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Alan Mitchell Financial Recruitment (DOC)


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									               Alan Mitchell
           Financial Recruitment
           Candidate Information

   Alan Mitchell Financial Recruitment, Floor 28, 30 St Mary Axe "The Gherkin", London EC3A 8BF
                         Tel: 08701 99 34 35 E-mail: info@alan-mitchell.co.uk

                        Alan Mitchell Financial Recruitment

Alan Mitchell Financial Recruitment focuses on recruiting into 3 niche sectors:

         Front office Investment Banking
         Finance and Senior Level staff into Industry and Commerce
         Banking and Finance staff into the Middle East

Alan Mitchell was established in April 2002 by principals with established
reputations in financial recruitment and since then has grown organically. We
focus on ensuring that our candidates will work only with experienced
consultants who thoroughly understand their specialist recruitment market place
and share the philosophy of treating our candidates on an equal footing with our
clients. Recognising that candidates are the life blood of our business, our aim
is to build long term relationships, not only assisting them with a one off job
move but offering support and advice throughout their careers.

Our methodology is based on networking and relationship building.
Understanding our clients’ market place and working practices, enables us to
identify and develop the right opportunities for our candidates.

       Alan Mitchell Financial Recruitment Tel: 08701 99 34 35 E-mail: info@alan-mitchell.co.uk

                            Our Sector and Client Coverage

We focus on three sectors:

Investment Banking - Our client base consists predominately of independent
corporate finance advisory houses but also includes; investment banks,
brokerage houses, private equity and venture capital funds and corporate
finance departments of accountancy firms. Career opportunities we source
within these organisations range from Analyst through to Managing
Director/Chief Executive level and include corporate finance, M&A, equity
analyst, institutional sales, debt advisory, structured finance and restructuring

Companies we have worked with include; Perella Weinberg, Ambrian Partners,
Jefferies International, Collins Stewart, Deloitte & Touche, Hawkpoint, NM
Rothschild, Royal Bank of Canada, Gleacher Shacklock, Lexicon Partners,
Greenhill, Lazard Brothers and Close Brothers

Middle East - Our Middle East clients include regional and international
Investment Banks as well as Funds covering all sectors. With in depth local
knowledge and an excellent contact base the key sectors we focus on are
Infrastructure, Energy, Oil & Gas and Real Estate. We work with individuals
looking to relocate as well as those already based in the Middle East who seek
career moves in Private Equity, Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions,
Institutional Sales and Research. Opportunities we recruit for include; Chief
Executives/Partners, Managing Directors, Directors, Vice Principles, Associates
and Research Analysts.

Companies we have worked with include; Gulf One Investment Bank, Chescor
Capital, Millennium Finance Corp, QNB, Ithmaar Bank, Saffar Capital and
Noor Bank

Industry and Commerce - Our Industry and Commerce team works across all
industry sectors including Oil & Gas, Energy, Mining, Transport, Utilities,
TMT, Financial Services. Opportunities we source are across all sectors for;
Chief Finance and Operating Officers Finance Directors, Financial Controllers,
Accountants, Corporate/Business Development executives and Investor
Relations executives.

Companies we have worked with include; GCM Global Energy, Landkom plc,
BP, OMV, Gasol, Orient Petroleum

       Alan Mitchell Financial Recruitment Tel: 08701 99 34 35 E-mail: info@alan-mitchell.co.uk

                                           Our Service

As a candidate registered with Alan Mitchell Financial Recruitment you will be
working in partnership with a dedicated consultant in order to find the right
career move for you. Our aim is to work with you throughout your career, not
just to help you find a new job but to advise you in mapping out the long term
route to achieve your career objectives.

The service you receive from us will be very straightforward and honest. At our
first meeting we will prepare an action plan with you, incorporating a contact
schedule and agreed targets. Throughout the recruitment process, we will keep
you fully briefed with detailed feedback, preparation and advice, as well as
updating you on any progress. This includes ensuring that you are well
prepared for each interview and have all the information available in order to
make the right decision on which job offer to accept.

Our service does not end once you have accepted your job offer. We will advise
you on your resignation, guide you through your notice period and into those
first challenging months with your new company. From then on, we will keep
you up to date with market developments on a quarterly basis.

We will commit to:

       Two-way communication
       Fully approved CV
       Guidance on interview techniques
       Agreed action plan
       Long term career focus

    We will always get your authorisation before approaching any client on
                                 your behalf.

        Alan Mitchell Financial Recruitment Tel: 08701 99 34 35 E-mail: info@alan-mitchell.co.uk

                                         Our Strengths

     Consultants with in depth market knowledge

     Our candidates are valued and treated equally with our clients

     No pressure – you can register with us as a “market watch” candidate,
      only being updated on opportunities as they become available, keeping
      you aware of your market value as conditions fluctuate in the corporate
      finance arena

     Action plans – we take the time to get to know you and what you are
      looking for now and in the future

     We work actively on your behalf carrying out marketing projects to
      companies which would be interested in your background

     We provide detailed preparation and feedback at every stage

     Our approach is straight forward and honest

     Long term focus – we want to work with you throughout your career

     We maintain our market awareness and relationships

     We use a consultancy approach, giving you an open, straight forward
      and time-saving service - we will never make promises we cannot keep

    We will work in partnership with you, listening to how you want us to
       work, in order to find the RIGHT CAREER MOVE for you!

