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					VOLUME 4      ◆   ISSUE 1                                              WINTER 2007

                              Marilee’s “No Diet”
                              Helps Her Lose Weight
                              and Avoid Surgery
                                     ecause she was so overweight, Marilee
                                     Ryan was a candidate for stomach
                                     surgery. But when she found out what
Highlights                    she’d have to go through, she decided to
                              lose it on her own. That was one year ago.
                              Since then she’s lost 100 pounds.
◆ New! Kinesis in Studio 4                                                             THE FIRST TIME MARILEE GOT INTO THE POOL, all she
                              “My husband Bill and I joined the Center and             could do was walk. Now, just a year later, she swims
◆ PreNatal Yoga is a          we work out here three times a week now,”                20 laps three times a week and accomplished a long
  Labor of Love                                                                        time goal: She just qualified for Master Swim Class!
                              Marilee says. And she says her days of dieting
◆ Binge Eating Takes          are over. “My approach is simple. I count                staff is so friendly. They don’t just sign you up
  a Dive                      calories and work out. If I burn more calories           and forget about you. They always follow-up
                              than I eat, I figure I’m ahead of the game.”             and offer encouragement. It also helps to
◆ Give Cold and Flu the       So far it’s working.                                     see members of all shapes, ages and sizes,
  Old 1-2                                                                              not just young muscle builders with perfect
                              “The first time I tried the elliptical machine,
◆ Our Editor’s Observations   I only lasted 60 seconds. Now I’m on it for              little bodies.”
  from the Other Side of      half an hour,” she says proudly.                         Instead of Dieting, Marilee “Goes Shopping”
  the Camera                                                                           Marilee treats her calories like a bank account.
                              One of the main reasons the Ryans joined the
◆ Get a Kick Out of Group     Center is because they feel so comfortable               “I have a certain amount to spend each day.
  Fitness Classes             here. “We loved Copley right away and the                                    See MARILEE’S “NO DIET” page 4

◆ Karate Kids Move Up
◆ Healthy Eating Q & A
◆ Lee Twins Are in Good
                              New! TechoGym Kinesis Comes to Studio 4
  Hands in ChildCare

                                 f you’re looking for an invigorating,                 a Kinesis workout than you can when
◆ Back Facials are Front         one-of-a-kind training experience using               exercising on traditional equipment.”
  and Center                     the Center’s new Kinesis equipment
                                                                                       Whether you’re exercising for your general
                              by TechnoGym, look no further than our
                                                                                       good health, to ease lower back pain or
                              redesigned Personal Training Studio 4.
                                                                                                           training for a specific
                              According to George                                                          sport, virtually everyone
                              Samuelson, Training                                                          can use this equipment –
                              Manager and Personal                                                         with the supervision of
                              Trainer, members will                                                        an experienced personal
                              love using this new                                                          trainer – to enhance their
                              equipment. “Not only                                                         current level of fitness.
                              does a Kinesis workout
                              deliver balance, strength                                                       “Working with a Personal
                              and flexibility training, it                                                    Trainer contributes to
                              enhances core stabiliza-                                                        success on many levels
                              tion, spinal stabilization,                                                     and is a great way to
                              muscular strength, bone                                                         start the new year off
                              density and cardiovas-                                                          right.” George says your
 Operating Hours              cular conditioning,” he                                                         personal trainer will work
                              says. “And the best part                                                        from your current fitness
    Monday – Friday:          is that since you are in                                                        level to design an effec-
                                                             TRAINER RICK STYPE TRIES OUT THE CENTER’S        tive and innovative
     5am – 11pm               constant motion, you           NEW MULTI-FUNCTIONAL KINESIS equipment
                              can actually burn              which allows users to adjust the tension to
                                                                                                              routine specifically for
   Saturday & Sunday:
                              30% more calories with         achieve a full range of motion.                            See KINESIS page 2
       7am – 7pm
                                                   A Message from the CEO...
                                                   Dear Wellness Center Member,
                                                   A new year carries promise, and as the            new 15-baby
                                                   new President and CEO of RWJ Hamilton I           nursery. Our
                                                   look forward to many exciting challenges          promise to serve
                                                   and opportunities in supporting the health        the community’s
                                                   and wellness of patients and our commu-           healthcare needs
                                                   nity. As you celebrate the new year,              extends beyond                  Ellen Guarnieri,
                                                                                                                                  President and CEO
                                                   remember that RWJ Hamilton and the                our campus as
      Bistro Dining Is                             Center for Health & Wellness (CHW) can
                                                   help you and your family achieve your
                                                                                                     well. The SleepCare Center is also doubling
                                                                                                     in size to eight beds and moving to a new
       Part of Their                               goals to embrace a lifetime of good
                                                   health. Let’s share a New Year’s resolution–
                                                                                                     location in Robbinsville, just five minutes
                                                                                                     from the hospital. Did you know we have
      Healthy Routine                              to eat healthier, exercise at the CHW and
                                                   spend more time with family and friends.
                                                                                                     the highest number of board certified
                                                                                                     sleep specialists on staff than any other
                                                                                                     Mercer County hospital?
                                                   This will be an exciting year for RWJ
                                                   Hamilton as our new four-story Lakefront          I wish you and your family a happy,
                                                   Tower opens this spring. All 96 rooms will        healthy and safe new year. ◆
                                                   be private, which research has shown
                                                   helps patients to heal more quickly. The
                                                   Tower will also house an expanded
                                                                                                                      Ellen Guarnieri
                                                   maternity unit that will double in size                                         PRESIDENT AND
                                                   from 14 to 28 beds and there will be a                                 CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

