Heart Healthy Snack Ideas

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					                   Heart Healthy Snack Ideas
        Candyce Roberts MS,RD,CDE

   •   Heart healthy snack choices—those that help maintain weight, blood pressure and blood
       lipids –include whole fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, low fat proteins and fats that
       come from plants (nuts, olives, avocado, vegetable oils). These foods “work” for hearts
       because they’re rich in fiber, heart healthy fats, antioxidant nutrients, anti-inflammatory
       compounts and B vitamins.
   •   For Kids: To fit in the energy and nutrition kids need to grow, learn, and play, they need to
       eat frequently…3 balanced meals + 2-3 heart healthy snacks a day.
   •   For Grown-ups: Snacks are a natural way to incorporate foods known to lower blood
       pressure and cholesterol . Spacing food throughout the day also helps to maintain weight
       and blood glucose. Both are important for a healthy heart and vessels.
   •   The following heart healthy snack combinations are good choices for the whole family…

Easy High Fiber Snacks
   •   Peanut butter and jelly on 100% whole grain bread with 3 or more grams fiber/slice
   •   Edamame soy beans
   •   Old fashioned oatmeal with raisins and low fat milk
   •   Prunes
   •   Trail Mix: dried apricots, almonds, roasted soy nuts, dried mango
   •   Trader Joe’s Essentials Breakfast Cereal, Kashi Go Lean Crunch or Pumpkin & Flax Granola
   •   Homemade or purchased Three Bean Salad
   •   Baked Whole Grain Pita chips, bean dip and salsa
   •   Fruit kabobs: pineapple, grapes, kiwi, blueberries, strawberries, banana, peach
   •   Raw veggie plate and favorite low fat dressing/dip
   •   Open faced toaster oven sandwich: whole grain bread + low fat pepper jack
   •   Multi Grain Toaster Waffle with peanut butter
   •   Cup of Lentil Soup
   •   Cup of vegetarian chili
   •   Popcorn (air-popped)

Calcium-Rich Snacks
Pack into an insulated lunch box for work and commute snacks; keep on hand for healthy after
school snacks.

   •   Low fat string cheese and an apple
   •   Low fat milk and 1/2 toasted cheese sandwich
   •   Light vanilla yogurt + raspberries or blueberies
   •   Smoothie: 8th Continent vanilla soy milk + frozen berries
   •   Almonds and figs
   •   Peaches or pears + low fat cottage cheese
   •   Low fat cottage cheese mixed with celery, olives, bell pepper
   •   Akmak Crackers + low fat cheese + sliced avocado + sliced tomatoes
   •   Quesadilla made with corn tortilla + low fat cheese + beans + salsa
   •   Graham Crackers with ricotta cheese and banana slices
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                 Heart Healthy Snack Ideas (continued)

Deeply Colored “5-9 A Day” Snacks
It’s hard to get in the recommended 5-9 servings of heart healthy fruits and vegetables a day
unless you eat snacks. Here are some ideas…

      Small box of raisins + low fat string cheese
   •   Grapes, dried apricots or dates + toasted almonds
   •   Apple or orange + low fat string cheese
   •   Pear or banana + whole grain snack bar (look for 3 or more grams fiber)
   •   Sugar Snap Peas
   •   Applesauce + toasted almonds
   •   Red, Orange, Yellow Bell Pepper plain or with light dip
   •   Mixed Green Salad with light dressing
   •   Cherry Tomatoes
   •   Coleslaw with green and red cabbage
   •   Mango (fresh or frozen)
   •   Pineapple (fresh, canned in juice or frozen)
   •   Baby (or big) carrots
   •   Celery stuffed with peanut butter or light cream cheese and raisins
   •   Figs
      Cubed watermelon, cantaloupe or other orange melon
   •   Sugar free raspberry jello with canned pineapple or pears added
   •   Low sodium V-8 juice (hot or cold)

Lean Protein Snacks
Heart healthy protein foods are low in saturated fat. Read labels on cheeses and meats and select
varieties with 2 or fewer grams of saturated fat per serving.

   •   Low fat cheese (choose varieties with <2 g saturated fat per ounce) and crackers
   •   Low fat cottage cheese/cottage cheese with fruit, veggies or salsa
   •   “Light” Baby Bonbel Cheese/cheese with dried pineapple
   •   Jalepeno soy cheese/soft taco made with soy cheese
   •   Tuna in a pouch/tuna salad with whole grain crackers
   •   Sliced Turkey breast/turkey sandwich on whole wheat
   •   Soy based chicken nuggets with honey mustard
   •   Leftover pork tenderloin sandwich
   •   Fat free ham/ham sandwich on high fiber multigrain bread
   •   Baked Tofu/whole wheat pita with tofu and veggies
   •   Low fat milk with 1/2 peanut butter sandwich
   •   Low fat or fat free yogurt/milk and graham crackers with low fat ricotta cheese
   •   1/2 small whole grain bagel + tuna salad + cucumber slices
   •   Low fat protein bar (choose varieties with < 2 g saturated fat, 8-14 g protein, less than 200

Candyce Roberts MS,RD,CDE            Diabetes Consulting Services                925-600-0664
                     Heart Healthy Snacking (continued)

Snacks with Heart Healthy Fats
The best fats for heart health come from plants. Plant fats are low in saturated fat, rich in vitamin
E and other antioxidant nutrients. Because fats are calorie dense foods, eat moderate portions to
avoid weight gain.

   •   Peanuts
   •   Natural peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat bread or high fiber crackers
   •   Almonds
   •   Natural almond butter on celery, sprinkle with raisins
   •   Olives
   •   Sunflower seeds and dried apricots
   •   Pistachios
   •   Homemade bran muffin made with flaxmeal, whole wheat flour, nuts, canola oil
   •   Mixed green salad with 1/2 sliced avocado
   •   Veggie platter with light Caesar dressing as a dip
   •   Baked pita chips with hummus and guacamole
   •   Edamame soybeans
   •   Tuna sandwich with light mayonnaise
   •   Lox and wheat bagel
   •   Slice of salmon loaf
   •   Leftover brown rice pilaf with nuts and olives
   •   Nature’s Path Flax Plus Granola

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