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					                                                                                                                 Volume IV, Issue 1

                                  On The Level            Heidbreder Building Group LLC
                           Welcome to the 1st edition of the HBG newsletter.    The team at Heidbreder Building Group decided
      May 2006             it was time for us to share with you our story, our abilities, our passion and our willingness to work
                           for you, whether you’re renovating or building a new home.
                           Each edition will focus on interesting topics such as helpful hints, things to look for when deciding to
                           remodel your home or build new, changes in the building industry, examples of our workmanship
                           and meaningful articles from our team. We hope you enjoy the 1st edition and look forward to
Inside this issue:         speaking with you soon about how HBG can help turn your house into a special home.
                                                                                                               Glenn Heidbreder
From the Kitchen       2   Time for a change
Build New or Save 2        Capital One has a great tag-line in their credit card
Old                        commercials: What’s in your wallet? The question
                           for homeowners today is: What’s on your house? Do
Who we are             3   you have an exterior material called Dryvit?

Gallery of the         3   Dryvit is a well known brand name for an Exterior
                           Insulation Finish System (E.I.F.S.) Due to recent con-
                           troversy and litigation over installations around the
                           country, many homeowners are reluctant to purchase
Spring Clean-up        4
                           homes with E.I.F.S. While the system itself is not
                           inherently faulty, many of the installations were done
                           poorly or improperly. Additionally, like any other sys-   new exterior finish materials. Heidbreder Building
                           tem in your house, E.I.F.S. requires periodic mainte-     Group will coordinate all of the trades needed to re-
                           nance to avoid problems. Many insurance compa-            move the existing Dryvit, and protect the windows
                           nies have stopped writing homeowners insurance            and details that remain. Additional new products can
                           policies for houses with E.I.F.S.                         include gutters, downspouts and painting. We can
                           What can be done? Heidbreder Building Group has           test for rot or mold and will document the process as
                           been working with customers to convert their E.I.F.S.     verification of proper installation for the homeowner,
                           covered home to a more traditional and accepted           insurance companies, and future buyers.
                           materials. The trend has been to remove the Dryvit        Contact us for further information on the process and
                           or similar product, and replace it with Cement            customer references.
                           Stucco, Wood, or Fiber Cement Siding. The process
                           involves modifying exterior details to work with the      By: Thomas Kearin, Chief Operations Officer

                           Passionate about Customer Service
                                         What do we do to distinguish ourselves      service first in every facet of our
                                         in the building business? The answer        work. From our experienced
                                         is we are passionate about Customer         tradesmen to our dedicated
                                         Service. Although we are generally          sub-contractors, we have a
                                         thought of as a construction company,       team committed to your pro-
                           I consider us to be a Customer Service provider.          jects success. Our philosophy
                           Responding to the needs of our clients is our top         and the key to our success
                           priority. Sure we are great builders defined by our       have been to develop custom-
“Service is not            attention to detail and commitment to quality, but it     ers for life. We want to take
just a word , It’s a       is more than that. It is our mission to ensure that       care of all of your building needs, from hanging or
                           everyone we work with has an exceptional experi-          adjusting a door to renovating the Master bathroom
statement of who
                           ence every time.                                          to building a new home. Customer loyalty comes
we are.”                                                                             from our passion for Customer Service. We want you
                           Creating that experience and delivering on our prom-      to think of us for all of your building and service
Glenn Heidbreder
                           ise requires communication, coordination, customer        needs.
                           education and attention to the details. In our 13
                           years in business, we have been determined to put         By: Glenn Heidbreder, President
                                     On The Level                                                                                     Page 2

                              From the Kitchen
                               Got Coffee? Are you one of those             of beverage and the Miele coffee        the espresso machine.
                               people who are still using and auto-         maker brews it for you on demand.
                                                                                                                    The Miele CVA615 coffee system
                               matic drip coffee maker? Wonder              A state of the art brewing system
                                                                                                                    comes in either black glass or
                               what the rest of us are using to             grinds, tamps, brews and discards
                                                                            the used grinds in an internal          stainless steel finish and is easy to
                               make our morning cup of pick me
                               up?                                          dump box, all at the press of a
“brews both Americanos         Well wonder no longer.
(pressure brewed coffee)                                                    The Miele system fits neatly into
and espresso based             The Miele Coffee System CVA615:              your cabinetry, at a comfortable
beverages such as cap-         the latest in wall coffee maker and          user height, thereby eliminating
puccinos and lattes….”         espresso machine from Miele pro-             countertop clutter.
                               duces your favorite coffee, es-
                               presso, cappuccino or latte with             Since the system brews both
                               stunning simplicity and style. Fully         Americanos (pressure brewed cof-
                               automatic controls make it easy to           fee) and espresso based bever-
                               turn every cup of coffee into a              ages such as cappuccinos and
                               uniquely individual experience.              lattes, the in wall coffee system
                               Simply select your grind prefer-             replaces two appliances on your         Courtesy of
                               ence, push a button for your choice          counter: the drip coffee maker and

