast Theatre Ensemble,                                                                      afghans, and once knitted
continues to go to the show                                                                      an entire coat that was then
openings. He had even ap-                                                                        professionally lined by a local
peared on stage himself in a                                                                     tailor. She made many items
past production or two, and is                                                                   for charity sales, and loves to
a confirmed theatre buff. Be-                                                                     give handmade items to her
ing in the Home has not meant Helen Lax shows off a recent crochet project.                                (continued on page 2)

                                                    Wes Freedman
    The Jewish Home mourns the loss of its past President, supporter and great friend, Wes
  Freedman. His colleagues on the Board of Directors as well as the residents and staff
  express their condolences to his wife Estelle and the entire family. May his memory be a
  blessing. A tribute to Wes can be found on page 11, in the Elan Gardens’ section.
    Taking Center Stage (cont’d)
    friends and relatives. The Home’s therapy department has
    worked with her so that she can continue to enjoy the hobby
    she loves so much.
       Reva Sprung volunteered her musical talents for many years
    at the Home, and continues to play now on the 3rd Floor
    and for special events. She follows in the footsteps of her
    mother, Sara Resnick, who also volunteered and resided at
    the Home. Both of these ladies brought music and rhythm to
    the ears of our residents. The tradition lives on in her family
    with one of her five granddaughters who is learning to play
    the piano as well!
       Klara Braginskaya has played the piano since she was five
    years old, and she played in a jazz ensemble in college. She
    played at the JCC before becoming a resident of the Home. Phil Graff entertaining the residents.
       “Music brings joy to me,” she says, “and I feel that when
    I share it with others, I am bringing a smile to their faces.
    People love listening to my music, whether it is in a group
    program or just in the lobby before meals.”
       Klara can only play the piano with her left hand now,
    but that hand continues to play and bring joy to those who
       One resident, James Swanick, not only brings his memo-
    ries of a long career in the restaurant business, but was able
    to continue his involvement with his career by taking our
    residents on a trip with him to his family restaurant. This
    establishment is none other than Chick’s Diner, a veritable
    Scranton institution. Everyone enjoyed the meal, the shared
    friendship, and the chance to reminisce about the old days
    over burgers and sodas.
       For all of these residents, continuing to enjoy their hobbies
    and having a new ability to share them with others brings a
    feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. They have defi- James Swanick is greeted with a smile as he returns to Chick’s.
    nitely taken center stage at the Jewish Home – and they are
    loving every minute of it!

    Reva Sprung plays for an eager audience.                        Klara Braginskaya pounds out a tune.
               Jewish Home Annual Meeting
                    Weinberger Re-elected to a Second Term
                                              Mae Gelb Remembered
  “I want to express my appreciation to all of you who have          necessitating me to use the services of the Home. From both
placed your confidence in me to lead the Jewish Home. I               vantage points, I can attest to how fortunate and blessed we
feel certain that we have a committed board and an excellent         are to have a Jewish Home of this caliber to serve the Jewish
staff at the Home on whom we rely. My appreciation goes              Community of NEPA.”
to Rabbi Sandhaus and Mary Rose Applegate and the entire                Rabbi Joseph Mendelsohn, Spiritual leader of Temple Israel
cadre of professionals who tend to the needs of our residents        in Scranton, installed the officers and board and charged
and their families. The health care environment today is as          them to fulfill their roles in a manner prescribed by Jewish
challenging as ever and it requires a staff that is up to the        tradition. “Care of the aging,” he said, “is the highest form of
challenge and a board willing and able to support them.”             service and a great mitzvah.”
With those words, Attorney Jerry Weinberger accepted his
second term as President of the Jewish Home and chair of its
Board of Directors.
  The well attended Annual Meeting on June 6, 2007 opened
with a D’var Torah by Rabbi Daniel Swartz the newly ap-
pointed spiritual leader of Temple Hesed. The first order of
business was a commemoration to the late Mae Gelb, a long
time board member and supporter of the Jewish Home, in the
form of a Board resolution. Attorney Richard Bishop, Secretary
of the Home, presented the tribute that recounted the lasting
legacy of this great woman. Sondra Myers, Mae’s daughter,
accepted the Resolution on behalf of her sister Beverly Klein
and the entire Gelb family.
  Harold Sprung, chair of the Finance Committee, reported on
the financial experience of the Home in 2006. On a personal
note Harold concluded his report by saying, “I have served on
the Board for many years and have also had life circumstances        Jerry Weinberger, President, delivering his annual report.

Newly elected Board & Officers: (Standing L to R) – M. Meyers, H. Cutler, R. Bishop, J. Simon, L. Kahanowitz, J. Weisberger, C. Roth,
R.Kaplan, S. Seitchik, D. Dickstein, Rabbi Mendelsohn, Rabbi Swartz. (Seated L – R) W. Freedman, OBM, H. Sprung, B. Kaplan, P. Malinov,
G. Dickstein, I. Alperin

    Food Service Promotions
       The Home is pleased to announce the promotions of Beth       program through Auburn University. She and her husband
    Ann Rielly to Director of Food Service and Jill Stevens, MS,    James reside in Springville, PA.
    RD to Clinical Dietitian Supervisor.                              Jill is a graduate of Marywood University master’s program
       While Beth may be new to this position, she is very well     in nutrition and is a registered member of the American Di-
    known to our residents, staff and families, having worked at    etetics Association. She has worked at the Home for five years
    the Home for over twenty-three years in our Dietary Depart-     as clinical dietitian, assessing and planning the nutritional
    ment. Beth began at the Home as part-time dietary aide and      care of our residents. In her new position, Jill has assumed
    advanced to Dietary Supervisor and Head Cook/Chef where         additional responsibilities of supervising the part-time clinical
    she won the hearts of the residents with her delicious meals    dietitians and providing guidance to the dietary department
    and friendly caring personality. A native of Moosic PA, Beth    in menu planning, policies and in-service education. A native
    is a graduate of Riverside High School. She is currently com-   of Jenkins Township, PA, Jill and her husband Brian reside
    pleting a Dietary Manager Certification distance learning        in Dallas, PA.

    Beth Ann Rielly                                                 Jill Stevens

    Jewish Home Hosts Annual
    Summer Brunch
      “The Brunch”, as we call it, is a special program
    to allow family members to join their loved one in
    a restaurant atmosphere right here at the Home.
    Ninety–seven family members and residents at-
    tended this year’s event. The smorgasbord featured
    hot food, salads, desserts, assorted breads and
    fruits as well as beverages and of course, a good
    time! Traditionally the “Brunch” is served in the
    summer while its companion program, “Restau-
    rant Night”, is hosted in the fall and spring. The
    well attended buffet received high marks from
    both residents and families alike.

    Enjoying The Brunch, at right, are Betty LaCoste,
    daughter Linda Suraci and granddaughter Emily.

            JRC Seniors of the Poconos on the Move
                                    Angela Rasely Appointed Program Coordinator
  Worthy of a “Charles Kuralt” feature,     Club seniors very much enjoyed seeing      program grew, the need for a part-time
members of the Senior Adult Club of         first hand where our present and future     staffer was apparent. Fortunately, she
the Poconos took to the road this sum-      military leaders train.                    was available to accept the position.
mer. Their adventures included a picnic       As we go to print, the seniors are on    Angela graduated St. John’s University
in the Poconos and two longer trips,        their way to the Jewish Museum in NYC      with a major in communication arts.
one to West Point and the other to the      and plan to make a day of it in the “Big   She is also a licensed practical nurse,
Jewish Museum in New York City. The         Apple”.                                    the perfect combination for this assign-
participants were able to “catch” the         Rabbi Yehuda Salkow, Director of the     ment. In addition to coordinating the
chartered bus at various planned stops      Jewish Resource Center, announced the      senior programming, she will represent
along the route.                            appointment of Angela Rasely as its se-    the Jewish Home and Elan Gardens in
  The guided tour of West Point in-         nior adult program coordinator. Angela     the Pocono area educating the public
cluded a visit to the Jewish Chapel in      began her association with the JRC as a    on the long-term care services avail-
addition to the standard points of inter-   Lunch Club volunteer helping prepare       able at these facilities. The Rasely’s
est at the Military Academy. Feasting       and serve the weekly meals. Her talents    are the proud parents of Julia, Abigail
on kosher boxed lunches, the Lunch          were quickly recognized and as the         and Robert.

