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September 13, 2005
6:00 P.M.

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Roll Call

4. Minutes

5. Payment of Bills

6. Public Comments (5 minutes)

       a. Jean Laucks – Kaltreider Benfer Library
       b. Marjorie Franek
       c. William Traum – Pine View Lane
       d. Lou Tateosian
       e. Susan Kallstrom
       f. Kelly Karpulk

7. Presentations (10 minutes)

       a. John Aulbach
       b. Tim Pasch – Grove Estates
       c. Attorney Howard Kelin – York County School of Technology
       d. Terry Hinze – EMA plan

8. PUBLIC HEARING 7:00 p.m.

       Rezoning – Powder Mill Partners
       Zoning and SALDO Amendments
       Urban Growth Boundary Amendment

 9. Commissioner’s Agenda

10. Township Manager’s Agenda

11. Public Works

12. Recreation Dept.

13. Engineer’s Agenda

       a.      Troy and Tammy Leiphart Subdivision

14. Solicitor’s Agenda

15. Adjourn/Recess
                                     Manager’s Agenda

We’ve received notification from the York County Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
that it is very important that individuals and agencies do not self dispatch or respond without
proper authorization. At this time there has not been a request from York County, except for
American Red Cross personnel. If there is a need for materials or services, the OEM will
publicize the request. The county office will then coordinate resources with PEMA and
FEMA. Financial contributions can be made online at or contact the York
County Red Cross Chapter at 845-2751.

GOOD NEWS! – The actual revenue collected from the Earned Income Tax for calendar year
2004 exceeded our budgeted amount by $155,092.23. The additional funds were distributed to
us in August.

Each year we’re required by the State Auditor General’s Office to inform the Board and the
public of the amount of the Minimum Municipal Obligation for the pension plan. The amount
due for 2006 is $283,638. This is a decrease of about $650 from the 2005 figure.

Brad Hengst our SEO has requested that we adopt a resolution establishing a policy requiring
appropriate ground water studies when a waiver is requested for well isolation distances from
an on-lot septic system pursuant to Title 25 of the PA Administrative Code. A copy of the
proposed resolution has been provided.

Richard Cerutti, was the tenant at the property located at Prospect and Chambers Road. Prior
to the Township acquiring the property, the Beach House Partnership had Mr. Ceruti evicted
from the property. The property was then to be conveyed to the township in a “broom clean”
condition. Mr. Cerutti was evicted in July. On August 3rd, the Court of Common Pleas
ordered Mr. Cerutti to remove his personal possessions by August 15, 2005. Mr. Cerutti did
not remove the items. On August 29th, the Court of Common Pleas granted possession of the
remaining personal items to the Beach House Partnership who conveyed them to York
Township on August 30th. Mr. Cerutti has now requested the Board of Commissioners to
provide him access to the property for several days to remove “personal items”. I would
encourage the Board of Commissioners to contact me and personally visit the property so that
you can make an informed decision regarding this matter.

Jane Coy has contacted us regarding a lost check that she made out to the Township for real
estate taxes. She originally paid the taxes at the discount amount but the check was lost in the
mail. Diane Berkheimer refused to accept the check at the discount amount and Ms. Coy is
requesting that the Board of Commissioners waive the penalty.

NIMS Update – We recently received an update from the NIMS Integration Center. The
“Alert” for NIMS Compliance and Day to Day Operations provided additional detail on the
effect of adopting NIMS on disaster grant funding. According to the alert “Beginning Oct. 1,
2005, all recipients of federal preparedness funds must adopt and use NIMS as a
condition of receipt of the FY06 preparedness assistance funding. The alert goes on to say
that this doesn’t just include funds from the Dept. of Homeland Security but from all federal
departments and agencies “although there is no linkage between post disaster assistance
funds and NIMS compliance. Our previous understanding was that failure to adopt NIMS
affected all federal grant funding.
The York Area Council of Governments dinner meeting will be held Thursday, September 29th
at the Red Lion Community Building, 190 S. Charles St., Red Lion. Invitations are for the
Board, Managers and Secretaries of all member municipalities. Reservations are due Friday,
September 9th if you plan to attend.

The Local Government Advisory Committee meeting is Thursday, September 22nd in Hanover.
The speaker will address issues regarding housing affordability in the County. Reservations
are due Wednesday, September 14th if you plan to attend.

The Central PA Assoc. of Township Commissioners – Fall Conference will be held Oct. 14 –
16th at the Split Rock Resort in the Poconos. The reservation deadline is Thursday, September
15th if you plan to attend.
   TO:                    York Township Board of Commissioners
   FROM:          Scott A. DePoe, Director of Public Works
   DATE:          May 14, 2010
   RE:                    Department of Public Works – August 2005 Report

 I. Roadway Infrastructure – Tree trimming and setting inlet tops to grade on Blymire. Paved South Pleasant
    Avenue ext., Blymire Rd., Aldinger Rd., and a portion of Park St. Post paving work on the above mentioned
    roads. Miscellaneous guide rail repair on Honey Valley, Walnut St., and at the end of Jonquil. Utilizing the
    asphalt zipper, base repair was done at Lyn Circle, Waters Rd., Crescent Rd., South Franklin St., and Camp
    Betty Washington (sewer related). Replaced damaged inlet top on Ark Dr. Cleaned debris, silt and standing
    water from the Powder Mill Rd detention pond. Removed, replaced and upgraded a damaged pipe crossing on
    Pine Grove Rd. Installed 60 lf of 36” pipe, two precast end walls, 20 lf of 15” pipe, paved and restored the
    surrounding area. Removed, replaced and upgraded a damaged pipe crossing on Locust Hill Rd. Installed
    40 lf of 18” pipe, one catch basing paved and restored the surrounding area. Repaired a damaged section of
    parking lot for the Goodwill Fire Department. Worked around the municipal complex spreading topsoil, seed
    and mulch. In addition to the above, routine activities such as sign maintenance, crack sealing, roadside
    mowing, and monthly brush chipping took place.

