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									                                          GUIDING EYES FOR THE BLIND
                                             MONTGOMERY REGION
 Canine Development Center
 361 Route 164                        Raiser of the Month                                                        February 2010
 Patterson, NY 12563
 845- 878-3330                        From the day she arrived Khaki was the        We have thoroughly enjoyed our eight
 www.volunteer.guidingeyes.org        most active and inquisitive of all the GEB    years as puppy raisers during which time
                                      dogs that we have raised. She was quick       we have raised six puppies; Kate, Ophelia,
 Training Center & Offices            to learn and soon let us know if she wasn’t   Yardley, Nilla, Eva and Khaki.
 611 Granite Springs Road             the center of attention. She took well to
 Yorktown Heights, NY 10598           living with the Westies and our released
 800-942-0149                         GEB lab, Yardley. We worked on
 www.guidingeyes.org                  teaching her the GEB ways which she
                                      sometime chose to follow but sometimes
 GEB Veterinary Service               she decided to do things her own way,
 845-230-6425                         much to our embarrassment in class.

 GEB-Montgomery Region

 GEB Regional Manager
  Roberta Huy
   Liz Neubaum                          Khaki arrives in Montgomery Region
 Puppy Meds                                                                                             We       have      made
                                      Even with our sixth puppy, it was like                            wonderful friends with
  Linda and Bill Ratcliff             starting from the beginning all over again!
  301-279-8823                                                                                          fellow raisers. Now, as a
                                      She has always been very affectionate and                         result of a move from
                                      a fun companion, but more demanding                               our sizable home to a
  Margie Coccodrilli
  301-869-2216                        and willful than our previous dogs. At                            smaller apartment with
 Website                              last, and much later than usual, she went
  Terry Cohen                         into heat and became a “changed woman.”        “small dog only” rules, we do not expect
  240-683-0332                        Much calmer, just in time for her to leave!   to be able to raise puppies; but, we plan to
                                                                                    continue our involvement with GEB
  www.guidingeyes-md.org                                                            Montgomery to help out in other ways.

                                                                                    Our warmest thanks to all those who make
                                                                                    the region possible.
Feature Stories:
                                                                                            Linda and Bill Ratcliff
 Raiser of the Month

 Retiring Guide Dog Finds New Home           Khaki watching her IFT test
 Welcome New Raisers

  GEG Guide “Saves Graduate’s Life”   CLASS DATES                                         Please mark your calendar
 Pups on the Move
                                      February 14 – 2:30 – 5:00 Groups 1-3          March – Dates/Locations TBD
                                      February 28 – 2:30 – 5:00 Groups 1-3
                                      Silver Spring Library
                                          GEB – Montgomery Region                                            Page 2

Retiring Guide Dog Finds New Home                                      Terri attended the January 17 puppy training class
                                                                       with Alpha and shared her story with all the
                                                                       puppy raisers and thanks them all for their
Terri Nettles, a resident of Alexandria, Virginia, is                  invaluable service.
retiring her fourth GEB guide dog, Alpha, and will
receive another guide dog in the near future. However,
Alpha won’t be far away as she is being adopted by                                                      The message on
Beverly and Keith Camalier, our very own                                                                Alpha’s new
Montgomery Region volunteers.                                                                           jacket says “I’m
                                                                                                        retired and you’re
Afflicted by congenital blindness, Terri expressed a                                                    not” Na! Na! Na!
desire to have a dog from a very early age. When she
graduated from high school she applied to GEB, was
accepted, and attended the rigorous 26-day training
program after which she graduated with her very first
guide dog, a German shepherd named Questa.

Guide dog recipients and guide dogs, themselves, go
through many adjustments and a wave of emotions in                     Montgomery Region welcomes Alpha to our
their lifetime, learning to bond and work with many                    family, thanks the Camalier household for
guide dogs, and also having to say “good by” to their                  adopting her, and it will be great to have a new
valued companions.                                                     ambassador in the region.
Alpha, however, won’t be far away and is probably
already planning her very first reunion.

  Welcome New Raisers

                                                                    Bridget van Nevel will be raising Keller, another
                                                                    beautiful black male lab.

       We welcome Susan and James Loewen,
      first-time puppy raisers, as they welcome
    their first puppy in training, Oak, a beautiful
                    black male lab.
                                  GEB – Montgomery Region                                                          Page 3

             B                    Guiding Eyes York Saves Graduate’s Life
                                  Guiding Eyes graduate Brian Spaulding is so very happy
                                  that he got a guide dog, even though previously he didn’t
                                  like dogs.

                                  As with all recent graduates, Brian was visited by a Guiding
                                  Eyes field representative at home. These visits serve many
                                  purposes. Primarily, we want to observe the new team, to
                                  assure us that our Guiding Eyes dog is working well with
Let us know where you like        his new partner. During this visit, Brian told field
to take your pup for outings      representative Lisa Derleth this story:

                                  Brian is a diabetic. One night while Brian was outdoors
                                  “parking” Guiding Eyes York, his blood sugar dropped
                                  dangerously and he passed out. York stayed by Brian,
                                  barking incessantly. It was nearly thirty minutes until a
                                  neighbor in a high rise building nearby heard the commotion
                                  and came to check what was happening.

                                  Thanks to York’s intuition and loyalty, Brian received the care he needed.

                                  Lisa was able to observe Brian and York working together. “The team really looks
                                  beautiful together. York’s tail is always up and gently waving like a flag.”

                                  This article, along with others, can be found in E-Flash, a monthly newsletter published
                                  by GEB-National Headquarters at www.guidingeyes.org

                                  PUPS ON THE MOVE

                                  Pups in Training:          Abilene, Breeze Edwin, Jamie, Kestrel, Ralston

   Deadline for submission
  of newsletter articles is the
      20th of each month
                                       This newsletter is for everyone. Please contact me with your suggestions,
                                                          ideas, and stories...and send pictures
                                                       Your articles will be included in future n
                                                                  Margie Coccodrilli

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