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As many as 4.5 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease, a brain disorder that involves
parts of the brain that control memory, language and thought. It usually begins after age 60,
with about five percent of those between 65 and 74 years of age, and about 50 percent of those
85 and older, suffering from it.

An increasing amount of scientific evidence points to chronic inflammation as a key underlying
cause in chronic diseases such as Alzheimer's. This new body of knowledge inspired a Time cover
story in February 2004 on Inflammation, which took a "user-friendly" look at the link between
inflammation and chronic diseases such as Alzheimer's.

The article states research has shown that for some reason, glial cells—which nourish and
communicate with neurons—gone out of whack produce chronic glial cell activation, resulting in a
chronic inflammation state in the brain.

A long-term, 15-year study on Alzheimer’s and anti-inflammatory drugs—done by scientists from
the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and National
Institute of Aging—showed that the overall risk of AD in 1,686 participants who were taking anti-
inflammatory drugs was half the risk of those not taking them.

A principal scientist in this study said that “many scientists now believe that inflammation may be
an important component of the Alzheimer's disease process. The amyloid and protein plaques
found in Alzheimer's patient's brains, which are hallmarks of the disease, may be indicative of an
inflammatory response."

While caution on the long-term use of anti-inflammatory drugs was indicated due to serious side
effects (such as peptic ulcers and impaired kidney function), this comprehensive study showed
the role inflammation played in Alzheimer's Disease.

The Science Behind Mangosteen's Ability To Help With Alzheimer's Disease

Japanese scientists with the Department of Pharmaceutical Molecular Biology at Tohoku
University performed two separate studies using an extract of the Xanthone gamma-mangostin
from Garcinia Mangostana (the scientific name of Mangosteen) and its effect on Prostaglandin
E(2) and COX-2 enzymes which play a crucial role in inflammatory conditions.

In the first study, scientists found that gamma-mangostin has potent anti-inflammatory effects
on the brain's structural cells and suggested that it has the potential in helping with inflammatory
conditions of the brain (Alzheimer's Disease, for example).

The scientists proved that gamma-mangostin inhibited the activities of COX-2, an enzyme that
plays a major role in the development of inflammatory conditions.
In a follow-up study, the scientists suggested that gamma-mangostin would be a new useful lead
compound for the development of anti-inflammatory drugs. These two studies proved that the
gamma-mangostin in Mangosteen “directly inhibited” the process that leads to inflammation.

Mangosteen and Alzheimer’s Disease: Clinical Experience and Testimonials

Here’s what an allopathic (conventional) doctor—board certified in both the U.S. and Canada,
and with 20+ years of clinical experience—has to say about Mangosteen and Alzheimer's:

"... Clinical experience indicates an improvement in function from using Mangosteen in those
patients already being treated with drugs. An increase in goal-directed behavior (activities of
daily living) and social interaction were noted. This is remarkable because none of the drugs on
the market are capable of causing an increase in function. The best they can do is slow the
inexorable progression of the disease..."

Dr. Templeman is a primary care physician, board certified in both the United States and Canada,
with over twenty years of clinical experience.
As Medical Director of Phytoceutical Research, Dr. Templeman is responsible for the development of
research projects, and the evaluation of clinical data. He is sought after internationally as a speaker
and author on health, nutrition, and the healing properties of the Mangosteen fruit.

DISCLAIMER: The xanthones from the mangosteen have been shown in laboratory studies to be powerful
antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and to have other special properties. However, laboratory results do not
guarantee that the same will happen in the human body.

Look at the available science of the mangosteen, the causes of disease, and look at the experience of those who
are already taking mangosteen. Then answer for yourself, Does mangosteen make sense for me?

We just say this: Try it—we think you'll like the results.


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CN, Chung MI, Liou SJ, Lee TH, Wang JP. School of Pharmacy, Kaohsiung Medical College, Taiwan, R.O.C.


TIME Magazine’s Article: “The Fires Within”
San Diego Tribune’s Article: “Body Heat”
Newsweek’s Article: “Quieting a Body’s Defenses”

My Father at the young age of 64 started having problems at work and had to retire early. He
was then diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Alzheimer's. He is now in a home because my
mother couldn't handle him anymore. He worked as a very successful auto body man and may
have ingested a lot of chemicals.

A friend of mine gave me a bottle of mangosteen juice and I had read that it may help with
Alzheimer's. We thought we would have nothing to lose as he is now in a very vegetative state.
He didn't know anyone, couldn't feed himself and he couldn't even talk anymore. We got him on
1 oz of mangosteen juice per day and on the 5th day he called my son by his name. We were all

He continued taking 1 oz per day and he has now been feeding himself consistently for 25 days!
He is more alert and happy. He even looks and smiles at me when I visit him. He is now even
communicating with us a little. We are now increasing his dosage to 2 oz per day with his
doctors' blessing and we are all excited to see what happens This product has created much
excitement for our family!

I wish we would have had this product 5 years ago. I want people to understand that my father
is pretty far gone but has had somewhat amazing results due to taking this product. I truly
believe this product offers new hope to other people. I would like to say a special thanks to
Grace D. for sharing this product with our family.

Coleen Melsted


Well, the mangosteen juice experience took a new turn today. As you are aware my 92 year old
mother is in a home in Turlock and has given us lots to worry about. She thinks that I am her
young child and is still going to school. Also she has contended that my father has left her for
another woman. Plus several other thing that she has done which results in her thinking that she
is living in the past.

In order to try and help her ease back into the present or at least not get any worse we had
made arrangements with the nurses to give her mangosteen juice during the day to try and help
her to combat further mental problems. Well, the results we saw today have gone beyond our
greatest hopes. Today she told us that she had been, in her mind, living in a fantasy world,
thinking of me as her young child, and Dad cheating on her. She said that she thought she had a
stove, freezer, and refrig. in her room, but she now knows these thing not to be true. She acts
like she just came out of a bad dream.

Both Arlette and I are sure that the mangosteen juice has made this happen. I, for one, still have
a hard time thinking that a fruit drink can help that much but it sure has. For the first time in
several months she can hold a logical conversation, and she acts like a new person. She gets
3oz. twice a day. No other changes that we are aware of in her treatment. She seems to think
more clearly but that is major for us. Anything else we notice I’ll pass it on.

Russ Joe

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