                                                   PreNatal Yoga is a
    DINING SPOT because the food is healthy and
                                                   Labor of Love…

    delicious and because it’s the perfect place        reNatal Yoga helps expectant
    for them to meet.                                   mothers connect with their body
                                                        and bond with their growing baby.

             fter Tony Toretta had a heart
                                                   According to yoga instructor, Marcy
             attack, he and wife Denise
                                                   Sheldon, PreNatal Yoga classes prepare
             (Fields) joined the Center. “I
                                                   women for labor and delivery, and help
    still want to roller blade when I’m 80
                                                   them through the many changes and
    so I knew we had to do something
                                                   common discomforts of pregnancy.
    about our health,” Denise says.
                                                   “Our classes are a well-balanced
    Indeed, their first 12-week Nursing
                                                   combination of relaxation techniques,
    Re-Evaluation says it all. Both of them
                                                   meditation, breathing exercises and a
    lost 10% body fat, reduced their body
                                                   wide variety of yoga postures to gently
    age and lost several inches in girth.                                                         INSTRUCTOR LINDA FAN DEMONSTRATES A POSE
                                                   strengthen, open and relax the body            FROM PRENATAL CHAIR YOGA, a gentle form of yoga
    “I couldn’t believe it. I lost eight
                                                   during pregnancy and childbirth,”              that gives pregnant women support and stability
    pounds and Tony lost 12.”
                                                   Marcy says.                                    without straining their abdominal muscles.
    The couple says they use weights,
                                                   Some PreNatal Yoga classes are taught on a chair. According to Center instructor, Linda Fan,
    ride bikes and take aerobic classes.
                                                   the idea is to keep the front of the body open. “The chair offers stability and support
    “Sometimes I’m the only man in
                                                   without using floor poses or straining abdominal muscles.”
    class,” Tony laughs. “We do some
    things together and have our own               PreNatal Yoga classes also offer pregnant women a supportive community and a network of
    routine for others. But we always              women to share experiences with. No previous yoga experience is necessary but a clearance
    come back here to eat.”                        note from your doctor is required before registering. For more information, contact group
                                                   fitness or ask at the front desk. ◆
    In fact, Denise says they eat almost
    every meal here. “We both work about
    60-70 hours a week so we eat out a lot.
    The café is so convenient, everything is
    healthy and delicious and we can
                                                   Kinesis in Studio 4 from page 1
    control what we’re eating.”                    your own personal requirements, then help you achieve the best results possible in the
                                                   safest, most efficient manner. Probably the most important aspect of working with a trainer
    “We used to think we didn’t have time
                                                   is that it is extremely motivating and makes exercising so much fun. Just ask the members
    for a gym,” Tony says. “Now every-
                                                   who already do!
    thing centers around the Center. We
    always make time to get here and               Be sure to check out Special Discounts for Personal Training Packages and for Introductory
    we always make time to eat!” ◆                 Kinesis Group Training. For more information or to schedule a demonstration on the Kinesis
                                                   equipment, contact the Trainers’ Kiosk at 609.584.7600 x1107. ◆
With Help from Fay, Binge Eating
Takes a Dive                                                                                                Hospital
        hris Budzinski wasn’t overweight,               Eating healthy curbs
        she’s always tried to eat healthy               Chris’ appetite                                     Love Your Heart – Heart Fair (FREE)
        and she’s been exercising all her               While Chris has always                              Saturday, February 10, 9 am to 1 pm
life. Her problem is binge eating.                      eaten healthy foods,                                Screenings – 9 am to 11 am
                                                        since working with         Fay Reiter, MA, CSW      Chef Cooking Demo –
“I couldn’t stop eating after dinner. I’d
