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									 No. 378
                                           Betsuin Jiho
                       November-December, 2006                                             Phone (213) 680-9130 •FAX (213) 680-2210

                                                                                                    INTEGRATION OF TEMPLE STRUCTURE,
                                                                                                        GARDEN, AND PARKING LOT…
                                                                                                                      Completion of Construction to be
                                                                                                                  Celebrated As Part of Our Eitaikyo Service
                                                                                                  by George T. Matsubayashi, Rimban

                                                                                                                          Until now, our Los date all the cars during our busiest
                                                                                                                       Angeles          Betsuin times. Then, during 1993, we were
                                                                                                                       Buddhist         Temple most fortunate and honored to receive a
                                                                                                                       structure, our garden, donation from the late former Monshu,
                                                                                                                       and our parking lots the Honorable Monshu-Emeritus
                                                                                                                       had been divided Ohtani Kosho, and his wife, Lady
                                                                                                                       because of Banning Ohtani Yoshiko, the late former
                                                                                                                       Street (the dead-end Urakata, that enabled us to purchase the
                                                                                                  alley between our Multi-Purpose Hall additional land on the northern site.
                                                                                                  and the parking lots). That is, our tem- This was two years before we celebrat-
                                                                                                  ple compound used to be divided into ed our 95th year of existence.
                                                                                                  three parts: a central area on which our              Because of this unexpected and most
                                                                                                  temple stands, a northern site, and a gracious gift from the former
                                                                                                  western site.                                      Gomonshu-sama and Ourakata-sama
                                                                                                      Since purchase of the northern site for which we are most unworthy, we
                                  INURNMENT SERVICE
                                                                                                  during 1976, and purchase of the west- were able to purchase six lots next to the
Betsuin ministers toss keha (paper bodhi leaves) during the Inurnment Service where attendees     ern site during 1999, we have petitioned northern site on September 1st of that
transferred the ashes of loved ones to the Muryokoju-do, the new nokotsu-do.                      the Los Angeles City Council to evacu- year, almost doubling the amount of
                                                                                                  ate the unused Banning Street alley and space for our parking lot. This large
                                                                                                  transfer its title to us so our temple com- increase in land fostered the possibility
 BETSUIN WELCOMES                                  LA BETSUIN BWA                                 pound would be one unified whole. of constructing a Nokotsu-do in the near
   REV.YASUNORI                                   MEMBERS ATTEND                                  From about four years ago, while plan- future, an addition greatly desired by
                                                                                                  ning for our                                                              our       temple
     TERUOKA                                         13TH WORLD                                   Centennial                                                                members.
Rev. Teruoka [aka: “Teru Sensei”]                                                                 Celebration, we                                                              During 1999,
comes to the Betsuin from the Tri-State              CONVENTION                                   intensified our                                                           we were fortu-
Denver Buddhist Temple in Colorado.              by Ernest Hida
                                                                                                  efforts in this                                                           nate to acquire
                                                               ALOHA!                             direction.                                                                the western site,
Q: When did you
                                                    With this Hawaiian spirit, Rimban             During October                                                            further raising
come to the U.S.
                                                George, Mrs Kay Matsubayashi and                  of last year, the                                                         hopes of con-
and at what tem-
                                                BWA President Mrs Tsuruko Iwohara                 council finally                                                           structing       a
ple(s) were you at?
                                                led a delegation of 70 members to the             approved         our                                                      Nokotsu-do.
A: I arrived in the
                                                13th World Buddhist Women’s                       request, and the                                                          Six years later,
U.S. on November                                                                                                         Banning Street, cleared and soon will connect the
                                                Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii. (see              rights to the                                                             during     2005,
26, 2002. I was                                 photos on page 2)
                                                                                                                             three sections of the L.A. Betsuin property.
assigned to the Tri-                                                                              Banning Street                                                            that hope was
                                                    The members (BWA members,                     alley area were formally transferred to actualized as the Memorial Chapel of
State        Denver                             spouses and friends) of the delegation
Buddhist Temple of                                                                                us.                                                Immeasurable Light and Life, part of
                                                were from the LA Betsuin, Venice, West                Since then, we have requested and our Centennial Celebration. The dedi-
Colorado at Jan 1,                              LA, Gardena, Fowler, Watsonville
2003.                                                                                             received permits to install drain pipes, cation of that structure on August 28th
                                                Buddhist Temples, and the Seattle                 remodel the catch basin, grade and pre- of last year is a source of joy and happi-
Q: Where in Japan are you from?                 Betsuin. Also included in this delega-            pare the land, etc. Work to remove ness that will last for our lifetime.
