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Ramapo Meets Middle States Standards
     A publication by the students for the Ramapo College community                                                     THURSDAY, March 25, 2010                        XL No. 18

By DIANA STANCZAK,                              sion statement; this process is called self-     ten the chance to talk to them about             added that standards no. 7 (Institutional
                                                study.                                           Ramapo.                                          Assessment) and 14 (Assessment of Student
JILL GRIMALDI &                                  Self-studies allow Ramapo to identify areas       The first part of the interactive visit took   Learning) were exceptionally important.
MEGAN ANDERLE                                   that need improvement, along with areas          place on Monday afternoon where the                 The second part of the evaluation took
                                                where the school is strong.                      team’s chairperson, Dr. Christopher Dahl,        place on Tuesday afternoon, with two open
Staff Writers                                     The self-study takes place over the course     President and Professor of English at SUNY       forums, one for faculty and one for students.
                                                                                                                                                    The student forum was led by team mem-
   As of yesterday, Ramapo passed all 14                                                                                                          bers Wesley Jordan and Frederick Foster-
standards of excellence required by the                                                                                                           Clark. About ten students from various
Middle States Commission on Higher                                                                                                                grade levels and student organizations
Education, allowing the college to be re-                                                                                                         attended the forum and voiced their con-
accredited.                                                                                                                                       cerns and opinions about Ramapo’s liberal
  The Middle States Commission is a volun-                                                                                                        arts foundation.
tary membership association that assesses                                                                                                           The final part of the team’s visit was yes-
and determines if a college is successfully                                                                                                       terday’s report of its findings.
promoting the interests of its students
according to its individual mission state-
                                                                                                                                                    Ramapo passed all 14 standards of excel-
  The commission is called ‘Middle States’
                                                                                                                                                  lence, examples of which include:
because it deals with colleges in the middle
                                                                                                                                                  Institutional      Resources,       Integrity,
states region, such as schools in Delaware,                                                                            photo by Megan Anderle
                                                Dr. Christopher Dahl reported the Middle States findings to the Ramapo                            Effectiveness and Faculty.
the District of Columbia, Maryland, New
                                                Community yesterday.                                                                                 In a detailed, hour-long lecture, Dahl
Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.
                                                                                                                                                  reviewed Ramapo on each of the 14 stan-

What it is
                                                                                                                                                  dards, offering recommendations from the
                                                of four years. This self-study started in 2007   at Geneseo, along with team members              team.
  Ramapo has been accredited in the past, but   with the selection of committee members          Myrna Chase and Gary Nigh, discussed and            Areas that need improvement include:
this year the school was up for re-accredita-   and ended February 1 when the study was          answered questions about the evaluation          experiential learning and integrating transfer
tion.                                           sent to the Middle States Study Team for         process.                                         students, whereas major strengths of the col-
   The process to apply for re-accreditation    evaluation.                                       Dahl gave a brief overview of the work that     lege are: the college’s focus on students,
asks Ramapo to examine its programs and            The final step, the independent study         the team, consisting of seven members,           funding allocation and sustainability.
services and how they relate to the 14 stan-    team’s visit and assessment of Ramapo,           would do over the three days.                      Dahl emphasized that Ramapo sets itself
dards outlined in the Commission’s              occurred Sunday to Wednesday. Since they           “The team members are deployed in areas        apart from other colleges by putting students

Ramapo Remembers Beloved Director of Athletics
Characteristics of Excellence in Higher         have arrived, the study team has been inter-     according to expertise. We meet with differ-
                                                ested in involving students in the process;      ent individuals and consider whether the 14
Education, as well as Ramapo’s own mis-
                                                many students, along with faculty, have got-     standards are being met,” Dahl said. Dahl
                                                                                                                                                             see MIDDLE on page 6

By SHARON MEYER                                 people will really see what he did for all of
Staff Writer                                    us.”
                                                  Prior to becoming director of athletics at
 Ramapo has suffered the loss of not only an    Ramapo, Ricciardi graduated from Ramapo
integral part of the sports department, but     College in 1979 with a degree in business
one of its most beloved, adored and respect-    administration and metropolitan studies.
ed staff members. Director of Athletics           Ricciardi started as student assistant for
Michael J. Ricciardi died Sunday after suf-     Ramapo women’s basketball team while still
fering a brain aneurysm. He was 52 years        working toward graduating. He coached
old.                                            AAU Girls Basketball, was a member of the
  “We are all mourning right now. Mike was
a wonderful colleague and friend who had        Sts. Joseph and Michael Sports Program and
an abiding commitment to Ramapo College         for 20 years was a certified high school and
and the students he served,” President          college referee.
Mercer said. “He will be dearly missed.”          “He started as a bread delivery man and
  According to the Ramapo Athletics web-        ended up being the AD at Ramapo College.
site, Ricciardi was an instrumental leader in   My utmost respect went to Mike because he
the New Jersey Athletic Conference and a        was not given anything for free - he worked
member of the Ramapo College community          for it,” said Kathleen Finnegan.
for more than 28 years.                          Finnegan worked closely with Ricciardi for
 “He had a very difficult job with many peo-    many years, most recently as the associate
ple pulling at him constantly but was fair,”    athletic director.
                                                                                                                                                                        photo by Carolyn Herring
said Gary Orr, swim coach and long time                 see RICCIARDI on page 6 Michael Ricciardi was inducted into the Quarter Century Club for his dedica-
friend of Ricciardi. “Now that he is gone                                                        tion to Ramapo College last November.
Schomburg Scholar Exposes a Troubled Africa
Page 2 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                                     Thursday, March 25, 2010

                      “Wonderful People Cursed by Bad Leaders”
By MEGAN ANDERLE                                      reported that the fighting was “diminishing in       problems: weak or ineffective governance is a       He believes that the majority of Americans
News Editor                                           intensity” in mid-April when it was in fact          main cause for many of the problems that          discuss issues in Africa far less than neces-
                                                      mounting, according to an article published          plague the continent.                             sary; this makes the public generally unaware
  Visiting Schomburg Scholar George Staples           by the International Press Institute.                  Though outbreaks such as HIV/AIDS have          of current problems. At the same time, some
critically examined Africa’s past and present           At the local level, journalists “were just irre-   worsened over the years due to poverty, a lack    of those who are aware claim that the United
to put forth a plan for the country’s future.         sponsible for the most part and given poor           of useful leadership exacerbated the issue.       States is “doing too much,” a notion with
    “There needs to be an honest discussion           training,” Staples said.                                 “Political instability and HIV/AIDS are       which Staples disagrees.
about race relations there,” Staples said.                                                                 wrecking havoc among African nations,”
   In his lecture “Genocide and Civil War in
Africa” on March 11, Staples detailed several
                                                                                                           Staples said.                                        “Groups right next to one
of the looming problems that pervade Africa:
                                                                                                               South African President Thabo Mbeki
                                                                                                           denied that AIDS resulted from HIV; only
                                                                                                                                                               another in Africa do not see
tribalism, media distortion and censorship in                                                              after international outrage did he admit the        themselves the way we do.”
Rwanda, political instability and ineffective                                                              fact. In addition, South Africa’s health minis-     - George Staples, Visiting Schomburg
governance during epidemics such as                                                                        ter refused medicine as treatment to AIDS vic-                    Scholar
HIV/AIDS in many countries, of which there                                                                 tims; instead he prescribed natural remedies
are many. Though Staples exposed truths of                                                                 such as garlic, according to a ScienceNOW
the country’s grim reality, he also discussed                                                              article.                                             “We’re not the world’s policemen, but we
solutions.                                                                                                   Needless to say, many of those afflicted with   should help out when things go wrong,” he
   Staples, a seeming Rwandan tribal expert,                                                               the terminal disease did not receive adequate     said. “I’m an interventionist, I really am.
was in Rwanda when it was a dangerous place                                                                treatment.                                        These are wonderful people cursed by bad
and witnessed many tribal conflicts first-hand.                                                              The end of Staples’ lecture focused on how      leaders.”
   “Groups right next to one another in Africa                                                             Africa is starting to move forward. Staples        Junior Jared Washington feels that the United
do not see themselves the way we do,” Staples                                                              said that there are well-educated people who      States should intervene in African affairs only
said.                                                                                                      want to make constitutions that hold more         when there is genocide.
  In their most basic terms, the two factors that                                                          weight in several countries, for the sake of        “The United States should’ve intervened in
strengthened hatred between tribes were iden-                photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Comons      making governments more consistent and less       Rwanda when 800,000 people were killed. In
tity and individualism. Rwanda was diversi-           Staples discussed Rwandan geno-                      corrupt.                                          Afghanistan, the U.S. shouldn’t have inter-
fied and each tribe had its own identity. This        cide and tribalism in his lecture                                                                      vened,” Washington said.
left little to no room for a sense of unity           “Genocide and Civil War in Africa.”                                                                       But Professor of African American Studies
between tribes. After colonialism, tribes
                                                                                                           “We’re not the world’s police-
                                                                                                                                                             Karl Johnson said the United States should get
focused on their own self-interests rather than                                                                                                              involved, but with the help of other nations.
the common good of Rwanda.                             Some aspects of the war were not even cov-           man, but we should help out                       “Along with other concerned nations, prefer-
                                                                                                             when things go wrong.”
  “It’s all about identification by tribe,” Staples   ered by journalists — but rather by govern-                                                            ably those in the area, we should intervene,”
said. “Who do they represent, and how do              ment officials.                                                                                        Johnson said.
they see themselves?”                                   “Go find a journalist and pay them if you             -George Staples, Visiting Schomburg              Staples has experience. He was career mem-
   Tribal conflicts are what made Rwanda a            want something covered, or the government                             Scholar                          ber of the Foreign Service for 25 years. He
ticking time-bomb, until a mass genocide              does it for you,” Staples said.                                                                        was director general of the Foreign Service
occurred. An estimated 800,000 civilians                Through media censorship, the government             Staples also said that the many countries in    and director of the Bureau of Human
were killed over a brief span of three months.        had a powerful grip on its constituents.             Africa want to “rehabilitate tourism” to stim-    Resources at the U.S. Department of State.
To make matters worse, Western and local                “If you aren’t following government rules,         ulate their economies and modernize facto-        Staples served as U.S. ambassador to the
media distorted the truth.                            you won’t be in good shape,” Staples said.           ries, bringing industrialism up to speed with     Republic of Rwanda for three years and is
    For instance, a New York Times article              Africa at large faces its own government           the Western world.                                currently a career minister.

