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					                                                                                                                                                    Winter 2005

 vol. four
issue one
                                                The                           Companion
                                     a publication of the Heinzerling Foundation

      HF Update                                                                          Director’s Corner
                                                                                                                     It’s difficult to look back at 2004
      Dr. Willard Fernald Honored                                                                                    and recall everything that occurred at
                                                                                                                     Heinzerling Foundation. It was a roller
      for 45 Years of Service                                                                                        coaster year. It started off with a bang
                                                                                                                     when our overseers, the surveyors from
      In September 2004, Willard Fernald, M.D. was honored for
                                                                                                                     the State of Ohio Medicaid program,
      serving 45 years as the Foundation’s one and only medical director.
                                                                                                                     appeared on our doorstep and surprised
      In addition, he continues to serve as the physician for the residents
                                                                                                                     us with what appeared to be new
      of the Memorial Foundation. Dr. Fernald, born in 1923, was raised
                                                                                                                     interpretations of their rules. The
      in New Jersey. He completed his studies in pre-med at Brown
                                                                                                                     unexpected interpretations and the
      University in 1947, after a three-year stint as a technical sergeant
                                                                                                                     changes they required were extremely
      in the U.S. Army. After graduating from the Harvard Medical
                                                                                                                     difficult for Heinzerling staff. However,
      School in 1951, he went on to complete two years in internal
                                                                                                                     under Bob Heinzerling’s leadership and
      medicine at Boston City Hospital and two years in pediatrics at
                                                                                                                     the staff ’s diligence and intense work,
      Boston Children’s Hospital.
                                                                                         we finally came to a meeting of the minds as to what Medicaid
                                                                                         wanted. As difficult as change can be, we made the changes
      In 1955, Dr. Fernald moved to Columbus as Chief Resident of
                                                                                         necessary to meet the system’s demands.
      Pediatrics at Columbus Children’s Hospital. Then in 1956, Dr.
      Fernald joined the pediatric practice of his father’s cousin. In 1960,
                                                                                         The most positive and important change that has happened in
      Dr. Fernald and fellow pediatrician, Dr. Malcolm Robbins, formed
                                                                                         the past year is that the administration of the Heinzerling
      Pediatric Associates, Inc. This very successful practice continues today.
                                                                                         Foundation has worked to improve morale and to give staff more
                                                                                         ownership of how they do their work. The end result has been a
      In 1958, he became associated with Otto and Mildred Heinzerling
                                                                                         significant reduction in staff turnover. The increase in staff retention
      and expressed interest in what they were attempting to do to meet
                                                                                         and improvement in morale results in better resident care which is
      the needs of non-ambulatory children with profound mental
                                                                                         what we strive for every day.
      retardation. In 1959, the year “Peck O’Wee Ones” opened, a more
      formal relationship was forged between Dr. Fernald’s and Dr.
                                                                                         The end of the year left Heinzerling Foundation with many
      Robbin’s practice to provide pediatric medical services to the residents.
                                                                                         successes and high anticipation for 2005. Our residents are receiving
                                                                                         excellent care. Heinzerling is fiscally strong, staffing levels are good,
      Dr. Fernald continues to make his at-least-weekly visits to the
                                                                                         and the workplace environment is positive. What else could an
      Memorial Foundation and is on call 24 hours a day. We applaud
                                                                                         Executive Director ask for?
      Dr. Fernald for his sacrifices and his significant contributions to the
      Foundation, and we look forward to a continued relationship with him.
                                                                                         I sincerely hope that all of you will support us in our fund-raising
      L. to R. – Al Taylor, Executive Director and Lisa Mathys, Director of Nursing at   endeavors. Your generous donations provide us with the means to
      the Heinzerling Memorial Foundation thank Dr. Willard Fernald for his service      make Heinzerling Foundation a home for today and for the future.
                                                                                         Your gifts to the Heinzerling Foundation or the Heinzerling
                                                                                         Foundation Endowment Fund enable the boards, the administration
                                                                                         and the staff to provide “A Life Worth Living” for our residents.

                                                                                         We wish you all a happy and prosperous 2005.

                                                                                         Al Taylor
                                                                                         Executive Director
What’s Happening

Upcoming Events at the                                    Employment Opportunities
Heinzerling Foundation                                    The Heinzerling Foundation has a variety
                                                          of opportunities available. For more
February 10                                               information, contact the Human Resources
“A Taste of Fine Wines”                                   department at 272.2000 or call our Jobline
Capital Club                                              at 255.3900. The Heinzerling Foundation
                                                          does not discriminate in employment or
February 25                                               services on the basis of race, color, religion,
Board of Trustees Meeting                                 sex, ethnic origin, disability, or any other
Heinzerling Memorial Foundation                           legally protected group status.
National Nutrition Month
National MR/DD Awareness Month

April 17-23
National Volunteer Week

September 19
19th Annual Heinzerling
Foundation Golf Classic
Heritage Golf Club

                                                                                                        Winter 2005
Inside Scoop                                              Connections

