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					Let the rest of the world
just drift away…

Yoga Retreat to Le Sereno (7 days / 6 nights)
in May (4 to 10th) or July (6 to 12 th)
In the midst of the peaceful oasis on St-Barth,                      The sequence is designed to strengthen, detoxify and
Le Sereno Hotel offers an exclusive yoga                             balance the body to help promote physical and mental well-
                                                                     being. Participants will be encouraged to work according to
retreat with the internationally renowned yoga                       their needs and capacity.
teacher Veronica Vidal.
                                                                     In the evenings, from 5 pm to 7 pm, we will join for medi-
This wellness yoga retreat focuses on overall health and             tation class incorporating breath exercises, chanting, and
longevity, all the while keeping, with the latest in style,          lecture, allowing time for Q&A.
luxury and ultimate comfort. The 6 nights / 7 days rejuve-
nating yoga program consists of Hatha Yoga (yoga exer-               Every day of the retreat will explore a journey through a
cises), relaxation, breathing techniques, meditation, as             distinct chakra (energy center) to restore overall balance.
well as three LIGNE ST BARTH treatments. On your off-hours,
you can laze by the pool, or enjoy everything that St. Barth         This exclusive yoga retreat will be relaxing, healing,
has to offer.                                                        rejuvenating as well as mind clearing.

Whether you're a beginner or advanced yogi, the sessions will                                   Veronica Vidal has been practicing
be tailored to your needs. Plus enjoy healthy-living vegetarian                                 yoga since 1978. She is certified
meals (with the option of ordering fresh fish). Mind and sen-                                   in Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga,
ses alike will be soothed by the melodic, timeless beauty of                                    Integral Yoga, Forrest Yoga, and
the island, its green rolling hills and the crystal-clear waters                                Dharma Mittra Yoga among
of the Caribbean pearly beaches.                                                                others certifications. She has stu-
                                                                                                died at the Bihar School of Yoga,
If you’re looking for an upscale yogic experience, this might                                   India and other Ashrams. She is
be the place to begin a spiritual or wellness journey and let                                   recognized by the Yoga Alliance
the rest of the world just drift away.…                                                         as ERYT 500 (Experienced
                                                                                                Registered Yoga Teacher). In
VeroYoga Program                                                                                addition she is the founder
                                                                                                Director of "VeroYoga" in Key
                                                                      Biscayne FL. as well as the Director of Ubuntu Yoga Studio
Each morning, we’ll start the day with Veronica’s energetic
                                                                      in Napa Valley CA. VeroYoga means "True Yoga" traditional
wake-up flow class from 8 am to 11 am.
                                                                      ancient yoga for people that live in today"s world.
The morning practice includes restorative as well as invigora-
ting yoga asanas (poses), breathing techniques and relaxation.

HOTEL LE SERENO - Saint-Barthélemy - French West Indies -
Tel. +59 (05) 90 29 83 00 - USA +1 888 Le Sereno (1 888 537 37 36)
Opening soon: Le Sereno Villas (
Spa treatments by LIGNE ST BARTH
The exquisite elixirs and spa treatments of                          of pure bourbon vanilla, the Caribbean tiaré flower or the
LIGNE ST BARTH whisk you away to a world                             especially feminine scent of the lily. Duration: ~ 60 Minutes.
of Caribbean relaxation.                                             ST BARTH ELASTICITY
                                                                     Body Mask with Clay and Pineapple
ST BARTH SOFTNESS                                                    Intensive body care to improve the appearance of the skin with
Body Peeling Massage with Coconut Oil and Papaya                     valuable minerals and vitamins as natural components of clay
Relaxing peeling massage for velvety soft and smooth skin.           and fresh pineapple. Ivy, menthol and camphor activate and
The fruit enzymes in fresh papaya and a special sea-sand             strengthen body tissue while cold-pressed avocado oil sup-
polish complex enriched with minerals remove dead skin cells.        plies important nutrients. The result is visibly smoother and
Pure coconut oil provides lasting care for the skin while pam-       tighter skin. Duration: ~ 30 minutes.
pering it with valuable nutrients. The ideal base
for an especially long-lasting and even tan.                                        ST BARTH PURENESS
Duration: ~ 30 minutes.                                                             Facial and Décolleté Treatment
                                                                                    with Hand Massage
ST BARTH HARMONY                                                                    Luxuriate in an exceptionally gentle treatment
Pampering Body Massage                                                              of face, neck, décolleté and hands. Enjoy the
Enjoy a relaxing, gentle body massage with                                          fresh fragrances of natural elixirs reminiscent
intensive care products specially tailored to                                       of a colorful Caribbean fruit basket.
your needs. Choose pure, slightly warmed coconut oil for             This especially tranquil, pampering treatment will assist you
intensive conditioning of especially dry skin, cold-pressed          in reaching a state of deep relaxation. The high-quality, bota-
avocado oil to support the functioning of particularly delicate      nicalbased care products with natural vitamins and minerals
skin or ivy gel and menthol oil for strengthening tissue and         have an intensive cleansing effect and stimulate the skin's
skin layers. To round off the experience, let yourself be pam-       natural functioning. Your skin takes on a clear, smooth and
pered with a touch of the Caribbean. Select your favourite           fresh appearance. The gentle treatment is rounded off with
body lotion with cold-pressed avocado oil and the fragrance          a nourishing hand massage. Duration: ~ 90 Minutes.