A: I was born in 1976 in Kagoshima-             tion were current and retired ministers:          Banning Street began on August 15th of                 And now, a year later, work on
ken.                                            Rev. & Mrs John Iwohara, Rev. & Mrs               this year. As I am writing this article, Banning Street so our temple compound
                                                Sensho Inouye, Rev. & Mrs Seikan                  the preliminary work has almost been will be one unified whole, is about to be
Q: Do you come from a temple family?            Fukuma, Rev. & Mrs Harold Oda and
A: Yes, my father and grandfather are                                                             completed and all that remains is completed. I cannot fully express the
                                                Rev. & Mrs Tetsunen Hirota.                       preparing the soil and constructing a great joy that I feel about this, but it will
also Buddhist priests.                              The 13th World BWA Convention                 foundation for the fence gates. When be celebrated as part of our Annual
Q: Does your mother come from a tem-            was hosted by the BWA of the Hawaii               that is done, the adjoining sites that had Eitaikyo Service on November 19th
ple family?                                     Kyodan at the expansive Honolulu                  previously been three separate parts will (Sunday), starting at 10:00 AM.
A: Yes, she does. She came from                 Convention Center with approximately              be one united whole.                                 As I am sure you are aware, Eitaikyo
Hiroshima temple family.                        4,000 in attendance.                                  Temple main structure was complet- Services are conducted every year at all
                                                    During the Opening Service, Lady              ed during 1969, and our Kaikan Multi- Jodo-Shinshu Buddhist temples. The
Q: Do you have any siblings? What do            Noriko Ohtani,           the Honorary
they do?                                                                                          Purpose Hall was completed during term Eitaikyo is abbreviation for “Eitai
                                                President of the BWA, gave the opening            1976. We purchase the northern site for Dokyo”, which means, “chanting sutras
A: Yes, I have. I have two older broth-         remarks and welcomed all the delegates
ers and one younger sister. Oldest                                                                use a parking lot during that time, but it in perpetuity.” That, in turn, is short for
                                                to this Convention. (See photo and interview of   proved to be inadequate to accommo- “conducting memorial services in per-
see TERUOKA/ page 3                             see HAWAII/ page 2                                                                               see RIMBAN/ page 3

                       EITAIKYO SER VICES
                             SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18th
                              SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 19th

                      GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING
                                      NOVEMBER 19th

                                   OSEIBO KANSHA
                                      DECEMBER 17th

                          JOYA-E, YEAR-END SERVICE
                                      DECEMBER 31st

                                       DAY SERVICE
                  SHUSHO-E, NEW YEAR’S DAY SERVICE
                                        JANUARY 1st

                               KOHAKU UTAGASSEN
                                        JANUARY 7th
      Page 2                                                            Betsuin Jiho                                                             November-December, 2006

                                                          13TH WORLD                                                                   LADY NORIKO OHTANI
                                                       BUDDHIST WOMEN’S                                                        The following is an excerpt from the September 1,
                                                                                                                               2006 issue of the Honolulu Advertiser.
                                                          CONVENTION                                                           Buddhists seek younger members
                                                               HONOLULU, HAWAII                                                by Mary Kaye Ritz-- Religion & Ethics Writer
                                                                                                                                   Lady Noriko Ohtani, during a rare English-trans-
                                                                                                                               lated interview with The Advertiser at the Honpa
                                                                                                                               Hongwanji yesterday, says she sees more women com-
                                                                                                                               ing into Buddhist leadership.
                                                                                                                                   As thousands of Buddhist women gathered in
                                                                                                                               Honolulu for the World Buddhist Women's Conven-
                                                                                                                               tion this week, the Lady Noriko Ohtani, president of
                                                                                                                               the sponsoring organization, said Buddhists worldwide
                                                                                                                               need to reach out to younger members.
                                                                                                                                   Ohtani, president of the Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-
                                                                                                                               ha World Federation of Buddhist Women's
                                                                            L.A. Betsuin BWA members attend                    Associations, gently held her purple [nenju], occasion-
                                                                            the Opening Service.                               ally patting the silken tassel as she fielded questions.
