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					                         The Authority
                          Connecticut Authors & Publishers Association—Since 1994
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            Volume 17 Issue 4                                                                                April 2010

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  CAPA University Is Coming May 8.
                                                                                                           Baking With Barb p. 2
          Don’t Miss It!!                                                                                  New Opportunities For
                                                                                                           Authors In Radio p. 3
Eileen Albrizio To Speak At April CAPA Meeting
                                                                                                           Photos From The
Exercises In Writing              is a 2003 and 2008 recipient                                             Anniversary Party p. 4
                                  of the Individual Artist Fel-
CAPA’s own Eileen Albri-          lowships from the Greater                                                Upcoming Schedules For
zio is a writer of poetry and     Hartford Arts Council. Albri-                                            Avon and Groton p.4
prose. Her poetry has ap-         zio has taught creative writ-
peared in numerous literary       ing in several colleges and                                              Web Design and
journals and publications.        cultural institutions as well as                                         Business Development
She is the author of three        the York Correctional Insti-
                                  tute, Connecticut’s maxi-
                                                                                                           for Artists p. 5
volumes of poetry: MESSY
ON THE INSIDE, RAIN –             mum-security prison for
DARK AS WATER IN WIN-             women. In 2005, Albrizio left                                            Be An Active Member Of
TER, and PERENNIALS:              a 12-year career as a radio                                              CAPA p. 6
NEW & SELECTED PO-                news host and broadcast jour-
EMS (Nominated for the            nalist, working primarily for                                            Writing Contest Winners
2008 CT Book Award). A            National Public Radio and its                                            p. 7
recitation of her poetry on       Connecticut affiliate. During
CD was produced in 2003.          her broadcasting career, she        brizio graduated from the            Preparing Writing For
She has also penned several       was repeatedly awarded 1st-         Connecticut School of Broad-         Publication p. 8
plays, two novels, and is         prize honors from the Associ-       casting, and earned her BFA
currently working on a com-       ated Press and the Society of       in Theatre and MA in English
pilation of short fiction. She    Professional Journalists. Al-       from Central CT State U.                     Meetings

                                                                                                              Southwest Division
Meet A Member                         Fay Taylor                     By Karlee Etter                             Shelton 4/12
                                                                                                            Brian Jud on Marketing
                                      grove College in Kingston.      a computer operator.
                                      In 1970, a kind family                    It was in Connecticut            Main Meeting
                                      from Potomac, Maryland,         that she met and married the                 Avon 4/17
                                      offered to sponsor her, and     love of her life, Charles. Mar-
                                      so she arrived in the
                                                                                                            Eileen Albrizio teaching
                                                                      ried for thirty-five years, they              writing
                                      United States that year.
                                      She enjoyed her surrogate       share in the pride of having
                                      family and the American         raised three lovely children, two       Southeast Division
                                      experience for some             boys and one girl. However, in             Groton 4/19
                                      months and then, after          1989, Fay’s life took an unex-        Annie Philbrick of Bank
         Fay Taylor was born       spending another six months        pected turn and was changed                Street Books
and raised in Jamaica, a place     in New York, she joined her        forever. While vacationing in
she refers to as her own island    mother in Hartford, Connecti-                                            Check the CAPA website
paradise and attended Waul-        cut. Fay then worked at vari-           continued on page 3
                                   ous Hartford corporations as
                                                                                                                   for details.
      page 2                                                                                           The Authority

