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									                                                                   In The Shoppes at Woodside                                      Store Hours
                                                                3130 Pricetown Road - Rt 12                            Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 10-5
                                                                              Fleetwood, PA 19522                                Thurs 10-8, Sat 10-4

Hi! Ja                                           January, February, March, and April 2008
                                                    Newsletter and Calendar of Events
  Hello Everyone,
    I’m writing this in November, during our Shop Hop so I’m not totally coherent, but here goes! I wish everyone a great Holiday season. Oh! The shopping and
cooking and cleaning and decorating! Getting together with the family. Holiday parties and worship services. Glitter and sparkle and chaos in the air. Finally,
January 2, 2008 will be upon us, and then….time to get back to some serious sewing!! Think about it – the house has been cleaned for the holidays so you are
good ‘til spring. The family has been fed and fed again so you can slack off the cooking for awhile. There are lots of sports on TV to occupy the men. You are free
to sew. Stock up on needles, thread, and rotary blades and stitch ‘til the cows come home. Maybe we’ll have a blizzard and you won’t be able to leave the house
for days. That inspires me to write a poem.
                                       Let it blow, Let it snow, It’s off to sew I go.
                                       Don’t call me to help find things. Don’t expect me to make dinner.
                                       The worst thing that can happen is you’ll end up a little thinner.
                                       When spring arrives, I’ll reappear just like the little flowers.
                                       Then you’ll see my many quilts and know what occupied my hours.
  We are the place to come for inspiration if you don’t know what to do with those long, dark winter hours. We just received eighteen beautiful bolts of wool from
Andover. Phyllis and I are in wool heaven. We have a new collection from Quilt Gate that is very Daiwabo-ish - taupes and neutrals with just a hint of color. We
have some nice new florals and always more batik. Laurel Burch’s latest cats, Fanciful Felines is in the shop and as gorgeous as ever. Our latest Asian collection
from Kona Bay is called the Nobu Fujiyama collection. It really is artwork on fabric. We will receive a master print featuring geishas in two colorways every two
months. There are also nine coordinating fabrics every two months. We will be one of only 400 shops across the country that carries this line of fabrics! This is
just a small portion of what’s in the works.
  My daughter is 22 and out of school for the first time in 18 years. She said she can’t believe how fast time is going since she’s out of school. She thought we
were crazy when we told her the older you get, the faster it goes! So if that is true, it will be spring before we know it. With spring comes travel. Sue, Robin and I
are going to the quilt show in Paducah in April. Quiltessence Quilt Guild is running a bus trip and we are hitching a ride. The idea of letting someone else do the
planning appeals to me at the moment! I heard there are still a few empty seats so why don’t you go along. The rumors are it’s a rowdy crowd so it’s gonna be a
good time! If you are interested call me – 610-929-3191, or Janice Petre at 610-678-7976.
  We will barely be recovered from Paducah in time to take off for Portland, Oregon to attend Spring Quilt Market. I like to go to Market, but I like traveling to all
the different cities even more. Mt. St. Helen’s and Mt. Hood are very near Portland and the Pacific Ocean beckons just miles away. We will have to slop in the
Pacific just like we did the Great Salt Lake. I can’t wait!
   Happy quilting and take care!

                                                     Our web address is
   When you Google The Quilter’s Palette, our website does not appear on the first page because our web address is – no er’s in there.
 Someone else owns the rights to “The Quilter’s Palette” as a domain name (actually a quilt shop in Canada). Due to the cost of printing and mailing, I am trying to
 convert as many of you as I can to accessing our newsletter through email. After all, the more I save on printing costs, the more I have to spend on fabric, books,
 and notions! If you would like to convert to email for the newsletter, please email me at so I have your correct address. I have email
 addresses for some of you that are not functioning – who knows why – I typed wrong, you changed addresses, cosmic interference? So if you don’t get emails, re-
 email me and then I’ll have the correct one. Also remember that the newsletter will always be posted on the website.
                                                                          Other Stuff
 We are now carrying a few magazines. We have Asian Fabrics, put out by Kona Bay, and Australian Patchwork & Quilting, Australian Patchwork
& Stitching, and Quiltmania. Reserve your copy today, they disappear fast!