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        AROU N D THE
                                                                                                                                                              Thursday, March 25, 2010

Charities Adjust Benefits in Response to Same-Sex Marriage Laws
By KRYSTA DANIELS                                                                                   “The entire thing is absurd. If the          of individuals. Who are they to say who is a
Staff Writer                                                                                    Archdiocese is trying to ‘send a message’ to     fit parent or not?” Sophomore Diana Galvez
                                                                                                the LGBTQ community and its allies, they         said.
  The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington                                                        have gravely failed. Whatever happened to          The Catholic Charities have received $22
ended its 8-year foster care program in the                                                     ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’?” Sophomore       million from the city for social services pro-
District as a result of the Supreme Court’s                                                     Vicky Blume said.                                grams with which they are now cutting ties.
refusal to block DC’s gay marriage law on                                                        “As much as the Catholic society tries to be      “Religion was never, nor was it ever meant
March 2. The Supreme Court’s verdict                                                            just and good, its things like this occurrence   to be a weapon,” Senior Zaneta Rago said.
allows the city to issue its first marriage                                                     that just proves that they don’t truly think       Edward J. Orzechowski, the charity’s pres-
licenses to same-sex couples in the follow-                                                     that way. They find a way around it in the       ident, said Monday that the change in health
ing days.                                                                                       end and some how still make themselves           benefits will be the last move necessary in
  The gay community’s victory should make                                                       look good,” Junior Ilinka Vangelovska said.      response to the legislation.
them rejoice, but instead they are faced with                                                     The Catholic Charities are saying it might       “We do not anticipate any further changes
the realization that the Archdiocese would                                                      not be able to continue operating homeless       whatsoever,” he said. “Taking the action we
rather take away foster care then allow gay                                                     shelters along side facilitating city-spon-      have on foster care and spousal we feel has
married couples to adopt. The viewpoints of                                                     sored adoptions.                                 addressed everything the new law requires
the city and the Catholic Archdiocese are on                                                      “They’re missing the point here, and just      of us.”
opposite ends of the gay marriage contro-                                                       punishing arbitrary and innocent people,”          And although they don’t expect and further
versy.                                                      photo by Flickr Creative Commons
                                                                                                Junior Gabriella Naimo said.                     changes, many students feel that the chil-
   The Catholic Charities, which now run        The Supreme Court now allows D.C.
                                                to issue marriage liscences for same-             The Church was faced with two different        dren are still the main concern in this whole
more than 20 social service programs for the                                                    options when it came to making the new           situation.
District, have transferred its entire foster    sex couples.
                                                                                                law. They could either expand the definition       “It is sad to me that children are now going
care program to another provider.                 The aftermath of DC’s decision is also felt   of domestic partnership to include a parent,     to suffer from the Catholic Church’s state-
   There are 43 children, 35 families and       in other parts of the country. In Denver,       sibling or someone else in the household.        ment against same sex marriage,” senior lit-
seven staff members who are currently with      Colorado, Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic        The Church’s second option, which was            erature major Tracey Spinato said.
the National Center for Children and            School kicked out a preschooler because his     their ultimate choice, was to eliminate bene-      “The Archdiocese has ignored the real vic-
Families. To top it off, the employees at the   parents are lesbians. The child will not be     fits for all spouses.                            tims in this decision — the innocent chil-
Catholic Charities were told last week that     able to enroll next year.                         “I was baptized Roman Catholic and have        dren in the foster care system. These chil-
their social services organization is chang-      “[The child’s parents are] living in open     in my late teenage years completely with-        dren have just been sent the message that
ing its health coverage as well, to avoid

“Good Girl” Brings Catholics and Feminists Together
                                                discord with Catholic teaching,” the            drawn myself from my religion because of         their well-being is secondary to bigotry,”
offering benefits to same-sex partners.         Archdiocese said.                               their prejudice beliefs and unjust judgment      Blume said.

By KRYSTA DANIELS                               are growing up in,” Junior John Hayes said.       “’Sexualization’ of young girls is what        enough? Suddenly girls do not feel ‘real’,
Staff Writer                                     A similar discussion preceded Tuesday’s,       stuck out the most with me. I see it with my     in a society which is supposed to have girl-
                                                called “Purity Myth.” The Purity Myth was       niece. I see her seeing herself as a sex         s’ liberation as its goal,” Shalit said in “The
  Wendy Shalit, author of “The Good Girl        based upon similar topics but touched more      object before knowing what sex is,”              Good Girl.”
Revolution,” spread word that all around                                                                                                            “Parents and educators should do their
the country there is a youth-led rebellion                                                                                                       part in helping students to understand what
challenging the status quo with her book.                                                                                                        is going on around them and help them to
  The discussion of her book took place on                                                                                                       find a comfortable, healthy middle ground
Tuesday. Maria Parker, Focus Missionary                                                                                                          between the mixed overt sexual messages
with Campus Ministry, organized it.                                                                                                              and pressure to be chaste that they get from
Members from Feminists United and the                                                                                                            the media and society,” President of
Catholic Discussion Group attended the                                                                                                           Feminist United Jill Grimaldi said.
discussion on Wendy Shalit’s book.                                                                                                                  “Girls Gone Wild” videotapes’ exploita-
  “It sparked my curiosity when I was talk-                                                                                                      tion of women was another topic discussed.
ing to Jill Grimaldi in the Feminists United                                                                                                     Cultural pressures still push women
group. She was talking about reclaiming                                                                                                          towards being part of videos like “Girls
sexuality and I wanted to share how the                                                                                                          Gone Wild.”
formidable decade impacts us,” said Maria                                                                                                          “I didn’t particularly like the book. Wendy
Parker.                                                                                                                                          Shalit made quite a few good points but I
  “The Good Girl Revolution” deals with                                                                                                          feel that she ruined her argument by using
young women at the frontlines of the                                                                                                             sketchy and misleading evidence that can’t
counter-sexual revolution, and is based                                                                                                          really be backed up or proven,” Feminists
upon over 100 in-depth interviews with                                                                                                           United Secretary Travis Nicol said.
young women, ages 12 to 28.                                                                                                                      “I think it was cool that people who had
  “In the very beginning of the book, Shalit                                                                                                     thoughts of this were comfortable enough
talks about kids, ages 3-10, who dress like                                                                                                      to speak up, that isn’t the social norm. This
dolls. They start with Barbie and now the                                                                                                        was a discussion of both sides of the spec-
Bratz dolls. They are walking and talking       upon the pressures girls face to be “good”      Timothy Magnus Olson, a member of                trums. I learned a lot about role models and
like them, with logos all over them with        and “chaste” from family, religious com-        Catholic Campus Ministry, said.                  that women are more then just either
phrases they didn’t know. That sad sight        munities and media. It also touched on how       “Leaving aside the fact that girls them-        promiscuous or prudes, it is more then
stuck out the most. My issue was that its       society expects women to look “sexy,” but       selves report being miserable, and even if       that,” Senior Jim Marino, president of
effect on children. Media is the reflection     then shames women who are “too sexual”          you accept the whitewashing—that they            CRU, said.
of our beliefs. Kids don’t realize what they    and sexually active.                            merely do not feel ‘real’—isn’t this strange
Page 4 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                               Thursday, March 25, 2010

                                        Roving                                                      Reporter
                                          “What are your thoughts on the health care reform?”
                                                 Question by Hannah West, Photographs by Erica Buchman

   “I'm undecided on                                                              “Because there's so                      “It's great that the bill                “I think that there are
whether I agree or dis-                    “I really can't say                   much bureaucracy in                     was able to even pass. I                  some good things and
agree with it, but I defi-               because I don't know                   congress, there is never                  wish that more reforms                   some bad things about
 nitely think it's a step                 how it'll affect me.”                  going to be a perfect                   could be passed despite                  it--no health care reform
in the right direction.”                                                            health care bill.”                   Republican opposition.”                   is going to be perfect.”
                                             -Janeille Lewis
     -Danielle Mascio                          Sophomore                              -Walter Deptuch                            -Jamie Gold                           -Rachel Halpern
        Freshman                                                                        Sophomore                                   Senior                               Sophomore

Always Greener: Aquariums Can Be Green, Too
      You Can Protect the Coral Reefs and Other Natural Habitats
By BRYAN KAMINSKY                                   It is important to research your fish before    Orinoco River.                                     bulbs or LED lights instead. CFL and LED
Staff Writer                                      going to the store. A local store may know          Another way to be sustainable about own-         lights require a significantly less amount of
                                                  more about where their fish come from and         ing fish is to breed them on your own. This        energy to operate than incandescent bulbs.
  Aquariums may be relaxing and fun, but          whether they are bred in captivity or not, so     involves doing research to find proper meth-         Another option is to choose fish that are
they can also be unsustainable and harmful        one way to be greener is to support the local     ods. This ensures that they are bred in cap-       adapted to colder temperature to avoid using
to the environment.                               stores that only sell fish bred in captivity.     tivity and that their origin of birth is known     a heater. Fish such as bloodfin tetras,
   Salt water fish are unsustainable to take       An upside to aquariums is that it has made       and can help protect the environments from         Buenos Aires tetras, zebra danios and gold
care of because often they are not bred in                                                                                                             barbs prefer colder water compared to most
captivity and the methods of catching them                                                                                                             tropical fish in aquariums. If possible, elec-
in the wild, with the use of cyanide, destroy                                                                                                          tricity use can be reduced by limiting the use
the coral reefs and habitats from which they                                                                                                           of a light in the fish tank by keeping the tank
come.                                                                                                                                                  in a location where natural light can come
   Fresh water fish, on the other hand, are                                                                                                            in.
more sustainable because they are easier to                                                                                                               Sustainable fish keeping does not only
breed in captivity and capturing them rarely                                                                                                           apply to fish when they are alive. One of the
involves ecological destruction. One way to                                                                                                            worse ways to dispose of a dead fish is to
ensure that the fish are the most sustainable                                                                                                          flush it down the toilet where it will rot in
is to find out if they were bred in captivity                                                                                                          the sewers. Instead it is recommended, given
before purchase.                                                                                                                                       that the fish did not die of disease, to let
                                                                                                                                                       scavengers eat the deceased fish. Or you can

     Show respect for the
                                                                                                                                                       dispose of the fish by burying it in a yard or
                                                                                                                                                       field for earthworms to eat and gain nutri-
    planet by reducing the                                                                                                                             ents. If these are not possibilities, put the
   amount of energy needed
                                                                                                                                                       fish in a bag and put it in the garbage.
                                                                                                                                                         Ramapo’s pet policies allow students living
       to retrieve fish.                                                                                 photo courtesy of Flickrʼs creative commons   on campus to have fish in tanks ten gallons
                                                  Fish bred in captivity may cost more, but are more environmentally friendly.                         or less.