                              Build New or Save Old?
                               “What can I do?        I love my             you are in, then that is a powerful     Q: Am I better off tearing down
We Are A Member Of
                               neighborhood, but my house needs             reason to remodel and improve           and building new?
                               so much work.” Many homeown-                 your home. Your lot size and loca-
                               ers today are asking; “Should I              tion should also influence your         A: The number one reason most
                               build new, tear down, or reno-                                                       people tear down today is func-
                               vate?” We will review the pros and                                                   tional obsolescence. Many older
                               cons for each in this ongoing seg-           ● If your home is in need of im-        homes simply no longer fit the
                               ment.                                        provements, or in general needs to      needs of today. Lifestyles, tech-
                                                                            be updated, then remodeling can         nology and even the definition of
                               Q: I need more space. Can I ex-              be a good investment. If you man-       luxury have changed significantly,
                               pand my existing house? What are             age the costs well, it is reasonable    even in the past five years, let
                               some of the important issues to              to expect that the value of these       alone a house that is 40 to 50
                               consider?                                    improvements will be greater than       years old. Other considerations:
                                                                            the cost to renovate.
                               A: A home renovation, performed                                                      ● The ability to start fresh without
                               correctly, should be an exciting and         ● The house may have significant        concern for wiring, harmful materi-
                               fun experience. The homeowner                architectural features that are         als such as asbestos wrapped
                               should start by considering the              worth preserving. How can those         pipe, lead based paint, or creaky
                               following:                                   features be incorporated into the       floors can be an important motiva-
                                                                            renovation. Our goal with a reno-       tion.
                               ● Are you happy with the neighbor-
                                                                            vation is for the finished product to
                               hood? If you like the neighborhood                                                   ● The quest for high ceilings both
                                                                            look like it was always part of the
                                                                                original design.     The overall    above and below grade also drives
                                                                                                                    many new home decisions with dry,
                                                                                house should flow, while meet-
                                                                                                                    expansive, open basements adding
                                                                                ing today’s functional needs.
                                                                                                                    50% or more to the useable space
                                                                               ● Hire a contractor you trust. It    in the house.
                                                                               is vital to have open and fre-
                                                                                                                    ● Modern building techniques and
                                                                               quent communication, a realis-
                                                                                                                    energy efficiency can add up to
                                                                               tic project budget and a written
                                                                               schedule. As a Homeowner,            thousands of dollars saved over
                                                                                                                    the lifespan of the new house.
                                                                               you deserve these things and
                                                                               Heidbreder Building Group is
                                                                               committed to delivering a suc-       By: Thomas Kearin
                                                                                                                    Chief Operations Officer
                                                                               cessful project.
                                                                                                                    Heidbreder Building Group LLC

                           Addition of new family room, kitchen, sunroom,
                           2nd floor family room, and laundry.

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        Volume IV, Issue 1                                                                                                     Page 3

Heidbreder Building Group – Who we are
In 1994, Glenn Heidbreder developed HEID-          or not to exceed
BREDER BUILDING GROUP, for the purpose of          budget constraints.
focusing high quality craftsmanship, personal
service for the owner, and exceptional construc-   We perform work
tion management in the residential sector.         along the North Shore
These services include:                            and gain most of our
● professional and personal service to each        new work through
owner/client;                                      prior customer refer-
                                                   rals.     Our mission
● attention to detail by understanding the         statement summa-
needs and expectations of each owner/client        rizes our goal. We
for the specific project;                          provide superior cus-
                                                   tomer service and
● skilled craftsmanship and quality detailing of   satisfaction through
finishes by our own dedicated carpenters;          high quality craftsman-
● detailed scheduling and coordination of pro-     ship in construction
ject contractors to ensure a timely completion     while actively manag-
of the project;                                    ing project budget and
                                                   schedule. “Our clients
● providing computer aided design services;        are our best salespeo-                             Customer Service sometimes includes Moooving a
                                                   ple.” Call us today for all of your construction   Cow.
● line item estimates and billing, and open
communication while working within both time
and materials contracts, fixed price contracts,

Gallery of the Month

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     On The Level

    Time for a change
    Inside Cover story

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