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									                                    Issue 2                             Cold Weather Creates Hot Coffee
      November/                                                                     Sales!
    December 2006
                                                             By Billy Claxton                                  cial on that coffee for your customers to brew at home or to
                                                             Roaster/Manager/Coffee addict                     give as gifts! Do all that you can to capitalize on the buying
                                                                                                               spirit that happens this time of year.
                                                             Welcome to the 2nd issue of the Palm and
                                                             Cup Tribune. Fall season is in full swing and     While getting customers to buy more,
                                                             I am certain that we have all seen a sharp        don’t be afraid to give back as well.
                                                             rise in our coffee sales. Rather than hanging     “Buy 1 get one free” holiday drink spe-
                                                             on for the ride, now is the time to take ad-      cials can generate tremendous good will
               ®                                             vantage of your increased coffee sales mo-        with your customers and ultimately drive
                                                             mentum. Holiday blends and flavored cof-          up your total sales profits.
                                                             fees are very easy to upsell this time of year.
                                                                                                               Happy holidays and keep drinking cof-         Happy Holidays from
                                                             When brewing a holiday coffee as coffee of                                                      Island Coffee!
                                                             the day, try running a bulk coffee sale spe-      fee!
   Roasters of Quality Since 1984

                                                             Don’t Get Caught With Your                                                 Winter Holiday
                                       Palm & Cup Tribune

                                                                                                                                       Featured Coffees!
                                                             Espresso Machine Down
                                                                                                                                 Naughty or Nice Blend– Blend of light and
                                                            By Paul Meadows                   Weekly– when possible, re-
                                                                                              Weekly–                            Vienna roasted coffees. Great for drinking
                                                            Staff Writer                      move and soak your espresso        while making your list and checking it twice
                                                                                              machine’s group dispersion                                Blend–
                                                                                                                                 Santa’s Little Helper Blend– Lively blend of
                                                            Every year around this time       screens. This removes old cof-
                                                            we start receiving distress calls fee oils and improves espresso     Antigua and Costa Rica coffees to help
                                                            from customers with espresso taste.                                  “Santa” stay awake through long holiday
                                                            machines that are on the                                             nights!
                                                            blink. It always seems that       Monthly-
                                                                                              Monthly-regenerate your wa-                Espress–
                                                                                                                                 Polar Espress– Climb aboard the flavor nu-
                                                            espresso equipment works just ter softener. If you are using a       ances of this winter holiday espresso blend.
                                                            fine right up until you have a filter system that protects           Smokey and sweet with rich, thick crema
                                                            long line of customers who are against hard water make cer-
                                                            in a hurry for their latte fix.   tain to replace the filter at                     Lane–
                                                                                                                                 Candy Cane Lane– Vanilla and peppermint
                                                                                              regular intervals. If you do       stick flavored coffee treat
                                                            Here are some easy mainte-        not have any hard water pro-            Nog–
                                                                                                                                 Egg Nog–Uncle Rob’s famous recipe for the
                                                            nance tips to help keep your      tection on your espresso ma-
                                                            espresso machine (and cus-
                                                                                                                                 perfect Yule tide coffee delicacy
                                                                                              chine…...get some quick!
                                                            tomers!) happy.                                                              Nog–
                                                                                                                                 Island Nog– Our own special tropical winter
                                                                                               Twice yearly– have a quali-
                                                                                                      yearly–                    recipe! Rich thick eggnog spiked with coco-
                                                            Daily backflush twice a day. fied service technician perform
                                                            Daily–                                                               nut crème and rum
                                                            Once during the day with just routine preventative mainte-                        Cookies–
                                                                                                                                 Mrs. Claus’ Cookies– frosted holiday sugar
                                                            water, and at closing time
Island coffee®-Coffee

                                                                                              nance and a general check up       cookies for good little elves
                                                            with espresso machine cleaner. on your machine. Often they
                                                            It is equally important to do a can find and prevent major                        Praline–
                                                                                                                                 Presents of Praline– Holiday spiced pralines...
                                                            rinsing backflush after using     problems before they start.        mmmm..
                                                            the espresso machine cleaner                                                     Blend–
                                                                                                                                 Christmas Blend– Cinnamon, spice, and eve-
                                                            to prevent build up and hard- Island Coffee has Nuova Si-            rything nice!
                                                            ening of detergent residue.       monelli, and Astoria certified                     Rum–
                                                                                                                                 Spiced Butter Rum– spice-tacular Island Cof-
                                                            Disassemble your portafilters technicians on staff. If you           fee recipe for tastebud tantalizing holiday
                                                            and soak overnight in espresso would like more information           season buttered rum
                                                            cleaner to remove coffee oil      on preventative maintenance                 Fantasy–
                                                                                                                                 Winter Fantasy–Fire roasted mixed nuts
                                                            build-up.                         please call us!                    kissed with a touch of rum.

