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AnnualReport2008 - PDF

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									   2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Vermont Association for the Blind
    and Visually Impaired

Expanding Horizons

                            TO ACHIEVE
                       INDEPENDENCE IN
               A VISUAL WORLD SINCE 1926
                                  2008: Expanding Horizons
                             A MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD PRESIDENT
    FY2008               In Vermont today, approximately 10,500
                         residents live with blindness or a visual
 Board Officers          impairment. According to the nation s
                         leading volunteer eye health and safety
    Tom Heinrich:        organization, Prevent Blindness America, the
   Board President       numbers of blind and visually impaired
                         Americans can be expected to almost double
  James M. Mooney:       over the coming 20 years. For a state as small
    Vice President       as ours, such a rise can have a noticeable
   Debbie Balserus:      impact in our close-knit towns and
      Treasurer          communities.

 Patricia Henderson:     We here at the Vermont Association for the
      Secretary          Blind and Visually Impaired (VABVI) are
                         keenly aware that Vermont s population is
Board Members            aging. Baby boomers are growing older and
                         will be increasingly experiencing
 Robert Armstrong, Jr.   age-related ocular diseases, such as macular
   Michael J. Benoit     degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and
                         glaucoma. This will naturally increase
      Erin Bessy         demand for services to treat these conditions,
   John Bloomer, Jr.     and VABVI is committed to being prepared to
                         help those seeking assistance as they cope
   Patricia Carruth      with vision loss.
   Norman S. Case
                         Last year VABVI provided services to 1,447
   William A. Catto      clients, including 301 children, from each of
Allison Crowley-DeMag    Vermont s 14 counties. Our wonderful
                         teachers and service providers help these
  Carroll F. Ketchum     clients lead fulfilling lives, getting the most
    Jason Saltman        out of life and giving the most back.
                                       Design, Writing & Editing
    Walter Merrow              By Brendan Robinson and Ayeshah Raftery
                                    Printing by Queen City Printers
There has been no shortage of work to keep us busy here at VABVI in
recent years, and Fiscal Year 2008 was no exception. Our Expanding
Horizons capital campaign for $4.1 million is now firmly underway,
property for our new head office has been purchased and construction at
60 Kimball Avenue in South Burlington began in June. In late July, the good
weather lasted just long enough to hold a groundbreaking ceremony
onsite where approximately 40 staff, members and supporters celebrated
VABVI s future endeavors as well as recognized our financier Chittenden
Bank, our architect Wiemann Lamphere, our contractor Neagly & Chase
and the O Brien Brothers Agency, from whom we purchased the land.
Clearly, our campaign is gaining momentum!

It would not be possible for VABVI to accomplish all this without the
support of the fantastic people and organizations who partner with us.
The generosity of the individuals, schools, businesses, foundations and
governments concerned with the well-being of their blind and visually
impaired neighbors allows us to give these neighbors the assistance they
deserve. Your efforts make a difference in our communities!

  Our sincerest thanks to everyone who shares our vision and desire to
                          Expand our Horizons.


     Tom Heinrich                2008         Steven Pouliot
   Board President                            Executive Director

                          The VABVI mission:
    To enable Vermonters with vision problems, whether blindness or
          impairment, to achieve and maintain independence.
                            FY2008 Staff:
Stephanie Bissonette                                    Liese Reagan
    Jessica Blais                De Haskell            Robert Schicker
     Nancy Boldt               Eileen Marrier         Jeffrey Schroeder
   Ardelle Cabre              Frank Micalizzi           Katie Shappy
    Ira Chomsky                Lori Newsome               Eric Shaw
   Kerry Clifford            Esturo Nishiyachi            Lynn Stone
  Michelle Connor              Daniel Norris           Sheila Thurston
     Sara Dessau                Jean Palmer          Melinda Underwood
 Christina Donahue              Janet Parker            Kelly Van Dyk
     Pam Durant                 Cathie Peller         Laurie VasQuenza
     Carol Eaton                Tina Pelkey              Vickie Vest
    Jack Gaither               Steven Pouliot           Hope Watson
      Amy Gates              Kathleen Quinlan           Andrea Welch
     Harriet Hall             Ayeshah Raftery        Sharon Wille-Padnos

