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					                                                              YOUTH SPORTS
                         YOUTH BOWLING                                                         YOUTH KARATE
     Bowling                                                               Karate - Shorin Ryu
     Consists of one hour of supervised bowling fun. Sign up with          Traditional Okinawan techniques which include emphasis on
     your friends. It’s a great way to start the weekend! Bring an extra   formal exercise (Kata).
     $2.50 each week for lane fees. Shoes are free. There will be a        West
     free pizza party the last day!                                        SA            Ages 8-Adult                 10:00-12:00pm
     East-Dream Lanes, Madison                                                                                         M $40 P $80
     F              Grades K-2 Bumper Bowling             4:00-5:00pm      Youth Karate
     F              Grades 3-8                            4:00-5:00pm      Rookie
                                        Winter I only M $20 P $35          Northeast
     Bowling League                                                        Designed for first time student.
     Light instruction/team play. Improve skills, scores, and              M/W           Ages 7-12 Junior              3:30-4:10pm
     sportsmanship. We need parents to help instruct/coach. Starts         M/W           Ages 7-12 Junior              4:20-5:00pm
     Jan. 8. 9 weeks. An additional $2.25 weekly for lane fee. Please      M/W           Ages 4-6 Lil Dragon-C         5:10-5:50pm
     come 5 minutes before game. Deadline Jan. 6. Bowl 1 Game.             M/W           Ages 4-6 ‘Lil Dragon-B        6:00-6:30pm
     Northeast                                                                               B=Begining/ C=Continuing M $70 P $95
     Prairie Lanes - 430 Clarmar, Sun Prairie, WI
     F             Ages 7-14                                4:00pm         Novice/Continuing
                                                     M $21 P $37           Northeast
                                                                           Orange/yellow belts.
                                                                           M/W          Ages 7-12                      6:40-7:10pm
                     YOUTH FLOOR HOCKEY                                    Intermediate/Continuing
     Big Puckster Hockey League                                            Northeast
     This recreational league is designed to get your “big puckster”       Purple/green belts.
     excited about hockey. Your child will be taught the fundamentals      M/W           Ages 7-12                     7:20-7:50pm
     of hockey while emphasizing teamwork and fun! Times will                                                         M $70 P $95
     rotate weekly. Rosters and schedules mailed out the week before       Beginning
     the program starts.                                                   Northeast
     East                                                                  For beginner to advanced.
     TH             Ages 7-9                             4:00/4:45pm       M/W           Ages 13+                      8:00-8:50pm
                                     Winter I only M $24 P $48                                                        M $70 P $95
                                                                           Youth/Adult Competition Performance
                      YOUTH GYMNASTICS                                     Northeast
                                                                           F           Ages 7+                         6:00-6:40pm
     Gymnastics                                                                                                       M $30 P $40
     Ideal for budding gymnasts. Join the fun!
     Northeast                                                             Kobudo
     T             Ages 6-9                             6:30-7:30pm        Northeast
                                                       M $42 P $84         Designed for orange belts and above.
                                                                           F            Ages 7+                        6:50-7:20pm
                                                                                                                      M $30 P $40
                             YOUTH GOLF
     Junior Golf
     Junior Golfers will learn in a fun warm environment from
     PGA golf professionals and YMCA staff at Vitense Golfland.
     Week 1: Grip, stance, posture, intro full swing
     Week 2: Full swing with irons, intro to woods
     Week 3: Woods, intro to short game
     Week 4: Putting & etiquette
     Week 5: Miniature golf tournament
     Week 6: Video golf swing, break down each swing
     Week 7: Fun day, prizes, treats & miniature golf
     West- Vitense Golfland
     SU            Ages 6-12                         12:00-1:00pm
                                                    M $80 P $100                     Proud Sponsor of YMCA Programs

20           Winter I January 4 - February 28, 2010                               Winter II March 1 - April 25, 2010
                                                     YOUTH SPORTS
               YOUTH HOME SCHOOL                                                   YOUTH BASKETBALL
Home School Physical Education Class                              Friday Night Hoops
This co-ed physical education-based class is designed to keep     Get together for pick-up games every 1st, 2nd and 3rd Friday
home school students active. Some activities will include bas-    of the month! Must be in before 10:00pm. Cannot come and
ketball, soccer, floor hockey, baseball, kickball and organized   go. Must be playing basketball to be involved. Participants must
groups games.                                                     have a photo ID.
East                                                              West
TH             Ages 5-16                            2:00-3:00pm   F             Grades 5-12                      9:30pm-12:00am
West                                                                                                              M FREE P $3
TH             Grades K-5                           2:00-3:00pm        Rookies Basketball
                                                 M $21 P $31      Get ready for the basketball season. This fun class consists of
                                                                  structured drills and game activities. We use a junior-size ball
                                                                  and lower the hoops to 8 feet for ages 5-6 and 9 feet for ages
                    YOUTH SOCCER                                  7-9 so everyone can succeed!
     Rookies Indoor Soccer                                        M             Ages 5-6                            4:00-4:45pm
Instructors teach skills through fun games and scrimmage play.    M             Ages 7-9                            4:45-5:30pm
This exciting class allows for smaller teams and more one-on-     W             Ages 5-6                            4:00-4:45pm
one attention.                                                    W             Ages 7-9                            4:45-5:30pm
East                                                              West
TU             Ages 4-5                           4:00-4:45pm     T             Ages 5-6                            4:00-4:45pm
TU             Ages 6-7                           4:45-5:30pm     T             Ages 7-9                            4:00-4:45pm
                               Winter II only M $35 P $70         TH            Ages 5-6                            4:00-4:45pm
Northeast                                                         TH            Ages 7-9                            4:00-4:45pm
TH             Ages 4-5                           5:00-5:45pm                                                     M $40 P $65
TH             Ages 6-8                           5:45-6:30pm     YBA Co-ed Basketball
West                                                              The emphasis of this 7 week co-ed program will be on games,
M              Ages 4-5                           3:30-4:15pm     with one night of practice and 6 weeks of games. Starts week
M              Ages 6-7                           4:15-5:00pm     of January 4. Limited enrollment, sign up early! $10 early bird
                                                M $30 P $60       discount if registered before January 3. Times rotate between
                                                                  4:00 and 4:45pm.
                     YOUTH TENNIS                                 Northeast
                                                                  W             Grades K-1                          4:00/4:45pm
Rookies Indoor Tennis                                             F             Grades K-1                          4:00/4:45pm
Taught by professional tennis coach Harold Hardy, this beginner                                   Winter I only M $44 P $44
class will have your child learning the fundamentals of tennis.                                    (after Jan. 3) M $54 P $54
From swinging to serving, this is great class for first timers.
M              Ages 5-7                             5:00-6:00pm
M              Ages 8-12                            6:00-7:00pm
W              Ages 5-7                             5:00-6:00pm
W              Ages 8-12                            6:00-7:00pm
                                                  M $65 P $90

