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									                                     Women Building Better Communities For 89 Years

                             This Month     The Junior League of Omaha, Nebraska
The 2007/2008 LeadershIp academy cLass BegIns 
      “Living Their Best Year Yet!”
                      If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more,
                             do more and become more, you are a leader.
                                              ~ John Quincy adams

  On a cool, early fall morning in September, the 2007/2008 Leadership Academy started its new year and the 
class began “Living Their Best Year Yet!” With a variety of backgrounds, personalities, and outlooks, the new 
class is represented by a group of motivated League women. They have some things in common – a desire to learn 
how to be more effective leaders, the wish to take the JLO into a promising future and fostering relationships 
among League members.
  The  Leadership  Academy  class  selected  last  spring,  will  experience 
comprehensive training in leadership, organization and self exploration with 
two gifted League members Kate Grabill and Victoria Halgren serving as Co-                   	          	     	      	
                                                                                                      Inside This Issue
Chairs  for  the  year.  The  class  will  also  learn  from  the  accomplished  women       	             	
selected to serve on the committee.                                                              President’s Perspective................ 3

  The new year kicked off with a social hosted by Kate Grabill in August. She                    Little Hand Prints....................... 4
happily  opened  her  home  so  everyone  could  meet,  get  to  know  each  other 
                                                                                                 Dear Miss JLO ............................ 4
and begin this fantastic year together. At this informal party, Victoria Halgren 
gave everyone an overview of the year’s curriculum and what to expect at the                     Many Thanks .............................. 4
opening session on September 8th at In-Play.
                                                                                                 Corresponding Secretary’s
  At the opening retreat, the class, led by guest speaker and personal coach,                      Report...................................... 4
Kris  Gleason,  delved  into  a  self-evaluation  course.  Kris  led  exercises  and 
                                                                                                 Calendar Dates............................ 5
discussions covering the theme of the class for the new year, “Living Your Best 
Year Yet.” The morning retreat was very well received. Everyone left with a list                 October Meeting Notice.............. 5
of goals and a fresh new outlook for the year.
                                                                                                 Meet Your Board of Directors ..... 6
  The class will meet monthly and enjoy speakers, presentations and activities 
                                                                                                 Leadership Academy .....Cover & 7
focused on the theme. The group of women chosen to “Live Their Best Year 
Yet”  are:  Aime  Owen,  Tina  Nelson,  Victoria  Stamm,  Renee  Ludvik,  Jackie                 Sustainer News ........................... 8
Lund, Lisa Turner, Courtney Dunbar, Sheila Tanner, Kareen Hickman, Ashley 
Hatheway, Anne Medlock and Rachel Heese.                                                         HIP Kids ..................................... 9

  Everyone  at  the  Junior  League  of  Omaha  wishes  these  ladies  and  the                  Done In A Day ............................ 9
committee members well on this personal and professional journey. We know                        September Meeting Notes ......... 10
they will continue to make the League proud!
                                                                                                 Jumble Shop News .....................11
                                                  See Leadership Academy Photos on page 7.
                                                                                                 A Warm Welcome ......................11
O C T O B E R         |    2 0 0 7
                                                     ART & INTERIORS
                                                     Adam Whitney ................................393-1051
                                                     Anderson O’Brien ...........................390-0717
                                                     California Closets ...........................827-1401
                                                     Early to Bed ....................................492-9855
                                                     Le Marchè .......................................614-3130

                                                     GOURMET FOOD & DINING
                                                     Broadmoor Market ..........................391-0312
                                                     Coldstone Creamery .......................502-2097
                                                     The Market Basket ..........................397-1100
                                                     Starbucks Coffee .............................397-1081
                Shopping is easy at…                 Village Grinder ...............................397-0918

     A SMALL TOWN                                    FASHIONS & JEWELRY
                                                     Hostetters Jewelry & Gifts .............392-1222

                                                     Pattini ..............................................502-5400
                                                     Robert Max Opticians .....................397-0930
                                                     Sarah’s A Boutique ............................391-7997
           You’ll like the small town friendliness   She•La .............................................391-1880
             and service at Countryside Village.     Steppin’ Out Women’s Shoes ...............884-5080
              And the convenience of 30 shops        Pish Posh Children’s Clothing ...............391-5565
          in one block with parking at every door.
                                                     SPECIALTY SHOPS
                                                     A. Cavallo Violins ...........................827-9270
                                                     The Bookworm ...............................392-2877
                                                     The Dance Shoppe ..........................399-8580
                                                     Party Patch ......................................393-3825
                                                     Pucci’s A Dog Boutique .......................884-0330
                                                     Stems at Countryside ......................399-8003
                                                     String of Purls .................................393-KNIT
                                                     Village Needleworks .......................391-1191
                                                     Village Stationery ............................397-5111