                                                                                                    peel, making sure to use
Baking With Barb                               by Barbara Klein                                     only the yellow skin. Next,
                                                                                                    juice the lemon and remove
                                brought the bars, he wasn’t       1 cup flour                       the seeds. Add the juice
                                there, I didn’t bring the bars,    Second layer:                    and peel to the egg mix-
                                he was there. On the night         2 eggs                           ture. Then add the flour
                                of the awards for the             1 cup sugar                       and baking powder. Pour
                                writer’s contest, the meal         Sprinkle of salt                 the mixture over the first
                                was catered, so I decided to       Juice from 1 large lemon         layer while still hot and
                                surprise him. When I ar-          (about ¼ cup)                     return it to the oven. Bake
                                rived he was standing at the       Peel from the lemon (about       for 30 minutes or until
                                table by the entrance. We         2 tablespoons)                    slightly brown around the
                                greeted each other and his         ½ teaspoon baking powder         edges and the center is set.
                                first words were, “Did you         2 tablespoons flour              Remove and allow it to
                                bring lemon bars?” He was          Powdered sugar                   cool. Sprinkle with confec-
Layered Lemon Bars              quite surprised when I                                              tioners sugar and cut into
                                handed him the box. Now           Mix the butter, sugar, and        squares.
When I first made home-         being the kind hearted per-       flour with a fork until crum-
made goodies for CAPA, I        son that he is, he shared         bly. Press onto the bottom
made lemon bars using a                                                                             Hint: If you don’t have a
                                them with his table. Brian, I     of an 8” square pan. Bake         rasp, use a fine grater, but
recipe that a teacher friend    will share the recipe and         for 20 minutes at 350 de-
gave me years ago. Brian                                                                            be sure to only use the yel-
                                you can make your own.            grees. Meanwhile, prepare         low part of the peel. You
Jud, our founder, really                                          the second layer in a small
loved those tart little mor-                                                                        may use a combination of
                                Layered Lemon Bars                bowl. Whip the eggs and           lemon and lime peel and
sels and every time he saw      First layer:                      add sugar and salt. Wash
me at a meeting would ask                                                                           juice for a lively zest.
                                1/3 cup butter                    and dry the lemon. Use a
if I brought them. So the       ¼ cup sugar                       rasp to shred the lemon
merry-go-round began—I

                                                                                                    Article Submission
                             CAPA Board of Directors
                 CAPA Officers & Board Members Contact Information                                          The Authority wel-
                                                                                                  comes articles written by mem-
Founder                    Brian Jud                  brianjud@comcast.net                        bers. Here are some guidelines
President                  Dan Uitti                  dan@uitti.net                               that we would encourage.
Vice President             Richard Moriarty           rmoriarty285@earthlink.net                            Articles should be
Treasurer                  Brian Jud                  brianjud@comcast.net                        about 400 words in length. If
Secretary                  Rita Reali                 rita@realifamily.com                        the article is larger, the editors
Historian                  Jerry Labriola             Labriola00@aol.com                          reserve the right to reduce the
Immediate Past President   Beth Bruno                 bethbruno@comcast.net                       size or divide it into sections
                                                                                                  that would be run in successive
                                Committee Chairpeople                                             issues. All articles will be ed-
                                                                                                  ited. Please do not do fancy for-
Newsletter                 Peggy Gaffney              gaffney@kanineknits.com                     matting, such as indents, as it
                           David Garnes               davidgarnes@msn.com                         will be removed to fit into col-
SECAPA Chairman            Tom Santos                 santostom@comcast.net                       umns.
SWCAPA Chairman            Steve Reilly               ssriles40@aol.com                                     Every aspect of writ-
Program                    Ursula McCafferty          umcc@comcast.net                            ing, publishing and marketing
CAPA University            Richard Moriarty           rmoriarty285@earthlink.net                  is of interest to readers of the
                           Barbara Klein              barb@kleinfamily.us                         Authority. Your personal slant
Membership                 Dick Benton                robenton@optonline.net                      on this business is of interest to
Refreshments               Richard Moriarty           rmoriarty285@earthlink.net                  all of us and welcome.
Webmaster                  Peggy Gaffney              gaffney@kanineknits.com                               Please submit articles
Writer’s Workshops         Roberta J. Buland          rjbuland@comcast.net                        to editors Peggy Gaffney at her
The Big E Bookstore        Deborah Kilday             washigon@aol.com                            email gaffney@kanineknits.
Publicity                  Adele M. Annesi            a.annesi@sbcglogal.net                      com or David Garnes davidgar-
      The Authority                                                                                                    page 3
                                                                                                        of determination and tri-
Meet The Member Fay Taylor                           continued from page 1                              umph over personal trag-
the Poconos one weekend            Memoir. Even now after the         putting her energies into                   As one of the
with her husband, she was          publication of her premier         marketing her book and oc-        original members of
                                   book, she feels drawn to           casionally writing articles. It   CAPA, Fay regrets ever
thrown from a horse. The
                                   writing non-fiction. In addi-      seems her second passion          having left but is now
tragic event resulted in a                                                                              thrilled to be back. She is
                                   tion to her memoir, Fay has        next to creating non-fiction
broken back with severe            written and published nine         is composing poems. She           pleased that Brian is now
spinal cord injuries, but Fay      articles, one poem, and one        looks forward to possible         involved, too. To her,
met fate’s challenge head-         letter. Although she loves to      CAPA opportunities that           CAPA means continued
on and never gave up.              write, like most writers, she      will provide information          inspiration to carry on with
                                   says she does not like to          about distributors, as well as    her writing, a plethora of
          By 1992, after be-       research and edit. She says,       publishing complete collec-       opportunities to fine-tune
ing forced into early retire-      “The hardest part about ed-        tions of poems. Feel free to      her writing skills, and the
ment and disability, she           iting is when I have to cut        visit her website, www.           tremendous networking
found her writer’s voice in        what I consider good, useful       fayltaylor.com to learn more      and TLC of an extended
non-fiction and wrote her          information.”                      about Fay’s incredible story      family of writers in various
first book, entitled Steel – A               Currently she is                                           genres.

