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UFC Betting News-UFC 114


UFC Betting News-UFC 114

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									Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Jason Brilz UFC 114-May 29, 2010 by Nick

The original UFC 114 fight card had Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (18-3) fighting Forrest
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Griffin on May 29 , 2010. However, on May 4 Griffin was forced to pull out with an
injured shoulder and he was quickly replaced with Jason Brilz (18-2-1). What was once
a highly anticipated fight now seems to be sort of a dud. Nogueira, a seasoned MMA
veteran who is looking to make a name for himself in UFC, was already considered the
clear favorite by the UFC betting lines in the bout against Griffin and things should be
no different against Brilz. Brilz has a respectable record, but has never fought anyone in
Nogueira’s class and this win would be huge for his career. Nogueira should win this fight,
but needs to be careful not to underestimate the relatively unknown Brilz. The UFC betting
is undecided on his ability this far.

Nogueira is the twin brother of UFC former heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo
Nogueira and is in his second UFC fight after a career in PRIDE and Affliction. Nogueira
was very impressive in his debut at UFC 106 in November 2009 with a TKO over Luiz Cane
that was named Knockout of the Night. He is an extremely formidable fighter who is both
an expert in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is an accomplished boxer, making him dangerous both
on his feet and on the ground.

Brilz is fighting fighting in his fifth UFC match. He is currently 3-1, with his last victory
over Eric Schafer in March of this year. While maintaining a good record, this fight pits
Brilz against a far more accomplished and talented than he has ever faced and would be
a significant boost in his career if could achieve the victory. A wrestler by training, Brilz
showed in his victory over Schafer that he can win against fighters who are seen as the
clear favorite, even by UFC betting.

This is Nogueira’s match to lose. With less than four weeks to prepare, Brilz should be
easily outfought by the Brazilian veteran. Brilz is in no way a pushover and it would be
a huge mistake for Nogueira to treat him lightly, but if Nogueira fights well the victory
should be his. Is this an easy fight to bet on? UFC betting is divided. Head over to where everybody bets.

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