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									                                                                                                   Newsletter of the

                                                                                                   Baltimore Yearly Meeting
                                                                                                   of the

                                                                                                   Religious Society of Friends

v 01. XLIII                                                        JUNE,     1968                                                      No.2

Cape          Ma   y   Changes                            Yearly           Meeting                       Family       Institute
    The conference in Cape May, N .J .,              Yearly Meeting, to be held August             This year's Family Institute,      an op-
under the sponsorship of Friends Gen-             2-7, should be as interesting and a first,    portunity    for families to get together
eral Conference, to be held June 21-28,           as last year. It will be somewhat differ-     and talk, camp, as well as meet new
will be different this year. Rather than          ent from the past in that all Yearly          Friends, will be held at Camp Catoctin
a "come-one-come-all"       conference, there     Meeting committees will have at least a       near Thurmont, Maryland. In this wood-
will be a working conference for 500 rep-         few minutes to present concerns to the        ed setting, the Institute will last from
resentatives on the theme "Renewal and            sessions. For the past several years each     July 1 through July 7. Dorothea Morse
Revolution." All Monthly Meetings with-           committee has reported only on alternate      will coordinate the Institute and arrange
in the constituent Yearly Meetings of the         years.                                        for discussions on the topic "Nurturing
Conference have been asked to appoint a              Ministry  and Counsel is planning a        Spiritual   Growth-A       Cooperative Ven-
representative. It is expected that close         meditation period to open the sessions        ture of the Home and Meeting."
to one hundred of the Central Committee           Friday afternoon. That evening Calvin            In the mornings, classes will be held
members of Friends General Conference             Keene will speak on the general theme         separately     for pre-schoolers,    primary
will attend.                                      of Quakers in the world of today.             age children and juniors. Junior high and
   Part of the conference program will               Saturday, as part of the business ses-     and high school students can either help
be open to all Friends. There will be two         sions, the schools will have an oppor-        with these classes or join the adult dis-
afternoon lecture series: Oliver Nuse,            tunity to present reports, and some of the    cussion group. Afternoons will be free
Chairman of the Department of Creative            organizations (Friends House, etc.) will      for family recreation:      hiking, reading,
Arts at William Penn Charter School in            also report. AFSC and other organiza-         swimming, etc. Then, in the evening,
Philadelphia, will give four lectures on          tions will present their concerns at the      everyone will return to the group for in-
"Social    and Religious      Expression     in   Sunday afternoon session.                     formal singing and talking around the
Art", and Henry Cadbury will be giving               The Carey Memorial Lecture will be
a series on "Biblical Approaches to Reli-                                                       campfire.
                                                  given by Lorton Heusel, General Secre-
                                                  tary of Friends United Meeting, on Sun-          Although there are a few staff cabins
gious Thought."                                                                                 available, most of the campers (families)
    Representatives     and    va<Jationing       day evening. The Yearly Meeting Lec-
Friends will also be attending together           ture, on Tuesday evening, will be given       will be expected to sleep in camp shelters
the evening addresses. Speakers will in-          by William Hubben, Chairman-designate         or in their own tents. Cots and mattresses
clude Kenneth Barnes of London Yearly             of Friends General Conference. Both of        will be provided, but bed linen or sleep-
Meeting, James Farmer, William            Hub-    these Friends have been asked to speak        ing bags must be brought by campers.
ben, Mary Calderone, and Gilbert White.           along the lines of what the organization      Meals will be provided.
Young Friends are taking responsibility           they represent is looking to in the future,      The cost, primarily    to pay for food, is
for a presentation on "Commitment."               and what it has to offer to a newly-          ,$12.50 for each adult for the entire
    Meetings of concern groups in the             united Yearly Meeting. As usual, Young        period, $10.00 for each child 6-12, and
afternoon and recreational events in the          Friends are planning the program for          $8.00 for each child under 6, plus a $5.00
evening will be open to all Friends.              Saturday evening.                             family    registration   fee. Thus, for a
    Representatives    will be required to           The Religious Education       Committee    family of four, the total cost is from
attend     worship-sharing      and interest      and the Junior Yearly Meeting Coordina-       $46 to $55 depending on the ages of the
gr<1Ups on all the mornings of the con-           tor are planning programs for each age        children. Applications     or further infor-
ference except Sunday. Representatives            group of children and hope many will          mation can be obtained from             Doris
are being asked to state a preference for         come for the entire time. For all or any      Brown, 3001 Fairlee Drive, Fairfax, Va.,
an interest group under three main cate-          group wishing it, several sets of film or     22030.
