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									                                                                          being only moderately strenuous, with a couple verging on difficult, I
                                                                          would recommend that you get yourself into reasonable shape before
                                                                          attempting a tour of the more mountainous regions of the country. The
                                                                          northern parts of the country, around the Danube, are flat, as is the
                                                                          area around Vienna, and therefore offers less strenuous biking.
                                                                          Cyclists intending a winter tour of Austria should make a daily check as
                                                                          to whether the roads which they intend to ride on that day are actually
                                                                          open. Normally this only holds true on the high altitude roads, between
                                                                          November and May, when many of the mountain roads are closed,
                                                                          regardless of whether any snow has fallen or not.

                                                                          Budget accommodation would consist mainly of Youth hostels and
                                                                          campsites, although checking out the "Zimmerfrei" signs could prove to
                                                                          be a an affordable alternatives. "Zimmerfrei" means that the owner is
                     Touring Department                                   offering bed-and-breakfast type accommodation. I have included
                                                                          details of other budget accommodation in the "A-Z" section, although
                                                                          these appear mainly under the hearings of larger towns, and cities, on
                                                                          the routes, but tend to be independent hostels, rather than B&B's.
                                                                          Official Youth Hostels in major tourist centres tend to fill up very quickly
                       Linear Routes                                      in the summer months - some of the hostels in the cities take in groups
                                                                          of school kids, so I suggest that you book ahead, even if it is only a
Routes compiled by S. Olds 1989                                           phone call to the hostel the day before you intend arriving. For Youth
                                                                          Hostels in Vienna, book ahead by as long a period beforehand as
Geography & Roads                                                         possible, especially for the Myrthengasse hostel.
Road surfaces in Austria are good, but due to the size of the country,
the existing road network is limited. The main tourist routes are         If you intend camping on your trip, campsites listed in the guide are
extremely busy driving peak holiday season, and also sometimes over       within a days ride of each other, regardless of daily mileage ability, but
the weekends. The minor roads, those which the cycle tourist is more      this may mean doing a little less, or if you feel fit, a little more than your
likely to use, are quieter, and offer more pleasant cycling, but the      average daily distance. Official campsites vary from a piece of land
surfaces on these roads are often not very good - although this being     which a farmer has set aside for campers, with a cold water tap, to
usually on the high altitude roads which fall into disrepair during the   luxury sites with everything, including sauna and solarium!
winter months. All the routes in this guide follow minor roads where
possible, and where major routes form a part of an itinerary, they are    Wild-camping is legal in Austria, and in the mountain regions, a
wide enough (with a wide hard shoulder) to offer safe, and pleasant       practical alternative to campsites. Remember, though, that you should
cycling.                                                                  ask permission where possible, or at least be discreet. A polite request
                                                                          to a farmers will rarely be refused, more so if he has already
As Austria is covered almost 2/3 with mountains, you should expect a      harvested. To camp wild in state forests you will have to ask
lot of these routes to cover fairly mountainous terrain, most of these    permission from the local "Burgermeister" (Mayor).
                                                                                             D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e64edc4f-e0b8-48dd-a88f-cb95a310bc39.doc ~ Page 1

Route 1       Bregenz – Innsbruck (205 km)

The first part of this route runs through the Bregenzerwald, a hilly
wooded plateau which follows the course of the Bregenzer Ache

