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									8714 WESTPARK DRIVE
   PH: 832-242-6100
   FX: 832-242-6102

  JANUARY 2007
The perfect cup: To meet the growing demand
for high quality coffee in the workplace, Lavazza
has created BLUE, setting a new standard in
single-serving coffee excellence. Lavazza BLUE
delivers the rich taste and invigorating aroma
of professionally prepared espresso-based
beverages at the touch of a button.

Highly profitable: Lavazza BLUE machines are extremely easy to
use, virtually maintenance-free and suitable for all spaces. With up
to eight delectable beverage selections, BLUE offers choice for every
consumer and generates high margins for the operator.

Quality : Each single-serve sealed capsule of BLUE delivers the full
aroma and freshness of the highest quality coffee, every time. A
selection of premium teas and hot chocolate is also available as part
of the BLUE program.

Designed by the leader: Lavazza is Italy 's #1 selling coffee. Simply
the best.



                   BEST > LAVAZZA >         > ULTIMATE > ESPRESSO

                           CACTUS ESPRESSO SYSTEMS
               8714 Westpark Drive - Houston , TX 77063 - 832.242.6100
              info@cactusespresso.com - http://www.cactusespresso.com
 An innovative brewing system that delivers the pleasure of professionally prepared
 espresso and espresso-based beverages at the touch of a button. An array of
 invigorating teas, consomme or hot chocolate can also be prepared, completing
 your hot beverage offer.

LB 3212                                     LB 2210
This versatile machine can make up to       Pininfarina packed perfection into a
eight beverages, espresso-based and         small, efficient machine, equipped with a
more, at the touch of a button. Perfect     one-gallon water tank, pre-programmed
for quick service restaurants, hotels,      one-touch buttons and a manual steam
banqueting, offices and virtually any       wand - ideal for small restaurants, cafes
environment. Also available in fully and    and offices. A model with direct water
semi-automatic models.                      line connection is also available.
                                 Lavazza BLUE Capsules

The centerpiece of this exclusive system, the Lavazza BLUE single-serve capsules deliver a variety
of premium coffee blends and other beverages to meet the most sophisticated palate. Individually
sealed, each capsule guarantees freshness and aroma.

                                      Espresso Blends:

                     ESPRESSO Dolce                                     ESPRESSO Intenso
                     Premium blend of 100% Arabica                      A full-bodied coffee
                     with a mild and aromatic flavor                    blend with an intense
                     and a thick persistent velvety                     flavor and thick,
                     crema.                                             persistent crema.

                     ESPRESSO Ricco                                     ESPRESSO
                     Dense and chocolaty blend with a                   Decaffeinato
                     thick, persistent crema.                           100% Arabica
                                                                        decaffeinated blend
                                                                        that is round and
                                                                        sweet, with a velvety

                                        Hot Beverages:

                     THE NERO CLASSICO                                  THE al LIMONE
                     With its natural amber color, this                 A refreshing, delicate,
                     tea has a rich, natural fragrance                  well-rounded tea with
                     and an intense citrus flavor.                      citrus notes.

                     THE VERDE                                          CAMOMILLA
                     A natural, light green tea with                    Camomille
                     golden notes, a delicate fragrance                 characterized by a soft,
                     of leaves and a subtle, crisp                      sweet flavor and the
                     flavor.                                            typical flowery scent of

                     BEVANDA BIANCA                                 PREPARATO PER
                     A delicious milk-flavored drink,               BEVANDA AL GUSTO DI
                     both delicate and satisfying. Ideal            CIOCCOLATO
                     for preparing tasty chocolate                  A tantalizing chocolate
                     drinks and caffè macchiato.                    drink.

                     ORZO                                              CONSOMMÉ
                     Delicate and aromatic barley, full                Subtle yet full-flavored
                     of natural goodness.                              clear soup.
Lavazza 2 Group Foodservice Espresso Machine
Excellent consistent quality due to cartridge based
 brewing system and optional auto milk frother
                         LAVAZZA ESPRESSO POINT SYSTEM

Revolutionizing Single-Serve Espresso & Cappuccino

Fool-proof, small-sized espresso and premium hot beverage system

Pre-packaged, gas-flushed cartridges to ensure freshness

Ideally suited for fine and casual dining, kiosks, carts, catering, room service and
meeting breaks