Director’s Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . .         1   Board of Trustees                                 The Companion is published
                                                                                                            by the Heinzerling Foundation
HF Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       1                                                     1800 Heinzerling Drive
                                                          Daniel M. O’Brien, Chairman of the Board
                                                                                                            Columbus OH 43223-3698
                                                          John A. Taylor, President
What’s Happening . . . . . . . . . . . .              2                                                     Phone: 614.272.8888
                                                          Kathryn P. Heinzerling, Vice President
                                                                                                            Fax: 614.272.9989
                                                          Doris Edwards, Secretary
Connections . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       2                                           
                                                          Denny Freudeman, Treasurer
                                                          Judyth A. Clarkson
Staff Stars . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   3   Linda S. Heinzerling
                                                          R. Kevin Kerns
2004 Donors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       4   Colleen K. Nissl
                                                          James W. Pruden
Volunteer Spotlight . . . . . . . . . . . .           6   David W. Shelby

Camaraderie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       7
                                                          Editorial Staff
Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .         7
                                                          John A. Taylor, Advisor
                                                          Midge Dunaway, Editor
                                                          Chris Rafeld, Assistant Editor
                                                          Contributors – Colleen Channel,
                                                          Dennis Sites, Tanna Slaven and
                                                          Michele Treitmaier.

Staff Stars

Associate of the Year – 2004                                               Milestones
                 Jui Zhang was named the Associate of the Year for         The Heinzerling Foundation is proud of its record of attracting
                 the Heinzerling Foundation. June was chosen as the        and retaining dedicated and caring employees. We congratulate
                 Associate of the Month for January 2004. June is          our associates for reaching these employment milestones between
                 responsible for Accounts Payable and has worked in        September 1 and December 31, 2004. Thanks for your loyalty!
                 the Accounting department since September 2002.
                 She is an exemplary employee with top-notch work          5 Years                 20 Years                25 Years
                 performance and attendance. She always has a smile        Gary Betts              Sarah Albrecht          Melissa Bryant
Jui Zhang        for everyone.                                             Jeff Gauthier           Frances Carpenter       Jeannette Fowler
                                                                           Sondra Norris           Bernice Gillispie       Susan Landis
                                                                           Darla Vamos             Jay Nichols
Associates of the Month – 2004                                                                     Edna Parker             45 Years
                                                                           10 Years                Lois Parker             Dr. Willard Fernald
The Heinzerling Foundation employs a dedicated staff of more
                                                                           Lynda Buckley           Nancy Pipes
than 550 associates who work to give each resident “A Life Worth
                                                                                                   Sheila Sites
Living.” Congratulations to these outstanding employees who were
                                                                           15 Years                Joyce Womeldorff
selected as Associates of the Month:
                                                                           Steve Flynn
Karen Fuller has worked at Heinzerling Developmental Center since          Notable Achievements at the
July 1986. She works in the therapy department as a therapy aide.
                                                                           Heinzerling Foundation
                                                                           Terra Schulz, Human Resources Coordinator/Administrative
Heather Lohr has worked as an administrative assistant at
                                                                           Supervisor, recently earned certification as a Professional in Human
Heinzerling Memorial Foundation since July 2002 and fills in
                                                                           Resources (PHR). The certification is awarded by the Human
frequently as receptionist.
                                                                           Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). Those who pass the
                                                                           rigorous exam possess the theoretical knowledge and practical
                                                                           experience in human resource management. HRCI is the
Simone Dos Santos has worked in the dietary department at
                                                                           credentialing body for human resource professionals and is affiliated
Heinzerling Developmental Center since September 2002. She
                                                                           with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).
started as a dish machine operator, moved into the trayline position
                                                                           The Institute’s purpose is to promote the establishment of
and currently works as one of the cooks.
                                                                           professional standards and to recognize professionals who meet
                                                                           those standards.
Sue Lewis has worked as a housekeeper at Heinzerling Memorial
                                                                           After 211/2 years of service, Andrea Watkins retired in early
Foundation for the past four years. Sue works second shift and is
                                                                           January, 2005. Andrea started working as a Direct Care Assistant
responsible for cleaning the front office area.
                                                                           at the Memorial Foundation after touring the facility in 1983 with
                                                                           former Development Director, Ray Tata. Shortly thereafter, she was
                                                                           promoted to a Unit Manager, and then to an aide in the therapy
                                                                           department. Andrea has been a dedicated associate who has always
                                                                           put the residents first. We are grateful for her strong commitment to
                                                                           the Foundation and to the residents during all these years. We wish
                                                                           her the best in her retirement.