gories: The renewal of the religious              slides of general interest are being ob-
basis of our faith, Friends and their wit-        tained.
ness today, and Friends and their per-              The Registrar and others who have the       Alfred       Stefferud            to
sonal relationships. --                           plans--to m"ke J:'or ~mfort     dllring~
    There will be no J unior Conference or        the sessions hope each of you will make
 Senior High School Conference this year          plans early and send in your reservation
at Cape May. Included among the 500               as soon as possible. Blanks were sent to         The appointment of Alfred Stefferud
representatives     to the working confer-        each Monthly Meeting early in J une.          as editor of the Friends Journal upon
ence will be 35 senior high representa-           You should make a reservation, even if        retirement   next September of Frances
tives    appointed     by the      constituent    only wanting one meal.                        Williams Browin was announced at the
Yearly     Meetings of Friends         General       A letter from Ellis T. Williams, our       annual meeting of Friends Publishing
Conference and 70 college-age Young               Presiding Clerk, to all Monthly Meeting       Corporation.
 Friends appointed by the Young Friends           Clerks reads as follows: "Yearly Meet-          Alfred Stefferud, a native of Minnesota
Planning Committee.                               ing time is again approaching with all        and a graduate of St. Olaf College,
                                                  that it has to offer for the renewal of       worked for the Associated Press in Des
                                                  our Society and for personal refreshment      Moines, New York, Berlin, and Vienna
                                                  and relaxation. ...This   year especially,    before joining the U.S. Department of
       Pinebrook           Institute              the first in nearly a century and a half      Agriculture    in 1945 as editor of its Year-
                                                  for our united gathering, it is hoped that    book of Agriculture,     a position he held
   "U.s. Responses to a World in Revolu-          there may be a good representation from
tion" will be the focus of the 1968 Pine-                                                       until his retirement in 1965. A member of
                                                  each of our Monthly Meetings. Members         Friends     Meeting    of Washington,      h~
brook Institute, sponsored by the Middle          who have never attended Yearly Meet-
Atlantic Region of the AFSC, to be held                                                         has been active in committees of his
                                                  ing, or who have not attended recently,       Monthly     and Yearly     Meeting and of
July 7-14 at the Conference Center in             will be warmly welcomed, in particular .',~
the Poconos, near Stroudsburg, Pa.                                                              Friends World Committee for Consulta-
   This    week-long   summer    institute                                                      tion and has been on the Board of Man-
brings serious concerns to a vacation                                                           agers of Friends Journal since 1965. He
atmosphere, with age-level programs for           H. Yarrow.                                    has written a number of books and maga-
children.                                           Further information,  including a bro-      zine articles.
   The faculty will include Daniel Ber-           chure with registration   form, may be            Friends Journal     was established in
rigan, S.J., James E. Bristol. Robert S.          gotten from AFSC, Peace Education             1955 as successor to The Friend (founded
Browne, William Davidon, Grace Mora               Program, 319 East 25th St., Baltimore,        in 1827} and the Friends Intelligencer
Newman, William Worthy and Clarence               Md. 21218.                                     (founded in 1844}.
Page   2                                                 THE    INTERCHANGE                                                             June, 1968

                                                                                                   F riends          House       Seeks

   The Regents of the University       of the                                                                       N ursing         Addition
State of New York have granted college
status and degree powers to Friends                                                                  With its 100 units fully rented since
                                                                                                   early May, Friends House, the Yearly
World College, formerly Friends World
                                                                                                   Meeting's      retirement     home at Sandy
Institute, which for three years has op-                                                           Spring, Md., is seeking funds for an
erated    an experimental      intercultural                                                       addition to provide nursing care for 60
program at its North American tempo-                                                               persons. Promissory notes bearing 5% %
                                                                                                   interest are being offered to persons in-
rary campus, former military        barracks                                                       terested in helping to finance this part of
at Mitchel Gardens, Westbury, N.Y. The                                                             the Sandy Spring Friends Center devel-
State Education Department commended                                                               opment. Paid subscriptions toward the
the close relationship of faculty and stu-                                                         estimated       cost of $400,000 exceeded
dents which are in contrast to the im-                                                             $100,000 by the end of May. It is hoped
                                                                                                   that this amount may be more than
personality   and lack of communication                                                            doubled      before      Yearly     Meeting     in
 that have been a frequent source of                                                               August.