All cartridges and machines manufactured by Lavazza

Stylish Italian design
                            - Automatic Cappuccino System
                            - Integrated Grinder/Dosers
                            - Turbo Steam
                            - Stainless Hot Water Spigot
                            - 12 Selection Capability
                            - 2 Separate Boilers (one for steam &
                              another for coffee & hot water)
                            - Automatic Group Washing Cycle
                            - 2 Bean Hoppers Each 2.7 lb capacity.
                            - 180 Maximum Cappuccinos Per Hour
                              (5.1 ounces each)

                                 Turbo Steam
                                 Cimbali-patented temperature-sensing steam wand
                                 simultaneously delivers steam and air, allowing the
                                 hands-free heating or frothing of large amounts of
                                 milk without manual intervention. The delivery of
                                 steam and air stops automatically when programmed
                                 temperature is achieved, resulting in perfectly froth
                                 milk with dense and velvety cream.

Call us today and ask about our great financing programs

                                                 M29 JUNIOR



             M32 DOSATRON

                                                  M32 PODS
       R e s t a u r a n t
        e q u i p m e n t

                           Curtis Satellite Brew
  Curtis G3                                             Air Pot Brewer
Coffee Brewer

    Curtis 7.5LB Grinder                           Tea Brewer or
                                                   Combo Brewer
O f f i c e Co f f e e S e r                                 v i c e
           e q u i p m e n t

       Lavazza Blue
      Coffee/ Espresso
         Machine                               Lavazza Espresso Point

                            Lavazza Colibri
                              8 Selection
                          Cappuccino machine

   Curtis 3 Warmer Side                                    Curtis G3
      Coffee Brewer                                      Coffee Brewer
Item              Lavazza Drip Coffee
GFB      Gran Filtro Beans 6/2.2LB
FCB      Filtro Classico Beans 6/2.2LB
FC       Filtro Classico 30/2.5 oz Fractional Pack
GFD      Gran Filtro Decaf 30/2.5 oz. Fractional Pack
GFD8     Gran Filtro Decaf 20/8.0 oz. Bricks
GF       Gran Filtro 30/2.5 oz. Fractional Pack
GF8      Gran Filtro 20/8 oz. Bricks

Item              Lavazza Espresso Coffee

DKB      DEK Bar 10/500 mg.
DEK      DEK Espresso Beans 12/1 LB.
GE       Gran Espresso 6/2.2 LB.
SC       Super Crema 6/2.2 LB.
GCP      Gran Crema Espresso Pods (150 Count)
DEP      Decaf Espresso Pods (150)

Item              Lavazza Espresso Point
LAV460   Crema Aroma (100)
LAV470   Aroma Club 100 % Arabica (100)
LAV425   Aroma Point (100)
LAV427   Gran Café (100)
LAV603   Decaf (50)
LAV100   Milk Carttridges (50)
LAV251   Knorr Consomme (50)
LAV313   Lipton Lemon Tea (50)
LAV310   Lipton Black Label Tea (50)
LAV281   Lipton Camomile Tea (50)
LAV351   Tchae Verde Green Tea (50)
LAV201   Hot Chocolate with free milk tabs (50)
                   Drip Coffee

           Full Range of Premium Coffees

Gran Filtro: 100% Arabica blend of mild coffees from the
highlands of     Central and South America roasted and
blended to meet American tastes

Filtro Classico: A blend of selected South American and African
varieties that combine the sweetness of Latin American Arabicas
with the intense, spiced fragrances of African coffees

Available in whole bean and ground

Vacuum-packed to ensure freshness and quality
              Lavazza Espresso

              Full Range of Premium Espresso
Super Crema:
 a blend of smooth Brazilian coffees, Central American milds and
delicate sweet Indonesian varieties that deliver a rich taste with a
thick crema

Grand Espresso:
 a blend made with only the finest Arabica beans from Central
and South America and select African and Indonesian Robustas.
Grand Espresso produces a full-bodied flavor , with chocolate
undertones, perfect for espresso-based beverages with a high milk

Lavazza Dek: a blend made from the finest premium Arabicas
from Brazil and selected Natural Robustas Decaffeinated with an
all natural CO2 method

       Ideal Varieties for High Margin Coffee Drinks
       Lavazza Espresso Pods

    Full Range of Premium Espresso

- Gas-flushed, single serve espresso pods

- Precisely ground and measured to guarantee
   consistency of flavor

- No training needed

- Individually packed to ensure freshness and quality
        I        n d i v i d u a                                                    l
                  s e r  v i n g
                       T e a
Prod.#       Bigelow Tea 28 ct.      Price
397         Apple Cinnamon          $3.85
343         Cinnamon Stick          $3.85
341         Constant Comment        $3.85
400         Cran Apple              $3.85
349         Darjeeling              $3.85
348         Earl Grey               $3.85
345         English Tea Time        $3.85
388         Green Tea               $3.85
10365       French Vanilla          $3.85    Prod.#     Numi Tea Organic 20 Count        Price

