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									                                 What’s On In
                                   Kabul         Issue 36/2006       06 January 2007

                            NEWS SECTION
It is with great regret to have to post here announcing the death of Wais Faizi, manager of the Mustafa
Hotel in Kabul.

Many travellers who have passed through Kabul since the fall of the Taliban have stayed at the
Mustafa, and enjoyed Wais's unique brand of hospitality. An Afghan of the highest standard, and with
a thick New Jersey accent to boot, Wais was immortalized in Christina Lamb's 'The Sewing Circles of
Herat', where he became dubbed 'the Fonz of Kabul'. Wais ran an open house for travellers and
journalists, and was an incredible fixer. If you needed it, he could get it. The Mustafa's bar was
sometimes a little crazy, but Wais welcomed everyone regardless, insisting that the Mustafa meant
always having people to stay in his front room.

Details of Wais's are sketchy right now, but first reports are that it was not by violence. He was 36
years old. He was buried at the foot of TV Tower Hill.

Rest in peace, friend - we'll see you on the other side of the Frontier.

Afghanistan will get the Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) code in one month time to be used
internationally, to have this communication identity for the first time for the backward country,
officials said on Wednesday. Muhammad Yasin, head of the post department of the communication
ministry, told Pajhwok Afghan News: "We contacted the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and sent it the
required numbers and alphabets to develop a zip code for Afghanistan." When technical work is
finished, UPU will introduce Afghanistan's zip code software to other countries of the world as to
internationalize it, said Yasin.

A zip code made from alphabets and digits is used as identical means for addresses of locations in
world postal system. Yasin said they have already selected 13 alphabets and digits for the country,
beginning with AF, but the number could go up with increase in the quantity of populations and cities
in Afghanistan. During the past five years, the communication ministry has managed to rebuild the
domestic postal system in addition to preparing the international zip code. Afghans have been using
zip codes of other countries in their concerned businesses so far. Yasin said thy were also planning to
make a postal code for the country, but it there are still problems of lack of clear maps and addresses
of cities and roads, a jot yet to be done by the municipality. Muhammad Asif Akbari, an official of the
Kabul Municipality, told this news agency that they will finish work of giving specific names to roads
and different parts of the capital which hasnt been named clearly in terms of addresses so far.

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                            1                              .
For more than a millennium Afghanistan's lush Pamir valley lay beneath the benevolent gaze of two
colossal standing Buddhas, monuments to an efflorescent history of pilgrims and merchants, of
religion and culture. In 2001, the statues were destroyed by the ruling Taliban, some say out of
religious fanaticism, others as a political statement against the West. What's left are fragments of stone
and wood strewn across the war-torn land like broken pieces of a once resplendent past. The statues
were built sometime in the 6th century as part of a larger Buddhist monastery, itself the center of a
major religious and trading post on the Silk Road connecting Europe to the Tang Dynasty capital in
China. Much of the area, as well as present-day Pakistan and parts of North India, belonged then to the
rulers of the Kushan Empire, an Indo-European people ancestral to the present-day Pashtuns that
inhabit the valley. The Kushan empire thrived from the wealth of culture and trade that flowed across
the Silk Road.

Unlike today, Buddhism in the 6th century was also a major proselytizing faith, sending missionaries
far and wide to convert rulers and thereby entire peoples to its doctrine. Kings and emperors alike saw
in Buddhism a powerful tool to unite, and in many ways subjugate, a people to the royal will. The
rulers of Kushan were no doubt of this mind, and the building of the mammoth stone Buddhas would
serve as a testament to the spiritual and political power of the state. It was a project born of faith and
politics, state and religion. In 2001, when the Taliban set their rocket launchers on the still, serene
faces of the two Buddhas, the world stood up in outrage, aghast at the callous and wanton destruction
of such valuable treasures of ancient human history. For many, it was further proof of the inhumanity
of Afghanistan's Islamic rulers.

Wanton, yes! Inhuman, maybe. One has to remember that in 2001 Afghanistan was experiencing a
severe drought, with thousands suffering from starvation. In March of that year, the New York Times
reported that in the midst of famine-like conditions, a foreign delegation had offered money to
renovate the Bamyan statues, and had refused to allocate a portion to relieve hunger. Outraged, the
Taliban's clerics sealed the fate of the Bamyan Buddhas. Or did they? Since the U.S.-led invasion
ousted the Taliban from power in Afghanistan, a host of countries including Japan and Thailand have
offered to rebuild the statues. Today teams of Afghans under the direction of a German architect and
Italian engineers work to rebuild the two Buddhas. It strikes me as ironic since a century ago, it was
Europeans who led in the looting of Afghanistan's cultural relics, bringing back the heads of stone and
marble Buddhas to be put on display, a symbol of Europe's preeminence in all things, past and present.
And yet it was exactly these stolen treasures that first introduced Westerners to the beauty and
elegance of Afghanistan's Buddhist art. Which brings us back to Bamyan.

Bamyan's Buddhas stood in the midst of war, of oppression and religious fanaticism. Obscured by the
dust and smoke of gunfire, they seemed a dim recollection of a more glorious period now far removed.
One has to wonder, in light of this, what the symbolic significance of these two Buddhist statues can
be for an Islamic country desperate to rebuild itself, and for the larger world which shares in a piece of
the country's past and present. The destruction of these statues by the Taliban is certainly not the first
time a government has attempted to erase history in order to create a new nation with a new ideology.
And yet, as with the shards of the two Buddhas, history remains, broken but powerful. An interesting
feature of the two statues was their Greek influence, a reflection of the highly cosmopolitan world of
the Silk Road. The statues were a blending of East and West. Today, as Europeans and Afghans work
to reclaim the splendor of Bamyan piece by piece, painstakingly putting back together the fragments of
a shattered past, perhaps the statues will symbolize a new Afghanistan, one that embraces a diverse
and inspiring past, gazing, like the Buddha, at a more prosperous future. Copyright NAM

Editor's note: Commentator Peter Schurmann is a student at UC Berkeley in Asian Studies.