                                                     SPECIAL SERVICES
                                                     Faces A Spa .....................................384-8400
                                                     Mervin Reese Photographers ..........391-3755
                                                     One Hour Martinizing .....................391-4252
                                                     Palma Shoe Repair ..........................393-5577
                                                     Russell’s Hair Fashion ....................392-2039
                                                     Security National Bank ...................344-7300
                                                     Travel Faire .....................................392-2039

2    |    Junior League of Omaha, Nebraska
                                          THE  PRESIDENT’S  PERSPECTIVE…

                                          Make an Impression
 Junior League of omaha
Women Building Better Communities                                 The  energy  created  with  the  announcement  the 
       608 North 108th Court                                    upcoming  Jumble  Shop  motion  gets  me  excited. 
      Omaha, Nebraska 68154                                     It  means  the  League  is  alive  and  our  members 
           402.493.8818                                         are  vested  in  what  we  do,  where  we  spend  our 
         Fax 402.493.5823                                  resources and how we interact with our community. 
                                                                With  discussion,  oftentimes  comes  inaccurate 
  B O A R D   O F   D I R E C TO R S                            information. The Shop is not running in the red, but 
             presIdenT                                          it is also not making the profit it once had. There
              Lisa Russell                                      is  not  one  person  or  committee  who  decides  if  the 
         presIdenT eLecT 
                                                                Jumble  Shop  stays  or  goes.  That  is  the  wonderful 
            Gail Graeve                   part about the League. You take part in the decisions by exercising your 
             Megan Addison
                                          voice in discussion and your vote on your ballot.
            Jennifer Alloway                Last month at Financial Council a motion was brought forth in regards 
                Abby Blair
              Danielle Bunz
                                          to the future of the Jumble Shop. This was continuing a discussion begun 
               Jessica Covi               last  year.  In  the  fall  of  2006  an  ad  hoc  committee  was  challenged  with 
             Stephanie Ewen               investigating lease options for our office and the Jumble Shop. The office
              Lisa Gravelle               lease was up in June of 2007, and the Shop’s lease is up May of 2008. This 
            Victoria Halgren
              Shannon Hoy
                                          diligent committee of volunteers researched options of having the Jumble 
           Stephanie Hansen               Shop and office in the same space, moving both, remaining at the current
              Kristin Lewis               locations and even purchasing property.
                Julie Lyons
               Leslie Mayo                  The recommendation was made for the office to remain at its current
           Jennifer Peterson              location, and to move the Shop to a new location. The recommendation for 
           Jennifer Zatechka              the Shop was made due to the departure of retailers in our current location, 
                                          lower sales revenue, insurance claims and maintenance issues.
      B O A R D  A D V I S O R
             Sam Hohman                     At the General Meeting on October 8th the membership will be shown 
                                          a  presentation  that  has  been  created  by  several  committees  within  the 
 C O M M u N I T Y A D V I S O R S        League. Its purpose is to give a history of the Jumble Shop, share new things 
            Patique Collins               the Jumble Shop Committee is working on to increase sales, give financial
              Russ Mulert                 information,  show  outreach  done  through  the  Shop,  give  replacement 
        Hillary Nather-Detisch            fundraising options, and more.
         Christine Nikunen
              Jan Pelletier                 Probably  the  most  important  two  parts  to  consider  will  be  1)  is  the 
             Kerri Peterson               Shop  a  fundraiser  or  is  it  a  project?  2)  will  the  membership  support  the 
           Josephine Ramos
             Dave Webber
                                          Shop by serving on the Jumble Shop Committee, completing their shift(s), 
                                          participating in sales/events and supplying quality quota?
 J L O   T H I S   M O N T H   S TA F F     The phone calls and emails that we have received since the September 
                chaIr                     JLO This Month arrived at our members’ homes have let us know how many 
            Victoria Stamm
                                          members  feel  about  the  Shop.  The  Board,  Jumble  Shop  Committee,  and 
            VIce chaIr                    members leading the presentation look forward to hearing your opinion.
        Melissa Wiseman Grant
                                            For 60 years League women have given their time, donations, hard work 
        yearBOOK edITOr 
           Jennifer Likes                 and hearts to the Jumble Shop. This is not a decision to be made lightly. 
                                          Change can be scary. Let’s come together with open minds, honesty and 
  assIsTanT yearBOOK edITOr 
         Ashley Hatheway                  the mission of the Junior League of Omaha.
     adVerTIsIng manager 
         Tina Marie Crnic

