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       UFV appreciates students who have helped foster a
       positive sense of community and whose contributions
       demonstrate a commitment to leadership and
       positive growth. Faculty and staff, as well as other
       students, nominated those who during the 2007/08
       year had gone above and beyond to help make a

       difference at UFV. To express our gratitude the
       Student Life Department hosted a Volunteer
       Recognition event at University House on
       Wednesday, April 9, 2008.
       This compilation is a record of that event, a collection
       of memories of these very special people and the
       accolades they received on that day.
       Official Invitation to Student Nominees
                          Afternoon of Recognition
                   Dr. Skip Bassford would like to cordially invite you
                    to an afternoon of recognition and celebration
            in honour of your volunteer contributions to the UFV community.

                                    Guest Speaker:
                                Laird Munro - alumnus
                      Director of Operations, West Jet Vacations

                            Student Speaker: Sidrah Ahmad

                               2:00 p.m., April 9, 2007

                                  University House
                            University of the Fraser Valley
                                  33844 King Road
                                Abbotsford Campus

                              Dessert reception to follow

                            Please R.S.V.P. by April 4, 2007
                        to the UFV Student Life 604.851.6338
       Dr. Karen Evans
                                         Dr. Karen Evans is currently the Associate Vice
                                         President, Teaching and Development at UFV
                                         where she has worked for the past eleven years.
                                         Karen has worked with an array of programs and
                                         services including the teaching and learning
                                         centre, the career centre, instructional media
                                         services, university foundations, business,
                                         information technology and aviation.
                                         Karen’s academic background includes a
                                         Doctorate in Education (Leadership and Policy)
                                         from the University of British Columbia, a Masters

                                         in Industrial Relations from Queen’s University

       and a Degree in Business from Athabasca University. Karen’s research interests have
       focused on the intersection of public and private interests in higher education and
       organizational change and development in the academy.
       Karen’s volunteer involvement has encompassed a variety of boards and community
       service organizations over the years, including Chair of the Chilliwack Children’s
       Foundation, Board member for Sto:lo Community Futures, President of the
       Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce, Director of the Upper Fraser Valley Transition
       Society, Rotary, Soroptimists, Chair of a military family services organization and
       Brownie Leader, to name a few.
       Key Points from Dr. Karen Evan’s address:
       The institution is grateful to the volunteers for how they add to the UFV
       community and experiences. This is a very important event because it gives us a
       chance to recognize our student leaders.

       Benefits of Volunteering to the Student:
       ‘The government, employers, and students themselves are now placing
       increasing importance on the skills that prepare students for successful future
       employment and extend personal development.’
       Research shows a direct connection between volunteerism and student
       “Volunteering builds employability skills such as leadership, problem solving,

       team working, initiative, and self-awareness. Virtually every paid job can be
       mirrored by a volunteering opportunity.”
       “Student-led volunteering is empowering. It allows avenues to be explored or
       ideas to be initiated that might not be accessible through paid work.”
       40% of students are so deeply affected by it that their career paths take a new
       *94% of employees who had volunteered to learn new skills benefited either by
       getting their first job, improving their salary, or being promoted.
       Paul Charman, a Careers Advisor at the University of Lincoln says, “74% of
       graduate employers look for voluntary work experience on CV’s.”

       An assessment on the impact of volunteering on the further education sector is available at this link:
       Sidrah Ahmad
                                               My name is Sidrah Ahmad, and I am a 2nd year
                                               Bachelor of Arts student at UFV.
                                               Congratulations to everyone here! It’s amazing
                                               to see so many people who have volunteered
                                               their time in a variety of events, while pursuing
                                               university as well.
                                               Also, thank you to everyone who has helped to
                                               put this event together. It’s a success and I’m
                                               honoured to be a part of it!