The route climbs out of Bregenz, as far as Alberschwende, where the
climb levels out onto the plateau, which runs as far as Schrocken. The
best known village in the area is Bezau, but Mellau, Au (see Mountain
Biking/Hiking), Schoppernau and Schrocken are also picturesque.
Leaving Schrocken, the road climbs steeply up to the Hochtannberg
Pass, with 2 graded inclines of 14%. On the east descent of the pass,
                                                                         Route"), the route follows the Lech river, as far as Lech itself. For
about half-way to Warth, there is a tunnel. From Warth (see "Optional
                                                                         excursions from Lech, see ”Detours”. The road starts climbing again
                                                                                          D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e64edc4f-e0b8-48dd-a88f-cb95a310bc39.doc ~ Page 2
from Lech up to the Flexen Pass, through Zurs. The south descent of                  (Detour here to join ROUTE 6, to Fussen, Germany, OR to join
the Flexen pass is winding, and ends at a T-junction, where a                        Route 5 & 7 to Telfs, back on Route 1)
cafe/souvenir shop makes a good refreshment stop before tackling the          7      Lech
Arlberg Pass.                                                                 5      Zurs
The scenery on the west ascent of the Arlberg pass is pretty desolate,               FLEXEN PASS - 1773 metres,
and I found it cold riding this stretch in the late afternoon, when the sun   5      Stuben
no longer shines ever the mountain-tops, onto the road - maybe the                   (Point at which ROUTE 2 joins ROUTE 1)
fact that there is a river running next to the road has something to do       5      ARLBERG PASS - 1793 metres.
with it getting as cold as it does? Just over the crest of the Arlberg        1      St. Christoph am Arlberg
pass is St. Christoph, and from there to Pettnau is all downhill, with the    7      St. Anton am Arlberg
road surface in good condition, so you can REALLY let rip - unless you        5      Flirsch am Arlberg
want to stop off in St. Anton on the way down, or stop at one of the          5      Strengen am Arlberg
many view-points to take a photo. This east descent is much there             5      Pians
scenic than the west ascent. From Pettnau, follow the minor road to                  (Detour here to join ROUTE 3, to Bludenz)
Flirsch, through Schann which will bring you back on the main road at         6      Landeck
Griesse where the last of the Autobahn tunnels exits from the                        (Detour to join ROUTE 4, to Italy via Reschen)
mountains. From here to Landeck it's all downhill again (well, nearly!).      3      Zams
                                                                              8      Schonwies
The road from Landeck to Nassereith involves only 2 graded climbs,            8      Imst
the first just before Starkenbach, and the other 1.5 km before Imst. The      4      Tarrenz
route from Nassereith to Telfs takes in the climb up to Holzleiten Sattel,    8      Nassereith
a long winding climb with 3 graded inclines, then a long down-hill run               HOLZLEITEN SATTEL - 1126 metres,
into Telfs. Once in Telfs, make your way to the south side of the town,       14     Fronhausen
then cross the Inn river, turn left and make your way towards Innsbruck       2      Mieming
on the minor roads, heading towards the villages indicated in the route       8      Telfs
sheet below.                                                                         (Detour here to join ROUTE 7, to Fussen, Germany)
                                                                              2      Pfaffenhofen
0      BREGENZ                                                                6      Inzing
5      Wolfurt                                                                9      Kematen
11     Alberschvvende                                                         13     INNSBRUCK
8      Egg
12     Bezau                                                                  Detours
2      Baien                                                                  Lech to Spullersee and Formarinsee
1      Mellau                                                                 The route to both of these lakes is up a one-way road, which is
9      Au                                                                     supposedly a toll-road, but on my various excursions along this route,
14     Schroken                                                               no-one has ever asked me for payment. Take the west exit from Lech
4      HOCHKRUMBACH PASS - 1679 metres.                                       (for both lakes) and go through the village of Zug. At the junction, 8 km
3      Warth                                                                  from Lech, turn left for Spullersee, and right to Formarinsee. From this
                                                                              junction, the distance to both lakes is 5 km.
                                                                                                D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e64edc4f-e0b8-48dd-a88f-cb95a310bc39.doc ~ Page 3
If you've headed to Formarinsee, and don't feet like taking the same         forests, and on to Argenzipfell. You can then follow the road back to
road back to Lech, you could take the track from Formarinsee to              Au.
Spullersee, and then taking the Spullersee - Lech road back. The other
option, if you don't need to go back to Lech, and have your luggage
with you, is to take this same track to Spullersee, then another track
from Spullersee to Klosterle, which forms part of the itinerary of Route

Optional Route
An option to the Warth - Imst stretch of Route 1, one could follow
Route 6, from Warth, as far as Elmen, then follow a lonely stretch of
mountain road to Imst, back on Route 1. The distance from Warth to
Elmen, along Route 6, is 34 km and from Elmen to Imst is 27km.

10     Borten - 1356 metres
       Pfafflar (then a 15% climb)
       Hahntennjoch - 1894 metres.
13     Turn-off to Linserhof.
4      Imst (there's a 15% descent just before Imst.)

Mountain-Biking / Hiking
This off-road route starts in Au, and follows a trail through the pine
forests on the north-vvest of the village, to Argenstein. Continue uphill
to the Edelveiss Gasthof, then still heading uphill, cross the col
beneath Holenkel. Turn left where the path divides, and head towards
the old farm buildings at Kanis Alm. Pass the buildings, then head
uphill again, up to the col, keeping Damulser Mittagspitze (2095) on
your right. Once you crest this col you should be able to see the village
of Damuls.
Leave Damuls on the track behind the shop, and climb up to Faschina.
Turn left onto the path marked 601, which heads up around the Zafern
Horn (2107) but leave this path, bearing right, before it reaches the col.
Carry on past the farms, and on your way downhill take the left fork in
the path. This path leads into the Eventobel Valley, through the pine

                                                                                              D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e64edc4f-e0b8-48dd-a88f-cb95a310bc39.doc ~ Page 4
                                                                           Nuziders you should be able to smell your way into Bludenz - the
                                                                           aroma from the chocolate factories in the town is awesome!

