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					                                                         News from Congregation Ohev Shalom              ‫צנצנת דבש‬

                                           The Honey Jar

Community with a Purpose: Torah, Tfilah, Gmilut Hasadim (Torah, Prayer, and Acts of Lovingkindness)

                                   Services Schedule                                                    Volume 1, No. 2
(Fri. night services at 6pm, Sat. morning services at 9 am, unless otherwise noted.
                Please refer to calendar page for torah portion listing,                                October 2005
                 and to for text of portion)
 Shabbat Sep. 30/Oct. 1.  Junior Congregation.      Wednesday October 5, Second Day of Rosh             Special Interest:
   Pot‐luck lunch after kiddush.  Bring             Hashanah 
                                                    • 8:30 am       Shacharit                           • Junior Cong. & Tot
   pareve or dairy foods, that don’t need to                                                              Shabbat High
   be heated, in disposable containers.             • 9:15 am       Torah Service                         Holiday schedule,
 Shabbat, Oct. 7/8.  Shabbat Shuva, “Shabbat of     • 10:30 am  Shofar Service                            p.5

   Return”, Memorial Plaque Dedication              • 10:45 am  Junior Congregation and                 • Ramah, pp. 6,7
 Shabbat, Oct. 14/15.                               Children’s Services 
 Shabbat Oct. 21/22.  Chol Hamoed                   • 11:00 am  D’var Torah                             • Ethan Graham’s
                                                                                                          Bar Mitzvah
   (Intermediate Day) Sukkot.  New Member           • circa 1:15 pm   Conclusion                          project, p. 8
   Shabbat.  Junior Congregation.                   Wednesday, October 12, Yom Kippur 
                                                    • 6:45 pm       Kol Nidrei. Services will begin     • Sarah Skobeloff bio,
 Shabbat Oct. 28/29.  Bat Mitzvah of Sarah                                                                p. 12
   Skobeloff                                            with a short cello and piano rendition of 
                                                        composer Max Bruch’s Kol Nidrei.                • 2005 Honorees,
  Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur Schedule               • 8:00 pm       D’var Torah                           p.16
 Monday, October 3,  First Night of Rosh            • circa 9:00 pm  Conclusion                         • The Gates are
 Hashanah                                           Thursday, October 13, Yom Kippur                      Closing, p. 19
 • 7:30 pm       Ma’ariv                            • 8:30 am       Shacharit 
 Tuesday, October 4, First Day of Rosh              • 9:25 am       Torah Service                      Inside this issue:
 Hashanah                                           • 11:00 am  Junior 
 • 8:30 am       Shacharit                              Congregation/Children’s Services 
 • 9:15 am       Torah Service                      • 11:15 am  Yizkor                                 Rabbi’s Corner         2
 • 10:30 am  Shofar Service                         • 11:30 am  D’var Torah                            Membership             3
 • 10:45 am  Junior Congregation and                • 12:40 pm  President’s Address 
     Children’s Services                            • circa 1:45 pm   Recess Begins                    President’s Letter     4
 • 11:00 am  D’var Torah                            • 2:30 pm       Play‐reading of “The Gates are 
 • 12:00 pm  Building Fund                              Closing,” with discussion following            Youth                  5
     Dedication/High Holiday Appeal                 • 4:30 pm       Minchah 
                                                                                                       Library News           8
 • circa 1:15 pm   Conclusion                       • 5:45 pm       N’eilah 
 • 4:30 pm       Tashlich (“Toss your sins          • 6:40 pm       Ma’ariv and Final Shofar Blast     Educational Director   9
   into Crum Creek”) – Yale Ave,                    • 7:10 pm       Yom Kippur Ends/Communal 
   Swarthmore (near Blue Route Overpass)                Break‐fast                                     Message from the       10

              Sukkot/Simchat Torah Service & Special Event Schedule                                    Sisterhood             11
     Monday, October 17, First Night of Sukkot 
     Tuesday, October 18, First Day of Sukkot.  Shacharit, 9 a.m., Synagogue Sukkot Dinner and         Adult Education        14
        Blessings, 6 p.m. 
                                                                                                       Congregation Life      15
     Wednesday, October 19, Second Day of Sukkot.  Shacharit, 9 a.m. 
     Tuesday, October 24, Shemini Atzeret.  Shacharit, 9 a.m./Yizkor.  6:30 p.m., Simchat Torah        Tikkun Olam            17
        Hakafot and Family Celebration!! 
     Wednesday, October 25, Simchat Torah.  Shacharit and Hakafot, 9 a.m. 
          Page 2                       The Honey Jar

The Honey Jar is published
approximately monthly by
                                        Rabbi’s Corner
Congregation Ohev Shalom                Appreciate Each Moment of Life, and
2 Chester Road                          Enrich Them with Jewish Ritual
Wallingford, PA 19086
610-874-1465 ▪ Fax: 610-874-1466        Rosh Hashana and Yom            piece of prose, so apropos to ▪            Kippur are upon us. It’s time   the solemnity of Yom Kippur.
Please send submissions to:             to infuse our lives with the    Keep it on your refrigerator,                 sense of urgency, import        by your bedside, as you
Amy Larchuk, Editor
                                        and direction which gives       consider how precious and
Mark M. Robbins, Rabbi                  meaning to our few days on      few are our moments in life.
Louis Kaplan, Rabbi Emeritus            this earth.                     I thank Arthur Levy for
Emil Skobeloff, Cantor
Andy Szabo, President                      How do we do this as         providing me with this
Michael Muderick, Exec. Director        Jews? We do this through        writing, by Joshua Loth
Joan Joseph, Educational Director       the study of Torah, prayer to   Liebman. Arthur read these
Affiliated with the United Synagogue    our God, and acts of            words at the recent funeral
of Conservative Judaism                 lovingkindness. If you make     of his beloved brother,
                                        Jewish rituals and ethics a     Melvin.
                                        more integral part of your
                                        lives, if you take your            “I often feel that death is
                                        covenanted relationship            not the enemy of life, but
                                        with God more seriously, I         its friend; for it is the
                                        guarantee that you will feel       knowledge that our
                                        more meaning in your lives,        years are limited which
                                        both in the immediate sense        makes them so precious.
                                        and when you approach the          It is the truth that time is
                                        end of your days, please           but lent to us which
                                        God many years from now.           makes us, at our best,
                                           I’d ask you personally to       look upon our years as a
     Mitzvah Corps
                                        add at least one new Jewish        trust handed into our
Social Action Committee
                                        ritual to your lives this          temporary keeping.
                                        upcoming year, to keep                We are like children
Loving thanks to all those
                                        yourselves consistently            privileged to spend a day
special volunteers who, over
                                        growing Jewishly. What             in a great park, a park
the years, made this
                                        could it be? Keeping kosher        filled with many gardens
committee so successful. We
                                        in your home? Having               and playgrounds and
are in need of some new (or
                                        Shabbat evening dinner             azure-tinted lakes with
old) congregants to help
                                        each week? Reading the             white boats sailing upon
Jewish patients who need
                                        Torah portion each week?           the tranquil waves.
help shopping, visitations,
                                        The choices are endless.              True, the day allotted
and emergency
                                        Please send me the form            to each of us is not the
                                        beneath the dotted line, and       same in length, in light,
                                        I’ll return it to you next         in beauty. Some children
       Call Betty Kaplan
                                        summer.                            of earth are privileged to
                                                         ***               spend a long and sunlit
                                        In the spirit of revitalizing      day in the garden of the
                                        our appreciation of life and       earth. For others the day
                                        its gifts these Yamim Noraim,      is shorter, cloudier, and
                                        I offer you this beautiful         dusk descends more
                                                  Volume 1, No. 2                                     Page 3