                                                                                   Welcome New Customers!!                                   More news that you can
                                                            •                    House–
                                                                 Bluffton Coffee House– Bluffton, SC                                         use on the back page!
                                                            •           Creations–
                                                                 Angel Creations Kingsport, TN                                               • Tea n Tea– Dynamite new tea
                                                            •    Carena’s Gourmet Caffe’ - Fort Mill, SC
                                                                 Carena                                                                        offerings from Island Coffee
                                                            •                                      Beans–
                                                                 Wholly Cow! Ice Creams & Coffee Beans– Myrtle Beach, SC                     • Winter & Holiday drink recipes!
                                                            •                      Charleston–
                                                                 YWCA of Greater Charleston– Charleston, SC
                                                                                                                                             • Classifieds
                                                            •                    Catering–
                                                                 Stephen Duvall Catering– Charleston, SC
               Tea-n-Tea: Dynamite New Tea Offerings from Island
By Demi Tasse                                          quality, control costs, and enjoy a truly        Kramer, CEO and R&D team leader for
Staff Writer                                           better chai!                                     Island Coffee. “This is truly a gourmet tea at
                                                       Café Essentials Original Chai-Some like
                                                                                 Chai-                  prices that can compete with the big
 People know Island Coffee for coffee,                                                                  foodservice company prices!”
but now they are ready to be known                     drink preparation to be as easy as
for offering awesome tea products as                   possible. For those folks, Island Coffee  Rob would like to invite all Island Coffee
well. For reasons not entirely known to                offers Café Essentials Chai powders from  customers to call for a free sample of any of
me (as a true coffee addict), sometimes                Dr. Smoothie. This ready to blend powder  their new tea products. And don’t forget,
customers just don’t want a coffee-                    of tea extracts and tasty spices doubles  Island Coffee also carries a full line of
based drink. Knowing that tea is the                   deliciously as a hot or frozen blended    Harney &
next best thing to coffee for these                                                              Sons classic
customers, Island Coffee has unveiled                  drink.
                                                                                                 and whole
their latest tea offerings:                            Chinese Black, Ice Tea– Working closely
                                                                          Tea–                   leaf sachet
Mai Chai-high-quality black tea
     Chai-                                             with a partner company, Island Coffee has teas.
blended with a secret combination of                   developed a gourmet quality iced tea
fresh ground spices. By brewing their                  blend. “This blend makes some of the best
own True Chai, customers can raise                     iced tea I have ever had”, states Rob                      Iced Tea         Hot Chai Latte

  Winter Holiday Recipes
                                                            Classifieds                           Smooth
 Compiled by Shannon Millsaps                                                                    Specials!!
 Admin assisitant/barista/espresso addict                                                                                            The cure for the
                                                     2.2 Liter Stainless Steel Airpots:
                                                     Inside and outside consist of high-                                            common smoothie!
White Gingersnap Mocha                                                                           Blueberry Banana
1 oz Torani White Chocolate Sauce                    grade steel without any fragile glass
                                                                                                    $60.00 case
1 oz oz Torani Ginger Spice syrup                    liners. $28.95 each or case of 6
8 oz milk                                            for $150.00
1-2 shots of espresso                                                                              Forbidden Fruit
Steam together syrups and milk. Pour                               Sacks-
                                                     Burlap Coffee Sacks-Free!!                     $60.00 Case
steam flavored milk to 1/2 inch below the            Add a genuine coffee feel to your
top of 16 oz cup. Add espresso and top with          shop with coffee sacks from various
a thin layer of foamed milk or whipped               coffee growing regions of the world.        Café Essentials
cream.                                                                                         Neutral Frappe Base
                                                     Great for displays and wall hang-
                                                     ings.                                        $90.00 case                          Offer good Until
Jack Frost Latte                                                                                                                       Jan 15, 2007 or
1/2 oz Torani Peppermint Syrup                       FREE! shipping not included.
1/2 oz Torani Toasted Marshmallow Syrup                                                                                                 while supplies
8 oz milk                                                                                                                                    last!!
1-2 shots espresso                                   BunnOmatic Bulk Coffee                        800-829-
Steam together syrups and milk. Pour                 Grinders
steamed flavored milk to 1/2 inch below the          Bulk coffee grinders Available in
top of a 16 oz cup. Add espresso and top             2lb or 3lb hoppers, red or black.
with a thin layer of foamed milk or mini-            Factory refurbished or “like-new”
                                                                                             Nuova Simonelli– Jazz Espresso Machine
marshmallows                                                                                 Small volume pod espresso machine. Perfect for small ca-
                                                     display models. Includes full 1 year
                                                                                             tering events where a full size espresso machine is not practi-
                                                     parts warranty.
Spiced Eggnog Latte                                                                          cal. Uses pre-packed espresso coffee pods.
                                                     List price-$1299.00
1 oz Torani Eggnog syrup                             Your price $599.00                      3 available
1/2 oz Torani Ginger Spice syrup                     Limited quantities available.           $550.00 reduced to $500.00
8 oz Milk
1-2 shots of espresso                                                                                Containers-
                                                                                             Storage Containers-
Steam together syrups and milk. Pour                                                         We have several pallets of 1.5 gallon and 3 gallon opaque
steam flavored milk to 1/2 inch below the            Stainless Steel Espresso Tampers
top of 16 oz cup. Add espresso and top with          Heavy weight, stainless steel w/        (semi-clear) buckets with lids. These are great for storing
a thin layer of foamed milk                          rosewood handle espresso tampers.       coffees, teas, etc.
                                                     58 mm base. Fits Nuova Simonelli,       10 for $10.00 or 50 for $25.00
Holiday Nog Steamer                                  Astoria, Rancilio, La Marzocco and      Shipping is not included.
1 oz Torani Eggnog Syrup                             many more.
8 oz steamed milk                                    $26.00 each                             Nuova Simonelli Aurelia 2 group Automatic Espresso
Steam syrups and milk together. Top with                                                     machine
whip cream and garnish with red and green                                                    New display/demo model. Includes 1 year warranty. Fea-
sugar sprinkles                                      Your ad here!
                                                     We will advertise your unwanted         tures include auto cleaning cycle, autofrothing wand, ergo-
                                                     coffee stuff for FREE!! Fax or e-       nomic design, too many more to name!
                                                     mail us the info 843-889-9788           List price $8475.00
                                                             Your price $5980.00

                                              ISLAND COFFEE®-COFFEE ROASTERS OF QUALITY SINCE 1984

                                            6460 Savannah Hwy Charleston, SC 29470 ● 800-829-6724 ●

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