                                                                           Leaving Bludenz, take the road out towards the Autobahn, but turn left
                                                                           before you reach the highway junction, and follow the minor roads to
                                                                           Dalaas. There is a graded climb just after the village of Bings. This
                                                                           minor road joins the main road at Muhleplatz, but only for a few
                                                                           kilometres, after which you will join minor roads again just after Engel.
                                                                           Stay on this road until you reach Klosterle. The West asccent of the
                                                                           Arlberg Pass starts here. As you leave the town, look to your right -
                                                                           you will see the start of the famous Arlberg Tunnel. You will pass
                                                                           through Langen am Arlberg on your way to Stuben.

Route 2       Bregenz – Stuben (93.5 km)

Follow the signs for Wolfurt, out of Bregenz, then for Schwarzach,
which will lead you to Dornbirn on minor roads. From Dornbirn to
Gotzis you will find it less confusing if you stay on the main road (the
190). Once you reach Gotzis you take the road signposted towards
Klaus and Rankweil. From Rankweil you have 2 options - either to go
to Feldkirch, or to cut a corner off the route by heading straight for

If you want to go to Feldkirch, from Rankweil, follow the signs for
If you wish to cut across to Satteins, it is signposted from Rankweil.
Should you want to make an excursion to Liechtenstein, from
Feldkirch, it is 15 km each tray. When leaving Feldkircb, to continue on
Route 2, take the east exit from town, on the 190 for 4 km. Turn left,
towards Satteins. Skirt round the village, then follow signs for
Frommengarsch, Thuringen and Nuziders, consecutively. From
                                                                                             D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e64edc4f-e0b8-48dd-a88f-cb95a310bc39.doc ~ Page 5
                                                                           (the 188), and will pass through St. Gallenkirch, Gaschurn and
From Stuben, eastwards, to the intersection of Routes 1 and 2, there       Partenen.
are 2 graded inclines, both under 12%.
                                                                           The ascent to Bieler-Hohe starts at Partenen, and winds up around
       BREGENZ                                                             umpteen hairpins, with 4 graded inclines (3 less than 12% and 1 of
11     Dornbirn                                                            14%). The two lakes at the top of the pass are worth stopping to
6      Hohenems                                                            photograph. The Piz Buin peaks are visible to the south, from the pass.
5      Gotzis
4      Klaus                                                               The part of the route from Bieler-Hohe to Pians is known as Silvretta
4      Suiz                                                                Road, and starts off by winding it's way down from Bieler-Hohe to
1.5    Rankweil                                                            Galtur, with 5 graded descents (all under 12%.) From Galtur, head
5      Feldkirch                                                           towards and through, Mathon, Isckgl, and then onwards to the junction
       (Could detour west here to join Swiis Tour Routes)                  at Ulmich, where you turn left onto the minor road to Kappl,
4      Frastanz                                                            Langesthei, and then rejoins the main road at See. Turn left at See,
3      Satteins                                                            onto the main road, and follow it to Pians, then Landeck.
4      Frommengarsch
4      Bludesch                                                            Mountain-biking and hiking possibilities in this region are almost
4      Thuringen                                                           unlimited! The triangle between Bludenz, Pians and Galtur is
7      Nuziders                                                            absolutely riddled with tracks. Ask at local tourist offices for access
5      Bludenz                                                             details though.
       (Detour here to join Route 3, to Pians)
6      Innerbraz                                                                  BLUDENZ
9      Dalaas                                                              6      St. Anton im Montafon
3      Innerwald                                                           2      Vandans
4      Klosterle                                                           3      Tshagguns
1      Langen am Arlberg                                                   1      Schruns
3      Stuben am Arlberg                                                   8      St Gallenkirch
       (Point at which Route 1 joins this route)                           4      Partenen
                                                                                  VERMUT STAUSEE. - 1747 metres.
                                                                           16     BIELER HOHE - 2036 metres.
Route 3       Silvretta Road (85.5 km)                                     10     Galtur
                                                                           10     Ischgl
Route 3 follows the valley of Montafon, which is an incredibly beautiful   6      Ulmich
alpine park, as far as the pass at the end of the valley. The second leg   3      Kappl
of the route follows the course of the Trisanna river, to Landeck.         1.3    Lochau
Follow the signs for Schruns when you leave Bludenz. Turn right just       5      Habigen
after Loruns, onto the minor road to Vandans, then on to Tschagguns.       8      PIANS The point at which Route 3 joins this route)
Head east out of the village, crossing the main road to get to Schruns.
From Schruns onwards you will have to make use of the main road
                                                                                             D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e64edc4f-e0b8-48dd-a88f-cb95a310bc39.doc ~ Page 6
                                                                             roads - if the police catch you on the main road, you‟re in trouble!
                                                                             Where I have indicated that you use the main road, it is because it is
                                                                             no longer an express-way, and in any case is the only possibility.