                                                                                Junior League of Omaha, Nebraska         |    
         Bennett Douglas Schulte was born on May 1, 2007. 
         He is the son of Christine and Tom Schulte. Bennett              A BIG Thanks to Jennifer Likes and Ashley Hatheway for 
         was 6 lbs. 9 ounces and 19.75 inches long.                       all of their hard work on the 2007/2008 yearbook! From 
     •  Congratulations  to  Tamara  Phillips,  whose  baby               start to finish they have been working very hard to get
        girl, Annabella Kate, was born August 21, 2007. She               everything put together and to make sure all information 
        was 7 lbs. 7 ounces and 20.25 inches long.                        is updated and correct for our 2007/2008 yearbook. They 
                                                                          deserve a big hand!
                                                                          Also, many thanks to Jennifer Likes, Ashley Hatheway, 
                                                                          Lisa  Russell,  Victoria  Stamm,  Melissa  Grant  and Julie 
                                                                          Lyons for attending the yearbook proofing meeting in
          Join us each month at our General Meetings                      July. Thanks for all of your help and hard work to ensure 
            where we celebrate the new additions to                       another fabulous yearbook!
               our JLO family with a gift for baby.
                                                                          Thank you to the HIP Kids Committee for their tireless 
                                                                          work  this  summer  promoting  healthy  eating  habits  for 
                                                                          families and getting us all moving with the JLO Fitness 
Dear Miss JLO,                                                        •  Thanks to Tina Marie Crnic for her hard work on securing 
  I  understand  the  new  placement  system  requires  that  I           the  advertisers  for  the  2007/2008  JLO  This  Month.  She 
have  a  face-to-face  meeting  with  my  Placement  Director             has  done  a  fantastic  job  of  not  only  securing  our  past 
two times a year. I have a very busy schedule with work,                  advertisers,  but  also  getting  some  new  advertisers  on 
volunteering  and  family  commitments.  Why  do  I  need  to             board. Bravo!
meet  with  a  Placement  Director  if  I’ve  been Active  in  the        Becki Wiechman and the Toast to Omaha Committee for 
League for a few years?                                                   the fabulous event they have planned for all of us.
                  Signed,                                                 And lastly, thank you to Jen Alloway and Nancy Prauner 
                  Short on Time                                           for helping audit the JLO Foundation books.

Dear Short on Time,
   I too had the same question when the new Menu of Engagements
was introduced. The face-to-face meetings are important to all                   C O R R E S P O N D I N G 
active members of the League. Each face-to-face meeting will give             S E C R E TA RY’ S   R E P O RT
you an opportunity to give your opinions in a confidential setting.
The Placement Committee and the Board feel this will help ensure
                                                                                             AuGuST 2007
everyone is getting what they want out of their League experience.       name, address, Telephone and/or email change:
In addition, this is also an opportunity to update your League           (A) Sheila Tanner
resume, skills and interests.                                            (A) Megan Addison
                    Best Wishes,                                         (A) Maria Minderman
                    Miss JLO                                             (A) Melissa Maday
                                                                         (A) Ashley Broekemeier
                                                                         (I) Andrea Frazier
                                                                         (P) Jami Heidemann
      We’re Impressed                                                    (P) Emily Wahl
                                                                         (S) Nancy “Pipi” Peterson
  The  Placement  Committee  is  looking  for  nominations               (S) Nancy Whitted
for  our  “We’re  Impressed”  monthly  recognition.  At  each 
General  Meeting,  we  will  be  recognizing  JLO  members               Transfer In                      Transfer Out
who have gone above and beyond in their work with the                    (A) Paula Crowe                  (A) Sam Garrett
League. We need your help! Please contact your Placement 
Advisor with details about a member that you feel deserves               status change
some extra recognition and we’ll take care of the rest!                  Andrea Frazier - Inactive

                                              decemBer prIze draWIng
                     The Placement Committee is having a special December prize drawing for all those active members who 
                   complete their engagements early. Please contact your Placement Director for more details.

