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									                                        The Beaui
                      Newsletter of the Sarasota Shell Club
                               Website: www.sarasotashellclub.com

                                       January, 2010
The regular meeting of the Sarasota Shell Club will convene on Thursday, January 14 at 7:00
pm at Mote Marine Laboratory, City Island, Sarasota, in the Buchanan Room on the third floor.
To get to the Buchanan Room, come in the recessed door on the east side of the building, be-
tween the Aquarium entrance and the Education Room and go up the elevator.
Program: Our own Jim Wedge will show pictures of living molluscs.

        From the Prez...
       Happy 2010 to Everyone!
      Old Business:
      Thank you to everyone who partici-
pated in our December party/auction. Wow,
what a success! A special thanks to all who
helped organize, set up, clean up and run
the party. Also, a special thanks to Jan
McSween who donated a great majority of
the items for the auction, Bob Morrison for
the shells he donated, Peggy Williams for
the shells and books and to everyone else
who donated items for the auction. The               (photos thanks to Candy Niziol)
amount earned will be announced at the               My apologies for information that was
next meeting, but it was quite an increase      omitted in the December newsletter.
over past years. Great job everyone! It could   Somehow 1-½ pages got lost in cyber
not have happened without all of your dona-     space. Those of you that had questions did a
tions and help.                                 great job calling me with them and I appreci-
                                                ate your calls. The biggest item omitted was:
                                                        To Move or Not To Move.
                                                     There was a business meeting after the
                                                November meeting to discuss whether or not
                                                to move the location for the 2011 Sarasota
                                                Shell Show. At this point it looks like our op-
                                                tions are to keep it at the same place or to
                                                move it to the Manatee Civic Center (MCC).
                                                Another option was Selby Gardens, but after
                                                further investigation, it was determined that
                                                Selby is not a big enough venue for our
                                                event. We will have a business meeting on
                                                January 14 at 6:15 p.m., just before our

regular scheduled meeting, to take a final              Sarasota Shell Club Board
vote on whether or not to move. Everyone is                    Officers 2009-2010
welcome to the meeting but only current           President Joanne Chmielewski 713-4435
members may vote. Some things that were           Vice President Liz Bordonaro 927-5868
considered were:                                  Treasurer Sharon Leggat 923-8580
     *Location of MCC and Auditorium              Recording Sec'y Judy Herman 360-1507
     *Clientele                                   Corresp. Sec'y Peggy Williams 355-2291
     *MCC is about ½ the cost of the Audito-      (peggy@shelltrips.com)
rium                                              Board: Barbara Moss 3!      Jan McSween 3
                                                  !      Candy Niziol: 2   ! Rich Cirrintano: 2
     *At MCC, there is a good chance that
                                                  !      Homer Rhode 1!       Terri Jones 1
we will split the venue with other organiza-             (number indicates years left on board)
tions.                                            Librarian Peggy Williams 355-2291
     *We are the Sarasota Shell Club and          Publicity Chmn Candy Niziol
we would be hosting the show at the Mana-
tee Civic Center.
                                                                Exhibit forms
     There were also many questions that
                                                        are on www.sarasotashellclub.com, or
were raised and we hope to have some an-
                                                  call Sandy Pillow (810)516-6120 to mail you
swers prior to our vote in January. For those
                                                  one. Deadline for entries is Feb. 1!
of you with strong opinions, questions,
doubts, I would like to suggest that if you                 Desperately Needed:
have time between now and the January                 shells to sell at our club table. Bring in
meeting, take a ride out to MCC, look at the      January or February, please!
venue and ask questions.                                           Trophies
     New Business:                                      We give out several trophies for exhib-
     Salty Dog. Due to the 6:15 business          its, and we offer members the opportunity to
meeting, a great majority of regular Salty        sponsor one at $50. You can pick the trophy
Dog attendees will not be attending the Salty     you sponsor. Bring a check made out to the
Dog prior to the January meeting. We hope         Sarasota Shell Club.
to see all of our members at 6:15 for this im-
portant vote.                                         Sarasota Minus Tides
     **Interested in becoming more involved            All times are mornings.
in the shell club? How about becoming a              Jan 13!   Wed!    6:47!   -.60
member of the board? For information or to           Jan 14!   Th!     7:18!   -.57
help us help you find an appropriate position         Jan 15!   Fri!    7:45!   -.52
for you on the board, please see Joanne              Jan 16!   Sat!    8:11!   -.45
Chmielewski, Ruth Ross, or Mary Jo Bopp.             Jan 17!   Sun!    8:36!   -.35
                                                     Jan 18!   Mon!    9:02!   -.24
                                                     Jan 28!   Th!     6:18!   -.90
 The shell show is coming!                           Jan 29!   Fri!    7:00!   -.90
                                                     Jan 30!   Sat!    7:38!   -.79
 The shell show is coming!                           Jan 31!   Sun!    8:12!   -.59
      February 12, 13 and 14, 2010.                  Feb 1!    Mon!    8:43!   -.34
                                                     Feb 2!    Tues!   9:12!   -.07
      Itʼs time to again do some serious think-
ing about our annual Sarasota Shell Show.             We Have a Celebrity!
How many of you have exhibits all planned,              Jan McSween of Venice has written
or at least, are in the thinking stages of your   "Florida: Musings of a Convert in Paradise"
exhibit? We need both scientific and artis-        (Eloquent Books), a chronicle of her journey
tic exhibits from our club. If you need help      from the Poconos to Southwest Florida.
with exhibits, Peggy, Lynn, Bob Morrison, or
June Bailey will be delighted to advise you.