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                           2                                .
KABUL: The top United Nations envoy in Afghanistan on Friday pledged the world organization`s
support in entrenching fundamental human rights in the strife-torn country. Welcoming President
Hamid Karzai`s recent decree confirming the appointment of three new commissioners to the
Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC), Secretary-General Kofi Annan`s
Special Representative Tom Koenigs stressed the crucial role played by the rights body.

"Since its establishment in June 2002, the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission
(AIHRC) has played a vital role in protecting and promoting the human rights of all of Afghanistan`s
peoples," he said in a statement. "I welcome President Karzai`s recent confirmation of three new
appointments to the commission and hope that the new commissioners will continue their work with
the same commitment and effort that the AIHRC has demonstrated since it was established. "The
United Nations remains committed to supporting the work of the AIHRC and we will continue to work
with the commission as it strives to build recognition and respect for fundamental human rights across
Afghanistan," he added.

KABUL - Afghanistan and Iran Thursday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to bolster
bilateral cooperation in fields of economic relations and trade in a year. The MoU was signed by the
Afghan Foreign Minister Rangin Dadfar Spanta and his Iranian counterpart visiting Kabul Manochehr
Muttaki in their second meeting. Spanta told reporters after the meeting that in addition to of economic
cooperation they also discussed issues of cultural exchange and security situation. He said aim of the
MoU was to boost up economic ties between the two countries.

He said Iran was a historical friend of Afghanistan and that its strained relations with US, a strategic
ally of the latter, will not cast any effects on friendship of the two neighbors. "Iran is a good ally of
Afghanistan in war on terrorism and drugs and its nuclear activities pose no threat to us," said Spanta.
Muttaki, for his part, termed signing of the MoU as an important document for doubling commercial
and economic cooperation between the two countries. He said Iran was committed to take active part
in reconstruction of its war-ravaged neighbour because stability and prosperity in Afghanistan was
beneficial for Iran and the whole world.

On the issue of presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan, Muttaki said the international forces were in
Afghanistan for keeping security. He said the foreign forces would withdraw when the Afghan forces
became able to shoulder the security. This session of the Afghan and Iranian foreign ministers was part
of the periodical meetings of the two on bilateral and regional issues. The first foreign ministerial
meeting was held in Tehran two years ago.

AFG's former king, Mohammad Zahir Shah, is ill, a spokesman for the family said on Tuesday.
"He is under the care of doctors in bed and that is why he can't hold meetings," said the spokesman,
Fazl Ahmad Popal. He did not give details about the former king's illness but said it was linked to his
age. Zahir Shah is 92. Zahir Shah holds no power but was given the symbolic role of "Father of the
Nation" after he returned to AFG from decades of exile in Italy in 2002, after the Taliban were ousted.
Since then he has been living in Kabul, often holding meetings with tribal leaders. Zahir Shah
ascended the throne in 1933 after his father was assassinated by a deranged student. He was king until
1973 when he was overthrown in a bloodless leftist coup led by a cousin. His rule is regarded by many
Afghans as a golden age of tranquillity and stability. But critics say the he did not do much for the
country's development.

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                           3                               .
KABUL - Though 14 banks are operative in country, but still thousands of people may be seen busy
in currency exchange of million dollars in Shahzada Sarai. Famous for its 50 years history, the centre
has got national and international reputation and Da Afghanistan Bank also confirm currency rate from
this centre. Amin Jan Khosti, a money changer, told Pajhwok Afghan News as due to long wars there
were no arrangements for Banking system, then money changers were the only means for currency
transfer or exchange. He said there were about 300 money changing shops in the centre, about 100 of
these dealers were doing business of money delivery. He said the dealers often do business of $8
million on the daily basis. Mohammad Isa Tarab, deputy head of Da Afghanistan Bank, said they
were giving permission to two types of money changers, the one who could business of delivery but
the other could not do this dealing. He said the dealers who were doing work of money delivery should
deposit 0.1 million afghanis in Afghanistan bank as guarantee.

Khosti, 48, who has worked for 21 years in Shahzada Sarai said large number of people are coming to
the centre for exchanging or delivery of money. He said: "We are doing business through telephone,
fax and e-mail that may be done in minute while banks take much time therefore, people come to us
for dealings." To a question that black money may also be sent through this way, Khosti said: "This is
possible, but we have no information about this, intelligence should know about this." He said they
charged the customer with minor commission and the ratio of fee was depending upon the place where
it might be sent. He said: "We take commission from 0.2 per cent to 2 per cent." Khosti said they were
paying 10,000 afghanis tax to the government.

He said the money changers and officials of the Ministry of Finance according to a guess fix the tax.
According to government rules, the money dealers have been divided into 25 groups, who are paying
from 20,000 afghanis to 0.7 million afghanis keeping in view their income. The people who were
sending money through money changers in the past are still sticking to this old style. Mohammad
Sharif, 50, a resident of Logar said: "Our other villagers also send money through money changers, we
are not used with banking system." Amin Jan Khosti, said a ten-member of police was guarding the
market, but still the money changers did not fell themselves safe out of the Sarai. He said: "We take a
policeman along whenever we have to go out of the Sarai." He said over 20 money changers had been
killed in the last 14 years by unidentified gunmen and over 100 had been looted.

