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                                   a toast which means “to your health” & “the deal is done”

                      We offer unlimited Natura filtered water for the table: Still $1 or Sparkling $2

       We care about your experience at t’afia; if you are unsatisfied with anything during your time with us,
                please ask to speak to our manager, Tino, immediately so he can take care of you.

                                         LOCAL MARKET TASTING MENU
   items on the menu may be combined, with the dessert below, for a 5-course local market tasting menu for $45
                      add a texas wine with each course (3 oz pour) for an additional $20
                                           pumpkin cheesecake, bourbon cream 8.

  herb & salt-roasted nuts                       4.
  organic edamame, gomaishio                     5.                  chickpea fries, red curry ketchup                         7.
  castelvetrano olives                           5.                   sashimi tempura nori roll, orange chili sauce            9.
                                                                      white anchovies, roasted red bell peppers
 cleveland goat cheese, meyer lemon                                    & caper berries                                        8.
     marmalade                    8.                                  medjool dates stuffed with chorizo,
                                                                        wrapped in bacon                                       3. ea

                                                       small plates
                                                                       mixed lettuces, garlic goat sandwich, pickled radish,
 cauliflower & smoked shiitake soup                    8.              hazelnuts, sherry walnut vinaigrette         8.
  red potato soup with napa cabbage                      7.            beets & baby frisee, cambazola, candied walnuts, orange
                                                                         vinaigrette                                       8.
  shrimp bisque                                          7.
                                                                       endive & cremini mushroom, bleu cheese, spicy pecans,
 spicy ribs, warm greens                               8.               white balsamic-white truffle vinaigrette         9.
  real ale brown ale-battered creminis,                                portobello stew, cashew & walnut croquettes             14.
    soy ginger sauce                                     7.
                                                                       mediterranean bowl: hummous, red pepper puree & baba
  avocado “sashimi,” almond sambal                       8.              ghanoush with lavender-black pepper pizzette  12.
  turkey chili with the works                            10.           fra‟mani salami nostrano, accompaniments                 9.

                jolie vue veal cutlet, yellow corn grits, blue cheese honey sauce                                   25.
                    chermoula scallops, bulghur, lemon sauce                                                         23.
                    pistachio-crusted wild salmon, warm greens, mandarin sauce                                       23.
                    crisp flat buddy‟s chicken, milled potatoes, salsa verde                                         20.
                    balsamic caramel beef cubes, peppers & onions, sticky rice, shaved coconut                       20.
                    the burger: ribeye & sirloin patty, cheddar cheese,
                      lavender-black pepper pizzette, lemon aioli, shoestring potatoes                               15.
                    market chopped salad: a big salad with lots of local vegetables,
                     baby garbanzos & artisan salami                                                                 14.

  proteins                           +            sides                     7.             +         sauces
  charred creminis with marinated tofu 15.       beets with saba & candied walnuts                   blossom butter
  ancho chili-agave glazed chicken 16.           swiss chard, roasted garlic & lemon                 herb aioli
  grilled scallops                     16.       carrots with sundried tomatoes,                     lemon butter
  sorghum-cured pork loin              16.           pepperoncinis & celery                          lime-soy mignonette
  wild salmon                          20.       milled kennebec potatoes                            dukkah
  gulf shrimp & sausage brochettes 20.           mac & cheese                                        sweet-hot mustard
  yellowfin tuna, miso-marinated       30.       red potatoes, bacon, maple & nutmeg                 spicy aioli
  beef filet                           30.       brussels sprouts gratin                             red russian dressing
  spiced lamb chops/3                  30.       zucchini „linguini‟ mascarpone, lemon
                                                 dal with broccoli & dukkah

                  Chef Monica Pope‟s online, interactive cookbook, Eat Where Your Food Lives, now available!
                                 Ask your server or purchase at www.ChefMonicaPope.com
                                                   EAT WHERE YOUR FOOD LIVES          TM

                          20% service fee added to tables of 5 or more; no separate checks for parties of 5 or more
                 executive chef/owner: monica pope      www.tafia.com 3701 travis – houston – tx – 77002        713-524-6922
             GREEN PLUM ~ CATERING * BOX LUNCHES * PRIVATE EVENTS            we make it plum easy * grnplum@texas.net

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