    |    Junior League of Omaha, Nebraska
ca L L In g a L L V I c e-c h a Irs !
          don't forget Vice chair Training

                                                               O cTOBer
               monday, October 22
         6:00-8:00 p.m. • JLO headquarters
       rsVp by October 18th to

                                                                  G eneraL
    C A L E N D A R   D AT E S
       Jewish Community Center (JCC) 
                                                                    M eeTIng
         6:0 p.m. Social, 7:00 p.m. Meeting
18     HIP Kids Family Night:                                 monday, October 8, 2007
         Bryan Middle School (Thursday)
22     Vice Chair Training 
         JLO Headquarters 6:00-8:00 p.m.                               6:30 p.m. social
nOVemBer                                                        hors d’oeuvres and Beverages
12     Nebraska Children’s Home Society 
         6:0 p.m. Social, 7:00 p.m. Meeting                          7:00 p.m. meeting
10     Holiday Social 
         6:0 p.m. Social & Meeting                                      Jcc Omaha
January                                                             333 south 132nd street
1-17  Small Group Meetings & Trainings 
         Various Locations & Times*                                   Omaha, ne 68154
FeBruary                                                                 402.334.6418
11     The Rose Theatre 
         6:0 p.m. Social, 7:00 p.m. Meeting 
26     HIP Kids Family Night:                                     Just south of 132nd and dodge
         Liberty Elementary School (Tuesday)  
                                                                   on the east side of the street.
10     Josie Harper Campus of Methodist Hospital             please enter through the main front door
         6:0 p.m. Social, 7:00 p.m. Meeting                         (under the covered entry).
       Kids in the Kitchen-March-date TBD
1     Placement Fair at Security National Bank           
         5:00-7:00 p.m.* 

       DIAD/HIP Kids-April-date TBD
may                                                                   One Monday night,
       May Annual Meeting, Date TBD
       ASID Metro Monthly Showhouse                                   Once a Month,
         6:0 p.m.                                                    . . . Make it for You!
*Note change in time.
Family nights are from 6:00-8:00 p.m. and volunteer shifts
are from 5:30-8:30 p.m.

                                                                   Junior League of Omaha, Nebraska     |    5
           M E E T   Y O u R   B O A R D  o f  D I R E C T O R S
Name: abby Blair                                                     Name: Leslie mayo
Board Position: Member-at-large                                      Board Position: Financial Vice 
Occupation: Home Executive                                             President
Yrs. in the League:                                                 Occupation: Stay at home mom
Favorite JLO Position/Committee:                                     Yrs. in the League: 
  Done-In-A-Day                                                      Favorite JLO Position/Committee: 
What do you hope to accomplish this year                               Toast to Omaha
  in the League?                                                     What do you hope to accomplish this year
                 or                                                    in the League?
What is your outlook for the new League                                               or
  year?                                                              What is your outlook for the new League year?
  To learn more about the inner-workings of the League                 I hope to make the League’s finances more
  and to meet new people.                                              understandable as we all have a vested interest in the 
                                                                       money we raise to donate to the community.   

Name: Victoria halgren
Board Position: Member-at-large                                      Name: Jessica covi
Occupation: Physician                                                Board Position: Member-at-large
Yrs. in the League: 6                                                Occupation: Mom, Independent 
Favorite JLO Position/Committee:                                       Demonstrator – uppercase Living
  Publications Committee                                             Yrs. in the League: 7
What do you hope to accomplish this year                             Favorite JLO Position/Committee: 
  in the League?                                                       Fund Development - Cookbook
                 or                                                  What do you hope to accomplish this year
What is your outlook for the new League                                in the League?
  year?                                                                               or
  I am very excited about the Leadership Academy and                 What is your outlook for the new League
  to continue to develop meaningful training for our                   year?
  members.                                                             This year will be full of pivotal decisions for the League. 
                                                                       We should all be proud of the impact we are making on 
                                                                       Omaha and look forward to our exciting future.
Name: Kristin Lewis 
Board  Position:  Membership  Council 
  Director                                                           Name: Jennifer peterson
Occupation: Mom of three                                             Board Position: Member-at-large
Yrs. in the League: 7                                                Occupation: Stay at home mom
Favorite  JLO  Position/Committee:                                   Yrs. in the League: 5
  American Girl                                                      Favorite JLO Position/Committee: 
What do you hope to accomplish this year                               Corresponding Secretary
  in the League?                                                     What do you hope to accomplish this year
                  or                                                   in the League?
What is your outlook for the new League year?                                         or
  I  would  love  for  all  our  members  to  have  as  much  fun    What is your outlook for the new League
  as possible, while realizing how much they contribute to             year?
  our League and community!                                            I am excited to be implementing the new menu of 
Name: stephanie hansen
Board Position: Recording Secretary                                           The rest of your Board of Directors appeared
Occupation: Attorney                                                          in the September issue of JLO This Month.
Yrs. in the League: 6
Favorite JLO Position/Committee: 
  They have all been memorable
What do you hope to accomplish this year                                                   The  2007-2008  yearbook  will  be 
  in the League?                                                                           available  at  the  October  General 
                 or                                                                        Meeting for pickup. If you are unable 
What is your outlook for the new League                                                    to  attend,  they  will  be  available 
  year?                                                                                    at  HQ  after  the  October  meeting.
  No Comment