                            BADGHIS AIRPORT RUNWAY REBUILT
Reconstruction of runway of the Qala-e-Naw airport in the western province of Badghis has been
completed at the cost of $1.2 million by the Spanish Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT). John
Carlo Ciaburro, spokesman for the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in the western zone,
told Pajhwok Afghan News on Thursday that the airport having 2000-meter long and 25-meter wide
runway could be used for any type of Boeing airbus flights. He added that other facilities as lights,
radar and other equipment will be installed later at the airport. Sayed Zia Wasiqi, spokesman for the
Badghis governor, said that the Afghan Ariana Airline's planes should have to land at the runway
earlier, but bad weather has impeded that till now.

He said that only planes belonging to the ISAF were using the airport for their flights. The Spanish
troops are engaged in reconstruction and security maintenance in Badghis province under ISAF.
Badghis deputy governor said the airport was made in 1968 for the first time which could be used for
small plane it was expanded later to be used for all kinds of flights. Two weeks back, runway of the
Bagram airport in Parwan province was also reconstructed to be used for big military flights. The
3600-meter long and 46-meter wide runway was built at the cost of $68 millions by 400 Afghan
workers in two years.

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                          4                              .
Whenever the young man heard a plane screeching by overhead, he would scream so uncontrollably
that everyone in his Afghanistan village grew to despise him. His hysterical outbursts -- fallout from
growing up in a homeland where bombs and bullets had been raining from the sky for decades --
embarrassed his parents so much they dumped him on the streets of nearby Jalalabad. There, in
Afghanistan's most eastern city, the disgraced 21-year-old became a scavenger, eating rotten fruit to
survive. One day, a fruit seller took pity on him and brought him to a psychological clinic in the city.
After a physical, he received counseling and then medication to steady his runaway emotions. Six
months later, he opened his own fruit stand in Jalalabad.

The person instrumental in starting that life-changing clinic lives and works in the East Bay. Kahlil
Rahmany, a clinical psychologist with offices in Concord and Newark, opened the clinic in 2003, after
the Taliban government was thrown out. "The purpose was to reach out to the war-stricken, primarily
women and children," said the former freedom fighter who immigrated to the United States in 1982.
Rahmany, who mostly counsels Afghan immigrants, estimates about 100,000 live in the East Bay.
After witnessing and hearing about the shattered lives in Afghanistan, Rahmany decided he must do
something to help. So far, the clinic has treated nearly 1,000. "People have not only lost their lives and
loved ones and parts of their bodies, they've lost all they've owned," Rahmany said. The clinic steers
clear of religion, politics or cultural issues, concentrating exclusively on psychological matters, he
said. The fruit seller's story, like others told to Rahmany by members of the seven-person clinic,
touched him personally. But the people there need more than healing emotional wounds.

To turn around lives, more jobs and schools must be created, along with the rebuilding of roads and
homes, he said. The resiliency of the long-suffering Afghanistan people continues to inspire him, he
said. These people not only weathered the Taliban, but were battered by wars and watched as their
homes and homeland were desecrated. The clinic, he said, could use added funding to help more
people. Rahmany travels every two years to visit his mother in Pakistan, and hears more harrowing
stories. One he can readily recall concerns a young woman who begged for sleeping pills from the
clinic so she could end her life of abuse. That type of desperation is common, he said. Fortunately, the
woman now sees a better future, he said. Of great concern is the younger generation, especially males
brought up to believe violence solves every problem.

"There's a lot of mistrust in the current generation," he said. "They don't trust each other. Or anyone
else." Young men often live and die by the rule that "if you disagree with me, then you are my
enemy." Years of living in a volatile region where war and violence were the norms shaped that
attitude. "War took away their education," he said. Many of the young men only know about war and
how to kill.

Randy Myers is a Times staff writer. Reach him at or 925-977-8419.
How to help
Readers interested in helping the work of the Jalalabad mental health clinic may call Kahlil Rahmany
at 925-858-5421.

Tolo TV has once again been granted permission to resume broadcasting through Pakistani cable
networks. The Pakistani authorities banned Tolo TV cable broadcasts two months ago. A number of
analysts and the Foreign Ministry spokesman had then described the ban on Tolo TV broadcasts as
against international media laws and the freedom of speech. [Correspondent] The permission for the
resumption of Tolo TV cable broadcasts in Pakistan comes after Pakistani Foreign Minister Khurshid
Mahmud Kasuri visited Kabul three weeks ago. He had then expressed unawareness about the ban but
promised to speak to his country's minister of information about it.

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                           5                               .
Tolo TV has been broadcasting for over three years. The Pakistani authorities have banned the
channel's cable broadcasts in that country several times. A number of cultural activists and analysts
believe that Tolo TV is a new phenomenon in the Afghan visual media, adding that the channel has
shown remarkable creativity in producing new programmes. They believe that the ban on Tolo is
against international media laws.

                    IN NEW YORK
NEW YORK (AP) _ An 8-year-old boy from Afghanistan stood in Times Square Monday welcoming
a new year that will bring him corrective surgery thanks to the concerns of twin Army doctors who
met him while they worked for six months in his war-ravaged country. "I'm happy. It's the first time
I've seen something like this," Khatibullah Farqirzada said on a morning that also marked his birthday
as he stood in the bright lights of one of the world's most famous landmarks. "In Afghanistan,
everybody celebrates in their homes. Here, everybody comes out to be together," he said.

His father, Shafi, said: "My hope is my son (has) a new year and a new life." Within days, Farqirzada
will undergo surgery to correct hypospadia, a rare condition that prevents him from urinating properly.
The surgery at Westchester Medical Center was arranged after surgeons Vince and Vance Moss, U.S.
Army reservists, met the boy in the village of Paghman while they were in Afghanistan on a relief
mission, working in a small operating room at the Afghan Army National Hospital. While there, they
performed the first stage of urinary constructive surgery on Farqirzada before increasing violence
forced them to evacuate before they could complete the work.