Jewish Home Wish List
  You can make a difference in the lives of the Jewish Home’s             $350 – Motion detectors for bed safety
residents while honoring or memorializing a friend or loved               $500 – Wheelchair
one. Please contact the Jewish Home’s Business Office Sec-          RELIGIOUS:
retary Lynn Klemick at (570) 344-6177 extension 109 for            Providing spiritual and uplifting needs
information. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated.                 $50 – Books & Tapes for Rabbi Guterman Lending
  ACTIVITIES DEPARTMENT:                                                  $150 – Mezuzahs
  Sensory stimulation to encourage mental awareness                ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY:
        $25 – DVD’s, compact disks                                 Useful gadgets for $30.00
        $25 – $55 Assorted Puzzles                                 Buttonhook- enables one-handed buttoning
        $25 – $55 Assorted Exercise Videos                         One handed bracelet fastener- helps arthritic or shaky
        $35 – Cassette/CD player (individual resident use)         hands deal with small clasps
        $40 – Standard Puzzle Roll-up (several needed)             Long handled shoe horn – helps putting on shoes
        $50 – Sing Along with your Old Favorites                   Elastic shoe laces – keeps shoes closed and reduces trip
              Videotape                                            hazards from open laces
        $60 – Mah-Jongg Game                                       Card holder or card rack – helps manage playing cards
        $70-80 – Sports & Exercise Games                           easily
        $100 – $150 – Kiddush for Shabbat-Holidays                 “Low vision” Prop-It book rest – assists with keeping
        $150 – $200 Sunday Scranton Times Subscriptions            reading materials at the proper distance for some visual
        $150 – $200 Daily Scranton/Wilkes-Barre                    impairment
                      Subscriptions                                Reacher – a lightweight aluminum pole with a grasping
        $150 – $200 New York Times Subscriptions                   hook that makes reaching possible without bending or
  DIETARY DEPARTMENT:                                              stretching
  Creating tasty, nutritious meals served in an elegant en-        Sock aid – helps pull on or push off socks
vironment                                                          Contoured pen holder – makes gripping a pen or paint
        $25 – Residents’ Dining Room Shabbos flowers                brush easy and comfortable
        $30 – Dishware Racks                                       Curved eating utensils – angled forks or spoons enable
        $500 – Three Tier Utility Cart                             self-feeding
        $600 – Pellet Base for Dinex Machine                       Weighted utensils – helps to steady the grip and avoid
  NURSING DEPARTMENT:                                              spilling
  Compassionate, skilled care in a state-of-the-art facility       Rocking knife – makes up for the loss of dexterity when
        $25 – Music Cassettes                                      cutting foods.
        $75 – Cassette Player                                      Nosey cutout cup – assists with drinking when head tilt
        $150 – Nebulizer (for breathing treatment)                 is compromised
        $150 – Pressure reduction mattress                         Scoop dish or built up plates – helps move food on an
        $200 – Motion detectors for chair safety                   eating utensil
    The Jewish Home Scrapbook
       Auxiliary Programs                                                                               Jewish Home Auxiliary
                                                                                                          Calendar of Events
      The Jewish Home relies on its volunteers throughout the year to complement the                       2007 - 2008
    staff. The annual Volunteer recognition luncheon held on May 31, 2007 highlighted
    the achievements of a variety of devoted people who fulfill this mission. This year                            Board Meeting
                                                                                                            Thursday, September 6, 2007
    the Jewish Home and the Scranton Auxiliary selected numerous organizations to                                     1:00 pm
    share the distinction of “Volunteer of the Year”.
                                                                                                                Opening Luncheon
      On behalf of the Jewish Home and the Scranton Auxiliary, Past President Ber-                           Tuesday, October 16, 2007
    nardine Kaplan presented the awards to representatives from each of the following                                  Noon
    organizations which have served our residents on an on-going basis:                                           Board Meeting
      The Volunteer of the Year Award was awarded to:                                                       Thursday, November 8, 2007
                                                                                                                      1:00 pm
      Jewish Home Wilkes-Barre Branch                       JCC Senior Adult Club
                                                                                                                 Hanukkah Party
      Beth Shalom Sisterhood                                Temple Hesed Sisterhood                         Sunday, December 9, 2007
      B’nai B’rith Amos Lodge #136                          Hadassah                                                 2:30 pm

      Legion of Mary-St. Pat’s Rosary Club                  JWVA Post # 165                                        Purim Party
      Machzikeh Hadas Sisterhood                            Temple Israel Sisterhood                          Sunday, March 23, 2008
                                                                                                                     2:30 pm
      The Special Recognition Award was awarded to students who volunteer on a                                    Board Meeting
    regular basis from the following schools:                                                                 Thursday, April 10, 2008
                                                                                                                     1:00 pm
      Bais Yaakov               Bnos Yisroel                University of Scranton Students
                                                                                                                 Mother’s Day Party
                                                                                                               Sunday, May 11, 2008
                                                                                                                     2:30 pm

                                                                                                          Volunteer Recognition Luncheon
                                                                                                              Thursday, May 22, 2008

                                                                                                                 Father’s Day Party
                                                                                                               Sunday, June 15, 2008
                                                                                                                     2:30 pm

                                                                                                                Closing Luncheon
                                                                                                              Thursday, June 26, 2008

                                                                                                                  Summer Picnic
                                                                                                               Tuesday, July 29, 2008
    At the Annual Closing / Installation Luncheon, Rabbi Daniel Swartz installs the officers,                          Noon
    including the installation of Emily Trunzo as returning president.

    The room was packed for the 2007 Volunteer Recogni-
    tion Luncheon. This year, several organizations were          The Mother’s Day Party hosted by the Scranton Auxiliary is always a
    honored for the many volunteer hours that they have           good time! (L-R) Millie Weinberg, Emily Trunzo, Esther F. Rosenfeld,
    provided over the course of the years. Congrats to this       Sara Morris, Ruth Gelb, Millie Gritz, Nancy Friedman. (Front L-R) Guitelle
    years group of honorees!                                      Rothstein, Helen Pinkus.

                           The Jewish Home Scrapbook
                                        COMMUNITY EVENTS &

Residents Barb Jaffe and Shirley Ginsberg wrap daffodils for the
American Cancer Society.

                                                                     After teaching us “How to Make Noodles”, Tekla Evanega went
                                                                     on a trip to the Olive Garden where she feasted on Fettuccini

Mary Nerges, Mary Ryan and Lottie Wiktor enjoy a cold drink
and conversation on a recent trip to the Glider Diner.

Phyllis LiBassi, Joanie Meyers, activities assistant, Reva Sprung,
Dorothy Plath and Elena Harrington enjoy an afternoon hosted         The Scranton JCC hosted an “Over 80 Party”. Residents Elaine
by the Deutsch Institute at McDade Park where they partici-          Nussbaum and Harry Weinberg enjoyed food and
pated in a craft program.                                            entertainment.

    The Jewish Home Scrapbook
    Nursing Home Week                                                  “Treasure Our Elders”
                                                                       was this year’s theme for
                                                                       Nursing Home Week.
                                                                       A treasure box of memories
                                                                       adorned each unit and contained
                                                                       pictures of our residents! Games and extra programs filled
                                                                       the week with fun and excitement in celebration of our
                                                                       most “treasured people” --our residents!!!

                                                                       Ladies from “The Red Shoe Dance Company” shared a special
                                                                       cultural dance recital with the residents during nursing home
                                                                       week. Adorned in brightly colored dance skirts, these girls
                                                                       “cut up the rug” in the evening presentation in the Friedman
    Liz Urso, LPN protecting the Treasure Box of Memories at the       Auditorium.
    5th FL Nurse’s Station.

    Above: Helen Lax gives the piñata treasure chest a good whack
    waiting for a treasure of kosher snacks to arrive on her lap!

    Right: During one of the various competitions that week – Arthur
    Horowitz, of blessed memory, won what else.....but a purse!
    Being a good sport, when asked if he wanted to trade his prize
    for something else he said, “No, this purse is a perfect match
    for my shoes!”