         About Our Cover:                        Board Changes
    VABVI client Dick Connor of
    Orange County painted this            We would like to extend our
  fantastic horizon, demonstrating        gratitude to Erin Bessy, John
  his determination to prevent his        Bloomer, Jr. and Patricia
    artistic integrity from being         Carruth, who have all served
     compromised by his visual            the organization for 9 years!
             impairment.                  This is the maximum number of
                                          consecutive years of board
     Photographs, Left to Right:          service allowable, and VABVI
                                          is extremely appreciative of
   Intensive Residential Life
                                          the commitment they have all
   Experiences youth program
                                          shown. Thanks to each of you
   participant Taylor Flood.
                                          for a job well done!
   The new VABVI head office
   under construction at 60
   Kimball Avenue in South
   Left to right: Tom Chase of
   Neagly & Chase, VABVI Board
   President Tom Heirich, VABVI
   Executive Director Steve Puliot,
   VABVI Director of Development
   Ayeshah Raftery and VABVI
   Board Member Norman Case.
                             2007 VABVI Annual Dinner
    VABVI staff were joined by numerous friends and supporters this June at the Vermont
    National Country Club for another successful annual dinner. This year over $18,000 was
    raised! Tim Kavanagh, host of WCAX s Late Night Saturday, entertained guests as he
    announced this year s Silent Auction winners. Prizes included a dinner for two at A Single
    Pebble restaurant, a Smuggler s Notch Bash Badge and IRLE Program bird houses!
    Congratulations to our winners!

                              YOU Make the Difference!
    VABVI could not accomplish all it does without the invaluable support
    of volunteers like YOU! In 2007, 233 volunteers donated 13,648 hours
       of time and drove 149,719 miles for our Transportation Program.
                         MANY SINCERE THANKS!!!
If you, or someone you know, are interested in experiencing the priceless rewards
offered by volunteering your time, please consider becoming involved with our
organization! VABVI is always looking for drivers, typists, readers, individuals
willing to provide companionship or stuff envelopes. Even office support is
welcome. If you can spare time doing any (or all!) of these activities, please
contact one of our volunteer coordinators for more information:
·    Brattleboro: De Haskell at                  ·   Montpelier: Cathie Peller at
      1-877-350-8840 or                               1-877-350-8838 or                    
·    Burlington: Laurie VasQuenza at             ·   Rutland: Tina Pelkey at
      1-800-639-5861 x11 or                           1-877-350-8839 or                  

                           Coordinator of Volunteer Services:
                     Vicki Vest at 1-877-350-8839 or
No organizat ion that exists solely to assist those in need
   can, in turn, operate without the assistance of those
 individuals and bus inesses who share their vision. The
     Vermont Association for the Blind and Visually
Impaired would like to extend its sincere gratitude to all
  our donors who believe in our missio n: enabling blind
    and visual ly impaired Vermonters to achieve and
                  maintain independence.
              Julia s Story                                In Recognition
 Shortly after Julia B. was born in 1997,      Pat Carruth (seated, below) began losing
 she had given little indication that she      her sight at the age of 60, forcing her into
 could see much. Julia s mother took her       early retirement. VABVI members helped
 to a doctor who diagnosed her with            her find the tools and regain the self-
 severe Coloboma, a congenital                 confidence to succeed. Today, at 78, Pat
 structural problem affecting the eye.         lives alone but is self sufficient and
 Soon after the diagnosis Julia s family       dedicated to helping others. She is an
 contacted VABVI, who provided a               active VABVI member, who served on the
 Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI) to     board for nine years and is on the
 work with Julia using toys designed to        Consumer Advisory Council; she is also an
 stimulate all of her senses. Colored          active member in VABVI support groups,
 lights trained her eyes to track              encouraging others to learn and grow. Pat
 movement and her earliest books               also plans trips and speaks at schools and
 utilized black, white and red     the first   senior centers about visual impairments.
 colors that a baby can see. VABVI TVI s       VABVI recently nominated Pat for the 2008
 have been working with her ever since.        Senior of the Year Award from the Central
 Now ten years old, Julia has some vision,     Vermont Council on Aging         which she
 which she has learned to maximize. Her        won! Congratulations to Pat, who is one of
 impairment does not prevent her from          VABVI s most active volunteers. We are
 behaving like other ten-year olds,            honored to have her working alongside us!
 including playing soccer!
 The Vermont Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired
             and The Gibney Family Foundation
    Together Fulfilling Dreams of Independence for the Visually Impaired

Many thanks to the Gibney Family Foundation for their generous
support throughout the years!

