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Keeping Up With The Joneses May 2009


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									       Keeping Up With The Joneses
                                                  May 2009

Hello Loved Ones!
It has been over six months since we returned to Papua New Guinea and life has been full! We would like to
show you a bit of a picture storybook of some of the things that have been going on in our lives recently.

Carrie has kept very busy in her public health work
with the Clinic and as the AIDS Task Force Chair-
man. Last week she led an immunization training
course with the local Community Health Board.
This week she traveled to two of the local villages,
watching the Board in action as they did aware-
ness at the mobile immunization clinics in their ar-
eas. She is currently coordinating HIV/AIDS
awareness training for all 220 SIL employees next
week, for which she will also be a main presenter.

                                              !     About a month ago, several of our SIL members were in a
                                              bad car accident. There were many injuries, but miraculously, no
                                              one was killed. Gavin was involved at the scene getting the victims
                                              out of the vehicle onto the stretchers, directing traffic, communicat-
                                              ing with the helicopter, etc. It was a tough day, but the Lord"s pres-
                                              ence was very apparent through it all. Three of the injured are still
                                              in Cairns, Australia recovering, one of whom will be bed bound for
                                              many weeks yet as he had multiple broken bones in his legs and
                                              !     There were many Papua New Guineans at the crash site who
                                            helped in various ways. A week after the accident several of us re-
turned to their village to “amamas” them, which means to say “thank you”. While there, a group of women
asked Carrie to do an impromptu HIV/AIDS talk. She was able to incorporate the Gospel and highlight God"s
perfect plan for personal purity and faithfulness in marriage, emphasizing that we can only be holy by the
Spirit"s power and abiding in Christ. It"s difficult for women when a man can take as many as four wives.

                                                This past Saturday we represented
                                                SIL at the opening of the Disabled
                                                Center of Kainantu, the local
                                                town. The Center seeks to pro-
                                                vide practical and financial help
                                                to disabled people in villages all
                                                around this area. Rather than
                                                being hidden away, we pray they
                                                will be recognized as integral
                                                members of their community and
                                                receive love, care, and respect.
                                                            I (Gavin) recently flew a new couple (in the crowd in
                                                            the picture to the left) out to Saut Manda, the village
                                                            where they hope to begin a Bible Translation project.
                                                            It was exciting to be part of the beginning of a work
                                                            that will bring God"s Word into the heart language of
                                                            people who have never had it before! Shortly after
                                                            landing in the village, at just over 5000 feet elevation,
                                                            the clouds closed in on us. I spent several hours with
                                                            the people touring their village, learning a few basic
                                                            words, and scouting out a better helipad site. It was a
                                                            good experience.

                                 Along with flying the helicopters, I am
                                  also now acting as the Director"s Assis-
                                   tant for Security. I am responsible for
                                    taking care of many different aspects
                                    of security on the Ukarumpa Center
                                   and helping members with their con-
                                   cerns and questions about on-center
                                  safety and road travel. I would appre-
                                ciate prayer for wisdom as I fill this role.

                                                  Isaac"s latest obsession is Legos. He plays with them
                                                  for hours on end. His specialty is spaceships along
                                                  with their associated noises of crashes and explosions.
                                                  Isaac is learning cultural sensitivity as well. We were
                                                  on the way to Kainantu, and some young men at-
                                                  tempted to stop us on the public bridge to pay a “toll.”
                                                  Afterwards Carrie commented, “What a crazy place!”
                                                  Isaac replied, “It"s not crazy, Mommy. It"s just different.”
                                                  We all praised him for his insight, then he said, “That"s
                                                  because five-years-old know lots of things. Four-years-
                                                  old tell lots of wrong things, but five-years-old just get
                                                  everything right!”

   Isaac sure loves having his Marmi and Papa (Gavin"s parents)
   here, as do we all. It has been great to be able to drop in on
   them and just to have them nearby (free babysitting!). We had
   a special Mother"s Day last week with a barbeque lunch at the
   only restaurant in Kainantu followed by home-made pie.

We love and miss you all. Blessings on you as summer (on your
side of the world) approaches. Thank you so much for your
prayers and gifts!

In His mighty hands,          Field address:                  For Financial Gifts:          Attach note to checks indi-
                              SIL PO BOX 12                   Wycliffe Bible Translators    cating “for Gavin & Carrie
                              Ukarumpa, EHP 444               PO BOX 628200                 Jones" ministry”
Gavin, Carrie, and Isaac
                              Papua New Guinea                Orlando, FL 32862-8200        To setup online giving:

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