                                                                                                                               As wife of the Monshu Koshin Ohtani, head of the
                                                                                                                               Jodo Shinshu Nishi Hongwanji sect, she's married to a
                                                                                                                               direct descendant of Shinran Shonin (1173-1272), the
                                                                                                                               founder of the Jodo Shinshu denomination, which
                                                                                                                               includes Hawai'i's largest Buddhist organization, the
Lady Noriko Ohtani (wife of Gomonshu Koshin Ohtani) gives the opening
                                                                                                                               Honpa Hongwanji.
message at the Opening Service of the 13th World Buddhist Women’s                                                                  The number of women involved in Buddhist
Convention at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu, Hawaii                                                                 women's organizations has dropped almost in half in
                                                                                                                               the past 25 years, yet the numbers of women ministers
                                                                                                                               is on the rise, to nearly one in four, Ohtani noted. She
                                                                                                                               motioned to a robed priest for the latest data: 24 per-
                                                                                                                               cent of the priesthood is female, though only 2.8 per-
                                                                                                                               cent of these women hold top positions in the religious
                                                                                                                                   "However, I foresee more women coming into
                                                                                                                               leadership," Ohtani said in a rare English-translated
                                                                                                                                   The sect is not experiencing the same decline in
                                                                                                                               numbers of Buddhists in Japan as Hawai'i is, Ohtani
                                                                             Kilauea Volcano, on the island of Hawaii
                    A luau in Kona, Hawaii
                                                                                                                               said; however, the population in general is getting
                                                                                                                                   "The average age of women members may be ris-
                                                                                                                               ing," she said. "So generally speaking, (the) tradition-
                                                                                                                               al Buddhist order seems to be experiencing the same
                                                                                                                               thing (as Hawai'i is).
                                                                                                                                   "Up to this point, it was relatively simple for
                                                                                                                               younger women to take over the organization. Now it
                                                                                                                               requires more effort on our part to reach out to them."
                                                                                                                                   Ordination studies for Jodo Shinshu take place on
                                                                                                                               the Mainland and in Japan. English correspondence
                                                                                                                               courses are being improved, she said, and in Berkeley,
    Maui’s Famous Tasaka Guri Guri Ice Cream                                                                                   California, a Center for Buddhist Studies has begun
                                                           Helen Takata gets a tatoo.
                                                                                                                               operating as a center of Jodo Shinshu study for the

                                                                                                                               United States.
                                                                                            Rimban George Matsubayashi             The group is encouraging temples to reach out to
                                                                                            dons a grass skirt and does the
                                                                                            hula.                              younger women by offering dharma messages that are
                                                                                                                               relevant to them — "not necessarily stiff, doctrinal
                                                     CONVENTION                                                                messages or lectures," Ohtani said.
(continued from page 1)
                                                                                                                                   A mother of four, Ohtani said, through translator
Lady Ohtani on page 2)                       with a presentation of the conclu-         Hawaii members then lined up out-
    Hawaii Kyodan Bishop, Chikai                                                                                               the Rev. Thomas R. Okano, that she tried to bring up
                                             sions of the delegates meeting, the        side of the convention hall and said
Yose-mori and the President of the           Closing Service, and an Aloha              farewell to all departing attendees.   see OHTANI/ page 4
Hawaii BWA also welcomed all                 luncheon program.                          Everyone agreed that this was a
delegates to their beautiful state of            During the Closing Service, the        very well organized and smoothly-
Hawaii. After the Opening Service,           leaders of the Hawaii BWA pre-             operated convention.                           BETSUIN CALENDAR