complaint on many campuses. The college                                                                William R. Martin, executive director,
seeks to develop the whole man, his                                                                reports that residents are engaging in a
spiritual and social awareness, his sense       Sandra         Casey y .M.                         variety of activities and programs which
of responsibility     to society, and not                                                          strengthen a spirit of community and
                                                                                                   mutual      concern. "Town         Meetings"    to
simply his intellectual     faculties.    The         Associate         Secretary                  help new residents get acquainted and to
four-year   program, with emphasis on                                                              discuss house needs and concerns are held
studying and attempting to solve world                                  For Summer                 every two months. Talks by residents,
                                                                                                   discussions of peace and international
problems, strives for relevancy to con-                                                            relations, musical events and motion pic-
temporary life, and will lead to the B.A.          Sandra M. Casey assumed the duties              tures generally provide programs three
degree.                                         of Associate Secretary for the Yearly              evenings each week.
                                                Meeting on May 1, and will carry these
                                                responsibilities     through       the    Young        A group gets together once a week to
   The action of the Regents stipulated         Friends Labor Day Weekend Conference.              sew for the American Friends Service
certain conditions which must be met               Sandra has already visited a number              Committee. Another group practices lip-
within   the next five years, including         of our monthly and quarterly meetings              reading. A book club meets regularly to
                                                and is fast becoming known to Friends              hear members review books of interest to
library improvements, continuing evalua-                                                           them. There is a mid-week morning
                                                in the Yearly Meeting.
tions of the program, and a required oral          Her responsibilities       are primarily   in    Friends meeting for worship and also an
examination for graduation     candidates.      the area of Religious Education, Catoctin          evening service of Free Methodists.
There have previously been no examina-          Quaker Camp and Young Friends. More                    A minibus makes scheduled trips for
tions at the new college.                       specifically, she is helping with plans for         shopping at Sandy Spring, Ashton and
                                                the Family       Institute,     Junior   Yearly     Wheaton. It is also available for groups
                                                Meeting, Young Friends and Hi-Q sum-                attending     religious    services or public
   The Quaker-sponsored college is unique       mer programs and activities, and Boys              meetings in the Washington            area. The
in providing a world education with pro-                                                             management also runs a small conven-
                                                and Girls Camp at Catoctin.
grams currently      operating   for small         Before attending and graduating from             ience store handling dairy products, pas-
groups in Mexico,       Kenya,     Ethiopia,    Beloit College, Sandra worked at the                try, cosmetics, drugs and gifts. A com-
Sweden and India, as well as in the             U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, partici-            mercial beauty parlor operates on the
United States. The total enrollment is          pated in an international        work camp in       premises every Thursday.
100 with an additional 50 students ac-          Germany, studied several languages in
cepted for next September. New classes                                                                 A hobby and crafts room provides
                                                Europe, and did some Youth Hostel                  varied opportunities for creative activity.
of 50 each will be admitted each Feb-
                                                mountaineering     in Switzerland.                  Pictures     painted     by resident     artists
ruary and September. Friends           World       Sandra's interest is in cultural geog-
College is also unique in attempting to                                                             adorn some of the lounges. The public
                                                raphy, in which she will be doing grad-             library    periodically    sends in consign-
develop world attitudes and in preparing        uate work starting          in the Fall. Her
students to become agents of construc-                                                              ments of current books to supplement the
                                                husband, Jim, is studying anthropology.             collection being built up and classified
tive social change. Each student is ex-
pected to spend a semester in each of the                                                           by a house library committee. Many resi-
foreign centers, returning     to his home                                                          dents, with advice and guidance from
center for a final term. The first African      Education                                           Elizabeth Haviland,        have enjoyed gar-
student was accepted in February at the                                                             dening in the patio spaces outside each
center in Nairobi      and, after a few                                                             apartment.
months of orientation       in Africa,   has
                                                               Commi        ttee     N ews              Friends      House      has     become       a
joined the group of students currently                                                              viable reality, fulfilling      the aspirations
moving from Africa to India.                       The new Education           Committee  is        of its founders in ministering           to the
                                                seeking ways it can be of significant               needs of elderly persons able to take care
                                                service to members of the Yearly Meet-              of themselves. Early construction of the
                                                ing. According to its job description the           proposed nursing addition will complete
                                                committee is to, among other things: (1)            the service the Yearly Meeting has set
Second All- Virginia                            encourage and help all Friends to secure            out to provide for the aged.