                             The Jewish Home Scrapbook
                                  Activities staff provide a variety of programs in
                                and out of the building at different times of the day
                                offering cultural diversity to our residents.                Activities

                                                                       An afternoon bridge game with her friends – resident, Elaine
                                                                       Nussbaum enjoys a card game and time with friends as Rita
Tiffany Sopko and Michele Kulick demonstrate a fingerprinting          Lebowitz looks on.
technique from a favorite hit TV show, CSI.

Activities Assistant, John Bindo, runs the evening program which
is an all time resident favorite - “The Auction”. Residents are able
to place their bids on gadgets of choice but they must out-bid
their opponent to get the prize!!

                                                                       The “Great Potato Crunch”! Margaret Yakamavich tries to
                                                                       smoosh, smash and mash potato chips during this program
                                                                       that helps get those arm muscles back in the groove.

Baseball Day at the Jewish Home. Yankee fans, Beth Rielly and          Mary Mancia enjoys the Gardening Cart which lets activities
resident Harry Weinberg celebrating Yankee mania.                      staff bring a little nature and conversation to residents’ rooms.

     Mike and Gayle Greenstein to Head Upcoming Membership Campaign
             Marshall Kornblatt to Direct Wilkes-Barre Effort; Two New Categories Announced
   Following on the heels of a successful campaign last year, Mike and Gayle Greenstein veteran campaign leaders, agreed to chair this
 year’s drive. Together with Marshall Kornblatt, another seasoned leader who will direct the campaign in Wyoming Valley, the combined
 leadership of Greenstein and Kornblatt promises great success for the Home’s most important and only on-going fundraiser.
   Jerry Weinberger, President of the Jewish Home, expressed his appreciation to them for accepting this significant chairmanship. In his
 remarks he said, “We are most fortunate that Gayle, Mike and Marshall continue to lend their time and expertise to the Home helping
 us raise the funds necessary to maintain our high standards of service.” Weinberger encouraged all of our friends in the community to
 support this important effort.
   The co-chairs expressed their appreciation to all the Membership Committee members whose input is invaluable in planning and
 executing the drive.
   Greenstein announced two new categories of membership that reflect the generosity of a loyal group of donors. The new categories
 are Silver Chai for gifts of $1800 and up and Gold Chai for gifts of $3600 and above. These new categories will be included in the
 recognition listing in the spring 2008 edition of the Jewish Home Journal. “Every gift is so appreciated,” says Greenstein, “and those in
 a position to increase and reach higher levels of support help the Home achieve new heights of service.”
   Below, we recognize the membership gifts from last year received after the publishing deadline for our last Jewish Home Journal.

             The Honor Roll of Members is listed below separated by location and categories as follows:

             FOUNDER..............$1,000 and up                             GUARDIAN................$100-249
             PATRON...........................750-999                       SPONSOR.........................50-99
             PILLAR..............................500-749                    DONOR............................25-49
             BENEFACTOR...................250-499                           CONTRIBUTOR.........under $25
 SCRANTON                           WILKES BARRE                      HAZLETON                           BINGHAMTON
 BENEFACTOR                         GUARDIAN                          SPONSOR                            DONOR
 Atty. John Beemer                  Mr. & Mrs. Don Cooper             Mrs. Sylvia Schwarz                Mrs. Harriet Ribler
 GUARDIAN                           Mrs. Alfred Stern                 MIXED PA                           READING
 Dr. Nancy Willis                   SPONSOR                           DONOR                              DONOR
 DONOR                              Dr. & Mrs. Matthew Berger         Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Klapper          Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Azrael
 Norma & Jack Lipman                Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Kranson        Mr. Floyd Silver                   HEMLOCK
 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pell             Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Lubin          OUT OF STATE                       DONOR
 Mrs. Andrew Vakay                  Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Null           BENEFACTOR                         Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Einhorn
 Mrs. Adele Willensky               DONOR                             Mr. & Mrs. Phillip I. Wizwer       POCONO
 CONTRIBUTOR                        Atty. & Mrs. Jonathan Blum        DONOR                              SPONSOR
 Mrs. Sally Moskovitz               Dr. & Mrs. Charles Brand          Ms. Esther Schwalb & Mr.           Mr. & Mrs. Richard Geller
 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sheridan         Mrs. Bernard Harris               David Haase                        CONTRIBUTOR
 Mrs. Emily Trunzo                  Atty. & Mrs. Allen Reishtein      Mrs. Maureen Tansley               Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Silverwater
                                                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Smith
                                    Mrs. Jack Trompetter
                                    Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Weinstock

     I/we would like to become a member of the Jewish Home and help make sure that the residents
     continue to receive the very best nursing home care available in Eastern Pennsylvania. A check is
     enclosed for the following membership category:
     ❒ Donor ($25 to $49)                        ❒ Benefactor ($250 to $499)                 ❒ Founder ($1000 and up)
     ❒ Sponsor ($50 to $99)                      ❒ Pillar ($500 to $749)                     ❒ Silver Chai ($1800 and up)
     ❒ Guardian ($100 to $249)                   ❒ Patron ($750 to $999)                     ❒ Gold Chai ($3600 and up)
     Amount enclosed: ______________

     Journal listing to read: ________________________________________________ ❒ I/we wish to remain anonymous.

     Name: ___________________________________              Address: ________________________________________________

     Please charge my credit card #: __________________________________________________ Expiration date: ________
     (Visa or Mastercard Only)
     Signature for credit card: ______________________________________________________________________________
     Send completed form to The Jewish Home, 1101 Vine Street, Scranton, PA 18510.

                                                              View of the Administrator
                                                                               Ilise Rubinow
                                                                Twelve years ago, the Project for Assisted Living was in
                                                              full swing. The management staff of the Jewish Home, of
                                                              which I was one, was actively involved with the visionar-
                                                              ies who had initiated the project. Those individuals, Effie
                                                              Alperin, Wes Freedman, Bernardine Kaplan, Harold Sprung,
                                                              and Rabbi Samuel K. Sandhaus, were the leaders of The
                                                              Jewish Home and I knew them all in one way or another.
                                                              Effie and Wes were to become the President and Vice-Presi-
                                                              dent, respectively, of Elan Gardens. Wes along with Rabbi
                                                              Sandhaus were the liaisons with the architects, contractors,
                                                              and everyone else related to construction. Thus began my
                                                              relationship with Wes Freedman.
                                                                Wes passed away on July 12th and since then my thoughts
                                                              are filled with reflections of him. Wes was at every con-
                                                              struction site meeting joining us in examining every detail.
President Harris Cutler presents a “Visionary” Plaque in      He donned a hard hat with us and climbed, trudged, and
honor and in memory of Effie to Mrs. Effie Alperin and
                                                              navigated through every bit of construction. He questioned
daughters, Basha and Jane.
                                                              every decision and encouraged us to do the same with his
                                                              never ending quest for quality and perfection. His love
                                                              for Elan Gardens was no secret, and as time went on my
                                                              admiration for this gentle giant soared.
                                                                In the early years, as Vice-President and then as President,
                                                              a day was not complete without a telephone call from Wes.
                                                              He cared about Elan Gardens, its residents, and me. I knew
                                                              that he appreciated and understood my commitment but
                                                              he worried about the balance between my work and my
                                                              family. His loyalty to Elan Gardens extended to me as its
                                                              administrator and as a person. I felt the same way about
The Founders and Visionaries of Elan Gardens in front of
the new Plaque dedicated in their honor. Front – Wes
Freedman. Left to right, Robert Kelly, Saul Kaplan, Bernar-     When Wes’s presidency ended, his interest and involve-
dine Kaplan, Harold Sprung, Samuel K. Sandhaus.               ment remained as fervent as ever. He was thrilled when
                                                              the nominating committee asked his daughter, Betsy Hyers,
                                                              to join the Board in 2006 and together they served actively
                                                              on the Tenth Anniversary Celebration Committee.
                                                                Wes, as a “Visionary” was honored at the Tenth Anniver-
                                                              sary main event and, in true “Wes” fashion, signed himself
                                                              out of the hospital in order to attend this event. On these
                                                              pages are pictures taken that day of Wes and his family
                                                              and the other Founders and Visionaries of Elan Gardens.
                                                              Without all of these individuals there would not have been
                                                              a tenth anniversary to celebrate.
                                                                On the agenda of that special day was a presentation of
                                                              a very special piece of art donated by the family of Effie
                                                              Alperin in his honor and his memory. Together, Effie and
                                                              Wes made quite a team!
Wes Freedman’s much deserved “Visionary” Plaque.
     More 10th Anniversary                                                      Elan Gardens:
         Photographs                                                          Coming of Age x 2!
                                                                          As we entered our 11th year of operation it became ap-
                                                                       parent that there were updates that needed to be completed
                                                                       beyond the ongoing painting, etc. To that end President
                                                                       Harris Cutler established a “Renovation” Committee to be
                                                                       Chaired by Susan Jacobson. The goal is to maintain Elan
                                                                       Gardens and its building and grounds as the state of the
                                                                       art facility it has been since its inception. Susie and her
                                                                       committee are hard at work developing a plan to make
                                                                       necessary changes and updates to the building which will
                                                                       include some new furnishings, replacement projects and a
                                                                       few new items as well.
                                                                          Coincidentally, the timing of this committee assignment
                                                                       occurred as a gala surprise birthday celebration was being
                                                                       planned for committee and board member, Iris Liebman
                                                                       Mardo by her husband, Michael. Susie, with two hats on,
                                                                       thought that this was perfect opportunity to start the upgrade
                                                                       at Elan Gardens and recognize Iris’s special milestone. Fast
                                                                       forward to the party where Iris was surprised with a special
                                                                       announcement that a large screen wall mounted LCD tele-
                                                                       vision had been purchased for Elan Gardens, in her honor,
                                                                       by all of her friends and family.
 Wes Freedman with his family, Estelle, Betsy, Benjamin, Elizabeth        Iris was thrilled by the idea and by the generosity of her
 and Bob.                                                              loved ones, especially because it benefited Elan Gardens
                                                                       which is so near and dear to her heart. She hopes that others
                                                                       in the community will do the same when there is a special
                                                                       event to acknowledge. “I am thrilled with this gift to Elan
                                                                       Gardens which is such a gift to me. I am so thankful that my
                                                                       friends and family understand how important Elan Gardens
                                                                       has been to me and to so many in the community.”