the convention program included a            sented the BWA flag to the leaders             During the delegates’ stay in
panel of speakers, representing              of the Japan BWA as the next host          Honolulu, many enjoyed the visit to                         NOVEMBER
kyodans from Japan, South                    of the Convention in 2011 in               the Honolulu Betsuin with greet-        EITAIKYO SERVICES
America, Canada, United States               Kyoto.                                     ings from Rimban Makino. There               GUEST SPEAKER: REV. TETSUO UNNO,
(BCA) and Hawaii. The BCA rep-                   During the final program, it has       was also a city tour and a circle       18          ENGLISH/JAPANESE       1:30 PM
resentative was Rev. Patti Usuki of          been a tradition to have entertain-        island tour.                            19          ENGLISH 10 AM
the San Fernando Buddhist Temple.                                                                                                           JAPANESE 1:30 PM
                                             ment from members from each of                 After the convention, 50 mem-
All of the speakers gave inspiring           the kyodans. Members from Japan            bers of the delegation stayed on for    19         GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING                    3:30 PM
messages.                                    danced traditional Japanese folk           a tour of Maui and stayed at the        23         THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY         (BETSUIN CLOSED)
    After the obento lunch, all of           dances. The Canadian members               Kaanapali Beach Resort for two
the delegates were assigned to               sang folk songs. The Brazilian             nights.      They      visited Mt.                          DECEMBER
attend various workshops, includ-            members danced the Samba. The              Haleakala, Kula District, the lush       3         TEMPLE CLEAN-UP
ing learning the hula, learning chil-        BCA members did traditional                Iao Valley, the ancient whaling port
dren’s songs, learning Hawaiian              Kagoshima folk dances. Finally,            of Lahaina, and rode the historic        10        BODHI DAY SERVICE        (Jodo-e)
songs, sutra chanting, making                the Hawaii members, naturally,             Kaanapali Sugar Train from               17        OSEIBO KANSHA
kukui nut wristlets, the history of          danced and sang Hawaiian songs.            Kaanapali to Lahaina.                              APPRECIATION SERVICE & PROGRAM                 10:00 AM
the pineapple in Hawaii, and many                Members from the various kyo-              The highlight of the Maui tour       25        CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY       (BETSUIN CLOSED)
more. All of the workshops were              dans were assigned to each table           was the visit to the Lahaina
entertaining, educational, and                                                                                                   31        JOYA-E
                                             and everyone had the opportunity           Hongwanji where the delegates                      (NEW YEAR’S EVE SERVICE)            6:30 PM
informative.                                 to socialize, make new friends, and        dined on a chicken hekka dinner
    The evening dinner ban-                  enjoy the traditional gift exchange.       served by Rev & Mrs Kosho Yagi,                               JANUARY
quet/program consisted of a steak            The finale of the program had              temple president Mrs Aileen              1         SHUSHO-E
dinner and Hawaiian cultural enter-          everyone standing and singing the          Kawaguchi-Cockett, and the BWA                     (NEW YEAR’S DAY SERVICE) 10:00 AM.
tainment of hula and singing.                traditional Hawaiian fare-well             members and their spouses.               2         BETSUIN CLOSED
    The second day of the conven-            song, Aloha Oe. Many of the                Lahaina Hongwanji was served by          7         35th KOHAKU UTAGASSEN      1:00 P.M.
tion consisted of a general meeting                                                     see HAWAII/ page 4
      November-December, 2006                                    Betsuin Jiho                                                                                      Page 3

               Nisei Week Grand Marshal
                                                                        DID YOU
                      Noritoshi Kanai recently served
                   as the Grand Marshal at the 2006
                   Nisei Week Festival Grand Pa-rade.            by Eiko Masuyama
                   He is a Los Angeles Betsuin Ko-                   A maintenance crew made up of Vance Ikkanda,
                   mon (advisor) and has been a gener-           Hisa Hamanaka, Kenji Hatakeyama, Ken Kawasaki,
                   ous supporter of the Betsuin.                 Seibi Okita, Ron Nakamura, Rick Taketomo, Roy
                      Mr. Kanai is the president of              Tanaka, Ray Fukumoto, Les Toguchi and others have
                   Mutual Trading Co. and has been               been repairing and maintaining temple furniture and
   NORITOSHI       hailed for bringing Japanese culi-            equipment over the years. A few years ago, when the
      KANAI        nary culture to the United States.            temple purchased new, lighter tables, many of the
    Mr. Kanai, often called the “Culinary Ambassador             older tables in need of repair were made usable by the
of Japan to the U.S,” has made it possible for every-
one in America to experience authentic Japanese culi-
                                                                 “crew”. Invisible while working, their resulting prod-                               NISHI CENTER
                                                                 ucts are very visible and appreciated. Thank you all
nary culture: edamame, sushi, soba, udon, premium                very much.                                                                            FUNDRAISER
jizake, and many other fine Japanese foods. Mr. Kanai                                    * * *                                                        by Elaine Fukumoto
introduced the Japanese culinary arts and the concept                Rev. Y. Iwanaga, in 1932, conducted Buyo
of a naturally healthy diet to the American market-                                                                                             The Nishi Center family of children,
                                                                 (Japanese classical dance) and Bon Odori instruction
place. His innovations include the first sushi bar in                                                                                      parents, staff, and alumni are working
                                                                 for members of Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple.
America, the first edamame, and the first premium                                                                                          towards accumulating enough funds to
                                                                 He went up and down California teaching at various
import jizake.                                                                                                                             purchase a new playground structure.
