Keeping Up With The Joneses April 20 by gavincarrie

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									       Keeping Up With The Joneses
                                                 April 2010

Dear Loved Ones,
Greetings to all! We hope and pray this overdue newsletter finds you well. Here are a few snapshots of what
has been part of our last several months here in Papua New Guinea.

My (Carrie) work with the HIV and AIDS Task Force has ramped
up in recent months. I spoke at the National Scripture Use Con-
ference, presenting a new Bible study on personal purity and iden-
tity and the churchʼs role in ministering to those affected by HIV. I
also taught at a workshop for Papua New Guinean educators and
translators. I have been very pleased by participantsʼ eagerness to
gain more understanding so they can change the communities
about which they care so deeply. I continue to work with the
Community Health Board here in the valley and have seen
marked improvement in some of these villages as a result of the
health training I and my partner have done.
                                                                         Carrie teaching and discussing AIDS issues at
                                                                                    a recent training course.

                                                  Last weekend, I
                                                  (Gavin) was privi-
                                                  leged to fly Katri
                                                  Linnasalo, a Finnish
                                                  translator and two
                                                  friends from her vil-
                                                  lage to a neighbor-
                                                  ing village where
                                                  they had a dedica-
                                                  tion service for the
  These girls were carrying the books of John    recently finished
             during the celebration.          book of John. The vil-
                                                                        Katri and the dancers moving toward the
lage was just over a mile away, but would have taken many hours                     celebration area.
of tough hiking over impossible terrain without the helicopter (which
took about a minute!). There was colorful dancing and music and a church service to dedicate the Gospel
coming to the people in their heart language for the first time!

                                          Our “little boy” just turned six years old!
                                          Carrie made an amazing cake for him
                                          and we had a party with our close
                                          friends. Isaac remains active and
                                          crazy as the picture on the right
                                          shows, but has recently spent large
                                          amounts of time drawing and writing
                                          letters. He loves playing with friends ,
                                          though can also entertain himself
                                          when necessary. He often asks for a
                                         brother or sister or “a baby to hold” and
that is our deep desire as well. We wait, praying for Godʼs will and peace.
                                                   Not every story in PNG has a happy ending. In January, I flew
                                                   a translator out to her village to close her translation program
                                                   there. She has worked for over 25 years bringing Godʼs Word
                                                   to the people. Over the years she has met with hardship and
                                                   resistance of many different kinds. The peopleʼs hearts have
                                                   never softened and they have not shown a desire for the Word
                                                   or her continued work with them. It was a very hard time for
                                                   her and sad to see. It served as another reminder to me to
                                                   pray more for the lost people of the world-- that God would sof-
                                                   ten their hearts and stir within them a desire for Him.

                               PNG does not have many large animals, but its
                                variety of birds and insects is quite amazing.
                                 Often we will see giant moths like this lying
                                 around. I recently saw this giant earthworm out
                                 in East New Britain-- a fishʼs daydream!

                             On a (very) rare occasion, Gavin dresses up. This picture is from the Valen-
                             tineʼs dinner that the high school kids put on every year. We have a lot of fun in
                             this close-knit community, but lately the security situation here has had a lot of
                             people on edge and frustrated. Thieves (“rascals”) have been causing a lot of
                             problems on center here, mainly at night (Gavinʼs workshop was recently bro-
                             ken into with several tools stolen.). This typically happens when there are a lot
                             of good things going on, such as New Testaments being completed and type-
                             set. We thank the Lord that the rascals are primarily wanting THINGS, not to
                             harm us. We know God is at work in great ways here and thus Satan wants to
                             foil His plans by diverting our attention. Please pray with us that the rascals
                             would be caught and brought to jus-
                             tice - AND to the Lord!

  We are very excited about Gavinʼs parentsʼ return! They
  will be arriving in July to serve here for another year in the
  High School and Member Care. Isaac will sure love having
  his grandparents back, and Carrie and I will greatly enjoy
  the Mom-cooked meals, fellowship and free babysitting! We
  are exceedingly blessed to get to live in the same “town.”

We thank God when we think of you, especially when we see                A helipad on Fergusson Island where there
how faithfully He provides through you. We pray He richly blesses        will be New Testament dedication this year.
you as well. We miss you and love hearing from you - despite our
own lack of communication!
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