                                                                           Proud Supporter of YMCA Youth Sports
    Obstacles are those frightful
     things you see when you take                                          In the event of bad weather . . .
       your eyes off your goals.                                    Call the sports line an hour before the program starts.
                                                                                   East 221-1574 ext. 3065
                                                                                 Northeast 834-4373 ext. 6070
                        Henry Ford                                                West 276-6616 ext. 4068

              Online registration pilot coming November 23! Visit to participate.                             21
                                                     YOUTH BASKETBALL CONT.
     March Mania                                                           March Mania Basketball Leagues
     Northeast                                                             Begins in February for 6 weeks. Program emphasizes team work,
     Grades K-1 Boys & Girls League                                        fair play, equal participation and most of all, fun. Majority of the
     Monday nights. Practice and/or games will be either 6:00pm            time will be spent in game situations. Times will rotate weekly.
     or 7:00pm depending on rotating schedule.                             (Start dates and times vary; please check the brochure).
     Grades 2-3 Boys League                                                East
     Practice held at coach’s discretion.                                  Co-ed Grades K-1                       SA
                                                                           9:15/10:00/10:45/11:30am                              East YMCA
     Grades 2-3 Girls League
     Practice at coach’s discretion. Games will be either 6:00pm or        Boys Grades 2-3                SA
     7:00pm depending on rotating schedule.                                9:15/10:00/10:45/11:30am/12:15pm                      East YMCA
     Grades 4-5-6 Boys League                                              Girls Grades 2-3                       SA
     Practice held during the week and games on Saturday mornings.         11:30am/12:15/1:00/1:45pm                             East YMCA
     Whenever possible teams will be divided by grade.                     West
                                                                           Co-ed Grade K                          SA
     Grades 4-5-6 Girls League
                                                                           8:00/9:00/10:00/11:00am                              West YMCA
     Practice and games will be either 6:00pm or 7:00pm depending
     on rotating schedule. Additional practices will be scheduled during   Co-ed Grade 1                          SA
     the week. Whenever possible teams will be divided by grade.           8:00/9:00/10:00/11:00am                              West YMCA
     Grades 7-8 Boys League                                                Girls Grades 2-3                       M
     Practice and games will be either 6:00, 7:00 or 8:00pm depending      5:00/6:00/7:00/8:00pm                               Location TBA
     on rotating schedule.                                                 Boys Grades 2                          TH
     Grades 7-8 Girls League                                               5:00/6:00/7:00/8:00pm                               Location TBA
     Monday night league. Practice will be at coach’s discretion.          Boys Grades 3                          T
                                                                           5:00/6:00/7:00/8:00pm                                West YMCA
      Look for more information coming in January.                                  Register by Feb. 2 for Early Bird Fee M $36 P $52
                                                                                                        Beginning Feb. 3 M $46 P $62

                                                                                   Level 2 Spring League
                                                                           This 5 week league is a extention of the level 2 basketball season
                                                                           for 4-5 grade boys. One practice a week set up by coach and one
                                                                           game per weekend. WIAA Refs are used. Practice begins week
                                                                           of March 1. Game weekends run March 5-April 10.
                                                                           Please see brochure for more info.                 M $60 P $80

                                                                             Sports league registration begins Nov. 23, 2009.

                                                                            YOUTH SPORTS PHILOSOPHY
                                                                            The Youth Sports program at the YMCA of Dane County
                                                                            gives elementary-aged boys and girls the opportunity
                                                                            to learn sports skills in a supervised, low-competitive
                                                                            environment. We believe that participating in sports
                                                                            should be FUN and that every player should have an
                                                                            EQUAL OPPORTUNITY to play. The emphasis of our
                                                                            practices is on the DEVELOPMENT OF SKILLS. We want
                                                                            to take the pressure off the kids and let them enjoy youth
                                                                            sports. Parent SUPPORT is encouraged as opposed to
                                                                            parent PRESSURE on the kids to be perfect.

22           Winter I January 4 - February 28, 2010                                Winter II March 1 - April 25, 2010