                                                                 Buddhist temples and was later assigned to Stockton
    A strong proponent of the arts, music, and sports,                                                                                     The new structure will be installed in the
                                                                 Buddhist Temple (1936). A recital was held on
over the years, Mr. Kanai has supported countless                                                                                          new upper play yard that was created as
                                                                 February 27, 1932 at the Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist
committees, events, and organizations. For his lifetime                                                                                    part of the construction of the Centennial
                                                                 Temple on Central Avenue.
contributions serving the Japanese American commu-                                                                                         Project.
                                                                     The classes for 8 to 15+ year olds, included Lily
                                                                                                                                                The present wooden structure being
see KANAI page 4                                                 Inouye Aratani and her peers, elders, and younger set.
                                                                                                                                           used is located in the lower play area. It
                                                                 With Lily were the Fujita sisters, Haruko and Tatsuye;
                                                                                                                                           is now well over 20 years old and is in
                          TERUOKA                                the Tamari girls, Reiko, Michiko, and Mitsuko, and
(continued from page 1)                                                                                                     constant need of repair.
                                                                 Masaye Masuyama Shigemura. In the older group was
                                                                                                                                For nearly two years, Nishi Center has held a num-
brother is going to inherit the family temple. And the           Michi Konishi Takeuchi. In the younger group was
                                                                                                                            ber of activities to help raise funds. Individuals have
second one is a stockbroker. My sister is working at an          Kimi Terama Ishii. Eizo Masu-yama was also visible
                                                                                                                            also made personal donations to the school. Though
employment agency.                                               at the Bon odori sessions. (The above were memories
                                                                                                                            thousands of dollars have been collected, thousands
                                                                 of Lily Inouye Aratani, niece of Rev. Y. Iwanaga, of
Q: Are you single or married?                                                                                               more are needed to purchase a play structure that will
                                                                 Orange County)
A: I am single.                                                                                                             be sturdy and durable enough to last for many years to
                                                                     Masaye Masuyama Shigemura recalled Rev. M.
Q: Where did you train to be a minister?                         Washioka teaching the dances for Obon. Rev.
                                                                                                                                If you have any questions about Nishi Center or
A: I studied at Ryukoku University in Kyoto. From                Washioka arrived in Los Angeles in 1934 and
                                                                                                                            wish to make a tax deductable donation, you may con-
there, I attended Central Buddhist Academy (Chuo                 remained until the internment in December, 1941.
                                                                                                                            tact the school by:
Bukkyo Gakuin) for two years. I then studied at                      Shiz Ogimachi Sera remembered Rev. K. Maebara
                                                                                                                                               Tel: 213-687-4585
Gonshiki Shido Sho, a vocational school that teaches             taking her and her friends (including Helen Kow
how to chant sutras. After arriving in the U.S. I went           Nishimura, Sumi Nakashima Hayamizu, Kimi Terama
through BCA orientation at the San Jose Buddhist                 Ishii, and Alice Kimoto Ibaraki) to practice Obon                                Mail: Nishi Center
Temple from November 26th through December 25th,                 dances. They went to Bangle, Compton, Banning,                                     815 E. 1st. St.
2002.                                                            Talbot, San Pedro, Dominguez Hills, and Hawthorne                              Los Angeles, CA 90012
                                                                 branch temples to help teach and dance the Obon
Q: How do you like Los Angeles so far?
A: It is difficult to answer this question, because I just
                                                                 dances in preparation for the Nishi Obon. They would                                 RIMBAN
                                                                 stop on the way home for sandwiches at Karl’s…             (continued from page 1)
started my assignment at the Betsuin from August 30th
                                                                 Sensei’s treat! Rev. Maebara arrived in Los Angeles in     petuity by chanting sutras.” Its purpose is to express
and I have not yet had time to enjoy L.A. Maybe after
                                                                 1940.                                                      gratitude towards those who have preceded us in leav-
several months I will be able to answer this question.
                                                                     Kimi Terama Ishii was in the younger group of          ing this world by praising their virtue, and providing a
I would like recommendations as to what is “good” in
                                                                 girls with Miyeko “Mickey” Azeka Kubota and                venue where the Dharma can be heard.
