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					     Alzheimers Consultation Meeting Outcomes

     Region           Alzheimers

     Date             16/10/2007

     Venue            Alzheimers Association

     OFTA Staff       Anne Gale, Cath McGee, Glenys Raveane, Ruth Russell


Kathryn Cunningham                                     Alzheimer’s Australia SA Inc (AASA)
Sue Drenth                                             AASA
Marie Alford                                           AASA
Susan Golley                                           AASA
3 Advisory Committees                                  AASA
  - people with dementia
  - carers
  - people with younger onset dementia

          1. Notes from Exercise 1 - Identifying Dementia

     Who                           What                      Where            Service
     Target Groups                 Service Groupings         Region/sub-      Model
     People with dementia          SG2                       Metro
     (especially people living       • Assessment,
     alone) & carers –               • client care
     AASA is developing a new
     metrowide service model         • case
     that would combine                management,
     access (using Div of GPs        • Counseling,
     Medical Directory/Early           support
     Dementia Linkwork               • information and
     referrals going straight to       advocacy.
     AASA then out to
     requested service. (more
     detailed explanation of
     model available on AASA

                                   App 9 – Regional Dementia Notes                           1
     David Kelly
     And Associates
People with dementia         SG2                       Countrywide
(especially people living      • Assessment,
alone) & carers –              • client care
countrywide                      coordination
Expansion of Early             • case management,
Dementia Link worker           • Counseling, support
model to a broader             • information and
community development            advocacy.
Dementia Adviser regional
People with dementia         SG2
                                                       Western &
(especially people living      • Assessment,
alone) & carers                • client care           metropolitan
Expansion of Early               coordination          regions.
Dementia Link worker           • case management,
model presently only in        • Counseling, support
Northern metro to become       • information and
a comprehensive                  advocacy
metrowide program.

People with younger          SG1                       Metrowide
onset dementia               SG2                       program
Service to support the       SG7
unique needs of this group
through a CONNEXUS
lifestyle program.

     2. Other Comments or Submissions

                             App 9 – Regional Dementia Notes          2
David Kelly
And Associates