  Hinkletown Sewing Machine Shop was nice enough to let us loan 3 new Aurora 440 sewing machines to use in our classroom. They are all BSR
(stitch regulator) capable. If you would like to use one for a class, instead of bringing your own machine, let us know. We reserve them on a first
come basis, so get your request in early.

Shop Hop was loads of fun. It was nice to see everyone again. Congratulations to all of our prize winners. For those of you who only visit during
Shop Hop, you are welcome the rest of the year also! There’s no need to wait until the next Hop to return for a visit.

                                                 Anniversary Sale            April 9, 10, 11, and 12, 2008
On April 12, 2008 we will be 3 years old. My, how time flies (I guess we’ve already established that fact). Do quilt shop years and dog years have anything in
common? If they do, we’ll then be of legal age. We will have a big celebration in April – something like the HooHah II.
   We are planning a Quilt Retreat for the week-end of September 18 - 21 in 2008. It will be held at a resort in the Poconos. I want to go somewhere with a pool
and hot tub, maybe a lounge with some music, horseback riding, and lots of room to sew. It will be from a Thursday to a Sunday. I have not finalized the details in
time for this newsletter so keep your eyes open for signs in the shop and postings on the website. If you are interested, call, stop, or email. There will be a limit to
the number of attendees. You can put your name on the list. I will have worked out all the details by January 1, 2008.
                                                                           Class news
   It’s hard to write about March and April in the middle of November, especially since I’m not always sure what I’m doing tomorrow. Fortunately for me my
teachers seem to be able to plan ahead. They’ve come up with another great lineup of classes. A few are repeats from last semester because they were so
popular. Most are brand new for our shop. Not Quite Sourdough is a really cool quilt. (I like Barb Lenox’s sample. I’m going to hide it when she comes to pick it
up. Don’t tell her). Das Blumen, by Barb Persing is another awesome quilt and it looks a lot harder than it is. You could make this one and impress all your
friends by letting them think it was really complicated! Pat Rodgers is returning to teach more things from her magical bag of tricks. Her classes are so inspiring.
Audrey Hess is going to help you create a new style of Stack’n Whack. Bob DeCarli and his wife Kathy will be teaching classes, along with Sue Suhre, Sue
Marchalonis, Phyllis Tranquillo, Sue Paul, Louise Morrow, and Pat Gault. Wow, that’s quite a list. Oh, I forgot me.
   Our International Mystery Series is continuing. We’ve had fun touring the globe through quilts. We’ve been to Japan, South Africa, Turkey and December is
Scotland. This semester we are staying in North America. The quilts have turned out nice. Most are lap size or work well as a wall hanging. Borders can be
added to enlarge to twin size.

                   Something to think about in this age of high gas prices – How many yards to the gallon does your car get?

                                                                   Friday Night Sew-a-thons
  Friday night Sew-a-thons have become so popular that we are going to do it twice a month. Sessions will be the second and the last Friday of the month. We
have a great time during these sew-ins and we get a lot accomplished. There is always a lot of laughter, maybe some venting (usually me), and food. Who can
sew without food? We have had long waiting lists for a space for the last few months. Please remember to call the shop if you have signed up, but can’t attend
because someone else might be waiting for the opportunity to participate. We have had a few unexplained no shows in the past and we’d like to prevent this in the
Class List