                                                                 Naruye “Pee Wee” Hasegawa. She remembers Michi                An “Eitaikyo Record” was created for the first time
Q: What are your hobbies ...interests?                           Konishi Takeuchi in the older group.                       at our Los Angeles Betsuin Buddhist Temple (although
A: My hobby is playing billiards. When I play bil-                   Nishi Bon Odori dance leaders after the World War      it was not Betsuin at the time) about the year 1908.
liards, I am very serious. I am looking for a good place         II were: Tamiko Kosakura Sakimoto, followed by             This was just a few years after our temple was estab-
to play billiards in L.A. I also enjoy playing mah-jong,         Nancy Naito Shibata, and much later by Bessie              lished. Almost a hundred years have passed since
but I know that people here in the U.S. don't play mah-          Tanaka, Elaine Hatakeyama Fukumoto, and presently          then, and the number of persons whose dharma names
jong. I also like going to the movies.                           by Betty Okada Hatakeyama.                                 are listed in our Betsuin “Eitaikyo Record Book” now
                                                                                         * * *                              exceeds over 5,000. Individual families have made
Q: What kind of movies do you like?
                                                                     Mrs. Shiz Sera donated to Nishi archives: 1) reg-      Eitaikyo contributions in the names of their departed
A: I love fantasy movies.
                                                                 istration badge for California YBL Conference, Los         loved ones, and each of their loved one’s Dharma
Q: Have you done anything else besides working in a              Angeles, March 27-30, 1941; 2) pre-war Hanamatsuri         Name (Homyo), name as a lay person (Zokumyo), and
temple?                                                          pin, made of plastic and paper; 3) one inch in diame-      the date of their passing are recorded in the “Eitaikyo
A: Not really. Until 2002 I was a student under the              ter, felt patch sewn on Jr. YBA Choir robe (Rimban         Record.”
umbrella of Nishi-Hongwanji, Kyoto. I have also, at              Yukawa had group singing at special funerals and              There are three classes of Eitaikyo Services. They
times, helped out at my home temple.                             services); 4) triangular YWBA patch, white back-           are the “Individual Eitaikyo Services” (Besshu
                                                                 ground with symbol of life (swastika) in center. Thank     Eitaikyo), “General Eitaikyo Services” (So Eitaikyo),
Q: What are your goals, now that you are here at the
                                                                 you, Mrs. Sera.                                            and “Eitaikyo Services for Those without Family Ties”
Los Angeles Betsuin?
                                                                                         * * *                              (Muen Eitaikyo).
A: My first goal is to get a permanent visa and I am
                                                                     Dennis Kimura donated an Adobe Acrobat com-               The “Individual Eitaikyo Services” are services con-
working hard at learning all about the L.A Betsuin.
                                                                 puter program, enabling the saving of scanned copies       ducted every year on the date that the individual
                                                                 of JIHO in pdf files, later to be transferred onto DVDs    passed on to the Pure Land. The “General Eitaikyo
                                     photos by Koichi Sayano     for the archives. Bruce Hatakeyama spent many hours        Service” is held in common once a year for all those
                                                                 setting up the scanner and procedures for scanning and     whose names are recorded in our Eitaikyo Record
                                                                 saving JIHO onto DVDs. Thank you, Den-nis and              Book. At our temple, this is conducted every year dur-
                                 Rev. Kenn Kozumi (left) and     Bruce.                                                     ing the month of November. And, “Eitaikyo Services
                                 Rev. Ron Kobata (BCA                                    * * *                              for Those without Family Ties” are conducted every
                                 Headquarters) serve as Ohigan
                                                                     The family of the late Dr. M. Itatani kindly donat-    year for those who do not have a family, children or
                                 Seminar speakers.
                                                                 ed many Buddhist books, booklets, periodicals and          grandchildren, but those names are recorded in our
                                                                 other materials to the archives. “Duke” Itatani was        “death registry” (Kakocho). You may be interested to
                                                                 very active before World War II in the leadership of       know that the oldest Dharma name in our registry is of
                                                                 the YBA in the Bay area. He was also instrumental in       a person who passed away 131 years ago, during 1875!
                                                                 the establishment of Nishi’s Boy Scout Troop 738           As of today, we have recorded over fifteen thousand
                                                                 (1969). Thank you for everything.                          Dharma Names in that register. At our temple, a com-
                                                                                            ***                             bined Muen Eitaikyo Service is conducted for all these
                                                                     If you have any interesting, human interest articles   persons during July of every year with our Obon
                                                                 about our temple or temple members, please submit          Services.
