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									Credit card processing merchant account basics
Managing business finances is quite a responsibility and those of you who are serious about selling products or services on the web must be able to
accept payment from your customers. Although you have at your disposal a variety of payment methods, the most popular one for web based
merchants is to accept credit cards. Credit card merchant accounts enable you to accept credit and debit card transactions. These accounts are
established by submitting an application to certain Merchant Service Providers or by Independent Sales Offices.

Although some commercial banks offer merchant accounts to their business customers they are often more careful and selective when deciding for
whom they will open such an account. Additionally, Credit card merchant accounts offered by banks often carry a higher premium for accepting the
risk associated with your business than do Independent Sales Offices. Credit card merchant accounts are possible regardless of how long you have
been in business. Independent Sales Offices and banks used to be much more reluctant when it came to opening merchant accounts for businesses
that had just started but they are both more willing to provide the service to both new and old businesses.

Credit card merchant accounts providers will ask you about the average order size and the average amount of money per month that you expect to run
through that account. Offer them an estimative value for the processing that you will do in the first months and it will be understood that your business
will likely grow organically over time. To obtain a merchant account you will have to fill out a short application and acquire both a gateway and
shopping cart software that will handle the transactions between you and the bank or a physical credit card terminal. Once your merchant account is
up and running and you are processing transactions, you will receive daily credit sales deposits into your business bank account.

Credit card merchant accounts providers charge certain fees which can vary significantly and which include: discount rates, interchange fee, and
various monthly fees so it is best to compare prices before selecting a provider. While a credit card processing merchant account does carry a cost,
utilizing one will undoubtedly increase the profits obtained by your business.

Nowadays there are many processing providers which are competing and which can offer the best rates available. A credit card processing merchant
account should be set up properly from the very start, because it will help you save money in the long run. Processing equipment is not as expense as
in years past and many companies offer the option to lease it on a monthly basis which is convenient for new businesses who do not have the cash on
hand for a large upfront cost.

Credit card processing merchant account rates can be lowered in time and most of the time your provider will do its best to lower them if you ask for
this. Beware of extra fees and offers that sound too good to be true and if you can, try to find a reliable business accountant. They can help advise you
throughout this process so that you get a good deal. Choose a fixed rate and avoid resorting to banks for such services because their charges are

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As you can see, Credit card processing merchant account set up can be somewhat daunting for businesses not accustomed with the process. We
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