     Mrs. Berta Brodi was honored for her own ten year anniversary   Ilise Rubinow, Administrator and Harris Cutler, President present flowers
     as a resident of Elan Gardens.                                  to Tenth Anniversary Co-Chairs Susan Jacobson and Harlene Arenberg.

                                     Elan Gardens’ Donations
  Elan Gardens acknowledges with gratitude minimum contributions of $5.00 in honor or memory of friends and loved
ones you wish to recognize. Contributions made after July 31, 2007 will be published in the next issue. We make every
effort to list donations correctly and apologize for any errors. Please call 585-4400 with any corrections.
MEMORIAL                             SELMA ROSENBERG                      JANET ROTHENBERG                    GAYLE GREENSTEIN
PHYLLIS HOROWITZ                     Miriam Friedman                      Janet & Stuart Moskovitz            Janet & Stuart Moskovitz
Diann & Herb Cohen
Paula & Jim Kane                     RUTH M. HERMAN                       JACK DIAMOND                        HERB SMITH
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Sherman           Leonard Hopkins                      Miriam Friedman                     Janet & Stuart Moskovitz
Rachel & Mark Winkeller                                                                                       Betsy & Bob Hyers
Paula & Alan Halperin                AUNT OF DR. & MRS. IRA               IRVING SILVERMAN
Fran & Bob Gelb                       KRAFCHIN                            Leonard Hopkins                     MARION OWENS
Kathy & Ray Laplante                 Betsy & Bob Hyers                                                        Charlotte Plottle
Michele, George & Alexis Ditomassi                                        SALLY WESTERMAN
Barbara & David Contois              BROTHER OF MARGY SHAPIRO             Roz Marks                           DOROTHY RICKOFF
Nadine & Steven Wenner               Susie & Rick Jacobson                                                    Miriam Friedman
Dr. & Mrs. Howard Ledewitz                                                AL UFBERG
Janet & Ronald Weiss                 SEYMOUR BIEDERMAN                    Barbara & Gene Goldenzeil           ANNIVERSAY
                                     Roz Marks
                                     Annette & Alfred Rice                                                    GREETINGS
                                     Janet & Stuart Moskovitz
                                                                          BIRTHDAY GREETINGS                  MR. & MRS. DAVID FEIBUS
Leonard Hopkins                                                           BRYNA HABER                         Betsy, Bob, Ben & Elizabeth Hyers
                                                                          Roz Marks
ROBERT ALCO                          LIBBY SCHOENBERG
Barbara & Gene Goldenziel            Leonard Hopkins
                                                                          JEANETTE SIMON                      GENERAL
                                     Dottie Yudkovitz
SISTER OF ED MOSKOVITZ               Charlotte Plottle
                                                                          Janet & Stuart Moskovitz            DONATIONS
                                     Arlene & Norman Gevanthor                                                ELAN GARDENS
Janet & Stuart Moskovitz                                                  MURIEL SMITH
                                     Janet & Stuart Moskovitz                                                 Janice & Harris Cutler
                                                                          Roz Marks                           Dr. Scott Gordon
BRUCE GELB                           Roz Marks
Janet & Stuart Moskovitz                                                  ALVIN GREENWALD
                                     MELBA MURZIN                                                             DAVID MARDO ENDOWMENT
                                                                          Roz Marks                           Michael Mardo
DAVID MARDO                          Dottie Yudkovitz
                                                                                                              Iris Liebman
Janet & Stuart Moskovitz                                                  RUTH DICKSTEIN
Barbara & Gene Goldenziel            ADAM SMULOVITZ
                                                                          Frieda Popky                        HONOR TO SUSIE JACOBSON
                                     Janet & Stuart Moskovitz
                                                                                                              David M. Bachman, M.D.
DORA ROTTMAN                                                              PHYLLIS MIRCHIN
Janet & Stuart Moskovitz             JAMES SAKS
                                                                          Roz Marks                           YIZKOR
                                     Charlotte Plottle
                                                                                                              Berta Brodi
FRIEDA JUSTAN                                                             DOTTIE YUDKOVITZ
Janet & Stuart Moskovitz             RABBI AVROHON GEWITZMON
                                                                          Natalie & Emil Kellner              YIZKOR OF MINNIE F. NOGI
Sally & Ricky Fish                   Leonard Hopkins
                                     Susie & Rick Jacobson                                                    Janet & Stuart Moskovitz
                                                                          IRIS LIEBMAN
JEAN WEINBERG                                                             Ricki & Bruce Adoff
                                     WES FREEDMAN                                                             MR. & MRS. HARRIS CUTLER
Janet & Stuart Moskovitz
                                     Miriam Friedman                                                           TORAH HONORS
                                                                          ROZ MARKS                           Ben Singer
MOTHER OF MARY NICOLAIS              Sophie & Sam Maiman
                                                                          Gloria & Monroe Jurkowitz           Leonard Hopkins
Janet & Stuart Moskovitz             Susie & Rick Jacobson
                                                                          Jayne Simon                         Bob Hersh
                                     Charlotte Plottle
                                                                          Melba Nathan
LILLIAN GROSS                        Roz Marks
                                                                          Mickie & Joe Brown                  MR. & MRS. STEVE SEITCHIK
Leonard Hopkins                      Annette & Alfred Rice
                                     Anna Mae Williams                                                          ENGAGEMENT OF SON BRIAN
Roz Marks
Charlotte Plottle                    Ann Miles                            GET WELL WISHES                     Janet & Stuart Moskovitz
                                     Fran Radocesky                       DAVID RUBINOW
                                     Lisa & Gary Silverman                Lisa Golden                         HAROLD SPRUNG
                                     Beverly & Rob Felter                 Arthur Horowitz*                     HONOR BY THE JEWISH FAMILY
Roz Marks
                                     Gloria & Monroe Jurkowitz            Amy Sher                             SERVICES
Charlotte Plottle
                                     Debbie, Bruce, Jake & Cody Brotter   Rochelle & Howard Spizer            Susie & Rick Jacobson
NANCY CASEY                          Jill Rosenfeld Standlee              Mary Rose, Amanda & Neil
                                     Penny Weinstein                        Applegate                         ELI ARENBERG
Libby & Mike Donohue
                                     Rona Levinson                        Lainey & Len Denis                   DIANA LUSTIG LIFETIME
Maureen & Charles Bufalino
                                     Jill & James Linder                  Miriam Friedman                      ACHIEVEMENT AWARD
                                     Darlene & Edmund Carr                Janet & Stuart Moskovitz            Betsy, Bob, Ben & Elizabeth Hyers
Janet & Stuart Moskovitz             Donna Philbin
                                     Marilyn & Henri Deutsch              ANITA PLOTKIN                       MR. & MRS. DAVID RUBINOW
                                     Dorothy & John Atkinson              Roz Marks                             MARRIAGE OF DAUGHTER
                                     Lubov Swingle                                                              RACHEL
Miriam Friedman
                                     Molly Grossinger                     ELI ARENBERG                        Carol & Jack Nogi
Celia Krasno
                                     Mechanical Service Company           Betsy, Bob, Ben & Elizabeth Hyers   Iris Liebman & Michael Mardo
                                                                                                              *Of Blessed Memory
Roz Marks