New Opportunities for Authors In Radio?                                             By Barry Eva

         There are many new       details about yourself, your       would like to get well known
opportunities for authors to      book and availability. Nor-        in your own right, you might
get on the radio today and be     mally, the host will be de-        consider having your own
heard around the world, but       lighted to have you as a guest.    Blog Talk Radio show, as I
the two we talk about today       Sometimes, though, this might      do. To do so requires only a
are being a guest on or having    take a month or even two be-       computer connected to the
your own show on Blog Talk        fore you will actually appear      internet and a phone. Simply
Radio        (http://www.         on the show, as most radio         sign up with Blog Talk Ra-
blogtalkradio.com).               shows already have a guest         dio, establish the format of
                   I have been    list.                              your show, find some guests        says MY ACCOUNT and on
on shows where I have read a               You do not have to        and you are ready to begin.        the left hand side of that page,
chapter of my book for ten        visit any recording studio, nor              Let me walk you          click SWITCHBOARD. This
minutes; I have been on           do you need any special equip-     through the steps of doing         will allow you to see your
shows that have lasted an         ment. You just dial a phone        your own show. A few days          show’s details. This includes,
hour. My own twice a week         number, which the host will        before the show, check with        the HOST NUMBER such as
show “A BOOK AND A                supply beforehand, and chat        your guests, confirming that       (646)200-4444 and your
CHAT” is a thirty minute          for however long the show          they are able to appear. Make      HOST PIN such as
show.                             lasts.                             sure they have the correct         7518763221. You then take
         To find a show                    When you find a           dial-in number AND that            your phone and dial in using
where you will be a guest, go     show that interests you, check     they understand the time           your host number. They will
to http://www.blogtalkradio.      out when the last aired. If it’s   your show starts in the time       ask for your pin and once you
com. Use the search options       not been on for a month or         zone where they live. If you       have given it, you will be
to find shows on which you        two, it might be a case where      are in Connecticut and you’re      logged in.
might be a good guest. Listen     even though it show is listed      having an interview with                     Now on the right
to old shows and check the        on the Blog Talk Radio, the        someone in California, this is     hand side of the switchboard
format to see how the host        people may no longer be            VERY important.                    you will see a series of num-
handles the shows. It is no       broadcasting. Since these                    On the day of the        bers such as 111-1111 which
good being on a show where        shows can be heard anywhere        show, go to your computer,         refer to you as host. Under-
you run the show rather than      in the world, it is a great way    pull up the Blog Talk Radio        neath, you will see the phone
the host. If you finally decide   to get your book known.            work page and check on the         numbers of any guests you
the show is a fit for you, then            Now if you enjoy          settings and dial-in number.
contact the host. Send them       chatting with authors and          To do this, click where it            Continued on page 5
        page 4                                                                                     The Authority