6    |    Junior League of Omaha, Nebraska
     Leadership Academy
   Retreat & Summer Social

                                                                  It’s your nest.
                                                                    Protect it.
The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders
are born -- that there is a genetic factor to leadership.   Investment Management
                                                            Estate Settlement
This myth asserts that people simply either have certain    Trust Administration
charismatic qualities or not. That’s nonsense; in fact,     401k Administration
the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born.    Retirement Planning
                                    ~ Warren g. Bennis      Call Doug Oldaker, J.D., at
                                                            221-0122 for your consultation.

                                                                             Junior League of Omaha, Nebraska    |    7
                                             S U S TAINER                    NEWS

        We are very lucky to have so many Sustainers who have taken the friendships, the training, and the skills that they 
      learned while in the Junior League and gone out to the community to chair other volunteer events. We are also very 
      lucky  that  these  Sustainers  who  are  so  active  out  in  the  community  are  still  involved  with  and  share  their  talents 
      currently with the Junior League. 
        One of these Sustainers, Brenda Christensen, is the chair person this year for what promises to be an awesome event. 
      Whole Womens’ Day 2007 will take place on Saturday, November rd, 2007, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The event is 
      an every-other-year event and is being held at Christ Community Church, 0 S. 108th Ave, Omaha, NE. The purpose 
      of this event is to enhance the lives of all women spiritually, physically, and psychologically through 2 interactive 
      workshops and inspiring speakers. It is specifically designed to foster harmony and understanding among all women
      by breaking down the barriers of age, race, socioeconomics and denominational affiliations.
        The key note speaker this year will be Evelyn Husband, wife of Rick Husband, the Commander for the space shuttle 
      Columbia 200. As the world and she and her two small children watch the space shuttle re-enter earth, the fateful 
      space shuttle disappeared killing all seven crew members just moments before landing. She will share her story and 
      her journey since that fateful day. In the weeks and months following the Columbia tragedy, Evelyn learned that it is 
      possible to have peace and hope in the midst of the deepest despair. She now shares that message through her memoir, 
      High Calling.
        Please plan on joining Brenda and the numerous Sustainers who are helping to make this exciting event for Women 
      such a success. If you would like to volunteer to help with this event or for ticket questions, please contact Brenda 
      Christensen at (02) -915 or