                                                                                                                            3 km south of Pfunds take the
                                                                                                                            left fork in the road, and start
                                                                                                                            the climb up to Nauders. There
                                                                                                                            is only 1 graded ascent on this
                                                                                                                            climb,       of     11%.     The
                                                                                                                            Austrian/Italian border is 4 km
                                                                                                                            south of Nauders, at the top of
                                                                                                                            the hill. It is now usual for the
                                                                                                                            Italian customs to ask whether
                                                                                                                            you have enough money to
                                                                                                                            support yourself whilst in the
                                                                                                                            country,       and    they   can
                                                                                                                            sometimes ask to see proof of
                                                                                                                            your resources (i.e. cash,
                                                                                                                            travellers      cheques,   credit
Route 4        Landeck – Italy (71 km)                                                                                      cards, etc.). Once past the
                                                                                                                            border it is 2 km to the village
This route is a one-way route, which would form part of an itinerary                                                        of Reschen, and your first
which includes routes covered in the Italian guide.                                                                         taste of Italy - although in this
Leaving Landeck on the Pfunds road, you will be on the main road.                                                           part of Italy, German is
Pass the Fliess turn-off (unless you want to visit the village of course),                                                  spoken.
and carry on along the main road for another 2 km, then turn right, onto
the minor road to Prutz. Rejoin the main road at Prutz. Stay on this                                                        Wild-camping    is  possible
road until it turns into an express-way - it is marked with a sign                                                          between Pfunds and about 25
indicating no bicycles. Turn left here, and follow the signs for Ried.                                                      km after Reschen.
When you are almost out of Ried, take the road on the left (between
the houses), and follow what initially looks like a farm road. Follow this
road all the way to Tosens. You'll pass underneath the main road just
before you get to Tosens.                                                           LANDECK
                                                                             6      Fliess turn-off.
The road actually detours around the village, but it is worth turning off,   6      Prutz
and making a quick visit. Still following the minor road, make your way      3      Ried
towards Pfunds, where the road rejoins the main road. Note that at all       6      Tosens
the villages between Ried and Pfunds, there are signs to the next town       4      Lafairs
which would take you back to the express-way, keep to the minor              1.5    Birkach
                                                                                               D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e64edc4f-e0b8-48dd-a88f-cb95a310bc39.doc ~ Page 7
3.5    Pfunds                                                             km. At Steinach, you have the same choice - the minor road runs via
14     Nauders                                                            Humlerhof and Nessiach, and is 10 km, whilst the main road to Gries is
4      FRONTIER                                                           only 7 km (but less scenic).
2      Reschen
4      Graun                                                              The Austrian/Italian border is 5 km south of Gries, and there is a village
17     Mais                                                               at the crossing - which is built up almost entirely of tourist shops.
       (Continue south from Mais, to join Italian routes)                 Helicopters buzz continually overhead, taking supplies up to
                                                                          somewhere in the hills.