                                                        Fay she eats more fruits and veggies,                11 am to 12 noon
eat half a cake or a bag of pretzels and
                                                        more whole grains and feels much more               Physician Lecture –
then exercise to cancel things out. I got
                                                        satisfied after meals. “Once I taught myself         12 noon to 1 pm
to the point where I just got sick of it.”
                                                        to be mindful about what I was eating, I            Meet clinical professionals
That’s when she contacted weight loss                   was satisfied after a couple of bites. Now          for tips on keeping your
mentor and coach Fay Reiter, MA, CSW                    I eat less and enjoy it much more.                  heart healthy and ways to
for help. “Since I really didn’t care about                                                                 prevent and treat heart disease. Free
losing weight, I wasn’t even sure Fay could             “Fay said one day I wouldn’t want so                cholesterol screenings for Center for
help me. But Fay has been such a joy to                 much food and wouldn’t feel like binging            Health & Wellness members,
                                                                        anymore. Guess what?                $7 non-members.
                                                                        She’s right. If I have a
                                                                        piece of cake and feel              Stroke – Immediate Care
                                                                        full before I’m finished,           Symposium (FREE)
                                                                        I don’t even finish it              Tuesday, February 13, 6 to 9 pm
                                                                        anymore!”                           Conference Room A
                                                                                                            Clinical panel shares new emergency
                                                                               And that’s only part
                                                                                                            methods for diagnosing and treating
                                                                               of Chris’ success. The
                                                                                                            acute stroke, recognizing symptoms
                                                                               bottom line is that she      and the importance of immediate
                                                                               actually lost about 10       care. Registration required. Call
                                                                               pounds – without even        609.584.5900.
                                                                               trying. And since Chris
ED AND CHRIS AND BUDZINSKI EXERCISE REGULARLY. The Center is the               has stopped binging, her     Mini Med School II (4-week course)
third gym they’ve belonged to and they say it’s the best.“ They offer so       husband, Ed has lost 23      Spring Semester 2007
much. We love it here!”                                                                                     Tuesdays February 27 –
                                                                               pounds! “The scary thing
work with. She has a way of putting                        is it all seems so effortless. I am very proud   March 27, 6:30 to 8:30 pm
things that really makes sense to me.”                     of myself. I love the Center and Fay has         Conference Room A
                                                           helped us so much. This is the third gym         Fee: $75
For starters, Fay told Chris that binge
                                                           I belonged to and it’s definitely the best!”     If you ever wanted to be
eating is actually a form of self-abuse.
                                                                                                            a doctor, now’s your
“That made such an impression on me,”                   For information about the mentoring                 chance to learn from the
Chris says. “It really hit home. After all,             program call Fay Reiter at 609-333-8698             physicians themselves.
I would never let anyone else abuse me,                 or e-mail her at ◆                Taught by some of the area’s best
so why would I do this to myself?”
                                                                                                            doctors, the Spring semester covers the
Fay also introduced Chris to the eye-                                                                       effects of stress on the neurological
opening book, Eating Mindfully by Susan                                                                     and cardiovascular systems, on sleep,
Albers. “Once I read it, I made a conscious
effort to slow down and really taste my
                                                             Winter Youth                                   and on weight – plus ways to reduce it.

