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									                                       NEWS FROM THE
                                          LION’S DEN


Lions, Lioness, and Leos,
                          The Olympics are over! Michael Phelps won a record 8 Gold
Medals, and in the process set several World Records. What an individual
accomplishment, what a tremendous accomplishment for the entire US Team, they
brought home more medals than anyone else. That wasn’t always the case, in the past,
our Teams had slipped, and the best basketball players in professional sports only got the
Bronze. This year they decided to play as a team and brought home the Gold!
                          This is a Presidential Election year; we already are hearing
numbers from the polls. Being a Lion cannot be reduced to numbers. Our membership
numbers have to go up but only if we decide to work as a team and only if each
individual does his best. I am confident that we can bring home the Gold. As I visit our
Clubs, I see small Clubs that are doing great things. How is it possible that a club of 16
members can raise $10,000 for their projects? That’s over $600 per Lion! And it’s not
because they are young or millionaires or have the beer concession at a Biker’s Rally.
They are out of the way in the hills of eastern York County. If 60 is the new 40, some of
our members are redefining what 70 is! It is a miracle I found the place; it took me almost
an hour and half from my house (that means its 10 minutes from IPDG Gordon’s home).
                           I am getting feedback that some of you are not happy with the
Points Contest. I am sorry, but you can’t keep doing the same things over and over when
the result is a loss of members. Being a Lion is not a spectator sport, you have to
participate. You have to get in the pool, you have to get up on the bar and you keep doing
it and doing it. For Lions that means service, service, service and more service. It means
finding out what your community needs, a child needs glasses, get the glasses, a neighbor
needs a ride to the doctor, get them a ride, build a ramp, build a playground. And while
you are doing it, smile and laugh, join in the fun of being with your fellow Lions. It is a
great feeling. If ten Lions, all over 70, can do it, think what 20 lions over 70 can do!
There is no excuse for doing nothing. Keep doing nothing and we die! But it is not that
bleak. I hear the laughter, the joshing, we are far from dead, so lets not act like we are
dead. We all have friends, are any worthy of being Lions? Is your Club having a
fundraiser? Ask your son-in-law (or daughter-in-law) to get some of his (her) friends
together and give the older guys a hand, just for a couple of hours. Remember the mighty
oak started with a nut. Plant the seed, if they do good, tell them you’ll invite them back.
Heck, give them a free meal and invite them to a meeting to say thanks. Is there someone
in the community that has done some good deed, written a book, saved a baby, a Police
or Fire Person, an EMT, a Scout, a retiring teacher, has someone returned from donating
time to rebuild in the aftermath of floods or hurricanes. Invite them to a meeting and
honor them with a meal and a certificate. We want to encourage people to do service to
their communities. I bet you could get a story like that in the paper. Share this idea with
your Program Chair and your Publicity Chair. Do enough of this kind of stuff and when
you invite someone to come to a Lions meeting, you won’t have to explain what Lions
do. Your Club will grow and you might get some points, or you could just keep doing …
                           Yours in Lionism,
                                               DG Gus

October, 2008

Lions, Lioness and Leos:

       I would like to thank all of the Zone Chairpersons for inviting me to attend their
zone meetings. All presidents and secretaries should also attend zone meetings as they are
an important source of information. Information that if used properly can benefit your
individual lions clubs. You will learn what fund raisers are successful in your area as well
as what projects the other clubs are involved in. I have always felt there should be a team
mentality for all of the Lions and Lioness clubs in a zone.

Yours in Lionism,

VDG George Reisinger
Susquehanna Lions Club


                WELCOME NEW MEMBERS
NEW MEMBER                    LIONS CLUB                     SPONSOR

Nancy L. Taylor               Dallastown Lions               Theresa Craley
Bob Lachance                  Red Lion Lions                 Jeff Bryan
Hong K. Rim                   Shippensburg Lions             Fred Nordai
Vickie Jones                  Springettsburg Lioness         Norma Lingenfelter

                       IN MEMORIUM

Oakley Havens                 Plainfield Lions
Russel Gohn                   York Downtown Lions
                                  CLUB ACTIVITIES

