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Boulder Creek by mifei


									                        Boulder Creek
                                                April 2009

                  April Notes                          to be from 11:00am until 1:30pm. Hope to see you
        Wow! It is April already and so much is                If you have info to share with others on
going on this month. Let’s take advantage of all       this day, please call Mandy Smith Thompson,
the free entertainment offered! The month kicks        Environmental Educator @ 704 920-5379 or e-
off with fun on April 1st – April Fool’s Day! We       mail her at
hope everyone starts the month with a laugh or         Earth Day is actually Wednesday, April 22 so
two.                                                   your family can celebrate again at your house.
        Then all the kids will be waiting on The       You will be celebrating with over a billion people
Easter Bunny and on April 11 they will catch a         around the world!
glimpse of him at the Bunny Bash! The Concord                  Two days later, on the 24th, perhaps your
Parks and Recreation Department hosts the event        family can plant a tree on National Arbor Day.
at W. W. Flowes Park on Central Heights Drive
from 11am until 2pm.The event is open to all and                 Our Annual Meeting
will be free. There will be a lot of activities for
kids of all ages. They will be divided into age                An important day for Boulder Creek is
groups for the Hunt. Everyone should have a great      Tuesday evening, April 21st at 7:00pm. We will
time! Additional parking will be at Central            hold our annual meeting @ the fire station we
Cabarrus High School and there is a shuttle to the     hope to see you all there. An election will be held
event.                                                 for board members. If you are interested in
        Sunday, April 12 is Easter Sunday so…..        volunteering your time for a worthy cause right
                                                       here in your neighborhood ….NOW IS THE
                                                       TIME! Please let our management company
       Happy                                           know if you are interested and send him a brief
      Easter                                           personal summary and your hopes for Boulder
                                                       Creek. Copies will be handed out at the meeting to
                                                       help members make a decision. There are always
        Next, all the kids                    will     new neighbors who are not familiar with everyone
be out of school for a week. Everybody, please be      here. Just as a reminder, we are in great need of
careful and pay attention to what is going on          more board members. No experience is required –
around you. If you take this opportunity to go out     we learn as we go. We want our neighborhood to
of town, please be careful and be safe.                stand out from all the rest.
        April 18, the City of Concord and Cabarrus             Please remember, our goal for this meeting
County will host the second celebration for Earth      is to have a positive atmosphere. It is especially
Day. Come on out and join everyone. It is fun,         important for us to work together in protecting the
educational and free! Frank Liske Park is the place    investment in our homes. We also want to keep
                                                       Boulder Creek a safe and wonderful place to live.
If anyone has particular suggestions or complaints,            the bowl of cooked spaghetti on the table
we urge you to contact our management company                  along with diced tomatoes, grated cheese,
prior to the meeting. We can have the opportunity              olive oil and homemade pesto. Another
to find solutions to discuss at the meeting. We                great choice would be a taco night. They
hope to see a record crowd with us on the 21st!                can help you wash, chop and cut the fresh
                                                               veggies and place in bowls. Everyone can
                Update for 2010                                build their own taco.
                                                            5. You have heard this one before. Read
         How is everyone doing with your 2010                  together. Look for books that combine
dues? If you are setting aside money every month               brain building and intimate connections to
for this, you should have $36.00 in the jar. By the            our world. Some good choices are The
end of April another $12.00 goes in bringing the               Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Carrot Seed
total to $48.00. Won’t it be great to have it ready            and Peter Rabbit. These types of stories
to send in when December rolls around!                         connect the young imaginations to the
                                                               natural world. Some older kids might
               More Earth News                                 enjoy “50 Things Kids Can do to Save the
        It is very likely that our children and             6. Feed undomesticated animals. Use bread
grandchildren will live in a very different                    crusts and string some popcorn to decorate
environment than we are accustomed to. Since                   a tree in the winter for birds to feast on.
Earth Day is observed in April and because it is               They will learn how mysterious life and
spring, now would be a great time to help your                 nature can be as well as the cooperation
children understand more about nature. Children                between us and The Earth.
learn easily and these ideas are very simple but            7. Take time to enjoy your children with fun
teach so much.                                                 activities that encourage them of the joy of
        This is a perfect time to enjoy spending               living. Get silly. Dance. Learn yoga poses
time together. Here are some great tips.                       geared to children. Sing songs like – This
    1. Take time to show them the beauty in our                Land is Your Land, and Old McDonald.
        world. Watch a sunrise or sunset together              These activities will help teach healthy
        to enjoy the wonderful palette of color                exercise, a connection to the air and the
        unfold.                                                ground. They will instill a connection to
    2. Take walks. Stop along the way to watch a               nature – all while making wonderful
        butterfly go from flower to flower or birds            memories!
        in a birdbath. Let them use their eyes and
        ears to see the beauty of nature.                        Things come from nature and go back to