   quickly as in a winter’s          earth. Come; you’re tired.          Bimah Flowers
   tale.                             Lie down at last in the
                                                                     Thank you to the following for the
     But whether our life is         quiet nursery of nature        beautiful flowers on the Bimah during
   a long summery day or a           and sleep. Sleep well.                   the High Holy Days
   shorter wintry afternoon,         The day is gone. Stars         Rosh Hashanah:
   we know that inevitably           shine in the canopy of           Dr. Richard and Cecily Morris in
   there are storms and              eternity.’”                    loving memory of Cecily’s parents, Jean
                                                                    and Isadore Gusman, and Richard’s
   squalls which overcast
                                                ***                 parents, Maurice and Rose Morris.
   even the bluest heaven                                             Elaine and Stanley Pilshaw in loving
                                  The Ohev Shalom
   and there are sunlit rays                                        memory of her parents, Ralph and
                                  community is a blessing to        Esther Paul.
   which pierce the darkest
                                  us all. Amy, Adina, Caleb         Yom Kippur:
   autumn sky. The day that
                                  and I don’t know how we             The Brown Family in loving memory
   we are privileged to
                                  would have made it                of parents Aaron Brown and Ida (Mom)
   spend in the great park                                          Brown; Alex Brown, husband of Pearlie
                                  through the past year of          Dallet Brown, Joseph and Rose Dallet,
   of life is not the same for
                                  Caleb’s illness without your      her parents, and Lou Dallet, Pearlie’s
   all human beings; but
                                  carrying us along the way.        brother; Henry Brown, husband of
   there is enough beauty                                           Thelma Posnack Brown, brother of
                                  You have much to do with          Anne Brown Schwartz and Sarah
   and joy and gaiety in the
                                  Caleb now being a much            Barron, father of Scott Brown and
   hours, if we will but
                                  healthier, vigorous, growing      Adirenne Brown Stempler; Shirley
   treasure them.                                                   Barnes, sister of Pearlie Brown,
                                  14-month old boy. We love         Benjamin Schwartz, husband of Anne
     Then for each of us the
                                  you and thank you in way          Brown Schwartz; Irvin Barron, husband
   moment comes when
                                  that words cannot express.        of Sarah Brown Barron; Julius and Betty
   the great nurse, death,                                          Posnack, parents of Thelma Posnack
                                    We wish you blessings for       Brown.
   takes us by the hand and
                                  a happy and sweet 5766.
   quietly says, `It is time to   Shana tova oo’mitooka.                     Our Sincere Thanks.
   go home. Night is
   coming. It is your               Rabbi Mark Robbins
   bedtime, child of the                                                        Ohev Shalom
                                                                          welcomes new members
                                                                           Elaine Huberman Kline
Membership News                                                                     and
                                                                          Lothar & Johanna Zirkir
Saturday, October 22, 2005, Please Join US!!
At Shabbat services, we will be officially welcoming all the
new members who joined from October 2004 through
October 2005. Please join us as our new members are called
to the bimah for an aliyah. Following services, we will have a
beautiful Kiddush in our sukkah. Mark your calendars and
come and welcome our new members to the Ohev Family.
Havurah News                                                             LEAVES
Our existing havurot are now gearing up for the coming year.
We also have a new havurah consisting of eight families with
young children. Other havurot are being planned, so if              In Loving Memory of Evelyn
you’re interested, contact me so no one is left out. The                Alfred, from Jack Alfred
havurah experience can enhance your life so don’t be shy.               and family
Don’t wait for me to call you!                                      In honor of Amy Pollack and
                                                                        her 10-1/2 years of
                                                                        dedicated service as editor
      From my family to yours, Happy and Healthy New Year!              of The Spark/Hashveev
                                               Karen Ernest
       Page 4                   The Honey Jar

                                   Letter from the President
      Yay Torah!!
Yasher Koach to August            The Congregation wishes a       by participating in additional
Torah readers Wendy               very hearty and well-           two or three purposes, we
Dignazio, Kathy Elias, Amy        deserved Mazal Tov to Ohev      learn more about ourselves,
Graham, Rick Hellman,             Shalom’s 2005/2006              who we are as Jews and our
Michael Ponn, Rabbi Mark          Persons of the Year. Karen      links to the Jewish
Robbins, Frances Stier, and       Ernest is our Woman of the      community. If you attend
Daniel Weiner, and to             Year, Don Abramowitz is our     morning Minyan, why not
Haftarah readers Peggy            Man of the Year and Cathy       help decorate the Sukkah or
deProphetis, Rabbi Louis          Yeager and Bill Gross are       attend Simchat Torah
Kaplan, Frances Stier, Daniel     our Meritorious Service         services? And, if you don’t
Weiner and Karen Zatz.            Award winners. Please join      already attend Minyan or
                                  us in their night of honor at   Shabbat services, consider
                                  the Congregational Dinner       doing so. Rabbi Robbins’
                                  on Saturday, November 19.       Shabbat D’var Torahs are
    Layn Torah!                   More information will be        thought-provoking, and you               forthcoming.                    can take a break from the
                                    Did you know that             hustle of today’s world and
                                  October has been                go back in time into the
                                  designated as the official      world of Torah. If you
                                  month to “Do something          perform acts of loving-
   SAVE THE DATE!                 new at Ohev Shalom”? The        kindness to the outside
                                  proclamation for this           community, consider
                                  designation reads as follows.   performing an act-of-loving-
    OHEV SHALOM                   “The backbone of Ohev           kindness in our community
      KADIMA!                     Shalom is the active            by contributing to the High
                                  participation of its members.   Holiday food drive or
                                  Without our members love        helping Sarah Skobeloff
       Saturday                   for Judaism, love for Ohev      celebrate her Bat Mitzvah on
      October 22                  Shalom, caring for each         October 29. Mazal Tov to
                                  other’s interests, and          Rise and Cantor Emil
                                  curiosity for that which will   Skobeloff and their family on
  GAGA, HAVDALAH                  enliven and create a            this wonderful occasion.
  & DINNER IN THE                 stronger Jewish self and        Enroll your fifth through
      SUKKAH!                     Jewish community, we            eighth graders in our
                                  would no longer have the        synagogue youth group.
                                  beautiful Jewish home that      Attend Rabbi’s God Talk.
  DETAILS COMING                  has been our blessing.          Ohev Shalom offers so many
      SOON!!!                     Therefore, we designate         ways for us to participate in
                                  October as ‘Do something        Jewish life. Check the
                                  new at Ohev Shalom.’” In        calendar.
                                  general, Ohev Shalom is a         On behalf of Colette and
                                  community with three            Susan, we wish you a happy
                                  purposes, Prayer (Tfilah),      and healthy Holidays and an
                                  Torah and Acts of Loving        easy fast.
                                  Kindness (Gmilut Hasadim).
                                  Even if we already
                                                                          Andrew J. Szabo
                                  participate in one purpose,                         President
                                                   Volume 1, No. 2                                      Page 5

                                                                         Congregation Ohev Shalom
Kadima Youth Group                                                       Kadima Calendar for 5766
Dear Ohev Shalom Youth          Chinese Vegetarian dinner            •    High Holiday Food Drive
and Parents,                    at Singapore Restaurant to                (Special thanks to the Cohens for
                                wrap up our adventure in             •    Sat. Oct. 22 Havdalah, GaGa and
Our mystery kickoff was a       the city! (see p. 7 for                   Dinner in the Sukkah
great success! We brought       restaurant review)                   •    Sunday Dec. 4 – Paint your own
16 youth and 4 adults on                                                  Hanukkiah event
the famous Philadelphia         A great time was had by all!              (Special thanks to the Fackenthalls
                                                                          and Glanzmans for organizing)
Duck Tour. We started by        Many thanks to the Pollack           •    Saturday December 10 – Bi-
taking a luxury bus ride into   and Bookspan families for                 Regional Kadima Dance – at Or
Philadelphia and boarding       generously underwriting the               Shalom in Paoli
                                                                          (Special thanks to the Becks and
the amphibious duck boats       event and helping to make it              Consolis for chaperoning)
at the corner of 6th and        free for all paid members of         •    December 25 – 29 USY Int’l
Chestnut. We spent the          the Youth Group!                          convention in Philadelphia
next hour or so driving                                              •    January 15 – Bi-Regional Kadima
through some of the             Our next event promises                   Snow Tubing Event at Bear Creek
historical parts of town,       more fun (and of course,             •    Saturday March 4 Sleepovers with
                                                                          another local synagogue
blowing our wacky quackers      more food!). Be sure to              •    April 2 – GaGa Tournament at
for all they were worth, and    clear the late afternoon and              Ohev Shalom
listening to some groan-        evening of Saturday,                 •    May 7 – Regional Kadima Day
worthy jokes from Captain       October 22 for GaGa,                 •    June 11 – Regional USY and
Dale. We splashed down          Havdalah and dinner in the                Kadima wrap up event at Hershey
into the Delaware River to      Sukkah! This will be the first
complete the first webbed       official event using our                 Junior Congregation &
leg of our journey!             brand new GaGa court!
                                                                           Tot Shabbat High
After arriving back on the                      See you then!                   Holidays
ground in Philly, we walked                   Mark Paikoff
a few blocks for a Kosher             Youth Committee Chair          Rosh Hashanah Day 1
                                                                     Rosh Hashanah Day 2
Men’s Club                                                           Yom Kippur
The Men’s Club is looking forward to an exciting year. We            11:00-12:30
look forward to sharing some fun programs this year. Our             TOT:
meetings will be held (in most cases) on the third Thursday of       Rosh Hashanah Days 1 & 2
the month. At our initial meeting on September 18 at 9 a.m.          10:45-11:45
at Ohev Shalom, we will be choosing committee chairman               Yom Kippur
(thanks to all of you who volunteered) and planning our
programs for the year. Look for a movie night in the winter          The Musaf shofar blowings will take
and a trip to the Phillies in the spring, as well as other           place shortly after the conclusion of
programs for Chanukah and Sukkot. Our next meeting will              Junior Congregation on both days of
be at Ohev Shalom on October 16 at 9 a.m. Hope to see you            Rosh Hashanah in the main
all there.                                                           sanctuary. Please don’t forget to
                                                                     bring your children into the main
                                           Allan Glanzman            service to share this special part of
                                         Men’s Club President        the service.
              Page 6                     The Honey Jar


Left: Older camper Eli Zigon helps teach
younger children rituals like putting on
Right: Russell Gelman-Sheehan (right)
helps lead Kabbalat Shabbat in the
Above Right: Andrew Stesis spent the
summer with Ramah on Seminar in Israel,
a life-changing experience he
recommends to all