Route 5        Innsbruck – Italy (50 km)                                         INNSBRUCK
                                                                          6      Igls
Yet another one-way route to Italy! This one is for those who find them   2      Patsch
selves in Innsbruck, and feel                                             3      Muhital
like a change of culture.                                                 5      Erlach
                                                                          2      Pfons
Igls is well known and well                                               1      Matrei
signposted, and it is to here                                             4      Steinach am Branner
that you will follow the signs                                            4      Stafflach
for, when leaving Innsbruck.                                              3      Gries am Branner
Unfortunately, it's uphill, and                                           6      BRENNER PASS - 1374 metres.
has 2 graded inclines, 1 of                                               9      Gossens
11%, and the other of 13%.                                                6      Sterzing
After passing through Igls the                                                   (Continue south the join Italian routes)
next stop Petsch, with a 10%
climb just after the village, and                                    a
12% climb 21 km after that                                                Route 6        Lech River Tour (78.5 km)
one, and just before reaching                                       St.
Peter/Muhital. Just south of                                              This route takes it's name, rather obviously, from the name of the river
Muhital (after the Elbogen                                                which the route follows the course of.
turn-off), is a wicked 18%
descent and further on, just                                              Leave Warth on the east-bound 198, taking the 10% descent after the
before Matrei, there are                                                  hairpin, and then an 11% ascent after the next hairpin, then straight on
another two graded descents,                                         1    towards Steeg. There is an 11% incline in Staeg. Then carry on
of 10% and the other 12%.                                                 through Holzgau, Bach, Elbigenaip, Haselgehr to Elmen (see "Optional
                                                                          Routes"). Follow the signs for Weissenbach (see „Mountain Biking /
From Matrei to Steinach, you                                              Hiking‟) and, staying on the same road, carry on to Reutte. To join
have the option of the main                                               routes in southern Germany, head out of Reutte towards Pflach. The
road, or riding on the parallel                                           Austrian / German is 12 km from Reutte, with Fussen just across the
minor road, either way it's 4                                             border.
                                                                                            D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e64edc4f-e0b8-48dd-a88f-cb95a310bc39.doc ~ Page 8
12     Steeg
5      Holzgau
5      Bach
9      Haselgehr
5      Elmen (see OPTIONAL ROUTE under Route 1 for details of
       option here)
17     Weissenbach
9      Reutte
       (Detour to join ROUTE 7, to Telfs)
3      Pflach
8.5    Fussen

Mountain Biking / Hiking
Haldensee (and the lake the town takes it's name from) is 12 km from
Weissenbach. This off-road route is only one of the many possibilities
in the area. Both Haldensee and Gran have campsites.

Leave Haldensee on the 199, towards Tannheim, which is 3 km away.
Turn left in Tannheim and follow the lane to the end, at the cafe on the
side of Vilsalpsee. Take the path on the left side of the lake, then follow
the path numbered 425, uphill to Traualpsee, and on to the
Landesberger Hut. Take the path on the left at the hut (421), go past
Lachsee, over Lachen Joch (Pass). Schochenspitze (2089). Carry on
to the foot of the Sulspitze summit, then keep to the right, and follow
this path back to HaIdensee. The round-trip distance is about 29 km
excluding any detours.

                                                                              D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e64edc4f-e0b8-48dd-a88f-cb95a310bc39.doc ~ Page 9
                                                                            Whilst the main routes in this section still fall under the geographical
Route 7        Fern Pass Tour (77.5 km)                                     area of the Alps, they follow the valleys through the mountains, and are
                                                                            less strenuous than those covered in Section One. The exception to
Leave Telfs on the 189 (west), and head towards Nassereith, as              this are the routes which head south to Italy, over the High Tauern, and
detailed under Route 1, (but in reverse). Between Obsteig and               the detour options. Where possible, follow the minor roads which run
Nassereith there are 2 graded inclines of 11%, then the Holzleiten          parallel to the main roads, following the signs for the towns listed in the
Sattel, then the two descents of 12% and one of 10%                         route sheets.

The road climbs out of Nassereith to the Fern Pass, with 3 graded           For convenience, I have included the Berchtesgaden region of
inclines of 10% and one of 13% on the way up the pass. From the top.        Germany, as some of the routes and detours pass through the area
of the pass to Biberwier there are four graded descents, all less than      (Routes A, B and C are only indexed with letters, rather than numbers).
12%. There is a lot of up-and-down between Biberwier and Reutte, but
all gentle on the legs.
For details of the Reutte to Fussen stretch, see Route 6.

The option under Route 6 is also within the area covered by this route.

The Mountain Biking / Hiking option under Route 6 is also within the
area covered by this route.

Telfs To Nassereith Section As Route 1.

10     FERN PASS - 1209 metres.
8      Biberwier
2      Lermoos
9      Bichlbach
6      Heiterwang
3      Ehrenberger Klause
4      Reutte
       (Detour here to join Route 6, to Warth)
3      Pflach
8.5    Fussen

This section covers the eastern parts of Tirol and the Salzburg
province. Once again, in this section, the off-road routes fall under the
individual route headings.