Vance Moss said the 34-year-old doctors, who live in Manhattan and practice in Lakewood, N.J., were
heartbroken to leave early last year and vowed to try to help the boy. The boy's trip to America with
his father was made possible through donations and the Westchester hospital, which offered its
facilities without charge, Vince Moss said. The twin surgeons, who also are donating their services,
will be taking the boy on various outings, including a day at the zoo. Vance Moss said the doctors may
return to Afghanistan to do further work. "We just have a sense of purpose for these young people in
Afghanistan," he said of an area where conditions were so crude that they sometimes operated by
flashlight. "The basics of standard health care are nonexistent. When we were there, we realized how
much there is to do."

The International Kurash Association (IKA) has awarded the Afghanistan Kurash federation as the
best of the year 2006, officials said. Sayed Mahmood Zia Dashti, head of the Afghanistan Kurash
Federation (AKF), told Pajhwok Afghan News on Wednesday that the Afghan Kurash athletes
showed great performances during the games held among four Asian countries in Kabul and the
international competition held in Kazakhstan. "We learned through e-mail that the International
Kurash Association has awarded us as the best Kurash federation of the year," he said, adding that the
award was a great achievement for Afghan athletes.

The Afghan Kurash athletes won five gold medals, seven silver and 10 bronze medals during the four-
country competition in Kabul. Besides this, they own one silver and three bronze medals during
international Kurash competitions earlier 2006, said Dashti. Based in Tashkent, IKA had 93 members
and Afghanistan joined it in 2002. Dashti added that Kurash was a traditional Afghan sport played by
Afghans in the northern parts of the country in the past, especially during the new year celebrations.
Originally, Kurash is the native ancient type of upright jacket wrestling practiced in Uzbekistan. It is a
member of Turkish wrestling arts.

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                           6                               .
Iranian Foreign Minister, HE Dr. Manouchehr Mottaki arrived in Kabul to take part at the second Iran-
Afghanistan Joint Economic Commission meeting. He received by his Afghan counterpart, HE Dr.
Rangin Spanta. Following discussion between members of the joint Commission, both ministers
signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which will pave the way for increasing the level of
cooperation between the two countries. Signing ceremony was followed by a joint press conference by
the two ministers.
The Afghan minister referred to many common grounds between the two nations, which have given
almost a unique character to the two countries’ relations. He thanked Iran’s constructive role in
supporting Afghanistan during the recent years, in particular Iran’s active role since the collapse of the
Taliban regime. Afghan Minister expressed his confidence that questions over Iran’s nuclear program
would not affect Afghanistan, as both Iran and western nations desire to see a peaceful and stable
Afghanistan. On his part, the Iranian Minister, Dr. Mottaki reiterated Iran’s continuing support for the
Afghan government and expressed his wish to see the level of economic and trade transaction between
the two nations to be doubled to reach over one billion US dollar by the third Joint Economic
Commission Meeting.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has donated chairs and desks worth two million afghanis to schools in
the southeastern Paktia province. Islamuddin Mangal, deputy head of the education department, told
Pajhwok Afghan News the donation consisted of 10,000 chairs and desks. He said it was handed over
to the provincial government by officials of the Saudi embassy in Kabul.

Mangal said the education departed had started distribution of the furniture to various schools in the
province. Only those schools will get the chairs and desks which had proper buildings. Addressing a
gathering organised in this connection, Paktia Governor Rahmatullah Rahmat assured the provincial
government would allocate funds for construction of school buildings. He thanked the Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia for the assistance and said the embassy had promised more aid in the future. Majority of
schools in Paktika and other backward provinces have no buildings and students are either studying
under trees or in tents.

                            CANADIAN FM ARRIVES IN KABUL
Canadian Foreign Minister Peter MacKay arrived in Kabul on an official visit on Sunday to reaffirm
his country's commitment to Afghanistan.
During his meeting with President Hamid Karzai, he said his country would continue supporting
Foreign Ministry spokesman Sultan Ahmad Bahin told Pajhwok Afghan News the Canadian FM
discussed the security situation and reconstruction with President Karzai and other senior officials.
During his one-day visit, the Canadian FM will also pay a visit to the southern province of Kandahar
to meet his country's troops stationed there as part of the NATO counter-insurgency operations.
Hamim Jalalzai

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                           7                               .
                            CULTURAL EVENTS
Dear Friends,
As you may already know Ariana Outreach had its' first Annual Afghan & American Sisterhood Award
Gala. Below you can view a Press Release about the Gala This is a big step for
AO as a new organization.

Here is how you can get involved . AO would like to accept nominations for next years award recipients.
There will be two potential honorees: An Afghan Woman and an American Woman. Sonia Nassery Cole,
Afghanistan World Foundation and Charlie Ponticelli, Department of State were the 2006 recipients of
the award .

AO now wants to reach out to the world for next year's nominations . Nominations will be given based on
amount of time spent trying to make a difference in the lives of the Afghan people . There will be no
restrictions on the sector as long as there are visible results .

Nominations should be submitted to no later than January 13th 2007. The
Board of AO as well as some distinguished dignitaries will vote on the final honorees. AO is hopeful this
will encourage other women and people to reach out to their fellow Afghan brothers and sisters in order
to make a difference.

