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Delegate Mailer

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									Delegate Mailer
       1. Introduction
          2. Agenda
  3. Conference Elements:
           • Tracks
          • Planning
         • Alumni Day
       • Leadership Day
  4. Your Conference Team
          5. Parties
     6. Conference Logistics
Dear Summer Conference Delegates,

While I am a bit of an old-hat at this conference thing (this will be about my 30th conference,
not counting various seminars, camps and other such activities, and about the 10th I’ve
facilitated/chaired/whatever), I still get excited about a conference, especially when it’s a bit

And this conference will be different.

To start with, it’s a BEAST. With 6 nights, 5 days and a packed agenda, it’s going to be one
mama-jama of a conference.

Second, we have two awesome events happening through this conference – firstly an alumni
event, where alumni coming to meet and greet with us. Secondly, our awesome leadership day,
where we will have a series of fantastic speakers and sessions, focused on making you a better

Third, we have an amazing conference team, with 20 people facilitating and OCing the
conference, from 10 different countries! That’s right – don’t say we never provide for you!

Add to that the parties, the best functional training EVER, an amazing hotel and a host of
amazing people, and you have what is shaping up to be one of the greatest conferences EVER.

I’m excited, and you should be too, because it’s
going to kick @.

Your VPTM, and Conference Manager,

Peter McDermott.

              Me in Tbilisi, Georgia,
              during the Central Asia
             and Caucus’ Conference

                   Delegate Mailer – AIESEC US Summer National Conference 2009
                                   Here Today, Leading Tomorrow
It is with great pleasure that I present to you the first delegate mailer for the BEST AIESEC
conference ever! I hope you’re as excited as I am!

By now you’ve probably started thinking a lot about Summer Conference. Got your ticket up to
Madison? Have you started packing yet…or thought about what clothes to bring for the
themed parties?

Now that you’ve just been forced to think about getting ready for conference, the one that you
must do before you come is sleep. Sleep for hours and days before the conference, you’ll thank
me for it later I promise. With delegates from all over the world, alumni day, great sessions,
crazy themed parties (pirates v. ninjas anyone?), and as usual, tons of AIESEC dances to keep
you awake, you won’t be sleeping much (or at all) in Madison!

And speaking of Madison, be sure to congratulate AIESEC Madison for sending the most
delegates to Summer Conference! And if you want to hang out in Madison with AIESECers after
the conference, be sure to check out the study tour.

I hope you enjoy the delegate mailer. If you have any crazy epiphanies in the next few days
about things you want to see at Summer Conference, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Can’t wait to see you all in Madison! (Only a week and a half to go!!)

With love from your OCP,

Joanna Cornell

              The girl, the legend,
                  the pigeon.

          Friday - 7th           Saturday - 8th               Sunday - 9th                 Monday - 10th                  Tuesday - 11th                Wednesday 12th              Thursday 13th
           Re Connect           Direction/Reconnect            Skills Building              Leadership Day                  Getting it Done              Taking it Forward              Goodbye
 7:30                                                                                                                                                                             WAKE UP AND BRUNCH   7:30
 8:00                        WAKE UP AND BREAKFAST       WAKE UP AND BREAKFAST        WAKE UP AND BREAKFAST          WAKE UP AND BREAKFAST                                                              8:00
 8:30                                                                                                                                                LIE IN AND BREAKFAST                               8:30
 9:00                                                                                    MORNING PLENARY                                                                                                9:00
                                MORNING PLENARY             MORNING PLENARY                                              MORNING PLENARY
 9:30                                                                               Key Note Speech - David Pollay                                                                                      9:30
10:00                                                                                                                                                                                                  10:00
                                                                                       Entrepreneurship and
                                                                                        Presentation - Sonya
                                  Global Direction                                  Newnehouse, President, Madison                                     MORNING PLENARY
10:30                                                             Track 2                   Leadership
                                                                                        Environmental Group
                                                                                                                               Track 4                                                                 10:30