                                       Honor & Remember
 The Jewish Home gratefully acknowledges the receipt of contributions commemorating significant events. A contri-
 bution to our funds is a tribute to those you love and a lasting reminder that you care. The minimum contribution is
 $5.00. Contributions made after August 1, 2007 will be published in the next issue. We make every effort to ensure
 that the donors are recognized correctly. Please call Raisa Ivanov at (570) 344-6177, ex. 100, regarding any errors.
 MEMORIAM FUND                   Bill Reich                      Richard Goodman                         Freda Justan
                                 Reva & Harold Sprung            Eleanor & Sheldon Liberman              Ilise & David Rubinow
 IN MEMORY OF:                   Sue & Tom Norek                                                         Ignatz & Victoria Deutsch
                                 Myer & Shirley Alperin          Sylvia Ruth Greenburg
 Aaron Arnovitz                  Diane & Louis Kahanowitz        Dr. Jeffrey Kraskin                     Dora Kalman
 Reva & Harold Sprung            Jerry & Barbara Fink            Ms. Marion Kraskin                      Harold Dumoff
                                 Mark, Linda & Aaron Jurkowitz   Arlene & Rich Krupinski
 Fannie & Herman Bassoff         Naomi & Paul Alamar             Rose Movitch                            Morton Kaplan
 Yahrzeit                        Harry Rosenberg                 Carol Staitman, Richard, Jamie, Jeff,   Pauline E. Fallon
 Janet Meyers                    Thomas & Joan Marra             Elisa, Alec and Jeremy
                                 Ruth & Alex Fried                                                       Sidney Knoblauch
 Sylvia Bergman                  Bev & Jerry Klein               Mindy Gromer                            Irving Falik
 Evelyn R. Heiser                Mr. & Mrs. Leon Greenwald       Monroe Meltzer
                                 Ilise & David Rubinow                                                   Eddy Lederkramer
 Edward Berkowitz                Debra & Edward Judge            Lillian Gross                           Myrna & Mike Perlman
 Helen Heeren                    Ann & Leo Moskovitz             Reva & Harold Sprung
                                 Frank & Wanda Neyman            Wes* & Estelle Freedman                 Mary Lenahan
 Seymour Biederman               Lynn Hoynowski                  Betsy & Bob Hyers                       Sprung Family
 Jeanne Atlas                    Betty Bauer                     Lee & Herb Hollenberg
 Reva & Harold Sprung            Delores E. Warholic             Bill Reich                              Benjamin Levy
 Millie Myers                    Patrick & Kristin Salmon        Anne Shaffer                            Reva & Harold Sprung
 David & Ilise Rubinow           Pamela Gregory                  Jeanne Atlas                            Terry & Donna Rothstein
 Joan Griff                      Richard Marcus                  Arthur Z. Jurkowitz                     Jeanne Atlas
 Mark, Linda & Aaron Jurkowitz   Patrick & Adeline Fricchione    Diane & Louis Kahanowitz
                                 Jeffrey L. Weissman             Joyce Kroll                             Nat & Henrietta Liebman
 Walter Brooks                   Geri Berg                       Eileen Kroll Goldman                    Irwin & Donna Adler
 Eleanor & Sheldon Liberman      Claire & Howard Jacobson        Nancy Kroll Ali
                                 Dan Iannielli                   Sandra Steinberg & Family               David Mardo
 Sister of Mildred Cantor        Don Telesca                                                             Ilise & David Rubinow
 Mr. & Mrs. Monroe Jurkowitz     Sidney Newman                   Philip Harris                           Shirley & Alvin Greenwald
                                 Vincent Rebicek                 Lee & Herb Hollenberg                   Denise & Ira Krafchin & Family
 Brother of Jim Clauss           Sanderson State St.             Reva & Harold Sprung                    Ignatz & Victoria Deutsch
 Wes* & Estelle Freedman         Mr. & Mrs. Emilio Marionelli    Bill Reich                              Ellen & Larry Rifkin
                                   & Family                      Naomi & Paul Alamar                     Claire & Howard Jacobson
 Robert Davenhall                Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Finnerty &    Jeanne Atlas                            Ellen, Jill, & Michael Stolbach
 Reva & Harold Sprung              Family                        Arthur Z. Jurkowitz                     Sidney Newman
                                 Molly & David Rutta             Ruth & Zack Kurzweil                    Vincent Rebicek
 Pearl Edelstein                 Andres P. Nelson, MD            Isabel Harris Paret
 Reva & Harold Sprung            Phyllis Lerner                  Gloria & Monroe Jurkowitz               Phyllis Mardo
 Mark & Susan Gottesman          Barbara Cohen                                                           Irwin & Donna Adler
 Bill Reich                      Philip Friedman                 Ruth Herman
 Syvia Eisenberg                                                 Lois & Sidney Meyers                    Mary Matso
                                 Paul Friedman                   Sid & Barbara Meyers                    Mr. & Mrs. Monroe Schwatz
 Serine (Folk) Fine              Nat & Vida Petill               Charlotte & Robert Pollock & Family
 William & Miriam Safran                                         Faye, Mel, David & Rachel Spatt         John Mele
                                 Bruce Gelb                      Pearl & Jack Kouzi                      Denise & Ira Krafchin & Family
 Davida Fortinsky                Rose Movitch                    Sandy Stewart
 Reva & Harold Sprung            Roberta & Richard Lovenwirth    Harold & Reva Sprung                    Jean Moretti
 Ilise & David Rubinow                                           Bill Reich                              Gayle & Thomas MacDonald
 Millie Myers & Family           Mae Gelb                        Tillie Parish                           Muriel Kutniewski
 Wes* & Estelle Freedman         Reva & Harold Sprung            Marlene Lieber                          Jackie Hawkins
 Doris & Nate Brown              Bill Reich                      Isaac & Sylvia Taubenfeld               Sally Vail
 Yvette Brauner                  Jeanne Atlas                                                            Irene Donato
 Millie Myers & Family           Enid Friedman                   Phyllis Horowitz                        Mae Murawski
 Molly Grossinger                Janet Meyers                    Ilise & David Rubinow                   Sandy & Mae Tedesco
 Ruth Gelb & Family              Dora Rosenberg                  Bill Reich                              William Rakauskas
 Muriel & Ed Goldman             Shirley & Alvin Greenwald       Reva & Harold Sprung                    Joyce Ann Burnside
 Teeters’ Furniture, Inc.        The Werbin Family               Anne Shaffer                            Maria & Daniel Smallacombe
 Naomi Schiffer                  Arthur Z. Jurkowitz             Claire & Howard Jacobson                Helen Trently
 Mr. & Mrs. Phillip W. Roth      Atty. & Mrs. Harold Rosenn      David & Ileene Ginsburgh                Walter & Ann Marie Ermolovich
 Michael & Justine Weiss         Diane & Louis Kahanowitz        Naomi & Paul Alamar                     Eugene & Fran Fumonti
 Nancy Weaver                    Wes* & Estelle Freedman                                                 Marie Rakauskas
 Charlie Manjoobi                Charlotte & Howard Ellowitz     Arthur Horowitz                         Mark Rakauskas
 Pat Trella                      Lois Fogel May                  Reva & Harold Sprung                    Matthew Rakauskas
                                 Ann & Leo Moskovitz             Bill Reich                              Ann Marie Barba
 Wes Freedman                    Roben & Burt Schwartz                                                   Robert Miller
 Neil & Mary Rose Applegate                                      Betty Hughes                            Tanya Ermolovich
 Betty & John Brunetti                                           Co-workers of Robert Hughes             Nicholas & Terri Fick
Sister of Edwin Moskovitz             Eleanor Tansits                       Violet Darling                 Minnie Nogi
Joe & Frimi Moskowitz                 Michael & Margaret Mary Skotleski     (Appreciation)                 (100th Birthday)
                                                                            Joel Johnson                   Stuart & Janet Moskovitz
Benjamin Moskow                       Beatrice Toiv
Rosalie Engelmyer                     Janet Meyers                          Gail & David Dickstein         Bobbi Novick
Rachel Weisberger                                                           (Special Anniversary)          (Get Well)
                                      Helen Torba                           Wes* & Estelle Freedman        Claire & Howard Jacobson
Harry Nelson                          Steve & Beverly Solfanelli
Myrna & Mike Perlman                  Verizon Employees & Sunshine Club     Gloria Dinner                  Elaine Nussbaum
                                      Kris & Len Frey                       (Get Well)                     (Special Birthday)
Hannah Neuman                         William, Kellie & Amanda Sheakoski    Denise & Ira Krafchin          Anne Shaffer
Kathy Wilson                          Joe McGroarty                         Shirley Friedman               Fern Blum
Joan Geary
Tillie Parish                         Helen Turrkowitz                      Lauren Dunleavy                Elaine Pachter
Millie & David Weinberg               Marlene Lieber                        (Marriage)                     (Appreciation)
                                                                            Bill Reich                     Pat Gluck
Harry & Lillian Oram                  Alfred Ufberg
Irwin & Donna Adler                   Reva & Harold Sprung                  Mr. & Mrs. David Feibus        Honorable Henry S. Perkin
                                      Estelle Freedman                      (50th Wedding Anniversary)     (In Honor of Induction to the
Brother of Peggy Opiela               Betsy & Bob Hyers                     Wes* & Estelle Freedman          Magistrate Judge of The US District
Bill Reich                            Diane & Louis Kahanowitz              Myer & Shirley Alperin           Court)
                                      Ilise & David Rubinow                                                Sis Bloom
Shirley Propper                       Irwin Schneider                       Mary Fiorenza
Reva & Harold Sprung                                                        (89th Birthday)                Anita Plotkin
Vincent Rebicek                       Jean Weinberg                         Richard & Carol Fiorenza       (Get Well)
Sidney Newman                         Marlene Lieber                                                       Irene Ruffman
                                      Reva & Harold Sprung                  Jerry Friedman
Selma Rosenberg                       Helen Pinkus                          (Get Well)                     Mr. & Mrs. Paul Reifman
Molly Grossinger                                                            Irving Moskow                  (60th Anniversary)
Vincent Rebicek                       Gussie Weinberger                                                    Ruth & Herman Aqua
Sidney Newman                         Florence Gorelick                     Mae Gelb*
Reva & Harold Sprung                                                        (Birthday)                     Rabbi Dovid Rosenberg
Denise & Ira Krafchin                 Mary Weinstock                        Rosemary Hurney                (Get Well)
Ilise & David Rubinow                 Vincent Rebicek                                                      Sheldon & Eleanor Liberman
Hannah Sherer                         Sydney Newman                         Ruth Gelb                      Bill Reich
Bill Reich                                                                  (Special Birthday)             Naomi & Paul Alamar
Bev & Jerry Klein                     Allen Weissberger                     Elaine Nussbaum & Family
Harry Rosenberg                       Mr. & Mrs. Monroe Schwartz                                           Harry Rosenberg
                                      Reva & Harold Sprung                  Beverly Goodman                (Special Birthday)
Leo Rosengard                         Sidney & Ruth Lebowitz                (Get Well)                     Molly Grossinger
Bill Reich                            Fremie & Joe Moskowitz                Joseph Goodman                 Shirley Friedman