   Buying fish bred in captivity may cost         aquarists more conscious of the destruction       which they came. Show respect for the plan-
more, but it has less of an impact on the         that endangers coral reefs and other natural      et by reducing the amount of energy needed              Green Fact of the Week:
environment. Some fresh water fish do not         fish habitats. They are becoming more             to retrieve fish. It cuts out the middleman
breed well in captivity, such as the white        aware of catching methods and invasive            and can also be enjoyable.
                                                  species. Certain fish, such as the cardinal         The fish tanks can also be unsustainable,
                                                                                                                                                              One way to practice
mountain minnow, the barred danio and the
cherry barb. The numbers of these fish are        tetra, overpopulate their natural habitats, and   since they require electricity to run filters,         sustainable fish keeping is
starting to decrease in the wild for this rea-    it actually helps to catch them in environ-       lights and heaters. The good news is that             to breed them on your own.
son among others, including death by over-        mentally friendly ways. This is common in         most fish tanks do not use incandescent light
catching, pollution and habitat destruction.      certain areas of South America, like the          bulbs and use compact fluorescent (CFLs)
Show Your Support and                                                                            Ramapo Reacts to New Bill
Page 5 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                          Thursday, March 25, 2010

Relay for a Cancer Cure                                                                          By HUMA MUNIR
                                                                                                 Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                                 domestic product – a little over a trillion
                                                                                                                                                 dollars – in the next decade,” Tim Fernholz
                                                                                                                                                 said, a reporter from the Guardian’s Web
                                                 Anthony Siciliano, a senior who is on team       President Obama signed the health care         site.
                                                WRPR, is one of many students looking            reform bill into law on Tuesday. The new          While the bill has good intentions such as
Staff Writer
                                                forward to the annual event.                     bill brings many changes, but what’s in it      debt reduction, there are many who dis-
    Tomorrow, Ramapo College will host            “It is important to me because it is impor-    for students?                                   agree and question whether the bill is even
Relay for Life at the Bradley Center. The       tant to others. I was never directly affected      “The new health care bill is a breath of      “constitutional.”
event will begin at 5 p.m. and end the next     by cancer but someday I may be and it is         fresh air for this country. For nearly a cen-      “The health care legislation violates the
day at 7 a.m. All the money raised goes         important to find a cure. I relay to show my     tury, the government has been trying to pass    Constitution. The government isn’t allowed
towards the American Cancer Society’s           support. I always like to meet new people,       a new healthcare bill and finally Obama         to force Americans to purchase health
research, education, advocacy and patient       especially about a “same cause”. My expec-       accomplished it,” Ryan Shapiro, president       insurance. To me, the passage of this legis-
services.                                       tations are for fun and profit for the cancer    of the College Democrats, said.                 lation is frightening,” Lauren Scirocco, for-
   Students must commit to staying up all       organization,” Siciliano said.                     The bill is guaranteed to provide health-     mer president of the College Republicans,
night in hopes of promoting awareness for          The top teams this year are Colleges          care to 47 million Americans who are cur-       said.
cancer. There will be 772 participants repre-   Against Cancer, which has the maximum            rently uninsured. Health insurance compa-           CNN projects that individuals will be
senting 88 different teams. So far,             number of 25 members and has raised              nies can no longer deny coverage for acute      fined considerable amount of money if they
$42,712.20 has been raised, and this year’s     $6,420, Ramapo College Dance Team with           diagnoses or prolonged treatments.              choose not to buy coverage. However, these
goal is $60,000.                                $4,238.60 and Phi Delta Epsilon with               For young adults, the bill grants people      changes will not be in effect until 2014.
 Each student has their own story as to what    $3,697.50. The top participants are Devon        coverage until the age of 26 under their par-    “I don’t see many benefits for students. We
inspired them to become involved in the         Hippeli, Lauren Fullmer and Adam Panella,        ent’s health insurance.                         will be forced to purchase health
cause. Junior Laura Hahn, team develop-         who raised $3,998.60, $3,094.50 and                  “A big concern with many students,          insurance or else face an annual fine. We’ll
ment/recruitment chair for Relay and team       $2,135 respectively.                             including myself, is that once we graduate      also see tax increases across the
captain for Colleges Against Cancer, has          One may wonder what goes into planning         we will be left without health insurance.       board, which will make it even more diffi-
been involved with Relay for a number of        an event this size. Hahn said that the           Under this new plan, students won´t have to     cult for us to prosper in the future,”
years now.                                      process was extensive.                           worry about finding a job with a health         Scirocco said.
  “I was introduced to Relay four years ago       “It’s a year-long process. Technically, we     insurance plan the second we graduate,”          “The bill poses a new problem for medical
by an acquaintance, and survivor, in my         have a couple months to breathe after Relay      Shapiro said.                                   care: an influx of patients. The number of
town. I became extremely active right away      is over in March, but usually we start it back    With the national deficit at an estimated      patients will dramatically increase in the
because that year a friend of mine, a sopho-    up as soon as we get back in September. I        $13 trillion, the health care reform bill is    coming years, possibly leading to a short-
more in high school, had been diagnosed         think the committee just thinks, sleeps and      believed to reduce debt.                        age of doctors and medical staff across the
with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I relay for         breathes Relay, Hahn said.                        “According to the Congressional Budget         nation,” said William Fenwick, current
everyone affected by cancer, but specifical-      Last year’s Relay was a success, surpass-      Office, the bill will reduce the deficit $143   president of the College Republicans.
ly my grandmother who passed away from          ing goals in participants, teams and             billion over 10 years, and could reduce the     More information on the bill can be found
lung cancer six years ago and my high           fundraising. There were about 700 partici-       budget deficit by one-half percent of gross     at:
school friend Zach who has been in remis-       pants, 40 teams, and more than $51,000 was
sion for three years,” Hahn said.               raised. There’s always room to grow.
Game Show Provides Prizes and Insight into Feminist Issues
Page 6 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                             Thursday, March 25, 2010

By AMY FEZZA                                    feminism in a different light. She was            because everyone on my team was really             informed.
Staff Writer                                    dressed in a jean jumpsuit with sleeves           welcoming and nice. We wanted to win,”                Questions such as what the number of
                                                rolled up high and a red bandana. People          Steel said.                                        female senators in office and what the first
  In order to educate the Ramapo communi-
                                                were here to role play and put themselves in       Behind the stage, a large projection screen       co-ed college was were asked. When ques-
ty about feminist issues, Feminists United
                                                                                                                                                     tions got tough, teams resorted to giving a
and the Women’s Center co-sponsored an
                                                                                                                                                     popular answer: Lady Gaga.
event that allowed people to become more
                                                                                                                                                          “Thatʼs why we have
informed in a relaxed atmosphere.
 Not only did Ramapo students play a game
show and win prizes, but participants also                                                                                                              ʻHerstory,ʼ because this
gained knowledge.
                                                                                                                                                         stuff usually isnʼt men-
                                                                                                                                                        tioned in history books
  “The feeling here was more like I was at a
friend’s house hanging out, rather than at
school. It’s like we’re all here to relax and                                                                                                              when it should be.”
have some fun,” Sophomore Colleen Steel
said.                                                                                                                                                 -Jill Grimaldi, sophomore and program
  A mixture of both female and male con-                                                                                                                coordinator for the Womenʼs Center
tenders contributed to the event and every-
one seemed to come in with a positive atti-
                                                                                                                                                       “That’s why we have ‘Herstory,’ because
                                                                                                                                                     this stuff usually isn’t mentioned in history
 “My friend wanted to check it out so I came
                                                                                                                                                     books when it should be,” Sophomore and
thinking it would be a fun time,” Steel said.
                                                                                                                                                     Program Coordinator for the Women’s
   Before being assigned to a team, partici-                                                         photo by Amy FezzaS                             Center Jill Grimaldi said.
pants were instructed to pick a chip from a     Students gathered to compete for prizes such as condoms, books, and                                    The game show ended with three winners
bag, which revealed their team name. Each       candy.                                                                                               who went into sudden death: questions
table of teams was themed by either an
                                                                                                                                                     ranged from feminist myths, songs with
influential feminist or a supporter of femi-
                                                someone else’s shoes.                             was the jeopardy guide board, which                feminist messages or female political fig-
nist issues. John Lennon, Lady Gaga, Rosie
                                                  “I’m a big supporter of Fem U and I think       allowed contestants to pick their categories.      ures. Contestants had to think on their feet,
the Riveter and Spice Girls were the four
                                                this is going to be a lot of fun!” Julie Reich,   With three waves and a lightening round, the       but when it came down to it, everyone was
names given to the teams’ tables at the
                                                John Lennon team member, said.                    contestants had the choice of categories such      there to have fun and shocked themselves by
event. This was a chance for people to laugh
                                                  Whether people had come with friends or         as Herstory, Name That Feminist, Pop               how much they knew or learned from each
at their table theme and become better
                                                came alone, Steel said that everyone was          Culture and Random, each of which had              other.
acquainted with their new teammates.
                                                looking to help each other out with ques-         both easy and challenging questions.                  In an event such as this, lessons were
 The event even had a live Rosie the Riveter
                                                tions.                                              Certain categories required contestants to       learned through pure fun. Anyone who came
present at the event. Played by Ramapo’s
                                                  “I was separated from my friend when the        act out or demonstrate the answers. Though         in as strangers left as friends, with a little

                                                                                                  Ramapo Passes 14
own Robin Netanel, a freshman and treasur-
                                                game started so I was assigned to another         some questions were challenging, they              help from the free prizes and food.
er of Fem U, Netanel decided to portray
                                                team. I wasn’t nervous to be without her          allowed participants to become more

                                                                                                  Standards of
                    The Ramapo News wants
                         your lovin’ and
                     they want your revenge.                                                      Continued from page 1                              ment of 2 percent of tuition towards future
                                                                                                  at the core.                                          “[Ramapo did] a good job in this area,
                                                                                                                                                     maintaining a balanced budget despite
                         You and they could
                                                                                                    “[Mercer] puts student learning at the cen-
                                                                                                  ter of the college. Students are engaged and       national cuts,” he said.
                                                                                                                                                       The college has practiced sustainability by
                        write a bad romance.                                                      feel that this institution is focused on what it
                                                                                                  should be focused on,” Dahl said.                  reducing energy costs.
                                                                                                   An area of concern, however, was the expe-          “These changes are mundane, but keep us
                                                                                                  riential components of each class.                 going. Ramapo is a lovely place that people
                                                                                                    “The experiential component has a vague          want to visit,” Dahl said.
                                                                                                  definition that may open the college to ques-
                                                                                                  tions of the integrity of its curriculum,” he      What students are saying
                       Come to our meetings.
                                                                                                  said.                                              -“I think Ramapo has done really well with
                                                                                                    Another area of concern is how Ramapo            letting the students’ voices be heard and
                                                                                                  integrates transfer students to the campus.        encouraging them to bring up new ideas and
                                                                                                  The number of transfer students accepted is        changes. No one is ignored just because they
                     Monday and Wednesday                                                         too high, and community college students
                                                                                                  are not doing well in their first few semes-
                                                                                                                                                     are a student, which is a major complaint
                                                                                                                                                     from my friends at other colleges,” sopho-
                           7:15 p.m.                                                              ters, according to Dahl.
                                                                                                     “There needs to be a longitudinal study
                                                                                                                                                     more Vicky Blume said when asked what
                                                                                                                                                     she felt Ramapo’s strengths were.
                            SC-218                                                                with transfers and academic excellence in          -“I have had only great academic experi-
                                                                                                  their first few semesters,” Dahl said.             ences here at Ramapo,” said senior Corey O’
                                                                                                    In terms of fund allocation, Dahl said that      Connell when asked by the team about the
                                                                                                  Ramapo works well with the limited funding         quality of the classes.
                                                                                                  that it has. The college has expanded hous-        -“There seems to be a lack of school spirit at
                                                                                                  ing, built the Anisfield School of Business,       Ramapo, but I feel that is a problem which is
                                                                                                  and the Bradley center over the last few           slowly being worked on,” said junior Clifton
                                                                                                  years.                                             Shambry when asked about problems on
                                                                                                    Dahl also complimented the strategic allot-
                                                                                                                                                     Ramapo’s campus.
              VIEWPOINTS                                                                                                                                           Thursday, March 25, 2010

 Is Conservative Coulter Coming                                                                                Christieʼs Cuts Donʼt Sit
       Campus views are the sole opinion of their respective authors, submitted to The Ramapo News and in no way reflect the views of either The Ramapo News or Ramapo College of New Jersey.