       I’d like ask a couple of questions: How many people here volunteer because they like to? How
       many have enjoyed their volunteer experiences? How many have made friendships while
       I ask these questions because these are some of the reasons why I choose to volunteer. From
       what I can remember, I have enjoyed all my volunteer experiences.
       And it’s more than the experience itself. Of course it’s important to enjoy what you are doing,
       but one of the main reasons I enjoy volunteering, is because of the different people I meet. I
       have learned that everyone has a unique life story —many of which are so interesting!
       Every time I meet someone new, I learn from them, whether it’s about a new culture, their
       favourite activity, some crazy talent, or what they are passionate about. Someone I met
       recently through the International Ed Conversation Partner Program, is from Iran! And we have
       both learned from each other—every time I spend time with my her, I am inspired by her courage
       in coming to a country, Canada, halfway across the world with a very different culture than her
       own, and attempting to learn a new language. To me this is inspiring, and I know there are many
       students with similar situations. This has inspired me to take my university education and
       somehow apply it so that I am able to gain more knowledge about different people and
       cultures, and eventually be able to help people coming into Canada as well as go
       internationally and help people in other countries—by teaching English, for example.
       There are so many different skills that I’ve gained through volunteering. It has given me
       confidence—and that’s huge! I believe that, if it wasn’t for the volunteering that I have done, I
       probably would not be able to stand here and speak to you. There are also skills like managing
       time, organizing and being able to coordinate different things. By planning events, such as a
       Dinner on Campus for International Students in order to celebrate a religious time, I’ve learned
       that I enjoy planning and coordinating and will hopefully be able to include these skills into my
       Overall, and as cheesy as it may sound, volunteering has added value to my life. From a young
       age, I was fortunate to enjoy the benefits of volunteerism. Some of my fondest childhood
       memories are of a “just for girls” club, and how the group of volunteers who ran this service
       helped me feel mature and confident. I want to be able to make a difference in the lives of

       youth and children, which will also contribute to my life. Making this difference could be by
       doing things such as being an Orientation Leader at UFV, being a conversation partner for
       international students, or mentoring youth through different programs. Each different
       volunteer experience has built new relationships and new connections for me and this is where
       I find the value from volunteering.
       I think overall volunteering, meeting new people, and planning different events has influenced
       me with where I want my education to go. I don’t know exactly yet, but I do know that I want
       to work with people, that I want to work internationally, and that I enjoy planning and
       coordinating activities.
       I received some advice in high school that I will never forget: “Make the most of your high
       school days—get involved, volunteer, join a team or club, etc., because you’ll only be in high
       school once.” I realized that the different things I got involved with during high school are
       where my best memories of high school are, from planning dances, to doing intramurals with a
       bunch of friends, and eventually getting involved with graduation. I’ve applied this piece of
       advice to my university life and I hope it continues throughout the rest of my life.
        L rd Munro
                                                     Laird Munro, who earned his BA in history and
                                                     English from UFV in 1998, is the director of WestJet
                                                     Vacations, a division of the successful Calgary-
                                                     based airline. He’s moved steadily up the ranks of
                                                     the company after joining WestJet in 2000, shortly
                                                     after its start-up. Munro says he’s put the critical
                                                     thinking and problem-solving skills he honed at
                                                     UFV to good use in the aviation business.
                                                     “UFV encouraged me to think in an entrepreneurial
                                                     and innovative fashion, to realize I don’t need to be
                                                     an expert in everything. Rather, I need to find
                                                     people who have the knowledge and get them to
                                                     share it with me, and to be able to analyze what

                                                     they’re telling me and take what I need from it.”
       He also values the open-mindedness that his years at UFV instilled in him.
       “I had the chance to be exposed to the feminist perspective, to students from the gay and
       lesbian community, and people from other cultures. All this served me well.”
       “It’s been great to have come from growing up in Chilliwack, going to university locally, and to
       have had the chance to extend what I learned there into neat experiences all over the world.”
       “I believe we make our own history. I once quipped in class when we were studying Oliver Twist
       that Oliver was creating himself as he went along. But I really think everybody has the ability to
       do the same thing. There are barriers and socio-economic factors that can impede you, but it is
       possible to have the conviction, strength, and stubborn streak to hang on and break through
       Munro has spoken at special events at UFV, been a guest of the Alumni Association at the
       Business Administration Student Association networking breakfast, and served on career

                             Mohammad Aba Alkhail
                               Nominator: Michelle Rickaby
                            Department: International Education

       Mohammad has been a wonderful volunteer and influence for many students.
       He has volunteered his time at a number of events including the Spirit of BC,
       multicultural children’s festival, SAPEF forums, home-stay information sessions,
       UFV Daffodil Days, and more. Mohammad communicates with others to explain
       the concept of volunteering and he leads by example. He has given a lot of time
       translating for fellow students. Mohammad is a great leader with his peers.

