Oral Presentation Assessment Rubric - DOC by decree


									                                                    Oral Communications Assessment Grid
                    Subject:                                                                        Date:
                    Team/Student:                                                                   Reviewer:

      Topic                       Unacceptable                            Marginal                          Acceptable                          Exceptional
     (Weight)                         (0)                                   (1)                                (2)                                  (3)

   Organization           Not possible to understand         Difficult to follow presentation    Most information is presented      All information is presented in
        &                presentation due to absence of      due to erratic topical shifts and    in logical order which is easy to   a logical, interesting and novel
    Structure            structure.                          jumps.                               follow.                             sequence, which is easily

     Content              No grasp of information.           Uncomfortable with                  At ease with content and able   Demonstration of full
       &                 Unable to answer questions          information. Capable only of         to elaborate and explain to some knowledge of the subject with
    Knowledge            about subject.                      answering rudimentary                degree.                          explanations and elaboration.

                          No visual aids.                    Occasional use of visual aids,  Visual aids are related to text        Text and presentation are
    Visual Aids                                              however they barely support text and presentation.                       reinforced by the use of visual
        &                                                    or presentation.                                                         aids.
     Neatness                                                                                 Minor misspellings and/or
                                                             Several misspellings and/or      grammatical errors.                     Negligible misspellings and/or
        (2)                                                  grammatical errors on slides.                                            grammatical errors.

                          Significant mumbling and           Occasional mispronunciation         Voice is clear and at a proper     Clear voice and correct,
     Delivery            incorrect pronunciation of terms.   of terms.                            level. Most words pronounced        precise pronunciation of terms.
        &                Voice level too low or too high.                                         correctly.
  Speaking Skills                                            Little eye contact, uneven rate,                                         Good eye contact, steady rate,
                         Monotonous, no eye contact,         only little expression               Some eye contact, steady rate,      enthusiasm, confidence
        (2)              rate of speech too fast or too                                           excessively rehearsed

                          Too long or too short.             +/– 6 minutes                       +/– 4 minutes                      +/– 2 minutes
Presentation Length
                         +/– 10 minutes

   OVERALL                Unacceptable                       Marginal                            Acceptable                         Exceptional

POINTS REQUIRED                         0–6                                 7–13                                14–20                               21–27

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