    to Ramapo a Good Thing?                                                                                      Well With Students
                                                                                                                                                        always taken the opportunity to go to
By FEMINISTS UNITED                                always more money on education, more                                                                 Trenton and give faces to the people
Campus Group                                       money on child care, more money on day                                                               whose state aid is being cut.
                                                   care.” She spoke these words against women                                                           However, even the most passionate
 Feminists United recently found out that Ann      on her appearance on Bill Maher’s political                                                          students would find it difficult to
Coulter, a conservative social and political       talk show on Feb. 26, 2001. If women have no                                                         encourage their peers to spend a day
commentator, author and syndicated colum-          capacity to understand how money is earned,                                                          in Trenton during spring break.
nist, will be coming to speak at Ramapo            how does Coulter then justify her own career?                                                          The glaring truth is that students are
College in April. Upon hearing this news, we       Is she not a woman earning money success-                                                            not seen as a united body that can
were quite shocked that she would be invited       fully?                                                                                               articulate their concerns to policy
onto our campus. This was not because she is         Feminists United is very much a defender of                                                        makers. If we can’t show our repre-
a Republican or a conservative, but because        free speech, but we also hope that people will                                                       sentatives that we are active in the
of the hate-filled ways she tends to express       engage in their speech without deliberately                                                          political process, they will continue
many of her views. We fully support speaking       utilizing hate speech like Coulter does. In the                                                      to not acknowledge us.
your mind, but we feel there is a way to do it     spirit of free speech, we have decided to pro-                                                          The good news is that there are
without insulting other people.                    vide the readers of the Ramapo News with                                                             opportunities to get involved.
 For example, Coulter wrote in her column on       some choice quotes from Coulter’s repertoire               By ADAM BIENER
                                                                                                              SGA Senator                               Ramapo’s Student Government
June 28, 2007, when discussing her novels,         and let you draw your own conclusions about                                                          advocates for its students at the state
“So for those of you who haven’t read any of       her presence on this campus.                                                                         level, and SGA elections are about to
my five best-selling books: liberals are driven      “They're [Democrats] always accusing us of              Welcome back from spring break!            start. There is still time to get a peti-
by Satan and lie constantly.” Could it really      repressing their speech. I say let's do it. Let's       Hear the big news? While many of             tion to run, they are due Tuesday,
be possible for her to generalize liberals any-    repress them. Frankly, I'm not a big fan of the         New Jersey’s students were on break          March 30, and can be picked up in
more?                                              First Amendment.” (Spoken during a speech               last week, New Jersey legislators            the SGA office.
  Liberals are not perfect, but neither are con-   at University of Florida, Oct. 20, 2005.)               were listening to Governor Christie             Through SGA you can also get
servatives. To say they are “driven by Satan”          “I was going to have a few comments on              announce his budget for the upcom-           involved with the Garden State
might be a bit unnecessary.                        the other Democratic presidential candidate             ing year. His budget will cut school         Student Alliance, a body of student
 Coulter does not just attack democrats, how-      John Edwards, but it turns out you have to go           district fundings across the state by        representatives advocating for public
ever. She also attacks the queer community,        into rehab if you use the word ‘f****t,’ so I —         $820 million. Public higher educa-           higher education. I know they are
the Muslim and Jewish religions and numer-         so kind of an impasse, can't really talk about          tion will be cut by $175 million,            serious because they are students
ous others. No one is safe from her hateful        Edwards.” (Written in her speech at the annu-           pushing public colleges and universi-        who have broken the mould by
words. She gives her opinion on the Muslim         al Conservative Political Action Conference,            ties to cut student services and raise       spending a few hours of their spring
community when she writes in her syndicated        Washington, D.C., March 2, 2007.)                       tuition.                                     break meeting legislators and
column on Sept. 28, 2001, “Not all Muslims          “Here at the Spawn of Satan convention [the               Releasing the budget while most           reporters in Trenton when the budget
may be terrorists, but all terrorists are          2004 Democratic Convention] in Boston,                  students are away from the state or          was announced, showing state legis-
Muslim.”                                           conservatives are deploying a series of covert          their respective colleges and univer-        lators that we care about our educa-
 Coulter was also quoted in a CNN article on       signals to identify one another, much like gay          sities has kept them in the dark about       tion.
Nov. 27, 2003, saying, “You would think            men do. My allies are the ones wearing cross-           the proposed changes, and has                  But without continued support from
there were ‘straights only’ water fountains the    es or American flags. The people sporting               deterred them from being immediate-          the Ramapo community, we will not
way Democrats carry on so (as if any gay man       shirts emblazoned with the "F-word" are my              ly responsive.                               be able to earn a seat at the table or
would drink non-bottled water).”                   opponents. Also, as always, the pretty girls              The governor’s budget speech is a          help preserve our public higher edu-
                                                   and cops are on my side, most of them barely            public event, and students have              cation.
   Liberals are not perfect, but
                                                   able to conceal their eye-rolling.” (Appeared
                                                   in her syndicated column in USA Today on
  neither are conservatives. To                    July 26, 2004.)
 say they are “driven by Satan”
                                                      “We should invade their countries, kill their

                                                                                                                             Got an opinion?
                                                   leaders and convert them to Christianity. We
   might be a bit unnecessary.                     weren't punctilious about locating and punish-
                                                   ing only Hitler and his top officers. We car-
                                                   pet-bombed German cities; we killed civil-

                                                                                                                       Come and be heard.
   Her words truly speak for themselves the        ians. That's war. And this is war.” (Written in
way she insults people and their beliefs. It’s     her novel, If Democrats had Any Brains,
okay to have a strong opinion, but it’s not        They'd be Republicans p. 77, 2001.)
okay to be racist, sexist and homophobic.            “God gave us the earth. We have dominion
  It’s also really shocking that Coulter, being    over the plants, the animals, the trees. God
quite a prominent female herself, spoke out        said, 'Earth is yours. Take it. Rape it. It's

                                                                                                                    Monday and Wednesday nights
against women and how they were inferior.          yours.'” (Spoken during an appearance on
She essentially degrades herself when she          Hannity & Colmes on June 20, 2001.)

                                                                                                                         7:15 p.m., SC 218
says things like, “I think [women] should be         Do we really want to implicitly endorse Ann
armed but should not vote…women have no            Coulter’s views by inviting her to come speak
capacity to understand how money is earned.        at Ramapo College? Is this what Ramapo
They have a lot of ideas how to spend it…it’s      College stands for? You decide.
  ARTS                                               &
                                            E N T E RTA I N M E N T
The Do’s and Don’ts for Guys Fashion This Spring
                                                                                                                                                         Thursday, March 25, 2010

BY TARA LAFEMINA                                jeans, is that they can be dressed up or      part. Dark sneakers match with any-             of jeans; a good fit will show off a well-
Staff Writer                                    dressed down. They match anything, if         thing. As long, as the sneakers are not         toned lower body.
                                                you must, wear them for a week. No one        too bulky. Converses are popular, clas-            Graphic tees add flair to a spring
  To guys, being fashionable may seem
                                                would ever be able to tell.                   sic and always trendy. Though they are          wardrobe. Most of them keep a simple,
to be a waste of time. To some, it may
                                                                                                                                              clean look while adding something extra
not seem macho, thus they let their look
                                                                                                                                              to basics. Since they are so popular this
be in a shamble. Others may secretly
                                                                                                                                              spring, it is fine to be picky. Every type
care but not out right admit it.
                                                                                                                                              from vintage to sporty to abstract is
  But secretly everyone wants others to
                                                                                                                                              available for every budget.
be attracted to them; well try to look
                                                                                                                                                Throw back sneakers are making a big
your best. You do not want to be the guy
                                                                                                                                              comeback. Original Adidias and other
that everyone thinks looks goofy. It is
                                                                                                                                              sneakers that started in Olympic Glory
not all about impressing people, looking
                                                                                                                                              are all the rage. Luckily, this style is
good is a natural confidence booster.
                                                                                                                                              retro, funky and super comfortable.
With spring time upon us, this is a time
                                                                                                                                                 One of the must-have fashion acces-
to look good, feel good and impress.
                                                                                                                                              sories for guys is a belt. A funky design
                                                                                                                                              and/or belt buckle adds character. It may
                                                                                                                                              seem minor, but a lot of personality

Luckily, as long as you do
                                                                                                                                              could be shown through a belt.
                                                                                                                                                They have ones that are skull and cross
 not wear polka dots and                                                                                                                      bones and pirates. You could show the

 stripes together will be
                                                                                                                                              world you think of yourself as
                                                                                                                                              Superman. You could advertise your
           fine.                                                                                                                              favorite brand or choice of beverage.
                                                                                                                                              You could be ironic and iconic at the
                                                                                                                                              same time.
                                                                                                                                                 Hair is another fashion trend that is
  Guys have it easy. There is no special
                                                                                                                                              subconsciously followed. Old hair
trick to looking successfully dressed.
                                                                                                                                              styles are coming back with modern day
Just looking like you put thought into
                                                                                                                                              flair. It used to be that men would let
you’re style is enough to get someone’s
                                                                                                                                              their hair grow out a little, and then
attention. Keeping a cohesive look is                                                             photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons   neatly part it into place. Now, the trend
important.                                      Dark and slim jeans have become more of the rage.                                             is to grow it out a little then let it do
                                                                                                                                              what it wants. Men all over have given
                                                                                                                                              into the bed head style. If you really
                                                 Continue with a simple shirt. The over-      not dressy, they go along with most             want to tap into your old school style, a
                                                ly embodied, busy designs are too much.       looks. Once again, florescent yellow            classic part and slicked back do could
                                                They have a stigma attached to them. An       shoes do not work unless you would like         easily be pulled off.
                                                overly busy ensemble just looks plain         to be mistaken as a road marker.                  These are just a few suggestions to be
                                                ridiculous.                                     For the upcoming spring, there are a          trendy in the spring and summer. Be
                                                  A little bit of a design is fine, as long                                                   sure to check out for spring tips for girls
                                                as it does not overly attract the eye. If                                                     next week.
                                                feeling up to it, a jacket adds a nice
                                                touch. Neutral colors, such as brown
                                                and olive green, will make you look
                                                                                                                                                      Key to Male
                                                Throw back sneakers are                                                                         Spring Fashion Success:
                                                  making a comeback.
                                                  Original Adidas and                                                                                Keep it simple
                                                   other sneakers that                                                                            and donʼt try too hard.
                                                startes in Olympic Glory
    photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons
Simple and plain shirts are a sure
way to look good this Spring.
                                                     are all the rage.                                                                                   Just like
   Luckily, as long as you do not wear                                                                                                              The Ramapo News.
polka dots and stripes together you will
be fine. We have the generation where
shaggy hair is acceptable with a suit.
                                                  Ed Hardy is seen on dried up reality            photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons          Come write for us.
                                                TV stars and overrated obnoxious ath-         Just looking like you put thought in
 An easy way to be fashionable is to just
                                                letes. Is that really someone you want to
                                                                                                                                                  Monday & Wednesday
keep it simple. To keep from looking                                                          your outfit is essential
                                                resemble? You may think it looks
like you’re at the rodeo, dark washed
jeans are a must.
                                                trendy, but to others, your shirt is toxic-   few must have items that should be in                7:15 p.m., SC 218
                                                ity to the eyes.                              all men’s closets. As said, the basic dark
  The perks of investing in a good pair of
                                                   The shoes may be the most difficult        wash, straight leg, non-embellished pair
The Runaways Will Make You Really Want to Rock
Page 9 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                                Thursday, March 25, 2010