2004 Donors to the Heinzerling Foundation

The Heinzerling Foundation salutes our 2004 supporters.                    The Aubrey DeGraw                    Mr. and Mrs. Barton S. Holl            Ms. Martele McDonald
                                                                             Benevolent Trust                   Mr. and Mrs. Jon Honeck                Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. McGee
These individuals and businesses made generous                             The Jessie D. DeGraw                 Ms. Philippa G. Houston                Mr. J. William McGowan
contributions that allowed the Heinzerling Foundation                        Benevolent Trust                   Ms. Debra J. Howdyshell                Mrs. Linda McGuire
                                                                           The Honorable Dana Deshler, Jr.      Ms. Florence H. Howell                 Ms. Marlene S. McKee
to fulfill its mission and commitment to our 213 adult                     Mr. and Mrs. Jean J. Deutschle       Mr. and Mrs. Terry C. Howell           Ms. Debbie J. McMahon
                                                                           Mrs. Lois Devine                     Mr. and Mrs. Willard F. Howell         James A. Mechenbier, M.D.
and youth residents. On behalf of them and, of course,                     Mr. Larry Dine                       Mr. Steven Huber                       Ms. JoEllen Mechenbier
the Board of Trustees, our volunteers and staff, we extend                 Druzak Medical, Inc.                 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hunt              Medex, Inc.
                                                                           Mrs. Bette D. Dugger                 Mr. and Mrs. Buck Hunter               Dr. and Mrs. Hector M. Medina
to you our deepest appreciation.                                           E.C. Babbert, Inc.                   Ms. Deborah A. Hunter                  Mrs. Julia Mickley
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Neil K. Edwards         Mr. John Hunter                        Miesse Medical Supply
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ellman               The Huntington National Bank           Mr. and Mrs. Elliott E. Miller
The following is a list of those individuals and businesses                Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Endres       Information Management                 Mrs. Jane L. Miller
that donated gifts between January 1 and December 31,                      Environment Control                     Services Inc.                       Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie D. Miller
                                                                           Ms. Karen Evans                      The Invironmentalists                  Dr. William Mitchell
2004. We are hopeful that the following list is complete.                  Ms. Mary Ann Evans                   Mr. Frank Isabelle                     The Mobility Store
However, we apologize in advance for any omissions                         FV Dublin Vesper                     Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Ivers           Modern Office Methods
                                                                             Service Committee                  Mr. and Mrs. John E. Jacob             Mollica, Gall, Sloan &
or errors. If any donor would like a statement for tax                     Ms. Beverly Fasone                   Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Jajczyk           Sillery Company, L.P.A.
purposes, please contact our Development Department                        Ms. Margaret Fauth                   Ms. Janis M. Jewett                    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Montague
                                                                           Mrs. Emilie M. Fennell               Jim Keim Ford, Inc. Employees          Mr. Michael H. Mulhern
at 614.272.8888.                                                           Ms. Lori Feuer                       Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Johnson        Ms. Margy Lou Munson
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Filaseta        Mr. Ron Johnson                        Mr. Tom Murasky
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. William P. Finneran     Ms. Gwendolyn Jones                    Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Murphy
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. James J. Flanagan       Mr. and Mrs. John L. Jones             Mr. Norm J. Murray
Financial Donors                    Mr. and Mrs. George W. Broughton       Ms. Mary Forney                      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Kaliker         Mr. and Mrs. John Musuraca
                                    Brown Calabretta Architects Inc.       Ms. Kimberly A. Foster               Karlsberger Companies                  National City Bank
AVI Foodsystems, Inc.               Mr. Herbert Brown                      Mr. and Mrs. Jim Fowler              Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kasten          National City Trust
Abbott Foods, Inc.                  Mr. and Mrs. James C. Brown            Mr. Clifton Frasher                  Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Katterheinrich   Nationwide
Abbott Laboratories Fund            Mr. and Mrs. John M. Brown             Mr. Robert P. Freed                  Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kauffman            Mr. and Mrs. Terry D. Neer
David Abromowitz, J.D.              Bruner Corporation                     Ms. Margaret Friedrich               Mr. Dave Kaylor                        Neurological Associates, Inc.
Mr. Benjamin E. Allen               Ms. Gabriella Buel                     Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Fu              Kegler, Brown, Hill &                  Ms. Susan J. Newland
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery T. Allen       Ms. Lynda Buel                         Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Fu                 Ritter Co. L.P.A.                   Ms. Norma E. Newman-Hughes
Mr. John H. Allen, CLU, CHFC        Ms. Abigail M. Buller                  Mrs. Jacquelyn A. Fuller             Mr. and Mrs. Howard D. Keith, Jr.      Ms. Eileen Newton
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Allen              Mr. Thomas Bunnell                     Ms. Barbara J. Gadawski              Mr. and Mrs. Randy Keller              Mr. John Niermeyer
Ms. Jennie M. Altier                Mr. Bruce Burns                        Mr. E. H. Gardner                    Mr. and Mrs. Steven Keller             Mr. John Noble
American Electric Power             Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Burns          Mr. Mark Garrett                     Ms. Alicia Kelly                       Ms. Maribeth A. Norman
American Legion Auxiliary #82       Mr. David Burt                         Ms. Pam P. Gartin                    Mr. and Mrs. James P. Kennedy          Ms. Jeannie D. Nuzum
American Legion Post #72            Mr. Michael Burt                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gasser           Ms. Nancy P. Kern                      O.P. Gallo Tuxedo
Amish Country Furnishings           Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Burt            Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gates              Ms. Glenna S. Kerr                     Ms. Catherine Obermeyer
  Company                           Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Butch          Ms. Jeri Ann Gebczyk                 Mrs. Dorisjean W. King                 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Ray C. Anderson        CPR Drain Cleaning, Inc.               Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Genteline     Knights of Columbus #4603              Mr. and Mrs. Tom O’Brien
Andrews Architects, Inc.            Cable Solutions, Inc.                  Mr. Terry L. Gentry                  Ms. Cathleen Koch                      Ms. Mardell A. Ohlmacher
Anonymous                           Mr. Timothy S. Cadden, R.Ph.           Ms. Jackie S. Gerker                 Kokosing Construction Company          Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Ohrstedt