     The Gibney Family Foundation has consistently
demonstrated its concern for the health and well-being of their
visually impaired neighbors and continues by being a major
supporter of our Expanding Horizons campaign. This
outstanding example challenges other donors to invest in the
future well-being of Vermont s towns and communities and
speaks to a proud history of partnership between VABVI and
The Gibney Family Foundation. In August the Gibney Family
joined the Hauke Family in sponsoring the 16th Annual
Burlington Lions Club William Hauke Sr. Memorial Golf
Tournament. Close calls were lamented and triumphant shots
were celebrated amidst much good conversation, laughter and
refreshments, with all proceeds benefiting VABVI and the
Burlington Lions Club. The Gibney Family s generous
matching grant helped raise over $35,000 for both
organizations! Thanks and applause go out to both families
and the Burlington Lions Club for a job well done!

                                   In 1925 Helen Keller
                                    the Lions to become
                                          Knights of
                              the Blind. The next year she
                              came to Vermont and helped
                            start the Vermont Association for
                             the Blind and Visually Impaired
    VABVI Children s IRLE Summer Prog rams
Another year, another successful round of Intensive Residential Life
Experience (IRLE) sessions! Summer kicked off with teen program at
the end of June, which focused on Orientation and Mobility. The teen
IRLE exercised independent travel skills with public transportation,
taxis and even trains!
                          Summer closed with the elementary IRLE
                          session, held at Stratton Mountain the final
                          week of August. The kids spent two
                          action-packed days hiking the mountain and
                          experiencing the fun and adventure of
                          Bromley Mountain Thrill Zone. They also
                          spent time learning about an orphanage in
                          Nepal and writing letters to the children who
                          live there. An exciting and educational
                          session for all who attended!

                    VABVI Adult Services
                      Central Vermont PALS
                      member Dick Connor
                      and his wife Barbara at a
                      meeting in Barre. Dick
                      incidentally painted the
                      picture on the cover of
                      this year s Annual

                      Springfield and
                      Brattleboro PALS
                      members pose for a
                                                  VABVI clients, staff and supporters
                      group photo.
                                                  walking to promote White Cane
                                                  Awareness in Burlington on
                                                  October 15th, 2007.
           FY2008 Statement of Income & Ex penses

Income                                         Children's Services Grants
                           Other 38%                       21%

                                                   Adult & Elderly Services
                                                         Grants 20%

                                              Volunteer Services Grants
                         Donations 17%                   4%

    Children's Services Grants                                                $606,888
    Adult & Elderly Services Grants                                           $579,901
    Volunteer Services Grants                                                 $121,435
    Donations                                                                 $496,968
    Other                                                               $1,092,497
    TOTAL:                                                             $2,897,689
               Development & Public          2%
Expenses            Education
    Volunteer Service
           8%                                       Children's Services
            Adult & Elderly Services                       47%

    Children's Services                                                 $1,163,761
    Adult & Elderly Services                                                  $850,627
    Volunteer Services                                                        $206,191