By KRYS TA DANIELS                                 leg, and then unspooling it until it flies into   ing to do had never been done before and he        Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning go on
Staff Writer                                       the air for her to catch. Soon, Fanning was       really wanted them to understand the ramifi-       any talk show. Their complicated relation-
                                                   so comfortable onstage that she invited her       cations if things didn’t end well.                 ship on screen boarders physical attraction
  “The Runaways,” based on the book “Neon          own mother to watch her writhing around to            His learning tactics involved, rigorous        and bitter rivalry.
Angel: The Cherie Currie Story” by Cherie          the jailbait anthem “Cherry Bomb,” which          training regimen in a broken-down trailer             Joan, the backbone of the band, for all
Currie, hit theaters on March 19th. Directed       includes heavy-breather lyrics like, “I’ll give   where he teaches them to deal with hacklers,       intensive purposes was the leader of the band
by Flora Sigismondi, “The Runaways” blew           you something to live for / Have you, grab        how to howl and wail and strut just like their     and was up for the challenge to use Fowley’s
away two of the early 2010 film festivals,         you ’til you’re sore!”                            male idols, and preaches a passionate if self-     words of wisdom to create rock history.
Sundance Film Festival and Southwest Film            The movie starts off with Joan Jett, played     contradictory brand of macho feminism.               As you watch this amazingly orchestrated
Festival.                                          by Kristen Stewart, coming to the realiza-          With their big break right around the cor-       movie, you really get a serene feel of what it
  Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, who          tion that she wants to start the first all girl   ner, the band is sent out on a mission to play     was like to start the first all-female rock
are Joan Jett and Cherie Currie, play gui-         rock n’ roll band after her music teacher told    at as many forums as possible to get a feel        band.
tarist and lead singer for the band this movie     her, “Girls cant play the electric guitar.”       of the crowed that’s awaiting them.                  The trials and tribulations the band had to
is named after. Both actresses embodied the        Lucky enough for her she sees Kim Fowley,           At first Cherie is a timid yet dreamy 15 year    go through to realize their true potential is as
true essences behind the rock stars they                                                             old girl, but once “Cherry Bomb” was writ-         equally heart-felt. At times you really don’t
played.                                                                                              ten for her things start to change and she         know whether the biopic was more about
                                                                                                     comes into her own. She begins to make an          Joan Jett or Cherie Currie but overall the
                                                                                                     image for herself and allows the world to see      movie highlights both legends account of
 For the second time in the past                                                                     the sexier side of her.                            their work together.
  30 years, the Runaways are                                                                           As the lead singer, Cherie begins to morph          Even though Sandy West and Lita Ford’s
becoming icons and the film truly                                                                    from this shy rocker version of herself into a     story wasn’t told thoroughly because they
                                                                                                     walking “jailbait kittenish tigress.” This         wouldn’t fully sign onto the project and give
makes it easy to fall back in love                                                                   new found part of Cherie is not the type of        over their rights to their part in the band,
         with rock nʼ roll.                                                                          role model we would want teenagers today to        Flora Sigismondi, was still able to capture
                                                                                                     follow.                                            their presence.
   Stewart and Fanning spent devoted time                                                              The underage drinking and drug usage is the        The entire cast made the movie feel like a
with both Joan Jett and Cherie Currie to                                                             next bullet to hit the band hard. With all the     back to the future episode right to the stage
learn their mannerisms, mimic their speech,                                                          fame and stardom, the girls lose a sense of        of The Runaways singing “Queens of
and mirror the ways they rocked out on                                                               connection to their families and create a bond     Noise.” The essential scenes, energetic sprit,
stage. This movie pulled off establishing a                                                          that unites them and would classify them           and all the roughness needed around each
sense of authenticity.                                                                               having their own little family.                    edge was delivered. The right mix of emo-
   Kristen was lucky enough to get burned                                                              They play their instruments and write some       tions were manifested through each character.
albums and live bootlegs from Jett to study.                                                         of their own material but at the end of the           This movie could make a country singer
“Getting her voice down at that age was real-                                                        day their deceitful Svengali keeps all the         turn rock star it was so phenomenal. The
ly important to me,” says Stewart, 19.                                                               control and most of the money. But hey             word tame could never be used in the same
“She’s just saying things like ‘I’m eating a                                                         that’s the music business right?                   sentence with Joan Jett or Cherie Currie ever
microwave pizza now!’ It’s funny that this         played by Michael Shannon, one night and             Ms. Fanning displayed a remarkable per-         again. With pure talent, epic directing and
total rock star was once just like any other       approaches him with this new idea.                formance and pulls off the front woman with        screenplay, and the legendary musical bril-
lazy teenager.”                                      Women were meant to stay in their place,        the pretty face and coke bottle body. Fowley       liance on the part of The Runaways, biopics
   For the second time in the past 30 years,       in the kitchen. Joan aspired to emulate her       takes special notice of her and uses her for       to come will need to live up to this new
the Runaways are becoming icons, and the           idols and knock down the barriers that kept       personal gain. He asks Cherie to pose for a        exaltation.
film truly makes it easy to fall back in love      long-standing sexism in the music industry.       cheesecake magazine spread, and she ends up
with rock n’ roll. The Runaways were the           Joan had no intentions on conforming to           being caught half naked by her grandmother
first acclaimed all-female rock band and the       social norms, she wanted to rock out like the     on her back lawn.
next best thing to that is becoming the first      best of the men out in the industry.                Cherie has this sweet adolescent side to her
all-female rock band to get their own biopic.        Eventually Cherie was added to the group        where she doesn’t want to end up working at                        OVERALL
   “The Runaways” effectively balanced the         and Fowley, a promoter, took the girls under      a fast food restaurant all her life but she also                    GRADE:
less valiant side of rock n’ roll with a nostal-   his not so chivalrous wing.                       doesn’t want to be away from her family for                           A
gic fierce intensity surrounding the time the        Fowley used profanity every chance he got       too long. She plays on both sides of the
band was formed.                                   to drill into the girls head that the music       fence and clearly has feelings for Joan.

Our Family Wedding Falls a Tad Short of Delightful
   Currie taught Fanning her favorite trick:       industry will try to tear them apart and could       Joan and Cherie have a make out scene
wrapping the microphone chord around her           possibly eat them alive. What they were try-      which is always a hot topic when both

By MELIS S A VELOZ                                                 ship with her family is tested throughout the film, as soon         Mandy Moore) because of the trouble the couple faces before
Staff Writer                                                       as they meet Marcus. Her family feels lied to and betrayed,         they say their “I do’s.” Our Family Wedding is like the over
                                                                   and also shocked that their daughter/family member is dating        exaggerated comedic version of License to Wed because
   Our Family Wedding opened on March 12th, 2010. The              out of her race.                                                    although License to Wed was much more romantic and did
film was described as a romantic comedy through the trailers         Through this cultural shock, both families instead of help-       not involve two different cultures it did have a similar plot.
shown on TV but after viewing it many would agree and/or           ing the engaged couples wedding plan their wedding by how             This film would be great to watch with family and friends.
consider it to be more of just a comedic movie with a valu-        they would like it, they mention to the couple “your mar-           If your a couple looking for a romantic film to watch don’t
able lesson to be learned towards the end.                         riage, our wedding” which was basically a quote used through        go hoping this will be it because you’ll too realize that it is
  Many coincidental events took place throughout the movie         the entire film.                                                    more of a comedic film which may or may not be what you
that demonstrated how the film was a tad bit exaggerated and          Marcus’s character, who is played by Lance Gross, was            a looking to watch in what is supposed to be a “romantic
unrealistic.                                                       raised by a single parent (his father), but overall he turned out   comedy”.
  For example: in the beginning of the film, the soon to be        quite all right; he never struggled due to his dad’s infamous         Overall, this film would be rated a “C” because the story
newlyweds’ parents meet during an encounter where Marcus’s         radio show and celebrity status.                                    was simple but there were way too many unneeded scenes
dad (the groom-to-be’s father) gets his car towed by Lucia’s         His life gets a little on the difficult side once the cultural    which made the actors look like they were acting instead of
father (the bride-to-be’s dad).                                    shock sets in and he witnesses how much both families are           living through their characters this also made the film feel
  Little did the two know that they were soon going to be in       continuously fighting throughout the film.                          very over exaggerated which in turn made most of the film
laws, after the young couple arrive in town and schedule a           He also encounters problems with Lucia not being able to          pretty predictable to its viewers.
dinner for their families to meet, both father figures Miguel      confess to her parents what it is she has been really doing and
(Lucia’s father) and Brad (Marcus’s father) miss each other        when he notices that Lucia never backed him up on what
about three times before being introduced while the engaged        they’ve originally decided together as well as against her fam-                       OVERALL GRADE:
couple broke the news that they were soon getting married.         ily’s “trash talking.”
  Lucia’s character is played by America Fererra, her relation-                                                                                                C
                                                                     This film can be compared to License to Wed (which starred
Nellie’s is the “Place” For Tasty Thin Crust Pizza
Page 10 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                              Thursday, March 25, 2010