Submissions should be made in the following manner :
1. Your nomination for the Afghan recipient of the Award
2. Your nomination for the American recipient of the Award
3. 1-3 sentences of why these women should be honored
4. Your Name
5. Your contact information
6. Your place of residence
7. Your occupation ex: student, carpenter etc...
8. Indicate on the subject line of the email, NOMINATION

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ADOPT A FOUR-LEGGED FRIEND TODAY ---- We have healthy, vaccinated, friendly local cats,
dogs, kittens and puppies available at no charge to good homes. We also accept any cat or dog,
rescued or owned, for shelter, care and medical treatment. If you call us, we will pick up the animal
where you are or where you have found it. We provide all vaccinations, deworming, neutering of
males, and basic medical treatment for injuries or disease. We are also able to arrange spaying of
females. We can help arrange to ship your pet or rescued animal to the US or Europe. Visitors are
welcome any day. Please call us at Tigger House any time at 070 230 482 / 070276658.

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                         13                              .
              RESTAURANTS & GUEST

                            Welcome to Kabul Maple Leaf Inn

Maple Leaf Inn offers             Features and Services:
hospitality, comfort and peace of
mind to those seeking a friendly       Hotel.
and safe place to stay while away      Restaurant.
from home. Our beautifully             Coffee Shop.
appointed rooms (suite, deluxe         Meeting & Conference.
and standard) are available on a           Rooms.
daily, weekly and monthly basis.       Business Center.
Each room comes with Air-              Tennis Courts.
Conditioning, Full Bathroom,           Swimming Pool.
Cable Television, Telephone,           GYM.
Coffee-Maker, Mini-Bar and etc.        Pool Table.
All service, such as room and          Entertainment.
laundry services are also              Handicap Accessible
available 24-hours a day, as are           Facilities.
our efficient team of concierge        And additional
and room attendants.                       Services/Facilities are
                                           available to ensure
                                           your satisfaction with
For reservations and general               us.
information please call: 0093-
(0)-799-321-401, 0093-(0) 70-     We invite you to visit and stay
203-412 or e-mail:                at our secure and comfy        environment.
                                  Maple Leaf Inn operates 24
Haji Yaqoob Square, Street # 3    hours a day and 7 days a week
on the left, Shahr-e- Naw Kabul-
Afghanistan.                      Enjoy your stay in Afghanistan

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                             14             .
                                  FLOWER STREET CAFÉ
                            Kabul’s best brunch and lunch spot
Winter is nearly upon us. Warm up with our delicious soups, cappuccino and hot chocolate!

Don’t miss Kabul’s best burger and fries, focaccia and kebob sandwiches, fresh salads and munchies.
We bake our own bread and cakes daily using the finest ingredients. Fresh juices, smoothies and
espresso coffees served for your enjoyment.

Take Away, Lunch Delivery & Catering available. Please call us to order.

Open daily 9am to 10pm. Our popular brunch is from 9am to 3pm on Fridays & Saturdays.

House #57, Street 7, Qala-e-Fatullah (between Taimani and Qala-e-Fatullah roads)

           , Tel: 070-29-3124 and 079-35-6319

Hello to everybody!
November in France is time for grape harvesting and wine making. Beaujolais, in the central part of
France, is famous for its “primeur”, the young wine just made with the year vintage grapes.
Thanks to an excellent marketing campaign Beaujolais primeur is distributed all around the world and
tasted, but not before the third Thursday of November. With a day delay, Le Bistro invites you to
come on Friday 17th November and taste this year new vintage.

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                           15                           .
In order to follow this tradition Le Bistro postpones to Friday 24th November the Herat exhibition
initially planed for the 17th. So next Friday (17th) is Beaujolais, the following Friday (24th) will be
Safran and silks. Come with your friends to enjoy the party! See you then
Dan de Mirmont, , Phone : +93(0)799 598 852

Please taste the real delicious AZARI food in Baku restaurant in Kabul. Azeri Restaurant Baku is
open every day from 11.00 to 22.00 o cloc. The Bar is open to midnight.
On fridays and saturdays,from 11.00 to 14.00.
Delivery and Take away services are also available.
You can enjoy, the meal in private rooms furnished in the best traditions of Azeri culture and under
beautiful Azeri music Mugham.
We offer to our guests the variety of starters, soup and Dolma, Kutab, Plov, Shashlik and many other
famous Azeri dishes. European and Asian dishes are also available in our restaurant.
Our address
Kabul,Wazir Akbarkhan,str 15 lane5.hous329
Phone0799083918,0799827313. Email:

T-BONES                                                                            Wazir Akhbar Khan
Meat Market Specialties                                                            Street 10, House 313

                            “The What-A-Burger Café”
      What-A-Burger, Fries and Drink………………………….....$6.50
      Chicken Fried Cube Steak Dinner, Fries and Drink…....…..$7.50
      T-Bone Steak(10oz.), Fries, Salad and Drink….…….….…$10.95
                Sandwiches Served with Mustard, Mayonaise, Kechup and Onions…….Your choice!!
                    Note: All raw vegetables and fruits used in this Cafe are sanitized before serving.
Call Russ Ph# 070-298-301 or
Abdel Wasiy Ph# 070-219-432

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                                 16                                   .
Located behind the Mustafa Hotel, The Camaro House is offering the following services:

         $20USD per room, per night
         24 Hour electricity
         24 Hour inter-net
         Inside parking
         Safe and secure
         Restraunt

Contact 0799-314-351/0799-133-094

                            Enjoy a unique taste of Frenchness… and more
                                Menu de Noël - Christmas Menu - December 24
                                         Salade Folle au Foie Gras, Ou
                                          Clafoutis de Saumon Fumé
                              Filet de Chevreuil (Venison) Sauce aux Airelles, Ou
                   Cassolette de Langoustines (Norway Lobsters) et son Sabayon d’Estragon
                       Granité d’Ananas (Pineapple) caramélisé à la Vanille et au Rhum
                                                 Bûche de Noël
                                     New Year’s Eve Menu - December 31

