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HDFS Newsletter _Spring 2009_


									                              H DF S NEWSLETTER
                                                           SPRING 2009

                                                                                              Editor: Heather King

Connecting With Local Communities
   H D F S G r a d S t u d e n t s Vo lu n t e e r a s P e n
  Pa l s W i t h E l e m e n ta ry s c h o o l C h i l d r e n
By Mary Lai                          and also do something to                                               Upcoming Events
                                     help others. I also knew                                             Community Outreach and
     Being in grad school
                                     that I couldn’t handle a                                             Social Activities
definitely has its perks (no,
                                     big time commitment.
really—I’m not kidding), but
                                                                                                          • Happy hour at Mad Mex
after two years of classes,                The ideal opportunity
reading, writing, analyzing,         presented itself as the
                                                                                                            (3/26, 5:30 p.m.)
and otherwise being com-             Nexus Pen Pal Program—                                               • HHD Iron Chef Competi-
pletely self-absorbed, I felt a      a collaboration since                                                  tion (3/28, 5:00 p.m.)
need to poke my head out             2002 between the Retired
of the sand and connect              & Senior Volunteer Pro-                                              • Curing Autism Now 5k
with “real” people (read: no         gram of Centre County                                                  race/3k walk (4/4)
                                                                          Howard Elementary
one in pursuit or possession         and the Bald Eagle Area
                                        School District. I heard                                          • Coaches vs. Cancer 5k
                                                                      elementary schools. The               walk/run (4/18)
                                        about it from graduating
                                                                      program is made possible
                                        student Lori Palen, who,
                                                                      through a community-wide            • YMCA Healthy Kids Day
                                        like a responsible Pen Pal,
                                                                      effort of 1 program coordi-           (4/18)
                                        wanted to find her re-
                                                                      nator, 8 school staff, and
                                        placement before she left                                         • Administrative Assistant’s
                                                                      325 adult Pen Pals. Accord-
                                        Penn State.
                                                                      ing to Shelley Miller, Special        Day (4/22)
                                          I attended the New          Projects Coordinator, the
                                        Volunteer Orientation
                                                                                                          Professional Activities
                                                                      children look forward with
                                        and learned that this         anticipation to the monthly         • HHD Research Forum
       Mountaintop Area Elementary
                                        award-winning, intergen-      letters from their Pen Pals           (3/25, 5:00 p.m., Chan-
                                        erational program re-         and to meeting them in per-           dlee)
                                        cently expanded to in-        son at the annual Meet &
of a PhD). I wanted to get           clude over 800 children at       Greet event in June.                • Colloquium - Dr. Jean-
involved in the local commu-         Wingate, Howard, Port                                                  Philippe Laurenceau
nities around State College                                               Continued on page 2
                                     Matilda, and Mountaintop                                               (3/26, 3:30 p.m., Living

  O t h e r C o m m u n i t y o u t r e ac h Ac t i v i t i e s                                           • Graduate Student Lunch
                                                                                                            with Dr. Laurenceau
By Corrie Beck                       rounding areas. There is a       are invaluable to people              (3/27, 12:00 p.m., S136
                                     wide variety of things to be     interested in volunteering            Henderson)
List of Volunteer Organiza-
                                     involved in and varying lev-     (;
                                     els of commitment – from a
      A list was compiled of         single hour to year round.       The volunteer information is
18 different volunteer or-           Each organization was con-       posted in the graduate stu-
ganizations and opportuni-           tacted to include the most       dent mailroom.
ties that are available in           up-to-date information. Two
                                                                          Continued on page 3
State College and the sur-           websites are included that
PAGE 2                                                                                                       HDFS NEWSLETTER