11:00                                   Break                                                                                                            AIESEC US Plan                                11:00
11:30                                                                                        Case Studies                                                  Presentation                                11:30
                                                                                                                               Track 5
12:00                            State of the Nation        Connecting 2 Alumni                                                                                                                        12:00
                                                                                                                                                      Exchange is awesome
12:30                                                                                                                                                                                                  12:30
                                                                                           Sales Leadership
                                                                                             Sales Training                    LUNCH
13:00                                                                                                                                                                                                  13:00
                                       LUNCH                                                                                                                  LUNCH
13:30                                                             LUNCH                                                                                                                                13:30
                                                                                               LUNCH                 Intro to Planning and Growth
14:00                                                                                                                                                                                                  14:00
                                  State of your LC                                                                                                    Track 6 - Performing in
14:30                                                                                                                                                                                                  14:30
                                                                                                                                                          your function
15:00                                                                                                                      Growing my LC                                                               15:00
                                  Wall Street Training
15:30                                                        AIESEC University                                                                                Break                                    15:30
                                                                                       Leadership and Positive
                                                                                        Session w/David Pollay
                                                                                                                                Break                Connecting (back into) the                        16:00
16:30                                 GCP Fair                                                                                                                world                                    16:30
17:00                                                              Break                     Psychology              Regional Time - Performing in
                                                                                                                             your region
17:30                                   Break                                                                                                             Closing Plenary                              17:30
                                                                 Comm @
18:00        Checking                                                                                                                                                                                  18:00
                                       Track 1
18:30      in/OPENING                                                                                                          DINNER                        Get Pretty                                18:30
19:00       PLENARY                                               DINNER                       DINNER                                                                                                  19:00
19:30                                                                                                                                                                                                  19:30
                                                                                                                       Evening Plenary/LC Time
20:00                                                                                                                                                                                                  20:00
                                   Track 1 (Cont)                 Track 3               Leadership in the world
20:30                                                                                                                                                                                                  20:30
                                                                                                                     Connecting to your passion
21:00                                                                                                                                                                                                  21:00
                              Evening Plenary/LC Time     Evening Plenary/LC Time
21:30                                                                                                                                                                                                  21:30
                                                                                            Global Village
22:00                                                                                                                                                    FORMAL DINNER                                 22:00

22:30   PARTY - Pirates vs                                                                                                                                                                             22:30
                                                                                                                           PARTY - LC Party
23:00       Ninjas             PARTY - Funky Party         PARTY - Uniform Party                                                                                                                       23:00
23:30                                                                                   PARTY - Rock and Roll                                                                                          23:30
 0:00                                                                                                                                                                                                   0:00
 0:30                                                                                                                                                                                                   0:30
                                   Functional Tracks
Functional training will have a big part to play in with 8 ½ hours of session time assigned to this,
so you are going to feel totally ready to do your job, coming out of this conference.

                      Tracks                      Lead Facilitator(s)
                     LCPs Track                            Tiffany
                      BD Track                    Colin, Andrew, Callahan
                     OGX Track                              Roxie
                      TM Track                              Peter
                   Finance Track                            Birte

                                          Track Flow:
                                    Planning Flow
Whether you are just starting your term, or half way through, you’re going to have a chance to
have a look at the AIESEC world, country and your LC as it stands, and then when you’re all skilled
up from the tracks and everything else, to relook at your LC and figure out how to take it forward.

                                    Success is not a buzzword.

                     Delegate Mailer – AIESEC US Summer National Conference 2009
                                     Here Today, Leading Tomorrow
                            Leadership Day – Day 3
    The Leadership Day is the centerpiece of our conference. Here, you will be
exposed to a host of amazing externals, get trained by high profile alumni and hear
               stories of leadership from successful entrepreneurs.

                   RUSS D. GERSON – Sales Leadership
                   Russ D. Gerson, a former MCP of AIESEC US is the Chief Executive Officer of The
                   Gerson Group, a corporate development advisory firm. The Gerson Group provides
                   strategic advice, executive recruiting, consulting, market intelligence and business
                   building solutions to leading firms in the financial services industry. Mr. Gerson has
                   completed in excess of one thousand assignments over the last 25 years, advising
                   clients on recruiting, compensation, strategic acquisitions, capital raising, industry
                   alliances, and other services. In 2008, he was named to BusinessWeek's Top 150 List
                   of the World’s Most Influential Headhunters.

                     Sonya Newenhouse, Ph.D. – Entrepreneurship and

                      Sonya is the Founder and President of Madison Environmental Group where she
                      leads the creative and resourceful staff. She has more than 10 years experience in
                      qualitative method development, waste management and recycling and
                      community outreach. She is also the President of Community Car LLC and Crescent
                      LLC, the building home of our office, Community Car and L’Etoile Restaurant. She
                      serves on numerous civic and environmental committees and boards. She speaks
Swedish and is proficient in French.

                       David Pollay – Leadership and Positive Psychology

                       David Pollay is President of The Momentum Project, LLC, a consulting
                       organization that focuses on the application of the science of positive psychology
                       to business. David and his trainers increase employee productivity and retention
                       for their clients through The Law of the Garbage Truck™, REAL Strengths™, and
                       Happiness-based™ Leadership Programs.

                       David is a founding associate executive director of the International Positive
                       Psychology Association (IPPA). He is a visiting scholar at the University of
                       Pennsylvania. David was the founding president of the first master’s degree
                       alumni association in positive psychology.