                                       Petits Feuilletés et Kir de Bienvenue
                                         Tatin de Foie Gras aux Abricots
                                                Assiette Nordique
                                                  Trou Normand
                                               Tournedos Rossini ou
                                Cuisse de Canard (leg of Duck) aux Navets Confits
                                           Bûche Chocolat Caramel ou
                                            Mystère Glacé au Chocolat

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                              17                           .
                              Possible changes pending availability
 L’Atmosphère will be open on Sunday, December 24 and 31 but closed on Monday, 25 and January
                                          First Prices
                  Christmas Menu : 1500 Afs (tax 10% and drinks not included)
New Year Menu : 2000 Afs (tax 10% and drinks not included) 250 Afs per person will be given to Ashiana, NGO
                                         supporting streets and working children
                       Better to reserve : Enayat (079 93 00 264) or Joëlle (079 84 13 872)

                            RED HOT SIZZLING STEAK HOUSE
Catering Beyond Borders is running the Red Hot and Sizzling Steak House. The manager is Danny
Lawson and can be reached @ 0093-(0)-799-838-646. His e-mail address is. and his web site is,


1000 no’s of Brand New Banquet Chairs (with and without arms) for sale. Interested parties
may contact Mr. Enamullah at 0799600745

Looking for American Business Partner for newly established Security Company in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Contact email add:

My name is M Traiq Iqbal physiotherapist havig 4 year university degree in physiotherapy from tehran
and giving home visit physiotherapy for expitarte community in kabul. Please contact me for
appointment. My mobile 0093 (0)70288351

This is the information for the TV. 21 inch SHARP color TV. almost new, bought for 6,100 Afs. used
by an expatriate for a month and now available for 4000 Afs. Purchase receipt is available. If
interested please contact 0799-737-806.

A House for rent is lokated in Parlamantry House infornt Estaqlal Hospital with a good condition with
7 room. for farther information please contec Mr Ramazan 0778820988

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                                 18                           .
near Pul-e-Mahmood Khan, Shash Darek
0799 972 439
Emergency 0799 992 439 - 0799 993 400

0798 978 216
Manager 0798 259 328

                                 JOB SECTION
                                   OFFERING A JOB
CARE Afghanistan is seeking a Program Development Officer/Gender Adviser, to be responsible for
working with senior management on the design of new programs, proposal preparation and writing in
accordance with program strategies and CARE Afghanistan's objectives and directions ensuring the
timeliness and quality of country office reporting and information sharing and promotion of gender
mainstreaming into the organizational policies, practices and programs. The Program Development
Officer/Gender Adviser is a member of the Senior Management Team and is expected to contribute
substantively to strategic planning and program expansion. In addition to a bachelor's degree or above
in international development, community development or similar subject, the ideal candidate will have
5 years of field experience in development, rehabilitation and/or relief programs, 3 years experience in
gender programming and mainstreaming, and experience working in a complex, fast-paced work
environment. Other requirements include strong program design and development skills, excellent
writing and oral communication skills in English, preferably as a first language, a demonstrated ability
to prepare proposals, reports and other written materials of a high quality, and the ability to effectively
manage competing priorities. DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: 15 January 2007.

                                 TFI INTERNATIONAL
        TFI - International is looking the following specialists for working in Afghanistan:
1. Electrical Engineer
2. Civil Engineer
3. Concrete Engineer
4. Concrete Supervisor
5. Mechanical Engineer
6. IT/Network specialist
7. Procurement Manager
8. Logistics Manager
9. Production Director
10.Finance/Accounting Manager
11.Business Development Manager
All candidates, whether local or foreign, should speak English and have significant work experience.
Dari, Pashtu, Russian, Turkish language abilities considered a plus. If interested, please send your CV
to Our website is at

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                           19                               .
Logistics and engineering company looking for experienced civil engineers, operation
managers and commercial sales managers. Fulltime, international positions. Contact:

                                      Tel: +1-212-963-2668
                                      Fax: +1-212-963-2669
The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan has the following vacancies for the interested
Afghan nationals. For more information on this vacant positions please go to UNAMA website

                                            VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT No. 353/12/2006
  Title:                        Security Assistant
  Type of contract:             Appointment for Limited Duration (ALD)
  Category:                     General Service Level
  Level:                        GS-5
  Duty station:                 Kabul
  Unit/Section:                 Security
  Issuing date:                 26 December 2006
  Closing date:                 10 January 2007

                                              VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT # 357/12/2006
  Title:                        Human Rights Officer
  Number of post:               One
  Type of contract:             Appointment for Limited Duration (ALD)
  Category:                     National Professional Officer (NPO)
  Level:                        NO-A
  Duty station:                 Herat
  Unit/Section:                 Human Rights Unit
  Issuing date:                 27 December 2006
  Closing date:                 11 January 2007

                                              VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT # 355/12/2006
   Title:                        Political Affairs Officer
   Number of posts:              Two
  Type of contract:              Appointment for Limited Duration (ALD)
  Category:                      National Professional Officer (NPO)
  Level:                         NO-B
  Duration:                      First three months (probationary period – renewable)
  Duty station:                  Kabul
  Unit/Section:                  Pillar I/Political Affairs
  Issuing date:                  27 December 2006
   Closing date:                 11 January 2007

                                           ACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT # 356/12/2006
  Title:                    Medical Officer
  Number of posts:          Two
  Type of contract:         Appointment for Limited Duration (ALD)
  Category:                 National Professional Officer (NPO)
  Level:                    NO-C
  Duty station:             Kabul
  Unit/Section:             Medical Unit
  Issuing date:             27 December 2006
  Closing date:             26 January 2007

