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					                          Steering Committee
       First United Methodist Church, Corvallis Meeting Minutes
                           Scribe…John Mergl
       Facilitator…Del Shirley, sitting in for Shirley Peterson

                            October 9, 2007

Attendees: Lloyd Westcott, Del Shirley, Ken Hilton, Jim Fellers, Julie
Monk, Courtney McHill, Dave Straub,

Guests: None
Call to order: 1905
Reflection: A recap of Jim Feller’s sermon about the one year
anniversary in the Amish community that had suffered the senseless loss
of community members to a gunman, and their message to the world on
Opening Prayer: Del Shirley

Review of Previous Meeting Minutes: There were no minutes reviewed


Motion: The First United Methodist church transfer monies from the
“Camp Cone Fund” to the non-profit organization “The Friends of Camp
Cone”, less the cost to the church of the Camp Cone land title
Author: Ken Hilton
Second: Lloyd Westcott
Result: Motion carried

Presentations, Discussions, Reports and Updates:

Committee Reports:

Camp Cone Fund transfer: Ken Hilton
With the upcoming recommended land title transfer of properties known
as Camp Cone, there was a request from the to also transfers monies
from the Camp Cone Fund in the sum of approximately $11,500.00 to the
“Friends of Camp Cone”. This money was from the sale of land to the
Oregon Dept of Transportation for highway right of way. The
recommendation from the Finance Committee was to transfer these funds.
Therefore Ken made the motion to approve transfer of these funds, the
motion was seconded by Lloyd Westcott, and the vote was carried.

Finance: Ken Hilton
Ken handed out an updated September general fund report. The report
that had been sent out earlier was incorrect for the total monies in
the account. The earlier report had a total of ~$606,267.00; Income for
the month of August was not correct, ($49,848.00). The corrected report
has the correct amount, with the fund total setting at $591,291.00.
Ken reported that income for the month of Sept. was slightly lower then
expected, but all bills are current, and there are monies to meet the
payroll. (See Attached)
Coffee Cart: Courtney McHill
Courtney distributed a flier outlining a proposal for the purchase of
an espresso machine. This flier identified a couple of machines, the
cost, required facilities, equipment support, and general information.
She was soliciting feedback from the committee as to whether or not she
should move forward on this proposal. We all liked the idea, and
encouraged her to continue her quest. (See attached handout)

Wireless Internet: Del Shirley
Del mentioned that at one time the committee had been talking about
wireless internet for the church. He was wondering if this was still
being looked at, and if so, what would it take to make this happen.
Discussions with Ken and Jim identified that monies had been
appropriated, and that this would not be very difficult to implement.
Jim said that he would work with Lee Van Nice, and make this happen.

SPRC: Dave Straub
Dave gave an update of the committee’s activities. The team has been
reviewing job descriptions of the 13 staff positions, and creating a
template to use for future employees. Currently, eight job descriptions
are complete, and the other five are in a state of review. All job
descriptions will contain a “Safe Sanctuary” policy. Along with the job
descriptions, a defined performance plan is being created. The
committee is also working on updating the personnel policy, which will
identify a hierarchy structure to ensure people understand whose boss
is who. Their goal is to have this completed by the end of this year.
The team has eliminated the position of liaison and developed a process
to address employee conflicts. Wage recommendations for 2008 are
aligned with the Portland CPI (consumer price index) at 3.4% cost of
living for all staff except the Assistant Minister, whose increase is
mandated by the conference at 4.5%.

Other News:
Jim Fellers wanted to recognize Chris Graves as the official contact
person for work with the Men’s homeless shelter. This is a shelter for
homeless men who may still have addiction problems, and is not
necessarily a drug free shelter. The new home for the shelter is in an
unused sorority house.

Next Meeting: November 12th @1900

Closing Prayer: None

These minutes are provided in an electronic version; if you wish to
obtain a hard copy please contact the church office.