food. I realized that when I’m binging,
I don’t even taste what I’m eating. I’m
                                                           Classes Are Here                                 AN INSPIRATIONAL EVENT!
                                                                                                            4th Annual Breast Cancer Survivors’

just eating to eat.”                                                        outh programs are
                                                                            as popular as ever.             Fashion Show
Slow down and live in the moment                                            Here are some current           Sunday, April 22, 2007,
Chris has been exercising vigorously all her                         favorites, so sign up and              1 to 4 pm
life, currently working out at the Center                            keep your kids moving.                 Nottingham Ballroom
six times a week. She prefers cycling,                                                                      200 Mercer Street
rebounding and working with weights.                            Intro to Strength & Cardio                  Hamilton Square, NJ
“Fay advised me to slow down. Instead of                           (3 x week per month)
                                                                                                            Join us for an afternoon
being so driven, she suggested I try yoga.                  Ages 10 – 13 • M, W, F 4:15 – 5:15
                                                                                                            of fashion and fun as
It was hard for me at first because yoga                                   Cycle                            breast cancer survivors model beautiful
was so slow. I didn’t even think it was                      Ages 10 – 13 • Thurs. 5 – 5:40 pm              new spring fashions, courtesy of
exercise but now I really love it. It’s a real                   Guppies Fit ’N Fun Aqua                    Dressbarn, Fantasy Weddings by Anna
workout and it helps me stay focused.”                        Ages 7 – 9 • Wed. 4 – 4:45 pm                 Marie and The Profile Shop. Full
                                                                                                            luncheon catered by Mastoris. Silent
Fay also told Chris to take time for herself.                 Please register for youth classes
                                                                                                            auction to benefit The Cancer Institute
“Since I can’t sit still, she suggested a                   before start date of class or session.
                                                                                                            of New Jersey Hamilton.
meditative walk – not for exercise but to                   For more information, contact B.J.
quiet my mind. Now I take a slow walk for                     (Fitness Trainer) or check at the             Tickets: $40. Advanced registration
about 10 or 15 minutes after dinner. It’s                            Trainer’s station. ◆                   required by April 6.
wonderfully relaxing.”
    Meet Our Two New
    Sales Associates                                        Give Cold and Flu the Old 1-2
                                                            Simple strategies to enjoy a healthier winter

