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January 2007
               because everyone’s different...
Welcome to Stoke on Trent College
Stoke on Trent College will strive to meet the individual needs of students and
potential students with a disability or learning difficulty ie. dyslexia. The
College is committed to providing support, advice and making reasonable
adjustments to enable you to succeed in your chosen area of study.

The college is also committed to the ongoing training and development of
staff in disability issues and is striving to be an inclusive college where
learning programmes and the learning environment supports individual
student needs.

1. How do I ask for support?

You can ask for help during your first visit to the college or at any time after
that. We will show you around our buildings in order to identify solutions to
any access issues you may have and we can also offer a detailed assessment
of your needs.

After an initial assessment of your support needs we will negotiate an
individual learning support plan with you within 10 working days. We
encourage you to contact us as soon as you consider coming to Stoke on
Trent College. An early discussion of your support needs is important if we
are to arrange to have it in place for your start date.

If you wish to enquire about the support available before you apply for a
course you can contact the Learning Support Co-ordinator, Ext 3526 to
arrange a confidential appointment to discuss your needs.

If you are a Higher Education student please contact Bob Southern on ext.

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    2. What we can provide?

    We will do our best to have all of your support needs in place when you start
    your programme of learning. We have a team of Learning Support Assistants
    who can attend sessions with you if required and/or support you with
    academic assignments and research. In addition, we may be able to provide
    some of the following:

          • Someone to help with your personal care needs
          • Someone to assist with movement around the college
          • Communicators for students with a hearing impairment
          • Note takers
          • Readers
          • Modified materials and equipment

    We can also provide special examination facilities for those students who
    have undertaken a specialist assessment. For example, you could be entitled

          • A reader
          • Extra time
          • A separate room
          • Specialist Equipment
          • Use of a word processor

    Please remember, however, that all arrangements for support must be applied
    for in advance and on an individual basis. If you think that you need this
    kind of help, please ask for more information.

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We also have a range of assistive technology and special equipment
    • Software to support students with dyslexia
    • Dictaphones
    • Lap Top computers
    • Perkins Brailler
    • CCTV to enlarge texts
    • Voice Input Software

This list is not exaustive. Please contact the Learning Support Team for your
individual support needs.

3. Who can I discuss my needs with?

A range of services is available for advice, information and support at both
the Cauldon and Burslem Campuses and our 3 Neighbourhood Colleges. The
following staff can help:

Learning Support Co-ordinator                     Bob Southern ext. 3526

Learning Support Team Leaders                     Dave Langley and Yvette Leese
Recruitment, Support and                          BSC - Sarah Jones ext. 3673
Progression Managers                              CSI - Barry Hunt ext. 3690
                                                  ECO - Paul Johnson ext. 3141
                                                  S4L - Paul Cawley ext. 3492

Careers & Employment Co-ordinator                 Jane Dunning, ext 3623
College Counsellors                               Simon Scott, ext 3430
                                                  Eleanor Robinson
                                                  Joy Hewitt

Student Entitlement Manager                       Lynn Tindale, ext 3615

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    4. Social Activities
    The students with Disabilities group meets regularly to discuss issues relating
    specifically to do with access to resources/support for students social events.
    It enables students to voice their opinions in an informal
    setting and the group promotes positive changes and

    The group discuss cross-college issues and positively
    promotes Equality and Diversity.

    For more information regarding how you can get
    involved contact Zoe Simpson on ext. 3563.

    Because everyones different...

    5. How can I get help if I am not satisfied with the support provided?

    Raise your concerns with the appropriate member of staff detailed in

    Section 3.

    In addition, you can use the College Complaints System to make a formal or
    an informal complaint. Any complaint you make will be investigated and you
    will be informed of the outcome within 10 working days.

    Contact Julie Johnson, Customer Complaints on ext. 3560.

    6. The Disability Information is available in the following formats:-
        • Printed Copy/ Large Print
        • Computer Disc
        • Braille
        • Audio Cassette

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Getting Around College
The College has improved the accessibility of all its buildings.
The current position on access and facilities is described in the attached
sheet and maps on pages 7 and 8.

Location of accessible toilets: Cauldon
New Library Building - Top floor and ground floor
Taylor Building - Behind the main reception
Knapper Building - Opposite the restaurant
Urquart Building - Opposite the Cauldon room training restaurant
General Building - Ground floor

Location of accessible toilets: Burslem
A Block - In main reception and by the Restaurant on the first floor
J Block - In the main entrance
C Block - In the main entrance
John Seddon Building

Location of lifts and stair lifts: Cauldon

Lifts are available in:

New Library Building- which also gives you access to the
Taylor Building
Knapper Building
Urquart Building
General Building
Leonard Barber Hall

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    Location of lifts: Burslem
    A/B Block (one lift services both buildings)
    J Block
    John Seddon Building

    Automatic doors: Cauldon
    Entrance to the Knapper Building
    Entrance to the New Library Building

    Automatic doors: Burslem
    Main reception
    J Block
    John Seddon Building

    Personal Care Facilities
    The Learning Support department provide 1-1 personal support
    carers at both campuses where appropriate.

    Medical Help
    First Aiders can be contacted through the main reception
    at both campuses. The College also has a policy on the administration of
    medicine - please ask if you need help with this.

    Guide Dog Facilities
    Guide dogs are welcome on all College sites. Bowls and fresh water are
    available from the Learning Support Team.

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   Stoke on Trent College
   Disability Information (as at November 2006)
   How You Can Help Us ...

   We need you to help us improve our services and provision for disabled
   people with learning difficulties/disabilities.

   1. Where did you get your copy of this leaflet?

   2. Is itclear and easy to understand?

   3. How helpful did you find this information - please circle

   Excellent                     Ok                  Poor                Very Poor

   4. Can you suggest ways in which the our services and provision be improved?

   5. Any other comments.

   Please complete and return to:
   Bob Southern, Learning Support Co-ordinator, Cauldon Campus.

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