             Members Kick Up Their Heels At The CAPA 16th Anniversary Party

                             Upcoming Speakers for CAPA and SECAPA

                             the                             authors and in October Charles      on the Web and in July Brian
  Avon Meetings                                                                                 Jud on Marketing. Directions
          Upcoming                                           A. Monagan, Waterbury, author
                             In July, there is the Annual    of Connecticut Icons and editor    for these meeting will be given
speakers scheduled to the                                                                       on the CAPA website at
Avon meetings of CAPA        CAPA Picnic where all the       of Connecticut Magazine will
                             members get to bring their      speak.                             www.aboutcapa.com.
are as follows:
                             favorite snacks and desserts,
                             visit with fellow authors,                                                  At this time the meet-
In May, Brian Jud,                                              Groton Meetings                 ing schedule of SWCAPA in
CAPA’s expert in all         play shuffleboard and gen-              The April 19 Meeting
                             erally have a great time.                                          Shelton is still being confirmed
things marketing, will be                                    will feature Annie Philbrick,      but be sure to check online and
speaking                              In August, Brian       who is part owner of Bank
                             Jud will again be back to go                                       see who will be speaking.
                                                             Square Books.                               Be sure to make the
In June there will be a      into detail about other as-             Then in May, Marisa
                             pects of marketing and pub-                                        meeting closest to you and
Member Forum where                                           Nadolny, an editor at The Day      learn from your fellow authors.
members who are experts      lishing.                        of New London and the Mystic
                                      In September, pub-                                        Where else can you be sur-
in various facets of                                         Times will be speaking. Both the   rounded by people who under-
writing and publishing       lisher Jo Ann Deck will ex-     April and May meetings will be
                             plain how she works with                                           stand you so well.
will share their expertise                                   held in the Groton Public Li-
       The Authority                                                                                                        page 5

 New Opportunities for Authors In Radio?                                                 Continued from page 3

 have listed previously and           connect your phone then call         for a radio show (not count-       here are some tips you
 their phone numbers will be          the person back. If you don’t        ing dead air when nobody           might consider. Be pre-
 set to block.                        make this break, the recording       talks) is “no shows”. You          pared to cover the show if
           Once the show starts,      will just keep going and your        are there to run a show but        the host loses connection.
 you begin talking over your          after show chat will be there as     your guest does not call in.       Don’t expect just to talk
 phone. When you are ready            part of the show for all to hear.    If you know this before            about your book all the
 for your guest, you will click       I found this out at my own           hand, you might be able to         time, many guests like to
 on the microphone icon next to       cost.                                contact a future guest or          build up to that by getting a
 the guest’s number to unblock                  Some tips to make a        even another show host or          better idea of what makes
 them. “On the air” will ap-          show go smoothly are: ask            writer friend.                     their guest tick. Make sure
 pear on the screen next to their     your guest to sign in a few                     I had one show          you have all your book de-
 phone number.                        minutes before hand, so you          where the guest got the            tails, web site, blog address
           You can have one           can chat about the format of         wrong time zone, even              etc… right at hand, so if
 guest or multiple guests de-         the show etc., be prepared with      though I had reminded her          you are asked, you will not
 pending on how you want to           some backup chat just in case        thirty minutes before the          have to go hunting for the
 run your show. When you are          the guest loses their connec-        show started, and two shows        correct information. Most
 nearing the end of your inter-       tion or turns up late, make sure     where the person just did          of all, though, have fun!
 view, there will be a two min-       you do your home work.               not call in. If this is the case
 ute count down. What I nor-          Check blogs, web pages etc to        be prepared to chat, go over                 Barry Eva is a CAPA
 mally do then is, I stop the in-     find out about your guest and        up and coming guests, up           member who is the author of
 terview and invite my guest to       if possible some weird/funny         and coming events, what            Across the Pond under the
 let everybody know about his         questions about them. After          you are writing, even the          pseudonym Storyheart. He is
                                                                                                              the host of the half-hour inter-
 website, book or any other in-       saying goodbye to my guest, I        news or the weather. Any-          view show for authors, A Book
 formation he would like to           mute their line, and close the       thing is better than not hav-      And A Chat. Check out the
 pass on to my audience.              show. Usually they hang up           ing a show. You can not            websites: http://www.
           To be a good host,         before show ends, so I am able       hope to build up a following       blogtalkradio.com/across-the-
 make a note of your guests’          to wrap it up. It helps me to let    if there is no show for peo-       pond and http://across-t-pond.
 phone number. When the show          them off about one minute be-        ple to listen to?                  com/.
 has finished, if you still want      fore show ends.                                 If you are a guest
 to speak with your guest, dis-                 The worst problem          on a Blog Talk Radio show,

 Web Design And Business Development for Artists                                                              By Karen M. Ryder