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                                            20                 .
                                            VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT # 358/12/2006
  Title:                    Claims Property Survey Officer
  Type of contract:         Appointment for Limited Duration (ALD)
  Category:                 National Professional Officer (NPO)
  Level:                    NO-A
  Duty station:             Kabul
  Unit/Section:             General Services Section
  Issuing date:             27 December 2006
  Closing date:             26 January 2007

                                            VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT # 359/12/2006
  Title:                     Information Technology Officer
  Number of posts:           Two
  Type of contract:          Appointment for Limited Duration (ALD)
  Category/Grade:            National Professional Officer (NO-B)
  Duration:                  First three months (probationary period – renewable)
  Duty station:              Kabul
  Organizational Unit:       Information Technology Section
  Issuing date:              27 December 2006
  Closing date:              26 January 2007

                                            VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT #362/12/2006
  Title:                    Information Officer
  Type of contract:         Appointment for Limited Duration (ALD)
  Category:                 National Professional Officer (NPO)
  Level:                    NO-B
  Duty station:             Kabul
  Unit/Section:             Best Practices Office, Office of the Chief of Staff
  Issuing date:             31 December 2006
  Closing date:             13 January 2007

Applicants meeting the above qualifications are requested to submit a cover letter quoting this
Vacancy Announcement title and number along with their Curriculum Vitae; P-11 form photocopies
of certificates to:

Only applications that clearly indicate the vacancy number on the envelope; or in the subject of the
email (if the application is being sent electronically), will be reviewed. Application can be sent to:
Personnel Section, UN Operation Centre in Afghanistan (UNOCA), Jalalabad Road, Kabul, Afghanistan, OR
Email to:

                                     LOOKING FOR A JOB:
                                 FAZEL AHMAD BEAUTY SALON
                                         (For men)
Fazel Ahmad beauty saloon for men with a long standing experience provide you all beauty services.
The opening time is from 8 to 18:00 6 days a week. Our address is Charahi Haji Yaqob and for further
information please contact 020-2202490.

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                                         21                          .
                                Selling - Buying – Renting
           Please note that “What’s on” team can change style of your text and remove big pictures if it will be necessary
        Dear subscribers please do not forget to ask us to remove your advertisement if succeeded.
                                                    RENT A CAR

    Rent a car for $ 500 per month along with driver. Contact Sameer on: 0799381706

                                          WHAT’S ON DIRECTORY

ASSA Guest House 0799-555666                                          Park Residence Guest House
0799-666555.                                         EURO Guest House 070-197220/0799342705
Chicken Street G.H 070-211911                                         HEETAL G. House 0799-167824/0799159697
0799-354090,                                         Ajmal Wali G.House, 070-277657, 0799335934
Rose Garden Palace Hotel, 0799-013055                                 Star Inn Guest House, 0799-558787, 0799003333
070-70271107, Email:                           OTTAWA Resorts, 0799-321401, 070203412
Mustafa Hotel 070-276021,                      Le Monde Guest House 0799-614872/070-280751
B’Place Guest House 070-276416, 070276711

ATM Machines
AIB, Afghanistan International Bank
AIB House, 1608, Behind Amani High School, Wazir Akbar Khan, Openings time, Sun-Thu:9:00-17:00, Sat: 9:00-13:00
Intercontinental Hotel, 1 ATM, 24 hours open. Currency US dollars
Kabul International Airport, 1 ATM, 24 hours open, currency US dollars
Kabul City Center, 1 ATM, 24 hours open, currency US dollars
Bagram Military Base, 1 ATM, 24 hours open, currency US dollars
ISAF HQ military Base, 1 ATM, 24 hours, currency US dollars and EURO
KAIA Military Base, 1 ATM, 24 hours, currency US dollars and EURO
SUPREME , Supreme PX, Jalalabad Road, 24/7, restricted access to compound. currency USD, Max 160
Kabul compound, next Amani High School, WAK, 24 hours, restricted access to the compound
Kabul International Airport, Great Masood Road, 24/7, currency USD. Limits Min - 40, Max – 160
US Embassy Kabul, Great Masood Road, 24/7, restricted access to compound.Currency USD, Max-150

Standard & Chartered bank
Str.10 Wazir Akbar Khan near Pakistan Embassy
Opening time: Official days 9:00 to 18:00

Dancing & Instrumental Lessons
    What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                                    22                                    .


Get fit with the Tae kwondo world champion!