    Development & Public Education                                            $213,730
    Administration                                                             $46,434
    TOTAL:                                                             $2,480,743
                           FY2008 Donor Roll
  Our mission would        Pizzagalli Foundation      Town of Guildhall
    not be complete        Reader s Digest Partners   Town of Hartford
                            for Sight                 Town of Highgate
 without the generous
                           Robert Fleming & Jane      Town of Holland
   support of donors        Howe Patrick Foundation   Town of Jay
like you. Sadly, space     Special People In Need     Town of Lunenburg
   prevents us from         (SPIN)                    Town of Manchester
    listing all of our     TJX Foundation             Town of Marshfield
 Donors, but all gifts     Turrell Fund               Town of Middleton Springs
                           Walter Cerf Community      Town of Milton
  are important and
                            Fund                      Town of Moretown
     very gratefully                                  Town of Mt. Holly
        received.                                     Town of North Hero
                                                      Town of Peacham
    Foundations              Towns & Cities           Town of Plainfield
                                                      Town of Poultney
                           City of Barre              Town of Randolph
Alma Gibbs Foundation      City of Montpelier         Town of Readsboro
The Byrne Foundation       City of South Burlington   Town of Richford
C&S Wholesale Grocers,     Town of Addison            Town of Roxbury
 Inc.                      Town of Albany             Town of Royalton
Central Vermont Council    Town of Alburgh            Town of Rutland
 On Aging                  Town of Arlington          Town of Saint Johnsbury
CVS Pharmacy Corporate     Town of Berlin             Town of Salisbury
 Giving                    Town of Bethel             Town of Shaftsbury
Dunham Mason               Town of Bloomfield         Town of Shelburne
 Foundation                Town of Brattleboro        Town of Sheldon
French Foundation          Town of Bridport           Town of Starksboro
General Dynamics ECAC      Town of Brighton           Town of Stowe
General Electric, ECCF     Town of Cabot              Town of Thetford
The Gibney Family          Town of Cambridge          Town of Tunbridge
 Foundation                Town of Castleton          Town of Vernon
Golub Foundation           Town of Charlotte          Town of Waterbury
Henry W. Bull Foundation   Town of Craftsbury         Town of Weathersfield
KeyBank                    Town of Danby              Town of Wells
Kinney Drugs Foundation    Town of Eden               Town of Weston
Lintilhac Foundation       Town of Essex              Town of Williston
Mascoma Savings Bank       Town of Fairfax
 Foundation                Town of Fairfield
National Life Corporate    Town of Fairlee
 Giving Program            Town of Fayston
NorthCountry Federal       Town of Glover
 Credit Union              Town of Granville
                           Thomas Bullock              Florence Eaton
     Donors                Ricky Burleson              James Edgerton
 $100 and Above            Burlington Lions Club
                           Burlington Sunrise Rotary
                                                       Edlund Company, Inc.
                                                       Edmunds Elementary
                           L. Mario Capozzoli           School
J. Christian Abajian       Peggy Carey                 Perez Ehrich
Bradford Abele             John Carpenter              Elks Club #1665
Advanced Illuminations     Carris Reels, Inc.          Ellis Music Company
Ai Squared                 Patricia S. Carruth         Enosburg Falls Lions Club
Alice Marcy Trust          Peter C. Casavant           Essex Junction Lions Club
Allen Agency               Norman Case                 Estate of Ezra Chaffee
American Legion Post 91    Castleton Lions Club        Estate of Mary McCormick
Ladies Auxiliary           William A. Catto            Estate of Preston Loder
Lester W. Anderson         Champlain Cable             Estate of Sinah Roberts
John Arnold                 Corporation                Estate of William A.
Penny Baker                Marion P. Chapman            Houran
Debbie Balserus            Chittenden Bank             Fair Haven Aerie #3907
Barnet School              Bill Cimonetti              Farrell Distributing
H.G. Barnum                Robert E. Clark             Stephen A. Feltus
Barre Lions Club           Tom & Wendy Clavelle        Fidelity Charitable Gift