                              Rossy Aguirre Henriquez

                                   Nominator: Martin Kelly
                                   Department: Student Life

       It’s not easy to start up a student association from a dead stop, but Rossy has done
       it with MOLA in one semester. She is a ball of fire. The weekly salsa dancing and
       Spanish food days have added a lot of flavour to the community!

                                    Sidrah Ahmad
                 Nominators: Devon Wilson, Jag Deol, and Lindsay Sasaki
         Departments: Student Recruitment, Indo Canadian Center, and Career Center

       Sidrah is the co-chair of the student advisory committee for the Indo-Canadian
       students at UFV. Sidrah gives up her personal time to work on projects such as
       raising money for the homeless and is working on future projects such as a blood
       drive and a food drive. Furthermore, she is a Student Ambassador and she has
       outstanding leadership skills. She is undoubtedly an exceptional asset to the UFV

                                  Sheryl Appleby
               Nominators: Chris Leach, Robin Anderson, and Geoffrey Spurling
                                    Department: History

       Sheryl has been an active member of the Association of History Students, has
       volunteered for the BC Worlds Conference organizing and preparing for events,
       has attended the Qualicum conference, and she has consistently supported all
       History department events: History Tea and History Roundtables. Her mature
       and calm personality coupled with her consistent presence at events earns her
       the recommendation of the department.
                                       Photo unavailable

                                       Amy Carlin
                               Nominator: Shirley Hardman
                           Department: Aboriginal Access Services

       Amy is one of our quietest volunteers. While she has been known to be sitting on
       a couch in the center knitting, Amy willingly sets aside her knitting to assist
       students with computer problems, or to research and she proof reads their
       papers. Amy is new to the center this year and she balances a home life with
       student life and always finds time to help others.

                                    Dan Clegg
                               Nominator: Martin Kelly
                               Department: Student Life

       Dan started and runs the UFV Elpizo club. His attitude of diplomacy and
       social inclusion has positively impacted other students and groups at UFV.
       He recently donated a hand-turned maple bowl, truly a work of art, to the
       Empty Bowls project which was used as the major draw prize.

                                    Ahmad Dahham
                               Nominator: Tracey Mason – Innes
                               Department: Residence Services

       Ahmad has only been in Baker House for two and a half months and he has
       already stepped up as a leader at the residence. He has helped us translate Arabic
       and communicate to our Arabic speaking residents. Ahmad is VERY helpful when
       we need him.

                            Jean de Dieu Hakizimana
                                Nominator: Mark Filiatrault
                                  Department: Business

       Jean de Dieu Hakizimana has promoted the relationship with Adult Learners and
       the University of the Fraser Valley. He has a passion for humanity and is
       committed to social justice.

                                     ShanShan Du
                                Nominator: Michelle Rickaby
                             Department: International Education

       Elsa has been a part of a number of the on- and off-campus events, and has
       offered to organize events. She has been a part of the planning process and has
       organized volunteers, schedules, marketing, etc. Elsa is always available to help
       and is a cheerful influence and great role model to every student.

                                   Sheena Edwards
                                Nominator: Shirley Hardman
                            Department: Aboriginal Access Services

       Sheena is probably our happiest volunteer that is if smiles are any indication of
       happiness. Along with smiles Sheena has brought her knowledge about fitness,
       nutrition and exercise. On a weekly basis Sheena offers short fitness classes. And
       if that’s not enough, Sheena began organizing an Aboriginal Fashion Show to
       highlight some works of local designers!

                                Naoshige Fujimoto
                               Nominator: Madeleine Hardin
                               Department: Communications

       For the last year I have watched Shigé work on the internationalization
       committee where he contributes a great deal of perspective as an international
       student. He organized a peace day and helps promote all of the CIDA public
       engagement forums. If there is work to be done, Shigé always volunteers.