346         Green Tea w/lemon       $3.85    10170    Aged Earl Gray                     $4.50
                                             10106    Chinese Breakfast Yunnan           $4.50
399         I Love Lemon            $3.85
                                             10110    Collection Assorted Melange        $4.50
342         Lemon Lift              $3.85
                                             10180    Golden Chai Spiced                 $4.50
297         Lemon Lift Decaf        $3.85
                                             10108    Money King Jasmine Green           $4.50
393         Mint Medley             $3.85
                                             10105    Mexican Fields Lemongrass          $4.50
398         Orange Spice            $3.85
                                             10220    Morning Rise Breakfast             $4.50
344         Plantation Mint         $3.85
                                             10250    Rainforest Green                   $4.50
340         Raspberry Royale        $3.85
                                             10200    Ruby Chai                          $4.50
396         Sweet Dreams            $3.85    10102    Red Mellow Bush Rooibos            $4.50
4578        Herbal Assorted-6 ct.   $23.10   10104    Simply Mint Moroccan               $4.50
577         Assorted 6 count        $23.10   10150    Sweet Meadows Chamomile            $4.50
999966 Bigelow Tea Chest            $31.95   10109    Temple/Heaven Gunpowder Green      $4.50
                                             10190    Timeless Classic Favorites        $27.00
                                             10129    Bamboo 8 Ct. Rack                 $23.00
                                             10132    Numi Chest                        $31.95
                                             10129    Bamboo Rack                       $23.00
CR E A M                * S W E E T E N E R S
                      B I S CO T T I

Prod.#                   Cream/Sugar                Price
31442    Coffeemate 900 Count, Indv. Packets                $32.00
35120    Coffeemate 180 Ct. Half & Half                     $10.00
30202    Coffeemate Cream 12 oz. Can                         $2.00
30032    Coffeemate Cream Indv. 50 Ct. Packets               $2.00
30272    Coffeemate Lite 12 oz. Can                          $2.20
30292    Coffeemate Lite 50 Ct. Indv. Packets                $2.20
23310    Dix. Crystal Sugar 100 Ct. Indv. Packets            $1.65
90568    Njoy Sugar Can                                      $1.65
90848    Njoy Cream Can                                      $1.65
11809    Dix.Crystal Cream 900 Ct. Indv. Packets            $18.00
23510    Dix.Crystal Sugar 2000 Ct. Indv. Packets           $15.50
2900     Dixie Crystal Sugar Cube 1 Lb.                      $1.75
10931    Equal 100 count                                     $7.00
10940    Equal 500 count                                    $20.00
2548     Int l Del French Vanilla 288 Ct.                   $18.00
2565     Int l Del Hazelnut 288 Ct.                         $18.00
3116     Int l Del Amaretto 288 Ct.                         $18.00
3124     Land O Lakes Half & Half 192 Ct.                   $13.95
2544     Itn l Delight Irish Creme 288 Ct.                  $18.00
3414     Splenda 1000 Ct.                                   $28.00
50321    Sugar in the Raw 1000 Ct. Indv. Packets            $28.95
102      Sweet & Low 100 Ct. Indv. Packets                   $2.95
6052     Sweet & Low 1500 Indv. Packets                     $17.40
Prod.#                  Biscotti Cookies                      Price
95181    Nikolas asst. 48 Ct.                               $17.00
         Chocolate Raspberry, Pistachio Chocolate
         Chip, Almond & Cranberry White Chocolate
Prod. #   Flavor 750 ml.             Prod. #      Flavor 750 ml.
98147     Toasted Marshmellow        Coming Soon Almond
98110     Chocolate                  Coming Soon Amaretto
98130     Cinnamon                   Coming Soon Butter Rum
98122     Coconut                    Coming Soon Butterscotch
98206     Creme de Menthe            Coming Soon Cherry
98133     Egg Nog                    Coming Soon Chocolate Mint
98101     English Toffee             Coming Soon Irish Creme
98103     French Vanilla             Coming Soon Pina Colada
98108     Hazelnut                   Coming Soon White Chocolate
98109     Kalu Caffe                 98102        Caramel
98143     Macadamia Nut              98105        Raspberry
98118     Mango                      98145        Peanut Butter
98131     Peach                      98107        Vanilla
98149     Peppermint                 98202        Sugar Free Chocolate
98112     Praline                    98203        Sugar Free Vanilla
98144     Pumpkin Pie                22601        Syrup Pump