                                                                 your information to the JIHO or drop a note to Eiko          These Eitaikyo Services have been conducted gener-
        Jodo Shinshu Center in final stages of
                                                                 Masuyama.                                                  see RIMBAN page 4
               construction in Berkeley.
      Page 4                                                            Betsuin Jiho                                                               November-December, 2006

             IN MEMORIAM                                          (continued from page 2)
                                                                                                                                       SUPPORT THE L.A. BETSUIN
   The Nishi Betsuin extends its deepest condolences to
the families of the following members who have recently
                                                                  Rev. Sensho Hida from 1956 to 1965 [Editor’s note:           2007 MEMBERSHIP DRIVE
                                                                                      when he then transferred to the LA
                                                                  Father of Ernest Hida],
passed away. May the family members find solace and                                                                             YOUR YEAR 2007 TEMPLE MEMBERSHIP CAN BE
                                                                  Betsuin. Also, Lahaina Hongwanji was where Rim-
comfort in the Nembutsu.                                                                                                               SUBMITTED TO THE BETSUIN OFFICE.
                                                                  ban George Matsubayashi presented his first dharma
--Namo Amida Butsu                                                                                                                       Your membership will be valid from
                                                                  message as a guest speaker after arriving from Japan in               January 1 through December 31, 2007
        August, 2006                   September, 2006            the early 60’s.
1       Masayoshi Itatani         7     Kenji Tokushige                                                                                  $200 PER HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD
10      Frank Susumu Iwamoto      9     George Satoru Takatani
                                                                      From Maui, the delegates traveled to the Big Island            $100 FOR ADDITIONAL FAMILY MEMBERS
11      Yoshiko Matsushita        13    Atsushi Matsuda           of Hawaii to Kona and Hilo. There, they visited the                         (SAME ADDRESS OVER 21 YEARS OLD)
14      Fumiye Konishi            14    Kiyoko-Shimada Matsuoka   many historic sites in the Kona District; a coffee pla-                         CHECKS ARE PAYABLE TO:
15      Yasunaga Ito              17    Tom Tomoo Nagashima
15      Masaru Nakada             20    Michiharu Sakata          nation, sampling real Kona coffee, the Volcano                  L.A. HOMPA HONGWANJI BUDDHIST TEMPLE
17      Misao Inouye              20    James Kenji Kunisaki      National Park and the famous “Big Island Candy” fac-        Payment may be made in full or by installments throughout the year of 2007
17      Masumi Hayashi            24    Sawayo Kurokawa
17      Chieko Aoki               24    Kenji Nishimoto           tory in Hilo. They also enjoyed a Hawaiian Luau &
18      May Haruko Tasaka         27    Toshio Minato             Show near the beach in Kona.
        George Masato Tokunaga
        Raymond Yukitaka Iriye
                                  28    Aiko Masumiya
                                                                      A highlight while in the Big Island was a visit to        L.A. HOMPA HONGWANJI BETSUIN
22      Dr. Kathie Sanaye Ikeda                                   the Kamuela Hongwanji where they had a Hawaiian                                  INFORMATION
24      Henry Masami Uyeda                                        dinner hosted by Rev & Mrs Itaru Nozaki, Hawaii
26      Miyuki Betty Kondo
27      Kiyoko June Shimamoto                                     Kyodan president Roy Nonaka, and the BWA mem-                                ADDRESS:  815 East First Street
29      Frank Minoru Iwasaki                                      bers. There was also entertainment provided by their                                     Los Angeles, CA 90012
                                                                  talented members.                                                            TEL: 213-680-9130
                           RIMBAN                                 Another highlight on the Big Island was a visit to the                       FAX: 213-680-2210
(continued from page 3)
                                                                  Puna Hongwanji in Keeau/Olaa where Rimban George                             WEBSITE:
ation after generation for a hundred years now, and               and Mrs. Kay Matsubayashi’s fathers each served as                           E-MAIL:
will continue as long as our Los Angeles Betsuin                  resident ministers, at different periods of time. The
Buddhist Temple exists. Observance of these services              Matsubayashis spent time reuniting with their long-
are made possible because of an Eitaikyo Endowment                time member friends. All were treated to refreshments
Fund that was created from donations by the chief                 hosted by Rev. & Mrs. Ikeda and the BWA members
mourners in the name of each person recorded in the               and their spouses.
