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Vol. 57, No. 3                              Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska                                           Jan. 20, 2006

  3rd Wing, 11th Air Force earn
   Arctic Warriors
  Outstanding Unit Award
    return home

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        Arctic Warriors honor              Temporary Gym                   3rd Medical Group:
        Martin Luther King, Jr.            opens for fitness               beware of weight gain      for Augustine
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2                Jan. 20, 2006
                                                                                                                      Up Front
                                                                                                                                                                                              Sourdough Sentinel

PACAF commander: A new year of priorities
By Gen. Paul V. Hester                                            with the right                                                   starting point,
Pacific Air Forces commander                                       training in the                                                  will carefully
                                                                  right jobs. Yes,                                                 prioritize capa-
    Traditionally, a new year is a                                some painful                                                     bility needs to
time to take stock of ourselves and                               adjustments                                                      ensure we’re
make resolutions to change – to                                   are necessary                                                    getting “the
improve what we do and how we                                     as we shape                                                      most bang for
do it, to assess our priorities and to                            the force to the                                                 the buck” as
make adjustments to ensure we’re                                  congressio-                                                      we recapitalize
on the right flight path.                                          nally autho-                                                     and modern-                                            Senior Airman Scott Patte-
    Our current Air Force Chief of                                rized numbers                                                    ize our aging                                      son, 3rd Equipment Maintenance
Staff, General Moseley, has articu-                               of officers and                                                   equipment.                                         Squadron, displayed exceptional
lated his top three priorities for                                enlisted Air-                                                        In that                                        leadership and initiative while
2006 very clearly, and I’d like to                                men.                                                             regard, the                                        supporting the 90th Fighter
give you my perspective on those                                      We also                                                      Chief of Staff                                     Squadron aerospace ground
priorities and what they mean to                                  have some                                                        is thinking in                                     equipment teams. He expedited
our Air Force as we enter into a                                  overmanned                                                       terms of three                                     53 equipment deliveries and
new year.                                                         career fields                                                     portfolios: the                                    performed 11 service inspec-
    General Moseley’s first priority                               that will un-                                    COURTESY PHOTO  Global Strike                                      tions, directly contributing to
is to win the War on Terrorism. At                                                               Gen. Paul V. Hester                                                                  101 on-time F-15E sorties while
                                                                  dergo some re-                                                  Task Force
first glance, this global war may                                                                                                                                                      sustaining 123.5 flying hours.
                                                                  ductions while                                                  (fighters and
not seem like an air war, but think                                                                                                                                                   He also performed phase inspec-
                                                                  we increase our numbers in some           bombers); Global Mobility (airlift
again. It is a war on all fronts – air,                                                                                                                                               tions on two light carts and one
                                                                  of the most stressed AFSCs.               and refueling); and Intelligence,
land, sea, space, and cyberspace                                                                                                                                                      new-generation heater, receiving
                                                                      Again, we are involved in a           Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
                                                                                                                                                                                      perfect ratings during the super-
– and you are a major asset.                                      long-term global war that will con- (including Space and Cyberspace).                                               visory follow-up.
    We are fighting a battle for the                               tinue to tax our Airmen. We need to           PACAF will be busy in all these                                           Staff Sgt. Danielle Ziegler,
hearts and minds of literally bil-                                ensure we are organizing, training, portfolios as we work to beddown                                                3rd Operations Group, was in-
lions of people around the world                                  and employing them as smartly as          new C-17s, F-22s, and Global                                              strumental in providing outstand-
– many of them in our own back-                                   possible. Without a doubt, some of Hawks in the coming months and                                                   ing compliance with standards
yard … the Asia-Pacific region. We                                 the changes are tough, but in the         years. In fact, PACAF’s C-17 era                                          and evaluations requisite testing
are fighting an enemy that detests                                 end, we will become a stronger and is just around the corner – our first                                             requirements. She orchestrated
the principles we hold most dear.                                 better Air Force.                         jet will be at Hickam Feb 8th!                                            the efforts of the entire division
    Today, more than ever, the                                        General Moseley’s third priority          Winning the War on Terrorism,                                         in the modification and updates
United States needs people like                                   is recapitalization and moderniza-        Taking care of our Airmen, and                                            of hundreds of test questions on
you representing the good of our                                  tion. The Quadrennial Defense             Modernizing our Force. Important                                          49 separate tests for 26 different
country around the globe.                                         Review results will come out in           priorities, all of them – and neces-                                      crew positions throughout the
    Whether we are providing air-                                 February – this will be the over-         sary for our future success.                                              wing. Her efforts ensured a flaw-
lift, collecting intelligence, deliv-                             arching directive of our future               The Chief’s priorities are also                                       less annual transition, allowing
ering humanitarian aid, providing                                 force structure. It likely won’t          PACAF’s priorities, and there is no                                       more than 500 requisite exami-
expeditionary forces, or simply                                   contain many specifics (like num-          better time than right now to begin                                       nations annually.
doing our jobs at home base, wear-                                bers of aircraft), but it will form the the journey.                                                                    Airman 1st Class Danielle
ing the uniform and representing                                  backbone of our future budgets and            From my perspective, the                                              Johnson, 90th Fighter Squad-
our great nation has never been                                   force structure.                          Chief’s priorities make a perfect                                         ron, helped complete a Time
more important. Do it proudly and                                     The average age of our fleet           list of New Year’s resolutions for                                        Compliance Technical Order of
honorably … the eyes of the world                                 is 23.5 years – and flying old             the world’s greatest Air Force!                                           the Cartridge Activated Cutter,
are on you!                                                       airplanes is expensive. We don’t              My wife, Lynda, and I wish all                                        installed on the Aircrew Chemi-
    General Moseley’s second prior-                               necessarily need to replace our           of you and your families nothing                                          cal Defense Mask, three weeks
ity is to ensure we’re taking care                                aircraft one-for-one, but we do           but the best for 2006.                                                    ahead of schedule. Her work
of our Airmen. This means mak-                                    need to modernize. The Air Force              Mahalo for all you do and                                             ethic and technical skills resulted
ing sure we have the right people                                 leadership, using the QDR as a            Happy New Year!                                                           in the build up of wartime assets
                                                                                                                                                                                      to support 21 aircraft and 70 air-
                                                                                                                                                                                      crew members. Her efforts and
                                                Do you have a problem you can’t seem to get solved?                                                                                   professional skill were praised
                                           Would you like to recognize someone for a job well done?                                          The following commanders stand           by Headquarters Pacific Air
                                                The commander’s action line is your avenue to com-                                        ready to help you and can answer the
                                           municate your questions, comments and concerns directly                                        majority of your questions. If they can’t
                                                                                                                                                                                      Forces staff assistance inspec-
                                           to the commander, Brig. Gen. Hawk Carlisle. Your calls                                         help, then please call the Action Line.     tors.
                                           will get the commander’s personal attention and be an-                                                                                         Airman Kekoa Awong, 3rd
                                           swered in a timely manner.                                                                             Key phone numbers:                  Aircraft Maintenance Squadron,
                                                If you have a question, call or e-mail the action line at:                                     Col. Mike Hass, 3rd CES/CC             directly contributed to the expe-
                                                                                                                                                         552-3007                     dient replacement of an aircraft
                                                       552-2224                                                                              Lt. Col. Mark Allen, 3rd SVS/CC
                                                                                                                                                                                      nose landing gear strut, complet-
 Brig. Gen. Hawk Carlisle                                                                                                                                                             ing the task in just one shift.
   3rd Wing commander                                                                                   Lt. Col. Brett Meyer, 3rd SFS/CC
                                                                                                                                                                                      Additionally, he finished his final
                                                                                                                                                                                      volume of Career Development
                                                                                                                                                                                      Courses, scoring an outstand-
                                                                                                                                                                                      ing 96 percent. This feat is only
    For information regarding weather and other emergency informa-                                                                                                                    shadowed by his CDC comple-
        tion for Elmendorf, call the Straight Talk Line at 552-0101.                                                                                                                  tion time of three weeks.