          Field Trips                             Prepare to get your feet and legs wet as you
                                                  enter and depart the kayaks. Wear shoes
      Scheduled for 2010                          and clothes for the occasion.
      January 15 - Carefree Learner ($5.00
cash for this trip)
      January 30 - Carefree Learner ($5.00
cash for this trip)
      February no field trips due to annual
shell show mid-February
      March 13 - Fossil Trip to Naples Area
($23 check made out to SSC)
      March 27 - Kayaking/Fossiling Trip with
Ron Bopp on Caloosahatchee River

     Unscheduled at this time: Visit with
Homer and Anne Rhode's shell collection 
this winter. We will have three dates for
                                                       Ron at the site.
members to see his collection. Dates to be
announced at the club meeting.
                                                        The group will leave the ramp at 9:00
     Also a makeup trip on the Carefree
                                                  a.m. and return by 1:00 p.m. Kayaks are
Learner for the spring to view nesting sights
                                                  available for fourteen members. There will
of many local birds.
                                                  be room on the trip for twenty (20) members,
     You must be a paid up member of the
                                                  meaning that six (6) members will either
club to participate on field trips. Payment
                                                  bring their own kayaks or rent kayaks for use
must be made before your place is secure
                                                  (Florida law requires a vest with a whistle so
on any field trip. Please make sure when you
                                                  make sure you have this item with you).
sign up for a trip you also include your cur-
                                                        A map and shell identification guide
rent phone number so you can be reached in
                                                  (based on Ron & Mary Jo Boppʼs previous
case the trip is canceled.
                                                  visit) will be provided ahead of the trip. The
                                                  trip is limited to 20 members and must be
  Kayak/Fossil Field                              paid upfront to ensure participation. The cost
                                                  of the field trip is $45.00 for those that are

                                                  not bringing a kayak and $5.00 for those that
                                                  are. All fees (boat ramp and parking) are in-
                                                  cluded in these registration prices.
          Saturday, March 27, 2010                      After the trip an on-your-own lunch will
      The time is rapidly approaching for the     be available at the Log Cabin restaurant on
anticipated kayak and fossil (mollusk) field       Highway 80 and Hardee Street in Labelle.
trip on the Caloosahatchee River. We leave              This trip is on a first come (check in my
from the put-in ramp at the Ortona Lock Park      hand), first serve basis. If you wish to par-
(east of Labelle, Fl). Fossil exploration sites   ticipate please send your $45 to me at 4725
are within 15 minutes of the ramp. The fossil     Montrose Dr, Bradenton FL 34210, including
areas are in the river bottom (near shore) as     your name, address, phone and email ad-
well as shells on the bank and embedded           dress. Those who are bringing their own
into the walls of the bank itself. It is late     kayaks send $5.00. Those who will need to
Pleistocene (Fort Thompson). Necessary            rent kayaks will be notified later.
tools include collection bag, large screw-              Questions: contact Ron Bopp at
driver and/or pick. Gloves are useful. Water      rbopp1@tampabay.rr.com or 941-201-6503.
and a mid-morning snack is recommended.