By AMANDA VALENTI                                                                                                                      The salad bar is also a great addition to any meal. The price
Staff Writer                                                                                                                          varies from main meal to soup and salad combo. Customers
                                                                                                                                      will pay a full price of $7.99 for full bar, and less for soup
 Nellie’s Place is located in Waldwick, N.J. Simply 15 min-                                                                           and salad.
utes away from campus, it is a great place to stop off and                                                                             Crispy greens and fresh vegetables line the bar with cheese
grab a pie of thin sliced pizza.                                                                                                      and croutons prepared for adornment. Many dressings are
 This pizzeria brings back the 1970s feel with wood beams                                                                             available such as ranch, blue cheese, oil and vinegar and
and cement walls. Though it may seem cold, it can be cozy                                                                             Thousand Island. The healthy variety rests in ice ensuring
on a rainy day.                                                                                                                       everything is cold until serving.
  The service is reasonable, though it may take longer than                                                                             Sometimes the bar is not replenished for the next round of
necessary to get a beverage. All different types of drinks are                                                                        consumers, but for the most part it is a great value.
available, including a full bar.                                                                                                        On nicer days, Nellie’s offers outdoor seating. Even on the
 The wait staff should walk by to see if everything is alright,                                                                       chillier days they have outdoor heaters to keep customers’
but it is more likely they will leave you on your own. If you                                                                         arms toasty. There is not too much to look at outside, but the
need something, be prepared to raise your hand or grab a                                                                              smell of fresh air can make all the difference. The great out-
waiter walking by.                                                                                                                    doors is also a better alternative to the darker inside for those
 They do not sell pizza by the slice, but for around $10, two                                                                         who prefer a bright and airy location.
people can finish off a pie. The thin crust is baked until
                                                                                                          photo by Amanda Valenti
                                                                                                                                        On the weekends, it has a tendency to get packed. There is
                                                                  Going to Nellieʼs? Try the waffle fries! Theyʼre a                  an option to sit in the bar area, which is even darker than the
crispy with a sweet tomato sauce and melted mozzarella.
                                                                  great side to any dish, including pizza.                            main seating room. Many people opt to wait for the main
 The food is decent, though the atmos-                                                                                                room, but sometimes the bar is the only option.
phere could stand improvement. Instead,
                                                                                                                                        When this happens, the line can go out the door and cause
                                                                  The wings are in a buffalo sauce that is more watery than
                                                                                                                                      a long wait. More often than not, customers will find their
 order some take-out and eat in a dorm                            usual. This takes away from the flavor, and they have a ten-
                                                                  dency to overcook their wings. Nellie’s is not really known
                                                                                                                                      names on a waiting list. Usually no more than ten to 15 min-
           or beautiful park.                                     for their wings, but if a customer is not a “wing buff,” he or
                                                                                                                                      utes later a table will be free.
                                                                                                                                       All in all it is a nice experience. The food is decent, though
                                                                  she will not know the difference.
                                                                                                                                      the atmosphere could stand improvement. That issue can be
                                                                   The onion soup is cooked to perfection. The onions are sliv-
  The deliciously thin pizza is wildly popular and a favorite                                                                         easily fixed by calling in some take-out and eating in a dorm
                                                                  ered and cooked until caramelized. A large slice of crusty
among Nellie’s customers. A family of three could easily fin-                                                                         or beautiful park.
                                                                  bread floats in the perfectly salted beef broth. The thick layer
ish two pies with no leftovers. It is also not uncommon to see                                                                           For a pizzeria, the food is not overly Italian, but good
                                                                  of gruyere cheese coats the top of the old-style bowl waiting
someone order a large pie as if it were a personal. The slices                                                                        enough to satisfy any hungry stomach. The overall grade
                                                                  to be eaten.
are small, so dig in!                                                                                                                 would be a B- due to some poor food quality and improve-
                                                                    Waffle fries are a great side to any dish, including pizza.
  Nellie’s offers a wide array of toppings from meats to veg-                                                                         ments needed to the wait staff.
                                                                  They are fried until crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the
etables. They also have a large menu of other foods such as
                                                                  inside. Customers can get them with sour cream and bacon
wings, fries, soups, salad bar and hot and cold sandwiches.
                                                                  or just a little ketchup on the side. Either way, the full flavor
There is something on the menu for every kind of palate.
                                                                  and crunch can add some fun to a meal.
                                                                                                                                                      OVERALL GRADE: B-
  She’s Out of My League is in a League of Its Own
Page 11 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                             Thursday, March 25, 2010

   By MATTHEW THOMPS ON                                                                                                              rect way to go out.
   Staff Writer                                                                                                                        Jay Baruchel was the right choice for the lead actor. He
                                                                                                                                     played the “awkward guy” role with a fine tune, putting his
    Before seeing “She’s Out of My League,” the general con-                                                                         own little spin on it. But he wasn’t the MVP.
  sensus was that it would just be a typical comedy. There                                                                             The MVP of the film had to be Nate Torrence. His role
  was not a pre-existing urgency to see the film.                                                                                    as Kirk’s friend Devon is to catch the eye of others in
     However, to the dismay of many, it completely flipped                                                                           Hollywood. He plays the only married character of Kirk’s
  the script. It provided some much-needed spice to the com-                                                                         group of friends and he brings a more romantic point of
  edy genre.                                                                                                                         view to Kirk’s situation.
    Despite its strong points, the movie did have its faults.                                                                          However, there are moments in the movie that makes you
  The crowd was decent at the Garden State Plaza as the the-                                                                         question if he’s gay. This question comes to a pinnacle
  ater was almost to capacity. I did not know what the                                                                               when Devon volunteers to shave Kirk’s pubes.
  turnout would be beforehand, because movies like this are                                                                            Despite a largely unknown cast, the movie did fairly well
  largely unpredictable.                                                                                                             in its first two weekends. It made $20 million in the box
    Their success is based on word of mouth and reviews. My                                                                          office, matching its production budget. It’s not difficult to
  girlfriend and I got the best seats in the house and before I                                                                      gauge why the film didn’t do better. For the most part, the
  knew it the movie was about to start.                                                                                              reviews were mixed and it didn’t have the star power to get
    Kirk (Jay Baruchel) is introduced at the beginning of the                                                                        by.
  film. He’s an aspiring pilot, working at the Pittsburgh                                                                              Had the movie had the cast of “Knocked Up,” it may have
  International Airport as a Transportation Security                                                                                 been a different story. Another factor may have been “Alice
  Administration officer. He’s anything but confident and his                                                                        in Wonderland” taking a chunk out of its audience. But the
  main goal is trying to get back with his ex-girlfriend                                                                             missed opportunities didn’t take away from the quality of
  Marnie (Lindsay Sloan from “Bring It On”).                                                                                         the movie.
    By chance he meets Molly (Alice Eve), a high-end event                                                                             It’s hook, line and sinker. This movie is worth $12 of
  planner, who is going through security to board a plane.                                                                           laughs. Watch out though, as you may fall out of your
  His group of friends immediately tells him he would never                                                                          seat.
  have a chance with her. They introduce “the ranking sys-
  tem,” something never seen in cinema before. Much like
  young people do in real life, they rate people’s looks from      amusing moments for the crowd. Tension arises between
  1-10. They claim she’s a “10” and he’s a “5”.                    Kirk and Molly when he fails to get past his own security
    And here comes one of the ridiculous parts of the movie.       issues. The moment of the movie that got the most laughs                               OVERALL
  She “conveniently” leaves her phone at the airport, calls it     was when Molly and Kirk were about to get down to busi-                                 GRADE:
                                                                   ness and Kirk prematurely wets his pants, only to have
  from her friend’s phone and Kirk picks up. She tells him                                                                                                   B+
  she’ll be back the next day and tells a stranger, Kirk, to       Molly’s parents ring the doorbell moments later.
  meet her at a party to give it to her. This is something that       The movie kept the audience’s attention as they were
  oh, about a 1 percent chance of happening in real life. But      clearly entertained throughout the entire film. Despite this,
  love is one in a million.                                        the ending was a bit silly and I thought they could have
     They bond and go out on a few dates, creating many            done a better job with that. It just didn’t feel like the cor-

Meyer’s Music Corner: Gaga’s Telephone Disappoints
By S HARON MEYER                                                  newest catastrophe of a music video “Telephone,” put this            Moving on, it seems lately that many artists are collabo-
Staff Writer                                                      paper down, watch the video, and then finish the rest of this      rating outside of their chosen musical genre. This in fact is
                                                                  article.                                                           creating a breath of fresh air to the same artists that are con-
  Over Spring Break in Acapulco, Mexico, Drake performed             Whatever Gaga’s vision was for this theatrical disaster,        sistently embedded in the heads of music listeners everyday
“Over,” a single from his upcoming album, Thank Me Later.         some may never understand or even care to know. However,           via Radio play.
Only backed by a live band for this performance, this was the     her diehard fans seem to be even more “goo-goo for Gaga.”            During the Grammies, performances by Andrea Bocelli and
first time he went solo on stage.                                   The video includes an array of people, jail cells, and diet      Mary J. Blige, Elton John and Lady Gaga, and Beyonce who
                                                                  coke cans used as hair rollers.                                    incorporated Alanis Morissette’s song, “You Ougtha Know”
                                                                    Also included in the mayhem are dancers who follow Gaga’s        into her own song, “If I Were a Boy,” have brought a small
                                                                  android-like dance moves, the diva herself, Beyonce, who           spark back to music. Just to know that these artists even
                                                                  drives the souped up truck from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill      associate with each other is surprising yet refreshing.
                                                                  movies, a honey bun and some confusing dialog exchanged              These collaborations have been memorable and exciting as
                                                                  between Gaga and Beyonce about the honey bun.                      these artists step out of their comfort zone and do something
                                                                    Apologies, as the list still continues. In the video, there is   other than what is expected.
                                                                  a diner where Beyonce is meeting her boyfriend played by              One day while browsing Billboard’s web site, a headline
                                                                  actor Tyrese Gibson, some poison in a syrup bottle and the         grabbed my attention. It read “Iyaz Sweetens Up Green Day.”
                                                                  kitchen where Gaga conjures up the poison for Beyonce to           Iyaz, who is best known for his recent song “Replay,” did a
                                                                  slip on Tyrese’s breakfast plate.                                  cover of Green Days “21 Guns.”
                                                                    Are you following so far? Now here comes the finale. The           You probably wouldn’t guess it, but Iyaz, who scored his
                                                                  rest of the diner is poisoned along with Tyrese, which some-       first pop songs No. 1 in January with “Replay,” is a big
                                                                  how sparks a short dance sequence where Beyonce and Gaga           Green Day fan. “I’ve been listening to them for years... so I
                                                                  “bust a move” around the diner full of dead extra’s before they    said why not do a cover [and] show my appreciation for their
                                                                  flee the scene of the crime. They drive out in Tarantino’s fire    music,” Billboards website reports.
                                                                  bright truck while a “To Be Continued” appears across the            The cover itself is nothing like Green Day’s version. Iyaz
                                                                  screen.                                                            turned the punk rock song into a soft ballad. This is not what
                                                                    What more could someone ask for? Not much since Gaga             you would expect for a song talking about fighting, politics
                                                                  seemed to include every random Tarantino-like instance she         and war.
  Drake sounded extremely similar to his auto-tuned mentor,       possibly could. Of course, there is probably some underly-           Ultimately, it sounds like a really bad YouTube cover. Iyaz
Lil Wayne, who is officially serving his one year sentence in     ing meaning that only Gaga fans may understand. But if you         deserves kudos for trying but it does not do the song any jus-
jail.                                                             are just an innocent bystander on this Gaga-train going full       tice. To check out the video go to, and yes, it
     The performance overall was like watching those              speed ahead, you’re probably just as confused as the rest of       is acceptable to laugh out loud when you watch it.
Animatronics characters on stage at a Chuck E Cheese. It          us.                                                                  Wrapping up, Paramore just announced their summer tour
lacked energy and excitement. To see the video of his per-          Although Lady Gaga has talent and really does have a set         dates which begin on July 23 on the east coast. Although not
formance, go to                                          of pipes on her, the unusual videos and outrageous outfits         stopping by New Jersey, they will be in Philadelphia on
    SPOILER ALERT! If you have yet to see Lady Gaga’s             stifle her singing ability.                                        August 4.
Page 12 The Ramapo News   Thursday, March 25, 2010
           RAMAPO SPORTS                                                                                                                                         Thursday, March 25, 2010