Brother of Sonia Rosenfeld            Anna Zielinski                        Sue & Scott Herlands           Sonia Rosenfeld
Wes* & Estelle Freedman               The Strok Family                      (Special Anniversary)          (Get Well)
                                      Diane Seifert                         Wes* & Estelle Freedman        Ruth Gelb & Family
Father of Malka Saks                  Mary H. Andes                         Romayne & Ed Small
Bill Reich                            Carol Jablonski                                                      Esther Rosenfeld
Denise & Ira Krafchin                 John Kane Sr. & Margaret Kane         Joe Hodin                      (In Honor of Award)
Reva & Harold Sprung                  Katie & John Brace                    (85th Birthday)                Wes* & Estelle Freedman
                                      Margy & Jeff O’Neil                   Estelle Freedman
Lena Schnitzer                        John & Lou Ann Kane                   Betsy & Bob Hyers              Esther Rosenfeld
Catherine “Kelly” Lyons               Maureen Kane                                                         (Special Birthday)
                                      Pat Remeis                            Leonard Hopkins                Wes* & Estelle Freedman
Libby Schoenberg                      Gina Collins                          (Good Luck in New Apartment)
Bill Reich                            Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hunt                Tillie Parish                  Mildred Schwartz
Reva & Harold Sprung                  Dunleavy Family                                                      (Special Birthday)
Millie Myers                          Mr. & Mrs. John Saltry                Sheldon Liberman               Bill Reich
Marlene Lieber                        Mr. & Mrs. John Marsico               (Get Well)
Ilise & David Rubinow                 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Davies              Anne Shaffer                   Monroe Smith
Sidney Newman                         Helen Burruans                                                       (Special Birthday)
Vincent Rebicek                       Mr. & Mrs. Jim Phillips               Jim & Jill Linder              Rhoda Isaacs & Family
Wes* & Estelle Freedman               Scranton Orthopedic Specialists       (Daughter’s Bat Mitzvah)
Lionel & Marion Spencer               Dean & Janet Ross                     Denise & Ira Krafchin          Harold Sprung
Dan & Carol Iannielli                                                                                      (Honoree of the JFS Annual Meeting)
Irwin Schneider                       Sandra Ziman                          Iris Mardo                     Sally & Leonard Weiss
Bobbi Pearl Cressey & David Cressey   Reva & Harold Sprung                  (Special Birthday)
Ron & Mary Scavone                    Irwin Schneider                       Susan & Alan McKay             Reva & Harold Sprung
Diane & Louis Kahanowitz              Ruth Gelb & Family                    Syvia Eisenberg                (Birth of Granddaughter)
Shirley & Alvin Greenwald             Cindy Petill                          Deborah Eisenberg              Sally & Leonard Weiss
                                      Nat & Vida Petill                     Louis & Stu Eisenberg
Irving Silverman                      Gary & Laurie Petill                                                 Ann Stahler
Bill Reich                            Scott Petill                          Jean Miller                    (Get Well)
                                                                            (In Honor)                     Irene Ruffman
Dr. Manuel Stolbach                   HAPPINESS FUND:                       Grace & Milliard Dougherty
Linda Halperin
Florence Wolozyn
                                      IN HONOR OF:                          Minnie Mushkin
                                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. David Wagner
                                                                                                           (50th Wedding Anniversary)
Vincent Rebicek                                                             (Special Birthday)             Babette Chessler
Sydney Newman                         Eli Arenberg                          Ruth Gelb & Sam Rosen
                                      (In Honor of Award)                                                  Sis Bloom
Nat & Vida Petill                                                                                          Dorothy S. Taub
Cindy Petill                          Wes* & Estelle Freedman               Carol Nogi                     Sylvia Stern
                                                                            (Get Well)
Rose Marie Summa                      Connie Dantona                        Vincent Rebicek
Joan Walsh & Jennifer Sedillo         (Volunteer Work at the Jewish Home)   Sidney Newman
Friends                               Rebecca Singer                                                                                               15
 Gilbert Weinberger              Harriet & Paul Rosenstein             Mr. & Mrs. Seymour Brotman      Harry Needleman
 (Special Birthday)              Alan Goldstein                        (50th Wedding Anniversary)      (Speedy Recovery)
 Gary Corr                       Mrs. Lillian Goldstein & Family       Alan Goldstein                  Alan Goldstein
                                 Miss Deborah Goldstein & Family
 Mr. & Mrs. Barry Weiss          Rabbi & Mrs. Emmanuel Joseph          Mildred Davis                   Elaine Nussbaum
 (Son’s Marriage)                  Goldstein & Family                  (Special Birthday)              (Special Birthday)
 Wes* & Estelle Freedman         Judith & Family                       Roland & Cynthia Maiolatesi &   Harriet & Paul Rosenstein
                                 Saundra & Max Fine & Family             Children                      Florence & Lester Block
                                 Ruth Gelb & Family                    Marion Klein
 GENERAL DONATIONS               Florence & Lester Block               Ruth & Zack Kurzweil            Mr. & Mrs. William Perilstein
 Mark & Marcia Kaufman           Shelly & Lee Levine                   Alan Goldstein                  (Birth of Talyah)
 Wes* & Estelle Freedman         Jayne & Bob Beeman                    Moe & Barbara May               Mildred Davis
 Marvin Ashkin                   Ruth & Harold Feinberg                Lola & Mel Schwartz
 Adele Baldinger                 Mildred Davis                         Rose Chaskin                    Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Perilstein
 Beth Shalom Sisterhood          Karen & Dale Nash                     Frances Rudolph                 (Special Anniversary)
                                 Jayne & Ron Perilstein                                                Alan Goldstein
 DOBRIN-GOLDSTEIN                Jodi Shapiro & Leah Ammon             Dr. Chris Dressel
                                 Ruth Gelb & Family                    (In Honor of Recovery)          Jeff Pittle
 MEMORIAL FUND                   Denise & Ira Krafchin                 Alan Goldstein                  (Get Well)
                                 Lesley & Mark Widergren                                               Alan Goldstein
 Aaron Arnovitz                  Kristen & Scott Snyder                George Farber
 Florence & Lester Block         Donna & Andy Michaylo                 (Recovery)                      Anita Plotkin
                                 Ilene White & Jac Deutsch             Alan Goldstein                  (Get Well)
 Fern Berman                     Faculty & Staff of Abington Heights                                   Lola & Mel Schwartz
 Alan Goldstein                    High School                         Ruth Gelb
                                                                       (Special Birthday)              Esther Rosenfeld
 Mother of Barbara Birnbaum      Ben Levy                              Mildred Davis                   (JCC Award)
 Mildred Davis                   Morris & Alan Goldstein               Florence & Lester Block         Mildred Davis
 Moe & Barbara May               Mildred Davis
                                 Karen & Dale Nash                     Alan Glassman                   Esther Rosenfeld
 Robert J. Collins Sr.           Jayne & Ron Perilstein                (Recovery)                      (Special Birthday)
 Alan Goldstein                  Florence & Lester Block               Alan Goldstein                  Mildred Davis
                                                                                                       Florence & Lester Block
 Herman Davis                    David Mardo                           Alan Goldstein
 Yahrzeit                        Moe & Barbara May                     (In Honor of Birthday)          Melvin Schwartz
 Alan Goldstein                                                        Minnie Mushkin                  (90th Birthday)
                                 Anna Musto Lori                       Kalma & Norman Kahan            Mildred Davis
 Brother of Mr. Ignatz Deutsch   Alan Goldstein                                                        Florence & Lester Block
 Morris & Alan Goldstein                                               Morris Goldstein                Karen & Dale Nash
                                 Zachary Newirth                       (Special Birthday)              Jayne & Ronald Perilstein
 Margaret Fox                    Moe & Barbara May                     Alan Goldstein                  Alan Goldstein
 Alan Goldstein                                                        Harriet & Paul Rosenstein       Morris Goldstein
                                 Joseph Noll                                                           Moe & Barbara May
 Wes Freedman                    Bernice Dinner & Earl McKeon          Ed Hazzouri
 Alan Goldstein                                                        (Special Birthday)              Melvin Schwartz
 Harriet & Paul Rosenstein       Summer L. Ramage                      Alan Goldstein                  (Recovery)
                                 Alan Goldstein                                                        Morris & Alan Goldstein
 Mae Gelb                                                              EJ Henshaw                      Florence & Lester Block
 Alan Goldstein                  Selma Rosenberg                       (Recovery)                      Mildred Davis
 Mildred Davis                   Alan Goldstein                        Alan Goldstein
                                                                                                       Ann Stahler
 John J. Gentile Sr.             Mother of Mr. Jim Santamauro          Dr. Norman Kahan                (Get Well)
 Alan Goldstein                  Alan Goldstein                        (Special Birthday)              Harriet & Paul Rosenstein
                                                                       Alan Goldstein
 Dorothy Goldstein               Libby Schoenberg                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Sam Starr
 Irwin & Donna Adler             Alan Goldstein                        Miriam Klein                    (Birth of Grandson)
 Mary Ann Kaminski               Morris & Richard Goldstein            (Special Birthday)              Alan Goldstein
 Bernice Dinner & Earl McKeon                                          Florence & Lester Block
 Paul & Lisa Bartoletti          Irving Silverman                                                      Joan Toll
 Yvonne & Everett Clayton        Alan Goldstein                        Tommy Lebowitz                  (Special Birthday)
                                                                       (Recovery)                      Mildred Davis
 Lillian H. Gross                Alfred Ufberg                         Alan Goldstein
 Alan Goldstein                  Morris & Alan Goldstein                                               Gilbert Weinberger
 Mildred Davis                   Mildred Davis                         Jamie Levin                     (Special Birthday)
                                                                       (Special Birthday)              Alan Goldstein
 Philip Harris                   Allen Weissberger                     Mildred Davis
 Alan Goldstein                  Mildred Davis                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Jay Willner
 Mildred Davis                                                         Iris Liebman Mardo              (50th Wedding Anniversary)
 Harriet & Paul Rosenstein                                             (Special Birthday)              Alan Goldstein
                                 DOBRIN-GOLDSTEIN                      Alan Goldstein
 Ruth Herman
 Harriet & Paul Rosenstein
                                 HAPPINESS FUND                        Minnie Mushkin
                                 Eli Arenberg
 Karl Kincel                                                           Alan Goldstein
                                 (Get Well)
 Alan Goldstein                                                        Lola & Mel Schwartz
                                 Mildred Davis
 Mildred Davis
                                                                       Linda Mendelsohn                * of blessed memory
                                 Mr. & Mrs. Lester Block
 Tillie Lebowitz                                                       (Welcome Home)
                                 (Good Health & Luck In the New
 Ruth Mertz                                                            Mildred Davis
 Lola & Mel Schwartz
                                 Mel & Lola Schwartz