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield   Ms. Kathleen Campbell                  Ms. Laura A. Gibb                    KPRS-O’Brien Construction              P. Antonelli Distributing, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Arbogast          Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Campbell       Gilbane Building Company                Services, Inc.                      Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd S. Palmer, Sr.
Arc 14                              Mr. Philip H. Carnes                   Mr. and Mrs. Roy O. Girod            Mr. Harry H. Kregar                    Mr. Lloyd S. Palmer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Audet             Mr. and Mrs. Blaine E. Carpenter       Globe Window Cleaning, Inc.          Ms. Genevieve Kroeger                  Mr. Richard Pangborn
Dr. Spencer August                  Casto Management Services, Inc.        Mr. and Mrs. Lee Grabill             Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kulp               Panich, Noel & Associates
Automatic Data Processing, Inc.     Century 21 Bob McElroy Realty          Graff & Associates, LPA              Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kunovich           Parade of the Hills Committee
Bailey Elementary                   Ms. Melody Chafin                      Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Grasz           Ms. Margaret Lahrmann                  Mr. and Mrs. John L. Parsley
  Fourth Grade Class                Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cheffer            Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Graves         Mr. and Mrs. William Lahrmann          Mr. Jason A. Pedicini
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Baker          Mr. and Mrs. Robert Claerhout          Ms. Mary J. Griffith                 Lankard Materials Lab, Inc.            Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Pena
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Baker          Clark, Schaefer, Hackett & Company     Mr. Thomas R. Gross, Jr.             Mr. James M. Lee                       Peoples Bancorp
Bank One, N.A.                      Ms. Francine M. Clifford               Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gunderson          Ms. Reah Lee                           Mr. Brian Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Banker            Cochran Transportation Service, Inc.   Ms. Clara A. Haberman                Mr. William E. Lehner, AIA             Physicians Credit Bureau
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Barclay      Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Collins        Mr. T. Patrick Halaiko               Mr. William Matthew Lehner             Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Pidcock
Barker Painting                     Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Collins            Ms. Lisa Hall                        Ms. Barbara J. Lennon                  Plante & Moran, PLLC
Ms. Pamela Basil-Fetingas           Columbia Gas of Ohio                   Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Hall         Mr. and Mrs. John M. Lennon            PlumbMaster
Ms. Rosemary Beach                  Columbus Church of Christ              Ms. Daniela Hard                     Ms. Jill Lewin                         Mr. Matt Polis
Mr. James W. Bearns                 The Columbus Foundation                Mr. and Mrs. James J. Hardesty       Liebert Corporation                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Portman
Mr. Jeff Bellinski                  Mr. Robert L. Combs                    Harley Owners Group of Springfield   Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Lilje           Mrs. Anne L. Ports
Mr. Wayne Benson                    ComDoc Inc.                            Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harris          Mr. Ted A. Loxley                      Ms. Mary C. Prenoveau
Mr. and Mrs. William Berrisford     Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Conger          Mr. and Mrs. Eric R. Hastings        Dr. and Mrs. Donald Lucas              Principal Financial Group
Berwanger Overmyer Associates       Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cooke             Healthlinx Medical Staffing, Inc.    M/I Homes Foundation                   Mr. and Mrs. Alexander V. Prisley
Brian R. Best, D.D.S.               Ms. Marcia A. Cooper                   Healthplex/Eduplex                   M.T. Business Technologies Inc.        Project Lawyers
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Beverly            Corporate Services Consultants         HealthPro Staffing                   MTE Consulting, Inc.                   RMH Pathology Associates, Inc.
Ms. Audrey E. Bevis                 Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Costaschuk        Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Heaphy       Mr. and Mrs. Clyde A. Magee            RVC Architects, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Biegel      Mr. and Mrs. Edsel A. Cotter           Heartland Bank                       Ms. Margaret A. Maher                  Mrs. Joan Radkiewicz
Ms. Martha A. Black                 Cottingham Paper Company, Inc.         Heinzerling Developmental            Maiden and Jenkins                     Ms. Melanie A. Radkiewicz
Ms. Nickie N. Blackburn             The Ruth L. Coulter Trust                Center Staff                          Construction Company                Mr. and Mrs. Robert Radkiewicz
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Blackburn        Mr. and Mrs. Ted S. Covert             Heinzerling Memorial                 Mr. and Mrs. John M. Marmion, Jr.      Ms. Sara Radkiewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Block        Ms. Cherry Crump                         Foundation Staff                   Martin Carpet Cleaning Company         Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Radkiewicz
Bob Evans Farms, Inc.               Mrs. E. Johnalee Cunningham            Mrs. Kathryn P. Heinzerling          Mr. and Mrs. James Martiny             Ms. Rebecca Radtke
Dr. E. Thomas Boles, Jr.            Ms. Marilyn Curry                      Mr. Robert E. Heinzerling            Mr. and Mrs. John Mason                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Radtke
Ms. Helen M. Bonham                 Cypress Medical Products               Ms. Andrea Helfrich                  Massa Realty &                         Mr. and Mrs. Blake Rafeld
Borden Foundation, Inc.             Mr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Dahlhauser      Mrs. Dorothy Heltzel                    Development Corporation             Mr. Jason Rafeld
The Boston Company                  Mr. and Mrs. James M. Dailey           Hennessy Funeral Home                Master Maintenance, LLC                Mr. and Mrs. Garry S. Recktenwald
Mr. and Mrs. Barry G. Boyles        Ms. Lucy Damhorst                      Ms. Mary Jean Herrmann               Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. McBride       Mr. and Mrs. Ernest M. Reeb
Bravo Development, Inc.             Ms. Linda Daniels                      Mrs. Betty M. Higgins                Mr. and Mrs. William L. McClellan      Reverend and Mrs. Edson Reed
Mr. and Mrs. William Brennan        Mr. Mark Davis                         Mr. Roderick L. Hill                 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley W. McCloy         Reminger & Reminger
Mr. James Brickweg                  Ms. Mary A. Davis                      Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hiltner, Sr.     Mrs. Helen D. McClure                     Company, L.P.A.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Brooks            Mr. Doug De Profio                     Ms. Arlene Pryor Hinshaw             Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McCutcheon        Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Robe
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Brothers     Mr. and Mrs. James R. Decker           Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Hogan           Mr. and Mrs. George McDermott          Mr. and Mrs. Thurlow R. Robe
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. John Hoisington         Mr. and Mrs. Gregory McDermott         Robert J. Grogan Company