                                                                                              D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e64edc4f-e0b8-48dd-a88f-cb95a310bc39.doc ~ Page 10
Route 8        Innsbruck – Salzburg (258.5 km)
The first part of this route is flat, sometimes a bit boring, but the small    7      Rum
towns set against the Inn River make pleasant „pass-by‟ scenery.               4      Hall im Tirol
                                                                               3      Miles
Turn off the 177 at Strass, into the Zillertal valley, which has snow-         2      Wattens
capped peaks on either side. When you reach the bend at Kaltenbach /           4      Weer
Stumm, turn off the 169 and follow the minor road to Zell am Ziller,           7      Schwaz
through Aschau. From Zell am Zimmer you could make the detour to                      (Continue north for Route 9)
Mayrhofen and Hintertux, up a dead-end valley. Mayrhofen makes a               7      Buch
great base for mountain-biking, details uner “Mountain Biking/Hiking”.         2      Schitters
Continuing on Route 8 involves a long winding climb, but the view from         5      Fugan
the top of the hill, back along Zillertal, makes the climb worth the effort.   2      Finsing
There are only 3 graded inclines between Zell a Z and Gerlos, all              5      Stumm
under 12%. As there aren‟t many places for refreshment along this              7      Zell am Ziller
road, the café/bar on the left of the road as you pass through Gerlos                 (Detour to Mayrhofen and Hintertux)
makes a welcome stop after the long climb. From Gerlos to the top of           17     Gerlos
the Gerlos Pass is another 9 km, then downhill into Krimml. The                9      GERLOS PASS – 1507 metres
Krimml waterfalls make a nice excursion from the route, and most of            12     Krimml
the trail to the falls is suitable for cycles – but give way to pedestrians.          (Excursion detour to Krimml Waterfalls)
                                                                               8      Wald am Pingau
Once in the Salzach valley the route is again flat, and you could either       5      Neukirchen
stay on the 165 to Mittersill or, from Neukirchen onwards, follow the          6      Bramberg
signs for the next village via the parallel minor roads. There is a high-      1.5    Muhlbach
altitude off-road option for mountain bikers, from near Mittersill to Zell     10     Mittersill
am See (see “Mountain Biking/Hiking”). Zell am See makes a great               6      Uttendorf
stop-over place for a few days, with excursions around the lake and a          6      Niedersill
nice ride down the Kaprun valley, to Wasserfallboden. When leaving             12     Zell am See
Zell am See, take the 312 east as far as the Taxenbach turn-off, then                 (Detour north for Routes A, B & C. Excursion detour to
turn right into Taxenbach and follow the minor road through the                       Wasserfallboden)
Kitzlochklamm gorge to Lend. The route from Lend to Salzburg id                3      Bruck am der Grosslockner
pretty straight forward, and the only points worth special mention are                (Detour to join Route 11, to Lienz and Italy)
the detour to Leichtensteinklamm (5 km each way from St Johann),               10     Taxenbach
and that Salzburg makes a fitting end to a scenic route. It‟s also worth       13     Lend
mentioning that almost the whole stretch from Zell am See to Salzburg          10     Schwarzach
is flat, but picturesque nevertheless.                                         6      St Johann im Pongau
                                                                                      (Excursion detour to Leichtenstain-Klamm)
                                                                               7      Bischofshofen
                                                                               5      Werfen
                                                                                             D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e64edc4f-e0b8-48dd-a88f-cb95a310bc39.doc ~ Page 11
3       Tenneck                                                               the trail to Pfitsscher Joch, then into Italy, to join with Route 5 (of
14      Golling                                                               Section One).
5       Kuchl
8       Hallein                                                               For off-roading in the valley leading into Hintertux, the best advice I
        (Detour to join Route 9)                                              can give is for you to ride into Hintertux itself, then carry on riding until
2       Oberalm                                                               you run out of road, and then go and play on the countless kilometres
2       Puch                                                                  of trails in the area.
7       Elsbethen
7       SALZBURG                                                              Mittersill
                                                                              The route follows the course of a trail called Pinzgauer-Spaziergang,
                                                                              which follows trail 719 almost all the way from the Burgl hut to Zell am
Mountain Biking/Hiking                                                        See. The start of the route is in Stuhlfelden, about 2 km east of
The area around Mayrhofen is ideal for off-roading, so the town makes         Mittersill. Take the jeep trail northwards out of the village, up the
a great base for ATB excursions. To detail all the possible routes in the     Muhltall valley, to Burgl hut. Then follow the signs for the 719, around
area would take too much space. I have detailed those which I enjoyed         hochkogel to Schmittenhohe, then head downhill into Zell am See. This
most. The route from near Mittersill to Zell am See makes a great             trail is very popular in the peak summer season.
optional route for mountain bikers.

There is a campsite in the town, which lies in a valley. The valley splits
at Mayrhofen, one leg runs to Hintertux, and the other in the direction
of the lake near Breitlahner. Both roads are surfaced.