          Have you noticed a                  “Most traditional           other end of the spectrum, I        ucts.”
void in the services that mar-       [advertising] agencies can           simply could not afford the                   GROW serves,
keting agencies offer the arts       find a market for, promote,          services offered by “book           artists, writers, therapists,
community of businesses—be           and build a website for a res-       industry” talent developers.        body workers, energy prac-
they writers, designers, or ho-      taurant, a construction com-         Few had any kind of package         titioners, teachers, and any-
listic (‘healing’) arts practitio-   pany, a medical group, and an        for a writer of inspirational       one with a mission to be of
ners. A local businesswoman,         insurance agency all in one          non-fiction and short fiction.      service in a healing way.
Colleen Behan, was inspired          day.” Colleen continues, “Put        (For others, my work wasn’t         GROW offers Business
to do something about it:            them in front of an artist or a      ‘big enough’ anyway).               Building and Consulting, E-
GROW: Business Building              healer and they’re lost.”                      So, how’s a self-         Marketing, Website Devel-
for the Healing and Arts                      It’s true, most of the      published writer or aspiring        opment and Communica-
Community. The mission of            website services I looked into       writer to grow their expo-          tions.
GROW (www.growsites.com)             just didn’t know how to de-          sure?                                         There are many
is to take the stress of adver-      velop content for a freelance                  Colleen is able to        services to choose from and
tising and business building         writer—and wanted me to be           “facilitate and support who         within those a variety of
out of the hands of the indi-        more involved in content de-         the artist or healer is at heart
vidual and free them to pursue       velopment than I had either          and reflect that in the market-         Continued on page 6
their passions.                      the time or desire for. On the       ing of their services and prod-
       page 6                                                                                              The Authority

Be An Active Member Of CAPA                                         by Peggy Gaffney

          It seems to be true       what the club will do for you.     about joining in and becom-       periences you might have
with most clubs, no matter          Well the answer is it can do a     ing one of the movers and         had trying to publish your
how large, that a small hand-       lot. But if you want it to do      shakers in this organization?     book or anything that is your
ful of people do all the work       the most, if you want to get       You know who the officers         story. Make it between 300
to keep the organization go-        the highest benefit from what      and board member are since        to 500 words (with no spe-
ing. This is true with CAPA.        this club has to offer then I      they stand up at every meet-      cial formatting, please) and it
We have well over 200 mem-          suggest one approach. GET          ing to report. When the cof-      will probably run with your
bers but only a handful to do-      INVOLVED!                          fee break is called, walk up      byline. Another opportunity
ing the grunt work I hear                     It is like football.     and introduce yourself. Tell      is the Brag Board. You brag
“Well, no one asked me.”            You can sit on the sidelines       that person a little be about     at meetings, so put it in writ-
          DO NOT WAIT TO            and enjoy the game week af-        yourself and ask if there is      ing and send it with your
BE ASKED! If you have a             ter week or you can become a       anything you could do to          photo or a photo of your
skill, offer it to the club. Most   player.                            help out.                         book cover.
of the people who do the                      When I joined this                 Every month I                    Now those are just
work don’t have time to pull        club, I had published one          make a pitch for articles to      Authority helps. We have
from you the information that       book and I knew nobody. You        be written to be published in     CAPA-U coming up and
you know how to set up audio        won’t believe it now but I was     the Authority. Now I am           could use some strong backs
video equipment, or that you        very shy. However, when I          dealing with over 200 writ-       to help set up the bookstore
know how to paint and draw          asked to help out on a few         ers so you would think that       and other equipment. If you
designs that could decorate a       projects, they said yes. Work-     I’d be buried in so much ma-      are familiar with micro-
club booth, or that you are         ing on projects is a great way     terial it would be over my        phones, we could use your
friends with a bunch of col-        to get known and for people        head. NOT! This is a perfect      help. Could you unpack
umnists who want to write           to know your work. You meet        opportunity to get your name      book boxes? There are many
about authors.                      people of similar interests.       out as a published writer         tasks. So don’t just be a
          You join, pay your        You chat as you work and           even if you’ve never had          member, be an Active Mem-
dues, maybe join the social         they often have ideas that         anything published. What          ber. You’ll get known, be-
network and come to the             would help your work. It is a      should you write? Well, how       come popular and get more
meetings. You want to know          definite win-win situation.        about your struggles as a         out of the club.
                                              So How do your go        first time author or a bad ex-