P e n PA L S - C o n t i n u e d f ro m pag e 1
     The benefits of the Nexus Pen Pal                                                                 What better way to learn about
program to the children involved are                   “THE
                                                          BENEFITS OF THE                         human development than by building
numerous says Marsha Sackash, Bald                  NEXUS PEN PAL PROGRAM                         relationships with children in the com-
Eagle Area Director of Elementary Edu-                                                            munity? Orientation sessions for new
                                                       TO THE CHILDREN
cation. “Our students have benefited                                                              volunteers are held in September. For
academically, with the letter writing                   INVOLVED ARE                              more info, contact:
activities....socially and emotionally by                NUMEROUS.”
                                                                                                  Shelley R. Miller
giving our children confidence and
                                                                                                  Special Projects Coordinator
someone to share things with. Positive
                                                                                                  Retired & Senior Volunteer Program of
                                                  the program certainly has a positive
                                                                                                  Centre County (RSVP)
                                                  effect on their writing skills and building
                                                                                                  420 Holmes St., Room 339
                                                  an interest in writing.”
                                                                                                  Bellefonte, PA 16823
                                                       Currently 12 HDFS grad students            Phone: (814) 355-6816
                                                  volunteer as Pen Pals: Amy Syvertsen,           Email:
                                                  Beth Hunt, Denille Bezemer, Emily
                                                  Doyle, Heather King, Jessica Heckert,
                                                  Laura Wray-Lake, Lauren Molloy, Liz
                                                  Manning, Mary Lai, Michelle Blocklin,
                                                  and Steph Anzman. Other Penn Staters
           Port Matilda Elementary                include Michael Cleveland (The Meth-
                                                  odology Center), Claudio Ortiz
role models are an important part of              (Prevention Center postdoc), and Nate
our school needs. [The program] truly             Walters (grad student in Crime, Law, &                      Wingate Elementary
gives our students a kind of support              Justice). According to Shelley, new
                                                                                                  Photos courtesy of Bald Eagle Area
that they don't get from a lot of adults—         adult Pen Pal volunteers are needed
                                                                                                  School District webpage
they receive the letters no matter what           every year to accommodate the de-
                                                                                                  ( accessed 18 March
they do or say. It is not based upon their        mand.
behaviors or academic achievement but

To p 1 0 t h i n g s to d o i n c e n t r a l PA i n t h e S p r i n g
By Steph Anzman                                     loop through the woods). This beach is        river-side (Kittatinny Canoes is one com-
                                                    often less crowded than more local            pany that offers such packages).
    Being a somewhat-native Pennsyl-                State Parks (although Bald Eagle, Black       1. Visit Punxsutawney, the land of Penn-
vanian, I decided to share my favorite              Moshannon, and Whipple Dam are all            sylvania's most famous groundhog! Of
Central PA activities for those of you              nice too!).                                   course, this trip is extra-special when it's
who enjoy taking a ride and exploring               4. Head to Tannersville, PA and do            on February 2nd, but Punxsutawney
someplace new. Most of these are 45                 some shopping! The Crossings outlet           actually has lots of groundhog-themed
minutes to 1 hour away.                             mall allows you to still enjoy some out-      events, such as 5K's, throughout the
                                                    doors time while shopping.                    spring and summer. Even if there are
10. Visit Reptiland in Allenwood, PA.               3. Take a scenic, country ride down           no special events, you can get your
9. Enjoy lunch at the Bullfrog Brewery              route 45 East for about an hour, and          picture taken next to groundhog stat-
in Williamsport, PA (they have some                 visit the Lewisburg Freez in Lewisburg,       ues, eat at a
delicious summer salads, and I've heard             PA. They have 20-something flavors of         groundhog-
good things about the burgers).                     soft serve, as well as lots of mix-ins for    themed
8. While in Williamsport, check out the             their signature Freez's. You can walk         diner, visit
Little League Hall of Fame, where you               around the cute, (very) small town            the ground-
just might find that one of our fellow              while you enjoy your frozen treat.            hog zoo
HDFSers is a hometown hero...                                           2. Okay, so this one is   where Phil
7. Visit Penn's Cave in Centre Hall,                                    more than an hour         and his wife
PA.                                                                     away, and I'm a little    Phyllis live,
6. Check out the Nittany Valley                                         biased because I'm        and buy lots
winery, not too far from State Col-                                     from here but... take a   of great sou-
lege (call ahead to sign up for a                                       weekend get-away to       venirs for
$5 tour, includes a wine glass and                                      the Poconos! Take a       your friends
tasting).                                                               rafting or canoeing       who wonder
5. Visit R.B. Winter State Park,                                        trip down the beauti-     what Penn-
                                             R. B. Winter State Park                                                      Punxsutawney Phil
where there is a lake, beach, and                                       ful Delaware River,       sylvania is
hiking trails (including a leisurely                                    and then go camping       like.
PAGE 3                                                                                                                  HDFS NEWSLETTER

