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On 30 October 2009, science meets luxury when Estêe
Lauder proudly unveils the country’s first ever re-Nutriv
Counter at Edgars Melrose arch. re-Nutriv has established
itself as a luxury skincare brand “par excellence”, providing
a collection of formulas that offer tomorrow’s breakthroughs

The same painstaking attention to detail and “no expense
spared” philosophy that lies at the heart of the re-Nutriv
products has been applied to the creation of the brand’s
first dedicated counter. designed to be the ultimate sensory
experience, the new counter at Edgars Melrose arch
incorporates brass, platinum and marble finishes and includes
a sumptuous couch area where guests can relax and have a
consultation with a re-Nutriv specialist.

Customers can book a Luxurious Mini Facial sequence,
including a neck and shoulder massage, mini facial and
arm and hand massage in the privacy of the Estêe Lauder
Experience room. The r200 booking fee is redeemable
against Estêe Lauder re-Nutriv purchases on the day of

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Placécol’s Platinum Anti-Ageing Skincare Range
The Placécol Platinum anti-ageing skincare range addresses
the beauty needs of the more mature consumer. it takes into
consideration age and environmental factors such as dry skin,
changing hormone levels and appearance of fine lines and
wrinkles that impact on the appearance of more mature skin. The
range offers cleansers, exfoliators, day and night creams as well a
targeted gel, serums and masks.

Placécol’s Oxyphytomin™
ground-breaking anti-ageing raw materials used in this range work
in synergy to penetrate simultaneously into the layers of the skin
for a long-term effect. a unique combination of actives named
Placecol’s Oxyphytomin™, used in certain products, ensure a
firmer, younger looking skin and puts the Platinum range right on
the international cutting edge of anti-ageing product development.

Placécol’s Advanced Facial Skincare
The advanced Facial skincare range targets key concerns such
as age-prevention, environmental stress and skin sensitivity. it has
been developed using a combination of the latest international
technology available to cosmetic science and natural ingredients.
all products are 100% sensitivity tested, 100% fragrance and
Paraben free, dermatologist endorsed. Key product benefits
include assisting in the energising of skin cells, tissue regeneration,
natural dNa repair, anti-oxidant protection and the reduction of
fine lines and wrinkles.

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don Ed Hardy is known as “the godfather of modern tattoo”,
for his sophistication, depth and sense of experimentation.
California native, don Ed Hardy is recognised around the
world for his technical brilliance and mesmerising imagery.
don Ed Hardy pulls from life experience to meld american,
Japanese,Cholo, tattoo, surf and hotrod iconography. This
broad spectrum of taste and experience, coupled with an
ongoing investigation of various art histories and a mastery of
technique, give his work a unique range and depth. don Ed
Hardy is a master painter, printmaker and tattoo artist.

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spray Tan Express – the ultimate in safe and flawless
tanning will be one of the exceptional products and services
available at the new look Edgars Melrose arch.

spray Tan Express uses the leading global brand, sunFx
solution, , rated the Best spray-On Tan Product in the world
today, and held in high esteem by celebrities such as Paris
Hilton, Jennifer Lopez and Christina aguilera. This highly
absorptive combination of dHa and distilled water, which
is absorbed by the top layer of the skin, providing that
distinctively tanned appearance. The combination of natural
ingredients has been approved by the international Fda for
safe use, where many conventional tanning products are
filled with preservatives and alcohol which may react to a
person’s skin and result in a negative skin reaction.

sunFx solution is applied to exfoliated skin via a mist-spray
applicator and gently develops into a flawless tan tone over
two hours. depending on proper preparation before your
tan, good maintenance and plenty of moisturising in the
days following the tanning session – a spray-on tan can last
anything up to 10 days. sunFx comes in different shades
and suits all skin types and tones.

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Injections in a jar! ®

A different approach to anti-ageing battle

Filorga has built its serious, efficient reputation on organic
filtrates that enable collection of pure cellular extracts,
extremely active on tissue regeneration.

These renowned concentrates, easily assimilated by human
cells, fill cutaneous deficiencies by re-nourishing the skin with
elements that deteriorate with time.

These organic concentrates are combined with carefully
selected active ingredients to act on three ageing types
experienced one after the other:
Cellular degeneration
senescent tissue alteration
Organic ageing of the skin in particular

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Chloé speaks to women aged from 20 – 35, with effortless
style and elegance, who are engaging, free-spirited and
creative. The feminine pleated glass bottle with authentic
antique silver-plated collar and beige ribbon presents an Eau
de Parfum which reveals sublime splendour in its many subtle
facets. Notes range from fruity and floral, to velvety opulent
and sensual, to unforgettably elegant and undeniably rose.
Chloé is an outstanding feminine design creation by Michael
almairac and amandine Marie of robertet Fragrance House.

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san Marina, a global brand of French origin, presents an
eye-candy collection of male and female genuine leather
shoes at Edgars Melrose arch. More than 350 smart and
casual designs created every season, showcase the latest
French trends.

stylists and technicians add finishing touches to the designs,
which are a combination of style, comfort and practicality.
With a wealth of experience,17 years after it was created,
san Marina today sets the standard in terms of stylish

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