  Left: Jesse Bookspan manages to play baseball each summer at Ramah Palmer in the
  Right: Katie Silverstein (rear right) made friends that will last a lifetime after 8 summers as
  a Ramahnik
                                                      Volume 1, No. 2                                        Page 7

Louis Stesis Joins Ramah Board                                            Kadima Youth Group
                                                                             Outing Recap
Ohev Shalom is proud to announce that congregant Louis
Stesis has joined the Board of Directors of Camp Ramah in the           On September 11, Ohev’s new
Poconos, bringing his considerable legal and communications             Kadima Youth Group got off to a
                                                                        great start with a surprise trip
skills, as well as his devotion to Judaism, to this growing camp.       downtown to ride on a Duck, the
Lou noted that “this summer saw the beginning of the                    amphibious bus that tours
upgrade of the sports facilities in the Poconos. Three new              Philadelphia, and to have dinner at
basketball courts were installed, one of which has adjustable           Singapore Restaurant. We were
                                                                        pleased to start off learning that Duck
height baskets. The soccer field was also improved. Next                staff have been sent to New Orleans
summer will see the refinement of the tennis courts and                 to help with Hurricane Katrina relief.
softball field, and the construction of an all-purpose pavilion
that will be used for dance, basketball, hockey and even more           Then it was off to see Philadelphia,
                                                                        quack like ducks for folks strolling on
activities.”                                                            South Street, and to plunge into the
         “This is all in addition to the gymnasium, rock-climbing       Delaware River. The weather could
wall, ropes course, pool and lake, which has boats, canoes,             not have been better, and
kayaks and The Blob.”                                                   Philadelphia looked beautiful.
         Enjoying all of these activities each summer are several       At dinnertime, we strolled over to
Ohev Shalom children who travel off to one of the                       kosher vegetarian restaurant
Conservative Movement camps for a summer filled with                    Singapore, 1006 Race Street, one of
dance, sports, arts and crafts, new and old friends – all in an         three Chinese restaurants in
                                                                        Philadelphia. Despite varied
environment infused with a love of Judaism. This year, we               tastebuds, the general consensus
welcome home from Ramah in the Poconos Julia Gelman-                    was positive:
Sheehan, Carly Katz, Eli Zigon, Russell Gelman-Sheehan, Sara
Stesis (who was a counselor after years as a camper), Ethan             “They had an ample amount of food,”
                                                                        said Juli Beck.
Graham, and Alison Isaacs. Jesse Bookspan returned from
Camp Ramah New England in Palmer, Massachusetts with                    “A+,” said Ethan Tashman.
Katie and Ben Silverstein. And, Andrew Stesis had the
experience of a lifetime on Ramah Seminar in Israel.                    “Mmmmmmmmm,” noted a surprised
                                                                        Sarah Skobeloff.
         “Seminar” is a 6-week program for campers entering
12 grade. It provides the opportunity for an intensive                  “I liked everything,” said Michael
experience in all parts of Israel. After spending the summer            Allen.
hiking, biking, digging and learning about the past and
                                                                        Phil Bergman couldn’t say anything
present of Israel, the teens, in the words of the program’s             because his mouth was full, but gave
director, “only physically leave (their) Homeland, our home.            it a “thumbs up.”
(Their) memory, which now reaches far back in time, can keep
Israel alive, even back in (our) own world.”                            So if you’re looking for a kosher
                                                                        restaurant downtown, the Kadima
         According to Lou, “Camp Ramah fulfills all the needs of        Youth Group recommends
any other camp program but has the extra benefit of                     Singapore.
nurturing a lifelong commitment to Judaism – whether your
child continues to play soccer or not.”                                 Special thanks to Mark Paikoff,
                                                                        Kadima Youth Group Leader, and the
         For more information about Ramah, visit                        Pollack and Bookspan families for, or you can contact Louis at 610-                  providing funding support.
874-0182, or any of the enthusiastic campers or their parents.
                                              Frances Sheehan           Join us October 22 at our next event:
                                                                        GaGa in the new GaGa court, with
                                                                        havdalah and dinner in the sukkah.
See the color version of The Honey Jar on the Ohev Shalom website!
        Page 8                       The Honey Jar

Ethan Graham Fights                  Library News — SUKKOT is Coming!
for Jewish Soldiers
                                     Building Sukkot Memories at Home
Did you know that U.S. troops,
even those that are Jewish, are      I have wonderful childhood memories of Sukkot. Evenings are a
only supplied with copies of the     bit chillier in Boston by the time Sukkot comes around, so there
New Testament? I’m working
                                     were years when we sat huddled in our winter coats, trying to
with JPS to change that.
                                     get warm over the candles, despite the plastic sheeting that was
1% of U.S. service personnel are     supposed to keep the cold and wind out. We dined on my
Jewish, which means that in all      mother's delicious “lamb harvest” and Viennese plum dumplings.
branches of the armed forces,        My brothers and I hung little gourds and Concord grape clusters
there are approximately 12,000       from the cross-beams - great ammunition for grape fights when
people of the Jewish faith.
                                     Sukkot ended.
Soldiers who request a Bible are
given a Gideon’s Bible. JPS and
the Jewish Welfare Board are         My Dad built the sukkah frame with help from my brothers and
working together to publish and      me. Ever the engineer, he had labeled the ends of every piece of
distribute pocket Torahs and         wood, so that he could easily reassemble the structure each year.
books of Psalms. In response to      When Andy and I built our first Sukkah, Andy went for the Boy
requests from soldiers, JPS is       Scout approach - securing the wood pieces together with thick
raising money to work on             rope.
publishing a pocket Tanach.
For my Bar Mitzvah project, I am     If you'd like to learn more about Sukkot, there is lots of good
raising money to pay for the         information available on the Internet. Great places to start are:
books that will be supplied to the
soldiers. You can help! I will Select “Sukkot”
have a table set up on the              from the Holidays menu.
following Sunday mornings:
October 16, October 30,        Click on Holidays. Select “Sukkot”
November 20 and December 11.
At the table, I will have samples    Want to try your hand at building a sukkah at home? Both of the
of the books and flyers with
                                     above sites contain information on how to do it. You can also link
donation information.
                                     to to find plans for a
If you would like to make a          do-it-yourself sukkah made of PVC pipe.
donation online:
1. Go to http://                     If building a sukkah from scratch seems too daunting, but you                want to put one up, there are sites that sell kits. These include:
2. Select “Support JPS” from
    the menu on the left
3. Click on “Donate now
4. Fill in donation information
    and under “Where should the      Please note that I have not used these companies, and cannot
    gift be applied?” type in        vouch for them.
    “Troops-Ethan Graham’s bar
    mitzvah fund.”                   Wishing you all a joyous New Year and a Sukkot full of future
I thank you on behalf of the         memories.
                                                                                       Amy Graham
                 Ethan Graham
                                                                                    Library Chairwoman
                                                         Volume 1, No. 2                                    Page 9

From our Educational Director                                                   Hearing Aid Mitzvah
                                                                                for Israel
It takes a Community to Raise a Jewish Child.
         Hillary Clinton once wrote that it takes a village to raise a child.   Now Hear This
When it comes to raising a Jewish child, it takes the entire community.         You can help those in need
While the home is where a child’s Jewish education begins, Hebrew school        by donating old and/or used
will expand their Jewish studies and will enrich the practices of the home.     hearing aids. This is a project
Our teachers bring their love of Judaism to the children through their          sponsored by the Greater
innovative lessons. They plan each week, sharing the essence of Torah to
even our youngest children. This year all the classes will begin their day
                                                                                Detroit Chapter of Hadassah,
with a Torah blessing. We teach Torah, Avodah (Service),and Gemilut             with Phyllis and Al Newman
Chasadim(acts of loving kindness) etc. Our teachers come from all different     of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan,
Jewish backgrounds and they all have the love to teach and spread the           as the Project Directors,
Jewish traditions and ways. The teachers learn every day while they             working through National
prepare to teach the students in this Ohev community.
         Our Rabbi and Cantor bring spirituality and a wealth of Jewish
                                                                                Hadassah, that refurbishes
knowledge to the education of our children. Our students get to know our        hearing aids and sends them
clergy and teachers not only as educators but also as influential people in     to those in need in Israel.
this Jewish community.
         Ohev’s youth advisor is also a teacher in our school. Mark Paikoff     It’s simple to contribute and
will share with the students his enthusiasm for Jewish life and show our        Hadassah will send an
youngsters that being Jewish is “cool.” He will help our students meet          acknowledgement which
other students and they will enjoy the wonderful and exciting activities
                                                                                may be used as a tax
planned with other communities plus help us in our school programs.
         The Talmud says….”a person who teaches Torah to his friend’s child     deduction to the extent
may be regarded, according to scripture, as though the child has been           permitted by law.
born to him.” It does take the entire community together with the family to
raise a Jewish child.                                                           Contact Meyer Markowitz at
         Come and see for yourself how our school works. Join in on the         610-278-1055 or fax 610-
Ruach/Spirit. Watch our student’s blossom into great Jewish adults. Let us      -278-1056, or email
work together to be a happy and growing community.                     We will
I would like to welcome to the staff of Mispallelim:                            pick it up and take it from
Jill Lebowich – 2nd grade Judaic and Hebrew                                     there. If you wish, you may
Sharon Kremens – 4th grade- Judaic                                              deliver it to Tiferet Bet Israel
Walton Duffey- 6th grade - Judaic                                               Synagogue, 1920 Skippack
Michele Shefsky- 7th grade- Hebrew                                              Pike, Blue Bell, PA 19422, ph:
Mispallelim is also very lucky to have back with us:                            610-275-8797.
Jessica Shefsky- Kindergarten             Brandon Wolff- Hebrew
Rebecca Berman- 1st grade                 Anna Cable- Hebrew Teacher            Please consider helping
Heidi Diamond Shaffer- 3rd grade          Rick Epstein-Judaic                   others and continue to
Yvonne Asher- 4th grade Hebrew            Cantor Scott- Music/Trope             Mitzvah!
Mark Paikoff- 5th grade                   Rock Don- Dance
                                                                                Thank you!!
        Our Mitzvah theme this year is “Stick Your Neck Out for the
Community.” Our mascot is a Giraffe. I hope that the whole community will
help us with this Mitzvah Theme.
        For more information about the school, please call the school office
at 610-874-1465.
        I would like to thank Rabbi Robbins and Debbie Gettes for their
wonderful words of wisdom that helped us get off on the right foot this
school year.
        Have a happy and healthy New Year!                                      Deadline for the November
                                                       Shalom,   Joan Joseph     issue of The Honey Jar
                                            Education Director of Mispallelim     Fri., Oct. 14, 12 p.m.!
       Page 10                       The Honey Jar

