freshiicatering Yonge + St. Clai by pengxiuhui


									freshiicatering                                                                        Yonge + St. Clair
                                                                                       1560 Yonge St (just north of St. Clair)

web                                 phone                              fax                              email                416 944 2300                       416 944 2310           
company name:                                                          contact name:

telephone:                                 fax:                                              email:

order date:                    delivery date:                  time:           pick up       freshii champion email
                                                                               delivery      orders over $150 qualify for free lunch
delivery address:

method of payment:           cash         visa      master card             amex            corporate account
name on card:                              card number:                                                                  expiry:

   keep my info on file to make future ordering faster                   please contact me to setup a corporate account

starters __ x fruit bowl 28.00 __ x vegetable + dip 22.00                                       __ x multigrain pita + dip 15.00
                                                  dip: __________________                       dip: __________________

wrap platters              __ x deluxe 12 wrap platter 80.00 6 kinds __ x assorted 12 wrap platter 75.00 4 kinds

side salads          23.00
__ x garden crunch                  __ x asian gourmet                 __ x 7 vegetable                __ x apple cranberry toss

group sized chef designed salads                           35.00
__ x bbq chicken             __ x dagwood      __ x centurion                          __ x antiox crunch __ x cajun chicken
__ x wild pacific            __ x naked caesar __ x asian chop                         __ x protein       __ x freshii cobb

group rice bowls              22.00             __ x zen           __ x warrior chicken                   __ x chicken teriyaki

salad bar       12.00 / person
pick 2              pick 4 veggies: pick 1 dairy: ______________                                          pick 2 dressings:
greens:             _______________                                                                       __________________
________            _______________ pick 1 dry topping: _____________                                     __________________
________            _______________ pick 1 protein: ________________
                    _______________                                                                       number of people = __

combos        11.00 / person                                                       mix and match a meal, snack, and drink
__ x bliss bowl                      __ x warrior chicken bowl               __ x chicken teriyaki bowl            To label bagged lunches
__ x bangkok burrito                 __ x signature burrito                  __ x vegetable burrito                with names, attach
__ x tuna garden wrap                __ x buffalo chicken wrap               __ x turkey cobb wrap                 separate sheet. Drink can
__ x bbq chicken salad               __ x asian chop salad                   __ x cajun chicken salad              be water or pop. Snack
__ x spicy lemongrass soup           __ x southwestern chicken soup          __ x asian vegetable soup             must be under $2

__ x _____________________                 __ x _____________________                                 __ x coke         __ x diet coke
__ x _____________________                 __ x _____________________                                 __ x water        __ x ginger ale
__ x _____________________                 contact store for available drink + snack list             __ x              __ x root beer

please include enough eco-friendly utensils, plates, and complimentary multigrain flatbread for                     (#) people
starters       perfect to share, each serves 12 appetizers
fruit bowl 28.00 a big bowl of seasonal fresh cut fruit
vegetable + dip 22.00 a big bowl of seasonal fresh cut veggies we suggest: ranch dressing
multigrain pita + dip 15.00 multigrain pita slices served with your choice of dip

wrap platters           wrapped in whole wheat flatbread
deluxe 12 wrap platter 80.00 (6 kinds) buffalo chicken, vegan, turkey cobb, signature, bangkok, fiesta
assorted 12 wrap platter 75.00 (4 kinds) buffalo chicken, tuna garden, signature, bangkok

side salads           23.00 each serves 8 side dishes
asian gourmet                 spinach, carrots, edamame, bean sprouts, mandarin oranges, cucumbers, sunflower seeds
                              we suggest: asian sesame dressing
7 vegetable                   freshii mix, broccoli, sweet corn, diced tomatoes, roasted peppers, chick peas, carrots,
                              cucumbers we suggest: balsamic vinaigrette
apple cranberry toss          freshii mix, green apple, mushrooms, carrots, dried cranberries
                              we suggest: balsamic vinaigrette
garden crunch                 spinach & romaine mix, diced tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, red onions, croutons
                              we suggest: ranch dressing

group sized chef designed salads                          35.00 serves 3 entrees or 8 side dishes
see our regular menu for salad options

group rice bowls               22.00 serves 3 entrees or 8 side dishes
zen                           warm brown rice, grilled tofu, diced tomatoes, bean sprouts, edamame, cilantro
                              we suggest: warm peanut sauce
warrior chicken               warm brown rice, cajun chicken, sweet corn, diced tomatoes, carrots
                              we suggest: ranch dressing
teriyaki crunch               warm brown rice, spinach, broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, bean sprouts
                              we suggest: warm teriyaki sauce

salad bar      12.00 /person we supply everything you need to get creative
using our menu: choose 2 types of lettuce, 4 vegetable toppings, 1 protein, 1 dairy, 1 dried topping, 2 dressings

combos          11.00 /person complete meal packs (mix and match one entree, snack, and drink from the list below)
   entrees                                                                                snacks                              Drinks
   bliss bowl                tuna garden wrap           spicy lemongrass soup             granny smith apple, madeira mix     water
                                                                                          yogurt raisins, spiced pecans
   warrior chicken bowl      buffalo chicken wrap       southwestern chicken soup         salt/pepper omega3 almonds
   chicken teriyaki bowl     turkey cobb wrap           asian vegetable soup              wasabi peas, terra root chips,      diet coke
   bangkok burrito           bbq chicken salad                                            rice works assorted flavors         ginger ale
   signature burrito         asian chop salad           (see our regular menu for                                             root beer
                                                                                          we update our snack line-up often
                                                        ingredient details)
   vegetable burrito         cajun chicken salad                                          contact the store for details

This menu + form are available for download at in printable pdf format or as a fully functional word form.
You can fax, e-mail, or phone your order. You can still order from the old menu. Delivery is free on orders over $50.
Catering orders require 24hrs notice, but we’ve been known to make exceptions. Cancelations require 24hrs notice.
All items packed with recommended dressing unless specified. All salads packed with dressing on the side unless specified.

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