          Regular, $5.50 bottle
          Sugar Free, $5.75 bottle
With Artista, every drink you mix is a masterpiece. Our
gourmet sauces are the ideal inspiration for new
flavored lattes, iced & hot coffee beverages, chocolate
drinks and much more. Mix one ounce of Artista
Gourmet Sauce to 8 oz. of your latte or other drink
base. Then, stir the imagination.

 Prod.#                      SAUCES                       Price
98405      Chocolate                                      9.50
98406      White Chocolate                            10.00
98407      Caramel                                    10.00
           Sugar Free Chocolate - COMING SOON
55515      Sauce Pump                                     1.50
          The explosive, full rich flavors of Dr. Smoothie
          will excite and tantalize your taste buds. Our
          special blends will amaze you taste after taste.
          You will not be able to stop!! Available in our
          Original or 100% Crushed Fruit varieties.

 Prod.#            6 Count 46 oz.                     Price
920100      Four Berry                             $66.00
920001      Strawberry                             $66.00
920209      Mango Tropics                          $66.00
72002       Strawberry Banana                      $66.00
   Cappuccine specialty frozen beverage mixes are an
   integral part of any successful coffeehouse operation.
   With award-winning flavors, and innovative
   packaging, we make it easy to help you build a
   popular and profitable specialty frozen beverage

 Prod.#        Description       UNIT PRICE         CASE PRICE
                                  3 Lb. Bag         5/3 Lb. Bag
71651     Toffee Coffee                  19.75       88.75 (17.75)
71657     Latte Frappe                   18.00      80.00 (16.00)
71659     Mocha Freeze                   18.00      80.00 (16.00)
71663     Vanilla                        16.50      72.50 (14.50
 The Insulair® cup is a multi-layered paperboard cup or container designed with a corrugated
 middle layer of tiny air pockets. This patented design insulates similar to a thermos. Much like
 the vacuum between the walls of a thermos, the air pockets in the Insulair® cup slow down the
 rate of heat loss, keeping drinks hot longer and hands cooler. Because heat does not flow out
 quickly, it does not easily enter the container either. For this reason, iced drinks can also be
 kept cold for longer periods of time.