Some Loving Thoughts for Yom Kippur
As Yom Kippur approaches, I feel an urgent                    mighty are nothing, the famous, as
need to ponder the deepest feelings and values                though they had never been, the wise
I hold dear. I hope that G-d will hear my                     without wisdom…..For most of their
confessions and grant me and those I hold dear,               deeds are worthless. Measured against
my family, my friends, my congregation, another               your perfection…we are all so trivial.
year, a good year. At the same time I confess
things that are painful for me to acknowledge. I       This paragraph may be the most critical passage
am impatient. I can be haughty. And so it goes,        of the Yom Kippur liturgy. If nothing else were
down the entire list. It’s painful to stand in front   read, pondered, considered by any of us, we
of that mental mirror where I force myself to          would have fulfilled the meaning and edict of
look within, and view my soul, acknowledging           the High Holy Days, to strip ourselves
my imperfections without excuses.                The   emotionally bare, in front of that intellectual and
affirmation of who I am NOT becomes the                emotional mirror where all of our sins,
holiest of pursuits, as I attempt to connect with      imperfections and vanities are known, the
that little bit of G-d within.                         obvious and the hidden, where truth is truth
                                                                    without excuses, and we examine
Last year, at an Ohev board                                         all our frailties, laid bare to the
meeting, we were asked by a guest                                   Deity and to ourselves.
what our mission statement was as
a congregation. Without hesitation                                   So, who are we? What do we
the phrase we have heard so many                                     stand for? What is the substance
times was recited., “Torah, T’filah,                                 of our beliefs? What do we do to
Gemilut Hasadim- Torah, Prayer,                                      affirm our lofty ideals? What is our
Good, Righteous Works”. Those                                        purpose? How do we translate
sitting around that table felt good.                                 theoretical ideals into reality?
We had a mission statement. Then,                                    What and who do we value? Do
he said, “That’s sounds nice. But,                                   we have the ongoing courage to
what is your mission statement?”                                     stand before our mirror and look
Confidence seemed to melt away,                                      within, acknowledging our faults,
as the realization became apparent.                                  our shortcomings, and our
We don’t have a written mission statement, a           imperfections without excuses, acknowledging
detailed explanation of what we believe in,            what we are NOT, so we can reconnect with
hope to achieve, how we see ourselves, and             the G-d within ourselves? Do we have the
where we want to go because of who we are              courage to ask forgiveness of those we have
and what we believe.                                   wronged without qualifying our apologies? Do
                                                       we value relationships over issues, shalom bayit
This challenge from our guest has preoccupied          (peace within our home) over personal turf? Do
my thoughts since that meeting. After nearly a         we follow Aaron’s admonition, Tzedek, tzedek
year, as I began my in-depth preparation for the       tirdof, righteousness shall you pursue? I hope
High Holy Days, I was struck by a recurrent            we can all experience the joy of this holiest of
passage, first found in the Machzor on page            pursuits, cleansing ourselves in the waters of
516.                                                   truth.

Translated, it is:                                      G’mar Hatimah Tovah
        What are we? What is the value of our          (May You Be Sealed for a Good Judgment)
       lives? What substance is there to our
       righteousness, our helpfulness, our
                                                                          Cantor Emil Skobeloff
       strength, our courage?.... Before You, the
                                                           Volume 1, No. 2                               Page 11

 Sisterhood Scoop:                                                           Sisterhood Paid-Up
 Membership News and Upcoming Events                                         Membership Dinner
 I want to thank everyone                 holidays, and to Lise
 who joined Sisterhood,                   Fishman, who has been                Travel the World with
 supported the Directory,                 doing it for many years.                  Sisterhood
 and volunteered so                       They are both so dedicated                  without
 generously to help with                  to Ohev that they make this           Leaving your Chair!
 calls, mailing, events, and              big job seem like nothing.
 the Gift Gallery. It’s going to          (Likewise for Steve, a critical
 be a great year! (and it’s               member of the Oneg team!)
                                                                                 October 23, 6 p.m.
 never too late to join!)                         Our Sisterhood is part          at Ohev Shalom
         As I write this, I am            of Women’s League, and I
 looking forward to great                 would love to have a                    RSVP to Judy Stall
 weather this weekend for                 volunteer to be our “liason.”            610-520-9560
 our Brunch meeting. As you               Typically, the president or
 read this, I hope you are                membership chairperson is
 recalling the friendship and             the Women’s League
 good food as well as the                 representative from Ohev,                Sukkah
 great advice we received                 but it doesn’t have to be.
 from Alice, a Master                     This would be a great                   Decorating!
 Gardener from the Delco                  opportunity for someone
 Cooperative Extension                    who wants to develop some
 Service. This means that our             organizational leadership
 yards are all going to look              experience. Let me know if
 fabulous this Spring, right?             you are interested.
         Speaking of looking
 fabulous, the kitchen should             Upcoming Events :
 be repaired and power-                   October16- Sisterhood
 washed by the time you                   Executive Board Meeting at
 read this! Thanks to Karen               9; Sukkah decorating with                 Sunday
 Ernest, Karen Stesis, and
 Michael Muderick.
                                          Mispallelim at 10:30                     October 16
                                          followed by lunch
         A huge Thank You to                                                       10:30 a.m.
 Reisha Friedman, who will                October 23- Sisterhood Paid-
 be taking over the                       Up Membership Dinner, 6                   til noon.
 coordination of Kiddush                  pm at the Synagogue
 Onegs for Shabbat and                                                        Hope to See YOU
                                          November 20- Sisterhood
New Year’s Cards                          General Meeting, at 9-                  There!
By the time you receive The Honey         Learn/teach about candle-
Jar, you will have gotten your            lighting, the quintessential
beautiful New Year’s card in the mail.    woman’s role on Shabbat.            Interfaith Event
Many, many hours of work goes into
this project, and I would like to thank   Share your family traditions       Sunday, October 23
all of the terrific ladies who helped     or begin a new one!
with the writing of the cards. Every
                                                                                    7 p.m.
year, the response has gotten larger      L’Shana Tova!                      Media Borough Hall
for this heartwarming project.                                               For Info, contact Jenny Jablonski
                        Karen Ernest           Marianne Glanzman        
      Page 12                     The Honey Jar

                                  Your Contributions for the month of August
                                  Alexander H. Brown for Feeding        Dr. Frank and Sophie Savits          Mel Rudman Memorial 
                                  the Hungry Fund                       Memorial Fund for Jewish             Scholarship Fund 
                                  To Thelma Brown & Family in                                                Congratulations to Larry Starer in 
                                  memory of Henry Brown by Larry        A speedy recovery to Jay Abrams      honor of receiving Hall of Fame 
                                  & Orna Wiseman; Bea Dallett; Bebe     by Morton & Elsa Wachs               award by Rita Rudman 
                                  Lax; Florence Long; Stesis Family;    Harriet P. Starer Fund for the Arts  To Rita Rudman in memory of 
                                  Jack and Sherry Zigon; Harold &       To Thelma Brown & Family in          Melvin Rudman by Steve & Wendy 
                                  Ruth Peimer; Harriet Ivins; Irma      memory of Henry Brown by Larry       Rudman 
                                  Kohn & Family; Bernard &              Starer                             Congratulations to Elsa Wachs in 
                                  Francine Dautch 
                                                                        To Bob & Judy Chernoff, Mazal Tov  honor of receiving Hall of Fame 
                                  To Scott Brown in memory of           on your two new arrivals by Larry  award by Rita Rudman 
                                  Father Henry Brown by Alan &          Starer                             To Thelma Brown & Family in 
                                  Phyllis Schapire; David & Phyllis 
                                                                        Congratulations to Elsa Wachs in   memory of Henry Brown by Rita 
                                                                        honor of receiving Hall of Fame    Rudman 
                                  To Adrienne Stempler in memory        award by Larry Starer              Minyan Fund 
                                  of Father Henry Brown by Alan & 
                                  Phyllis Schapire; Bob & Renee         To Larry Starer in honor of Hall of  To Thelma Brown & Family in 
                                  Kargen; Larry & Orna Wiseman;         Fame award by Bernard & Rochelle  memory of Henry Brown by 
                                  Seligman, Cupersmith, Wilensky;       Missan                               Benson & Roselyn Ozer; Clara & 
                                  Anthony & Michele DeLeo; David        To Amy Pollack, thanks for a great  Ted Mattes; Violet Mansky; Morton 
  SARAH SKOBELOFF                 & Phyllis Bookspan                    job by Larry Starer                  & Elsa Wachs 