                                                                        ith all due respect to your
                                                                        grandmother, she was
                                                                        misinformed when she said,
                                                            “Put on a sweater or you’ll catch your
                                                            death of cold.” Getting chilled has
                                                            nothing to do with catching a cold.
                                                            Nor can it bring on influenza, more
                                                            commonly called the flu. The only way
                                                            to catch these infections is by coming
                                                            into direct contact with the virus.
                                                            To reduce contact with these nasty
                                                            germs, it helps to know how they get
    POSES WITH TWO NEW SALES ASSOCIATES,                                                                            and wash them often. The U.S. Centers
    WENDY PEARMAN AND TIM UPSHUR. NOTE:                     passed from one person to another.
                                                                                                                    for Disease Control and Prevention
    Members who want to bring a guest should ask            According to Anne Dikon, RN, BSN, CIC,
                                                                                                                    recommends this technique.
    their Sales Associate for details.                      Infection Control Coordinator at RWJ
                                                            Hamilton, the reason we catch more                      1. Wet your hands with warm running
                                                            colds and flu bugs during colder months                    water and apply liquid or bar soap.
    Marilee’s “No Diet”                                     is because we spend more time inside
                                                            with windows and doors shut tight.
                                                                                                                    2. Scrub your hands vigorously for 10 to
                                                                                                                       15 seconds. This includes your palms,
    from page 1                                             “When someone sneezes or coughs, they                      the backs of your hands, wrists,
                                                            spray their virus into the air and it lands                between your fingers and under nails.
                                                            on surfaces in the environment,” she says.              3. Rinse well.
                                                            “We transfer these viruses by touching                  4. Dry your hands, preferably with a
                                                            something with respiratory secretions                      fresh disposable towel. If you’re away
                                                            from an infected person on it and                          from running water, Dikon
                                                            then touching our own nose, eyes or                        recommends an alcohol-based
                                                            mouth,” Dikon explains. “This includes                     waterless hand sanitizer, available over
                                                            shaking hands with someone who just                        the counter in any drug store.
                                                            wiped their stuffy nose or watery eyes,
                                                                                                                    To protect others, cover your nose and
                                                            kissing someone with a cold or flu, or
                                                                                                                    mouth with a tissue when you cough or
                                                            grabbing an object that a germy hand
                                                                                                                    sneeze, or cough or sneeze into the
                                                            recently touched, such as a phone
                                                                                                                    crook of your bent elbow. It blocks the
                                                            receiver, doorknob.”
                                                                                                                    spray of germs, and it’s a body part that
    IN ADDITION TO SWIMMING LAPS, Marilee “burns            Your best line of defense against these                 rarely touches anything or anybody.
    calories” on the floor where she likes the elliptical   nasty germs is to avoid being around
    machine best.                                                                                                   All this strategizing may not protect you
                                                            cold or flu victims—particularly during
                                                                                                                    100 percent from these seemingly inevit-
    Like going shopping, I can spend my                     the first three days of their illness when
                                                                                                                    able winter bugs, but it will likely reduce
    money on one expensive item or I can                    they’re most contagious.
                                                                                                                    the number of cold and flu viruses you
    go to a less expensive store and get a                  Next, you want to wash your hands well                  catch. That’s good news for your nose. ◆
    whole wardrobe.”
    This means Marilee can eat three candy                    Should You Get Vaccinated?
    bars if she wants, but then she’s done for                The flu season can last well into the Spring. Receiving a flu shot before February can help prevent
    the day. “Or I can have salad, fruit and                  influenza and decrease the severity of colds. Remember, the flu differs from the common cold in the
    veggies and enjoy eating all day long!”                   severity of its symptoms, including fatigue, headache, fever and chills, nausea or lack of appetite,
    Marilee also practices portion control.                   and muscle aches. It also differs in that certain strains of the flu can be deadly.
    “I can eat everything I did before – just a               Although most colds and flus pass within seven to 10 days, either can potentially spiral into
    whole lot less.” When she goes out to eat,                pneumonia. To reduce this risk, Mark Magariello, MD, Medical Director of RWJ Hamilton’s
    she divides everything in half. “I eat half               Occupational & Corporate Health department, suggests that you discuss the pneumococcal vaccine
    at the restaurant and bring the other half                with your physician. This vaccine helps increase one's immunity to the pneumonia-causing bacteria.
    home for a whole other meal.”                             Candidates for the vaccine include anyone 65 or older, anyone 2 years or older who is chronically ill,
    Marilee’s 3 Rules                                         those with a weakened immune system, and anyone often exposed to pneumococcal bacteria, such
    • No fast food                                            as hospital and nursing home staff.
      (which she says she doesn’t miss)
    • No salt – but lots of pepper                             Flu and Pneumonia Vaccinations for Ages 12 and Older
    • No soda – but lots of water                                  Daily; 8 am to 4 pm • RWJ Hamilton Occupational and Corporate Health
    “I still haven’t reached my goal, but I want                                            TWO LOCATIONS:
    to share my story to encourage other                            Building Two, RWJ Hamilton Campus or 1440 Lower Ferry Road, Ewing
    people.” Meanwhile, Bill says that since                                       No appointment necessary • Cost: $25
    Marilee has been “going shopping,” he’s                               (There is no cost to HMO Medicare Part B subscribers. Insurance card required)
    lost 35 pounds! ◆
Up Front and Personal…Observations from
the Other Side of the Camera