  Prod.#          Encarta Cups&Lids              Price
5545          8 oz. Cup 600 count             $66.40
5546          12 oz. Cup 600 count            $81.18
5547          16 oz. Cup 600 count            $92.14
5548          20 oz. Cup 600 count           $102.63
6633          8 oz LID 1000 count             $36.50
6634          12/16 oz. LID 1000 Ct.          $40.99
6635          20 oz. LID 1000 count           $40.99                   NOV. 1, 2006
  Prod.#              White Cups                 Price
6636          12 oz. Cup 600 count            $81.18
6637          16 oz. Cup 600 count            $92.14
6638          20 oz. Cup 600 count           $102.63
  Prod.#       Clear Dome Lids w/ Hole           Price
98601         CDL 12/16 oz. 1000 Ct.          $49.95
98602         CDL 20/ 24 oz. 1000             $54.95
   P a p e r                                         CL E A N I N G
P r o d u c t s                                      SU P P L I E S
     Prod.#                      Paper Description                 Price
     96017    Bevnap 1000 Ct. Drink Napkins                           $7.50
     20008    Dart Styro 10 oz. Cups-1000 Ct.                       $24.00
     20009    Dart Styro 12 oz. Cups-1000 Ct.                       $26.00
     20010    Dart Styro 16 oz. Cups- 500                           $22.00
     20006    Dart Styro 6 oz. Cups-1000 Ct.                        $20.00
     20007    Dart Styro 8 oz. Cups-1000 Ct.                        $22.00
     20011    Dart Styro 20 oz. Cups - 500 Count                    $25.00
     8204     Preferance Roll Paper Towel (1)                         $1.25
     18051    Stirs - Plastic 1000 Ct.                                $1.50
     3915     Wooden Stirs (7 1/2") 500 Ct.                           $4.50
      310     Wooden Stirs (5 1/2") 1000 ct.                          $4.50
     92100    Espresso Cups 4 oz. 50 Count                            $2.50
     58479    Straw Slot Lid 12 oz. Clear                           $62.95
     58561    Straw Slot Lid 16 oz. Clear                           $57.69
     58547    Straw Slot Lid 20 oz. Clear                           $46.15
    513504    Four Cup Beverage Carrier 300 Ct.                     $63.00
     20603    C-Fold Towels 240 Ct.                                   $3.65
     80521    Forks, 100 Ct. White Plastic                            $4.75
     80522    Knives, 100 Ct. White Plastic                           $4.75
     80523    Spoons, 100 Ct. White Plastic                           $4.75
     31428    Lap Nap 250 Ct., Luncheon Size                          $6.75
     63037    Bounty Roll Towels                                      $2.00
     80132    Plates 9 (sleeve) Foam Plastic Dinnerware, 125 Ct.      $8.75
     80134    Plates 6 (sleeve) Foam Plastic Dinnerware, 125 Ct.      $4.25
     Prod.#                        Cleaning Items                      Price
     1001     Clean that Pot                                          $3.95
    999930    Bowl Brush                                              $3.95
     1075     Joy 42 oz.                                              $5.50
     30181    Cascade 20 oz.                                          $3.75
     4114     Cimbali Tablets 150 Count                             $52.50
     50006    Urnex, Cafiza Back Flush, 20 oz.                      $10.00
     50015    Urnex Milk Frother Cleaner                            $23.95
A c c e s s o r i e s
  Item         ESPRESSO MACHINE               Price
   88     Cream Charger, 10 Ct.              $7.00
  1007    Syrup Pump                         $1.75
  2354    Cream Whipper                     $35.00
 14081    Syrup pour spout                   $1.50
  2930    Tulip Tip                          $4.00
  2956    Plain Tip                          $6.00
  3601    Steaming Pitcher, 20 oz.           $8.25
  3605    Steaming Pitcher, 32 oz.           $9.25
  3610    Steaming Pitcher, 48 oz.          $12.95
  3607    Steaming Pitcher, 66 oz.          $15.95
  3615    Bell Creamer 5 oz.                 $3.95
  3620    Bell Creamer, 3 oz.                $2.95
  3625    Knock Box Stainless Steel         $21.00
  3630    Stop Watch                        $25.00
  3635    Frothing Thermometer               $8.25
  3640    Grinder Brush                      $4.00
  3645    Frothing Spatula, Rubber           $3.00
  3650    Demitasse Spoon (12)               $9.95
  3655    Chocolate Shaker                   $3.50
  3675    Back Flush Cleaning Disk           $3.00
  3682    Jigger 1 oz.                       $1.95
 22400    Cocktail Shaker 26 oz.             $5.95
 120585   Tamp, plastic                      $3.25
 125959   Decaf Scoop                        $4.50
  3618    Chocolate syrup bottle, plastic    $1.95
  3623    Stir Stick Dispenser, acrylic      $7.95
  3633    Group Cleaning Brush               $3.95
  3603    Cannister w/Lid                    $7.95
  3612    Bar Spoon w/red tip                $1.45
         A c c e s s o r i e s
         CO F F E E M I S C.
 Item                          Coffee Accessories                 Price
9765     Air Pot, 2.5 Liter S/S                                 $36.00
3670     Air Pot, 2.2 Liter Black                               $31.00
3672     Air Pot Rack , (3)                                     $31.95
3673     Air Pot Drip Tray                                       $1.95
3608     Handy Vaccum Jug, 1.9 Liter                            $30.00
3692     Thermal Beverage Pour Server, Zohjirushi, 1.29 Liter   $36.95
999954   Decanter, Glass Regular                                 $5.95
999953   Decanter, Glass Decaf                                   $5.95
999941   Decanter, Stainless Steel 12 cup                       $11.95
8890     Kinox: Decanter, Safe: Regular, Black No. 167          $16.95
8899     Kinox, Decanter, Safe, Orange No. 168                  $16.95
233510   Bodum, Assam Tea Pot No. 1842                          $15.95
30300    Bodum, Brazil Coffee Maker No.1543                     $15.95
61000    Coffee Scoop, 5 oz.                                     $2.95
100007   French Press                                           $18.00

66000    Coffee Scoop, 12 oz.                                    $3.95
999930   Bowl Brush, scrub brush                                 $3.95
3623     Stir Stick Dispenser, Acrylic                           $7.95
22100    Coffee Bean Dispenser, Acrylic, 5 Lb. capacity         $39.95
1001     Clean That Pot                                          $3.95
                                          W a t e r
                                         CO O L E R S