     Bat Mitzvah                  To Thelma Brown in memory of          To Bill Zirker, a speedy recovery to  To Thelma Brown in memory of 
                                                                                                              Henry Brown by Ruth Savits; 
                                  Henry Brown by Nancy                  your parents by Joan & Jonathan 
      Saturday,                   Rubenstein; John H. Tracy; Daniel     Joseph                                Bettina Weintraub; William & 
   October 29, 2005               & Mary Dibona; Joseph & Kathleen      Joseph B. Godick Jewish History 
                                                                                                              Patrice Brady; Theodore & Harriet 
                                  Fiorelli; Michelle Peters; Ruth                                             Ozer; Francie & Bill Zimmerman 
                                                                        Lecture Fund 
Sarah is looking forward to       Kaplan; Cecily & Dick Morris 
                                                                        To Michael & Beth Saltz, 
                                                                                                              To Mel Skalina in memory of 
                                                                                                              Mother Sylvia Leder by Bill & 
her Bat Mitzvah on October        To Scott Brown and Family in 
                                  memory of Father Henry Brown by 
                                                                        congratulations on the birth of 
                                                                                                              Lorraine Gross 
                                                                        daughter Zoe Elizabeth by Steve & 
29 along with her parents,        Larry & Orna Wiseman                  Lynne Secunda                         To Adrienne Stempler in memory 
Emil and Rise, brothers, Ezra     To Mel Skalina in memory of Sylvia    To the Zirkers in hopes of a speedy 
                                                                                                              of Father Henry Brown by Joan & 
                                                                                                              Jonathan Joseph; Harvey & Naomi 
and Jonah and her                 Leder by David & Phyllis Bookspan     recovery of Hanni & Lothar Zirker 
                                  Archives Fund                         by Bruce & Judy Godick 
grandmother, Betty Kaplan.        To Thelma Brown & Family in           To Joan Joseph, thanks for a 
                                                                                                              In memory of Milton Gross by Bill 
                                                                                                              & Lorraine Gross 
                                  memory of Henry Brown by              wonderful year by Larry Starer 
An honor student at Strath        Bernard & Sandra Zalman               To Mr. & Mrs. Bob Shay in honor of 
                                                                                                              To Thelma Brown & Family, with 
                                                                                                              sincere sympathy, in memory of 
Haven Middle School, Sarah        Balin Chapel Fund                     recovery from recent operation by 
                                                                        Edith Godick 
                                                                                                              Henry Brown, Husband, Father &  
plays for both the field          In loving memory of Ted & Lisa 
                                  Steinman by Ken and Betsy Balin       To Larry Starer & Rita Rudman, 
                                                                                                              Grandfather by Jan & Michael 
hockey and lacrosse team.         In loving memory of Sally K. Balin    congratulations on their marriage 
                                                                                                              In memory of father Joseph 
She also swims for the            by Benjamin Balin; Ken and Betsy      by Steve & Lynne Secunda 
                                                                                                              Wishner by Freda Mazer 
                                                                        To Thelma Brown in memory of 
Wallingford Swim Team             Balin 
                                                                        Husband Henry Brown by Bruce & 
                                                                                                              To Bruce Middleman in memory of 
                                  Capital Campaign Donation 
during the summer.                To Barbara Shaab in memory of 
                                                                        Judy Godick 
                                                                                                              Joseph Middleman by Bill & 
                                                                                                              Lorraine Gross 
                                  Brother by Morton & Elsa Wachs        To Scott Brown in memory of 
                                                                                                              In memory of the Yahrtzeit of Elsa 
                                                                        Father Henry Brown by Bruce & 
For her mitzvah project,          Donald and Ruth Levinstein            Judy Godick 
                                                                                                              Wachʹs Mother Marion Friedman 
Sarah volunteered for the         Educational Fund 
                                                                        To Adrienne Stempler in memory 
                                                                                                              by Morton & Elsa Wachs 

past two years at Little Lambs    To Thelma Brown & Family in 
                                  memory of Henry Brown by 
                                                                        of Father Henry Brown by Bruce & 
                                                                                                              To Lachman Family c/o Paula 
                                                                                                              Lachman, in memory of Dr. Joseph 
                                                                        Judy Godick 
Day Care in Aston, PA.            Donald & Ruth Levinstein                                                    Lachman by Florence Long 
                                                                        To Mel Skalina in memory of 
During her free time, Sarah       To Berg family in memory of Bob       Mother Sylvia Leder by Bruce & 
                                                                                                              Rabbi Louis and Mindell Kaplan 
                                                                                                              Cultural Fund 
enjoys arts and crafts, playing   Berg by Donald & Ruth Levinstein      Judy Godick 
                                  To Mel Skalina in memory of                                                 To Mel Skalina in memory of 
the piano and watching the        Mother Sylvia Leder by Donald & 
                                                                        To Jackie Saltz, Mazal Tov on new 
                                                                        granddaughter Zoe Elizabeth by 
                                                                                                              Mother Sylvia Leder by Morton & 
fashion and decorating            Ruth Levinstein                       Steve & Lynne Secunda 
                                                                                                              Elsa Wachs 

shows on TV.                      To Neil Kauffman in memory of         A speedy recovery to Shellie 
                                                                                                              In memory of Leahʹs mother 
                                  Mother Ruth Kauffman by Judith                                              Mindell Kaplan by Leonard, Leah 
                                                                        Missan by Steve & Lynne Secunda 
                                  and Evelyn Heimlich & Family                                                and Jonah Samuels 
                                                                                        Volume 1, No. 2                                            Page 13

Your Contributions, continued                                                                             Synagogue General Fund 
                                                                                                          In memory of Deborah Serody by Sondra Rubin 
To Rita Rudman & Larry Starer in honor of their     To Rabbi Robbins thank you for caring and your 
marriage by Cecily & Dick Morris                    wisdom during our time of loss by Jacqueline          To Paula Lachman in memory of Dr. Joseph 
                                                    Tillman & Symmee Stroh                                Lachman by Janet & Jerry Weger 
To Mrs. Sonya Wise in memory of father Avrum 
Sellers by Morton & Elsa Wachs                      Robert Nichols Adult Education Memorial Fund          To Dr. Tim Lachman in memory of Dr. Joseph 
                                                                                                          Lachman by Janet & Jerry Weger 
To Elsa Wachs in honor of Hall of Fame award by     To Natalie Schneider in memory of Brother Max 
Bernard & Rochelle Missan                           Ornstein by Virginia Levin                            To Reisha Freedman in memory of Martin 
                                                                                                          Freedman by Harriet Babins 
To Paula Lachman in memory of Dr. Joseph            Rose Isaacson Library Fund 
Lachman by Cecily & Dick Morris                                                                           Yahrtzeit/Yizkor Fund 
                                                    In memory of Lester Kaplan by Ruth Kaplan 
To Peggy De Prophetis congratulations on the        A speedy recovery to Henry Brown by Barry &           In memory of Norm Rosen by Carolyn Rosen & 
birth of grandchild by Cecily & Dick Morris         Roanne Estrin                                         Family 

Get well wishes to Shellie Missan by Morton &       Samuel Warwick Fund                                   In memory of Anna Lenny by Edward Lenny 
Elsa Wachs                                          To Mr. Charles Peltzman in memory of Brother          In memory of Bertha Pollack by Helen Pollack 
To Marilyn Tublen, get well wishes by Morton &      Eddie Peltzman by Carl & Ruth Nimton                  In memory of beloved parents Clara & Abe 
Elsa Wachs                                          Simon Levin Torah Restoration Fund                    Rovner by Carolyn Rosen 
Rabbiʹs Discretionary Fund                          To Dr. & Mrs. Richard Schulman in honor of 40th       In memory of Mother Rose Lazar by Anne Ferry 
To Rabbi Robbins with gratitude for his help and    anniversary by Joe & Lyna Zommick                     In memory of Father Harry Lazar by Anne Ferry 
support following the death of Melʹs mother by      To Mike & Ann Muderick in honor of son Joelʹs         In memory of Esther Paul by Elaine Pilshaw 
Stefan & Mary Ellen Skalina                         engagement by Cecily & Dick Morris                    In memory of Anna Lenny by Albert & Naomi 