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tion for members of the U.S. military services.                       Elmendorf AFB, AK 99506
     Sourdough Sentinel
                                                                         Feature                                                              Jan. 20, 2006             3

OneSource offers Arctic Warriors options
By Rudi Williams                          vices,” Mr. Molino continued. “So         ought to give it a shot.’ Asking for      seling for an illness that might be
American Forces Press Service             what OneSource does is provide the        help isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s re-   burdening somebody.
                                          opportunity to make that phone call       ally a sign of being smart,” he said.         “We have a health care system
     The Defense Department has           and let us bring the services, liter-         What bothers Mr. Molino is when       that provides that service,” he noted.
established a “one stop” place to go      ally, figuratively and electronically,     people say they don’t need help           “This is a different kind of counsel-
whenever servicemembers or family         to your home.”                            from Military OneSource because of        ing. It’s for folks that experience
members need assistance with any              When someone calls Military           their unit assignment. “I heard that      difficulties day to day. Let’s say a
kind of problem.                          OneSource for help, the person            in some units they say, ‘We’re in an      servicemember has been deployed.
     It’s called “Military OneSource,”    answering the phone has at least a        Army Ranger unit,’ (or) ‘We’re in a       The family has adjusted to his or
it is available 24 hours a day, seven     master’s degree in social work or         Navy [Sea, Air, Land] unit, and we        her absence. Somebody is walk-
days a week, 365 days a year and its      some kind of counseling service, he       don’t need that kind of support,’”        ing the dog, taking out the garbage.
free according to John M. Molino,         noted. “That person is trained spe-       Mr. Molino said. “That’s utter            When he comes back, he has to fit
deputy undersecretary of defense          cifically to deal with military issues     nonsense! If the pipe breaks in the       back into the family. Others had
for military community and family         – issues that complicate military life.   middle of the night in the home of        performed those roles that he tradi-
policy.                                   So they’re very sensitive to what         a Navy SEAL, you need a plumber           tionally performed. Sometimes that
     “Military OneSource is a revolu-     you ask.                                  just as badly as somebody else.           creates friction.”
tionary augmentation to the family            “Some people think they’re the            “When you figure out that this is          All families have some degree of
services we currently have on mili-       only people who ever experienced          a great resource that provides help,      difficulty, and most of them manage
tary installations around the world,”     whatever their problem is, and, of        you ought take advantage of it,” Mr.      to work through the problem. But
     Mr. Molino said Military One-        course, they’re not,” Mr. Molino          Molino said.                              sometimes they need a little assis-
Source “leverages technology and          emphasized. “Most everyone goes               He pointed out when service-          tance, and one toll-free phone call
enables DoD to provide assistance         through different phases and differ-      members are deployed, they can put        can get them that kind of counseling,
to families and servicemembers via        ent cycles.”                              their minds at ease knowing that if       Mr. Molino said. That phone call can
the Internet or a toll-free telephone         The voice on the other end            their family needs help, it’s only a      get them up to six counseling ses-
number.”                                  doesn’t make judgments about situ-        phone call away.                          sions in the local area for free.
     The services include everything      ations, he noted. “They’re there to           Putting himself in that position,         Military OneSource also is avail-
from common, everyday difficul-            listen to what you have to say, evalu-    Mr. Molino said, “I would find it          able to National Guardsmen and
ties that might face a family to life’s   ate it, and give you the beginnings of    very comfortable to know that my          reservists being called to active duty
most complicated situations, he           an answer or actually the answer to       family back home has that option,         for Operations Enduring Freedom
noted.                                    your question,” he said.                  that service available. And they          and Iraqi Freedom.
     He said Military OneSource is            Military OneSource runs the           don’t have to wait for the family             “We found that it works as
available around the country and          gamut of situations: from needing a       center to open. They don’t have to        well for guardsmen and reservists,
around the world. “It’s a remarkable      plumber in the middle of the night to     find a way to get to the family cen-       especially because they tend not to
way to … step forward into a new          fix a broken pipe, to needing veteri-      ter. My wife wouldn’t have to find a       be close to military installations,”
generation of providing services,”        nary service for a sick dog. It also      way to have the children taken care       Mr. Molino said. “They can get that
he said. “It’s a place where no mat-      handles things like helping families      of.                                       kind of support through the armory.
ter when that situation occurs, the       new to an area find childcare, or              “We can do things instantly, any      The Guard and Reserve components
military family member or service-        information about the school system,      time of the day or night,” he contin-     initially went in a different direction
member could make a phone call or         summer jobs whatever is needed.           ued. “If there’s a language problem,      with a different provider. Then they
go on the Internet and begin to get           “OneSource can get all that in-       OneSource is able to provide servic-      realized that OneSource actually was
some help.”                               formation and provide it to you in a      es in more than 100 languages, usu-       the gold standard, and they shifted
     The military services provide a      most efficient manner, whether it be       ally in less than a minute’s delay.”      over after about six months.”
lot of family services on installa-       electronically or getting back to you         Military OneSource also can be            The toll-free numbers for Mili-
tions, but Mr. Molino pointed out         on the telephone,” Mr. Molino said.       helpful to active duty servicemem-        tary OneSource are:
that about two-thirds of military             Word of mouth is the best way to      bers. They don’t have to take time            From the United States:
families live off base. “The people       get the word out about Military One-      off from work or training to solve a      (800) 342-9647.
who are off the installation tend to      Source within a unit. For example,        problem. All they have to do is call          From outside the United States
be the most junior folks,” he added.      Mr. Molino said, “If I’d made a           Military OneSource, Mr. Molino            (where available): (800) 3429-6477.
     “They may not have the finan-         phone call and had a positive experi-     noted.                                        International collect:
cial resources to have two cars, or       ence, I can tell you about it. I can          He emphasized that Military           (484) 530-5747.
to get themselves back and forth to       say, ‘You know, I tried OneSource         OneSource counseling service isn’t            Online: www.militaryonesource.
the installations to get those ser-       one time, and it worked for me. You       mental health counseling, or coun-        com.