The first route runs down the valley to Breitlahner. To make it easier I
have detailed the route so that the outward leg is on the surfaced road,
and flat, so you can warm up before tackling the „home leg‟. From
Mayrhofen to Breitlahner is 17 km. Leave Breitlahner on trail 530,
across the Zamsbach river and then follow this river‟s tributary
upstream for about 1.5 km. Then turn right, uphill, towards
Wesendlekar Alm (farm). Carry on uphill then join the trail on the right,
which leads to a level trail which follows the contour on the mountain,
high above the valley floor. This section of the trail is known as Berliner
Hohenweg. Follow this trail until you reach Gams hut, then start
heading downhill, into the Tuxertal valley, then on back into Mayrhofen.

Another option (which I have not personally tried) which comes highly
recommended is to continue out of Breitlahner, on the road, to
Speicher-Schlegeis (lake). Apparently the trails around the lake are
worth riding. If you fell really adventurous you could take your bike up
                                                                                                D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e64edc4f-e0b8-48dd-a88f-cb95a310bc39.doc ~ Page 12
                                                                                Alpenstrasse", the 305. Now the fun starts! Did I really forget to tell you
                                                                                that the route to Berchtesgaden was cobbled? Well it is, but the
                                                                                cobbles are what is known. as alpine-cobbles, and are flat. The surface
                                                                                of the route is fairly smooth – and the sheer beauty of the region is
                                                                                worth the inconvenience of a few rattles and bumps. Berchtesgaden
                                                                                itself is in the centre of a national park of the same name. The best
                                                                                information source for local touring and for mountain bike routes is the
                                                                                bike shop at the garage on the right of the Konigsee road.

                                                                                Of all the options for a route from here to Salzburg the least busy, and
                                                                                the most pleasant, is the one via Hallein. Leave Berchtesgaden on the
                                                                                305, then turn right after 5 km. There are two roads on the right – you
                                                                                want the one which DOESN‟T go to Au. The matronly warden at the
                                                                                Hallein Youth Hostel makes cyclists feel really welcome, but unless
                                                                                you‟re tired, it's not that far to Salzburg so carry on.

Route 9         Innsbruck – Salzburg (174 km)

This route also runs from Salzburg to Innsbruck, but through the
northern regions of this section and passes through a part of Germany.

Follow Route 8 as far as Strass, then continue north-east towards
Worgl. When you reach Worgl make your way across to the north side
of town, then follow the 312 (on the north side of the river) through Soll
and Ellmau. Turn right into Ellmau then follow the minor roads to
Going, rejoining the 312 on the east side of the village. St. Johann is
the next main stop. The open air cafe in the main square serves great
snacks! Leave the town on the 312, heading along the flat stretch to
Waidring, from here you could either stay on the 312, or detour through
the village of Waidring and along the minor road which rejoins the 312
at Pass Strub, there is R café / snack-bar near the intersection of the
two roads. Onwards through Lofer and Unken. 3 km from unseen is the             Innsbruck to Strass as per Route 8
Austria / German frontiers.
5 km after the frontier, turn right at the intersection, carry on for another   6      Brixlegg
2 km, then bear right, onto the road signposted as “Deutsche-                   2      Rattenburg
                                                                                                  D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e64edc4f-e0b8-48dd-a88f-cb95a310bc39.doc ~ Page 13
8      Kundl                                                                   turn right to continue on Route 10, or turn left to rejoin Route 9. Both
7      Worgl                                                                   roads are numbered 161.
2      Brugghausl
1      Muhital                                                                        WORGL
6      Hauning                                                                 2      Brugghausl
7      Ellmau                                                                  5      Hopfgarten
4      Going                                                                   5      Westerndorf
6      St Johann im Tirrol                                                     4      Brixen im Thale
       (Detour for ROUTES 8,. 10, A and B)                                     5      Kirchberg
                                                                               7      Kitzbuhel
                                                                               9      JOCHBERG – 923 metres
Route 10       Worgl – Mittersill (57 km)                                      20     MITTERSILL

This route is basically a link between Routes 8 and 9, and is not a
complete route in itself. Having said that, the Kitzbuhel to Mittersill part   Route 11       Bruck a d G – Lienz (& Italy) (86 km)
of this route is a great role.
                                                                               One of the most scenic of the high-altitude roads, so I am told - I
                                                                               confess to not having cycled this route, so I haven't very much to say
                                                                               about it. Reports front friends, and having seen many photographs of
                                                                               the scenery on the route, made it seem like too good a route not to
                                                                               include. I have only included information which I could verify. The route
                                                                               links with routes in Section 4 of this guide, and also with Italian routes.