                                                 Chapel Donations
IN HONOR OF:                              DONATED BY:                                  OCCASION:
Rose Brody                                Sue Severe                                   Get Well
Mildred Cantor                            Ruth Mertz                                   Special Birthday
Geoffrey Cutler                           Harris & Janice Cutler                       In Honor of Graduation
Claire Dubin                              Harriet & Joe Schectman                      Special Birthday
Elaine Nussbaum                           Mildred Weinberg                             Special Birthday
Chaim Leib Saks                           Mary Dolinger                                Bar Mitzvah
                                          Barry Propper
Mr. & Mrs. Al Smith                       The Mertzes & the Cohens                     Health & Happiness in New Home
Reva & Harold Sprung                      Sophie & Sam Maiman                          Birthdays

                                  The Following by Guitelle & “Shooky” Rothstein
Howard Barry                                                                           Recovery
Mr.& Mrs. Ira Lichtman                                                                 60th Wedding Anniversary
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Lieber                                                                  “Simchas” of your Grandchildren
Bobbi Novick                                                                           Recovery from Recent Surgery
Roz Marks                                                                              Best Wishes
Rosalind Marks                                                                         Granddaughter’s Marriage
Mr. & Mrs. Lou Plotkin                                                                 Best Wishes for Good Health
Esther Rosenfeld                                                                       JCC Special Officer Award
Filmore Rosenstein                                                                     Man of the Year Award
Harold Sprung                                                                          JFS Award
Lil Stein                                                                              Special Birthday
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Quint                                                                  Davida’s Engagement
Jack Walsh                                                                             Good Health