    3. Plant a seed together (a pumpkin, bell            nature and find ways to benefit the rest of life.
        pepper or cucumber). Nurture it and watch        Talk to your kids about the Circle of Life. Parents
        how it grows. It is fascinating for a child to   have babies, who grow up and have babies. The
        watch a tiny little seed grow into a huge        seasons change and set in motion natural benefits.
        pumpkin. When the time comes, harvest it         March winds bring in April showers that in turn
        and cut it to show them the hundreds of          bring May flowers. Autumn comes and leaves
        seeds inside. Let them see the cycle of life.    drop from trees and shrubs and enrich the soil to
        This teaches them the abundance of the           nourish new plants in the spring. Everything is
        universe.                                        connected. Most of all enjoy time spent with
    4. Plan a delicious, simple meal or two              children. You might learn a lot!
        together. Then take a trip to the local
        farmers market to buy fresh ingredients.                      Quote of the Month
        They will learn about foods in their natural
        state. Let them help with the preparation.       To me blind is bad, but worse is to have eyes and
        You might want to try a pasta night. Put         not see.                          - Helen Keller
                Landfill Update                          The meeting I attended was meant to be
         Let me fill you all in on the latest from our   informative only. The permission to expand the
Landfill neighbor to the West. I attended a              recycling business is going before the Town board
meeting last week organized by the Griffin               soon. If anyone desires more information, they can
Brothers organization. In addition to the tire and       contact the Griffin Brothers at the landfill or get
repair business many of you are familiar with, the       information through the representatives on the
Griffin Brothers have operated landfills                 Town board in Harrisburg.
throughout the Carolinas for a number of years.
Immediately to our West they operate a landfill,         Jim Ryan
which exclusively handles construction debris. By        BC Board Member
design and permit, this landfill may not handle any                       Just for Fun
         The zoning request that the Landfill has                The teacher had asked the class to write an
made to the Harrisburg town authority was the            essay about an unusual event that happened during
reason for the meeting. I learned that there are a       the past week. Little Johnny got up to read his. It
number of private owner neighbors adjacent to the        began, “My daddy feel in the well last week.”
landfill property. Most of them are part of one          “Good Lord!” the teacher exclaimed. “Is he OK?”
extended family that has been on that property for       “He must be,” said Little Johnny. “He stopped
many years. When the landfill was first proposed         calling for help yesterday.”
about eight years ago, these neighbors opposed the
landfill vigorously. The landfill prevailed and as                  Our Social Gatherings
it turns out, has been a very good corporate
neighbor from these folks perspective. Let’s get                  In an earlier newsletter, we let you know
back to the zoning request. The landfill has             that we need to cut back our expenses in this area.
applied to the Town of Harrisburg to approve a           However there is a purpose in hosting our
100’ x 125’ building that will allow them to             celebrations. We take the opportunity to
expand into the recycling of much of the                 encourage you to come out, get acquainted with
construction debris they already have coming in.         fellow neighbors and have some free
They are anxious to capitalize on the recycling of       entertainment and fun.
gypsum, or common interior drywall. This                          While all of us have different ideas and
building will be out of view of our community.           interests, we do have a few common goals. We all
Additionally, they plan to move their current            live here. Boulder Creek is home for us. We want
“composting” site to a location further down the         to feel comfortable and at ease here. Most of us
hill from the area in our immediate view. This           are invested in our homes, therefore having an
should be out of view as well. Since the largest         investment in our neighborhood. While there is a
impact will be on the neighbors right next door,         cost to the association, please remember, The City
the lack of opposition was reassuring that this          of Concord makes money available to
particular corporate neighbor does not seem to           neighborhoods that work hard to improve their
pose a significant hazard.                               communities. This includes making improvements
         In the decades to come, the Griffin             to the neighborhood and uniting its people. The
Brothers envision building solar arrays on the           city has a stake in providing money to the
hillside that is within our view in order to capture     Recognized Neighborhoods. It encourages us to
solar energy and sell it back to the electric grid for   promote a feeling of community and vitality
our County. The future of cleaner, greener               which in turn makes Concord THE place to live!
sources of energy seems to be moving toward
solar and alternative energy projects that can be
                                                                        Points to Ponder
built in high density areas in order to deliver the
energy more efficiently to the grid. The
                                                         Why are you IN a movie,
technology for this project is still on the drawing
                                                         but you’re ON television?
boards and is thought to be decades in the future.
                                                        make a “To Do List” and get an early start on
           Spruce Up                                    these important chores.
                                                        These are difficult times for many if not most of
           for Spring                                   us right now. Some repairs or cleaning can be
                                                        done very inexpensively. If you own a power
Spring Cleaning!                                        washer and your neighbor does not, please offer to
The warm weather we have had recently has made          loan it out for a few hours. If your neighbor has a
it possible for me to get out and get a bit of          missing shingle and you can get up on a roof and
exercise by walking the neighborhood. As I did          they can’t, please try to help. Or if you know of a
last year, I am encouraging each of our home            good repair professional, please talk it over as