Robert L. Fry & Associates, Inc.     Tri-County Career Center             Bronzed & Polished                  Ms. Jamie Holt                       Ms. Becki Rine
Ms. Virginia L. Robinson             Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Trout           Ms. Kristine Brown                  The Huntington National Bank         Rod’s Western Palace
Mr. Paul Rockwood                    Ms. Tracy L. Trout                   Ms. Lynda Buel                      Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Ingram II       Ms. Barbara Rogers
Ms. Sally S. Rogers                  Dr. and Mrs. Marc A. Trzeciak        Ms. Abigail M. Buller               Jack Seibert Goldsmith & Jeweler     Romano’s Macaroni Grill
Mr. Scott G. Rogers                  U.S. Laser, Inc.                     CAPA                                Ms. Pam Jacobs                       Roxainne’s Flowers
Mr. Wesley T. Root                   Ms. Carolyn S. Uhl                   COSI Columbus                       Ms. Gussie Jones                     Royal American Links
Mr. Stephen J. Roper                 Dr. and Mrs. Louis J. Unverferth     Mr. Timothy S. Cadden, R.Ph.        Ms. Gwendolyn Jones                  Saturday’s Family Hair Care
Ross Products Division/Abbott        Ms. Karen K. Uphouse                 Mr. Charles C. Caldwell             KDJ Boarding                         Sax Car Wash
   Laboratories                      Mr. Thomas C. Vadakin                Callander Custom Mats               Mr. Russ Kennedy                     Schuman’s Meats
Rotary Club of Hilliard              Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Van Heyde       Cameron Mitchell Restaurant         Kenneth’s Corporate Offices          Ms. Cathy Schwartz
Ms. Bettianne Rowe                   Mr. Frank Waers                      Capital Wholesale Drug Company      Klamfoth, Inc. Landscape             Security Risk Management
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rubenstein       Mr. Gerald A. Wallace                Cardinal Home Care, Inc.               Management                           Consultants, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rubenstein        Ms. Leah Wallace                     Caribou Coffee Company, Inc.        Frank Kobe, Ph.D.                    Senior Citizens of Reynoldsburg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Rupp          Wachovia Foundation                  Ms. Melody Chafin                   Kreiger Ford, Inc.                   Shanty Creek Resort & Club
SLF Insurance Agency, Inc.           Wal-Mart Foundation                  Champps Americana                   The Kroger Company                   Ms. Janet Ann Sieg
Mrs. J. Michael Saettel              Mr. and Mrs. Rick Wanner             Cherry Valley Lodge                 Ms. Reah Lee                         Sky Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Salsbury     Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ward            Christ the King Catholic Church     Ms. Jill A. Lewin                    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Slaven
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Salt, Jr.    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Watkins      Cincinnati Mighty Ducks             Liberty Farms, Inc.                  Smead
Mr. and Mrs. James Sarafin           Mr. and Mrs. Steve                   Cincinnati Museum of Art            Limited Brands                       Ms. Andria L. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Sauber              Weismantel-Lake                    Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra       Linens N Things                      Snow Trails
Mr. and Mrs. Roy D. Saylor           Ms. Edith L. Wenzel                  The Clarmont Restaurant             Ms. Carlene Lok                      St. Brigid of Kildare Church
Mr. and Mrs. William                 Mr. and Mrs. John P. Werner          Clintonville Women’s Club           The Lost Tribe Motorcycle Club       St. John’s United Church of Christ
   E. Schneeberger                   Ms. Judy Whalen                      Coaches Sports Bar                  M.T. Business Technologies Inc.      St. Paul’s School Eighth Grade Class
Dr. and Mrs. Gary L. Schroeder       Ms. Nancy D. Whipple                 Ms. Bona Colegrove                  M/I Homes, Inc.                      Steak n Shake
Ms. Lauren Schuermann                White Castle                         Columbus Clippers                   MOMS Club of Lewis Center            Subway
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Schuller          Management Company                Columbus Sign Company               The Main Event, Inc.                 Ms. Patty Swearengin
Ms. Debra L. Schultz                 Ms. Debra C. White-Johnson           Columbus Symphony Orchestra         Mansfield Correctional Institution   TPI Products, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schultz, Jr.     Mr. James Meredith White             Columbus Washboard Company          Marion Correctional Institution      Mr. and Mrs. John A. Taylor
Scioto Corporation                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard White           Columbus Zoo and Aquarium           Martin Carpet Cleaning Company       Team Rahal
Scioto Properties LLC                Mr. and Mrs. Dan L. Whitehead        Columbus Zoological Park Assoc.     Massenelli Cardinal Market           Tee Jaye’s Country Place Restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Scott               Ms. Margaret A. Whitmore             ComDoc Inc.                         Max & Erma’s Restaurants             Ms. Lillie Terrell
Dr. and Mrs. J. Michael Seimer       Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Whittich      Connell’s Maple Lee                 McCloy Financial Services            Thomas 5 Limited
Seton Square North                   Dr. George P. Wick                     Flowers & Gifts                   Mrs. Linda McGuire                   Mr. Bruce R. Thompson
   Denominational Church             Mr. Jeff Willcox                     The Container Store                 Ms. Trudy McGuire                    Tickets Galore, Inc.
Ms. Connie Shaw                      Dr. Roger J. Williams                Corporate Services Consultants      Media Play                           Timothy A. Fleming & Associates
Mr. David W. Shelby                  Ms. Kathleen M. Wilson               Country Club at Muirfield Village   Mill Creek Golf Club                 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Tischer
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Shields         Ms. E. Patricia Winegard             Cracker Barrel                      Minelli’s Restaurant                 Tranquility by Kerr
Shostak Law Office                   Ms. Carolyn Wisler                   Creative Coach                      Mohican Resort and                   Ms. Michele Treitmaier
Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP       Ms. Ronda Wolfe                      Creative Greetings                     Conference Center                 T-Shirt Plus