Invisible Machine Applique
Instructor: Sue Suhre Skill Level: All     $55.00
Saturday, January 5 and 19 1-4pm both days
Using a supplied original pattern, students will learn to create an appliquéd piece on the sewing machine that emulates fine hand appliqué. The first session will
cover fabric selection and preparation of the pieces; the second will cover the application of the pieces by machine. Personal tips will be shared with lots of hands-
on assistance! Your project can become an instant heirloom wall hanging or can be used as a pillow. This a fantastic class!
Demo Days
Saturday, January 5 11am – 3pm                   free, open to everyone
Saturday, February 2 11am – 3pm
Saturday, March 1    11am – 3pm
Saturday, April 5   11am – 3pm
 The first Saturday of the month is our Demo Day. Every half hour from 11 til 3 we will demonstrate a new notion or technique, or introduce a new book or pattern.
Sometimes we will have free patterns or samples. Stop in to see what’s happening.
Woolen Butterfly
Instructor: Phyllis Tranquillo Skill Level: All      $30.00
Wednesday, January 9 10am – 2pm
  Use our kit and we will help you create this beautiful woolen butterfly. Learn buttonhole and chain stitch. Phyllis will explain her technique for bead
embellishment and you can use our store sample for ideas to embellish your butterfly. Kit includes patterns and all fabric needed to complete project. Optional
thread pack will be available. Fabric kit and pattern - $39.00 Thread kit - $20.00
Strip Club
Instructor: Jackie Gauker Skill Level: All Class is a free lecture
Thursdays, January 10, February 14, March 13, and April10 10-11am OR 6-7pm
We haven’t been stripping as long as Eleanor Burns, but we are still at it! Join us every month as we showcase a new quilt using 2 ½” strips. You will be surprised
at the variety of patterns. We do most of the work for you with our pre-cut bundles of strips. You add background and borders and away you go!
Friday Night Sew-a-thons             all sessions are from 5 – 11pm              $10.00 per month sign up early, space fills up fast!
                                     Warden: Jackie Gauker          All skill levels
                                     January 11 and 25      February 8 and 29        March 14 and 28   April 11 and 25
  Bring your sewing machine and join us on a Friday night for a mini retreat. The idea is that you work on anything you want. Finish up a UFO, start a new project,
practice a new technique, the choice is yours. The shop will be closed to everyone but retreaters. Jackie will be there to offer help, show you all the new stuff, and
serve dinner and snacks. Reserve your seat ahead of time – seats are limited. No children please. P.S. We have a great time. Expect to laugh as much as you
Feathered Star
Instructor: Sue Paul Skill Level: Intermediate         $55.00
Saturday, January 12 and 26 10am – 4pm
  The feathered Star is NOT as difficult as you think. It is nothing more than a large nine-patch. Learn how to make tiny half-square triangles by using the bias
strip method. It is the easiest way to make the feathers. This class is for the intermediate sewer who can make precise ¼” seams. Try it out…it could be your
greatest accomplishment yet.
Beginner Quilting
Instructor: Jackie Gauker Skill Level: Beginner $90.00
Tuesday, January 15, 22, 29, February 5, 12, 19, 26, March 4, and 18             10am – 1pm OR 5pm – 8pm
 This is a true beginner class. We will learn how to rotary cut, use templates, do curved and set-in piecing, play with color, and much more. We will take it slow
and the quilt police are not allowed to attend! (inside joke) By the end of the class you will have completed a nine block sampler and be ready to branch out into
the wonderful world of quilting. The only skill you need to start with is the ability to operate your own sewing machine. This is a big time commitment, but we do
not rush through any technique. If there is bad weather, we will adjust our schedule accordingly. I don’t like to be out in bad weather or put anyone else at risk.
Easy Angle ABC
Instructor: Barbara Lenox Skill Level: All           $50.00
Thursday, January 17 10am – 4pm
  The primary use of the Easy Angle is making half-square triangles, but this tool does more than on thing extremely well. Maybe you already have this triangle
ruler in your gadget inventory and are wondering what to do with it. Spend the day with Barbara and learn the “A” and “B” side of this tool along with their
International Mystery Series
Tour Guide: Jackie Gauker Skill Level: All   $50.00 (includes kit for quilt) Sign up for one or all
Thursday, January 24 America’s Native Son - Southwest turquoise and gold, Northwest reds and black, or Midwest tans and brown
Thursday, February 21 Mexican Cross – Kahlua tans and brown, Margharita greens, Fiesta brights