Kent J. Batcheller         James M. Cleary              Fund
Richard H. Becken          Elinor K. Clifford          Angelo W. Finelli
Judith C. Becker           Co-operative Insurance      Vera M. Fitzgerald
Bruce Belden                Companies                  Mary T. Flanagan
Robert Bensen              Community National Bank     John E. Fothergill
Paul H. Bergeron           Ruth Connolly               Thomas W. Frank
John Berryman              Cooper Insurance Services   G.W. Plastics
Robert S. Bigelow          Mary Jean D. Cox            Carol Gamsby
Stephanie & Joe Bissonette Norman Craig                Georgia Lions Club
Mr. & Mrs.Wayne Bisson- Thomas M. Crowley              Joseph Giancola
ette                       Allison Crowley-DeMag       Alcista Gillies
Norman Bittermann          Bruce Cutts                 June Giroux
Norman Blais               Charles R. Cyr              Grant Street Construction
John H. Bloomer, Jr.       Lois D'Arcangelo             Inc.
BlueCross BlueShield VT    Evelyn Daum                 Philip H. Gray
D. Michael Boardman        Jean Davison                Green Mountain United
Richard Bolduc             Jane Denker                  Way
Charles Bolliger           Read Devereux               David H. Greenberg
Ralph Boss                 Winston Dezaine             Grippin, Donlan, & Roche,
John Bove                  Harold D. Dickinson          PLC
Louis B. Bresee            Ray A. Doyle                Anne M. Griswold
Robert Brinckerhoff        Bruce Dubay                 Robert Guiduli
Stuart Brown               Peter J. Duval              Luther Hackett
William Buck               Eris Eastman                Hackett, Valine and
Frederick Buechner         Carol and Dean Eaton         MacDonald
R. Avery Hall               Todd & Karen Lefkoe           Pittsford Congregational
Edward Hamilton             Raymond J. Leonard              Church
Thomas Hanley               Maryanne Lisse                Pittsford Lions Club
Molly Hastings              Arthur R. Lord                James Pizzagalli
Eilizabeth Jean Hatch       MacLean, Meehan & Rice        Pomerleau Real Estate
William and Carol Hauke     Patrick J. Mahoney            Valerie Poremski
Patricia Heinrich           Howard A. Manosh              Joyce & Gaston Poulin
Tom Heinrich                Marlene Manosh                Steven Pouliot
Milton Heller               Mascoma Savings Bank          Robert Proctor
Rebecca Helme               MBF Bioscience                Charles R. Putney
Patricia Henderson          McEnaney & Company            Queen City Printers
Carlanne Herzog             Robert McEwing                Michael Racine
Helen Hickory               Myrtle McLeod                 Ayeshah A. Raftery
Judith Hinds                Douglas E. Mead               Readsboro Lions Club
Helen V. Holden             Walter Merrow                 Patricia Reasoner
Hope Hubbard                Middlebury Lions Club         Shirley M. Reid
  Irrevocable Trust         Lynn W. Miles                 Helen Riendeau
Thomas Horner               Jean B. Milligan              Lyse Riendeau
Mildred Howard              James Mooney                  Judy Robertson
Donald Roy Hunt             Moose Lodge #527              Dorothy Rock
Richard Hurlburt            Howard Munford                Rock of Ages Corporation
IBM                         Andre Nadeau                  David L. Rome
Henry A. Ingraham           Deborah Napier                Janet D. Rood
Italian American Heritage   Robert Napior                 Albert Roy
Mark Iverson                Neagley & Chase               Kevin Rudd
J&E Gifford Memorial Fund    Construction                 Catharine Ruml
Richard Janson              Kathleen Neary                Rutland Optical, Inc.
Jet Service Envelope Co     Marvin S. Neuman              June Salander
JMM & Associates            Neville Companies             Jesse Sammis
Shirley Ann Jones           John R. Newell                Patrick Scheidel
Lutz Kaelber                Tri Nguyen                    George Schiavone
Jeanne Kennedy              James O'Boyle                 Jeffrey Schroeder
Carroll F. Ketchum          Kuno E. Olson                 Ethel E. Scott
King Arthur Flour           Optical Center                Ellen Sharkey
Kiwanis Club of             Optical Expressions           Shelburne Area Lions Club
 Montpelier                 Our Lady of Holy Rosary       Melvin W. Simmons
Raymond Knapp               Parizo's Champlain Valley     Steven Singer
Reid Knight                  Eye Care                     Frank Smallwood
Knights of Columbus         Sanborn Partridge             Barbara Snelling
Council # 7525              William Paschell's Trust of   Edward Sparrow
Richard Lane                 PBM Nutritionals             Gwendolyn Steele