                                      Steve King
                           Nominator: Zarine Mistry, UFV Student

       Steve helps EVERYONE. Ask him to do anything, from holding a door open, to
       washing dishes, to carrying heavy loads – he does it all! Usually he doesn’t
       even need to be asked, he just does it. He has a big heart and is, in my opinion,
       a true gentleman! For these reasons and many more I nominated Steve King to
       be recognized for volunteering at UFV.

                                      David L
                                   Nominator: Martin Kelly
                                   Department: Student Life

       Nominated for getting involved and still being sensible. His tireless efforts in
       getting the students of UFV involved in school related activities are refreshing and

                                 Sheilah Marsden
                              Nominator: Shirley Hardman
                          Department: Aboriginal Access Services

       Everybody loves to have Sheilah’s bannock. Some afternoons she gets up from
       her homework and treats everyone to her home-made bannock. In addition,
       Sheilah hosts a craft night (sometimes she makes bannock for that as well) and
       teaches anyone who asks how to make dream catchers, regalia and pine needle
       baskets, and other crafts. Sheilah has even encouraged other students to bring
       their kids and make it a family night.

                                    David Miller
                                Nominator: Doug McLean
                                Department: CIVL Radio

       David deserves the award for being a longstanding member of the programming
       committee where he gives feedback and approves shows for the radio station.

                                    Mary Parenteau
                                Nominator: Shirley Hardman
                            Department: Aboriginal Access Services

       Mary is a first-year student and has volunteered in the centre for numerous
       activities, including crafts, Honour your Health, Reaching and Story Telling events,
       and the Lieutenant Governor’s visit. Often Mary brings her son to the events to
       introduce him (as early as it is for him) to University Life.

                                     Ryan Petersen
                                   Nominator: Martin Kelly
                                   Department: Student Life

       Whether or not Ryan is ‘officially’ involved in an event, he always steps up to do
       what needs to be done. He is spontaneous and fun, yet sensible and is always
       ready to lend a helping hand whether it be carrying heavy loads from one end of
       the campus to the other or to drop people off at the airport!

                                   Baraa Safaa Ali
                                 Nominator: Sandra Cavan
                             Department: International Education

       Baraa told himself that he would work hard to make everyone here as happy as
       they have made him. He has helped the International office with Arabic/English
       translation on a daily basis. During our student orientations, Fall ’07 and Winter
       ’08, Baraa was always willing to help any of the new students with questions
       ranging from course information to where to buy the best pillow. He can be
       quoted in asking: “How can I help? You let me know, I’ll do anything.” His energy
       and positive attitude have been a highlight to everyone who meets him.

                                   Amber Sandhu
                                   Nominator: Jag Deol
                        Department: Center for Indo-Canadian Studies

       Amber is the co-chair of the student advisory committee at the Center for Indo-
       Canadian Studies at UFV. Amber gives up her personal time to work on projects
       such as raising money for the homeless, and is working on future projects such as
       blood drive, and a food drive. She also worked with International Women’s Day.
       Amber has outstanding leadership skills and is an asset to UFV.

                                      Erin Sands
                               Nominator: Mehrzad Sorabji
                              Department: Residence Services

       Erin constantly puts forth efforts to help children and people in Malawi with a
       private group called “Project Wellness”. She works hard baking goods to sell at
       school and sends the proceeds to help build schools, hospitals, etc.

                                 Jennifer Saunders
                              Nominator: Elizabeth Carpenter
                                   Department: ESL

       Jenn has come almost every day to help me in my Intensive Beginners ESL class.
       She has come from 8:30am – 11:20am and been very helpful with the students
       who are all from Saudi Arabia. Jenn’s positivity and good nature enhances the
       learning environment and she is a role model to all.

                                  Mehrzad Sorabji
                                  Nominator: Martin Kelly
                                  Department: Student Life

       Mehrzad has been instrumental creating community way beyond his position as
       R.A. His regular karaoke nights, blood donor drive, and general ‘can do’ attitude
       help a lot to build student involvement.

