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									                                        Jones’ Clips May 2010
Our helicopters are often asked to do medevacs. The majority of the people in PNG live in very remote
areas where they have little or no access to medical care. Just this week I (Gavin) did two medevacs for
two women with childbearing complications. One woman was deep in the mountains far from any roads
or towns. I picked her up from a garden on the side of a mountain about a thousand feet above her vil-
lage. The other was on a remote island (which looks like paradise from the air) where she had no doctor
to do the C-section that was needed. It is a bit disconcerting flying over the ocean with a woman scream-
ing in agony in the aircraft, but I was able to get her to the hospital and the help that she needed. It is a
joy to know the tools we use are not only getting the Word of God to the people, but also literally saving
lives! Praise God!

                                                                 Much of PNG is also gorgeous islands
Rugged mountains like this cover much of PNG,
                                                                surrounded by reefs of the most incredi-
    making travel incredibly challenging--
                                                                    ble colors. The people are thus
    and impossible when people are sick!
                                                               further separated from good medical care

Carrieʼs work with the Yomunka Community Health Board has helped educate many people how they can
live healthier, safer lives. Many of the things that she teaches are what we consider basic principles of
cleanliness, but so many people here do not have access to the education we take for granted in the
Western World. Often, people are so remote they have no way of getting things even as simple as soap.

                     This boy has a very common skin condition called grille. The
                    skin flakes off and is incredibly itchy. Simply washing with soap
                     would cure the condition-- but he lives deep in the swamps of
                           the Sepik, many daysʼ canoe ride from any store.

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