         s editor of our Hamilton Health
         Lines newsletter, I have many
         opportunities to talk to members
about their progress and marvel at their
incredible success stories. So when Head
Trainer, George Samuelson offered to
give me my own personal training
orientation so I could see for myself,                                                                      You’ll Get a Kick
I jumped at the chance.
First things first…
                                                                                                            Out of Our Group
George started with my medical history,
took important vital signs (blood pressure,
                                                                                                            Fitness Classes!
which was elevated, heart rate, etc.) and                                                                      f you want a fun, high-energy cardio
outlined an overall exercise plan for me                                                                       vascular workout, Group Kick is a great
based on my age, body measurements                      GUIDED BY CENTER TRAINER BRETT SCHARITE                place to start. And this is just one of the
and specific health issues which involve                (right), I actually got a chance to find out what   many group fitness classes offered at the
                                                        exercising on these machines is all about.
previously debilitating bouts with sciatica                                                                 Center, according to new Group Fitness
and lower back pain as well as high                    position of my hands, legs and feet. It              Director, Cheryl Ziegler (Niper).
blood pressure, currently controlled                   seemed so easy to do stretches I work so
                                                       hard to achieve in my yoga class.                    “We have so many classes to choose from,
by medication.
                                                                                                            there isn’t room for me to list them all,”
I was impressed with George’s medical                  No exercise in futility…just in location!            Cheryl says. “But we’re glad to see
knowledge and with the many physical                   Thanks to George and Brett, I had a big              members taking advantage of the
fitness tips he gave me about the type and             picture overview, a specific exercise plan           variety and enjoying them so much.”
amount of                                                                         to take home
                                                                                  with me and               Some of the Center’s high-energy classes
cardio, strength
                                                                                                            include Group Step, Group Groove,
and stretching
exercise I should
                             “I couldn’t believe it.                              a Thank You
                                                                                  Card for my               Step & Kick, Group Ride, Cardio Fusion,
                                                                                                            Ramping, Rebounding, Boxing, Cardio Hip
be doing. Now               I felt totally energized,                             participation,
                                                                                  which members             Hop, Qi Gong and Cardio Plunge (pool).
the real work
was about                  really loose and flexible                              normally receive          There are also many gentle exercise classes
                                                                                                            including Gentle Yoga, Gentle Pilates and
to begin.                                                                         in the mail. I
                              and I didn’t feel the                               was quite proud           Feldenkrais, to name a few.
Getting down
to business                     least bit tired! ”                                of myself but it
                                                                                  was time to go
                                                                                                            If you want to try some of these classes,
                                                                                                            check out our New Member Orientation.
There’s no                                                                        back to the               For more information, contact Cheryl or
question that I                                        work of taking pictures.                             ask the front desk. ◆
started the day tired, having gotten up
super early and driven over an hour to the             I couldn’t believe it. I felt totally energized,
                                                                                                                Special Half-Hour Classes –
Center. By the time I had my noon                      really loose and flexible and I didn’t feel
                                                       the least bit tired! Not only that, my blood
                                                                                                                    Give Them A Try!
appointment with George, I had already
                                                       pressure after exercise went down – to                           Sundays, 1 – 2:30 pm
taken a series of photos for the newsletter
                                                       dead-on perfect, absolutely normal! And                         January 21 – March 15
and still had plenty more to go. At that
point, the thought of                                                   that was just from trying             Special half-hour classes for new and existing
actually getting on exercise                                            out the equipment, not                 members – to see which classes are for you.
equipment seemed                                                        really working out on it.              Complete schedule available at front desk.
exhausting and I was afraid                                             Pretty impressive for my
                                                                        short, first-time trial run.
I wouldn’t have the
strength or energy to finish                                              Back on the road after a
                                                                                                            Dynamic Duo Plans
the photo shoot.
Not to worry. Since the
                                                                          long day, I was glad to be
                                                                          heading home, but really          Fitness Classes
                                                                          sorry to be leaving the
entire Center staff is CPR
                                                                          Center…sorry it was so
certified, George assured
                                                                           far away. If only the owners
me they would revive me if I AM VERY PROUD (and relieved)                  of RWJ Hamilton would
things got too strenuous!        that I survived my Orientation and        build a Center just like this
                                 lived to tell the story!
So under George’s                                                          in my neck of the woods,
guidance and with                                         I’d join in a heartbeat. It’s what I kept
help from Brett, one of our newest                        thinking about on the long ride home.
trainers, I proceeded to try out a variety of             Here’s hoping they read this and heed
                                                                                                            GROUP FITNESS DIRECTOR CHERYL ZIEGLER
machines. I instantly fell in love with the               my plea!
                                                                                                            (NIPER) AND ASSISTANT GROUP FITNESS
stretching machine. It was amazing to be
able to stretch so many different muscles
                                                                            Linda Gutwillig                 DIRECTOR AL JOSEPH are more than happy to
                                                                                                            answer your questions and listen to your
and body parts just by changing the                                    EDITOR, HAMILTON HEALTH LINES        suggestions about Group Fitness Classes.