                                          ricia aylor
                                         T T
                Nominators: Chris Leach, Robin Anderson, and Geoffrey Spurling
                                     Department: History

       Tricia has been a tireless volunteer for UFV and, in particular, history students for a
       number of years. In her role as the AHS executive, Tricia has initiated a host of
       student events and causes, including this year’s Black History Month. As well,
       Tricia has played a crucial role in the largest event put on by the History
       Department, the BC World’s Conference in April 2007. She created the entire
       registration system, co-coordinated the registration desk at the conference,
       helped to organize the conference banquet, and continued to volunteer on
       conference’s loose ends over an 18 month period – that’s dedication!

                                      Kim Unruh
               Nominators: Chris Leach, Robin Anderson, and Geoffrey Spurling
                                    Department: History

       Kim has been at the center of the UFV history student community for the past two
       years. She is the President of the Association of History Students, and has
       consistently supported department functions and initiatives.           Kim has
       represented UFV and the History Department at the Qualicum History
       Conference. As editor of the “Debunker,” the History Student Newsletter, Kim
       has further enhanced her central role in the UFV community. Having a student
       like Kim who contributes to student life and community consciousness is crucial.

                                     Shihan Wang
                                Nominator: Michelle Rickaby
                             Department: International Education

       Becky has been a part of the Volunteer to Work program with the UFV
       International Department. Becky volunteered with Big Brothers in December,
       helped at the New Student Orientation, and was part of a UFV multicultural
       children’s festival held on the Mission Campus. Becky has used her artistic talent
       to prepare the posters for a variety of events. She was also an organizer of the
       UFV Daffodil Days campaign for the Canadian Cancer Society.

                                 Helen Yannacopoulos
                                  Nominator: Brenda Fredrick
                                   Department: Visual Arts

       Helen is the president of VASA and has done a great job in organizing events and
       ensuring their smooth running. Not only does she conduct events within UFV she
       also volunteers outside the UFV community at other Lower Mainland events. She
       exhibits intellectual curiosity, independent judgment, self discipline, compassion
       for her art practice and fellow colleagues, and is definitely deserving of volunteer

       Sidrah Ahmad         Debbie Ellis        Ryan Petersen
       Joddi Alden          Whitney Fordham     Mehrzad Sorabji
       Kory Alden           Anglea Hatten       Richard Tatomir
       Jessica Bradley      Derek Lacoursiere   Stephen Truong
       Cassandra Brien      Callum Mathers      Reiko Tusuki
       Dan Came             Zarine Mistry       Amara Vanderveen
       Kyle Cardno          Jennifer Nelson     Lewis Van Dyk
       Randona Conrad       Nguyen Nguyen       Cameron Wark
       Samanatha De Silva   Curtis Penner       Kelly Wong
       Anna-May Dickinson   Jeffrey Pernitsky

                                                Nominator: James McGregor
                                                Department: Student Life

       These Orientation Leaders were instrumental in the overall success of the New
       Student Orientation program. When faced with an additional 270 unexpected
       guests, they pulled together and took on even greater responsibilities than
       expected. Their enthusiasm and determination to make this an unforgettable day
       for the students really shone through. From holding private tours, to keeping in
       touch with the students after Orientation, these leaders have shown exemplary
       consideration for the new students. On behalf of myself (James McGregor) and
       everyone at Student Life, I would like to thank the Orientation leaders very much
       for all their passion and dedication to this program.
       Special “O” Mention

                             Cassandra “Cassie” Brien

                                Nominator: Jaytyn, UFV student

        Cassie has helped me many times since I met her at the New Student Orientation
        in the fall. Recently, I randomly bumped into her in the Great Hall. I was worried
        about money for the semester and taking courses that weren't relevant and a
        waste of time. She took the time to ask me how I was doing and then took me to
        where I could meet with academic advisors and also where I can find applications
        for bursaries and financial aid.
       eadership Board

                         Jennifer Nelson
                            Kyle Cardno
                           Deborah Ellis
                           Curtis Penner
                         Stephen Truong
                         Keanan Holness
                          Lucas Sherman
                         Jordana Hillman
       eadership Advisory Board

                                  Nominator: Jill Harrison
                                 Department: Student Life