   MLK Commemorative Ceremony
   Right: Brig. Gen. Hawk Carlisle, 3rd Wing Commander, thanks guest
   speaker the Rev. Paul Everett, clinical chaplain for the Anchorage
   Veterans Administration and senior pastor at First Christian Methodist
   Episcopal Church in Anchorage. Mr. Everett spoke about the life and
   accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during the commemorative
   ceremony Jan. 12.

   Below: Commemoration attendees listen to Mr. Everett.

                                                                                                                               PHOTOS BY SENIOR AIRMAN GARRETT HOTHAN
4         Jan. 20, 2006
                                                                                                                        Sourdough Sentinel

Lieutenant puts AF needs first
By 1st Lt. Kristen D. Duncan                    to wonder, will any of this mean anything
96th Air Base Wing Public Affairs               if I’m force-shaped? Will I still be able to
                                                lead my troops? Is my morale going to take
    Balance the officer and enlisted corps:
that is the current need of the Air Force. As
                                                a nose dive? What if I work harder than
                                                I’ve ever worked to impress the heck out of
an officer and a second generation Airman,
I’ve been told from day one, the ‘needs of
                                                every commander I’ve ever met? How do I
                                                keep focused on my job and my mission?               Spotlights
the Air Force’ come first.                           The answer is really quite simple. We
    What happens when those needs mean          should all work harder, not to impress for       Congratulations to the following
the loss of my job – and not just my job,       fear of losing our jobs, but because we are             award winners
but a career of integrity, service and excel-   all officers who strive for excellence.
lence? I vowed to protect the Constitution,         We should continue to accomplish our             3rd Contracting Squadron
to continue what my father                                       jobs with the same unfail-      2005 Pacific Air Forces Outstanding
and the greatest generation                                       ing performance and the           Large Contracting Unit Award
did in World War II. I am                                          same can-do attitude we’ve
truly a patriot. I am an                                           always had.                          Maj. (then captain)
Airman.                                                              We should continue to
    With force shaping, Air                                                                        Robert S. Williams, 3rd CONS
                                                                 work hard for our shops,
Force leadership is undertak-                                   our troops, our families and          2005 Pacific Air Forces
ing the very difficult task of                                 ourselves.                            Contracting CGO of the Year
reducing its forces. In a brief-                                In one of the hardest hit
ing at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla.,                         career fields, I’ve examined all my        Leslie Strand, 3rd CONS
Nov. 14, Brig. Gen. Kathleen                               options and have come up with a            2005 Pacific Air Forces
Close, director, Installations and                      few ideas: navigator training, Palace            GS-12 and above
Mission Support,                                                      Chase and even switch-
Air Force Mate-                                                           ing services.            Contracting Civilian of the Year
riel Command,                                                                 Thankfully, the
said the leadership                                                        Air Force is giving      Jessica Rigby, 3rd CONS
knows they could                                us options. I’ve come to realize, though,             2005 Pacific Air Forces
be losing a future commander, or a future       that serving my country means serving its                GS-11 and below
general, but the Air Force can no longer        needs. The needs of the Air Force must             Contracting Civilian of the year
support the imbalance of officers to enlisted    always come first.

troops. To support the mission, the service         I hope to make a career of the Blue; but

