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Keeping Up With The Joneses October

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									        Keeping Up With The Joneses
                                                   October 2009
                                                                                               Milne Bay at sunset

 Dear Loved Ones,
       This September brought a big change for us Jones 3 here in Uka-
 rumpa. Gavinʼs parents departed back to the US after serving here for a
 year in the school as teachers and with Member Care. We really miss
 them and hope they come again to serve alongside us in the future.
 Isaac still asks to go and see Marmi and Papa or “their house” every
 once in a while. It has been such a huge blessing for us to have family
 here for all but about 3 months of our total time of service here in Papua
 New Guinea (Gavinʼs sister, Jonelle, was here during most of our first
 term!) We are sure our Thanksgiving and Christmas times will be harder
 for us this year, since it will be our first without any family to celebrate
 alongside. We are so grateful, though, for the wonderful community we
 have here in Ukarumpa-- we are surrounded by loving, caring, prayerful,
 hospitable, helpful friends who are like family in many ways. It is a truly
 unique place and we are well cared for!
       There was much
                                                          excitement here on             Forced smiles just before
                                                          September 25th. The         Marmi and Papa’s departure.
                                                          long-awaited Quest
                                                          Kodiak, a brand new airplane, landed at the Aiyura airstrip
                                                          (where Gavin works, just 1 1/2 miles from Ukarumpa) for
                                                          the first time, after a long ferry flight across the Pacific
                                                          Ocean. The Kodiak is a brand new type of airplane that
                                                          was designed from the ground up by Christians who
                                                          wanted to provide an aircraft ideal for missionary aviation.
                                                          It is going to eventually replace our fleet of aging Cessna
                                                          206 aircraft that use scarce and expensive AvGas. The
                                                          Kodiak has a powerful turbine engine that burns jet fuel,
                                                          which is more readily available and cheaper than AvGas.
                                                          The plane can carry 9 passengers and it is able to take off
           Gavin in front of Kodiak S/N 008           and land in about 700 feet while carrying about 2000 lb. in
                                                      payload. It has large tires and sits high so that it can easily
                                                                      handle operating into unimproved airstrips. It is
                                                                          a beautiful new machine and we are very
                                                                          excited to see it already at work in getting
                                                                          the Word of God to the un-reached peoples
                                                                          of the earth!
 Carrie has had some wonderful oppor-
                                                                          tunities lately as the chairperson for the
                                                                          AIDS Task Force. She was able to attend a
                                                                          10 day intensive training course put on by
                                                                          World Vision to equip the Papua New
                                                                          Guinean church to more effectively reach
                                                                          out to and serve those affected by HIV, as
                                                                          well as challenge and change personal be-
                                                                          havior and belief in order to prevent new
Carrie doing HIV/AIDS training with PNG translators during infections. Much of the course was about
helping people understand the facts about HIV, thereby diffus-
ing stigma. She was able to put her training into practice al-
most immediately in Milne Bay Province. All three of us trav-
eled to Alotau, a town on the southeast tip of mainland PNG,
where several SIL translators conduct the Vernacular Initiative
for Translation And Literacy (VITAL) course. Ten language
groups send co-translators from the surrounding area and is-
lands to translate various portions of Scripture with the help of
SIL translators. This time Carrie was able to spend 2 days
with about 30 national translators using the materials from the
World Vision course to help them translate an SIL-developed
AIDS booklet into their own language. They were very excited
to receive the training and have the materials in hand. We
were able to have some good family vacation time together after We hiked to beautiful Halowiya waterfall
                                                  Carrie finished                    while in Milne Bay
                                                   her training.
     Gavin was involved recently by helping some transla-
                                                   tors start building their village house. There is an airstrip
                                                   about 3 air miles from the village where they work, but the
                                                   hike from the airstrip to the village is about 6 hours. The

                           Yalumet airstrip
                             shuttle point

copter flight from the airstrip can take less than 5
minutes! With the helicopter, we were able to shut-
tle the tools, people, and building supplies from the
airplanes at the airstrip to the village. Operations
like this are a great example how aviation is such
an integral tool in getting the Gospel to the ends of
the earth. From the air especially, some of these
areas where thousands of people live look com-
pletely inaccessible and impossible, but they have         The circle is around the village where we dropped
existed on these mountainsides and in these deep          the house was to be built. There are two big water-
                                                            falls in the picture and many more that can’t be
valleys for centuries without having a single word of
the Bible available to them in their own language that
speaks to their heart! Slowly that is changing, but we
especially need more translators to come join our work here as well as in many other parts of the world. We
pray that God would provide those workers in His perfect time!

       If any of you have a recent picture of your family that you could email us, we would love to have that!
We are putting together a photo album of you, our ministry partners, so that we can more effectively remem-
ber you in prayer and also so Isaac can get to know you all better.

       We are incredibly grateful for your gifts and prayers that allow us to be here in PNG. We know this is
exactly where God wants us! You are all in our prayers and, as always, we would love to hear from you.

                               Field address:                For Financial Gifts:         Attach note to checks indi-
Love in Christ,                SIL PO BOX 12                 Wycliffe Bible Translators   cating “for Gavin & Carrie
                               Ukarumpa, EHP 444             PO BOX 628200                Jonesʼ ministry”
Gavin, Carrie, and Isaac       Papua New Guinea              Orlando, FL 32862-8200       To setup online giving:

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