       The students involved in the newly formed Leadership Advisory Board took on a
       great task this year: to help Student Life deliver a more holistic leadership
       experience for the student body at UFV. Building upon their own leadership
       experiences and values, these students were able to create an amazing event: the
       Epic Leadership Conference 2008. From booking the guest speakers, to making
       the food, to planning all the logistics that come with a conference, the committee
       did a phenomenal job. Their dedication to the cause has been exemplary.
       They continue to meet for two hours each week in the pursuit of creating more
       leadership opportunities for students on campus. The Student Life department is
       very proud of their effort and all their accomplishments thus far.
       Student Recruitment Group

        Joddi Alden                   Angela Hatten                Whitney Fordham
        Kyle Cardno                   Alvin Prasad                 Stephen Truong
                                     Nominator: Devon Wilson
                                  Department: Student Recruitment

        These student volunteers give their time to be leaders and mentors to future students.
        They are campus tour guides for grade 8-12 students. As UFV Booth Reps, they connect
        with middle school and high school students to give more information on UFV and to
        answer “life as a student” questions. They are always willing and enthusiastic to help!
       A.C.E. Club

          Student Representatives:

        Sandeep Saran, Navi Mann, Manmeet Chhina, & Van Dinh
                                     Nominator: Martin Kelly
                                     Department: Student Life

          Most new student organizations struggle to stay on track and keep interest up.
          Not so with the Aiding Communities Everywhere Club. From the first Water Play
          Day in September through the last samosa sale in March they have remained
          focused and effective in raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

                     Student Representative:

                                  Jeffrey Pernitsky
                                  Nominator: Martin Kelly
                                 Department: Student Life

       Nominated for setting up the much needed, and long-awaited web space for all
       student clubs and association as well as for initiating and hosting the Cuter
       Computer Challenge.
       Enviro Club

       Student Representatives:

       Michelle Sylvest, Melissa Kendzierski, Dan van der Kroon
                                  Nominator: Martin Kelly
                                  Department: Student Life

        It’s not a fun job, but someone actually does it. Twice a week for the entire
        year (and for years before this) UFV Enviro Club has faithfully recycled all
        bottles and cans on the Abbotsford campus.

        In addition, they are active in creating an environmentally aware campus
        community through their events such as Bike to Work Week and the Transit
        for the Valley Forum.
       CIVL Radio

        Student Representatives:
             Russ Langhout               Doug MacL    ean             yler
                                                                     T Wilson
             Nathan Moes                 Dustin Ellis                Jordan Turner
                                 Nominator: Martin Kelly
                                 Department: Student Life

          It has been a long and sometimes tortuous journey to get CIVL Radio on the
          air. Through it all the crew at the station, especially Doug and Dustin, have
          stuck to it with dogged determination. These people will not even be UFV
          students when the job is finally finished. We appreciate very much their act of
          selflessly looking forward and working for the benefit of future students.
2OO8   Thanks to our Esteemed Presenter…

       Mark Brosinski,        UFV Alumna, BBA '02
              Manager, Budgets and Financial Planning
                University College of the Fraser Valley

       Mark graduated from the University College of the Fraser Valley with Bachelor of
       Business Administration degree with an Accounting Option and a Co-operative
       Education Option. While a student, Mark was the Treasurer of the Business
       Administration Student Association. Mark began his career at the University
       College of the Fraser Valley as a Budget Analyst. Currently he holds the position of
       Manager, Budgets and Financial Planning. Mark is a member of the University
       College Council and is the Secretary-Treasurer of the Faculty & Staff Association.
       In addition, the Alumni Association board was pleased to welcome Mark as a
       member at large in May of 2005.
            Mark Brosinski

                Speaks on
               behalf of the
               UFV Alumni

       On behalf of the UFV Alumni Association I would like to extend
       our thanks to all the volunteers here for their contribution to the
       development of an enriched and caring UFV community. We’re
       here to recognize your efforts beyond your course work and all
       your other commitments. I hope that even after your studies
       here at UFV you will continue to be involved here and with your
       peers through the various events and programs run through the
       UFV Alumni office.
       Thank Y Everyone!

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