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					Aim: What geographic features
     influenced the early
   development of Japan?

Do Now: List geographic features of Japan
         Geography of Japan
• Archipelago: chain of islands. Japan has several
  thousand islands.
• Four Main Islands: Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu
  and Shikoku
• 100 Miles off the Asian mainland
• Japan stretches over 2,360 miles, so the people
  enjoy climatic variety
• Superimposed on eastern United States, Japan
  stretches from central Maine to Florida.
Superimposed on eastern United States, Japan stretches from central Maine to Florida.
75 % of Japan is mountainous
Mount Fuji
         Land and Sea

               • Japanese farmers make
               the most of the arable land in
                  narrow river valleys and
                  coastal plains.
               • Developed a thriving fishing
               • Seas isolated and protected
               • Developed trade routes

Sea of Japan
                   Ring of Fire

This region is subject to frequent earthquakes and volcanoes.
                               • Underwater
                                 earthquake can trigger
                                 killer tidal waves

Katsushita Hokusai 1829-1833            Japan 1983

         How might Japan’s geography increased death tolls?
          Early Civilizations
• Early Japanese society was divided ito uji or
• Each uji had its own chief and a special god
  or goddess
• Yamato Clan in A. D. 500 dominated
  Honshu and set up Japan’s only dynasty
• Claimed that they were descendants of the
  sun goddess
              Early Traditions
• Shinto belief in honoring Kami or nature spirits.
  They worshiped the forces of nature.
• Korean Bridge: Japan and Korea exchanged ideas
  from early.
   – The Koreans connected Japan to China.
   – Buddhism was introduced by the Koreans as well as
     Chinese writing and culture.
            Chinese Influence
• 600s Prince Shotoku sent young nobles to study
  China to learn about it first hand
• Chinese art and technology spread
• Strengthened the central government and adopted
  a similar law code
• Capital modeled after Tang capital
• Tea ceremonies
• Food, music, dance were also imported
• Selective Borrowing: Japan only used some of
  Chinese ideas
• Japanese added Kana or phonetic symbols to
  Chinese writing system
• Artists developed their own styles
        Heian Period 794-1185
• Emperors and wealthy families merged and
  created an imperial capital in Heian (Kyoto)
• Elegant Court: noblemen and women lived
  fairytale atmosphere with beautiful pavilions and
• Only men were allowed to study Chinese
• Women however used kana to produce essays,
  diaries and poetry
The Pillow Book
        • Collection of short
        • Provides observations
          of daily life at the
          royal court
Tale of Genji
       • Lady Murasaki wrote
         the world’s first full
         length novel
       • It recounts the
         adventures of the
         fictional Prince Genji
         and his son
                   Japan 2009
Traditional and Modern
Kabuki Theater-Ginza     Shibuya Crossing
                   Japan 2009
Importance of History   Yokohama History Park
Imperial Palace         (recreated)
                      Japan 2009
The lights of Japan        Shibuya

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