Eitaikyo Record. Only the interest from the fund is                   The third highlight on the island of Hawaii was the
used to defray the Eitaikyo Services                              visit to the Hilo Betsuin where, again, refreshments
    However, proceeds from the Eitaikyo Endowment                 were graciously provided the BWA members. For
Fund are also used for other purposes. These include              some of the LA Betsuin members, this was a reunion
maintaining our structures and purchasing equipment               with friends and relatives who are members of the
for our Main Worship Area as well as audio-visual                 Hilo Betsuin.
equipment and other means of spreading the Dharma.                    After a Sayonara Dinner in Hilo, the delegation
All this equipment is necessary for us to continue as a           returned to Los Angeles filled with fond memories of
Dojo place to practice the Nembutsu Way.                          their experiences at the 13th World BWA Convention
   It goes without saying that the sole reason we have            in Honolulu and the tour of Hawaii. The Betsuin BWA
been so successful in constructing our Hondo Main                 members are already looking forward to the 14th
Worship Area, Multi-Purpose Hall, Memorial Chapel                 World BWA Convention in 2011 which will be in con-
of Immeasurable Light and Life, Wisteria Chapel, and              junction with the 750th Memorial Anniversary of
now in integrating all the separate areas of our proper-          Shinran Shonin in Kyoto.
ties into one unified whole, is because of the great sup-
port that you members of the temple have given to all             Editor’s note: The trip to the Honolulu Convention
of our temple efforts. Nor must we ever forget that the           and the tour to the islands were arranged by Ernest
enormous sums required for all these enterprises are              and Carol Hida of American Holiday Travel.
also due to the existence of the Eitaikyo Endowment
Fund. Whenever we needed financial assistance, our
Eitaikyo Endowment Fund always provided the fund
to meet our goals. Because of this, we were able to
realize all of the above-mentioned huge projects.
   We have been able to continue as a Nembutsu Dojo
in the United States with a history of a hundred years
only because of the leadership and support of those                                           KANAI
                                                                  (continued from page 3
who preceded us. That is the joy and gratitude that
sustains us as we make preparations for the next hun-             nity, Kanai was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun
dred years of our existence                                       Kunsho from the Japanese government in 1994. He is
   With the above thought in mind, our Los Angeles                past president and current director of the Japanese
Betsuin Buddhist Temple will conduct our annual                   Chamber of Commerce of Southern California, direc-
Eitaikyo Service this coming November 18th                        tor of the Japanese American Cultural & Community
(Saturday) and 19th (Sunday). A Service to commem-                Center, president of the Pan American Nikkei
orate the integration of our temple garden and parking            Association, and charter member and president of the
lots will be conducted on the 19th (Sunday), starting at          Japanese Overseas Voting Association.
10:00 AM. Our guest speaker for those services will
be Rev. Tetsuo Unno, one of the most inspiring speak-
ers in our BCA. This is an ideal time to deepen our
understanding of the Dharma and to express our grat-
itude towards those who have preceded us. I hope to
personally greet all of you then.
 Namo Amida Butsu…                                                (continued from page 2)

                                                                  her children — two girls, two boys — equally, though
                                                                  her oldest son, now 28, is destined to become the next
                                                                  abbot of the denomination. She's passed on the beliefs
                                                                  of the tradition through a Jodo Shinshu-school educa-                              BON ODORI &
                                                                  tion, though Shinmon Kojun Ohtani went to a Tokyo                                 EXERCISE CLASS
                                                                  university that was more secular.                                                           Sponsored by the
                                                                      Ohtani, who is on her first trip here in two years,                       Betsuin Buddhist Women’s Association (Fujinkai)
                                                                  said she expects her son will serve as an ambassador of    WHEN: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays 6:30 - 8:00 PM
                                                                  Jodo Shinshu to the greater world.                               1st and 3rd Sundays 8:30 - 9:45 AM
                                                                                                                             WHERE: Betsuin Lotus Room (downstairs)
                                                                                                                             BRING: uchiwa (round fan), kachi kachi, & tenugui
                                                                                            HM-M-M....                       Questions: Call the Betsuin (213-680-9130) and leave a message
                                                                      If one walks looking far ahead and pays no atten-                 for Mitsuyo Tanaka
                                                                   tion to the ground beneath his eyes, he will stumble.
                                                                   If one gazes critically upon others and forgets to look                           Betsuin Jiho
                                                                   into himself, he will bring tragedy upon himself.                     Editor-in-Chief: Rimban Matsubayashi
                                                                                                                                  English: Elaine Fukumoto    Japanese: Tomoko Ama
                                                                                                  --Rennyo Shonin                              Webmaster: Dennis Kimura

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