    New Belts for Our                                         Some Questions & Answers
    Karate Kids                                               About Eating Healthy

            o move up to the next belt level,

                                                                    o many of my clients have similar        physical trauma.
            Karate students ages 5-11 are re-                       questions and concerns about the         At the same time,
            quired to demonstrate specific skills                   food they eat and how it relates to      some lifestyle and
    in front of their parents and a panel of                  their good nutritional health. Here are        nutritional changes
    judges. In our recent Promotion Class,                    some of their most frequently asked            can help coax           Helene Dubin, MS, RD
    Master instructors from Mercer Academy                    questions, along with my answers.              it back into its                  Nutritionist
    of Martial Arts evaluated our students and                                                               protective role. Try
    all our karate kids moved to the next level.              I eat the same foods almost every day.         adding foods high in antioxidants and
                                                              Is variety really important?                   phytochemicals. A few suggestions include
                                                              Yes, variety is important because it adds to   butternut squash, sardines, collards, celery,
                                                              enjoyment and gives you an assortment of       yogurt, Kefir, red pepper, wheat germ,
                                                              nutrients that contribute to overall health    soy, cantaloupe and papaya.
                                                              as well as weight control. Treat yourself to
                                                              colorful foods with varying textures and       Are there any benefits to drinking soda?
                                                              flavors. Choose fresh plant-based foods        Whether sugar-free or not, soda does not
                                                              such as legumes, whole grains and              play any role in a healthful diet. Sweetened
                                                              vegetables. Limit your intake of animal        drinks contain high fructose corn syrup
                                                              or commercially prepared and processed         and artificially sweetened beverages have
    Laura Carandang (far left) and Jennie Gosselin            foods. Be adventurous and try one new          the potential to form benzene, a chemical
    (center), testing for their orange belt; and Brett        food this week.                                harmful to good health.
    Vantassel (far right), highest level student in
    RWJ Karate Club testing for his blue belt. Also
                                                              Can weight gain aggravate heartburn?           Why is it important to include omega 3
    shown (l to r) James Murray, Frankie Marra,               Yes, when body mass index (BMI)                fatty acids in my diet?
    Anna Carandang and Zehra Madhavan.                        increases – even in small increments,          Research suggests that omega 3 fatty acids
                                                              your risk of heartburn also increases.         can protect your heart by preventing
     The one activity Brett Is always                         What can I do about those extra                blood platelets from adhering to the artery
     ready for is Karate                                      pounds I gained during the holidays?           walls, thus lowering your risk of blockages
     “My son, Brett (nine years old) has participated         First, stop kicking yourself for eating too    and heart attacks. Some good food
     in the karate program since its inception, and           many cookies – it’s too late for that!         suggestions include seafood two to three
     we are very pleased. It encourages self-reliance,        Next, move your body. Physical activity        times a week (especially fatty cold-water
     discipline and respect. The first time Brett             enhances your level of fitness and feeling     fish such as salmon, tuna or makerel),
     answered me with “Yes, ma’am,” I just about              of well-being. Both quality and quantity       grass-fed beef, flaxseed meal, canola oil,
     fell over! I know that he enjoys his lessons             of food intake usually improve when you        walnuts and brazil nuts (a few), soybeans
     because it’s the one activity for which he’s             are feeling fit.                               and greens.
     always ready without repeated reminders.
                                                              Can some foods help boost my                   For more information about a healthy diet
     The instructors have been great, and the belt
                                                              immune system?                                 or to schedule a nutritional consultation
     program is a big motivation for my son.”
                                                              The immune system is very intricate and        with Helene, check with the front desk. ◆
                                 Peggy Vantassel,
                                 KARATE KIDS’ PARENT
                                                              can slow down with age, lack of sleep, a
                                                              sedentary lifestyle, yoyo dieting and               Great Snacks For
                                                                                                                    Hungry Kids
                                                                                  RECIPE                       What snacks do you suggest when my
                                                                                                               kids come home from school starving?
      Fast and Delicious Ceci Pasta                                                                            • English muffin pizza or Boboli topped
      Ingredients:                          2 T Olive oil                    Grated Parmesan cheese,             with fresh mozzarella, fresh or canned
      1/2 lb. Pasta (whole grain such       1 T Butter                         optional                          tomatoes and/or other veggies
         as Barilla in yellow box)          Crushed red pepper, pinch        Optional cooked veggies           • Fun finger foods on a toothpick such
      1-2 cans garbanzo beans               2 t oregano, fresh or dried        such as broccoli, escarole,       as grape tomatoes, cut-up veggies
         (chickpeas) with liquid            1 T Fresh parsley, chopped         spinach, etc.                     and chickpeas – dipped in dressing
      2-4 Garlic cloves, smashed            Pepper, if desired                                                   if preferred
                                                                                                               • Fresh, frozen and dried berries
                                          Directions:                                                          • Yogurt and yogurt shakes
                                          Boil water for pasta. Heat oil and butter in a saucepan. Add         • Fresh fruit such as grapes in
                                          garlic and crushed red pepper. Stir until garlic softens. Pour         different colors, Clementines and
                                          in garbanzo beans with liquid. Add oregano, parsley and                mandarin oranges
                                          pepper. Simmer 10 minutes. Add pasta to boiling water and            • Apple slices and pumpkin dip
                                          cook according to package directions. Drain. Ladle sauce over        • Edamame or soynuts
                                          pasta and top with grated Parmesan cheese.
                                                                                                               • Popcorn, popped from loose kernels
                                          Serve or toss with cooked veggies, if desired. Add a salad           • Whole grain low or no-sugar cereals
                                          and enjoy!                                                           • Lentil soup
      Per Serving: Calories: 483; Carbs: 76 gm; Protein: 18.8 gm; Fat: 11.6 gm;                                • Guacamole with salsa and
      Fiber: 16.4 gm; Folate: 213 mg; Potassium: 639 mg.                                                         cucumber slices

ChildCare’s a
Lifesaver in More
Ways than One…
Lee Twins Are
in Good Hands                                                                                       MEDICAL ADVISORY PANEL
                                                                                                    Chairman: Ronald Ryder, DO, FACC