has to reduce its 2002 and 2003 lieutenants     even if my active-duty career is cut short, it
through volunteer or forced separations.        is for the mission of the Air Force and the
    That equals more than 4,000 young,          United States military that I will serve and
promising lieutenants. One thing is certain;    honorably discharge.
the caliber of lieutenants is unparalleled.         It could be my last act on active-duty
The question is: what does this do to our       service, but I am, and will always be, an
morale? Working on various projects, I have     Airman.
     Sourdough Sentinel                                                News                                                           Jan. 20, 2006       5
Breathing easy in an ash fall: proper precautions prevent panic
By Master Sgt. Tommie Baker            effects by having N-95 National          dren should be kept indoors
3rd Wing Public Affairs                Institute of Occupational Safety
                                       and Health-approved particle
                                                                                and active play should be
                                                                                discouraged if there is ash
                                                                                                                          Tips to prepare
    Clean, breathable air is a luxury respirators and safety goggles on
most people in Alaska usually take hand, according to base readiness
                                                                                in the air.                               for ash fallout
                                                                                    Each adult should have
for granted.                           officials.                                access to enough N-95                  – Buy N-95 respirators and goggles
    However, with Mount Augus-            The three things people should        respirators to change them             – Buy plastic wrap, tarps and tape
tine spewing ash about 180 miles       look for when buying masks for           after approximately four           to ash-proof items
southwest of Elmendorf and Mount volcano preparedness are the N-95              hours of use and should                – Fill containers with clean water
Spurr just 80 miles to the west,       designator, the NIOSH approval           have enough for several            and food, including food for pets
now is a good time for families        statement on the box, and the word       days, said Captain Lee.                – Have extra filters on hand for
to prepare to breathe easily in the    “respirator” in the description, said    Mostly they need to be             your vehicle and house
event of another volcanic eruption     Capt. Roger Lee, 3rd Aerospace           used outdoors or when ash              – Keep extra prescription medicine
and ensuing                                              Medicine Squadron      is re-suspended in the air,        on hand
ash fall.                                                bioenvironmental       which often happens during             – Have plenty of cleaning supplies
    When                                                 engineer.              sweeping and vacuuming.            and trash bags
a volcano                                                    “The N-95              N-95 NIOSH-approved                – Prepare for power outages (blan-
erupts,                                                  rating means that      respirators can be found at        kets, radio, flashlights, cash)
rocks in the                                             the components         almost any hardware store              – Put volcano-preparedness sup-
volcano are                                              of the mask have       or online.                         plies in your vehicle
pulverized                                               been tested to filter       They should be part of             – Talk to your children about what
into very                                                a certain level of     a comprehensive volcano-           to expect
fine par-                                                 particles out,”        preparedness kit includ-               – Educate yourself by researching
ticles that                              COURTESY PHOTO  said Captain Lee.      ing food, drinking water,          volcanoes
are spewed               Augustine Volcano              “Other simpler          plastic wrap to keep ash out                –
into the air.                                           masks, like surgical    of electronics, flashlights,                 –
    The ash particles eventually fall and dust masks, are not designed to       a battery-operated radio,                   –
to earth like heavy snow that never filter the finer ash particulates that        cleaning supplies and a first                ouready/volcanoes.shtm
melts. Ash falls can block out sun- will damage the respiratory tract           aid kit, according to the
light and are often accompanied by when breathed in.”                           Federal Emergency Man-                    and adults in areas with a lot of
lightning. A 1 inch layer of wet ash      Because the mask filters out           agement Agency Web site.                  airborne ash.
can weigh 15 pounds per square         small particles of ash, it must be           According to FEMA’s Web site,             By far though, the best way to
foot, according to the Washington      fit snugly, but comfortably, around       it’s also important to remember           breathe easy during an ash fall is
State Emergency Management             the face, he said. It is important       that during and after an ash fall,        to prepare now – every family and
Division.                              to get the correct sized mask and        you should stay inside if you don’t office should have plenty of N-95
    Ash is abrasive and sometimes      follow the donning instructions on       have to go out.                           NIOSH-approved respirators on
corrosive, contributing to irritation the box.                                      If caught without a respirator        hand in case any of the four active
to the respiratory tract and eyes.        According to the WSEMD,               in an ash fall, a wet towel held          volcanoes near the Cook Inlet
People should protect themselves       children should not wear masks           over the mouth and nose is a good         spews ash on Elmendorf or the
from these potentially harmful         because they do not fit well. Chil-       stop-gap measure for both children Anchorage Bowl.
6   Jan. 20, 2006
                                                  Briefs                                                 Sourdough Sentinel

