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									 How to shop with
your WIC vouchers
          Welcome to WIC

WIC teaches you about good nutrition and gives
       you vouchers for healthy foods.
              At the clinic

                                     Sally Swift

•   Get your WIC ID card.
•   Get your vouchers.
•   Get your Food List and WIC Folder.
          Your WIC ID card

•   Sign your WIC ID card at the clinic.
•   Always bring your WIC ID card with you
    to the store and the clinic.
         Sample vouchers

  Standard               Fruit & Veggie

     WIC provides 2 types of vouchers:
standard voucher and fruit & veggie voucher.
               Check the dates

•   You might get vouchers for more than one month.
•   They cannot be used before the First Day to Use.
•   Vouchers expire after the Last Day to Use.
      Your WIC foods

Standard             Fruit & Veggie

   Check the voucher(s) to see the
  foods and amounts you can buy.
       Combine your
fruit and veggie vouchers
                If your family has
               multiple fruit and
               veggie vouchers
                  for the current
                 month, you may
              combine them to pay
                for your total fruit
                    and veggie
      Combining multiple
   fruit and veggie vouchers
      Fruit and Veggie Voucher         Fruit and Veggie Voucher
                 Pregnant mom                              Child
      $8.00             August       $6.00               August

                  Fruit and Veggie Voucher Value

Use them together to buy your fruits and
         veggies that month!
             Use it or lose it

•   You don’t have to buy everything on your
    voucher, but you can only use it once.
•   No substitutions or rain checks.
         Keep vouchers safe

•   Treat your vouchers like cash.
•   Lost vouchers are not replaced.
   Food List and Vouchers

Use them together to buy the right foods.
                  Food List

•   The food list shows you which foods
    are allowed and which are not.
•   Make sure you get a Food List today!
                      You can choose a
                       second signer

WIC ID cards
with more than 2
signatures will not
be accepted.

            This person can bring your child to
           WIC appointments, pick up vouchers
                    and shop for you.
        Teach your second signer

•   Teach them how to shop with WIC vouchers.
•   If they are going to pick-up your vouchers at the clinic,
    they will need the WIC ID card and another form of ID.
                      Shop at a WIC
                     authorized store
Not all authorized
                                        You cannot buy
stores will have a
                                        WIC foods at a
WIC sign.
Ask the store if                        Pharmacies only
they take WIC                           accept vouchers
before shopping.                        for formula.

      Make sure you bring your:
      1. WIC ID card
      2. Vouchers for the right dates
      3. Food List
Check Food List and voucher

                               Some stores use
                               these shelf tags.
                               Always check your
                               Food List, too.

Foods must be listed on the Food List
        and your voucher.
              Fruits and veggies

Fresh                           Frozen
•   Whole, pre-cut, shredded,   •   Whole, cut or mixed
    or packaged                 •   Any brand and variety
•   Yams and sweet potatoes     •   Frozen beans (like lima
    (no other potatoes)             beans, edamame and
                                    black-eyed peas) are OK
•   Salad and greens in a bag
•   Organic is OK
         Whole grains:
     100% whole wheat bread

•   Loaf of bread, any brand
•   Must say “100% whole wheat” on the label
             Whole grains:
             other options

Soft corn tortillas       Brown rice
•  Any brand              •  Any brand
•  Yellow or white corn   •  Bulk is OK
•  Bulk is OK
   Add up to the amount listed on
           your voucher

         16 oz         +         16 oz       = 32 oz

        24 oz          +       8 oz (bulk)   = 32 oz

Tip: Mix and match your whole grains.

    Cold                     Hot
12 ounce box            11.8 ounce box
  or larger                or larger
          Add up to 36 ounces (oz)
                   or less

16 + 20 = 36 oz
16 + 16 = 32 oz
12 + 12 + 12 = 36 oz

 Tip: You can buy cold and hot cereals together.

•   One dozen
•   White, large chicken eggs

•   Any brand
•   Buy the kind of milk and container size listed
    on your voucher

 Frozen (11.5 or 12 oz) or
plastic bottled juice (64 oz)

•   1 pound (lb) block only (16 oz = 1 lb)
•   Any USA brand
•   Cheddar, Colby, Colby-Jack, Cheddar-Jack,
    Monterey Jack or Mozzarella
         Peanut butter or beans


•   16 to 18 oz size        •   1 pound (lb) only
•   Any brand               •   1 lb = 16 oz
                            •   Any brand
                            •   Bulk is OK
                 Canned fish
         (for fully breastfeeding women only)

     Up to 30 oz total, water packed only
Tuna                          Pink Salmon
•  5 oz can or larger         •  14.75 oz can only
•  Any brand                  •  Any brand
                Baby food:
           fruits & vegetables
              (for 7-12 month old infants)

•   4 oz jars only
•   Only Beech-Nut, Gerber, and Nature’s Goodness
•   Mixed fruits and vegetables are OK
               Baby food: meat
      (for fully breastfed 7-12 month old infants only)

•   2.5 oz jars only
•   Only Beech-Nut, Gerber, and Nature’s Goodness
•   May contain broth or gravy
              Infant cereal
           (for 7-12 month old infants)

•   8 oz size or larger
•   Add up to the ounces listed on the voucher
•   Only Beech-Nut, Gerber, or Nature’s Goodness
Buy your foods

       •   Separate WIC foods
           from non-WIC
       •   Group foods by
   Use store discount cards
          or coupons

$ This saves the WIC Program money. $
  Tip: Buy one get one free items ARE allowed!
Give WIC ID card to checker

Have your card ready before the checker
     starts ringing up your WIC foods.
The Food List answers questions
 about which foods are allowed
  Check the amount on your
        WIC voucher

Make sure the checker writes the correct
      total amount before you sign.
    On your fruit and veggie

The amount the cashier writes should equal what
   you purchased, but should not go over the
        maximum value of your voucher.
    If your fruit and veggie purchase
      goes over the voucher value...

•   You may pay the difference with cash, debit, credit or an
    Oregon Trail card.
•   Let the checker know which fruits and veggies you’d like
    to put back so your purchase meets the value of the
  No change given with the
  fruit and veggie voucher

If your fruit and veggie purchases are less
than the value of your voucher, the cashier
         will not give you change.
             If you can’t find
             what you need:

•   Ask a clerk for help.
•   Go to a different store or call your WIC clinic.
Sign your voucher
Signatures must match

 The checker makes sure that your
signature matches the WIC ID card.
       You’re done!

Get your WIC ID card and receipt
      back from the checker.
Shopping with WIC should be a
      good experience!

 Call your WIC clinic if this is not the case.
     Follow the WIC Program

•   Do not make changes to your vouchers.
•   Do not ask for foods that are not listed on
    your vouchers.
•   Never sell your vouchers or WIC foods.
•   You cannot exchange WIC foods for cash
    or other items.
•   Do not use a voucher that you told your
    WIC clinic was lost or stolen.
      Go to your WIC clinic if:

•   You need to change the second signer on
    your WIC ID card.
•   You lose your WIC ID card.
     Talk to your WIC counselor if:

You have questions or concerns about your WIC foods.
For your next set of vouchers…

Come to your WIC appointment during the month
  you spend your last vouchers and learn more
             about healthy eating.
WIC: Nutrition for you
  and your family

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