             What We Do                                   These shells reminded me very much
                                                    of the specimens of Conus tryoni Heilprin my
      The Sarasota Shell Club was formed to         wife and I collected from spoil piles on the
bring together shell lovers in Sarasota,            Caloosahatchee River near Ortona Lock in
Manatee, and Charlotte Counties. Some of            1969. The Caloosahatchee Formation is
the services to members are:                        about a million years more recent than the
      • Monthly meetings with shell programs        Pinecrest beds in Sarasota.
      • A library of shell books. Library list is         Carl Roscoe of the British Shell Collec-
on our website; books are at Peggy Williams’        tors' Club, in an article on sinistral shells,
home. Call and she will bring to meetings.          wrote this: "Left-handed cones are extremely
      • Field trips                                 rare now, yet the fossil record in Florida
      • • A forum for acquiring new specimens       shows that left-handedness was once  the
      • A forum for identification of shells        "norm" for several species in the family Co-
      • A yearly Shell Show which brings to-        nidae."
gether many interesting elements of shelling.             In 1980, Dr. Ed Petuch began his study
      • Monthly newsletters with events,            of Floridaʼs Miocene, Pliocene and Pliesto-
news, and interesting articles and facts            cene fossil beds which continues to this day.
about shells.                                       Between 1991 and 2004, he described no
      • Crafters meet often to make shell           fewer than eight additional sinistral fossil
  flowers and other items to sell at our show.      cones. The oldest, and probably the rarest
                                                    because it comes from the deepest deposits,
                                                    is C. lindajoyceae.
      Florida’s fascinating                               The type specimen was recovered from
                                                    the Buckingham Member of the Tamiami
      sinistral fossil cones                        Formation, nearly 60 feet below the top of
      The December issue of “The Beaui”,            the old APAC shell pit in Sarasota, The
with its article on sinistral shells, arrived       Buckingham dates to about 3.6 milllion years
about the same time that I was examining            ago or the mid-Pliocene and is some
nine sinistral cones Iʼd collected from a small     200,000 years older than the earliest Pine-
pile of shell aggregate left over from a road       crest beds..
project on Shade Ave.                                     The most recent members of the com-
      Other fossils plucked from the same           plex are Contraconus scotti, heilprini and
spot, such as Hystrivasum locklini, Strombus        mitchellorum, which date to the mid-
floridanus and Phyollonatus globosus, are            Pleistocene, or roughly 1 million years ago.
index fossils of the Pinecrest member of the        C. schmidti and berryi date to the same ap-
Pliocene Tamiami formation. I concluded that        proximate time as adversarius, while osceo-
the sinistral cones Iʼd recovered were Con-         lai and petiti are slightly more recent than
traconus adversarius, which is the only             tryoni.
“lefty” found in the Pinecrest.                           During a succession of ice ages during
      That species was described in 1940 by         the Pleistocene, the waters surrounding Flor-
T.A. Conrad from Pliocene deposits of the           ida became cooler and cooler. At that time
Yorktown Formation in Duplin County, N.             the sinistral cones vanished, never to return.
Carolina. The holotype is in the collection of      During this same period, many species, in-
the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sci-            deed entire molluscan families, went extinct.
ences.                                                    In life, representatives of the adver-
      The specimens I salvaged ranged from          sarius complex must have been quite hand-
60 to 85mm in length. Five of the nine              some. Iʼve not seen any specimens with
showed healed scars typical of injuries in-         even a hint of pattern. In shape, they some-
flicted by a predator.                               what resemble C gloriamaris, with their slen-
                                                    der profiles and high, coronated spires. They