Ms. Ruth Sieg                        Ms. Judith K. Womeldorff             Cypress Westland Church             Molly Woo’s Asian Bistro             University of Cincinnati
Mr. and Mrs. John Siegle             Mr. and Mrs. Michael Woodruff        Dave & Buster’s of Columbus         Mount Carmel                         U.S. Bank - Terry Hamm
Ms. Judith A. Sinnott                Mr. Robert Woodruff                  DaVinci Restaurant                  Mr. Goodwash, Inc.                   WCMH-TV4
Mr. Eugene Sinopoli                  Working Partners Systems, Inc.       Mr. and Mrs. Mark Davis             Mr. Michael H. Mulhern               WTTE/FOX 28
Ms. Genoeffa Sinopoli                Mr. and Mrs. Juan L. Wright          Mr. and Mrs. Jean J. Deutschle      National City Bank                   Wacked Hair Salon
Mr. and Mrs. Italo M. Sinopoli       Mr. Joseph Blair Yanity, Jr.         Diamond Cellar                      Nationwide Foundation                Walgreens - Dublin
Skilled Care Pharmacy, Inc.          Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Yates           Discover Financial Services         Samuel Natoli, DDS                   Wal-Mart Supercenter Store #2426
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Smith          Ms. Dorothy Young                    Donatos Pizza                       Natural Pleasures &                  Wanner Metal Worx, Inc.
Mr. George Smith                     Dr. and Mrs. Michael Zarrilli        Dream Seats                            Country Treasures                 Ms. Cynthia Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn F. Smith          Mr. F. D. Zeigler                    Drexel Theatre Group                NetJets Services, Inc.               The Wave Design Center
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Smith           Mr. Paul Zimmerman                   Eastminster Presbyterian Church     Neurological Associates, Inc.        Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Weidner
Ms. Stephanie Smith                  Ms. Linda Zoundas                    Eastminster Presbyterian Church     New Horizons                         Mr. and Mrs. Tim Weilbacher
Mr. Willie Smith                     Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas W. Zuk           Women’s Association               Newport Aquarium                     The Wilds
Mr. Jerry W. Snyder                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Neil K. Edwards        OPI Products, Inc.                   Mr. Harley Yerkes
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sobczak          Product and                          Ehmann & Sons Greenhouses, Inc.     Oakland Design Associates            Ziebart
Mr. and Mrs. Lee L. Solis                                                 Farrow’s Harley-Davidson            Office Depot
Mr. Jeffrey H. Sopp                  Service Donors                         Motorcycles                       Ohio Historical Society
Mr. and Mrs. Nevin B. Souers                                              Figlio                              The Ohio State University
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Sparling         3M                                   Florentine Restaurant               The Ohio State University
Special Olympics of Ohio             ABC Quilts                           Franklin Pre Release Center            Department of Athletics
The Edmond J. Stapleton              AVI Foodsystems, Inc.                Mr. Clifton Frasher                 OhioHealth
   Revocable Trust                   Abbott Foods, Inc.                   Gerlach Steam Cleaning, Inc.        Omaha Steaks
Dr. and Mrs. Sigudur A. Stephensen   Ms. Sheila Agbeny                    German Village Society              Omega Tours, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. David Stevens           All American Moving and Storage      Giant Eagle                         Opera Columbus
Mr. & Mrs. Earl A. Story             Amerinet                             Gibby’s Riverview                   Oxender and Associates
Mr. Tom E. Strausbaugh               Andrews Jewelers                     Gilbane Building Company            P.F. Chang’s China Bistro
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy L. Strunk         Mr. Earl E. Andrus                   Golf Club of Dublin                 Pan-L-Tek
Ms. Rosemarie Sullivan               Mr. and Mrs. Phil Andrus             Golfsmith Golf Center               Panera Bread
Mr. R. Stan Summers                  Applebee’s Corporation               Gordon Food Service                 Mr. Richard Pangborn
Mr. James W. Surber                  Argosy Casino & Hotel                Mr. and Mrs. Lee Grabill            Paramount’s Kings Island
Ms. Malinda Susalla                  Avery Dennison                       Grand Victoria Casino & Resort      Picture America
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn D. Sutter         BalletMet Columbus                   Ms. Wende Graves                    Mr. Phil Pini
Ms. Patty Swearengin                 Bear Creek Corporation               Green Mountain Coffee Roasters      Plantland
Ms. Jennifer Talley                  Ms. Susan Beougher                   Grove City Parks and                Pleasant Valley Golf Course
Mr. Daniel Tatman                    Best Western Clarmont Inn & Suites     Recreation Department             Mrs. Iva Poe
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Taylor          Blackhawk Golf Club                  Grovebrook Golf Club                Premier Casino Events, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Thacker      The Blackwell                        Ms. Esther Gunderson                ProMusica
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Theado             Blue Moon Catering                   Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gunderson         R & J Produce
Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Theado        Bob Evans Farms, Inc.                Hair Artists                        Radisson Hotel - Worthington
Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Theisen         Bob Evans Restaurant                 Hallmark Crown Shop - Westland      Raymond James and Associates
Mr. Ken D. Thomas                    Bob McDorman Chevrolet Inc.          Ms. Traci Harmon                    RE/MAX City Center -
Ms. Lucy E. Thompson                 Bob Wilson & Associates, Inc.        Ms. Brenda Hawkes                      Joseph R. Armeni
Ms. Ruth Thomson                     Bobb Chevrolet                       Mrs. Kathryn P. Heinzerling         Red Lobster
Ms. Anne Elizabeth Torsell           Bobby Layman Chevrolet               Heritage Golf Club                  Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Trador          Bravo Development, Inc.              Hilton Columbus                     Rick’s Coaches
Ms. Michele Treitmaier               Briggs High School Art Department    Hoggy’s                             Rine Landscape, Inc.