                    Delegate Mailer – AIESEC US Summer National Conference 2009
                                    Here Today, Leading Tomorrow
                                The Conference Team!
                                                The Facis!
JJ Ryan                                              Naoufel
                From: MC                                          From: MC
                AIESEC Experience:                                AIESEC Experience:

                 • 2004 - BD team in AIESEC                       • 2002 - LCVPTM at AIESEC Hassan
                 Newcastle                                        (Morocco)
                 • 2005 - LCP of AIESEC Newcastle                 • 2003 - LCP of AIESEC Hassan
                 • 2006 - National Support Team of                • 2005 - MCVPTM and Finance
                 AIESEC UK                                        • 2006/07 - President AIESEC Morocco
•   2007 - President AIESEC UK                       •   2007/09 - MC AIESEC US
•   2008 - MC AIESEC US

Tiffany                                              Peter
                 From: MC                                                  From: MC
                 AIESEC Experience:                                        AIESEC Experience:

                  • LCP of AIESEC at Georgia Tech                                • OCP Australia July
                  05/06                                                      National Conference 2005
                  • Microfinance and                                             • Internship in Thailand
    Entrepreneurship Trainee in Nairobi, Kenya           •   LCP of AIESEC Sydney, Australia
•   Deloitte Trainee in Hyderabad, India                 •   MCVP OGX in Czech Republic
•   CEEDer for LC Kaiserslautern in Germany              •   Facilitated at the Central Asia and Caucus'
•   2009-10 – MCP AIESEC US                                  Conference in Tbilisi, Georgia
                                                         •   Chaired conferences in Poland and Hungary

Roxie                                                Birte
                From: MC
                AIESEC Experience:                                      From: MC
                                                                        AIESEC Experience:
                    •     LCP in Beijing
                    •     MCP of AIESEC China                               • 2004 - VP ICX
                                                                            • 2005 - LCP
                                                                            • 2007 - National Trainers
                                                                        Team and Faci to more than 25

                        Delegate Mailer – AIESEC US Summer National Conference 2009
                                        Here Today, Leading Tomorrow
Callahan                                                Andrew
                                                                        From: MC
                 From: AIESEC MC                                        AIESEC Experience:
                 AIESEC Experience:
                                                                            •    Exchange in China 2006-7
                 • 2006-9 VPOGX AIESEC Colorado                             •    LCP AIESEC Madison 2008
                 • 2008-9 LCP AIESEC Colorado                               •    09/10 MCP Candidate
                 • Spring 2009- Lead FACI,                                  •    Chair Rowdies West Roks
                 MoTxCoKs RoKS                                          2009
                 • 2009- NST Coordinator for                                •    MC VP BD
    AIESEC United States                                  •   09/10
•   2009- AIESEC US MC – VP Account Delivery

Colin                                                   Oriana
                                                                             From: AIESEC Baruch
                       From: MC                                              AIESEC Experience:
                       AIESEC Experience:
                                                                                  • VP Trainee
                           • Internship in the USA                            Integration
                           • Returned to be LCP of                                • DT Trainee with
                       San Jose                               AIESEC Eastern Mediterranean (Turkish
                           • Arranged a massive               Republic of Northern Cyprus)
                       social event twice (GetGolden)     •   Northeast Beast Spring 2009 RoKS Facilitator
    •   2009 - MCVP of Local Sales                        •   SoCo RoKS Spring 2009 RoKS Facilitator
                                                          •   Local Community President of AIESEC Baruch

Fatima                                                  Sophie
                     From: AIESEC Puerto Rico
                     AIESEC Experience:                                          From: AIESEC France
                                                                                 AIESEC Experience:
                          • OCP Mexico
                          • LCVP Mexico                                              • OCVP Logistic
    •   MCP Puerto Rico 09-10                                                    @Sherbrooke, Canada
    •   OCVP ILC Mexico 2007                                                     0405
    •   Chair of Caribbean Leadership Conference in                                  • LC VPX 0506
        Dominican Republic                                    AIESEC Sherbrooke
                                                          •   LCP 0607 of AIESEC Sherbrooke
                                                          •   NST 0708 as Director Of Quebec
                                                          •   MC of AIESEC in France 0809 as VP LC
                                                              Development & Communications

                      Delegate Mailer – AIESEC US Summer National Conference 2009
                                      Here Today, Leading Tomorrow
Lilian                                                  Maddie
               From: AIESEC Brazil                                          From: AIESEC Georgia Tech
               AIESEC Experience:                                           AIESEC Experience:

                     • MCVPER 08/09 Brazil                                      • LCVP OGX 2007
                     • ER Agenda Manager & FACI                                 • OCVP AIESEC
                in the last 5 national conferences in                       Sustainability Series 2007
                Brazil                                    •   Traineeship and CEED in India, 2007
                     • CEEDer LC Salvador and             •   Delegate MENALDS 2007
                Porto Alegre                              •   MC CEED, AIESEC in Egypt 2008
  •   LCVPER AIESEC Belo Horizonte
  •   Social Entrepreunership Coordinator @Belo

                                                The OC!