                                                the education they need and desire, and
           Friends       Conference              (2)   make available       information  on
                                                scholarship aid of all sorts. The Com-
   The second annual conference for all         mittee is in the process of collecting data                   The      Interchange
Friends in Virginia      is scheduled to be     to meet these needs. It hopes to make it
held September 14-15 in the Harrison-           available for reference later this year.           Published in February, June and October
burg-Staunton    area.                             Monthly    Meeting    clerks have been          by the Baltimore Yearly Meeting of the
   Information will be sent to all monthly      asked to supply information on available           Religious Society of Friends, at Balti-
meeting clerks in Virginia,       and it is     scholarship aid and need, but the re-              more, Maryland,    and sent free to all
hoped that this will be shared with             sponse has been disappointing.                     members.
others, particularly   isolated Friends.           If anyone has any suggestions for the           Editor
   Present plans call for a consideration       committee, knows of available scholar-             THEODOREH. MATTHEISS
of one of the traditional       concerns of     ship funds for higher education, special           5116 N. Charles St.
Friends, such as poverty or the treatment       needs students, or boarding school stu-            Baltimore, Md. 21210
of offenders. The conference will consist       dents, etc., please communicate with the           Material for publication and other com-
of work-study sessions, led by a major          Committee.                                         munications may be sent to the above ad-
resource person in the field.                                    Alice S. Koenig, Chairman         dress.
June,1968                                            THE    INTERCHANGE                                                              Page 3

 Peace Committee               News                                                         How         Many          Stamps
   Earlier this year the Peace Committee
sent to the Clerk of each Monthly Meet-                                                               For      an     Ambulance?
ing a copy of "The Friends Peace Testi-
mony-A     Challenge of Our Time," with                                                        The national triennial    conferences of
a letter emphasizing the desire for com-                                                    the United Society of Friends Women
ments on the ideas expressed. This state-                                                   and Quaker men will be held July 13-17
ment was issued by the Friends Coordi-                                                      at William      Penn College, Oskaloosa,
nating Committee on Peace and was                                                           Iowa. Programs for children of all ages
modified slightly by the Friends World                                                      are planned, and a high school conference
Council. It is expected that this or a                                                      will be held at nearby Central College.
modified statement will be presented at                                                        Friends Women agreed that this year's
Yearly Meeting in August for discussion                                                     conference    project   would be raising
and possible endorsement and adoption.                                                      money for a new X-ray machine for
We would appreciate hearing your views                                                      Friends    Hospital   in Kaimosi,    Kenya.
                                                                                            This would replace old equipment, that
                                                                                            frequently   breaks down, and eliminate
   The Peace Committee would like to                                                        the inconvenience and disappointment of
know in what ways Monthly Meetings                                                          patients and staff, and the waiting-
and individual Friends have implemented                                                     sometimes for weeks or months-for
the Minute of Concern from the Yearly                                                       repairs.
Meeting, Aug. 7, 1967. Have we given
                                                                                               But as these plans were underway,
"more vigorous expression to our tradi-
tional opposition to all war?" If any                                                       word was received that the hospital am-
                                                For those who have been attempting          bulance had broken down and was beyond
Meeting wo,uld like to have a counselor      to keep abreast of the progress of our         repair. Faced with this crisis, Friends
or speaker on the draft, conscientious       students under t1ie auspices of the Com-
objection, or related topics, your Peace                                                    Women decided to collect trading stamps;
                                             mittee to Aid African Quaker Students,         any kind, any color, and exchange them
Committee is ready, willing, and able to     we hope to present a detailed summary          for a new Landrover full-size ambulance !
provide this service.                        at the conclusion of the project.              The collection of over 2,000 books of
   By the time you read this, the Mont-         The picture of our present students         stamps seems a herculean task, but the
gomery County (Md.) chapter of the           taken during Quarterly Meeting at York,        women are confident it can be done-
                                             Pennsylvania,    in 1967 appears above:        with the cooperation of Quaker families
Civil Liberties Union, in conjunction with
the Maryland     CLU, will have filed a      Gaylord    Avedi is on the right         and   across the country.