Robert Lanoue               George W. Peck                Peter Stern
Margaret Lareau             Christina Pelkey              J. Douglas Stewart
Nancy & Bruce Leblanc       Pfizer Inc.                   Stowe Rotary Club
James J. Lee                Joyce Pierce                  Francis Stowell
Swenson Granite                                   Barbara Corbin
 Company                           Tributes       Rose Crowley
TD Banknorth                                      Raymond Dagesse
Hilaire Thomas               Gregory Abajian      Roger Dagesse
Ted and Norma Thomas         Bradford Abele       Beatrice Darling
Thorpe Trust                 Leslie Anderson      Mark Davis
Anh Tran                     Vincent Apicella     Dorothy DeMarco
Richard Turner               Jane Armstrong       Dorothy Dezaine
Tyler Place                  Dustin Atkins        Sally Donaghy
Kenneth Tyrrell              Dr. Frank Babbott    Bobby Donahue
Union Mutual Fire Ins. Co.   Helen Bailey 100th   Shirley Donahue
United Bag Corporation        Birthday            Mark Doris
United Way of Chittenden     Martha L. Barrett    Mary Drugg
 County                      Ruth Bates           Eleanor East
Bruce T. Venner              Kathleen Bernal      Ezra Eastman
Vermont Assoc for the        Julia Bessy          Carol Eaton
 Blind & Visually Impaired   Hellen Bimer         Richard Erickson
Vermont Country Store        Dorothy Bogorad      William Fabian
Vermont Eastern Star         Wesson Bolton        Deane Finne
 Home, Inc.                  Helen Bonneau        Mary Flanagan
Vermont Lions Charities,     Mildred Bove         Jan Fogg
 Inc.                        Rev Arnold Brown     Isabel Foley
Vermont Mutual Group         Arthur Brown         Dot Fontaine
Vermont State Employees      Gordon H. Brown      Gene Fontaine
Credit Union                 Jason Burleson       Noreen Forsythe
Veterans of Foreign Wars     Irene Butler         Helen Frankewicz
Irngard Vock                 Joseph Byron         Family and Friends
Anne Proctor Walker          Bill Carey           Emerson Frost
Eugene & Lili Walsh          Cheri Carrara        BerthaFrothingham
Andrea Welch                 Pat Carruth          Rose Gearwar
Stephen T. Welch             Doris P. Casavant    Ethel Gibson
Roland W. Wilbur             Norm Case            Queenie Gignac
Lorna Williams               Audrey Cassarino     DanielGiroux
William Williams             Helen Chamberlain    Savatore Giudice
Williston Family Eyecare     Felix Chaput         Mrs. Lee Glacken
Windsor Lions Club           Pearl Chartier       Barbara Goodrich
Women's Fellowship           Marie Christensen    Betty Goodspeed
John Wood                    Robert E. Clark      Lilyan Gravel
Jean Woodman                 Grayce Clark         Robert Gray
Martha Woodman               Alice Clark          Stacey Gray-Smith
Woodstock Rotary Club        Jeannette Clavelle   Gloria Griffith
Gilbert Wright               Bernard Cohen        Bernard Guay
Michael Zegans               Natalie Colburn      LouiseHale
                             Donald Conlin        Polly Hall
                             John P. Connarn      Evelyn Hall
Mary Harper                Floyd McKeighan           Winnifred Sherburn
William Hauke Sr.          Barbara McMennamin        Glenna Sherrer
Jeremiah Hayes             Dorothy Monta             Bob Shultz
Hugh Henry                 Carolyn Nealy             Jane Shultz
Samuel Hensel              Chaldler Nealy            Harry Silloway
Agnes Holmes               Marjorie Olio             Millie Simon
Oliver Hyatt               Harriot Palmer            Thomas Simpson
Virginia Irwin             Helen Paul                Rene Sirois
Clifton Japhet             Lillian Pearson           Dale Smith
Ena Jefferys               Agnes Perkins             Charlotte Soule
Pam Jettie                 Marie Perron              James Spaulding
LouiseJohn                 Jeneva Peterson           Elinor Spear
Kathleen Johnson           Stella Phenix             Elinor Stahlbrand
Angela Johnson             Pat Pizzagalli            Paul Sumner III
Melvin Johnson             Robert Polatsek           Helen Tefft
Dr. C.A Jordan             Margaret Pollard          Lucille Theedie
Amandeus Kaelber           Curtis Pollard's Mother   Joel Thomas
Beatrice Kallahan          Caleb Poole               Sheila Thurston
Scott Kiser                Dorothy Porter            Mary Ellen Tucker -
Esther Knight              Lincoln Porter             Willard
Maida Lambert              Steve Pouliot             Hank Tymecki
Armand Laroche             Roger Prevost             Vicki Vest
Gary Laroche               Dorothy Provost           Mrs. Villere
Ester Lasell               Robert Provost            Norbert Walter