Classes for the Alexander Technique Starting November 2
Help yourself and the synagogue by learning                                   hands-on guidance and verbal instruction, you
the Alexander Technique.                                                      will learn to unleash more of your inherent
                                                                              balance, vitality, grace and creativity.
Are you tired of saying “Ouch!” every time you
move your arms or legs, bend down, or get up                                  The class meets on Wednesdays from 7:30 p.m.
in the morning? Would you like to perform                                     to 8:30 p.m. for six weeks at the synagogue and
better at work and at play in a way that allows                               will be taught by Alexander Technique teachers
you to move efficiently and with ease? Then an                                Larry and Sue Lipton.
Alexander Technique class might be just what
you need.                                        The first class will begin on Wednesday,
                                                 November 2. The cost for the class is $72. A
The Alexander Technique is a way of learning to major portion of the proceeds will be donated
change your habits of muscle use when you        to Ohev Shalom. Class size will be limited to 12
move, so that movement becomes less strained, students to ensure meaningful student-teacher
lighter, and more efficient. This enables you to interaction.
reduce chronic pain and stress, heighten your
self-awareness, and restore the poise and grace For additional information and to register for
that is inherent in everyone. Through gentle,    the class, please call Larry Lipton, 610-328-9048.
        Page 14                           The Honey Jar

                                                             God Talk
                                                             Third Sunday of the month, 10-11:15 a.m.
                                                             Sunday, October 16. An informal discussion group
                                                             looking at the works of the great Jewish theologians of
                                                             the 20th Century.
Jewish and Personal                                          Torah in (Short) Time
                                                             Fourth Wednesday of the month, 5-6:15 p.m.
Growth Opportunities                                         Utilize your “free” time while your children are at
                                                             religious school to study with the Rabbi topics of your
                                                             choice and interest.
Monthly Lunch ‘N Learn Returns
First Thursday of Every Month!                               Season of Mussar
Thursday, Oct. 6, 12:15-1:30 p.m., Rabbi’s Study             Sunday nights, every other week, beginning October
We will continue to study together the first Thursday of     30.
each month. In 5766 and 5767, we will be covering            A unique opportunity to engage in the ancient Jewish
the “Great Books” of Jewish tradition. This month, we        practice of Mussar, self-examination, in an individual
look at the Bible as a whole, not in its parts.              and group setting. Registration required. Any
                                                             questions? Call Rabbi Robbins
Weekly Torah Study
Wednesday mornings 9:45 a.m.-1:15 p.m., Library              Understanding Bible through Art: Art as Midrash
We will be covering the wonderful Talmudic tractate of       Sundays, 11 a.m., November 6, 13, 20, December 4.
Berachot (Blessings), in addition to the Biblical books of   A four-session course with rabbinic intern and Ohev
Kings I and II. We will also touch each week on the          member Peggy deProphetis. Please register with Peggy,
parashat hashavua (Torah portion of the week).     

                          ARMDI (Israeli Red Cross) Events

         Sponsored by ARMDI                                       ARMDI Theater Guild Presents
       Come Join Us for a Trip to                                        PAJAMA GAME
              the Hilton                                           Dutch Apple Dinner Theater
                                                                          Lancaster, PA
           Tuesday, October 11                                      Wednesday, November 2

  $22 gets you $20 in coins and an                             $69 includes lunch buffet, bus, tax
           $8 food credit                                                and gratuities

        Bus leaves 9 a.m. from                                      Bus leaves at 9:30 a.m. from
      Congregation Ohev Shalom                                      Congregation Ohev Shalom
           2 Chester Road                                                 2 Chester Road
           Wallingford, PA                                                Wallingford, PA
        Plenty of free parking                                        Plenty of free parking

       For reservations, call                                         For reservations, call
   610-328-0856 or 610-543-4115                                   610-872-4838 or 610-872-1531
                               Volume 1, No. 2            Page 15

           Congregation Life

Shellie Missan
Larry Edelstein
Alex Kauffman
                    Peggy deProphetis on the birth of
                      her granddaughter
                    Rabbi Stephen and Judy Grundfast on
                      the engagement of their daughter
                      Rachel to Justin Lappen
                    Sharon and Stanley Kotzen on the
                      marriage of their daughter Lori
                      to Samuel Griggs

 Rhonda Chatzkel on the death of her beloved father
   Joseph Freedman
 Elaine Huberman Kline on the death of her beloved
   husband Leonard Kline
 Thelma Brown, Adrienne Brown Stempler and Scott
   Brown on the death of their beloved husband and
   father Henry Brown
 Sarah Barron and Anne Schwartz on the death of
   their beloved brother Henry Brown
 Irene Levy and Arthur Levy on the death of their
   beloved husband and brother Honorable Melvin
 Barbara Levy on the death of her brother Alvin
Page 16                   The Honey Jar

   Ohev Shalom Presents its 2005 Honorees for
   Man/Woman of the Year & Meritorious Service

      Don Abramowitz                        Karen Ernest
        Man of Year                        Woman of Year

      Cathy Yeager                             Bill Gross
    Meritorious Service                   Meritorious Service
                                                          Volume 1, No. 2                          Page 17

Tikkun Olam: Repairing the World a Little Bit at a Time                     Todah Rabbah
On Rosh Hashanah, the Cohen         for high school, volunteering in        Symmee Stroh and
family and Ohev Shalom’s            the July Lifecenter dinner, and         Jacqueline Tilman would
                                                                            like to thank all those who
Kadima youth group will be          reading with children at the
                                                                            sent good wishes, cards,
distributing bags for our High      Kidz First through the summer.
                                                                            donations, came to
Holiday food drive, with            He’s been super. Our next
                                                                            minyanim, and made offers
envelopes from Mazon. Please        LifeCenter dinner, coordinated          of help during our recent
give generously to support the      by the Citrenbaums, will be on          loss.
poor in our midst, and to help      Sunday, November 6.
those left in need by Katrina.                                              Thelma Brown, Adrienne
                                  Reading Partners has started              Brown Stempler and Scott
Bernardine Center helps           again in cooperation with Beth            Brown would like to thank
working poor, elderly, and        Israel and Community Action               all friends and fellow
disabled families in western      Agency of Delaware County.                congregants for their
                                                                            condolences and donations
Chester: they need beef stew,     Every week (sometimes on
                                                                            in memory of Henry Brown.
chicken & dumplings, peanut       Tuesdays, sometimes on
butter and jelly, canned fruits   Thursdays) we bring bags of
and vegetables.                   books to after-school programs
                                  in Chester. The kids pick a book          Support Groups for
Mitzvah Food Pantry serves        and read it us or listen to us
Jewish families in Overbrook:     read, and then write their name
                                                                            Women Living with
they need cereal, tuna, rice, and in it and take it home. Many,             Illness and Their
pasta                             many thanks to everyone who’s             Loved Ones
                                  volunteered (especially Ethan             The Jewish Chaplaincy and
Wesley House serves homeless Graham, Alex Abramowitz, and                   Healing Program of Jewish
families in eastern Chester: they Russell Gelman-Sheehan,                   Family and Children’s
need children’s DVDs for their students at Mispallelim), and                Service offers support
playroom, and school              donated books, and put up                 groups that explore the
backpacks, notebooks, pencils, flyers in the wider community.               emotional and spiritual
pens and other school supplies.                                             challenges of living with
                                   To volunteer, contact Fran Stier         illness and look for ways to has a wonderful                   610 543 0815 or                 find hope and meaning
collection of Jewish teachings               and wholeness. Groups
on hunger. Here’s one from                                                  utilize a variety of tools,
the website:                                           Fran Stier           including art, music, text
    Seder Hasidim:                                                          study and discussion. No
    If a community lacked a                                                 previous experience is
    synagogue and a shelter for                                             necessary. This fall, we are
    the poor, it was first                  Bone Marrow                     offering groups for women
    obligated to build a shelter              Screening                     living with illness,
    for the poor.                   at Congregation Keneseth Israel         caregivers, and everyone
                                           8339 Old York Road               interested in healing. For a
Many thanks to Aaron Stall and               Elkins Park, PA                complete list of programs,
his Family of Valor, for planning               October 30                  contact Rabbi Elisa
and serving for the September                 19 a.m.-3 p.m.                Goldberg,
LifeCenter dinner. Aaron made              For information call:            215-646-2115, or
Social Action his Senior project              215-877-1213        
         Page 18                         The Honey Jar