owners to take 5 minutes to walk around their           neighbors and let’s get moving forward as a
house and take a good look. Do you have green           community.
mold growing anywhere? Do you have fencing
that has fallen on hard times and needs a quicky        Thanks to you all,
repair or better yet a full blown painting or           Jim Ryan
staining? Perhaps you have a few shingles               Board Member
missing?                                                                From the Board
Mold on the outside of your house is a house
killer. Mold will grow on the outside and                       While checking your property, please also
eventually find its way to the internal structure.      look at your mailbox and stand. Many need to
Once it is inside, it will grow unchecked and mold      have a fresh coat of paint to look their best. Some
can be a very toxic experience for young children       of them are not standing straight anymore and they
and sensitive people alike. A simple and                need to be worked on. Some mailboxes may need
inexpensive power washing can be a quick cure.          to be replaced.
Your house will love you for it and if we all did it,           While checking on your fencing you
our community would look fantastic!                     should also check for problems on the outside part
Fences around the community are looking pretty          as well. If there is a space between your fence and
ragged. As time goes by with no paint or stain,         your neighbors, this area needs to be maintained
the VERY expensive fence you installed and are          on regular intervals just like the rest of your yard.
counting on to enhance your property’s value is         All of these items need to be addressed quickly.
falling down.                                           We will be having a special inspection in the late
Roofing and repairs are not a big issue in the          spring to make sure our community is in great
community but if you have a few missing                 shape for the summer.
shingles, it is a very big problem. Take a look up              It is imperative during these trying times
top. Shingles are easily reattached and not doing       that we don’t allow the standards of Boulder
it can lead to a destruction of your roof integrity.    Creek decline. All the effort and energy used to
That is a BIG problem.                                  keep our community above the others keeps
It is the goal of the HOA to ensure that all of us      Boulder Creek a great place to live. We hope
are keeping up with the required repairs and            everyone continues to make this possible.
upkeep to maintain our community standards. Up
to this point, our high standards have allowed us to                       Our Solution
enjoy a higher degree of community pride and
therefore have a higher perceived value as                      Ladies and Gentlemen! We are happy to
compared to other communities that do not watch         announce our decision. We will have FREE mulch
for the details.                                        and flowers available to all on a first come = first
Our policies about community appearance in the          serve basis again this year! We feel this is a great
past have all been aimed at maintaining a high          incentive for our Spruce Up for Spring
standard of community appearance. Shingles              Campaign and a worthy cause for our community
missing, mold growing unchecked and the like do         as a whole. You are invited to come to 1009
not make our community look great. PLEASE               Boulder Drive on Saturday, April 25th beginning
walk around the house on the next warm day and          at 8:00am.
        We will be doing things differently this       together with fork. Grease either 2 one and one
year. We will have more volunteers helping out.        half casseroles or one 3 qt. dish.
There will also be a check in table and you must               Layer spaghetti and meat sauce until all is
go there first. We will have 3 shoppers at a time      used. Place cheese on top. Pour the milk mixture
and you will be in order from the check in list.       over all. Bake @ 350 for 30 minutes or until
Hopefully this will alleviate some of the confusion    cheese is melted and mixture is bubbly. This
we had last year. Due to our tightening of the belt,   recipe freezes well.
no more will be brought in after this is gone.                             Yard Sale
Please be kind to your fellow neighbors so we
don’t have to have any limitations to the amount                 Hope you have the date marked on your
you can have.                                          calendar already. We hold our community yard
        If you have some strong teenagers who          sales twice a year – spring, the first Saturday in
would like to help with loading mulch, please let      May and fall, the first Saturday in October. We
them know how much we would appreciate their           advertize in the Charlotte Observer and the
help this morning. If possible, call Annice Eury at    Independent Tribune and list the hours 7am until
704 795-0096 to help us plan ahead. Any                1pm. We would like for some of you to put out
arrangements you might like to request need to be      some signs in the area to help draw more people
approved before Sat. the 25th.                         in. It is always nice to add a few “big ticket” items
        We want to thank everyone for your help        in the advertisement. If you have some, please call
and we hope the day will go more smoothly this         Annice @ 704 795-0096 by the Saturday before
year!                                                  the sale and we will be happy to list more items.
        Cross your fingers that we will have a         We wish you all good luck!
beautiful day and we hope to see everyone outside
planting and mulching. Happy Gardening!

             Recipe of the Month

Spaghetti Casserole (serves 8)
                                                       Boulder Creek Homeowners Association
1 large onion, chopped
1 or 2 cloves of garlic, minced
                                                       President – Annice Eury
¼ Cup chopped bell pepper
                                                       Treasurer – Jim Ryan
2 T cooking oil
2 lbs, ground beef
                                                       Website –
1 (6 oz.) can of tomato paste
2 Cups water
                                                       Management – Tom Small
1 T chili powder
                                                                    Llams, Inc.
Salt and pepper to taste
1 (12 oz.) pack of spaghetti
1 (13 oz.) can evaporated milk
3 eggs – beaten
¼ pound American or Velveeta cheese, sliced or

Brown onion, garlic and bell pepper in oil. Add
ground beef and cook until red is gone. Add
tomato paste and water. Next, add seasonings and
let simmer while preparing spaghetti (boil and
drain). In a separate bowl, beat milk and eggs

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