IN MEMORY OF:                             DONATED BY:
Seymour Biederman                         Sam & Mildred Harris                         GENERAL DONATIONS
Sister of Mildred Cantor                  Ruth Mertz                                   Mordechai Meisels
Danny & Jackie Cutler                     Harris & Janice Cutler
                                                                                       Faye & Richard Bishop
Pearl Edelstein                           Sam & Mildred Harris
Wes Freedman                              Bobbi & Ed Novick                            Bob Brody
Ruth Grossman                             Sandy & Leon Weissberger                     Harris & Janice Cutler
Ruth Herman                               Shirley Ginsberg & Clara Tepper*             Dr. Yehuda Kurtzer
                                          Ruth Mertz                                   Brian M. Weinberg
Arthur Horowitz                           Bobbi & Ed Novick                            Bill Reich
Benjamin Levy                             Guitelle & “Shooky” Rothstein                Seymour Glassman*
Josephine McGee                           Guitelle & “Shooky” Rothstein
                                                                                       Sandor & Shifra Nissel
                                          Terry & Steven Rothstein
Louis Schneider                           Rose Tullo                                   Yizchak & Helen Raskas
                                          Angela M. Rasely
Lena Schnitzer                            Millie & David Weinberg
Libby Schoenberg                          Esther Plotkin & Hannah Robinson

Sister of Ceil Sommer & David Sommer
                                          Sam & Mildred Harris
                                          Guitelle & “Shooky” Rothstein                  To make a
Father of Carol Turetsky                  Ruth Mertz
Al Ufberg
Jean Weinberg
                                          Bobbi & Ed Novick
                                          Mildred & David Weinberg
                                                                                   donation to any of our
                                                                                   funds, please call Lynn
Allen Weissberger                         Ruth Mertz
                                          Natalie & Al Smith
                                          Sandy & Leon Weissberger

                                                                                         Klemick at
   Become a Jewish Home                                                             (570) 344-6177, ext.
        volunteer!                                                                          109 or
                                                                                    Raisa Ivanov at (570)
               Call Mae Murawski at
              344-6177, extension 140.                                               344-6177, ext. 100.
                                                 Special Donations
     DONOR                                   OCCASION                                                     ITEM
     Ben & Mitzi Levy                        In honor of Mel Schwartz                                      DVD
     Sandy & Herm Kaufman                    In memory of Stanley Yallen                                   Prayer Book
     Leona Krichefsky                        In memory of George Bloom                                     Prayer Book (2)
     Mildred Cantor                          In honor of the residents                                     Walker
     Dora Rosenberg                          In memory of Mae Gelb                                         Prayer Book (2)
     Irving Falik                            Commemorating the yahrzeit of                                 Wheelchair
                                              Bruce Falik, Ruth Falik Stahler
                                              and Ben Falik
     Jayne & Sam Green                       In honor of Mildred Cantor’s                                  Wheelchair
       Monnie & Gloria Jurkowitz              85th birthday
       Arthur Jurkowitz
       Mim & Joel Joseph
       Nancy & Arnie Messinger
       Mickie & Joe Brown
       Melba Nathan
       Mitzi & Paul Popkin
       Fay & David Kahn
     Goldie Weinberger                       In honor of Gilbert Weinberger’s 85th birthday                Motion Detector for Chair Safety
     Goldie Weinberger                       In memory of Gussie Weinberger                                Motion Detector for Chair Safety
     Shirley Ginsberg & Clara Tepper*        In memory of Mae Gelb                                         Prayer Book
     Family of Davida Fortinsky              In memory of Davida Fortinsky                                 Wheelchair
     Hemlock Farms Women’s Club              In honor of our residents                                     Large Assortment of Audio Books
     Sandy & Herm Kaufman                    In memory of William Fox, Jr.                                 Prayer Book
     David M. and Aleen F. Epstein           In honor of Atty. and Mrs. Edwin Utan’s                       Motion Detector for Chair Safety
                                                special wedding anniversary

                                           Shabbos Flowers & Kiddush
     SPONSOR                                           OCCASION
     Ruth Gelb & Frances Gelb                          In honor of Mildred Davis’ special birthday
     Gloria Dinner                                     In honor of Mildred Davis’ special birthday
     Mulberry Bush                                     In honor of our residents
     Joel & Mim Joseph                                 In honor of Eileen Feibus’ special birthday
     Kay Swartz (4)                                    In memory of Mae Gelb
     Joel & Mim Joseph                                 In memory of Mae Gelb, Lillian Gross & Philip Harris
     Gloria Dinner (Kiddush centerpiece)               In honor of Minnie Mushkin’s birthday
     Lois & Robert Gelb                                In honor of our residents
     Wilkes-Barre JCC                                  In honor of our residents
     Claire & Howard Jacobson                          In memory of Muriel Raskin
     Claire & Howard Jacobson                          In memory of Sam Chernin
     Bev & Jerry Klein                                 In honor of the 60th wedding anniversary of Mary & Lewis Ziman
     Claire & Howard Jacobson                          In honor of the 60th wedding anniversary of Mary & Lewis Ziman
     Nancy Friedman & Family                           Commemorating the first yahrzeit of Paul Friedman
     Marylyn Preven                                    In honor of the 50th wedding anniversary of David & Eileen Feibus
     Faye & Robert Rosenberg &                         In honor of the 50th wedding anniversary of David & Eileen Feibus
       Jane & Arthur Briskman
     Bev & Jerry Klein                                 In honor of the 50th wedding anniversary of David & Eileen Feibus
     Dora Rosenberg                                    In memory of Wes Freedman
     Jeffrey & Robin Jacobson                          In memory of Wes Freedman

     Reva & Harold Sprung                              In honor of Reva & Harold Sprung’s birthday’s
     Kalma & Norman Kahan                              In honor of Minnie Mushkin’s birthday
     Claire & Howard Jacobson                          In memory of Mae Gelb
     Goldie Weinberger, Lee, Marsha,                   In honor of Gibby Weinberger’s 85th birthday
         Mark, Gail & Families
     Sondra Shair                                      In memory of Gerry Shair
     Goldie Weinberger, Lee, Marsha,                   In memory of Gussie Weinberger
         Mark, Gail & Families
     Reva & Harold Sprung                              In honor of Scranton Hebrew Day School
     Harris & Janice Cutler                            In honor of Geoffrey’s graduation from American University
     Harris & Janice Cutler                            In celebration of Charlotte Cutler’s high school graduation
     Jeff & Dassie Ganz                                With gratitude to G_d for the full recovery of Mrs. Rose Brody & Mrs. Sylvia Ganz
     Rhoda Mellner & Family                            Commemorating yahrzeit of Harry Oram
     Shirley Ginsberg                                  In honor of Clara Tepper’s* birthday
     Connie & Eugene Roth                              In honor of our residents
     Reva & Harold Sprung                              In honor of the birth of their granddaughter
     Len & Leanne Trattner                             In honor of their 29th wedding anniversary

Webster Towers                                                It’s been a great summer at Webster Towers!

                                                              Girls just want to have fun! Angie Baisley, Evelyn Rodgers, Wanda Kosinski and
                                                              Emma Schweers await the start of the Mother’s Day Dinner.
David Weinberg holds the symbol for the Department
of the Navy as well as the American flag at the 4th of
July party held in the Community Room.

Guests are always welcome at Webster Towers, and
always seem to have a good time! Shown are Fern               Shown during a Monthly Coffee Hour are, seated from front to back: Wanda
Blum, a resident of Webster Towers, with one of her           Kosinski, Nancy Rainey, Joan Walsh, Mary King, David Weinberg and Mildred
daughters, Susie Connors.                                     Weinberg. Standing is Connie Dantona with Guest Speaker, Evie Rafalko

Shirley and Abe Cherkes and Clare Braunstein are wait-
                                                                                                                      a fun place
ing for the festivities to begin at one of the many parties
held at Webster Towers - the Fun Place to Be!
                                                              Just a nice photo, thanks to Ann Simerson and Ellen
                                                                                                                         to be!            19
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