                    New gate hours                         Transition Assistance                 interested can register and pay at
                       The new base gate hours are:        Seminar change                        the Youth Center.
                       Muldoon: 6 a.m.-10 p.m. daily           The Force Shaping Transition          For more information, call the
                       Boniface: 24 hours daily            Assistance Seminar has been ex-       Youth Center at 552-2266.
                       Post Road: 6 a.m.-7 p.m.            tended an additional half day. This
                       Bluff Road: 6 a.m.-8 p.m.           is to allow for a detailed Veterans   Home buying
                       Visitor Control Center: 24          Administration Benefits briefing        seminar
                    hours daily                            on Feb. 3. The seminar dates are          The Elmendorf Housing Office
                       Government Hill: closed             now Jan. 31-Feb. 3.                   offers a home purchasing seminar
                       For more information, call              If you are potentially affected   at 1 p.m. Feb. 6 at 6346 Arctic
                    552-5988.                              by Force Shaping call the Family      Warrior Dr. The class lasts two to
                                                           Support Center at 552-4943 to sign    three hours.
                    Volunteers needed                      up for this seminar.                      Seating is limited.
                       The Military Equal Opportu-                                                   For details or to make a reser-
                    nity office is seeking volunteers to    Aurora Housing                        vation, call 552-4439 or 552-4328.
                    serve as committee members for         Office
                    the Women’s History Month and              Aurora Family Housing Man-        Free tickets
                    the Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage     agement Facility, Bldg. 6350,            The University of Alaska An-
                    Month observance committees.           is located next to the 3rd Civil      chorage is hosting its final Military
                    Committees are forming now and         Engineer Squadron Housing Flight      Appreciation Night at 7 p.m.
                    chairpersons are also needed.          to better accommodate on-base         Jan. 28 at the UAA-Denver hockey
                       If interested in volunteering       tenants.                              game at the Sullivan Arena.
                    call the MEO office at 552-2115 or          The phone numbers are:               Tickets are available on a
                    email 3WG/             Customer service desk,            first-come, first-served basis in
                                                           753-1023                              the UAA Office at the Education
                    Elmendorf passes                           Quality control, 753-1091,        Center, 4109 Bullard Ave. The
                    extended                                   Maintenance, 753-1051             UAA Office is open 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
                        Due to a shortage of Air               U-Fix-It Store, 753-9070.         weekdays.
                    Force Registered Vehicle Expira-           The office hours are 8 a.m.-          For information, call 552-9475.
                    tion Stickers, Elmendorf and Ft.       5 p.m. weekdays and 10 a.m.-
                    Richardson officials have extended      4 p.m. Saturdays.                     Ramstein claims
                    the grace period for all 2005 year                                           information
                    stickers issued by Elmendorf until     Self Defense Class                        The German Police are inves-
                    Feb. 1.                                    The Youth Center is offering a    tigating some movers that worked
                        The Pass & Registration office      self defense class from noon-         for Gosselin. If you PCS’d to or
                    is waiting for the shipment of its     2 p.m. Feb. 4 at the Youth Center.    from Germany between 2000 and
                    requested allocation.                  The class is called “Self Defense     2003, and noticed items missing,
                        For more information, call Staff   Key Chain,” and participants will     go to
                    Sgt. Rodrica Brown at 552-5665         receive a key chain to keep.          page.htm click on the photo num-
                    or Staff Sgt. Starr Haywood at             The class is for ages 12 and up   ber and description and a picture
                    552-5988.                              and costs $35 per person. Anyone      will show up.
    Sourdough Sentinel
                                                                         Briefs                                                         Jan. 20, 2006        7
    If any of the items belong to you     the 2006-2007 school year. There will     Renters Insurance
e-mail the photo number to jenifer.       be 150 positions open for retired or         All Aurora Phase I and II resi-                 soon-to-be retired officers and NCOs       dents are eligible for free renters
    Proof of ownership and any            in high schools throughout the nation.    insurance and may also qualify to re-
claims information must also be               All applicants must be retired        ceive $8 credit per month if personal
included in the e-mail.                   from active duty less than five years      insurance is already in place.
                                          from the effective date of employ-           For more information, call
Free Turbo Tax                            ment (may be waived in excep-             753-1023.
    TurboTax is available at no cost      tional cases). If still on active duty,
to servicemembers at the Military         applicants must have applied for          Tax center
OneSource Web site at www.mili-           retirement to be effective within six
                                                                                                                              Chapel Schedule
                                                                                       The tax center is scheduled to This program           months.                                   open Jan. 31 in the basement of               Catholic Parish
is provided by the Department of              Instructors must meet Air Force       the People Center. The hours are 8            Monday through
Defense.                                  weight and body fat standards, and        a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, Wednesday        Wednesday and Friday Mass:
    To access your 2005 W-2 online        have high standards of military bear-                                             11:30 a.m. at the Chapel Center
                                                                                    and Thursday and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
after Saturday, visit myPay at https://   ing, appearance and moral character.                                                    Thursday Mass: 11:30 a.m.
                                                                                    Tuesday by appointment. Walk-in         at the Hospital Chapel                    For more information, call (800)      hours are 8 a.m. to noon Tuesday
                                          235-7682, ext. 35275 or 35300. The                                                      Sunday Mass: 10:30 a.m. at
                                                                                    and Friday.                             Chapel 1
TSA screening                             DSN number is 493-5275 or
                                                                                       For more information, call                 Sunday Evening Mass:
requirements                              493-5300.
                                                                                    552-3058.                               5 p.m. at Chapel 2
    The Elmendorf passenger termi-            For a list of current openings,                                                     Confession: 4:30 p.m.
nal is required to follow Transporta-     go to
tion Security Administration guide-       AFJROTC/instructors.asp.                  Change of Command                       Sundays at Chapel 2
                                                                                       Lt. Col. Gary Gottschall will as-
lines.                                                                                                                          Protestant Sunday
                                          Textile Arts show                         sume command of the 517th Airlift
    For that reason, these items may                                                                                             Liturgical Service: 9 a.m. at
                                          and tell                                  Squadron at 3:17 p.m. Jan. 27 in
now be carried in baggage: small                                                                                            Chapel 2
metal scissors with a cutting edge            The Armed Services YMCA is            Bldg. 17470.                                 Celebration Service: 9 a.m.
less than 4 inches, screwdrivers,         sponsoring a Textile Arts show and           Colonel Gottschall is currently      at Chapel 1
wrenches, pliers and other tools less     tell for military spouses from            the 517th AS director of operations.         Gospel Service: noon at
than 7 inches. For a complete list of     6-8 p.m. Feb. 8 at the Warrior Zone                                               Chapel 1
examples, visit the TSA Web site at       on Ft. Richardson.                        Wireless Internet at                         Fellowship Praise: 6 p.m. at                           Spouses are encouraged to bring       the clubs                               Chapel 1
    For more information, contact the     projects and share quilting, knit-           The game room in the Kashim
passenger terminal at 552-8588.           ting, crocheting, cross stitching and     Club and the upstairs lounge at the        Religious Education
                                                                                    Susitna Club have wireless Internet          Catholic Religious
                                                                                                                            Education: Sunday at 9 a.m. at
JROTC opportunities                           For more information, or to           access.
                                                                                                                            the Chapel Center.
   Air Force Junior ROTC is open-         reserve a seat, call Judy Atkins at          For more information, call
                                                                                                                                 Protestant Sunday School:
ing 75 new units at the beginning of      384-9622.                                 552-5473.                               10:30 a.m. at the Chapel Center.

                         View the Sourdough Sentinel online at                                                                  For more details, call the
                                                          Chapel at 552-4422.
       Jan. 20, 2006
                                                                                Feature                                          Sourdough Sentinel                9

                                                                                Pump it up, sweat it out

                                              PHOTO BY TECH. SGT. KEITH BROWN

                                                                                                                                        PHOTO BY TECH. SGT. KEITH BROWN
                                                                                Clockwise from left: Airman 1st Class Nicholas Gould, 3rd Services
                                                                                Squadron, puts the weights back onto one of the Cybex machines after the
                                                                                move over to the temporary Fitness Center. The center is located in the old
                                                                                commissary building. The new Fitness Center is scheduled to be completed
                                                                                in 14 months.
                                                                                Master Warrant Officer Gerald Nieckar, Canadian Component Squadron,
                                                                                works out with dumbbells at the Temporary Fitness Center.
                                                                                Retired Master Sgt. Eric Thomas, works out on an elliptical machine in the
                                                                                temporary Fitness Center.
                                                                                Airman 1st Class Jason Longshore, 3rd Contracting Squadron, works out
                                                                                his legs on equipment that was relocated to the temporary Fitness Center.