   There are 52 Lions Clubs and 10 Lioness Clubs in District 14-C for a total of 62. As of
this date, Sept. 15, 47 reported activities, 15 had no report at all. The following are the
highlights of those reports.
   Four Clubs reported new members, Dallastown, Red Lion, Shippensburg and the
Stewartstown Lioness gained one new member each.
   Read all about it. The Arendtsville Lions got their name in the Gettysburg Times.
Dallastown had two articles in the local paper; one was on the recycling of used glasses
and hearing aids that ought to help get the word out. A picture is worth a 1000 words,
Mason-Dixon got 4 pictures in their paper. Pinchot Park Lions got an article in theirs too!
   Service is what Lions are known for; service is done in many ways. Read on!
Arendtsville helped beautify their community, Brogue Lions helped with the Community
Park. Camp Hill watered plants and manned the Boro’s yard waste site. Carlisle Lions
purchased subscriptions for LARGE PRINT magazines for two nursing homes;
Dallastown Lions provided their park for a youth recreation program as did the Jefferson
Lions. Dover Lions had BINGO echoing in their ears as they helped their local fire
company. East Prospect loaned medical equipment and cleaned the highway! The
Jefferson Lions also helped the State Police with a Child ID Program. Mason Dixon
cleaned the highway. Penn Township Lioness and Shiloh Lioness each donated 262 and
159 hours of community service. A Shiloh Lioness donated the gift of life (Blood). The
Shiloh Lions supported the local fire company by preparing the Chicken BBQ and
parking cars at the Carnival. Stewartstown Lioness collected food for HOPE. The
Susquehanna Lions donated time to beautify Manchester Park. Windsor Lions helped an
elderly resident move some heavy furniture. York Springs Lions delivered Meals on
   Many Clubs bought eye glasses and paid for eye exams, Arendtsville, Camp Hill,
Carlisle and Mason Dixon. Who were the others?
   Arendtsville, Brogue and Jefferson collected used eye glasses but did not report how
many. Camp Hill got 400 pair as did Carlisle, Dallastown 175, East Berlin 200, Jacobus
106, Littlestown 392, Mason-Dixon 177, Plainfield 175, Shippensburg 118, Spring Grove
had 220, Susquehanna 100, York Downtown brought in 200. New Freedom brought in
557 pair, that’s a lot! But Mechanicsburg hauled in 660 pair. What a great job, our goal is
to make PDG Dick Moore walk home when we fill up his car with used glasses. Hearing
Conservation Chair went home with some hearing aids from Arendtsville, Dallastown
and New Freedom. The Plainfield Lions brought in 29 hearing aids. Remember, they do
not have to work. We also got four cell phones.
    If you add that up, it comes to over 3880 pairs of used eye glasses, or 3880 miracles!
Imagine not being able to read because your arms are not long enough or you have to put
your nose on the paper. One day someone gives you a pair of glasses, you can see again,
that’s a miracle!
   The Jefferson Lions sponsored National Night Out on the Square in Jefferson. The
York Downtown Lions are volunteering with the Mobile Eye Van to screen children in
York. You can’t learn if you can’t see! The Red Lion Lions raised $225 in their White
Cane Drive. The Jacksonville Lions are rebuilding (is that the right word) their Website.
A club with a Website. What a great Idea! They also posted a notice on the local Cable
Station. East Berlin Lions donated $ 500 to a Scholarship. Jacobus Lions donated two
brooms and brochures to a Welcome Night for new families at the local middle school.
Do other places have a welcome night for new residents? Newville Lions own their own
Fairgrounds and had a fair. The community is developing a recycling program which will
use the fairgrounds, Excellent! Mt. Holly had Hot Dog Sales, several Clubs had Chicken
BBQ’s. I think the Lions put the hurts to the Colonel. I couldn’t list all the fund raisers
that Lions use to fund their projects.
   All this work and we are not alone. Brogue Lioness attended a picnic with their
sponsoring Lions. 18 Dallastown Lions visited the Red Lion Lions. Jacobus Lioness’
were the guests of the Jacobus Lions, as were members of the Ambulance Company.
Shippensburg visited the Lurgan Lions, Susquehanna Lions visited two Clubs. The York
Springs Lions had a family picnic with 85 in attendance.
   If you read the above, you tell me that Lions would not be missed. Who would do
what we did above? How many man (or lady) hours? How many hot dogs sold, how
many chicken halves, how many dips of ice cream etc. and all the profit that we give
back. And we had fun!