H            H          H          H          H           H           H            HIGH CALLING
        J u N I O R   L E A G u E   O F                                                        THE STORY
        O M A H A  S u S TA I N E R S                                          Evelyn Husband remembers 
                                                                             it  as  if  it  were  yesterday  - 
 Grab your Friends…
                               The Fun…                                      February  1,  200.  Standing  at 
                               Join us for a fun filled day of               Kennedy  Space  Center  with 
  and Daughters…               shopping  at  the  20th  Annual               her  family,  all  eyes  turned 
   Your Mothers…               Kansas  City  Junior  League                  upward  toward  the  sky, 
                               Holiday  mart.  This  is  one  of  the        Evelyn  anxiously  awaited  the 
                               premier  Holiday  Mart  events  in            return to earth of her husband, 
                               the  country,  featuring  over  200           Columbia  commander  Rick 
     The Cost…                 retailers.  The  shopping  frenzy             Husband.  “This is the day that
      $50                      begins  when  the  bus  arrives  at           Rick is finally coming home!”
     Includes bus trip         the  KS  Convention  Center,  and             recounts  Evelyn  in  her  new 
     and your admission        the  bus  will  be  available  to  do         book,  High Calling: The
     ticket to the Holiday     other  destinations  if  requested.           Courageous Life and Faith                Evelyn Husband
     Mart.                     We will stop at a local Kansas City           of Space Shuttle Columbia
                               restaurant  for  happy  hour  before          Commander Rick Husband. 
     The Details…              we head back home. We hope you                  We now know Rick never made it home. The commander, 
                               use  this  day  to  kick  off  or  tie  up    along with his crew, disappeared into space, leaving behind 
                               holiday shopping or just to enjoy             the  aching  hearts  of  family  members,  friends,  and  people 
      Friday, October 19th
                               the day with some friends.                    everywhere. 
     Bus Leaves HQ:
      7:30 a.m.                Questions?                                      High Calling  begins  with  Evelyn’s  heart-wrenching 
                               Contact Pam Beardslee                         account of the moment she realized she may have lost the 
     Bus Arrives KC:           Sustainer Liaison Chair                       love of her life. But that is not the end of the story, nor is it 
      10:30 a.m. approx.                         the beginning.
     Bus Leaves KC:                                                          ultimately, we learn that a man can reach and even exceed 
      6:00 p.m.                please rsVp to:
                               headquarters — 493-8818                       his wildest dreams, and still be a man of integrity, as well as 
     Bus Arrives HQ:             a faithful father, husband, and friend. 
      9:00 p.m. approx.                                                        High Calling is also the powerfully encouraging story of 
                                  reservation deadline                       an ordinary woman who inspired millions to find hope,
                                 Wednesday, October 9th                      even in the most painful of times.

8     |    Junior League of Omaha, Nebraska
                                   Incoming  provisionals 
                                 did a fabulous job making 
                                 blankets  for  Project  Linus 
                                 at  the  provisional  social 
                                 August 20th! At the social, 
                                 provisionals  were  told 
                                 about  Done  in  a  Day  and 
                                 were  able  to  experience 
                                 first-hand how we help
                                 agencies in Omaha. Project 
                                 Linus  is  a  nationwide 
                                 organization that provides 
                                 handmade  blankets  for 
                                 children  who  have  been 
                                 removed        from      their 
                                 homes,  are  in  shelters,  or 
                                 are  seriously  ill.  Done  in 
                                 a Day organized the event 
                                 and  with  our  wonderful 
                                 provisional  class  made  20 
                                 fleece blankets. Thanks to
                                 everyone who participated 
                                 and  thanks  also  to  Wal-
                                 Mart  who  donated  a  $25 
                                 gift card to buy fleece.

  Learn  more  about  H.I.P.  Kids  inspiring  metro  area 
kids to eat smart and get active by volunteering for an 
upcoming  event/activity,  bringing  your  family  and 
visiting  us  at  an  event/activity  or  browse  our  web 
pages at: (JLO project page) or  (photo 
album).  Contact  Tina  Nelson  at  for 
more information on volunteering for an event/activity 
(fulfills the 3 hour project engagement).

Family night: Bryan middle school-Thursday,
  October 18th
Family night: Liberty elementary school-Tuesday,
  February 26th
Kids in the Kitchen-march date TBa
dIad/hIp Kids-april date TBa
Family nights are from 6:00-8:00 p.m. and volunteer shifts are
from 5:30-8:30 p.m.