Roadrunners Volleyball Continues Success in Tri-Match
By MICHELE McKENNA                                    With great preparation and a true team       expected us, as an unranked team, to beat        does. He was a close second to be nominat-
Staff Writer                                       effort, the men’s volleyball team upset         number four in the nation. This was a huge       ed for National Player of the Week,”
                                                   Baruch in a three set sweep, giving Baruch      upset,” Coach Don Vanderbeck said.               Vanderbeck said, “His passing was virtually
  The men’s volleyball season has been a           only their third loss of the season. Ramapo      So huge, that it got senior setter Matt Scott   perfect. The kid bleeds Ramapo volleyball.”
rollercoaster ride this year. After a tough loss   reconstructed the whole defense based on        awarded Sports Imports AVCA Men’s                  If Ramapo can beat the number four team
to Stevens Institute of Technology, the            what they scouted on Baruch.                    Division III National Player of the Week, an     in the nation, there is really no limit for their
Roadrunners refocused their efforts on this          “It wasn’t just a win, it was huge. No one    honor the team hasn’t seen in almost a           success this season.
weekend’s tri-match where they faced the                                                           decade.                                            “Good teams have a couple good players,
fourth ranked team in the nation, Baruch.                                                                                                           but great teams utilize all six players and
The team saw this as a chance to redeem                                                                                                             that is what we did. We played for every
themselves.                                                                                                                                         point,” Vanderbeck said.
   Beating Stevens Institute of Technology                                                          “Good teams have a couple                         With only three weeks left in the season,
                                                                                                   good players, but great teams
was just one of Ramapo’s many goals for                                                                                                             things are sure to heat up quickly. There is
this season. When they fell short by just four                                                                                                      no room for error if the team wants to excel
points in a five set match, the team was dis-                                                      utilize all six players and that                 in the post season.
appointed.                                                                                         is what we did. We played for                      “Our goal from the beginning of the year

                                                                                                             every point.”
  “We were upset, the players were upset,”                                                                                                          was to win the NECVA tournament and it
Coach Don Vanderbeck said. “We had                                                                                                                  has not changed. After the win against
opportunities and Stevens just took the                                                                 - Don Vanderbeck, head coach                Baruch who was number one in NEVCA,
momentum.”                                                                                                                                          we can make a serious run at the NECVA
 Twenty missed serves during the match put                                                                                                          championship,” Backlund said.
a dagger in their efforts to beat Stevens, but                                                       “He did exactly what we asked him to and        “Right now we are aiming for a higher seed
this upsetting downturn was not the end for                                                        his hitters hit over .300 because of it,”        in the NECVAs and every play matters from
this team.                                                                                         Vanderbeck said.                                 here on out,” said Vanderbeck.
  “On the blogs and forums for our confer-                                                           Scott averaged 15 assists and 2.3 digs per        The Roadrunners are 17-7 and counting.
ence people were saying if Ramapo ever                                                             set and led his team to a .417 hitting per-      Their next match is against Philadelphia
realizes how good they are, they are going to                                                      centage.                                         Biblical University who defeated them earli-
be the toughest team to beat,” Vanderbeck                                                             “This was a big day for us. You don’t         er in the season. The men’s volleyball team
said.                                                                                              always get a chance to play the number four      is the team to beat after sweeping Baruch
    “I feel the losses against Vassar and                                                          team in the nation, so our team was excited      and they are looking forward to facing
Stevens got us motivated for the Baruch                                                            and ready,” senior Kurt Backlund said.           Princeton University in a few weeks, an Ivy
game,” senior defensive player Kurt                                                                  Backlund was also a stand out player in the    League Division I team.
                                                                             photo by Stef Mauro
Backlund said. “We kept coming up short in         The Roadrunners won both of their               tri-match with 10 digs in the first match          “I think they realize they’re good and their
the prior big matches and we wanted a big          matches on Saturday to bring their              against Stevenson College and 15 digs            actions are saying volumes,” Vanderbeck
win to get us ready for the NECVA tourna-          record to 17-7.                                 against Baruch.                                  said.
ment.”                                                                                                “The stats don’t really show what Kurt

 Ramapo Roller Hockey Team Rejuvenated in Breakout Year
 By ANDREW GOULD                                   ning year for Ramapo hockey,” Murray            ers will have to emerge to keep the pro-         funding or a page on Ramapo’s athletic
 Staff Writer                                      said, “so it was a great step.”                 gram going in the right direction.               web site, the hockey team is not well
                                                      Murray attributed part of the team’s            Junior Daniel Long and freshman               known around the school community.
     Ramapo’s roller hockey took a huge            success to goalie Al Restaino, who led          Shane Legrand both had promising                   Murray feels that the club’s success
  leap forward this season, finishing with         all Division III goalies with 256 saves.        years. Long scored six goals and passed          has led to an increase in attention over
  a 7-5 record.                                     “A lot of people around the league will        out three assists, ranking third behind          the year, and they are in the process of
     Following a one-win season in 2008            say [Restaino] is the best goalie they          Venezia and Walker in points scored.             appearing on Ramapo’s athletic page.
  and a winless 2009, Ramapo quickly               played,” Murray said.                                                                            The toughest part of building support
                                                                                                    “Every game he played was
  gained respectability under new head               Captain Joe Venezia also provided a                                                            on campus is the absence of home
  coach Pat Murray. After earning a spot
                                                                                                    unbelievable. Whenever we
                                                   huge spark for Ramapo, leading the                                                               games for the team, which usually has
  in the Eastern Collegiate Roller Hockey          team with 20 goals, three of which were                                                          to travel at least an hour and a half to
  Association Regional Championships               game winners. Murray, who played                 needed someone to carry the                     their games.
                                                                                                        team, it was him.”
  in Pennsylvania on March 6, Ramapo               with Venezia while he was a student at                                                              Recently graduated from Ramapo,
  lost to the University of Massachusetts-         Ramapo, credited him as providing key                                                            Murray played hockey throughout his
  Amherst by a score of 4-2 in the first           efforts for the time in crunch time.                       - Pat Murray, coach                   collegiate tenure. As a former player
  round of an Olympic-style playoff.                 “Every game he played was unbeliev-                                                            and alumni, Murray wanted to do his
    Prior to be eliminated, Ramapo defeat-         able,” Murray said. “Whenever we                  He also shined at Regionals, scoring           part in keeping the struggling hockey
  ed Syracuse 6-3 and lost to                      needed someone to carry the team, it            five goals and recording an assist in            alive at Ramapo. Teaming up with his
  Northeastern University, who won the             was him.”                                       three games. LeGrand scored seven                old roommate to coach, Murray loved
  tournament, on the same day. They also             Joining Venezia as a Division III All-        goals in the regular season along with           the experience. Hopefully, his enthusi-
  tied Scranton the night before. Murray           Star is forward Stephen Walker, who             two goals against Syracuse at                    asm for Ramapo’s roller hockey team
  described the loss to UMass a “sour              led the team with nine assists and              Regionals.                                       will spread throughout the school in the
  ending” to an otherwise impressive sea-          ranked second behind Venezia with                 Much like the NHL, Ramapo’s hockey             future.
  son.                                             eight goals. With Venezia, Walker, and          team stands as the underappreciated
    “This is the first time we had a win-          Restaino all seniors, the younger play-         team in the college. Without significant
Ricciardi’s Passing Shocks Many in the Ramapo Community
Page 14 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                           Thursday, March 25, 2010

 Continued from page 1                            Athletics site, “offers all Ramapo College
                                                  students, faculty and staff the chance to par-
    During his years at Ramapo, Ricciardi
                                                  ticipate together in a wide variety of team
 took on many roles that helped pave his
                                                  sports, individual sports, and special
 way to reach the top.
     Joining the Ramapo staff in 1983,
                                                    Ricciardi was known for his many positive
 Ricciardi held numerous jobs including
                                                  characteristics, which seemed to draw peo-
 equipment and business manager, assistant
                                                  ple to him. Many colleagues and friends
 women’s basketball coach, assistant athlet-
                                                  mentioned his loyalty, passion, trustworthi-
 ics director and associate director.
                                                  ness, fairness and honesty.
  “His hours were very early in the morning.
                                                    “Working with Michael Ricciardi as a fac-
 He loved coaching and would spend many,
                                                  ulty athletic representative was a pleasure
 many hours just talking about the team,”
                                                  and I am really going to miss Mike, his
 Finnegan said about the time she remem-
                                                  smile, energy and excitement about
 bers when she was Ricciardi’s assistant
                                                  Ramapo College and his deep devotion to
 coach for women’s basketball.
                                                  Ramapo College and its student athletes,”
   Known by many for doing things the “old
                                                  said Andre Perry, the faculty representative
 fashioned way,” Ricciardi worked his way
                                                  for athletics. “He had a quiet-tough love for
 from the bottom to the top of the Athletics
                                                  his athletes and you could always trust his
                                                  word and commitment in dealing with
  While working as a bread deliveryman and
                                                  issues in fair and honest.”
 remaining as a part-time coach for Ramapo,
                                                                                                                                                                     photo courtesy of Kate Levin
                                                     “Words can not express the gratitude I        Ricciardi was on hand for the 2006 ECAC Championship trophy presenta-
 Ricciardi put himself through night school
                                                  have for knowing him or the sadness I have       tion.
 at NJIT, where he earned his masters major-
                                                  for his leaving us too soon,” Gallo said.
 ing in human resources in order to receive                                                        dren Michael Jr. and Christina.                  Union City, N.J. 07087.
                                                    Gallo is only one of hundreds that make up
 the title as director of athletics.                                                                 He coached his daughter when she played           On Friday, a mass will be held at Sts.
                                                  the Ramapo Community who adored
  As official athletic director, he was devot-                                                     AAU Basketball.                                  Joseph and Michael Church, located at
                                                  “Coach” Ricciardi - how many of the stu-
 ed to ensuring the well-being of the sports                                                          “He was devoted to the department and         1314 Central Ave., Union City, N.J. 07087.
                                                  dents, friends, and staff had come to know
 department and the Ramapo community                                                               was a loving father to his family,” said Ben       The mass will begin at 11 a.m.
 over all.                                                                                         Allen, assistant athletic director and long-      According to Ramapo’s Athletics website,
                                                    Rachel Pinton, director of sports informa-
   “It is said that we lead by example. The                                                        time friend of 30 years to Ricciardi. “I         a bus will be leaving the Bradley Center at
                                                  tion/marketing and planning, spent over a
 job of director of athletics is not easy by                                                       remember carpooling to Ramapo with               1:15 p.m. and 6:15 p.m. on Thursday.
                                                  decade of her career working with
 any stretch of the imagination. Mike’s loy-                                                       Mike.”                                             Anyone wishing to take the bus for either
 alty, dedication, passion, and leadership                                                             One of Mark Twain’s famous quotes            viewing must email:
                                                    “He spent 28 years here because he loved
 speak volumes and he has the understand-                                                          exemplified Ricciardi’s personal philoso-        to reserve a seat. Please give your name,
                                                  Ramapo, the student-athletes, and every-
 ing and patience of a Saint,” tennis coach                                                        phy on living: Work like you don’t need          phone number and indicate which bus you
                                                  thing Ramapo had to offer,” Pinton said. “I
 Nanine Gallo said. “Not only have I lost a                                                        money, love like you’ve never been hurt,         will be taking.
                                                  spent the first 11 years of my career work-
 colleague too early in life, but I have lost a                                                    dance like nobody’s watching, sing like             Counseling will be available to provide
                                                  ing by his side, and I will always remember
 friend and mentor.”                                                                               nobody’s listening and live like heaven’s on     support for any students, student athletes,
                                                  everything he did for me, the department,
    One of his major accomplishments was                                                           earth.                                           faculty and staff who might be impacted by
                                                  and the college.”
 when he founded the intramural sports pro-                                                          The viewing will be today from 2 to 4 p.m.     this loss.
                                                    With much of his time was spent on cam-
 gram at Ramapo College.                                                                           and from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Leber Funeral          Please contact security at Ext. 6666 for
                                                  pus, he received much support from his
  “The purpose,” as reported on the Ramapo                                                         Home, located at 2000 Kennedy Blvd.,             support.
                                                  family, wife Anna Marie, and their two chil-