Complaint in the U .S. District Court for    Aggrey Otiende on the left. When possi-           We know that some Friends and their
the District   of Maryland on behalf of      ble, both men have participated in vari-       trading stamps are already committed to
the Yearly      Meeting.  The Complaint      ous Monthly and Quarterly Meetings to          on-going good causes, but this for the
names the Secretary of State, Secretary      mutual benefit. It is the concensus of         ambulance is a one-time, special appeal.
of the Treasury, and the Director of the     those who have met with them that they         Baltimore Yearly Meeting will be repre-
Office of Foreign Assets Control as De-      have much of benefit to offer.                 sented at the conferences in Oskaloosa by
fendants and asks the Court to direct           Gaylord Avedi was able to avail him-        a few Friends, but we invite all of you
them to allow the Yearly Meeting to send     self of financial support from the Insti-      to have a part in making the dream of
medical aid to all parts of Vietnam.         tute of International      Education which     a new X-ray and a new ambulance be-
                                             supplemented our aid to both students.         come a reality.
   So many important items of immense        Gaylord is scheduled to graduate in June,         Will someone in your Meeting collect
interest and concern to Friends are be-      at which time the Yearly           Meeting's   money and stamp books (or loose stamps)
fore our lawmakers these days that it is     obligation to him will have been met. He       and send to Lois S. Vaught, 100 Fox
imperative that each of us subscribe to      is planning to return to Kenya and teach.      Drive, Winchester, Va. 22601?
the Friends Committee on National Leg-       Thus he will be fulfilling     the prime ob-
islation Newsletter. We believe it is one    jective and aim of Friends here and in
of the soundest investments which can        Kenya by enabling him, and others like
be made. For information write to FCNL,      him, to further the advancement of Edu-           Summer            Youth          Camp
245 2nd Street, N.E., Washington, D.C.       cation in Kenya.
20002.                                                                                          Applications     are now being accepted
                                                Aggrey Otiende will enter his junior         for this summer's Camp Catoctin youth
              Victor Kaufman, Chairman       year at Morgan State College this Fall,         session. Camp will run from August 11
                                             and we will follow his progress with in-        to August 31, and the fee will remain at
                                             terest. Upon Aggrey's graduation,        two    $30.00 per week.
                                             ably from now,
                                             years betermlnated:- this project will prob-
                                                                                  --        -~he      f6116..Ying -eh~gesj-.instituted---thi£-
                                                                                             year, are part of our effort to develop
                                                These young men, as is true of others        a more challenging camping and educa-
Young        F fiends                        with whom the Committee has worked,            tional experience: (1) Tho.ugh applica-
                                             are not lazy and grasping.        As was        tions for one and two week sessions will
                                             pointed out in The Interchange, October        be welcomed, campers are being encour-
            Offered       Assistance         1967, "-we have expected these students         aged to attend for the full three weeks.
                                             to take care of their personal expenses         This enables us to devise programs aimed
                                             with money derived from part-time and           at the steady development of skills and
   The Advancement and Outreach Com-         summer jobs. The Committee pays for             accumulation of knowledge. (2) The up-
mittee is concernedwith the development      tuition, board and lodging, and during          per age of campers is being extended
of potential leadership within the Yearly    the school year the students are expected      through 14 years. This means that we
                                             to live on campus. Such aid as we offer        will accept applications from prospective
Meeting.                                     is not conducive to a life of ease-but it       campers nine through 14 years old. (3)
   One means they see of accomplishing       is not expected to be. It is a mutual           Swimming      and nature instruction           are
                                             sharing of assistance and opportunity."
this is through the use of the talents of                                                   being upgraded. (4) The number of paid
                                                We are planning to send an appeal-           professional staff is being sharply in-
Young Friends to their fullest.              for-funds letter to the Yearly Meeting          creased.
   The Committee would like to assist        membership in October; meanwhile your              As in the past our primary objective
                                             continued support is needed. Please send
Young Friends by helping them finan-         your contributions or pledge at anytime.
                                                                                            is to provide an exciting, healthy, and
cially to attend conferences, etc.                                                          wholesome        living     experience      where
                                                Checks should be made payable to the         Quaker principles are learned through
   Any Young Friend interested in secur-     Baltimore   Yearly Meeting of Friends,         close dependence upon one another under
ing such assistance is encouraged to         ear-marked for African Quaker Student          the guidance of skillful, sensitive adults.