Saturday, April 12 Canadian Flying Geese – Maple leaf fall colors, Pink cheeks pink and rose, Canadian Mountie red
  The Quilter’s Palette has embarked on a Quilter’s Tour of the Globe! Let us be your tour guide as we take you to exciting countries around the globe and make a
quilt at each stop. All you need to do is pack your bag – sewing bag, that is (sewing machine and tools) – and we’ll do the rest. The total package includes your
tour guide (Jackie Gauker), lodging (our classroom), travel vouchers (instructions), souvenirs (the quilt kit), and food (well, recipes, at least!) Passports will be
issued. Visit four countries and the fifth is free. We are exploring North America this semester.
Quiltsmart Mariner’s Compass
Instructor: Jackie Gauker Skill Level: All      $30.00
Thursday, January 31 10am – 4pm
  Do you love the look of a Mariner’s Compass quilt, but have no idea how you would get all those angles and points to match? Well here’s the way. You won’t
believe how easy this is and how quickly the project goes together. Quiltsmart incorporates foundation piecing and fusible techniques for perfect points and no
stress angles.
Das Blumen
Instructor: Barb Persing Skill Level: Confident beginner $55.00
Saturday, February 2 10am - 4pm and Saturday, February 16 10am – 2pm
 This is a beautiful throw size quilt with orange and fuchsia flowers. Learn how to make a strata background and do raw edge appliqué.
Stitched Embroidered Image Transfer
Instructor: Pat Rodgers Skill Level: All $65.00 plus kit fee
Thursday, February 7 10am – 4pm
  This is a technique that you will not see any where else. We will transpose a color copy image to be used as an appliqué, and then enhance the image with
stitching. This is a great way to use family photos, pets or landscapes to enhance fabric, towels, or quilts.
Braced Star Table Runner
Instructor: Sue Paul Skill Level: All       $30.00
Saturday, February 9 10am – 2pm
  Create a table runner using a new star pattern and a striped fabric. The Braced Star may be new to you. It is put together very easily making this a good project
for beginners. If you find the perfect striped fabric, it can be used for your sashing and mitered borders. Go outside your box!
Beginner Hand Applique
Instructor: Kathy DeCarli Skill Level: Beginner        $30.00
Wednesday, February 13 10am – 1pm
 Learn the fun art of hand appliqué. We will cover easy unit appliqué, cutwork appliqué, inside and outside points, as well as placement without marking the
background. Choose fabrics that are best for handwork. You will also learn to use tools that make appliqué more pleasurable. We will be working from Jane
Townswick’s book, “Artful Applique the East Way”. We will use the block that is called “Vintage Flower and Buds”, page 38. I promise you fun and laughs as well.
Graceful Geisha Machine Applique
Instructor: Pat Gault Skill Level: All $40.00
Thursday, February 14 and 28 10am – 1pm OR 5pm – 8pm
 Become one with the seasons in this two day class. Using the preprinted Lonni Rossi Geisha Harvest Dance panel as a basis, you will copy a pattern on to
Steam a Seam 2, fancy cut material, and form the figure on your background material. During the last class you will use a variety of metallic threads and
decorative machine stitching to embellish your geisha. If you like rich fabrics and lots of texture, this is the class for you.
Instructor: Barbara Lenox Skill level: basic           $50.00
Saturday, February 23 10am – 4pm
 Back by popular demand! Sign up quick, it fills up fast. What is a sourdough quilt? It is an on-going true scrap quilt made from the bits and pieces which are left
over from your other projects. You probably have everything you need to make it in your sewing room right now. You work on it all the time, but only sew on it
once a year. The blocks look great in a variety of settings; the class sample is done in the Perkiomen Valley set. You will be amazed at what your “leftovers” will
Instructor: Jackie Gauker Skill Level: All $55.00
Saturday, March 1, 15, and 29 10am – 4pm
   We are going to create masterpieces in this class using the Kaleidoscope Foundation-by-the –Yard from Benartex. Day 1 we will color our quilt and choose
fabrics. Day 2 we will sew, sew, sew. Day 3 we will design a matching border to complete our work of art. Believe me this is not nearly as hard as it sounds. It is
time consuming, but easy!
Sunflower and Chickens
Instructor: Jackie Gauker Skill Level: All         $30.00
Thursday, March 6 10am – 3pm
  Do you like chickens? Who doesn’t like chickens (well, my aunt, but she has a good reason). This wool penny rug includes a few cute hens and a beautiful
sunflower, all surrounded by eggs. This is a great kitchen wall hanging or table runner. We will learn buttonhole stitch and a few other simple hand embroidery
stitches. All of our work will be done in wool by hand.
