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 The Lodge Medical Centre                                       Newsletter

 Issue7 : February – April 2007

This is the newsletter for patients of local GP surgeries and
health centres. It contains useful news and information, as
well as local information from your surgery. Your surgery
would also be able to offer you further advice on these

                                                                          No Smoking Day
                                                                          14 March 2007
 Unused medicines ‘cost NHS millions’                                     Stopping smoking is the single
                                                                          most helpful thing you can do
                                                                          to improve your health and
 A house clearance after the          This is undertaken by a             that of those around you.
 death of a Tayside patient           commercial company but must         Among the benefits of
 collected a hoard of £1000 worth     be paid for by the NHS              stopping are:
 of unused prescription medicines.    All this public money wasted
 The patient had been ordering        could be better spent on saving        After 2 weeks: withdrawal
 repeat prescriptions for years       lives and improving patient             symptoms begin to ease.
 without ever taking them. This       services.                               Walking and daily tasks
 story is sad but is not unique and                                           become easier.
 other pharmacists would confirm      Key messages for patients are:
 it                                                                          After 1 month: withdrawal
                                        The most expensive                   symptoms have eased,
 Medicines account for about 12          medicine is the one you don’t        breathing and energy
 per cent of the total NHS budget.       take—if you don’t need it,           levels continue to improve
 In 2005, it was estimated that 10       don’t order it.
 per cent of prescription medicines                                          After 6 months: risk of
 were never used - costing the          Think before you order               heart attack, cancer and
 NHS around £800 million a year          medication: don’t stockpile.         other smoking diseases
 in England alone.                                                            begins to fall
                                        Tell your GP or pharmacist if
 In Tayside alone where the trunk        there is anything you are no     As of July 1st smoking will be
 full of drugs was found, over           longer taking.                   banned in all public enclosed
 18,000 kg of prescribed                                                  places including hospitals and
 medicines, the equivalent of 30        Don’t be tempted to order        health centres.
 small cars need to be destroyed         extra medicines as a stand-
 after they are returned unused          by as medicines go out of        You are more likely to stay quit
                                         date, or your medicine may       if you get support whilst taking
 On the other hand, not all              be changed to another.           Nicotine Replacement. Get
 unwanted drugs are returned to                                           help from
 pharmacies for safe disposal and       Ask your GP, pharmacist or       Leeds NHS Stop Smoking
 some will end up going down the         nurse to review your             Service: 0800 169 4219.
 toilet or the landfill site. This       medicines to ensure they         Or text ’QUIT’ to
 creates a health risk to others         work for you, you are taking      07811 542548
 who could lay their hands on            them regularly and you are
 these                                   not suffering any side effects   uk/
 Another aspect is the cost of safe               2007 No Smoking Day
 disposal.                                                                Wednesday 14th of March.
    The X-Pert for people with Type 2 Diabetes
    X-pert is a 6- week course for those with type 2 diabetes to better manage their condition.
    The course is free, sessions last two and half hours and people can bring along a family
    member or a friend. Experienced diabetes nurses and dieticians present the sessions and
    the programme has been shown to:

       improve diabetes control,
       reduce the need for diabetes medications,
       increase self management, skills and confidence
       improve lifestyle and quality of life

    People who have attended the course in the past have said:

       ‘this is the first time in 10 years of being a diabetic that anybody has told me these things’
       ‘I am more at ease with diabetes from what I have learnt and able to control it better.’
       ‘This course was really helpful in helping me understand diabetes as all demonstrations
        were in layman’s language…programme should have been implemented years ago.’

    For more information please contact:
    Dawn Gunga X-PERT co-ordinator
    Halton Health Centre
    2a Primrose Lane
    LS15 7HR
    Tel: 0113 2951888 or

    Thinking of an Easter or summer                     Contraceptive Awareness
    break? Do you need
                                                        The Family Planning Association (FPA) ran
                                                        Contraceptive Awareness Week from the
                                                        12 to the 16 of February 2007. The FPA
    If you are going abroad you may need
                                                        aims to educate people about their bodies
    some vaccinations. In most European
                                                        and raise an awareness of the different
    countries you should be ok, but generally
                                                        methods of contraception available.
    the further abroad you travel and the more
    exotic the location the more likely it is
                                                        This year’s campaign focused on
    vaccinations will be needed.
                                                        contraception myths and misinformation.
                                                        The FPA conducted a Poll to test people’s
    It is always best to make sure you are
                                                        knowledge about reproduction. Find the
    protected. You should ask when booking
                                                        results of the survey on the FPA’s website.
    your holiday. Go see your GP or practice
    nurse at least 4 weeks before you travel.
                                                        Where can I find out more?
    Some vaccinations need to be given in
                                                        Your doctor or family planning clinic can
    multiple doses and take time to take effect.
                                                        help you choose a method of contraception
                                                        to suit you. You can also call the Family
    In some countries you may even need a
                                                        Planning Association (FPA) helpline on
    certificate of vaccination to enter! Make
                                                        0845 310 1334 (Monday to Friday, 9am to
    sure you’re protected.
                                                        6pm) or visit for further
    Visit the
    for more details.

The Lodge Medical centre: Dr X Menn, Dr P Livingstone, Dr Robinson, Dr William Wallace
(Please adapt this space to add your surgery and GP details.)