shopping idol in Bali by suksessuryadi


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									a Balinese friends who have a hobby of shopping aka expenditures in Bali, here is a
favorite shopping place in Bali:
1. Sukawati Art Market
Who I did not know Stanger? Until the present day, Sukawati art market is the most
complete and largest art market in Bali. The main reason people shop here, the price is
cheap and can nawar.
2. Krisna Bali
By market-by with a main location in Jl. Sunset Road, Legian. Access roads to the
parking lot here is very easy and super wide.
3. Joger
Joger, also a favorite shopping place for souvenirs from Bali. Shopping shopping guns,
fixed thank you!
4. Pasar Badung market Kumbasari and
Besides functioning sells a variety of daily necessities, most of these markets also provide
a variety of unique trinkets Bali at cheaper rates. Price is also negotiable

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