                                                   Early Keys Shelling Trips
thrived in Florida waters for about 3 million
years but were done in by the Big Chill.
      Harry Lee, who has one of the most                      by Peggy Williams
complete collections of sinistral gastropods             By 1975 I had been to the Keys several
in or out of a museum, has six Recent sinis-      times and was into shell collecting and pho-
tral cones.                                       tography. I had several salt water aquaria
      Bob Morrison                                and I took photographs of shells and sea life
                                                  through the glass. My husband had stopped
                                                  diving, but I took it up with gusto and dove
                                                  every chance I got.
                                                         I joined the Sarasota Shell Club in 1974
                                                  and soon gave a slide show to them. I was
                                                  invited to repeat the show at a St Petersburg
                                                  Shell Club meeting, sometime in 1975. After
                                                  the program, a guy approached me and said
                                                  I looked like I could handle a trip he had
                                                  planned to Looe Key and Key West and in-
                                                  vited me to come along. I agreed with alac-
                                                  rity - to my first organized shelling trip.
                                                         When I told Mom about the upcoming
                                                  trip, she wanted to come too. I called the guy
                                                  (Phil Poland) and asked if she could come.
                                                  He thought she might be a little old and
                                                  wondered if she could handle it and I as-
                                                  sured him she could.
                                                         Phil had hired a boat that was licensed
                                                  for 12 passengers, and he had 12 people
                                                  lined up. Some of the people coming lived in
                                                  the Keys, including Margaret Teskey, long-
                                                  time secretary of the American Malacological
                                                  Union (who was older than Mom). Margaret
                                                  lived in a small airstream trailer on Little
                                                  Torch Key and sold shells she collected in
                                                  the Keys - nothing over a half inch in size
                                                  (she hadnʼt room for any larger shells!)
     Photo credit: Archives of the Academy               The first day we were to go to Looe
of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia               Key, off Big Pine Key (now a marine sanctu-
                                                  ary), which has a small island and shallow
       References:                                reef for snorkeling. The wind was a little high
       Petuch, E.J. and Roberts, C.E., 2007,      and the waves boisterous, and some of the
The Geology of the Everglades and Adjacent        people had difficulty getting ashore (they
Areas                                             werenʼt prepared to snorkel). The captain
       Pagnaslli, G., “Conus Adversarius sinis-   wouldnʼt go inside the reef where it was shel-
tral fossil complex” in “The Cone Collector,“     tered because it was too shallow. I helped a
April 2009                                        few people and did some snorkeling but we
                                                  had to curtail the trip.
                                                         Next we went off Key West to the “Back
                                                  Country” - Florida Bay and the edge of the
                                                  Gulf of Mexico. We did all right there, and
                                                  later we went to reefs off Key West. Phil had

Meetings on second
                           Sarasota Shell Club
Thursdays of the
months of Sept.-April at
7:00 pm at Mote Marine
Laboratory, Sarasota.
Shell Show annually on
second full weekend of
February at the Munici-     $
pal Auditorium on US
41, Sarasota.
Dues: $15 single, $20www.sarasotashellclub.
family, (+$7 for printedcom
newsletters) due Sept.
New members add
$6.50 each for badges.

brought his wife (ex-wife?), who didnʼt swim.
He offloaded her onto the reef where she
                                                         News from Sanibel
                                                       For those of you who arenʼt on Sanibel
could stand up and gave her his bucket to
                                                  or reading the local papers, some exciting
hold while he tromped off to turn rocks. I was
                                                  shells that have been found on Sanibel over
snorkeling nearby, and when the tide came
                                                  the past few weeks.  SWFL has been expe-
up and it was about time to leave I noticed
                                                  riencing a very unusual weather pattern with
the captain had moved the boat to the sea
                                                  cold weather and strong winds (better than
aground. That meant he was in fairly deep
                                                  “up north”, but a longer cold spell than at any
water (over our heads at least) because
                                                  time in at least the last twenty years).
there were coral heads coming up and he
                                                       Jeff Oths, the assistant manager at the
didnʼt want to hit them.
                                                  Community House and VP of the San-Cap
      This poor woman was standing ankle
                                                  Shell Club, found a star shell on Lighthouse
deep in rising water, clutching the bucket
                                                  Beach on Christmas Day. This is the first
and looking longingly at the boat. I put my
                                                  time one has ever been found on Sanibel! A
gear aboard (I was snorkeling) and noticed
                                                  "giant" tun shell was found on the east gulf
how beautiful the reef was, with lovely fish to
                                                  beach by a vacationer.
see and coral of many varieties. I asked the
                                                       And a Leatherback turtle apparently
captain to tie a cushion to a line so I could
                                                  nested on Vanderbilt Beach.
take it to her and got him to give me a spare
mask for her to wear. She put it on and I
towed her in, with the cushion tied to the
boat. She was fascinated. We couldnʼt get
her out of the water!
      Our last day was at Woman Key, which
has a large sand bar close to its east end.
The captain anchored there and we went on
the beach and in the water. However, no one
was watching, and the boat grounded when
the tide went out! A light rain came up. It was         Leatherbacks arenʼt often found in the
cold and there wasnʼt much shelter on the         Gulf, they are East Coast turtles.
boat, but everyone except Mom and I was                 We are actually being told to expect
shivering on board. We were out there, still      frost early tomorrow morning!!  And perhaps
shelling.... Phil said to Mom, “Youʼre a better   even a stray flake or two!!!! Who knows what
man than I!”                                      fun finds will continue to be made!  So bun-
                                                  dle up and get out on the beach ASAP.


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