O u t r e ac h Ac t i v i t i e s - C o n t i n u e d f ro m pag e 1
Habitat for Humanity – November 7,                      it was a big success with nearly every-               erous and the volunteers at the food
2008                                                    one excited about our next Habitat Day.               bank were really grateful for our efforts.
                                                                                                              This is a yearly activity that we hope can
     Many people volunteered to be a                    Visiting Senior Center – January 27,
                                                                                                              continue to grow.
part of the Habitat for Humanity’s day                  2009
of construction. We all arrived at the                                                                        Coats and Other Winter Gear Collection
                                                                        A small group of people (Rebecca
house on the north side of State College                                                                      – December, 2008
                                                                  Madill, Salem Wolk, Amanda Leggett,
on a Saturday morning and were met
                                                                  and I) drove together to the Bellefonte           Donated to the local Big Brother
with beautiful weather. Everyone en-
                                                                  Senior Center over the lunch hour on a      Big Sisters organization, we collected 10
joyed the break from school work and
                                                                  Tuesday afternoon. We weren’t really        winter coats and many other winter-
had a good time visiting with each
                                                                  sure what to expect, but I think we         weather gear such as gloves and
other and meeting new people. There
                                                                  were all very pleasantly surprised at       scarves. People really responded well to
were plenty of jobs to be done on the
                                                                  how the afternoon transpired. We sat        this, exceeding our expectations for the
construction site, so we all kept fairly
                                                                  down in their living room area and          number of donations. We received a
busy. Most people had no experience
                                                                  chatted with a few of the seniors there.    very heartfelt letter of thanks from the
                                                                            Since it was their game day we    group (see excerpts below).
                                                                            decided to join in and play
                                                                            Rummikub, which none of us
                                                                            knew how to play. Of course,
                                                                            the people were so nice and
                                                                            taught us the rules and some        “YOU WENT ABOVE AND
                                                                            insider’s tricks. We ended up      BEYOND BY GATHERING A
                                                                            staying 20 minutes past our
                                                                                                              WHOLE GROUP OF PEOPLE
                                                                            planned leaving time because
                                                                            we were having such a great       WITH A COMMON GOAL     -
                                                                            time. I can honestly say that I     TO HELP THE YOUTH IN
                                                                            genuinely enjoyed myself. The         OUR COMMUNITY.”
                                                                            women we met were fascinat-
                                                                            ing with wonderful stories of           “YOUR EFFOPRTS
                                                                            living in central Pennsylvania,
                                                                                                                  EXEMPLIFY WHAT BIG
From the left:: Beau Abar, Brittany Rhoades, Caitlin Abar, Stephanie Brad-  their families and life experi-
ley, and Laura Wray-Lake dig while volunteering for Habitat for Humanity    ences. The center’s coordinator     BROTHERS BIG SISTERS IS
                                                                            was very generous and wel-                ALL ABOUT.”
                                                                  coming. This was personally, my favor-
but that didn’t stop us from getting
                                                                  ite volunteer activity.                      “THANK   YOU FOR MAKING
involved in many different kinds of
work. Some of the many jobs were                                  Food Collection – November, 2008                A DIFFERENCE TO OUR
performed were hanging siding, dig-                                     We collected lots of food and gro-             FAMILIES.”
ging a ditch, being assistants for the                            cery gift cards for the local food bank
more experienced contractors there,                               this year. There were at least four huge
cutting siding and many more. Overall,                            boxes of items! Everyone was very gen-