                                                                   Junior League of Omaha, Nebraska    |    9
                                                 JunIOr League OF Omaha • generaL meeTIng mInuTes • sepTemBer 10, 2007
  I.   Call to order at 6:51pm by President Lisa Russell                                                            Goal is to fund the One World Health Dental Mobile for one year. Great raffle prize as
  II.  By-Laws – Stephanie Ewen                                                                                     well as both oral and silent auction items. 
       •  Quorum set at 5 voting members                                                                     •  90th Anniversary Ad Hoc: Gail Graeve – Next year is our 90th anniversary and we 
  III. Approval of the May 2007 General Meeting Minutes                                                             hope to celebrate in style. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to bridge our history 
       •  Corrections  to  minutes:  Tracy  Davies  name  was  inadvertently  omitted  from  the                    with  our  future.  There  will  be  an  ad  hoc  meeting  on  Thursday,  October  11,  2007, 
         new provisional list. The volunteer service award should read bronze rather than                           from12:00-1:00  pm  at  HQ.  The  committee  will  break  into    sections:  1)  Public 
         silver.                                                                                                    Relations; 2) Membership; ) History; ) Identify a special event to celebrate the 90th 
    •  Motion to approve minutes, as corrected, made by Libby Stiles                                                anniversary. 
    •  Motion carried                                                                                       V
                                                                                                              III.  Developing the Potential of Women
  IV.  Welcome Address: Lisa Russell                                                                          •  Admissions  Provisional: Andrea  Wilson  –  There  are  50  provisionals  this  year.  This 
    •  Introduction of Board and Management Team                                                                    summer,  the  Admissions  Provisional  committee  held    summer  socials.  Next  is  a 
    •  Importance of making the extra effort in the League – thinking positive about the                            retreat at Durham Western Heritage Museum on Saturday October 6, 2007. They will 
         League and being welcoming to all.                                                                         go  on  the  “Mansions  and  Millionaires”  bus  tour.  Introductions  of  Jennifer  Benson, 
  V.  Improving Communities                                                                                         Nicole  Mattox,  Beth  Riley,  Jennifer  Smith,  Holly  Pendley,  Michelle  Jacobs,  Jana 
    •  One  World  Community  Health  Centers  (formerly  known  as  the  Indian-Chicano                            Szatkowski, Allison Mixan.
         Health Center)                                                                                       •  Nominating: Shannon Hoy – Opportunities for ODI, which is an out-of-town training 
      -  CEO – Andrea Skolkin, MPA & Development Director – Lori Bechtold, MPA                                      through AJLI. Applications to Shannon Hoy. Certificates to Carrie Jenkins, Becki
      -  This is the agency that the League has chosen to raise money for this year.                                Wiechman, Sherlyl Orlich, and Erin Murnan for their ODI participation last year. Also 
    •  One World is a full-service health care clinic. Target demographic are those living                          taking applications for TOYO. Nominations to Shannon. Race for the Cure on October 
         below the poverty level. On-track to serve 1,000 people this year.                                        7 – anyone interested in putting together a JLO team contact Shannon. 
    •  Volunteer Opportunities – Would love to have volunteers to help start a guild or                       •  Leadership Academy:  Victoria  Halgren  &  Kate  Grabill  –  Explained  the  Leadership 
         an auxiliary. Call Lori for more volunteer opportunities at 502-8855.                                      Academy. There are 1 women in this year’s academy. This year’s theme is “Your Best 
  VI.  Financial Report: Leslie Mayo                                                                                Year Yet.” The class and committee were introduced to the membership. 
      Revenue:   $ 6766.21                                                                                   •  Publications: Victoria Stamm – Reminders for submitting information – Remember 
      Expenses: $ 2991.97                                                                                          deadlines are the first of the month. The vice chair, Melissa, will send emails to
    Net Income: $ 851.2                                                                                          “gently nudge” to remind you to submit your article. A feature schedule was emailed 
  II.  Promoting Volunteerism                                                                                       to chairs and vice chairs. The postage increase made the budget extra critical to adhere 
  •  HIP Kids: Sheryl Orlich – Sheryl explained HIP Kids, our signature project, to League                          to, so please do not feel badly if your article is edited for size constraints. Yearbooks 
       members. HIP Kids has been busy this summer doing the Cure Search Walk where                                 are coming. Send updates to Tracy Boyle for posing on the website.
       HIP Kids members taught patrons where food actually comes from. They did veggie                        IX.  Old Business - none
       painting  at  Summer Arts  festival.  The  group  then  went  to  the  Open  Door  Mission             X.  New Business – 
       to  talk  about  healthy  foods  and  making  healthy  eating  choices.  There  were  two                •  Selected as one of the three charities to be in charge of the shifts at the Showhouse. 
       events this summer at local Farmer’s Markets. The HIP Kids team cleaned out closet                             This will be a good fundraiser. 
       – found 10,000 key chains and distributed those to charity walks. They held the first                    •  Done in a Day Events – please sign up for the events at the table
       summer fitness challenge – had 50 members participate. Prizes were distributed to                      XI.  Announcements
       the participants. Fall plans: new flyers promoting the 5-4-3-2-1 go! tag line. Many                      •  Please read the JLO this Month and the Weekly Email Hotsheet
       Family Nights are planned and volunteers are needed. This year, HIP Kids is going                        •  “Thanks for Being Here” prizes
       to try to measure to see how its dollars are working for the kids by implementing                        •  Donations for Jumble Shop – Double Quota Credit Night
       surveys both before and after the Family Nights.                                                             • Toast prizes for those who have bought raffle tickets
  •  Fund Development/Fund Raising Ad Hoc: Lisa Gravelle - Initiating new and “big”                             •  Next GM October 8, 2007, at JCC
       ideas (think Race for the Cure) for a signature project. The ad hoc committee will meet               XII.  Adjourn at 8:06pm
       at HQ on Wednesday, September 19, 2007, at 6:0.                                                                                                                            Respectfully Submitted, 
  •  Toast  to  Omaha:  Becki  Wiechman  –  Friday,  September  28  at  116  Jones  Street                                                                                        Stephanie Hansen 
       beginning at 7:00pm. Celebrating people places and things that make Omaha great.                                                                                            Recording Secretary