Logs in Logs in Logs
Instructor: Bob DeCarli Skill Level: All       60.00
Saturday, March 8 10am – 5pm
  Two goes into four and four goes into eight, but there is no math involved and you are sewing nothing but rectangles – straight lines. The basic building blocks
give an endless number of visually striking quilts, including subtle and grand curves – all with nothing but rectangles. We present the concept, some of the building
blocks, some of the quilts and some other options.
Shag Rag Bag
Instructor: Pat Rodgers Skill Level: All        $65.00
Tuesday, March 11 10am – 4pm
   This carryall bag will feature opportunities to use techniques not ordinarily used when sewing garments because they add too much bulk. Students will learn
wild and crazy fringe, hangie-down parts, scrunching, and other fabric manipulations. The resulting bag can be very elegant or completely outrageous depending
on fabric choices.
Fabric Bowl
Instructor: Sue Marchalonis Skill Level: All $25.00
Wednesday, March 12 10am – 1pm
  Sue will guide you through the process of making fabric bowls using scraps and cording. Once you’ve mastered the simple techniques, the possibilities are
endless! You can add different coordinating strips for a scrappy bowl. You can make handles. It doesn’t have to be round. It could turn into a tote bag,
placemats, a rug, even a bikini!! (I threw that one in there just to see who’s paying attention). This is a great way to use that piece of fabric that makes you think
“Was I on something when I bought that?” because you only see the color when you are done, not the ugly pattern.
Not Quite Sourdough
Instructor: Barb Lenox Skill Level: All        $50.00
Thursday, March 20 10am – 4pm
  Per your requests - #2 in the Sourdough Series! This quilt is not as “scrappy” as the original, but you are encouraged to visit your stash and pull together odds
and ends left over from other projects. Randomly strip-pieced nine patch blocks produce variety and texture. ANY fabric will work in the nine-patch block as long
as it plays well with the fabric you choose for the main fabric in the Snowball block. An accent fabric pulls together Snowball blocks and pieced border. The Easy
Angle will be making another appearance. Then there is that tricky intersection – where a diagonal seam meets a perpendicular seam. New skills to learn and
once again leftovers look great!
Keyboard Kaleidoscope
Instructor: Audrey Hess Skill Level: All $65.00
Saturday, March 22 1pm – 3pm AND April 5 and 19 10am – 4pm
 Strike the right note with this kaleidoscope quilt. It combines a large feature print with easy four-patch blocks, strips, and stars.
Flower Patch Runner
Instructor: Sue Marchalonis Skill Level: All $30.00
Tuesday, March 25 10am – 2pm
  We’ve found another great quilt-as-you-go table runner for you to create. This great runner is super simple, but very pretty. You will want to make one for every
holiday. It is also a great idea for a quick gift.
Quick Watercolor Wreath
Instructor: Louise Morrow Skill Level: All       $35.00
Thursday, March 27 10am – 4pm
  This Floral wall hanging will decorate your wall as a seasonal or year round watercolor wreath. I’ll show you how to quickly assemble 2 inch squares on a fusible
grid to form a beautiful wreath that would compliment any wall.
Raw Edge Applique in an Art Quilt
Instructor: Jackie Gauker Skill Level: All        $40.00
Tuesday, April 1, 8, and 16 10am – 2pm
  We are going to slowly work our way through the process involved in making those beautiful McKenna Ryan wallhangings. They are not difficult, they are time
consuming. We will work on choosing just the right fabrics, learn fusing techniques, and finally, use free motion quilting to finish up our work of art. When we are
done, you will be able to apply your newly acquired skills to numerous types of projects, not just art quilts.
Kwik Krazy Tote Bag
Instructor: Phyllis Tranquillo Skill Level: All $30.00
Thursday, April 17 and 24 10am – 2pm
  This is a nice, fun to make really big bag in a crazy quilt pattern. Phyllis lined the sample with canvas for a sturdy bag. Stop and see our sample. Everyone
needs this super tote! This bag will be done in two classes so you have time to work on the machine quilting at home.
Diamond 101
Instructor: Barb Lenox Skill Level: All      $50.00
Saturday, April 26 10am – 4pm
  The LeMoyne Star is a basic of the quilt-making repertoire and the starting point for much more elaborate star patterns. It is also a block loaded with pitfalls –
the poofy center, blunted star points, not to mention pleats, buckles, and holes when background triangles are set into the star. Barbara has promised to make
inset seams quilter-friendly. You will learn the cutting, sewing and pressing steps of her version of Y-seaming. No templates – no marking!
Class Policies

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