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					     Summer in the                         5th Annual PlyoCity Complete                                High School Tryout
        SAND                              Volleyball Training & Open Gym                               Preparation Clinic
                                        Come experience the most complete summer
Experience a new level of               volleyball program in the area. 2 sessions a week
                                                                                                       A 4 day camp to review
training and playing this               for 8 weeks will provide you with both the training
season in our Summer in the             and the reinforcement to take your skills to the next          the High School tryout
Sand Program.                           level. Each session consists of one hour and 15                process.
                                        minutes of volleyball skill training and a 45 minute
Training in the sand will provide the   plyometric session from the USA’s leading                      Players will receive sufficient
perfect cross training workout for      plyometric trainers, PlyoCity.                                 repetition and training to
any athlete.                                                                                           improve skills in preparation for
Sand Preview: Teach basic                     Consistent playing throughout the summer to             High School tryouts.
and advanced beach volleyball                  prepare for the upcoming Fall season
skills. Beach can give you a                  Play with competitive players from all over St.         Players will receive proper
better understanding of both                   Louis and Illinois                                      reinforcement of fundamental
                                                                                                       skill development to give them
the indoor and outdoor                        Train with experienced coaches, former and
                                                                                                       confidence needed to excel at
volleyball game. After training                current college players and professionals
and playing in the sand,                      Focus on specific volleyball skills with specialty
athletes will be in terrific                   training
                                                                                                       Each day will end with an
volleyball condition when                     Improve Athletic Performance with speed and             intense conditioning series of
returning to indoor volleyball in              agility training by the USA’s leading Plyometric        volleyball specific drills.
                                               program: PLYOCITY
the fall.
                                              Get a competitive edge and reduce the                                      nd
                                               likelihood of injury by starting high school
                                                                                                       Date: July 19-22 (9:00am-
              Dates                            volleyball in great shape.                              11:30am)
        June (14,16 & 18)                    Most affordable summer program around                    Location: Westminster Town
        July (12, 14 & 16)              At Westminster Town and Country: Sessions Start                and Country
        9:00am - 12 noon                Wednesday, June 2                                              Cost: $99 per participant
  Fundamental Skill Training            Grades 6-8: Mon and Wed 6-8 pm
Drills and Competition Training         Incoming Freshman: Mon and Wed 7:15-9:15pm
 2 hours of skills training and
       1hr of conditioning              At Westminster Town and Country: Sessions Start
                                        Tuesday, June 1                                                 Register Now!
Monday,Wednesday, & Friday              High School Players (entering grades 10-12)
Location: Stratford or Concord          Tues and Thursday 6-8 pm                                      Last year’s program filled, so
Cost: $129 per camp                                                                                  be sure to sign up early. Mail in
T-shirt included with each              Two times per week skills training (defense, hitting,        the accompanying registration
camp                                    serve/serve receive, setting, blocking and                    form or email to reserve your
                                        competitive open play) plus 45 minutes of intense               spot. Online registration
                                        plyometric training by PlyoCity, focusing on
                                                                                                              coming soon at
                                        increasing speed, agility and vertical jump.
                                               $159 per month (8 sessions)
                                               $199 (Any 12 sessions)
                                                                                                                 using the
                                               $239 for the entire summer (16 sessions               FEES/REGISTRATION tab.
                                                shirt included & completed volleyball
                                                profile)                                               For questions or alternative
                                               Plyometric Training Only: $79 per month                       registration:
                                        Location: Westminster Town and Country, Westminster Creve           please call (314) 878-3882
                                        Coeur and other West County Gyms                                or email at
                                        *Each group is limited to 40 participants

    Coaches will include Heather Kea, Head Coach Westminster Academy and former Division 1 player at University of Tennessee
    Cary Cusumano, Assistant Coach Lindenwood University with 13 years of coaching experience ; Jim Biggs, Assistant Coach St.
    Joseph’s Academy with over 14 years of coaching experience, and other current and former college players/coaches from around the
Participant’s Name:___________________________________           Address:________________________City ____________ST__
ZIP_________ DAY PH:____________ EVE. PH:____________ HS SCHOOL : _____________________________________            GRADE:____
HS TEAM EXPECTED IN FALL (FR/ JV/ VAR) VB CLUB:___________________BIRTHDAY:_______________ HT:_______ WT: _____
Medical History/Injuries:____________ __________________________________(if none state “none”)
PARENT/ GUARDIAN NAME:_________________________ EMERGENCY PHONE: ____________________________
PARENT EMAIL___________________________________