                                         PHOTO BY STAFF SGT. SUELLYN NUCKOLLS                                                           PHOTO BY TECH. SGT. KEITH BROWN

Temporary Fitness Center open for business
By Master Sgt. Tommie Baker            equals one mile. The track can also              Tom Lawson, Fitness Center           be available in the mornings on a
3rd Wing Public Affairs                be used by walkers and provides              director, said everything appears        first-come, first-serve basis.
                                       an excellent venue to bring small            to be working fine and thanks all            Other fitness options include:
    The Temporary Fitness Center       children in strollers and get a little       patrons for their patience during the    the Ft. Richardson swimming pool,
is open for business. Located in       exercise during the cold winter              transition. He added that the one        the Arctic Oasis, the dorms, the
the old Commissary, across from        days, according to the Fitness Cen-          thing patrons can do to help fitness      Youth Center and, for those who
the People Center, the temporary       ter staff.                                   center staff, is to bring a spare pair   have access, mini-fitness centers
center has most of the equipment           There are 12 treadmills, 18              of shoes to work out in. Shoes worn      located at the 381st Intelligence
members were used to at the old        elliptical machines, 14 stationary           into the facility track in sludge and    Squadron, Combat Alert Cell, Base
location.                              bikes and seven stairsteppers avail-         grime that can lead to premature         Hospital, 19th Fighter Squadron,
    Weight training equipment,         able to help stay aerobically fit.            failure of some of the equipment.        Fire Station 1, 703rd Aircraft Main-
aerobic machines, a massage room,          Aside from the weight train-                 Besides the temporary facility,      tenance Squadron and the 90th
a spinning room, unit physical         ing equipment that was transferred           there are several other workout          Fighter Squadron.
training areas, a running track and    from the Fitness Center, new equip-          options.                                    The temporary Fitness Center is
men’s and women’s locker rooms         ment has also been installed.                    One option is the Ft. Richardson     open 4:30 a.m.-11 p.m. weekdays,
are a few of the things available.         There are also four FitLinxx             Fitness Center, which will be used       9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and Sun-
    Aerobic classes for beginners to   kiosks being installed to assist in          for the next two intramural volley-      day and 10 a.m.-6 p.m. holidays
the more advanced are also avail-      tracking workouts.                           ball seasons and the 2006 basket-        and wing down days.
able.                                      Schedules of events are avail-           ball season.                                For information, call the Fitness
    On the running track,11 laps       able at the front counter.                       The basketball courts will also      Center at 552-3504.
10   Sourdough Sentinel
                                                                                                                                Feature                             Jan. 20, 2006         11

        Troops return from AEF 7
Arctic Warriors
welcomed home by
friends, family

                          PHOTO BY STAFF SGT. SUELLYN NUCKOLLS                                                       PHOTO BY STAFF SGT. SUELLYN NUCKOLLS

                                                                                                   Clockwise from above: Friends and family
                                                                                                   of returning Arctic Warriors wait at the
                                                                                                   passenger terminal for their return.

                                                                                                   Tech. Sgt. Samuel Kegler, 3rd
                                                                                                   Communications Squadron, is welcomed
                                                                                                   home by his wife, Kisha. Almost 600
                                                                                                   Team Elmendorf members are returning
                                                                                                   from deployment, including a large group
                                                                                                   scheduled to arrive Saturday.

                                                                                                   The U.S. Air Force Band of the Pacific
                                                                                                   welcomes the 45 Elmendorf members
                                                                                                   home from their Air Expeditionary
                                                                                                   Force 7 rotation. In addition to the band,
                                                                                                   Arctic Warriors were greeted by several
                                                                                                   members of the 3rd Wing leadership.

                                                                                                   Chloe DePew rubs noses with her dad
                                                                                                   Senior Airman Maynard DePew, 3rd Civil
                                                                                                   Engineer Squadron at the passenger
                                                                                                   terminal Tuesday after his return.

                                                                                                   Madison Rhodes is held by her dad, Staff
                                                                                                   Sgt. Jared Rhodes, 3rd CES, when he
                                                                                                   returned from his deployment Tuesday.

                                                                                                   Cover: Senior Airman Larry Boyd, 3rd
                                                                                                   CES, is overwhelmed as he holds some
                                                                                                   welcome home balloons his wife gave him.
                                                                 PHOTO BY TECH. SGT. KEITH BROWN

                                                                                                                                                            PHOTO BY STAFF SGT. SUELLYN NUCKOLLS

                                                                                                                     PHOTO BY STAFF SGT. SUELLYN NUCKOLLS
                                                     Services Eaglet
                      “Telling the Services Story” in daily activities and special events for the Elmendorf community
                                               Snowmachine Trips
                                               5 p.m.
                                                 Fridays                                                                                                              Minimum
                                               noon, 3 and 6 p.m.                                                        $5 plus                                    participation
                                                                                                                                                                     required so
                                                 Saturdays                                                             potluck dish
         Discounted                                                                                                                                                 sign-up early
           Tickets                               and Sundays
       Available at ITT
                                                Outdoor Adventure Program                                                         Join the Bunco Potluck Party
                                                552-4527                                                                    5-9 p.m. second Wednesday of the month
       Wings and Paws                           weather permitting                       Hillberg Ski Area                     Arctic Oasis Community Center 552-8529
       Flightseeing and
        Dog Sled Tours
         Save 10 percent