Kansas “Kracks” Brackets Across the Country with Loss to Northern Iowa
By JAKE EDINGER                                    This year’s NCAA March Madness tourna-          Kansas all lost to lower ranked teams. All of     The only thing standing in their way is No.
Staff Writer                                      ment has been full of upsets, much like the      these are shockers, yet Kansas’ loss to          1 seed Kentucky, led by superstar freshman
                                                  regular season. Last weekend Notre Dame,         Northern Iowa in the second round has been       John Wall. Look for DeMarcus Cousins to
                                                  Vanderbilt, Villanova, Wisconsin and             the most devastating among offices in the        neutralize Cornell’s Jeff Foote who has had
                                                                                                   United States.                                   success so far for the Big Red.
                                                                                                      Many people including myself, believed           Another surprise in the tournament has
                                                                                                   that they had the potential and talent to make   been the unbelievable play by Duke. The
                                                                                                   it to the Final Four and possibly win the        Blue Devils have always had great success
                                                                                                   entire thing.                                    in the tournament, yet haven’t had much
                                                                                                      Kansas underestimated Northern Iowa’s         success in the past few years.
                                                                                                   three-point shooting. The lack of production       A huge aspect of this was Duke’s lack of
                                                                                                   by Kansas standout guard Sherron Collins         physical play and aggressiveness.
                                                                                                   also greatly affected Kansas’ ability to win.     This year Duke has been more physical and
                                                                                                   Collins went 0-6 from three-point range and      they possess much needed size something
                                                                                                   only accumulated ten points.                     that they also lacked in past years.
                                                                                                      Ivy league powerhouse Cornell toppled            Seven footer Brian Zoubek has been an
                                                                                                   both fifth-seeded Temple and fourth-seeded       inside force for the Blue Devils, providing a
                                                                                                   Wisconsin. Cornell beat these teams because      nice balance to sharp shooter Jon Scheyer.
                                                                                                   of their dynamic shooting and ability to          Forward Kyle Singler has also been a prob-
                                                                                                   score inside the paint when the opportunity      lem for opposing teams, as he is too good a
                                                                                                   arises.                                          shooter for an opposing big man to cover
                                                                                                      The Big Reds are led by sharp shooter         and yet to physical for a guard to defend.
                                                                                                   Louis Dale, who has averaged 23.5 points             Singler and Scheyer offer Duke great
                                                                                                   per game so far this tournament and has          offensive help. All they have to do to
                                                                                                   been a consistent offensive threat.              advance in the tournament is play solid
                                                                                                     Cornell has hit their stride in the tourna-    defense and keep their composure.
                                                          photo courtesy of Creative Commons       ment and can surprise many by making a run         The first two rounds have been exciting to
Cornellʼs Ryan Wittman (20) hopes to lead his team past Kentucky in                                reminiscent of George Mason in 2006 and          watch and it’s hard to believe that the best
tonightʼs Sweet Sixteen match-up.                                                                  potentially make it to the Final Four.           has yet to come.
  Tiger to Make His Return on Golfʼs Grandest Stage
Page 15 The Ramapo News                                                                                                                                            Thursday, March 25, 2010

                                                                                                                                                  that he would be nervous for his first
                                                                                                                                                  round in front of a gallery, an emotion that
  Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                                  was never a part of Woods vocabulary
     Over the last four months the world has                                                                                                      before the scandal.
  been introduced to the secret life of Tiger                                                                                                       Throughout the process, Woods has been
  Woods, and the speculation has been                                                                                                             adamant that his actions and his feelings of
  relentless regarding his response to the                                                                                                        entitlement do not represent the way he
  scandal.                                                                                                                                        was brought up. It is important to Woods
     The questions surrounding Woods and                                                                                                          that he reconnects with his Buddhist faith,
  the life that he has been keeping private                                                                                                       and he feels it will help him in his recov-
  from the public are finally beginning to be                                                                                                     ery and return to golf.
  answered.                                                                                                                                         The golf community is anxious for one of
    Since Woods burst onto the scene of pro-                                                                                                      the most anticipated returns in sports his-
  fessional golf in 1996 with his famous                                                                                                          tory, and nobody knows what to expect in
  “hello world,” declaration, he has always                                                                                                       his demeanor.
  been a private individual. The world had                                                                                                           Woods has long been criticized for his
  never seen Woods in a setting other than                                                                                                        incredibly poor etiquette on the course,
  off of the the golf course until the now                                                                                                        and his poor relationship with his fans. It
  infamous Thanksgiving night car crash                                                                                                           is yet to be known if Woods will clean up
  that led to the whirlwind of media scrutiny                                                                                                     his act on the course, and if a different per-
  he faced.                                                                                                                                       sona will translate to sustained dominance.
     After nearly four months of living in                                                                                                          Many questions about Woods future and
  recluse, Woods is beginning to re-enter                                                                                                         his ability to return to glory on the tour are
  society one statement at a time. On Feb.                                                                                                        to be answered on the second Thursday of
  19, Woods addressed a crowd of nearly 40                                                                                                        April. Woods will be teeing off for his first
  friends and media professionals, deliver-                                                                                                       round of professional golf since he won
  ing his first statement since his life began                                                                                                    the Australian Masters on Nov. 15, 2009.
  to unravel. In his statement Woods apolo-
                                                                                                           photo courtesy of Creative Commons        Woods looks to re-establish himself as
                                                  Tiger Woods hopes to be able to take advantage of the privacy that is                           the best player in the world by winning his
  gized for his behavior and took responsi-       afforded to golfers at the Masters at Augusta.
  bility for his actions.                                                                                                                         fifth green jacket. The green jacket is
    Though Woods did answer some of the                                                                                                           given to the winner of the Masters, and is
  questions on the mind of the general pub-       Masters. Augusta National, the course            Woods next public statement would come         regarded as the most coveted prize in golf.
  lic, he did not address the one question on     where the Masters is played, has always         on March 21, when he spoke for five min-          Woods currently sits at second place all
  every golf fans mind: When will he be           been a friendly course to Woods. It was         utes to ESPN reporter Tom Rinaldi and           time with 14 major championships behind
  back in the game?                               Augusta where he became a household             Golf Network reporter Kelly Tilghman.           only Jack Nicklaus with 18.
     The golf community finally got their         name in 1997 when he dominated the tour-        Woods allowed the two reporters five min-         With the continuation of Woods’ career,
  answer on March 16, when Woods                  nament with a score of -18, and beat the        utes to ask questions with no restrictions      fans are eager to see the player who was
  released the statement that he would be         next best golfer by a Masters record of 12      on the nature of the questions. During the      once on top of the world get back to the
  making his return to golf at the 2010           strokes.                                        interview with Rinaldi, Woods admitted          game on the biggest stage of them all; the

Track and Field Looks to Have a Successful Season

By MARISSA TORR                                                   record in the heptatholon) and did great indoor as well,”            Coach Jackson shared his thoughts on the passing of
Staff Writer                                                      Jackson said. “Lately everything she touches turns to gold.       Director of Athletics Michael Ricciardi. “We’re really sad-
                                                                  Freshman Teresa Kirkpatrick won the javelin and placed            dened by the passing of our leader. He’ll be greatly missed.
  Ramapo track and field looks to maintain the success just       fifth in the heptathlon. She had NCAA provisional mark in         He was a special person to me because I was able to learn so
like they did last year. Head Coach Mike Jackson expressed        the javelin.”                                                     much from him and he had such a vested interest in our suc-
his excitement for this upcoming season. He has “super high         “On the men’s side, I’m very pleased with Jermaine Boyd         cess. It’s still something that’s very difficult to cope with but
expectations because I think they’re a talented group of peo-     who had ACEA qualifying mark in 400 hurdles and 110 hur-          he’s going to remain in our hearts and minds forever. We
ple, better than most teams in their division.”                   dles and was also part of the 4 x 4,” Jackson said. “He is also   want to make sure we pay our respects and keep him in mind
                                                                  currently the NJAC Athlete of the Week for his efforts. Joe       in all that we do.”
                                                                  Vargas, a freshman, qualified for ECAC’s in same events              The Roadrunners first meet of the season will be the
                                                                  except for the 4 x 4.”
 “Our goal is to leave our mark on every                            Coach Jackson spoke about his goals for the season.
  single track meet we go to. Another                               “Our goal is to leave our mark on every single track meet

 expectation is that we’re looking for by
                                                                  we go to. Another expectation is that we’re looking for by          “We’ve really begun to hit our stride as
 the end of the year to have several All-
                                                                  the end of the year to have several All-Americans, it’s just a
                                                                  matter of who,” Jackson said. “We’ve really begun to hit our
                                                                                                                                     a program and we’re starting to have a
  Americans, it’s just a matter of who.”                          stride as a program and we’re starting to have a sense of           sense of pride in Ramapo college track
                                                                  pride in Ramapo college track and field. In addition it’s          and field. In addition it’s becoming con-
                                                                                                                                       tagious where mediocrity is becoming
                                                                  becoming contagious where mediocrity is becoming unac-
               - Mike Jackson, head coach                         ceptable in competition. This group is truly a joy to coach
                                                                  and work with.”                                                          unacceptable in competition..”
  The team has already had an outdoor meet Thursday and              Coach Jackson was very pleased with last season as a
Friday of last week during spring break in the Walt Disney        whole. “I thought the last indoor season was good. We had a                       - Mike Jackson, head coach
World Invitational in Kissimmee, Florida.                         lot of new people and they were just trying to get adjusted to
   “We took 23 athletes. The women broke seven school             classes, practice and just being a teammate. We had some
records and the women and men ended with a victory in the         very good performances. Two athletes went to NCA cham-            Monmouth Season Opener on Saturday, March 27 in West
4 x 4. Maura Burke, Kristen Klemic, Alexandra Jacob, and          pionships. I think it’s going to carry momentum into this         Long Branch. Also, they will host their first ever track on
Farleen Darphin were part of the women’s 4 x 4, while Jake        season.”                                                          their new track. The Roadrunner Invitational will be on
Stass, Jermaine Boyd, Kyle Price, Shaquan Brown made up             There are some changes in the roster this season. “We had       Saturday, April 3. Coach said, “There will be 15 teams
the men’s 4 x 4” Jackson said.                                    some major losses, especially in women’s distance runners         attending our meet. We appreciate them coming and help us
  “It’s hard for me to really point out individuals, but sopho-   with people graduating, but that’s what recruiting is all         make this a great experience and we hope that it’ll be a suc-
more Maura Burke, got three school records in the last meet       about, looking to find the next group of people who are           cess.”
(in the 100 meter, the 4 x 4 and she broke her own school         going to help you win the championship.”

                                                                                                        photo by Stef Mauro
Matt Scott sets up Elvis Cabrera for a point in the Roadrunners match against the Stevenson Mustangs.

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