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									             Gold's Gym Grant

With 2.5 million members world wide, Gold's Gym continues to change lives by he

                                                   Stationary bikes
                                                     Stair Master
                                                    Hand Weights
                                                       Bench set
                                             Vertical Free Motion Station
                                               Strenth Circuit Trainer
                                                    Stereo system
                                                    Water fountain
                                                Promotional Products
                                                       Squat Set
                                                      Swiss balls
                                                  Yoga/Pilates matts
                                                    Row Machines

           Justine Axtell

Personal Trainer and Instr
          Rachel Hoffman
m Grant Request

 nues to change lives by helping people achieve their individual potential.

 Stationary bikes
   Stair Master
 Hand Weights
     Bench set
  l Free Motion Station
  nth Circuit Trainer
  Stereo system
 Water fountain
  motional Products
     Squat Set
    Swiss balls
 oga/Pilates matts
 Row Machines

 Justine Axtell

 ainer and Instructor:
Rachel Hoffman
                         Get Fit Fundi

     Item                  Maker
   Treadmill               Nordictrack
    Elliptical                Sole
 Hand Weights         Troy dumbbells VTX
 Circuit Trainer    The Stamina Mia Finnegan
Yoga/Pilates Sets          Big Fitness
Fit Funding Request

  The majority of people use the treadmill when they go to the gym.
  Cardio training is one of three parts of a well rounded workout.
  Hand weights are apart of many different workouts.
  By strength training, your body burns more fat as it tones muscles.
  Stretching is a fundamental part of a successful workout.



Electronic Grade Book Software Vendors
                    Think Wave

               Grade Book Wizard

                 Track My Grades

   We would recommend buying a electronic grading system because i
               It would be difficult to create on your own. However there a
 You would be able to set the program up exactly how you want it for optim
                                              and would be better off buying
      The pre programmed grading systems offer many features including w
            The added features such as attendance, seating charts, grade sum
By creating your own grading system you would be able to instrumentally g
                                                       that are available in th
On the other hand by learning how to use spreadsheets effectively to create y
                          software, and enjoy learning an new task. Theref

                      Appealing Features
        Manages assignments, activities, handouts and schedules
        Grading System can include curves, and throw out scores
        Creates lesson plans, seating charts and reports
        Can publish grades on line

        Enables teacher to create a class website
        Runs a full range of reports
        Parents can track child's grades, communicate with the teacher
        and access online permission slips
        Students can review class schedule or information.

        Teachers can access and change information from any
        computer with internet access
        Allows many reports including student to class comparison chart
        Technical support available 24/7

                                               Average Cost:

ystem because it is already set up for you, with many programs, tasks and accessories
However there are many advantages to creating your own software for grading.
want it for optimal usability. But, for those who are not extremely familiar with spread
 tter off buying a pre programmed grading system.
 ures including ways to interact with parents, students and the main office of the schoo
 harts, grade summaries, and curving grades may be difficult to create by yourself.
 nstrumentally get the job done but may miss out on some of the communicative oppo
e available in the other grading systems.
tively to create your own functional grading system you may free yourself from havin
 ew task. Therefore you would be learning in an emancipatory way.




programs, tasks and accessories
wn software for grading.
t extremely familiar with spreadsheets,

and the main office of the school.
fficult to create by yourself.
ome of the communicative opportunities

ou may free yourself from having to buy
cipatory way.

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