Tana UV light Water filtration systems

Counter Top or Free Standing
 Carbon Block filter system
       $30.00 month

                                            Counter Top or Free Standing
         Free standing UVM Reverse               Reverse Osmosis
               Osmosis system                      $65.00 month
               $65.00 month
        State of the Art Water Filtration Systems

                                      A new concept in the provision of pure fresh drinking
                                      water in homes and small businesses. This Small,
                                      compact, self- programmable water dispenser is
                                      different from anything you have seen before. It plumbs
                                      straight into the water main and filters, chills or boils
                                      and serves water at any temperature you like, right
                                      when you need it at the touch of a button.

                                      It also has an advanced filtration and UV purification system to
                                      ensure that the water you drink are the safest you can get.

New! T6 Colors. You don't have to settle

on design to drink healthy.

            Exact Water Temperature Selection by user

            Simple user replacement of Filter & UV Lamp

            Pre-settable dispensing volume

            Self programmable settings & Features

High Water Quality
The new T-6 produces hot and cold water at any temperature you like up to boiling point - all at the
touch of a button. It can also be set to dispense a specific volume or variable volumes. To ensure
clear fresh water, the T-6 has a double active carbon filter, a 0.6 micron filter and UV lamp.

High Technology
The T-6 has an automated alert regarding service check and filter change, and its revolutionary
design & technology means that changing a filter is no more difficult than replacing a Video cassette
or DVD. It also has energy save feature, all by digital display.

Technical Specifications

Power                 50/60Hz - 115/220V

Cold Water            40 cups/hour at 39°F-57°F (4°c-16°c)

Hot Water             80 cups/hour at 197°F-204°F (92°c-96°c)

Weight                31lb (14kg)

Dimensions            H13.7" x W11.4" x D13.7"
                      (H35cm x W29cm x D35cm)

Filtration System     0.6 Micron Double block activated carbon filter
                      UV lamp 11 Watts
E              e    a               se
 njoy our coffe & te products at the fine restaurants
                                 CREDIT APPLICATION

     Company Name ______________________________________________________________

     Delivery Address___________________________ City______________ Zip code_________

     Telephone:______________ Fax:______________ Email:____________________________

     Billing Address____________________________ City______________ Zip code_________

1.                                                                            Checking          Loan
2.                                                                            Checking          Loan

   Corporation         Partnership        Principals in Company                  Limited Partnership          Individual
Name                                      Home Address                             Home Phone
1.                                                                                 ( )
2.                                                                                 ( )
3.                                                                                 ( )

                                                Trade References
                Name                                    Address                                     Phone
1.                                                                                  ( )
2.                                                                                  ( )
3.                                                                                  ( )

All sums due under this agreement are due and payable at Cactus Espresso Systems, LLC. 3219 Chapel Creek Way,
Missouri City, Fort Bend County, TX 77459, on or before 30 days, from the date services rendered or supplies are
delivered. I acknowledge and agree that interest at the rate of 18% percent per annum will be charged on all balances
unpaid after 30 days from the date said amounts are due. In the event of default and referral to an attorney or collection
agency, I agree to pay all expenses, costs of collection, including reasonable attorneys fee and at least twenty (20%)
percent. I understand that the above information is given for the purpose of obtaining credit and I certify that the above
information is complete and accurate as of date of this application.

______________________________________ ______________________ _________________________________
Print Name                             Title                  Authorized Customer Signature

                                            Guarantee Agreement
I (we) understand that the information furnished ob the above page hereof, is for the purpose of obtaining credit from
your firm, that I am (we are) authorized, in my (our) capacity, to bind my (our) firm accordingly. Further I (we) the
undersigned, hereinafter called guarantors, whether one or more, do jointly and severally, unconditionally guarantee and
promise to be held personally liable for all indebt ness accrued under thus continuing agreement. That all accounts or
monies due shall be payable at your place of business in Fort bend County, Texas. That all past due accounts, notes or
judgments shall automatically accrue interest at the rate of eighteen percent (18%) per annum. In the event of default
and referral to an attorney or collection agency, I agree to pay all expenses, costs of collection, including reasonable
attorneys fees of at least twenty (20%) percent.

____________________________________________ _______                 _________________________________________
Name Individual                               Date                   Authorized Customer Signature

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