                                         NEW MEMBERS

   If someone asked you what is a Lion? Do you know enough to answer the question? Need help? We
have help for    If someone asked you what is a Lion. Do you know enough to answer the question? Need
help? We have help for you. Lion Kathryn Smeltzer will take her Lions Orientation Road show to a
location near you.
   First program will be on Thursday, October 9, 2008 at 7:00 PM at the Dillsburg Authority Board Room,
98 W. Church Street in Dillsburg.
   This program is designed for the new Lion. Sponsors are encouraged attend and bring the new Lion.
   But if you are an older grizzled Lion with gray in your mane and you don’t know who Lion Ezra King
then this program is for you. Come fill that void of ignorance.
   There will be seminars in the other regions as well.

                           TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME

Two hundred fifty one Lions purchased tickets for a night of fun at the York Revolution. It was good to see
that many Lions and guests in one place and having a great time! I should have conducted the Cabinet
Meeting. I won’t see that many Lions together in one place until the State Convention.
It is important that Lions have fun and a good time. It is important that we netted $502.00 for the Hearing
Contingency Fund. This fund provides low cost hearing aids. It is supported by the used hearings aids we
collect, donations from Clubs and the profit from the annual ballgame. Next year, maybe we can double
that number.

                              ONE CABINET MEETING DOWN

    The August 16, 2008 Cabinet Meeting is behind us and the work has just begun. One hundred Lions
and guests filled the York Springs Fire Hall. It was an interesting afternoon. We passed the Budget
prepared by District Treasurer Dean Smeltzer in the amount of $7,781. The District Governor’s Project
Fund is projected to bring in $23,496.00 for the various projects. PCC Terry Musselman from District T
installed the new Officers.
    Our Guest Speaker was Grace Scullen, a Field Representative from Leader Dog and her guide dog,
Balto. Everyone heard a very inspiring and at times humorous story of the mobility and safety a leader dog
can provide. Grace thanked the Lions for their support and the continued need for support.
   Immediate Past District Governor Gordon Sinclair took over the Meeting to present the Annual Awards.
These Awards were funded by the Governor’s Fun Night, the Lottery Ticket Sale and the Kiss a Pig
Contest. IPDG Gordon presented 7 Melvin Jones Awards to ZC Brian Radcliffe, Dillsburg; Lion Fred
Wetzel, Weigelstown; Lion Tom Helman, Newville; Lion Lee Myers, Plainfield; and Lion Jerry Judy,
Shippensburg. The Award to Lion John Luthy of Jacksonville was presented later at a Zone Meeting by ZC
Peck Freeland. Lion Ed Campbell was presented his Melvin Jones at the meeting of the Mt. Holly Springs
Lions Club with his partner in service in attendance.

   IPDG Gordon also presented 7 Pa Lions Fellows to:
PDG Dean Smeltzer, Dallastown; ZC Eugene Kilgore, Mason-Dixon; Lion Norman McDonald,
Stewartstown; Lioness Peryl McDonald, Stewartstown Lioness; Lion Ed Gillman, West Manheim; Lion
Richard Naugle, Shippensburg and Lion Thomas Klunk, Dover.

   Points Contest Winners:
1-20 Members- Jacksonville Club
21-30 Members- Dallastown
31-40 Members- Mason-Dixon
41-50 Members- Arendtsville
51-60 Members- Susquehanna
61+ Members- Dillsburg
<26 Members- Stewartstown lioness
26+ Members-New Freedom Lioness

   Newsletter Awards:
Region 1: Upper Adams
Region 2: Fairview Township
Region 3: Jefferson Community
Region 4: Red Lion
Lioness:    Shiloh Lioness

   Top Newspaper Story
Shippensburg Lions

Membership Growth Awards (Club)
Lions:    Camp Hill Lions
Lioness:  Dover Lioness

Membership Growth Award (Individual)

Lions: Ron Norman- Gettysburg Lions
Lioness: (to be presented at Lioness Breakfast

Lion of the Year:
Thomas Klunk- Dover

District Governor’s Award

Pinchot Park Lions- Lots of news coverage.
Kreutz Creek Valley Lions- Very good, small, active Club.