                                                       Recipe: Baked Ziti Florentine
                                                                                                              1 cup part-skim ricotta cheese
                                                       By Steph Anzman                                        1 cup thawed frozen chopped spinach
                                                                                                              1 cup shredded part-skim mozzarella
                                                            I made this recipe (serves 6) for
                                                       some fellow HDFSers this semester, and
                                                       we all enjoyed it. This recipe serves as
                                                                                                                   Preheat the oven to 350 de-
                                                       comfort food just like typical baked ziti,
                                                                                                              grees. Cook pasta until al dente and
                                                       but is actually a bit healthier due to the
                                                                                                              drain. Place pasta in 13 x 9 baking
                                                       whole grain pasta, part-skim cheeses,
                                                                                                              dish. Add sauce and combine. Com-
                                                       and the addition of spinach!
                                                                                                              bine ricotta cheese and thawed spinach
                                                                                                              in a medium bowl. Add this to pasta
                                                       1 box of whole grain or whole wheat
                                                                                                              mixture and combine. Sprinkle shred-
Jessica Heckert helping out Habitat for Humanity.      penne, ziti, or rotini
                                                                                                              ded mozzarella on top of pasta. Bake
                                                       2 cups of marinara sauce (I love the
                                                                                                              until cheese is melted and mixture is hot
                                                       roasted garlic sauce at Wegman's!)
                                                                                                              and bubbly (30-40 minutes).
PAGE 4                                                                                HDFS NEWSLETTER

P e r s o n a l a n d P ro f e s s i o n a l A n n o u n c e m e n t s

              C o n g r at u l at i o n s O n Yo u r E n g ag e m e n t !

 Megan Ward and Ted
 Harvey got engaged in
 State College, PA in
 February 2008. They have
 a June 12, 2009 wedding
 planned in Ogunquit,
 Maine.                                                     Corrie Beck and Adam Laker were engaged
                                                            on August 2, 2008 in Stein am Rhein,
                                                            Switzerland. They will be married in
                                                            Indianapolis, Indiana on January 2, 2010.

                                                                                    Steph Anzman and Mike
                                                                                    Frasca got engaged on
                                                                                    August 8, 2008. They are
                                                                                    planning a June 19, 2010
                                                                                    wedding in Lewisburg, PA.

   Harshini Shah and Sudeep Nambiar were
   engaged in State College, PA on June 22,
   2008. The wedding will take place in India.

                                     Ac a d e m i c M i l e s to n e s
   Master’s Theses              Candidacy             Spring 2009                  Spring 2009
   Summer/Fall 2008             Summer/Fall 2008      • Sandra Abarca              • Joche Gayles
   • Sandra Abarca              • Steph Anzman        • Michelle Blocklin          • Melissa Lippold
   • Michelle Blocklin          • Molly Countermine   • Natasha Dmitrieva
   • Natasha Dmitrieva          • Jess Dollar         • Chris Fortunato            Doctoral Dissertations
   • Jess Dollar                • Kyungmin Kim                                     Fall 2008
   • Emily Doyle                • Heather King        Comps                        • Megan Baril
   • Allison Groenendyk         • Mary Lai            Fall 2008                    • Kelly Davis
   • Heather King               • Beth Riina          • Liz Cipriano               • Monique Faulk
   • Siwei Lui                  • Brandi Rollins      • Andrea Finlay
                                                      • Kristi Voegtline           Spring 2009
   • Pham Phuong                • Harshini Shah                                    • Alice Davidson
   • Anna Soli                  • Sara Vasilenko
   • Sara Vasilenko

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