                             PlyoCity Complete Volleyball Skills Training/Open Gym & Plyometric Conditioning
                                                      Sessions Start: Tuesday, June 1
                      8 Sessions ($159)                   12 Sessions ($199)                16 Sessions ($239)
                                                          Testing Included              Includes Program T-shirt & Testing
                     Specialty Programs                                        Gold Package         Platinum Package
                     High School Preparation Clinic                         $99           * High School            * High School
                                                                                           Preparation              Preparation Clinic
                     Summer in the Sand (June 14, 16 & 18)                  $129
                                                                                           Clinic or Summer         or Summer in the
                     Summer in the Sand ( July 12, 14 & 16)                 $129          in the Sand              Sand (Included)
                                                                                           (Included)               * 2 Jim Biggs
                     Plyometric Training 8 Sessions                         $79           * 1 Jim Biggs            Specialty Clinics
                     Plyometric Training 16 Sessions                        $119          Specialty Clinic         (included)
                                                                                           (included)               * 2 Private lessons
                     Jim Biggs Specialty Clinics:                           $160 each     * 1 Private lesson       for 1 hour each
                      May 14 & 15 Hitting & Jump Serving                  (Open Gym       for 1 hour               (included)
                      June 11 & 12 Hitting & Jump Serving                 Participants)   (included)
                      June 25 & 26 Hitting & Jump Serving
                      July 9 & 10 Defense & Serve Receive                  $199 each
                      July 23 & 24 Hitting & Jump Serving                                  $378 $299               $629 $499
                     PlyoCity Testing (The PlyoCity workout is              $10
                     tested and proven to give physical results) Testing
                     will give each player a gauge on their performance
                                                                                           *Please make sure to mark all the
                     throughout the summer months. Trainers will test                      appropriate boxes
                     4 times throughout the summer.                                        *10% discount for Returning
                                                                                           Participants or Siblings

                                                                    ENTER TOTALS BELOW
   (Mark each item above and fill in the amount below for each program you are registering for, costs for each program shown above )

PlyoCity Complete Volleyball Skills training & Open Gym:
June 8 Sessions/July 8 Sessions/ Any 12 Sessions/ All 16 Sessions                                                        $_______________
Gold Package: High School prep clinic or Summer in the Sand/ 1 Jim Biggs Specialty Clinic/ 1 Private Lesson TBD:        $_______________
Platinum Package: High School prep Clinic or Summer in the Sand/ 2 Jim Biggs Specialty Clinic/ 2 Private Lessons TBD $_______________
High School Preparation Clinic                                                                                          $_______________
Summer in the Sand                                                                                                      $_______________
Plyometric Training Only                                                                                                 $_______________
Jim Biggs Specialty Clinics                                                                                              $_______________
PlyoCity Testing                                                                                                        $_______________
                                                                                                           SUBTOTAL: ________________
                                                10% Discount for Returning Customers or Multiple Siblings if Applicable:_________________
(NOTE: PlyoCity and Gateway Sports Network reserves the right to reschedule sessions based on gym availability. No refunds will be given for missed
AMOUNT ENCLOSED: $_________ Check Number: _________                                   Please Mail Registration and Fee To:
M/C or VISA: Card Number: _______-______-_______-______                                          PlyoCity St. Louis
NAME ON CARD: _______________________EXP: ___ / ____                            PO BOX 6471 Town and Country, MO 63006

For good consideration, the undersigned does hereby waive, release, acquit, and forever discharge PlyoCity directors, coaches, and other club members, participants,
volunteer parents, volunteer coaches, and any or all persons assisting with volleyball or plyometric training activities directly and indirectly associated with Gateway
Sports Network, Inc. or PlyoCity St. Louis LLC, and each of them from any and all known and unknown personal injuries and property damages which the player
participant may suffer during the course of or as a result of volleyball training, play or plyometric workouts.
As a parent or legal guardian of______________________________ (participant), I also give my permission for this participant to receive minor treatment when the
need may arise. The trainer or other adult in charge may give this at the time. In case of emergency or in the case I cannot be reached, I authorize emergency
treatment for my child at the nearest recognized medical facility.

Parent/Guardian Name (printed): _____________________________________ Signature___________________________________ DATE__________