Volunteer Spotlight

                                                                                                             Members of the Finland Elementary School Student
                                                                                                             Council presented each resident with a Christmas card
                                                                                                             and sang carols on all of the units.

This year, the Love-Lite Tree was decorated with            Maria Ellis entertained at the annual resident
“beanie baby” stockings donated by the 8th Grade stu-       Christmas party in the adult facility.
dents from St. Paul’s School. A tag was attached to each
stocking representing a donation made to honor or
remember a specific loved one. The $2,071 that was
donated will be used to take the residents out to a movie   Volunteer Opportunities
or dinner, attend sports events and other activities.
                                                            If you would like information about
                                                            volunteer opportunities at the Heinzerling
                                                            Foundation, please contact Midge
                                                            Dunaway at 614.272.8888 or
                                                                          Santa helped distribute the many presents donated by the
                                                                                                             following contributors: Abigail Buller, Clintonville
                                                                                                             Women’s Club, Cypress Westland Church, Reah Lee,
                                                                                                             NetJets Services, Inc., Richard Pangborn and St. Brigid
                                                                                                             of Kildare Church.

Foster Grandparent Sonia Collins
is congratulated by Al Taylor,
Executive Director (left) and Bob
Heinzerling, Administrator, for
completing 4,000 hours of volun-
teer service to the Heinzerling

                                                                                                             The Buckeye State Harmonica Group entertained the
                                                                                                             residents, families and staff at the annual resident
                                                                                                             Christmas party in the children’s facility.