Charitable Funds of Ohev Shalom. Please give generously.
Archives Fund: To maintain items of       Helping Those in Need: 100% of            Melvin Rudman Memorial
historical importance to the              contributions are used for dinners at     Scholarship Fund: In honor of long-
synagogue                                 the LifeCenter (a homeless shelter),      time member and past president;
                                          Baby Manna (to Greater Philadelphia       provides scholarship money to
Balin Chapel Fund: Maintain and           Food Bank to purchase baby formula        college/graduate students with
beautify our chapel                       at discount for food banks), and other    preference to accounting/business
                                          projects for the community around us      majors
Evelyn Much Epstein Bernstein
Fund: Interest from this fund is used     KADIMA: 100% of these contributions       Dr. Frank and Sophie Savits
to advance Jewish education               go to the Capital Campaign                Memorial Fund for Jewish
                                                                                    Education: Interest from this fund is
Bowman-Finkelstein Rabbi                  Donald and Ruth Levinstein                used for educational programs at the
Endowment Fund: Support the               Educational Fund: Interest from this      synagogue’s religious school
rabbi’s salary package                    fund is used to defer the cost of an
                                          Educational Director for the              Debby Silver Camp Fund: Interest
Alexander H. Brown Feed the               Mispallelim Religious School              from this fund is used to award
Hungry Fund Help feed the hungry of                                                 scholarships to children attending
our community with particular             Rose Isaacson Library Fund: To            Jewish summer overnight camp
emphasis on Jewish individuals and        purchase books and videos for the
families in Delaware County               Doblitz Library                           Sisterhood Kitchen and Special
                                                                                    Projects Fund: To provide for the
Judy Brown Memorial Fund: In              Life Member: Donations made by            maintenance, renovation, and or
memory of a congregant’s child;           Life Members are for synagogue use        improvements to the synagogue
proceeds are used to defray                                                         kitchen, and any other synagogue
synagogue operating expenses              Judge Louis Bloom                         special projects
                                          Morning Minyan Fund: To supply
Jack Swerman                              refreshments after daily morning          Dorothy Sparkler
Building/Architectural Fund:              services                                  School/Scholarship Fund: Provides
Named in honor of Ohev Shalom’s                                                     tuition scholarships for Mispallelim
architect, for beautification and         Robert Nichols Adult Education            grades 4, 5, and 6, and to provide
maintenance of our building               Fund: Interest from this fund is used     funding for religious school programs
                                          for adult education and related           and projects
Joseph Zommick Cemetery Fund:             projects
Named in honor of a Cemetery                                                        Harriet P. Starer Fund for the Arts:
Committee chairman, money is used         Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: Used          To perpetuate the Jewish arts in the
to help maintain the cemetery             by the rabbi for donations to worthy      Mispallelim Religious School. This
                                          charities and causes pursuant to the      programming will be in the form of art
Philip and Shirley Daley                  “Rabbinical Assembly Discretional         and/or music and/or dance
Endowment Fund: Interest is used          Fund Guidelines”
for educational programs and                                                        Synagogue General Fund: To
scholarships/grants to students for       Rabbi Louis and Mindell Kaplan            support congregational activities
further Jewish education                  Cultural Fund: Interest from this fund
                                          is used to provide special speakers,      Simon Levin Torah Restoration
Beatrice De Bellis Fund: Interest is      artists, musicians or scholars for Ohev   Fund: In memory of long-time
used toward tuition for Hebrew School     Shalom programs                           member and past president; interest
students unable to pay                                                              is used to repair/replace Torahs
                                          Frank M. Rech Prayer Book Fund:
Floral Fund: To supply flowers for the    Funding to purchase new prayer            Samuel Warwick Fund: Interest is
bimah and other occasions                 books on an ongoing basis for the         used to provide money to teenagers
                                          synagogue                                 going to Israel
Joseph B. Godick Jewish History
Lecture Fund: Named in memory of          Janet Stern Rosset Fund: Interest         Wolf Auditorium Fund: Money is
longtime Ohev Shalom member;              from this fund is used for youth          used to maintain auditorium and its
proceeds are used to sponsor annual       activities, youth director’s salary or    furnishings
or bi-annual community-wide lectures      special events for youth
and/or programs on any and all                                                      Yahrtzeit Fund: In memory of loved
aspects of Jewish history                                                           ones on their yahrtzeit

                                                                                    Yizkor Fund: In memory of deceased
                                                                       Volume 1, No. 2                                 Page 19

                        WANT TO BETTER YOURSELF THIS YEAR????


A unique opportunity to engage in the ancient Jewish practice of Mussar, self-examination, in an individual and
group setting. 13 weeks, with 7 group meetings every other Sunday nights, beginning October 30. Space is
limited, so please register as soon as possible. Please feel free to expand on additional sheets. The objectives
of this course are three-fold: 1) to introduce individuals to the enlightening spiritual practice of self-
examination guided by Jewish texts, 2) to create local spiritual community in which participants can share
meaningful insights gleaned from study, and 3) offer continuing education programs to build community and
spiritual practice.
Why I am interested in this course?

Understanding what I know about the course, what are my objectives in the course?

How does Jewish tradition affect your code of personal ethics? Explain with one or two cases.

The course is predicated on a working group dynamic, which makes attendance and preparation even more
essential. Signing at the bottom of this page indicates your agreement to attend all 7 meetings – except in case
of emergency, etc. – to read the on-line material, and to do the weekly course preparations. **PLEASE
RETURN TO RABBI ROBBINS AT THE SYNAGOGUE, along with a check for $85 to “Ohev Shalom”. Spaces
limited. First come, first served. Further subsidies available for those in need of them.

Signature:                                                                            Date:


                      “The Gates are Closing,” Staged play-reading

                                 2:30 PM, YOM KIPPUR AFTERNOON

The play takes place in a synagogue on Yom Kippur. The action follows 10 main characters
spanning a wide range of ages, backgrounds and professions as they grapple with issues of
identity, meaning, loyalty, betrayal, repentance and forgiveness on this most solemn of days.
A riveting drama and an opportunity to support Ohev thespians “on stage.”
        Page 20                        The Honey Jar

    Junior Congregation                 Birthdays and Anniversaries for October
     Service Schedule                   BIRTHDAYS                   Sanford Barth,10/21/2005    ANNIVERSARIES
                                        Penni Starer,10/1/2005,     Rachel Cohen,               Mr. & Mrs. Robert
Services for Children are as            Alison Stempler,              10/21/2005,12th birth-      Landau, 10/6/2005,14th
follows:                                  10/1/2005,29th birthday     day                         anniversary
Tot Shabbat: Age 3– Kindergarten        Rochelle Missan,            Seth Michael Fein,          Mr. & Mrs. David
10 a.m.—11 a.m., Room 8                   10/2/2005,                  10/22/2005,8th birthday     Bookspan,10/9/2005,
Junior Congregation: Grades 1-5         Ruth Savits,10/2/2005,      Sarah Kluse,10/22/2005        22nd anniversary
10 a.m. — 11:15 a.m., Chapel            Norman Seletz,10/2/2005,    Carl Nathans,10/22/2005,    Drs. Andrew & Rima
                                        Harriet Ozer,10/3/2005,     Matthew Tashman,              Himelstein,
Grade 6 attend main service. We
                                        Rita Rudman,10/3/2005,        10/22/2005,                 10/9/2005,17th anniver-
 strongly encourage parents to          Sara Stesis,                Ross Dworkin,10/23/2005       sary
 attend the adult service with their      10/4/2005,19th birthday   Carly Katz,                 Frances Stier & Stephen
 children.                              Austin Myerson,               10/23/2005,12th birth-      Maurer, 10/9/2005, 23rd
Children are encouraged to join           10/5/2005,25th birthday     day                         anniversary
 the main service after Junior          Michael Adesman,            Jason Rosen,                Mr. & Mrs. Theodore
 Congregation ends. Information           10/6/2005,                  10/24/2005,18th birth-      Ozer,10/13/2005,54th
 regarding Junior Congregation          David Bruner,                 day                         anniversary
 attendance requirements will be          10/6/2005,24th birthday   Patricia Allen,10/25/2005   Martin Bergman & Cindy
 distributed through the                Bruce Rosen,10/6/2005,      Sandra Barth,10/25/2005       Hoffman,
 Mispallelim School.                    Kristin Goodkin,            Lorraine Gross,               10/14/2005,15th anni-
Dates for This Year:                      10/7/2005,22nd birthday     10/25/2005                  versary
                                        Linda Stillman,10/7/2005,   William Gross, 10/25/2005   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Beck,
2005               2006
                                        Ruth Smith,10/8/2005,       Terri Freed,10/26/2005,       10/18/2005, 24th anni-
October 1          January 7
October 22         January 21
                                        Judith Eber,10/9/2005,      Merle Fischer,10/27/2005,     versary
November 5         February 4           Gary Kaplan,10/9/2005,      Bonnie Kaplan,              Drs. Jonathan & Leslie
November 19        February 25          Sally Kellman,10/9/2005,      10/27/2005,                 Kersun, 10/19/2005, 3rd
December 3         March 11             Karen Rosen,10/9/2005,      David Rappaport,              anniversary
December 17        March 25             Phyllis Schapire,             10/28/2005                Mr. & Mrs. Abraham
                   April 8                10/9/2005,                Leigh Goldstein,              Seidman, 10/19/2005,
                   April 29             Patricia Lusty,               10/29/2005,20th birth-      58th anniversary
                   May 13                 10/10/2005,13th birth-      day                       Mr. & Mrs. Barnet
                                          day                       Adina Robbins,                Feldman, 10/21/2005,
                                        Micah Epstein,                10/29/2005,3rd birthday     59th anniversary
                                          10/13/2005,14th birth-    Julie Seidman,              Mr. & Mrs. Andrew
                                          day                         10/29/2005,17th birth-      Starer,10/21/2005,27th
                                        Jennifer Rappaport,           day                         anniversary
                                          10/13/2005,               Abraham Seidman,            Mr. & Mrs. Louis Stesis,
                                        Rabbi Louis Kaplan,           10/30/2005                  10/21/2005, 26th anni-
                                          10/15/2005,               Molly Marcus,                 versary
                                        Kenneth Miniman,              10/31/2005,10th birth-    Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Allen,
                                          10/15/2005,                 day                         10/22/2005, 19th anni-
                                        Matthew Kadoch,             Norma Tarnoff,10/31/2005      versary
                                          10/17/2005,15th birth-                                Mr. & Mrs. Daniel
                                          day                                                     Wainfan, 10/27/2005,
                                        Elaine Kline,10/18/2005,                                  14th anniversary
                                        Jeffrey Littman,                                        Mr. & Mrs. Martin
                                          10/18/2005,                                             Burman, 10/28/2005,
                                        Edith Wolman,10/18/2005,                                  10th anniversary
                                        Melanie Herrera,                                        Drs. Michael & Judith
                                          10/19/2005,13th birth-                                  Marcus,10/28/2005,15th
                                          day                                                     anniversary
                                        Julia Katcher,                                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert
                                          10/19/2005,6th birthday                                 Elias,10/31/2005,23rd
                                        Bonnie Breit,10/20/2005                                   anniversary
                                        Gale Economou,
                                        Katharina Skalina,
                                        Isabel Ulan,10/20/2005
Congregation Ohev Shalom
        MEN’S CLUB
        will hold it’s
10th Annual Rummage Sale
     at the Synagogue
                       Sunday, November 13
                 In order to make it 10 successful
                          years in a row,
                   We need your donated stuff!
                       Anything that is clean/
                  serviceable or in good working
               order is wanted.
         Please leave donated items
    on the Synagogue auditorium stage.
          Or call the Synagogue for
            a convenient pick-up.
      You are also welcome to drop off
               a cash donation.
      Or volunteer to help with set-up
          beginning November 5th.
 Examples of    Cameras             Radios/TVs
 Donations:     CDs and Tapes       Records
 Appliances     Clothes and Shoes   Sporting Goods
 Baby Items     Housewares          Tools
 Bicycles       Jewelry             Toys and Games
 Books          Dishes/Glassware
Classifieds                             Please patronize our advertisers
Classified Advertising Rates
Business card ads: $200.00 for ten issues (September-June). Double size ads: $325.00 for ten issues
(September-June). Ohev Shalom members receive a 10% discount on these rates. Make checks payable
to Congregation Ohev Shalom. Deadline is the 9th of the month prior to publication.
Appearance of an ad in THE HONEY JAR does not necessarily constitute an endorsement or
acceptance of the Kashrut of the advertiser by Congregation Ohev Shalom.