                                                              are you a                                                                                                  ?
                                                                                                                      MOMBOMB is more than just a hip clothing
                                                                                                                        boutique for busy community volunteers.
photo courtesy of Bcs photography 602.263.5098

                                                                                                                              What to wear made simple... career,
                                                                                                                                     date night, yoga, office party,
                                                                                                                                          Junior League meeting!

                                                                                                              Visit to see the latest fashions
                                                                                                            from custo Barcelona, Julie Brown, XcVI, mattie m,
                                                                                                               ed hardy & raw cashmere. Latest in denim from
                                                                                                             rich & skinny, christopher Blue, pine IV and grass.
                                                                                                                                            Junior League Members receive a 15% discount
                                                                                                                                                     on purchases in October & November.
                                                                                                                                                                  Use Promo code: JL1004

                                                  mombomb (mom-bom) n. a nurturing, compassionate and loyal supporter of children, family, friends, community and self.

10                                                |    Junior League of Omaha, Nebraska
                            Jumble Shop N e w S

                            ImpACTING The CommuNITY
ABOVE and BEYOND…                                                   T H E   T O Y   S A L E 
Shannan Crews
                                 Ann Marie Abboud
                                                                      IS COMING!
Sandi Downing                    Kim Banat               The  Annual  Junior 
Mary Davis                       Linda Chloupek        League  Toy  Sale  will 
Nichole West                     Pam Friedlander       be  held  on  Saturday, 
Abbey Hughes                     Kathy Gerber          December  1st.  What 
Amanda Stahlnecker               Christi Janssen       a  wonderful  way  to 
                                 Sally Johnson         make  the  holidays 
                                 Ruth Keene            special  for  needy 
Megan Addison
                                 Nancy Meyer           families.  We  need 
Andrea Bell
Ashley Broekemeier               Linda O’Hare          you!  We  need  new 
Chrissy Diamantis                Kathy Porter          and/or  gently  used  toys.  We  also  need  your  help  setting 
Jennifer Epp                     Sara Radil            up. The store will close at :00 p.m. on Friday, November 
Kristin Lewis                    Kim Simon             0th to change the store into a Toy Extravaganza! The Shop 
Tina Nelson                      Kathy Simon
                                                       will be open Saturday, December 1st from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 
                                 Josephine Warren
                                                       p.m. Santa will be there, too! Don’t miss this opportunity to 
                                                       help our community.
                  A WARM WELCOME… 
                  NEW TRANSFERS IN
                  Please welcome the following to
                  Omaha’s JLO… Paula Crowe                       Suited for Success
                                                           The Jumble Shop’s Working Woman Sale was a huge 
                                                         hit! Sales were double last year, but more importantly, 
                                                         more  women  were  assisted  than  ever  before.  In 
    9 0 T h a n n I V e r s a ry                         addition  to  great  deals  on  work  attire,  women  were 
    get Involved! next year marks our 90th               treated to beauty instruction, products by Estee Lauder 
  anniversary and you can take part in planning next     and resume tips. The committee and League volunteers 
  year’s celebration. attend the ad-hoc committee        worked  side-by-side  with  our  fabulous  Jumble  Shop 
  kick-off on Thursday, October 11th, from 12:00         employees to make the sale such a success.
  noon to 1:00 p.m. at JLO headquarters.
    The committee will make recommendations for
  2008-09 activities, placements, and budgets with
  an emphasis on:
  • marketing and public relations
  • membership recruitment
  • history
  • special celebration event
    all members and sustainers are invited and                                                     Our gorgeous
  encouraged to attend.                                                                            Suited for Success

                                                            Our smiling
                                                            Jumble Shop
                                                         Volunteers hard
                                                           at work (even
                                                          baby Addison).

                                                                     Junior League of Omaha, Nebraska           |    11
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12    |    Junior League of Omaha, Nebraska

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