HOTEL LE SERENO - Saint-Barthélemy - French West Indies -
Tel. +59 (05) 90 29 83 00 - USA +1 888 Le Sereno (1 888 537 37 36)
Opening soon: Le Sereno Villas (
Healthy eatry at Le Restaurant
                                                                         In this elegant and relaxed environment, our Chef takes the
                                                                         fresh ingredients and with a minimum of manipulation trans-
des Pêcheurs                                                             forms them into simple and savory dishes. The fish is ”prepa-
                                                                         red as you like it”, whole or filleted, grilled, seared or our
Fresh Fish, Simplicity, Feet-in-the-Sand                                 famous whole fish “en croute de sel” (whole fish baked in a
                                                                         sea-salt crust).
Le Restaurant des Pêcheurs is known at St Barth for his                  During your yoga retraet, since nutrition is an integral
fresh seafood. Local fishermen arrive at Le Sereno in their              part of yoga and meditation, wholesome vegetarian
boats to deliver their daily catch, which is complemented                meals will be served to make this a perfect mind/body
by the best fish and meats flown in directly from France.                learning experience.

  Grand Suite Plage 4995 €
                                        Package includes:
                                                          Yoga Retreat Package
                                                          from May 4th to May 10th
                                                          or July 6th to July 12th

                                        • VIP reception service in St Marten airport, to
                                                                                                        7 days/6 night

                                                                                             One set of hawaianas for her and for him
                                                                                             In Room Espresso Machine.
                                                                                           • Complimentary use of gym.
  Suite Terrasse    3595 €                facilitate custom and immigration as well as
                                                                                           • Complimentary use of Snorkelling equipment
                                          luggage clearance.
                                                                                             and Kayak.
                                        • Continental Breakfast served in the comfort of
  DOUBLE OCCUPANCY                                                                         • Complimentary use of the Tennis courts.
                                          your suite or at Le Restaurant des Pêcheurs.
                                                                                           • Complimentary airport pick up and transfers on
  Grand Suite Plage 6595 €              • One fruit basket
                                                                                             departure day.
  Suite Terrasse    5195 €              • 6 lunches for 2 persons at Restaurant Des
                                                                                           • Free use of pre-programmed I-Pod with large
                                          Pêcheurs, not inclusive of beverages.
                                                                                             music selection.
                                        • 6 dinners for 2 persons at Restaurant Des
  All the retreat rates include the       Pêcheurs, not inclusive of beverages.
                                                                                           Blackouts and conditions apply, please check at
  full yoga program, accom-             • TWO Yoga retreat class per day.
                                                                                           time of reservation.
                                        • 3 LIGNE ST BARTH SPA TREATMENT.
  modation, 3 Spa treatments            • Complementary LIGNE ST BARTH Gift.               Minimum 10 Yoga Retreat participants.
  and all meals.                        • One welcome Beach Bag amenity upon arrival       Car rental available up on request.

HOTEL LE SERENO - Saint-Barthélemy - French West Indies -
Tel. +59 (05) 90 29 83 00 - USA +1 888 Le Sereno (1 888 537 37 36)
Opening soon: Le Sereno Villas (

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