Anne Lawson                Fred Rathjen              Lawrence Washburn
Chuck Leanord              Melvin Raymond's          Chelsea Whitcomb
Nancy Lemmo                 Birthday                 Howard Whittemore
Peter Lemmo                Ernest Reed               Ann Wilbur
Margaret Leonard           Barbara Reeves            Irving Williams
Joseph Levesque            Gerald P. Reynolds        Ed Winkowski
Carol Limoge               Edward Rice               Myrtle Woods
Jeanette Lobdell           Mike Richmond             Ruth Worth
James Lynch                Marcel Riendeau           Legion Unit Member
Kathy Maguire              Ariel Robertson           My Son!
Cynthia Maher              Theresa Ronca             Emerson's 80th Birthday
Spicer Main                Sam Rossier               Mother Mrs. Olsen
Nicholas Mangieri          John Russo                Cissy
Rena Mae Marcotte          Louis Russo               My Friends
Claire Marshall            James T. Ryan
Roger Mattison             Dorthy Cordiner Sage
Ronald Mayer               Raymond Santaw
Robert and Polly McEwing   Yvonne Sargent
Barbara McGee              Ruth Skudera
Viola McGinn               Shirley Seidman
Theresa McIntyre           Merrill Sherburn
                           Trapp Family Lodge
  Annual Dinner                                           Consumer
                           University Mall
  Silent Auction           Vermont Teddy Bear
                                                       Advisor y Council
      Donors               Your Kitchen Store             George Adnams
A Single Pebble            Vermont Country Store        Franklin Berryman
Cabot Creamery             Vermont Mozart Festival
                                                          Charles Bolliger
Catamount Golf             Vermont National Country
                                                         Patricia Carruth
Concept 2                  Club
Dakin Farm                 WCAX: 5 Minutes of Fame
                                                          Carolyn Clapper
Dick s Sporting Goods       on Live Saturday Night          Joyce Cross
ECHO Center                                                Rose Crowely
Fairbanks Museum             Annual Dinner
                                                           Shirley Dolan
Flynn Center                 Table Sponsors
                                                          Jean Errickson
Gardener s Supply
                                    Gold Level            Natalie Johnson
                                  Chittenden Bank
Greater Burlington YMCA                                     Fred Jones
                                   Silver Level
Green Mountain Coffee                                     Robert Lanoue
                           Blue Cross/Blue Shield VT
The Inn at Essex
                                   TD Banknorth           Laurel Meunier
ITeam New England                                        Lillian Raymond
                           Vermont Mutual Insurance
                                      Group                Ellen Sharkey
Key Designs, LLC Jewelry
                              William Jr. and Carol     Reginald Wakeham
Lake Champlain Shoreline                                   Denise Wright
                                   Bronze Level
                           Cooper Insurance Services  Every effort has been
Maritime Museum
                                G.W. Plastics      made to accurately reflect
Montshine Museum                                   gifts received from July 1,
                           Hickok & Boardman, Inc.   2007 to June 30, 2008.
Shelburne Farms
                               The Lincoln Inn     Please let us know if your
Shelburne Museum                                      name, or that of your
                           MacLean, Meehan & Rice,
Smuggler s Notch                                    company, foundation, or
                                                   organization is missing or
Sports and Fitness Edge
                            Mascoma Savings Bank       printed incorrectly.
          The Vermont Association                              Non-Profit Org.
          For the Blind & Visually Impaired                    U.S. Postage
          37 Elmwood Avenue                                    PAID
          Burlington, Vermont 05401                            Burlington, VT
                                                               Permit #182

Brattleboro         Burlington            Montpelier       Rutland
38 Park Place       37 Elmwood Ave.       10 Main Street   10 Burnham Ave.
Suite 2             (800) 639-5861        (877) 350-8838   (877) 350-8839
(877) 350-8840

                          Website: WWW.VABVI.ORG

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