                                             Fund, and directed to William J. Evans,            Application forms and brochures may
write to Sherwood W. Doughman, 6 Rose-       Treasurer, 3813 Juniper Road, Baltimore,       be obtained from your local Meeting or
wood Drive, Harrisburg, Pa. 17109, for       Md.21218.                                       from Marjorie         Scott, 108 Wyndhurst
further details.                                            Charles G. Grey, Chairman        Avenue, Baltimore, Md. 21210.
Page   4                                                  THE         INTERCHANGE                                                      June, 1968

                                                       Calendar                of   Events            Economic           Development
Deer Creek                                      June            16-Centre    Quarterly      Meet-
    During the Lenten season we joined                               ing, Dunnings     Creek             in    Western         Kenya:
with other churches in the neighborhood         June       21-28-Cape   May Conference
which met weekly at various homes to            July         1-7-Family  Institute                            A N ew Idea
discuss the current problems and at-            July            13-     Virginia Quarterly    Meet-
titudes of young people and parents to-                                 ing, Roanoke-Blacksburg          David H. Scull of Langley Hill Meet-
ward present day situations.                    July    13-17-National      Conferences of            ing has just returned from a visit to
    The Missionary Committee has as a                          United        Society       of         Kenya full of enthusiasm for a new ap-
project the rolling of bandages which                          Friends Women, Quaker                  proach to the problem of helping the de-
will be sent to the hospital in Kenya.                         Men, and Friends Youth
    VVe have been deeply saddened by the                                                              veloping nations become more productive;
sudden passing of Johns VV.Hopkins    on        August    2-7- Yearly      Meeting,    West-          partnership with small business and in-
January     lOth, a lifelong and valued                        minster, Md.                           dustry, as a means of encouraging initia-
                                                August 1l-31-Summer         Youth Camp                tive and mobilizing resources.
member of our Meeting.
                                                August     18-Potomac Quarterly Meet-
Goose Creek                                                    ing, Goose Creek
                                                                                                          Western Province, where East Africa
     Friends joined the eight other churches                                                          Yearly     Meeting    is centered, is still
in      the  Purcellville-Lincoln,  Virginia    August     25-Warrington           Quarterly          largely a subsistence agricultu-re area.
area in holding ecumenical services each                        Meeting, Warrington                   There are small business men who need
Friday evening during Lent, beginning           September   7-Nottingham           Quarterly          help to expand; there are urgent needs
with the VVorld Day of Prayer service                           Meeting, Calvert, Md.                 in fields related       to agriculture-for
in the Grace Annex Methodist Church             September   8-Baltimore            Quarterly          example, better distribution of fertilizer,
  (Negro)    on a very snowy night. For                         Meeting        ( FGC      and         and improved facilities        for repairing
each succeeding service the host congre-                        FUM) , Sandy Spring                   farm machinery;       and there are young
gation conducted the service in accord          Sept.   14-15-All-Virginia           Friends          men who show promise of becoming
with its own customary procedures, but                          Conference                            managers and businessmen who need
with a speaker from another church.             September 22-Warrington              Annual           economic opportunity      to help them stay
 VVhen the service was held in the Goose                        Meeting                               close to home, rather than having to go
 Creek Meeting House the first half was         October    12-Yearly       Meeting     picnic         off to Nairobi or Mombasa to find chal-
an unprogrammed meeting for worship,                            at      Catoctin     Quaker           lenging work.
with the Roman Catholic pastor bringing                         Camp                                      The program has two elements: invest-
 a message in the latter half. On another       October         20-Centre    Quarterly        Meet-
evening Arnold          B. Vaught   was the                                                           ment, in loans or in shares or partner-
                                                                     ing, West Branch
 speaker of the service in the Assembly                                                               ship interests, participating     with Afri-
 of God, following a rousing song service.                                                            cans; and management advice and assist-
 The series closed on Good Friday with a        Washington                                            ance, with expenses contributed except
                                                    The state of the meeting has been of              for whatever nominal amount a small
 liturgical    service of worship     ill St.
 Peter's Episcopal Church in which the          particular concern to us this spring. One             beginning enterprise can afford to pay.
 preacher was the pastor of Grace Annex         question which arises more and more                    It is this closely related combination of
                                                frequently, and not always in a spirit of             the two services that is new: up to now
                                                frivolity,  is this:   Is there a Florida             only very large factories and commercial
  On the Thursday evening during Holy                                                                 firms have been helped by our foreign
VVeek Arnold     Vaught  served as the          Avenue Meeting? There are Langley
                                                Hill and Bethesda Preparative Meetings ;               aid programs because the small ones
preacher for the First Baptist Church
                                                what, then, is the body meeting down-                  could not absorb the costs of investiga-
of VVatson, Virginia, a Negro congrega-
                                                town ? The preparatives         have their            tion, training, and technical services.