II. Grounds Maintenance - Nothing out of the ordinary. Activities such as mowing, fertilizing, mulching,
    weeding, trimming, drainage, etc. at all Township owned facilities. Note that soccer field #2 will be taken out
    of service to repair a significant low spot and portions of the walking trail will be regarded and paved to
    eliminate drainage problems and washout during and after rain events.

III. Sanitary Sewer – Subcontracted Infratech Industries to pressure test and repair sewer mains and lateral joints.
     Repairs are accomplished by injecting grout at joints where leaks were observed. This work is being done on
     the clay pipes thru out the Township. These mains were previously televised and found to be potentially
     defective. The sewer staff has been accompanying the subcontractor for the past month on this task.
     Completed the outside upgrades to the Honey Valley pump station. The fence is installed along with the yard
     stabilization. Addressed a minor electrical malfunction at the Keyway pump station. Quarterly preventative
     night maintenance at the South Queen/Springwood and South Queen/Country Club Rd. corridors.

IV. Development Inspections – Continue as required at CVS, Sheetz, Chanticleer, Stone Hill, Hunt club, York
    County School of Technology, etc.

 V. Miscellaneous:
   a. Re-issued the notice to proceed for the Tyler Rub/Interceptor G sewer projects on 8/2. No construction
      activity during the month. A change in construction method resulted in a $63,000 reduction in the contract
      price. Anticipate construction to start the week of September 12th. Property owners have been notified.
   b. Traffic signal put into operation at the intersection of South George/Monument/Old Baltimore Pike.
   c. Preparing to demolish the house at corner of Chambers and SR00124. Inspected the premises (inside and
      out) and found it full of debris and trash. Some of the items have value and others do not. Will begin
      demolition as soon as this issue is resolved. Contacted some of the utility companies to start the process on
      disconnecting the services.
   d. Advertised to sell miscellaneous property remaining from the 2460 Fitzkee Lane facility. Sealed bids are
      being received and opened on September 13, 2005 at 11:00 am and 1:00 pm respectively. A bid tabulation
      with resolution will be prepared for the Board to act upon.
   e. Received the NIMS (National Incident Management System certification.
   f. Received a letter from Hantz Enterprises offering the Cider Ridge Storm water Basin to the Township.
Presented by Debra Hatley, Director

    The 2005 Fall/2006 Winter York Township Newsletter was mailed in late August and we have had a great response!
      Registration filled up quickly for the Pee Wee Soccer program and we have even added another session. The
      Ballerina Bells class is also full. The Gymkids Sports program was full even before the newsletter was sent out, so
      it was not included in the newsletter.
    We had 10 youths attend our Red Cross Babysitter’s Training Course on August 11, 2005.
    The Summer Bocce League concluded on August 22 with a tournament. Congratulations to Debra Hatley, Jim
      Hackett, Jim LoBianco, and Dan Gulick for finishing in 1 place. We had inquiries from the participants as to whether
      or not we were going to hold a spring league.
    The Adult Summer Sand Volleyball League had its Championship Game on Thursday, September 1, with the Gym
      Dogs claiming the summer league title.
    The Yard Sale was a great success, with a total of 82 registered vendors.
    The Summer Concert in August with the Red Lion/Felton band was held on August 28 with over 80 people in
      attendance. This was the last concert of the summer.

August Rentals
    York Township Park Pavilion #1—8
    York Township Park Pavilion #2—20
    York Township Park Building—25 rental dates; 36 department dates
    York Township Park Gazebo—2
    York Township Sand Volleyball Courts—2 (Special Olympics)
    Fitz Park Pavilion—1
    Heritage Hills Park Pavilion—1
    Picnic Bag Rentals—9

Upcoming Events/Programs
    September 1-December 16—Canned Food Drive at the Township Office.
    September 19—FREE Mat Pilates Demonstration at 10:15 a.m. at the Park Building.
    September 23—Proper Skin and Hair Care for Teens at 1 p.m. in the Training Room at the Township Office.
    September 27—FREE Medicare Information Seminar at 7 p.m. in the Training Room at the Township Office.
    October 13—York Township Fall Golf Tournament at 7:30 a.m. at Heritage Hills Golf Resort.

Park Repairs/Projects
    There have been several developments with the Stump property. There is the possibility of having the land re-
       appraised to allow for the maximum value of the grant awarded by DCNR to be used. But to achieve a fair appraisal
       for smaller acreage, the appraiser, Mary McCleary, would need to know how much acreage would be bought. She
       could do the appraisal for approximately $800-$900, if she does not have to do too much new research. We are
       currently looking at purchasing between 10-15 acres and seeking an option on the remaining acreage. There is a
       meeting set with Terry Stump on September 21, 2005 at 10 a.m. at the Township Office.
    Dallastown Area School District (DASD) held its facility allocation meeting on Tuesday, September 6. Debra and
       Monica attended to reserve space for the department’s fall/winter programs.
    The Dallastown Communities that Care organization met on Friday, September 2 at 8:30 a.m. at the DASD Office.
       Debra attended to announce plans to form a Youth Council.
    Debra spoke with Lisa Frye regarding the timeline for the extension of Sharon Avenue through Fitz Park. Lisa
       indicated that there was no timeline put forward by the Township and one has not been provided by Kinsley
       Construction at this time. Lisa suggested that the Kinsley may be looking to complete Sharon Avenue before the
       realigning began on Camp Betty Washington Road. Again, there is no timeline currently available.
    The Tot Lot for York Township Park has been ordered and is expected at the end of the month.