          Alaska Aces
           only $9.50

    “Trinity Irish Dance”
            March 9–12
            Arts Center

             April 4–7
            Arts Center

          Located in the
           Arctic Oasis
        Community Center

                Today                           DJ with House Band 7:30-11:30 p.m.               Short Film Contest (digital arts)           Yoga Classes 10-11 a.m., $40 per
   Eat Lunch with your Child’s Teacher       at The Cave in partnership with the Young        starts today and runs through the week      month, ages 13 and older, Arctic Oasis,
potluck 11:30 a.m.- 1 p.m., Katmai CDC,      Adult Center, 753-2371                           from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday-Tursday       552-8529
552-2697                                        Xtreme Bowling 9 p.m.,-1 a.m., $18            and 2 p.m.-9 p.m. Friday at The Cave in        Tang Soo Do Martial Arts Classes,
   RC (Rajun Cajun DJ) 9 p.m.-3 a.m.,        per person including shoe rental, Polar          partnership with the Young Adult Center,    assorted times for ages 3 to adult, Youth
18 and older, Kashim Lounge, 753-6131        Bowl, 552-4108                                   753-2371                                    Center, 552-2266
   Southern Barbecue Buffet                     Tops in Blue 7:30 p.m., free concert,
5:30-8:30 p.m., $8.95 Members First          Elmendorf Talkeetna Theater, call Arctic                     Tuesday                                       Jan. 27
price, $11.95 regular price, children 6-12   Oasis for details, 552-8529                         Bowler Appreciation Night 5-9 p.m.,         Community Helper’s Lunch
eat for $4.50, 5 and under free, Susitna        Kids Corner “Beaded Animals”                  $1.75 per game and $1.75 for shoe rental,   11 a.m.-noon, Sitka CDC, 552-6403
Café, 753-3131                               1-3 p.m., $15, ages 3-10, Arts & Crafts          Polar Bowl, 552-4108                           Fun Friday 6-8:30 p.m., $7, Youth
   Hula Lessons 4-5 p.m., ages 4 to adult,   Center, 552-7012                                    Yoga Classes 10-11 a.m., $40 per         Center, 552-2266
Arctic Oasis, 552-8529                                                                        month, ages 13 and older, Arctic Oasis,        Night Hoops 8:45-11:30 p.m., Young
   Baked Potato Bar free food for club                      Sunday                            552-8529                                    Adult Center, 753-2371
members, 5-6 p.m., Kashim Lounge and             Beginner Cross-Country Ski Lessons              Tang Soo Do Martial Arts Classes,           Viva Kashim Fiesta 6 p.m., visit fiesta
The Cave, 753-6131 or 753-3131               1 p.m., $5 or free if you purchase skis or       assorted times for ages 3 to adult, Youth   food stations, play games and win prizes
   Tops in Blue 7:30 p.m., free concert,     rent them for the season, Outdoor                Center, 552-2266                            with the Armed Services YMCA Kashim
Elmendorf Talkeetna Theater, call Arctic     Recreation, 552-2023                                                                         Club, 753-6131
Oasis for details, 552-8529                      Family Xtreme Bowling 1-8 p.m., $30                   Wednesday
   Beginning Crochet 6-8 p.m. today and      for up to 6 bowlers, shoe rental,                   Wednesday Night Madness 5-9 p.m.,             No movies will be
Jan. 27, $35, bring yarn and needle, Arts    2 hours, 2 pitchers of soda and popcorn,         $18 per lane, up to five bowlers, shoes
& Crafts Center, 552-7012                    Polar Bowl, 552-4108                             not included, Polar Bowl, 552-4108            offered at the Elmendorf
   Retiree Appreciation Night, receive           Sunday Brunch 10:30 a.m.-2 p.m.,                Intro to Photography 5:30-9:30 p.m.,
20 percent off your Southern Barbecue        $16.95 Members First price, $19.95 regu-         $45, bring your camera, class size is
                                                                                                                                               Talkeetna Theater
Buffet, Susitna Café, 753-3131               lar price, $7.95 for children age                limited, Arts & Crafts Center, 552-7012       this weekend due to the
                                             6-12, 5 and under free, senior airmen and           Daisy Chain Bracelet Beading Class
           Saturday                          below receive a 25 percent discount with         1-3 p.m., $15 all supplies provided, Arts         free Tops in Blue
  Karaoke 9 p.m., Kashim Lounge,             their club card, Susitna Café, 753-3131          & Crafts Center, 552-7012                     performances 7:30 p.m.
753-6131                                         Ski Trip to Hilltop 8 a.m.-7 p.m., $49
  Hip Hop & Jazz Classes 10-11 a.m.,         with equipment, $37 without equipment,                        Thursday                           Friday and Saturday.
ages 4-18, Arctic Oasis, 552-8529            $10 for transportation only, joint venture           Red Pin Bowling 5-9 p.m., get a red
  Give Parents a Break 1-5 p.m., Sitka       with Outdoor Adventure and ITT,                  headpin strike and receive a free game,
CDC, 552-8304                                753-2378                                         Polar Bowl, 552-4108                               Subsequently, the
  Surf-n-Turf Specials 5:30-8:30 p.m.,                                                            Morning Coffee Conversation
Susitna Café, 753-3131                                     Monday                             10:30 a.m., book club for spouses of
                                                                                                                                                   theater will be
  Bowl by Mail Tournament 2 p.m.,               Senior Airmen and Below Special               deployed members, Arctic Oasis,                    under renovation
$6 for games, shoes included, ages 5-18,     5-9 p.m., 50 percent off bowling and             552-8529
awards to top scores in each category.       shoes. If the military member is deployed,           Free Hotdog with purchase of all-hill         and is scheduled to
Event held at the Polar Bowl, call the       the family can still participate, just bring a   lift ticket, $8, Hillberg Ski Area,                 reopen in April.
Youth Center for details, 552-2266           copy of the orders, Polar Bowl, 552-4108         552-4838
  Sourdough Sentinel
                                              Arctic Warriors of the Week                                                             Jan. 20, 2006         13

                                                 PHOTO BY STAFF SGT. ALAN PORT

          Airman 1st Class Kristel Weires
Organization and duty title: 12th Fighter Squadron aviation resource                                                        PHOTO BY STAFF SGT. SUELLYN NUCKOLLS
Hometown: Dubuque, Iowa                                                                     Senior Airman Stacey Kingsley
Hobbies: Backpacking, whitewater rafting, camping and fishing                     Organization and duty title: 381st Intelligence Squadron fusion analyst
Mission contributions: Maintains the 12th FS operations duty desk,               Hometown: Newport News, Va.
which includes tracking training and flying hours for more than 35                Hobbies: Field hockey, reading, hanging out with my little sister and
pilots. Also ensures pilots complete all Go/No-Go items before each              bowling
mission.                                                                         Mission contributions: Provides information operations forces, deliver-
Time at Elmendorf: One year, three months                                        ing battle space awareness, all-source intelligence and information war-
Time in the Air Force: One year, six months                                      fare capabilities to air component and joint force commanders, Depart-
Best part about being in Alaska: The awesome summers and being                   ment of Defense and national agencies ... anytime, anywhere.
outdoors                                                                         Time at Elmendorf: Two years, four months
Quote from supervisor: “[Airman] Weires’ dress and appearance are                Time in the Air Force: Three years, 10 months
always top-notch. She has a positive attitude and consistently dem-              Best part about being in Alaska: The beautiful summers
onstrates professionalism. Kristel’s expertise managing the 12th FS              Quote from supervisor: “[Airman] Kingsley is one of the most mo-
Flying Hour Program is highlighted as ‘exceptional’ by leadership on             tivated Airman I know. Between volunteering, college and work, she
a daily basis. It is an absolute pleasure working with her.” Tech. Sgt.          finds a brilliant balance between her goals and accomplishing the mis-
Lori Hayworth                                                                    sion.” Staff Sgt. Diana O’Connor
14             Jan. 20, 2006
                                                                     Entertainment                                                Sourdough Sentinel