                                                                  6410 N. Broad Street
                                                                 Philadelphia, PA 19126

                                                                     (215) 927-5800

                                                        Albert Mendel           Bennett Goldstein
                                                        Funeral Director        Supervisor

                                        General Dermatology
                                          •   Total Skin Care
                                          •   Acne Treatment
                                          •   Complexion Analysis
                                          •   Psoriasis Treatments
                                        Skin Cancer Treatment
                                          • Mohs Micrographic Surgery…to
                                           cure the cancer and save your skin

                                          • Tumescent Liposuction
                                        Cosmetic Surgery
                                          • Hair Transplant for men and women
                                          • Laser Skin Resurfacing
                                          • Collagen for wrinkles
                                          • Botox /Restylane for wrinkles
                                          • FAMI Facial Rejuvenation
                                          • Thread Lift / Contour Lift
                                          • Face and Neck Lifts
                                          • Spider Vein Treatment
                                          • Laser Hair Removal
                                                                          when it has to be special
                                                                           it has to be yangming
           Riverside                                                               America’s Top Tables
                                                                                       Gourmet Magazine
Memorials and Mausoleums LLC                                                  Best of Philly Chinese Food
                                                                                     Philadelphia Magazine
                                                                                    Award of Excellence
               Yakov Natanzon                                                     Wine Spectator Magazine
                                                                         Best Restaurant on the Main Line
                Memorial Consultant                                               Main Line Today Magazine
                                                                    Only the finest in Chinese & Continental cuisine served with style and

                                       Phone: 1-215-396-6778
                                                                      elegance. With beautiful, private dining facilities from 10 to 250,
                                                                                       Yangming is your perfect choice.

524 Second Street Pike                     Fax: 1-215-396-6779
Southampton, PA 18966                Toll Free: 1-877-396-6778

                                                                        Haverford and Conestoga Roads • Bryn Mawr


                                                                  A family business specializing in
                                                                  custom window treatments and upholstery
                                                                   FREE SHOP AT HOME SERVICE
                                                                                                                    CHARLEY ELOFER
           Featuring Israeli spices, cheeses, candies

                       salads and drinks.

                                                                                                                   Fax 610-325-1056
                                                                                                                        3610 Chapel Road
                                                                                                                Newtown Square, PA 19073

                                                                  CERTIFIED GEMOLOGIST APPRAISER • MASTER GOLDSMITHS
                                                                 OLDE SPROUL VILLAGE                                       610-544-4656
                                                                 SPRINGFIELD, PA 19064                                FAX 610-544-9048

                                                        Life      STARER-RIZZO-RUFFINI OPHTHALMIC ASSOCIATES, P.C.
                                                                            Medial and Surgical Ophthalmology

                                                                                 LARRY J. STARER, M.D., F.A.C.S.
      Andrew J. Szabo, LUTCF                 Long Term Care                       JOHN S. RIZZO, M.D., F.A.C.S.
      Health Benefits Specialist                                                 JOHN J. RUFFINI, M.D., F.A.C.S.

                                           Tel: 610-543-8992     Taylor Hospital Medical Bldg.
      18 Locust Road, Morton, PA 19070     Fax: 610-543-5224     (610) 521-2111                                       8 Morton Ave., Suite 101
                                                                 (610) 521-3048 Fax                                     Ridley Park, PA 19078
                                          One to Full-Color Commercial Printing
                                                      Graphic Design (Mac & PC)
                                                              Digital Color Output
                                                               Large Format Color
      610-583-9932                                            Full Mailing Services
   2106 E. MacDade Blvd.
   Holmes, PA 19043                                           Canon Color Copies
   Fax: 610-583-9768                                     High Speed B&W Copies
                                                      ELI & STACEY SHAPIRO

                                                                     BILL GROSS

                  B. GROSS
                  M          E     N      S     W      E     A      R

         MEDIA, PA 19063            610-566-7990

   RIDLEY PARK FLORIST                                                       INC.                                                         Anyone can shop
                                     17 East Hinckley Avenue                                                                              Anyone can join!
                                      Ridley Park, PA 19078
                                                                                                Check out the brand new
                                                                                                 SWARTHMORE CO-OP!
                                        (610) 521-3366                                       Open 8 to 8 Mon. - Sat. and 8 to 7 Sunday
                                      (610) 521-1778 FAX                                                              610-543-9805
       • We specialize in Bar/Bat Mitzvah decorations                                 341 Dartmouth Avenue                                  
Bima designs for any occasion, Gourmet Fruit and Gift baskets                         Swarthmore, PA 19081                                       

                      CARING              IS WHAT WE DO BEST.
                                       • 24-hour skilled nursing care
                                       • Activities programs
                                       • Rehabilitation services
                                       • Kosher meals
                                       • Religious services
                                       • Medicare/Medicaid certified

          The Milton & Hattie Kutz Home, Inc.
         704 River Road, Wilmington, DE 19809
          302-764-7000 •
             Delaware’s Jewish Nursing Facility

                             WE’VE MOVED!                                                     MERLE L. FISCHER
               See Us At Our NEW SHOWROOM!                                                    E-Mail:
                                                                                              President’s Circle

                  ~ WERTHEIMER ~
               LIBERTY MONUMENTS
                                                                                              Fox & Roach REALTORS®
                758 Second Street Pike, Southampton, PA                                       Media Home Marketing Center
                      215-396-7470 • Fax: 215-396-7473                                        601 E. Baltimore Pike, Media, PA 19063
                                                                                              Bus 610 566-3000        Direct: 610 627-4917
       NEW                       Mon., Tues., Thurs. 9-4:30 p.m.; Wed. 9-9 p.m.
                                                                                              Cell 610 247-1777       Fax 610 566-8664
      HOURS                  Friday 9-2 p.m.; Sunday 10-4 p.m.; Closed Shabbat                  An independently owned and operated member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.
                                        Convenient Off Street Parking
                GIAN FRANCO

          57 S. SPROUL ROAD • BROOMALL, PA
                    (610) 356-8116

Congregation Ohev Shalom                     Time Value
2 Chester Road                                             Non-Profit Org.
Wallingford, PA 19086                                     U.S. Postage Paid
                                                          Wallingford, PA
                                                           Permit No. 225

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