                                                                                      BRUCK AM DER GROSSGLOCKNER
                                                                               7      Fusch
                                                                               7      Ferleiten
                                                                                      PIFKAR - 1620 metres
                                                                               13     Fuschtor - 2428 metres
                                                                                      (Take the left fork to go to the Eidelweiss Spitz)
                                                                                      FUSCHELOCKE - 2661 metres
                                                                               6      Hochtor - 2575 metres
                                                                               7      Guttal
                                                                                      (Take the right fork for Franz-Josefs Hohe; 9 km each way)
                                                                               8      Heiliglenblut
                                                                               12     Winklern
                                                                               16     LIENZ
Leave Worgl on the south side of the river, on the 170, which you
follow all the way to Kitzbuhel. At the junction just before Kitzbuhel,        Continue towards Italy via Sillain. Then cross the frontier and head
                                                                               towards Cortina d‟Ampezzo.
                                                                                                 D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e64edc4f-e0b8-48dd-a88f-cb95a310bc39.doc ~ Page 14
                                                                        Muhlbach makes a great base camp for mountain-bike excursions to
                                                                        the hills nearby. Refuge huts at Rupertihaus and Arthurhaus.

                                                                               ST. JOHANN
                                                                        13     Fieberbrunn
                                                                        4      Hochfilzen
                                                                        12     Leogang
                                                                        7      Saalfelden
                                                                               (Detour to join ROUTE B)
                                                                        5      Maria Alm
                                                                        9      Hintertal turn-off
                                                                        6      Dienten
                                                                        9      Bischofshofen

                                                                        Route B        Lofer – Zell am See (37 km)

                                                                        Leave Lofer on the 311 south. to follow the course of the Saalach river.
                                                                        as far as Saalfelden. Mid-way between Lofer and Saalfelden is the
                                                                        turn-off for the next route (C). Leave Saalfelden on the minor road
                                                                        which runs parallel to the east-bound 164. Turn right through the
                                                                        village of Almdorf and follow this road through Mitterhofen, until just
                                                                        before Maishofen. At the junction about 1 km before Maishofen, turn
Route A       St Johann – Bischofshofen (77 km)                         left. This road will bring you to the north shore of the Zellersee. To get
                                                                        to the town of Zell am See, follow the road to the right, or alternatively.
This route links Route 9 with Route 8, and for some of the way passes   follow the path around the lake itself.
over some pretty desolate mountain reads. Leave St. Johann on the
164 and follow the valley all the way to Saalfelden. Exit from                 LOFER
Saalfelden on the 164, east. A 12% graded incline just before Meer,     2      St. Martin
and from here on the road classification changes from "Federal road"    7      Weissbach
to "minor road". After the 2nd tight hairpin out of Meer expect a 15%          (Detour to join ROUTE C)
graded incline, and then a 14% descent. At the junction near Dienten,   11     Wiesing
turn left, up a 12% incline, and then onwards to Dientner-Sattel.       3      Saalfelden
Between here and Muhlbach are 2 graded descents of 18%. The ride        3      Almdorf
from Muhlbach to Bischofshofen is a short flat pull, once again on a    4      Mitterhofen
good road surface.                                                      2      Turn-off
                                                                        2      Shore of the lake
                                                                        3      ZELL AM SEE
                                                                                          D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e64edc4f-e0b8-48dd-a88f-cb95a310bc39.doc ~ Page 15
Route C        Berchtesgaden National Park (27 km)

This route follows an unclassified road east from Weissbach, on Route
B, to Berchtesgaden. Between Weissbach and the hamlet of Stocklaus
are graded inclines. The first 2 are both 12%, and the third is 13%. Just
after the turn-off to Hinterthal is a mean 23% climb. The ascent peaks
at the hamlet of Hirschbichl, which is the frontier between Austria and
Germany. Almost straight after crossing the frontier there is a 23%
descent, with another 2 graded descents of 11% between there and
Hintersee. When you reach the village of Hintersee, turn left onto the
road which runs around the lake from which the village takes it's name.
On reaching Antenbichl turn right, and follow this road to Ramsau.
From this point it is 7 km along Route 9 to Berschtesgadenl.
For details of excursions and mountain-biking in the national part, see
Route 9 for information source.

                                                                            D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\e64edc4f-e0b8-48dd-a88f-cb95a310bc39.doc ~ Page 16

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