        Alan Mitchell Financial Recruitment Tel: 08701 99 34 35 E-mail: info@alan-mitchell.co.uk

                                 Existing Candidate Feedback

We operate a stringent and continuous feedback system which enables us to continually
update and improve the service we offer to our candidates. We have been pleased with
the following comments on our service:

 “I would gladly recommend the consultants at Alan Mitchell Financial Recruitment
to anyone looking to work with a recruitment consultant. I have always found them
reliable and honest with a strong knowledge of the market.” - DJ

“Very professional and well managed consultancy and very good pre-interview
briefing” - FW

The consultant worked with was “excellent, very professional, reassuring, helpful and
proactive. She also invested time and effort to understand what I was looking for and
where I might find it.” - AR

“Communication and service was extremely professional; keeping me informed every
step of the way, through to making sure that I received the offer in plenty of time” -

“Head and shoulders above most other headhunting firms I have dealt with” - AR

 “Alan Mitchell’s consultants are professional, reliable and consistently accurate and

“The consultants approach was refreshing and honest, we discussed my background,
my career objectives and how I was going to achieve these in the short to medium
term.” - DJ

“Excellent communication and contacts – a real difference in the market.” “Best rec
consultancy firm I’ve used in 10 years” – GS

“AM’s approach has been a lot more personal that other recruitment agencies, they
(esp. Philip Seager) listened and thought about my requirements and objectives.
Rather that just conduct keyword match of skills (of candidate) and requirements (of
employers), which doesn’t work for anybody considering a change in career, I was
introduced to companies I was prepared to join AND for positions that matched my
goal. “ - MM

With feedback like this we have been successful with our “Recommend a Friend”
promotion which states:

    If we place someone you recommend to us we will refund you a
                           £200 night out!

        Alan Mitchell Financial Recruitment Tel: 08701 99 34 35 E-mail: info@alan-mitchell.co.uk

                            TOP TIPS TO SECURE A JOB
                            WITH ONE OF OUR CLIENTS

Working with Alan Mitchell Financial Recruitment does not just offer you the
opportunity to have access to the clients we work with and the vacancies we
source. We are a proactive consultancy and will work with you to develop your
career by ensuring that you are represented in the best possible light in the
market place.

Specific areas we focus on include:

Your CV:

     Presentation – your CV is a sales document so treat it as one, make sure
      there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors and ensure that all
      your relevant experience and achievements are included

     Format – a CV is designed to grab attention and get you an interview so
      make sure it is “punchy”, include bullet points and use bolding to
      highlight your work experience and education at a glance – do not make
      it too long

     Deal list – in corporate finance it is essential to include a deal list with
      your CV. Do this as a separate document and include the turnover size of
      the companies you worked with, your exact role and the business the
      companies are in

     Reasons for leaving – include these as they can reflect very well on you
      – for example, if you were headhunted to set up a new division or your
      boss asked you to move with him

     Achievements – including an achievements section on your CV is an
      opportunity to sell yourself – include information such as your highest fee
      billing year, the biggest team you have managed, the most successful deal
      you have worked on or the best recommendation you have ever got from
      a client.

     Cover letter – always keep these short and to the point. Agreeing a time
      when you will call to chase up your CV and make sure they have received
      it, is also a very good idea - when you do call they will be prepared and
      impressed by your proactive approach.

        Alan Mitchell Financial Recruitment Tel: 08701 99 34 35 E-mail: info@alan-mitchell.co.uk

Interview techniques:

     Research – this is key when interviewing with a company as it shows
      genuine interest in the company and a proactive approach. Make sure
      you know who works there, what they do, clients they work with, sectors
      they specialise in, recent articles they have commented in and other
      relevant information. Good sources of information would be the
      company’s web site, FT.com, Acquisitions Monthly and, of course, your
      consultant at Alan Mitchell Financial Recruitment

     Confidence – it is essential that you interview with confidence and show
      off your preparation. The preparation you get from your consultant at
      Alan Mitchell Financial Recruitment will go a long way to helping you
      with this.

     Questions – always have a list of questions prepared which show interest
      in the company, their employees, the person interviewing you and the
      future plans of the company. No one will mind you referring to your list
      and it will show that you are genuinely interested in the role. What you
      must remember is that the person interviewing you really wants you to be
      right for the role and will love talking about themselves and their

     Sales points – also have a list of points you want to make sure you get
      across to the interviewer. These should be points which make you the
      right person for the job, such as, a specific project you have worked on, a
      section of your contact network or a particular personality trait you have.
      At the end of most interviews the interviewer tends to ask “is there
      anything else you would like to know or add?” This is your cue to bring
      out your list of questions and sales points.



        Alan Mitchell Financial Recruitment Tel: 08701 99 34 35 E-mail: info@alan-mitchell.co.uk

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