   Congratulations to all! Then back to business. The Books were audited and the Audit Report was
accepted. Thank you to Lions Tom Berg and Dale Carr for their efforts.
    Lion Len Lobaugh explained some of the ins and outs of the Points Contest. Full explanation printed on
following pages.
    VDG George Reisinger reported that he attended the State Council Meeting at Valley Forge and started
his education for next year as District Governor. He also attended the Central Region MERL Seminar in
Harrisburg. George stated that he is ready to work toward accomplishing our District Goals.
    The Long Range PLANNING Committee put 3 policies on the Table regarding the District Convention
and the State Convention. All three passed but need further work from the committee.
    The District Governor took the floor and spoke on the need to redirect our efforts and discover the
reason we as Lions exist in our communities.. A Community Needs Assessment was included in each Club
packet. This is the year of work. We have accepted our role as Lions, it is up to us to see that Lionism
continues and is relevant in this century. Each club is to seek out local input and complete the Needs
Assessment. The PDG’s who are now Senior Advisors will consult with Clubs to see how best to
implement and meet the needs of our communities and what allies we can get to help us. We have to
revitalize the Clubs we have grow new Clubs where none exist. We are all in this together.

                               READ A GOOD BOOK LATELY?

    Do you know anyone who has written a book? If you have been a Lion since before the year 2000, there
is a good chance you know PDG Voni Grimes. Voni has written an autobiography that is a tremendous,
uplifting and covers years that were both bleak and bright for people of color. His is a story of faith, hard
work and overcoming obstacles, and realizing your goals. The story of a man who served his country, his
city and stayed true to his faith. Title is Bridging Troubled Waters by Voni B. Grimes. Great Story! And

                              UPDATES FOR YOUR CALENDAR

  State Council will meet in State College at the Ramada Inn on November 7 and 8, 2008. Committees
meet Saturday morning, Council starts at 1:30PM. Drive up and see what happens at a Council Meeting.
Come in the morning and sit in on a couple of committee meetings.
  I know we just had one in August but when you get this issue it will be October and we have another
Cabinet meeting on November 16 at the Jefferson Community Fire Hall. That is a Sunday at 2:00 PM.
Registration starts at 1:00PM. We will be done by 4PM.

                                  CELEBRATE, CELEBRATE!
                                   150 YEARS OF SERVICE!

   The Carlisle Lions Club is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of its’ Charter on October 28, 2008.
   The Susquehanna Lions Club is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of its’ Charter on November 1, 2008.
   How many pairs of eye glasses and eye exams have these Clubs provided? How many used eye glasses
have been collected in 150 years? How many hours of community service? How many campers to Beacon
Lodge, How many guide dogs to lead the blind? How many people have been helped? How many leaders
have served these Clubs and then served our District?
   Congratulations to both Clubs for the service you have done and for the service you will do!
their 75th Charter Night On November 1, 2008 at the Outdoor
Country Club in York.

          Social – 5:30, Dinner – 6:00
          Cost: $80 per couple, $40 single…choice of Filet
Mignon or Crab Cakes

           Entertainment following dinner.

Mail reservations to PDG Larry Bare (717-650-2966)
                605 Hammond Rd.
                York, PA 17406
Checks- Payable to “Susquehanna Lions Club”…Reservation
Deadline – Oct. 20, 2008

YORK SPRINGS LIONS would like to invite all to their annual “All You
Can Eat” Fall Fest:

           Date: Sunday, November 2, 2008
           Time: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
           Location: York Springs Fire Company
           Cost: Adults - $10.00, Children 6 – 10, $4.00

Tickets may be purchased from any member of the York Springs Lions Club
or at the door.
All proceeds benefit the scouting program.


                         GOVERNOR’S VISITATION SCHEDULE

October 1 (Wednesday)    Kreutz Creek Valley Lioness
October 2 (Thursday)     Northern York Lions
October 6 (Monday)       Camp Hill Lions
October 7 (Tuesday)      Mechanicsburg Lions
October 8 (Wednesday)    Fairview Lions
October 13 (Monday)      Jacksonville Lions
October 14 (Tuesday)     Newville Lions
October 15 (Wednesday)   West Manheim Lions
October 16 (Thursday)    Seven Valleys Lions
October 21 (Tuesday)     York Springs Lions
October 23 (Thursday)    Jacobus Lions and Leos
October 28 (Tuesday)     Carlisle Lions 75th Anniversary

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