                               OC President
                               Name: Joanna Cornell
                               LC: AIESEC Yale
                               AIESEC Experience: Created and lead the China Project, OC
                               for NE Beast Spring ROKS, Current VP F AIESEC Yale.

          OC VP Logistics                                                       OC VP Publicity &
                                                                                 Social Planning
         Name: Yura Lee
         LC: AIESEC Baruch                                                Name: Mary Biller
         AIESEC Experience: Current VP                                    LC: AIESEC Madison
Trainee Integration                                     AIESEC Experience: AIESEC Madison
                                                        Marketing Team, OC for Rowdies West
                                                        Spring ROKS, Current VP Functional
                                                        Projects at AIESEC Madison

          OC VP Sponsorship and                                     OC VP Security
                                                                   Name: Benjamin Norman
         Name: Priya Nakra                                        LC: AIESEC Mizzou
         LC: AIESEC Georgia Tech                                  AIESEC Experience: Current
AIESEC Experience: Member of the                        VP Business Development
External Relations Team

                    Delegate Mailer – AIESEC US Summer National Conference 2009
                                    Here Today, Leading Tomorrow
               Party Themes!
           Night 1: Pirates vs Ninjas

                                 There have been many ongoing
                                 rivalries through the years. The
                                 Yankees vs the Red Sox; Moustaches
                                 vs Beards; Superman vs The Flash
                                 (who’s faster?).

                                 Yet none of these are as old, or
                                 awesome, as the pirates vs ninjas

                                 Choose your side – dress accordingly.

                   Night 2: Uniform Party
                                 Be someone else for a night! A fireman! A
                                 policewoman! Big Bird! A ninja turtle!

                                 The sky is the limit!

                                 Music: Mashup

          Night 3: Funky Party

                               Head back, to when bell bottom pants
                               were in, disco was cool and you could look
                               like shaggy from Scooby doo and still pick

                               Music: Disco!

Delegate Mailer – AIESEC US Summer National Conference 2009
                Here Today, Leading Tomorrow
      Night 4: Rock and Roll
                            Rock out and rock hard tonight!

                            Music: Rock and Roll Baby! Rock from when
                            it was awesome (Led Zeppelin, AC/DC The
                            Who) and maybe a few of the recent bands
                            that do a good impression (Wolfmother,

                            Rock out with your…self in a responsible
                            and respectful manner. Ahem.

          Night 5: LC Party

                                          Madison, as the hosting LC, will be
                                          organizing a party with a surprise

           Night 6: Formal Night

                                        Come in your best – because
                                        tonight you need to look gooood.

                                        Awards will be presented, pictures
                                        will be taken, legends will be made.

                                        Music: Whatever it is, it’ll be all

Delegate Mailer – AIESEC US Summer National Conference 2009
                Here Today, Leading Tomorrow
                                Conference Logistics

                                        Radisson Hotel Madison
                                        517 Grand Canyon Drive
                                          Madison, WI, 53719
                                         Phone: (608) 833-0100

Hotel Amenities

•   Fitness Center open 24 hours daily featuring a new treadmill, elliptical machine, bicycle and
    universal machine
•   Full-service Business Center open 24 hours daily
•   High-speed wireless Internet access (complimentary)
•   Indoor heated pool and whirlpool
•   Complimentary airport shuttle to the hotel

                    Delegate Mailer – AIESEC US Summer National Conference 2009
                                    Here Today, Leading Tomorrow
Rooming Information

•   Check-in will be on August 7th please aim to arrive by 3pm.
•   Check out will be on August 13th.
•   Each room will have 2 queen-sized beds, 4 delegates per room. A key card will be provided to each
    delegate as they check in to the hotel.


1. The nearest airport to the Radisson Hotel Madison is:

                                   MSN Dane County Regional Airport

                        Located in 4000 International Lane, Madison, WI, 53704

If you need a ride from the airport directly to the Radisson Hotel Madison, the hotel provides a free
shuttle bus as a courtesy. For information on other modes of transportation available from the airport
visit: http://msnairport.com/guide/ground_transport.aspx

2. The Radisson Hotel Madison site has the following option of searching from the airport you are
arriving from and searching for directions to the hotel from there, especially for those taking their own


                    Delegate Mailer – AIESEC US Summer National Conference 2009
                                    Here Today, Leading Tomorrow

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