Web Design And Business Development for Artists                                                         continued from page 5

options that Colleen custom-        and programming.                 more than 25 years of
izes to the needs of the client.              The GROW Team          experience in graphic
The process begins with a           is skilled and experienced,      design, consulting, web
consultation and assessment         knowledgeable and pa-            programming and busi-
of where the artist is in their     tient—something I appreci-       ness development.
business building process and       ated as I learned the lan-
what their goals and needs          guage of web site optimiza-      (Karen M. Rider:
are.                                tion and design. My ques-        http://KarenMRider.
          My experience with        tions always are answered        WritersResidence.com)
GROW has been tremendous.           promptly and anything I          is a member of CAPA.
Colleen is a true partner and       don’t quite understand is
guide in the process of de-         explained until I ‘get it.’      Note: Publishing this
signing your vision and bring-                Still, it’s hard to    article does not, indicate
ing it to where your desired        believe GROW has just            any support or recom-
audience can find it—all at a       three key team members:          mendation on the part of
reasonable price. The GROW          Colleen, who handles con-        the Connecticut Authors
team is able to design a five       sulting and project man-         and Publishers Associa-
page website for under $1500,       agement, a graphics arts/        tion of this venture.
inclusive of design, layout         designer, and a program-
                                    mer. Between them there is
     The Authority                                                                              page 7

Brag Board             Jerry Labriola/Brian Jud Writing Contest Winners

        The Connecticut Authors and Publishers 2009-2010 Jerry Labriola/Brian Jud Annual Writing Com-
petition Awards were announced at the Association’s Annual Dinner on March 20, 2010. The contest ran
from September until December 19th. The submissions were judged by a panel that included teachers, writ-
ing professionals and experts in the publishing industry. The winners were notified on March 1, 2010 and
are pictured above.

       The first place in Children’s Stories was Barbara Klein for her story My Grandma And Me and sec-
ond place went to Jim Norton for When The Circus Came To Town.

       In the field of Essays, the first place winner was Julie Baker for Overturned and the second place
went to Amy Soscia Paloski for Equipped For Life.

       For Poetry, the winners were Serena Sinclair for her sonnet That Look Is Clear And Cold My Friend
and second place went to Jim Norton for The Writer.

        Lastly, under the classification of Short Stories, the winner of first place was Louis Arthur Norton
for his story Shoal Island. Second place went to Tido H. Holtkamp for The Coward.

        The cash prizes were presented to the winners by CAPA president, Dan Uitti, during the 16th An-
nual CAPA Anniversary Party so that the members could celebrate the winner’s achievements. The win-
ners present at the party are pictured above receiving their awards with president Dan Uitti. The stories, po-
ems and essays are attached to this month’s issue and are also available on the website www.aboutcapa.
      page 8                                                                                                The Authority

 The ABCs of the Editing Process: Preparing Writing for Publication By Roberta J. Buland

         Recently I received    tions need to be asked. Two       3.        Ask yourself: What
an email from a writer inter-   that come to mind are: What       have I left out? What have I
ested in CAPA and me. She       shall I write about? After I      included that might not be
wrote, “I learned about         write a story, how do I get it    clear to a prospective agent,
CAPA and your involve-          published?                        publisher and/or reader?
ment in an article you wrote              The latter question     4.        Address all the is-
for the CAPA newsletter.        implies others. For example,      sues in the above step. This
Although I am not a profes-     is it enough to simply write a    usually entails rewriting, re-
sional writer, I really enjoy   story—once? By that I mean,       search, and more rewriting.
the art and have been told I    can a person write a story and    5.        Read it aloud to
do it well. …I always knew      when she/he reaches the end,      yourself. Do you enjoy listen-
writing would be a source of    declare it “finished?” If it is   ing to it? Will others?
comfort and pleasure. Now       not “finished,” what is the       6.        You may find addi-
that my children are grown,     next step? And, when it is        tional points that need clarifi-
I am ready to channel my        “finished,” then what should      cation when you read it              If you diligently address all
energies into short story       the writer do?                    aloud. Correct, clarify, re-         eight steps, your chances of
writing. What do I do?”                   So many writers be-     write.                               becoming published will in-
         I was flattered that   lieve that writing the story,     7.        When you believe           crease manifold. Note that
she had read my article and     book, or article is the only      your work is the best you can        these steps apply to both fic-
that it had spurred her to      step needed to become pub-        do, ask friends, family mem-         tion and non-fiction writing.
find out more. It is a loaded   lished. Those of us in the pub-   bers and critique group mem-                  “ABCs of the Editing
question because it actually    lishing world know it takes       bers, if you belong to a writ-       Process” appears as an occa-
insinuates more than, “What     much more time, effort and        ers support group, to read and       sional column in “The Au-
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