Volley ball



What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                     23   .
                                                       Restaurants in Kabul
                                                        English Menu And/Or          Opening                                                 Phone Orders
   №        NAME                    Cuisine                                                          ADDRESS                   PHONE         Home Delivery
                                                        English Speaking Staff       Hours
            L’ATMOSPHERE                                                                                                       0799-300264   Phone orders
      1.                            French              French & English menu        10:00 -22:00    Str.4, Qala-e- fatullah
            Restaurant                                                                                                         070-224982    077300264
            DEHLI DARBAR                                English menu                                 Shar-e-now, Close to      0799-324899
      2.                            Indian                                           10.00 – 22.00                                           Phone orders
            Restaurant                                  English speaking staff                       Women’s Ministry          0799-833238
            POPOLANO                                                                                 Charahi Ansari            070-288116
      3.                            French              English menu                 09.00 – 22.00                                           Phone orders
            Restaurant                                                                               Kabul
            LAI THAI Restaurant                         English menu                                 Str15 Wazir Ak Khan       070-297557
      4.                            Thai                                             11.00 –21.00                                            No
                                                        English speaking staff                       House No.124              070-278640
          B’S PLACE                                                                                  Str.2, Qala-e- fatullah   070-276416
      5.                            Italian, Mexican    English menu                 11.00 – 23.00                                           Phone order
          Restaurant(Guest.House)                                                                    House No.3                070-276711
          TAVERNE DU                                    English menu and                                                       0799-828376
      6.                            Libanes, Interna                                 11:00-22:00     Str10, Lane 3 WAK                       No
          LIBAN                                         speaking staff                                                         070-210651
      7.                            European            English menu                 10.00 – 22.00   Str 10 Wazir Ak khan      0799-160368   No
          ISTANBUL                                                                                   Macroian2, Matba          070-200116
      8.                            Turkish             English menu                 08.00 – 21.00                                           Phone orders
          Restaurant                                                                                 block 104                 0799-356282
          ESCALADES                                                                                                            0799-473763
      9.                            European            English menu                 10.00 – 22.00   1st Qala-e-Fateullah                    No
          Restaurant                                                                                                           077-111615
          GOLDEN KEY                                                                                 Str.13, Wazir Akbar       0799-002800
      10.                           Chinese             English menu                 10.00 – 21.00                                           No
          SEA FOOD RES                                                                               Khan Kabul                0799-016591
          KULBA AFGHAN                                                                               Shar-e-now, Esmat         0799452151
      11.                           Afghan, Italian     English menu                 10:00 – 21.00                                           No
                                                                                                     Moslim Str. 3rd floor     070034979
            SHAR-E-NOW                                                                                Shar-e-now,              0799-300797
      12.                           Fast Food           English menu                 09.00 – 21.00                                           Phone order
            BURGER                                                                                   opoosite park             070-255788
                                                                                                     13 Str.Wazir Akbar        0799-317979   Phone orders/
      13. EVEREST PIZZA             Fast Food           English menu                 09.00 – 21.00
                                                                                                     Khan, Kabul               070-263636    home delivery
          SAMARQAND                                                                                  Qala Musa, near           0799-234646
      14.                           International       English menu                 10:00 - 22:00                             0799-118460
          Restaurant/Bar                                                                             Panalpina
          CARLITOS                                                                                   Str 15 Wazir Ak           0799-159697
      15.                           Mexican             English Menu                                                                         No
          Restaurant/Bar                                                             10:00 - 22:00   Khan                      0799-167824

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                                                  24    .
          KABUL INN                                                                                      Qala-Fateullah, near
      16. Guest H/Restaurant         International           English Menu                10:00-22:00                              0799-569355   No
                                                                                                         Zarghoona school         020-2201407
          RED HOT SIZZLIN                                                                                Old macrorian, ARC
      17.                            International           English Menu                11:00-21:00
          Restaurant                                                                                     Yuksel Camp
          Shamiyana Restaurant                               English menu and
      18.                            Multi Cuisine                                       7:00-23:00      Kabul City Center        020-2203131   No
          Safi Landmark Hotel                                speaking staff
          FLOWER STREET                                                                                  House No.57, Str#7       070293124 Yes, Phone
      19.                            California Cuisine      English Menu                8:00 -17:00
          CAFÉ, Restaurant                                                                               Qala-e-Fatullah          0799356319 order delivery
          SHANDIZ Restaurant                                                             10:00 – 21:00                            0799-342928
      20.                            International           English Menu                                Wazir Akbar Khan         070-284026
          Deutscher Hof Kabul                                                                            Kalai Fattulah, Street
      21.                            German                  German/ English Menu        11:00 – 23:30                            0799-322582   No
          Restaurant& G.House                                                                            3, House 60
          BAKU Azerbaijani                                                                               Street 15, Lane 5,       0799-083918
      22.                            Azerbaijani             English Menu                11:00- 22:00                             0799-827313
                                                                                                                                                Free delivery
          Restaurant                                                                                     House, 329 WAK
                                     International (Buffet   English menu and                            Kabul Serena Hotel,      0799-654000
      23.                                                                                06.30 -22.00                             ext. 4553
            CAFÉ ZARNEGAR            and a la carte)         Speaking staff                              Froshgah Street
                                     South East Asian (set   English menu and                            Kabul Serena Hotel,      0799-654000
      24.                                                                                18.00 -22.00                                           Yes
          SILK ROUTE                 menu available)         Speaking staff                              Froshgah Street          ext. 4554
          SERENA PASTRY              Freshly baked           English menu and                            Kabul Serena Hotel,      0799-654000
      25.                                                                                07.00 -20.00                                           Yes
          SHOP                       pastries and bread      Speaking staff                              Froshgah Street          ext. 4560
          ANAR Restaurant                                    English menu and
      26.                            Indian- Chinse                                      11:00-22:00     Str14, Lane 3 WAK        0799-567291   No
                                                             speaking staff
          SUFI Restaurant,                                   English menu and                            Aryoob Cinema, 2nd       0799-337193
      27.                       Afghani Food                                             11:00-22:00                                            Yes
          No.2 Muslim Str. Shar                              speaking staff                              part of Karte Parwan     0798-190935
          KOREAN Restaurant                                  English menu and                            Str.2, house No.120,     0799 199509
      28.                       Korean                                                   11:00-21:00                              0799 007546
                                                             speaking staff                              Karte-She, Kabul
            Springfield Restuarant                           English menu and                            Str.15, 3rd turn left    0799-001520
      29.                            International                                       11:00-22:00                              0799-150044
                                                             speaking staff                              house no.181 WAK
      30. Maple Leaf INN             International           English Menu                11:00-22:00     Haji Yaqob Str.3 SN      0799321-401   No
      31. Sky Line Restuarant        International           English Menu                11:00-22:00     Safi Landmark Hotel      020-2203131   No
      32.                            International           English Menu                11:00-22:00

What’s On In Kabul 7/2006                                                       25   .

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