       aylyn and Brianna Lee are
       four-year old twin girls who                                                                            CARDIOLOGY
       suffer from severe food                                                                              Dennis Baiser, MD
allergies. Shanna and Mark are their                                                                            PEDIATRICS
parents who say they are obsessed                                                                          Robert Collins, MD
with keeping them safe.                                                                                        RADIOLOGY
“They never go anywhere without        CAMILLE FROELICH, CHILDCARE MANAGER, HAS BEEN A                     Joseph DeBlasio, MD
their Epi-Pens,” says Shanna           GODSEND TO THE LEE TWIN DAUGHTERS KAYLYN (left) AND                  INTERNAL MEDICINE
                                       BRIANNA because of her loving attention and because of the         Aurora Dela-Rosa, MD
explaining that these are bracelets    care her staff takes to understand their allergies.
the girls wear which list their many                                                                PHYSICAL MEDICINE & REHABILITATION
food allergies. “We recently moved to this area and, for the first time in four years, Mark               David W. Drucker, MD
and I decided to pursue working out again. We joined the Center but our big concern                            CARDIOLOGY
was leaving the girls in ChildCare.                                                                         Michael Duch, MD
“The only person we trusted the kids with was my mother… until we found Camille. She
                                                                                                           Jarad Fingerman, DO
and her staff are absolutely wonderful. They are really committed to the children and are so                    UROLOGY
open to learning more about allergies,” Shanna says.
                                                                                                           Michael Froncek, MD
Shanna is also thrilled that they don’t serve food in ChildCare. “It’s so nice not to have to                RHEUMATOLOGY
worry about the girls. This is the only place we feel comfortable.” ◆                                      Dorota Gribbin, MD
                                                                                                    PHYSICAL MEDICINE & REHABILITATION
                                                                                                          Joshua Hornstein, MD
A Message From the Chairman of the                                                                         Matthew Lynch, MD
                                                                                                    PLASTIC & RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY
Medical Advisory Panel                                                                                     Mark Magariello, MD
                                                                                                            INTERNAL MEDICINE
Dear Wellness Center Member,                                                                           Shivaprasad Marulendra, MD
As we look back over the past two years, since the Center                                                   Neerja Misra, MD
opened and the Medical Advisory Panel formed, I find it to be                                               INTERNAL MEDICINE
an amazing accomplishment that the physicians and health                                               Issam Francis Moubarak, MD
educators of RWJ Hamilton have reached out to more than                                                   DIAGNOSTIC RADIOLOGY
100,000 people and have dedicated over 500+ hours to                                                         Earl Noyan, MD
educating the community. Our vision to be an educational                                                    GENERAL SURGERY
resource for prevention and wellness has truly become reality.                                               Ruben Ong, MD
Moving swiftly into the New Year, we expect 2007 to be rich           Ronald Ryder, DO, FACC                GENERAL SURGERY
with innovative programs and advanced medical initiatives. Our                                            Rao S. Pasupuleti, MD
dedicated physicians have initiated research on the most compelling topics with the latest                     NEUROLOGY
treatment options and state-of-the-art procedures. We would like to thank you for allowing                 John Pennacchi, MD
us the opportunity to provide quality health information, programs and screenings to you                 HEMATOLOGY/ONCOLOGY
and your families.                                                                                         Michael Resnick, MD
If there is a medical topic that you would like us to offer a program on, please email us at ◆                                                                                         Syed W. H. Rizvi, MD
                                                                          Ronald Ryder                     David Rosvold, MD
                                                           CHAIRMAN, MEDICAL ADVISORY PANEL                    CARDIOLOGY
                                                                                                             Feroz Safdar, MD
                                                                                                    IMMUNOLOGY/PULMONARY MEDICINE
                                                                                                      Omnia Samra-Latif, MD, MPH
About the Medical Advisory Panel                                                                         OBSTETRICS/GYNECOLOGY
                                                                                                          Mahmood Siddique, DO

       he Medical Advisory Panel (MAP) is composed of dedicated physicians representing               INTERNAL/PULMONARY MEDICINE/
       various medical specialties and sub-specialties who continually strive to present                     CRITICAL CARE
       programs that educate the community on their health and well-being. The panel                       Richard Siderits, MD
researches trends, new treatments, and the latest advances in health care and cutting                          PATHOLOGY
edge technology and brings the information directly to the community. It is their
commitment to your good health. ◆
Back Facials Are Front                                                                               Customer
and Center at The Spa                                                                              Service Hours
  f you want to gift yourself – or someone                                                      Mon. – Thurs. 8 am – 8 pm
  you care about – with something special,                                                      Friday          8 am – 5 pm
  make it a Back Facial. Gaining in popularity,
Back Facials are becoming one of today’s most                                                   Saturday     8 am – 12 noon
sought-after treatments according to Jason,
newest JeanneMichel Spa esthetician who
specializes in Back Facials.
                              “A facial for your
                              back is a wonderful
                              experience,” Jason
                              says. “It’s a back
                              massage, with oils     JASON KRASZNAI, NEW SPA ESTHETICIAN,
                              and creams to clean brings his Back Facials to the forefront of
                              your pores, circulate popularity. Contact him to find out more.
                              your blood flow and moisturize your skin. When was the last
                              time your back got a good cleansing? And it feels so good         STACY TUMILLO, CUSTOMER SERVICE
                              for your back. Good enough to help you face the winter            MANAGER, answers a member’s questions
                              with softer, smoother, silkier skin.”                             about her account.

                              For more information about the many treatments and                If you need more information or
CERTIFICATE for a Half-Day    products available at JeanneMichel Spa, or to make an             have questions about your account,
Rejuvenation Package. Don’t   appointment, visit our website at or call           see Stacy. She’s here to help. ◆
you wish it was for you?      609.890.4514. ◆

To receive a copy of the RWJ Hamilton Health Check calendar of classes and events and the About Health magazine of health articles
  and related health information, please contact the HealthConnection by calling 609.584.5900 or log onto
                                   Online registration for health education programs is available.

                                                                                                                            PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                           US POSTAGE
                                                                                                                            PERMIT #10
                                                                                                                          SPRINGFIELD NJ

    3100 Quakerbridge Road
     Mercerville, NJ 08619
        609.584.7600 /wellness/

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