2005 Officers Elected                              Another Success                                     Enjoy“ATaste of Fine Wines”
to Lead Board                                      for the Casino Gala                                 Bring your Valentine, coworkers, friends or
                                                                                                       simply yourself and join us at the Capital Club
                 The Heinzerling
                                                                                                       on February 10 for an entertaining evening
                 Foundation Development
                                                                                                       of “A Taste of Fine Wines.” Enjoy a sampling
                 Board elected officers for
                                                                                                       of sparkling wines, light hors d’oeuvres,
                 2005 at its recent annual
                                                                                                       music and gift ideas for your Valentine.
                 meeting. Rick Wanner,
                 Executive Vice President
                 of Wanner Metal Worx,                                                                 Golf and Grill
Rick Wanner      Inc., was elected President.
                 Melody Chafin, owner
                                                                                                       “Fore” Heinzerling
                 of Corporate Services
                                                                                                       Great golf and a sunny fall day helped to
                 Consultants, was elected
                                                                                                       make the 2nd Annual Heinzerling Golf and
                 Vice President. The               Gala guests L. to R. Barbara Grabill, Jimmy Crum,   Grill a success. Held at the Grovebrook Golf
                 Development Board was             Lee Grabill, and Carlene Lok
                                                                                                       Club, nearly 50 golfers, men and women
                 established in 1995 to
                                                                                                       alike, enjoyed the outing. First place
                 facilitate fund-raising           All 350 attendees of the Grand Celebrity
                                                                                                       winners were Steve Beard,
Melody Chafin    events and to increase            Casino Gala, held at the Hilton Columbus,
                                                                                                       Bill McGowan and John
                 public awareness of               enjoyed fine food, an exciting casino, an array
                                                                                                       Noble. All
the Foundation and its programs.                   of silent and live auction items, and a special
                                                                                                       proceeds will help
                                                   tribute to Jimmy Crum and his late wife,
                                                                                                       to provide those
Other members include David Abromowitz,            Miriam. Nearly $150,000 was received in
                                                                                                       “extra items”
Kelly Borth, Tim Cadden, Jimmy Crum,               gross proceeds. A special thanks is extended
                                                                                                       such as
Jean Deutschle, Lee and Barbara Grabill,           to all guests, donors, sponsors, celebrities
Kathryn Heinzerling, John Hollback, Mark           and volunteers for helping to make this an
                                                                                                       equipment or
Ingram, Dave Kaylor, Karen Keller, Carlene         outstanding event.
                                                                                                       activities for
Lok, Mike Mulhern and Amanda Wood.
                                                                                                       the residents
                                                                                                       at Heinzerling.

                                                   the nutritional status of residents and takes       assessments and formulate an individualized
What We Do                                         into account any allergies and food likes           plan for each resident that defines what the
                                                   and dislikes. The nurses and the physcian           resident currently can do, what needs to be
The residents who live at the Heinzerling
                                                   evaluate the overall physical health of the         done to capitalize on the resident’s abilities
Foundation range in age from 16 months to
                                                   residents and determine appropriate                 and potential for growth (the goal), why this
83 years. Almost all of our residents fall
                                                   medications and treatments. The teachers            goal is important, how the goal is to be
somewhere within the range of severe to
                                                   assess the residents to determine their current     implemented, and who is responsible for
profound mental retardation. Those with
                                                   developmental status in the areas of sensory        working with the resident on the goal. The
severe mental retardation have IQ’s between
                                                   awareness, communication, social skills, and        direct care assistants are responsible for
25 and 40; those with profound MR have
                                                   activities of daily living such as bathing,         implementing these goals on a daily basis.
IQ’s 25 and under. IQ scores are determined
                                                   dressing, and toileting. If there are behavioral    This individual habilitation plan, better
after a psychological assessment has been
                                                   issues, the behavior specialists, in conjunction    known as the IHP, is reviewed every quarter
completed by a psychologist. But the IQ
                                                   with the psychologists, evaluate the residents      by the team and adjusted as necessary.
scores don’t tell the whole story about who
                                                   to determine the best way to address the
our residents are and what they can do. The
                                                   behaviors. The social worker evaluates the          Our residents have so many needs that
psychological evaluation is just one of a number
                                                   needs of the residents and their families.          cross so many disciplines. We firmly believe
of assessments that our residents receive.
                                                                                                       that the team approach is the best way to
                                                   When the assessments are completed, the             meet the complex needs of our residents
The therapists assess the residents to determine
                                                   interdisciplinary team meets to review all the      and ensure that we provide them with a
what their needs are in the areas of motor
                                                                                                       life worth living.
skills, positioning, feeding, swallowing, food
texture, and seating. The dietitian evaluates
                                                                The Heinzerling Foundation invites you to

“A Taste of FineWines”
                                                          February 10, 2005 • 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
                                                     The Capital Club • 41 South High Street, Columbus
                                                                      Come and enjoy with us a sampling of fine
                                                                        wines, light hors d’oeuvres, music and
                                                                            gift ideas for your Valentine.
                                                                        Cost: $30 per person or $50 per couple

                                                                       Proceeds will benefit the residents of the
                                                                              Heinzerling Foundation
                                                                     Please call 614.272.8888 for more information


      Heinzerling Foundation                                                                                         Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                      U.S. Postage
      1800 Heinzerling Drive
      Columbus, OH 43223-3698                                                                                         Permit #7120                                                                                            Columbus, Ohio



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