; Activated Vitamin B3
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Activated Vitamin B3


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									                                 Patient Information Sheet
                   The Active Form of Vitamin B3 – NAD

One of the most important vitamins or cofactors in the body is vitamin B3. Its active form,
that is known as Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD), is involved in hundreds of
reactions in the body, particularly in the breakdown and usage of the carbohydrates,
fats and proteins in our diet used to create energy and new tissues.

NAD is involved as a cofactor in many enzyme systems, particularly those involved in energy
production within in the Krebs or energy cycle. It plays a critical role in what we call the
electron chain transport unit - a vital part of the body’s energy production cycle. Without
NAD, your body will not produce the energy it requires in order to maintain its proper
function and this means life itself!

The body can produce vitamin B3 from your food - for instance the amino acid Tryptophan
from protein foods such as milk, meat, fish etc., can be converted to vitamin B3 when B3
stores are low. For this reason, if you have to take 5 hydroxy-tryptophan for depression,
sleeping, cravings etc., it is a good idea to take activated B3 - NAD at the same time to
make that vital energy that is required within the brain to help overcome depression is

 The body’s usage of B3 increases during times of physical or emotional stress, but it also
increases during times of neurological stress. Particularly in Parkinson’s disease and
Alzheimer’s disease or in Panic/Anxiety attacks. Using the activated form of the B3 (NAD)
saves having to use the extra energy that is normally required to convert the Nicotinamide or
Nicotinic Acid form of B3 into NAD. This is important within the brain, where research has
shown that low energy in certain areas of the brain is one of the main factors in depression.

With the active form vitamin B3 you have a form that is immediately available for use. It
goes into the cell and is able to do its work straight away. When you take the Niacin or the
Nicotinamide form of B3, you need much higher dosages to have the same effect as the NAD,
and they have to be converted to the active form of B3.

NAD plays a role in immune function, which it can improve by stimulating the immune
system’s energy production, boosting its ability to deal with any bad bugs within your body.

In the brain, NAD stimulates the production of L Dopa and Noradrenalin, which are very
important neurotransmitters or nervous system chemical messengers. There is scientific
evidence to suggest that it works very well in Alzheimer’s disease. That’s not surprising
when you realise that it’s involved in neurotransmitter production and the production of
energy within the brain itself. The used for NAD include -

Alzheimer’s disease                            Panic / Anxiety attacks
Dementia                                       Parkinson’s disease
Depression                                     Poor Memory and Concentration
Immune System Booster                          Some types of Schizophrenia

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide)            5mg
Nicotinic Acid                                     10mg
Nicotinamide                                       50mg
Magnesium oxide                                    150mg
Malic Acid                                         100mg

The dosage needed is usually only 1 capsule, 2-3 times per day.

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