Oxford                                          monthly business meetings and frequent-                   If the World Resources Committee of
   Meeting for worship will be held at          ly join in the covered-dish supper and                 the Friends World Committee decides to
11 ;00 a.m. in the Brick Meeting House at       business meeting at Florida Avenue. On                 sponsor this approach, there will be many
Calvert, Md., on the fourth Sunday in           these occasions it is not unusual for the              opportunities    for    Friends   to help :
July and August.                                metaphysical consideration stated above               through investment,       through   contribu-
   Paul and Esther Goulding, of Friends         to be present, implicitly    and sometimes             tions, and through personal service by
General Conference, will be present on          explicitly.                                            those who have business and industrial
July 28th.                                          As in every society, the younger and               experience to share. David,          who is
   Friends are cordially invited to wor-        more enterprising members have left the                Chairman of the International         Affairs
ship with us in this historic, restored         parent body to form new colonies. Far                  Committee of the FWCC American Sec-
Meeting House.                                  from ignoring their origin, they return                tion and a member of the new World
Hopewell and Centre                             often to bring their concerns for ap-                  Resources Committee headed by J oseph
    The Monthly    Meeting has approved         proval and action. Now that Friends                    Haughton of Dublin, Ireland, will be
the affiliation   of its two constituent        House is a reality, many of our valued                 available at Yearly Meeting time to dis-
Meetings, Centre and Hopewell, with             older members have departed, with the                  cuss this program in greater detail with
the now-forming      VVinchester-Frederick      natural consequence that their primary                 interested Friends. Participation     in this
County Council of Churches. Each Meet-          inter-est is transferred    to the nearest             program would not be limited to Friends
ing has appointed three Friends to the          Meeting. This constitutes a further drain              either here or in Kenya, but it would be
assembly of the council, and S. Roger           on our spiritual resources. There are too              a very logical extension of the pioneering
Koontz was appointed Friend's repre-            few steady Friends to deal effectively                 work Friends have been doing in that
sentative to the Board of Directors, with       with a recent trend, of the meetings for               country since 1902.
George L. Sheetz as alternate.                  worship being dominated by seekers who
    There has been some increase in ac-         persist in expressing their personal con-
tivity   at Centre during the past four         fusion or their private concerns in a man-
months. An evening meeting was held             ner that does not make for a gathered                         F riendshi      p   T our
January 19 to which the public was in-          meeting. We are hard pressed to remem-
vited to view a color movie, "The Lord's        ber that these expressions have meaning                  For many years Jerome Davis, now
Prayer." On the evening of February 26          for those who utter them, and that a                  resident at Friends House, has conducted
a recorded lecture was heard and dis-           Meeting which is barren for some can be               tours to Europe and Russia of Friend-
cussed.                                         of help to others.                                    ship and Peace groups.
    The regular Monthly Meeting, held at            An indication of the ferment working
Centre on April 14, was preceded by a           in the Meeting is that we have again                    This year's tour will be for one month,
pot-luck supper and showing of some             experimented with turning some of the                 July 15-August      15, and will extend to
color slides taken at the VVorld Confer-        front benches to face the others. The re-             Russia and the satellite countries. Dr.
ence by our representative,      Robert E.      action has been mixed. At all events, it              Davis says that they will be seeing gov-
Pidgeon. This was an excellent means by         can be truly said that we are not in a                ernment officials and even going into
which to bring a little of the Conference       rut, nor are we mired in complacency.                 people's homes. Departure will be from
back to the Monthly Meeting and, need-                                                                New York on July 15, return to New
less to say, the pictures were very much        United Council of Church Women in                     York on August 15, at a total cost of
enjoyed and appreciated       by everyone       their participation      in community con-            $1,490.
present.                                        cerns and have assisted the local health                 For information,   write Jerome Davis,
  Members of both     Hopewell and Centre       department one day each week in May                   Friends House, 17401 Norwood Road,
Meetings  continue     to work   with the       with their T .B. clinic.                              Sandy Spring, Md. 20860.

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