View from the top
By Capt Tony Wickman                       34. Most famous advocate for Afri-
71st Flying Training Wing Public Affairs   can-American equality
                                           35. Balusters
Across                                     38. Whip
1. Pyramid scheme                          41. Michael Collins actor Stephen
5. ___-o-war                               42. “Win a Date with __ Hamilton!”
8. Command chief’s office symbol            45. Portable computer
11. Palpitate                              47. Sea birds
13. First man                              49. Inventor Whitney
15. Triumphant expression                  50. Discovery cry
16. More scarce                            51. Car damage
17. By heart                               52. Scrap of cloth
18. Wall Street offering, sometimes        53. Someone who can’t keep hands
19. Federal org. concerned with            off another
ecology                                    54. Color
20. Sydney’s time zone                     55. Baseball stat
(GMT+1000), in brief                       56. Endurance drug in the news, in
22. Elmendorf AFB’s state                  brief
25. May is dedicated to honor these        57. New Zealand bird
people, in brief                           60. Wrinkle
26. Pain                                   62. Yankee great Gehrig
28. Tooth part                             63. Opening
29. Russian made jet                       64. Civil rights marchers attacked
30. Genghis or Kublai                      here on “Bloody Sunday”
31. Thai currency                          65. Concorde jets, in brief
32. Representative’s counterpart           66. Former ACC commander, acting
33. Ancient                                CSAF
                                           67. Israeli airline                  8. Dry red table wine                   38. Wreaths of honor
                                                                                9. Nautical weight-hoisting             39. By the way; incidentally
                                                                                device                                  40. Move away from
                                           Down                                 10. Chemical agent which attack         42. Civil rights activist to be 1st Af-
                                           1. Flows                             lung tissue                             rican-American woman on District
                                           2. Nickname Tuskegee Airman 1st      12. Rupture                             of Columbia education board
                                           African-American 4-star general      14. Fields                              43. State considered “birthplace” of
                                           3. Charge                            21. Gesundheit precipitator             civil rights movement
                                           4. A stooge                          23. Seeps                               44. Clock type
                                           5. National Association for the      24. USAF component                      45. Appendage
                                           Advancement of Colored People        27. Suffered                            46. Civil rights activist who refused
                                           lawyer who argued Brown vs. Board    35. Suffocate                           to yield bus seat
                                           of Education                         36. Civil rights leader who enrolled/   48. Walks
                                           6. Commotion                         started integration at University of    58. Sick
                                           7. Turner who organized famous       Mississippi                             59. Court
                                           1831 slave revolts                   37. Au pair                             61. Confederate general
             Jan. 13 solutions
Medical Group cautions against ‘Weight Creep”
    “Weight creep” refers to the         leading cause of death.                     absolutes may be setting you up for       commit to your decision.
seemingly harmless weight gain of            Active duty Air Force members           failure. This year, rather than estab-        – A slip is not a fall. Keeping a
about 1.5 – 2 pounds per year. Look      experience weight creep at a rate           lishing resolutions without a planned     New Year’s resolution is not an all-
around and you can see it. You may       similar to that of the nation. The im-      approach, get involved with your          or-nothing proposition. Don’t blame
even have experienced it this past       plications of this extra body weight        base nutrition clinic and learn practi-   or punish yourself.
year.                                    extend into all areas of life – health,     cal, safe tips and tools to help you          – Develop a plan of action. The
    Weight creep, left unchecked,        fitness, overall wellness and force          get a handle on your weight.              more prepared you are, the better
contributes to the conditions of over-   readiness.                                      Here are a few points to help you     chance for success.
weight and obesity.                          Frequently at the holiday season,       set realistic goals to achieve and            The Nutritional Medicine Clinic
    The Centers for Disease Control      weight creep takes a quantum leap.          maintain a healthy weight:                is equipped with a knowledgeable
and Prevention reports that 64.5 per-    In fact, half of all weight gained dur-         – Think small and be specific.         staff, and programs to get you started
cent of the U.S. adult population is     ing the year takes place during the         Only make one or two serious reso-        on the right foot.
either overweight or obese. The very     holidays.                                   lutions. Rather than saying you will          Call 580-4310 for more informa-
existence of overweight and obesity          As can be expected, many indi-          “lose weight,” indicate the amount of     tion on sustaining your New Year’s
conditions, with their associated        viduals formulate New Year’s resolu-        weight and the time period.               resolution.
complications, contributes not only      tions that involve losing weight and            – Try to make small, gradual              Remember … unwanted weight
to higher health care costs and loss     getting in shape. While most New            changes not drastic makeovers to          gain can be prevented by consis-
of productivity but also costs lives.    Year’s resolutions begin with good          your lifestyle patterns. This approach    tently applying and using positive
    Alarmingly, each year in the         intentions, without the right tools,        can help you achieve sustainable          lifestyle behaviors such as healthful
United States alone, approximately       motivation wanes so it is difficult to       improvements. Remember, regular           eating and physical activity!
400,000 adult deaths may be attrib-      get the job done.                           exercise along with a sensible diet is        Be Informed.
uted to obesity (diet and inactivity).       Many times, New Year’s reso-            key to weight management.                     It’s Up To You.
    That’s just a fraction behind        lutions include the words “never,               – Take your resolution seriously.         (Courtesy of the 3rd Medical
tobacco use (435,000 deaths) as the      always, immediately, must.” Those           Take some time to think about it and      Group)

                                             PHOTO BY SENIOR AIRMAN GARRETT HOTHAN

   Gabriella Carrillo, daughter of Lt. Col. Victor Carrillo, 962nd
   Airborne Air Control Squadron, waits to go down the tubing hill
   at the Hillberg Ski Area Monday. The traffic was controlled by                                                                          PHOTO BY STAFF SGT. ALAN PORT
   the lift operator who notified the next person in line when
   someone reached the bottom. The hill is open from 5 p.m.-
                                                                                          The old fishing hole
   9 p.m. Wednesdays-Fridays and noon-9 p.m. weekends and                                 Dan Fish, 3rd Logistics Readiness Squadron, helps his daughter,
   holidays. The Anchorage Bowl received approximately 3.5 inches                         Geri, get her fishing pole ready during the Ice Fishing Derby at
   of snow Saturday and Sunday.                                                           Lake Hillberg on Saturday.

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